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Top 10 Wrongly Attributed Inventions

Many of us have heard of the inventions attributed to Thomas Edison that were, in fact, just improvements on others’ work, but this list goes beyond Edison (though it does include him) to other areas that you may be less likely to know about. This is a list of the many wonderful devices that have been such a huge help to man through modern history, which are not attributed to their correct inventor.


Computer Desktop and GUI


Alleged Inventor: Microsoft (with Windows)
Actual Inventor: Xerox PARC

The concept of a graphical user interface (GUI) and desktop idiom (controlled by a mouse) is most well known to people thanks to Microsoft’s Windows operating system. So much so, that many people now believe that they invented it – but they didn’t. This is a long and complicated tale but it basically goes like this: Xerox invented the system (Xerox Alto personal computer) based on earlier work by Doug Engelbart and showed Apple. Apple loved it and began development of their own system which was clearly heavily influenced by the Xerox system. They released the first commercially successful version of it on January 24, 1984 – the Macintosh. Microsoft on the other hand, did not release Windows until November 1985 and it did not allow overlapping windows (except dialog boxes) because Apple owned the patent. Microsoft’s system was also not an operating system – it was an interface which ran on top of MS DOS.



Karl Benz Car.Jpg

Alleged Inventor: Henry Ford
Actual Inventor: Karl Benz

Although several other German engineers (including Gottlieb Daimler, Wilhelm Maybach, and Siegfried Marcus) were working on the problem at about the same time, Karl Benz generally is acknowledged as the inventor of the modern automobile. An automobile powered by his own four-stroke cycle gasoline engine was built in Mannheim, Germany by Karl Benz in 1885 and granted a patent in January of the following year under the auspices of his major company, Benz & Cie., which was founded in 1883. It was an integral design, without the adaptation of other existing components and including several new technological elements to create a new concept. This is what made it worthy of a patent. He began to sell his production vehicles in 1888. Ford did not create a self-propelled automobile until 1896 – more than ten years after Benz.


X-Ray Photography

Anna Berthe Roentgen

Alleged Inventor: Thomas Edison
Actual Inventor: Wilhelm Röntgen

While it is true that Edison’s Fluoroscope became the standard in medicine, it was not the first example of x-ray photography. on 22 December 1895, Wilhelm Röntgen (a German physics professor) saw a picture of his wife’s hand on a photographic plate formed due to X-rays. His wife’s hand’s photograph (shown above) was the first ever photograph of a human body part using X-rays. His contribution to the science of X-rays and X-ray photography is so significant that they are also called Röntgen rays.


Moving Pictures

Alleged Inventor: Thomas Edison (in fact his own moving pictures concept was created by one of his staff, William Dickson)
Actual Inventor: Louis Le Prince

The clip above (the first moving picture) was recorded at 12 frames per second by French inventor Louis Le Prince. It was filmed at the home of Joseph and Sarah Whitley, in Roundhay, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England on October 14, 1888 and the people who appear are Adolphe Le Prince (Louis’s son), Sarah Whitley, Joseph Whitley, and Harriet Hartley. Ten days after filming, Sarah Whitley died. Two years later Le Prince vanished mysteriously from a train traveling between Dijon and Paris. Another two years later, Alphonse (the eldest son) was found shot dead in New York after testifying at a patent trial against Edison by the American Mutoscope Company. Edison’s first moving picture (Monkeyshines) did not appear until 1889 or 1890.




Alleged Inventor: Galileo
Actual Inventor: Hans Lippershey

The earliest known working telescopes appeared in 1608 and are credited to Hans Lippershey. Among many others who claimed to have made the discovery were Zacharias Janssen, spectacle-makers in Middelburg, and Jacob Metius of Alkmaar. The design of these early refracting telescopes consisted of a convex objective lens and a concave eyepiece. Galileo used this design the following year. In 1611, Johannes Kepler described how a telescope could be made with a convex objective and eyepiece lens and by 1655 astronomers such as Christiaan Huygens were building powerful but extremely large and unwieldy Keplerian telescopes with compound eyepieces.


Recorded Audio

Alleged Inventor: Thomas Edison
Actual Inventor: Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville

Thomas Alva Edison conceived the principle of recording and reproducing sound between May and July 1877 as a byproduct of his efforts to “play back” recorded telegraph messages and to automate speech sounds for transmission by telephone. He announced his invention of the first phonograph, a device for recording and replaying sound, on November 21, 1877. But – fully 17 years earlier (1860), Frenchman Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville invented the phonautograph. It could transcribe sound to a visible medium, but had no means to play back the sound after it was recorded. The transcriptions, known as phonautograms, were first successfully played back using computer technology in 2008 and you can hear it above – this is the voice of a woman singing “Au clair de la lune” and it was recorded 149 years ago. At the time, James Buchanan was the US President and France was governed by Emperor Napoleon III.



Mdis 0000 0001 0 Img0022.Jpg

Alleged Inventor: Thomas Edison
Actual Inventor: Sir Humphry Davy

In 1802, Humphry Davy had what was then the most powerful electrical battery in the world at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. In that year, he created the first incandescent light by passing the current through a thin strip of platinum, chosen because the metal had an extremely high melting point. It was not bright enough nor did it last long enough to be practical, but it was the precedent behind the efforts of scores of experimenters over the next 75 years until Thomas Edison’s creation of the first commercially practical incandescent lamp in 1879.




Alleged Inventor: Guglielmo Marconi
Actual Inventor: Nikola Tesla

In 1895, Marconi introduced to the public a device in London, asserting it was his invention. Despite Marconi’s statements to the contrary, though, the apparatus resembles Tesla’s descriptions in the widely translated articles. Marconi’s later practical four-tuned system was pre-dated by N. Tesla, Oliver Lodge, and J. S. Stone. Marconi’s late-1895 transmission of signals was for around a mile. The electromechanical engineer Nikola Tesla, who has been called the father of wireless telegraphy, was one of the first to patent a means to reliably produce radio frequency waves. Between 1895 and 1899, Tesla claimed to have received wireless signals transmitted over long distances, although there is no independent evidence to support this. According to Tesla, “The popular impression is that my wireless work was begun in 1893, but as a matter of fact I spent the two preceding years in investigations, employing forms of apparatus, some of which were almost like those of today. . . .”


Powered Flight

57488735 B178F9D5C3.Jpg

Alleged Inventor: The Wright Brothers
Actual Inventor: Richard Pearse

The Wright Brothers are generally regarded as the first to make a powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight, but in fact, nine months prior to their famous takeoff on the 17th of December, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, New Zealander Richard Pearse performed the same feat in timaru, New Zealand (31 March 1903). Although it lacked an aerofoil section wing, Pearse’s flying machine resembled modern aircraft design much more than did the Wright brothers’ machine: monoplane rather than biplane; tractor rather than pusher propeller; stabiliser and elevators at the back rather than the front; and ailerons rather than wing-warping for controlling banking. It bore a remarkable resemblance to modern microlight aircraft.


The Internet

Picture 2-59

Alleged Inventor: Al Gore (note: he actually never said that he “invented” the internet; but he did say: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”
Actual Inventor: The true fathers of the Internet (the direct creators of the ARPANET from which the Internet grew) are Vinton Cerf, with Lawrence Roberts, Leonard Kleinrock, Robert Kahn.

Vinton Cerf (born June 23, 1943, pictured above) is an American computer scientist who is the “person most often called ‘the father of the Internet’.” His contributions have been recognized repeatedly, with honorary degrees and awards that include the National Medal of Technology, the Turing Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. During his graduate student years, Cerf studied under Professor Gerald Estrin, worked in Professor Leonard Kleinrock’s data packet networking group that connected the first two nodes of the ARPANet, the predecessor to the Internet, and “contributed to a host-to-host protocol” for it. While at UCLA, he also met Robert E. Kahn, who was working on the ARPANet hardware architecture. Cerf has worked for Google as its Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist since September 2005.

This article is licensed under the GFDL because it contains quotations from Wikipedia.

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  • a fan

    Tomas Edison is the biggest crook ever

    • Vizzion

      Isnt that the truth? Not to mention one of the biggest dickheads ever

    • boogers

      i read books that have said edison only make ideas better, still innovation is good

      • spiderbait

        They often say he made ideas better or something to that effect but the truth is he stole from other inventors and used bribes, strong arming and slander to keep himself on the top. Saying he made things better is just a weak attempt at defending him and his actions.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt internet invented at C.E.R.N.?

    • Smaug

      You are thinking of the World Wide Web, which is just part of the internet. It was invented around 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee of CERN.

  • kring_kring

    so what did mr. edison actually invent?

    • mks

      being a dickhead.

  • BigwigRabbit

    Thomas Edison improved on other people's inventions. He gets credit because his improvements worked while their inventions didn't.

    • mks

      Um, no, he shouldn’t get credit at all. An invention isn’t an invention if it doesn’t operate. He didn’t improve on anything.

  • RandomPrecision

    Edison was just a great entreprenaur.

    And Al Gore is a douche.
    people always ask "How could you have possibly ever elected George Bush?"
    and I say, well the other option was Al Gore…*shudder*

    • mks

      If being an entrepreneur means stealing others people’s idea to get ahead then I don’t think that’s being great at all.

  • Randall

    NOT AGAIN with the goddamned Edison bashing. How many times do I have to debunk this nonsense?

    Sadly I'm out of time. It's a lovely day and I'm just now getting out into it after a week of feeling under the weather and a night of (perhaps premature) debauchery last evening. I have a rendezvous with the neighbors next door whose family is in from Toronto, and I'd sooner be enjoying their silly Canadian hospitality than sitting here at the computer trying to get a bunch of pinheads to accept reality about Thomas Edison (let alone to get into the silly argument about Tesla again!) In short, Edison was not a "douchebag" or a "hack" or any other of the things said about him here. Was he a bit of a prick? Sometimes, yeah. Show me any hugely successful businessman who isn't. In fact, I'll be drinking and dining with one in a few minutes. But he WAS responsible for perfecting and popularizing several inventions which we today could not live without and it was BECAUSE of his ingenuity, persistence, and push to invent and perfect these items that we live in the world we live in today, in large part.

    Let's be realistic about Edison, yes, but let's not be goddamned silly about him.

    Now good day, I got a meal and a gin and tonic waiting for me.

    • teslafan

      Yes, he really perfected electrical current transfer with his amazing DC system, and make sure that that inefficient essentially useless AC current usage was valiantly fought off by Edison, and only used for things its good at (like killing people).

    • mks

      You are reading the wrong history books.

  • Carlos

    Hmm, Nice list. I didnt know about #10 and #1.

  • mr.bajracharya

    good list thanks 4 inlightment Mr.JFrater.:-)

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    wow..thomas edison IS so ‘bright’! ü

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    number se7en!

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    mr.bajracharya :: that’s ENLIGHTENMENT, not INLIGHTENMENT..ü

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    right, JFrat??? is my spelling right??? (heehee sorry if i’m wrong, too..) ü

  • NiMur90

    How did Edison try and fail 1000 times before he succeeded in creating the lightbulb if it was already invented? :)

  • tplayac

    While most of these are less well known, i think most people would still say if you asked them, that alexander graham bell invented the telophone.

  • d3ft

    I could not be happier that you completely stick it to Thomas Edison here. History does not show him to be the fraud he was. You have restored my faith in this site!

  • Jono

    Richard Pearse isn’t a certainty. It’s unknown whether he actually did complete his flight.

    • Gerry stacey

      If he didn't complete his flight is he still up there somewhere?

  • ronsantohof

    I’ve always felt that Al Gore’s claim of being the creator of the internet is worse than claiming to invent the internet. Basically he’s saying that he’s the “God” of the internet. If you take into account all the the servers and computers it takes to run the internet and the people that use it, and take into account all the energy required to run it, then Al Gore is responsible for the most of the ma-made “Global warming”. Or maybe he’s simply the Dr. Frankenstein of the internet.

  • Groundhack

    Correction carmen sandiego was the biggest crook ever


    Glad you stuck it to Al Gore. He’s the modern day Edison.

  • Callaghan173

    Wait a second, I’m pretty sure that it was Tim Berners-Lee at CERN that invented the internet protocol we know today…

  • genaroian_13

    AL GORE>>>???

    how the hell!!!

  • genaroian_13

    even a dumbass wouldnt believe in that

  • genaroian_13

    #8 is duh!!!!

  • genaroian_13

    #8 is “duh”!!!!

  • JK the Fifth

    Nice list; putting it on “to read list”.

    Wow, so many great inventions, attributed to wrong people.

    PS: Its the first time I’ve heard that Al-Gore “invented” the internet.

  • Matt123

    Someone’s going to have to explain the difference between the internet and the world wide web to keep the CERN folks happy. Too busy now. Thanks to whoever does….

  • Chas

    Re the Internet:

    Vint Cerf et al invented the primary transport protocols (TCP/IP) that drive the Internet. Tim Berners-Lee invented the HTTP protocol (ie, the World Wide Web) which sits on top of TCP/IP. Although the terms Internet and Word Wide Web are used interchangeably, it is not so since there are many other protocols – FTP, POP3, SMTP etc.

    I’ve also never met anyone who believed that Microsoft invented the GUI. In my experience, most people believe it was Apple. In truth, although Apple’s engineers were inspired by their visit to Xerox PARC, a huge number of concepts were developed by Apple: overlapping windows, drag and drop and many others. There are considerable differences between what Xerox did with Alto and what Apple came up with for the Lisa and the Mac. Anyone interested in this fascinating piece of history can read on here:,_Apple_and_Progress.txt

  • mike

    Jesus, Thomas Edison stole everyones ideas. What a douche.

  • Rob

    The first powered flight was the work of John Stringfellow in 1848, in Chard, Somerset, England.

    Stringfellow’s flying machine was not manned, and so it is the first manned powered flight in 1903 that is in dispute.

  • Rob

    Thomas Edison gets credit for lots of inventions because he was extremely litigious.

  • Gina

    In Britain, we are taught both Edison and Davy created the lightbulb, as Davy came up with the idea, and of course, he is British! :-D

  • oouchan

    Thomas Edison was such an ass! But a smart one, actually. He capatilized on these ideas….what a businessman. :D

    I knew of a few of these previously and found the rest to be interesting. Good list!

  • Thomas the Creator

    I’m am Thomas Edison! I have Invented the SUN!!! ahahahaha BOW TO ME!!!

  • Bethany

    jhoyce07, dude, calm down about people and their spelling.
    You don’t even capitalize names and the beginning of sentences. ;D

  • FatherGoat

    Another America bashing list on The List Universe???

    No!! I can’t believe it!!!

  • FatherGoat

    All you arrogant British. You make me sick.

  • gabi319

    34. FatherGoat – “Another America bashing list on The List Universe??? No!! I can’t believe it!!!”

    It is not American bashing. A bulk of it is simply Edison bashing. If it is too much for your delicate sensibilities, I recommend creating a American List Galaxy (to avoid potential copyright infringement of using the ‘universe’ phrase)

  • Joe13

    Al Gore had the vision that the limited ARPANET, which was used for government and defense purposes in the US, could be something everyone could use. He raised funds to develop the INTERNET. The republicans claimed that he said he “invented” it. Karl Rove was the true genius here. Of course, he didn’t invent character assassination, he just perfected it. He is the Thomas Edison of dirty politics.

  • somerandomguy

    Was #5 the first known audio recording of a voice, or first audio recording period?

  • Atheist

    Thomas Edison – Biggest fraud ever?

  • Schiesl

    I would like to see Alexander Bell’s telephone on here…I thought that or edisons light bulb was going to be number one. Bell did not invent the telephone first…or second really. His may have been the best but it was certainly not the first.

  • nubyw00tz

    Oooh, cool about the Wright Brothers. I would like to show my science teacher that. :)

  • dbrownl

    fathergoat, america bashing? please, it is time you take see that the sun does not revolve around the us, obama is not the second coming and there are other people besides americans that live on earth…

  • Freya

    All this stuff I’m learning in school? Apparently wrong.

  • Mr.Graves

    I know this may be shocking… SHOCKING… to people.. but the country of your origin, regardless of what it may be, is going to have a cacophony of claims to the ‘first’ of many different things. Unfortunately, since a lot of what we learn about history is either second hand, orally transferred, or based on geographically isolated legal precedent, there are going to be times when we can’t be ‘exactly’ sure on histories and origins, and have to go with what is considered most reliable information.

    I guess I’ve wanted to say this for a while, but as I love listverse and can understand ‘why’ I still think it would improve the site to step back and look at the massive focus on western society, culture and factoids, and the nearly non existent attention to the huge contributions to humanity (in all of it’s messed up glory) by the eastern half of our species.

    It’s just something to think about, maybe giving some thought to some lists that deal with eastern cultures and societies a little more limelight: for example, if you look at lists on, say, miracles or some such, it is almost exclusively focused on Christianity, Judaism, etc. I can tell you with a fair bit of confidence that Buddhism alone has enough miracles and oddities to fill multiple lists, but it seems like only western cultures get the spotlight.

    Not an angry note, just an idea to help a great site get better!

  • Perx

    Seems like Thomas Edison is the biggest “bully” aka “douche bag” in the history of science.

  • goggles333

    Others say that Gustave Whitehead was first to powered flight, on August 14, 1901.

  • tassadar

    Nikola Tesla was a true mastermind, they called him “the master of the universe”! It seems that Thomas Edison was a hack!
    jfrater: i think threaded (nested) comments would be a great feature! ( uses it and it looks very good!)

  • smithstar15

    Great list–I already knew about #3 and #9 but the rest were surprises.

  • VikingBerserker

    Ok for the record, Edison had 1,093 patents in the US alone. He did invent and not just improve on a number of items.

  • dbrownl

    having that many patents doesn’t prove anything, read the other list you can get a patent for a baby patter or a recvycling toilet!!! all that proves is that edison was creative and submitted for a lot of patents

  • Lifeschool

    Very interesting! BTW, the GUI-OS wars had only just begin in 1984 and yes Apple was the quickest off the mark with the first fully commercial product. The guys at Commodore got to see this and quickly entered a race to beat the IBM-PC to create the second GUI-OS. They made it! The second recognised GUI was Amiga OS 1.0 (released October 1985), and the third GUI was Windows 1.0 (released 20 November 1985).

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Wasnt the phone invented by some dude who does not get credit for it? Maybe I just made that up though.

  • YogiBarrister

    Al Gore (note: he actually never said that he “invented” the internet; but he did say: “During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”
    And your point is? He was a senator on the appropriate committee and saw the potential. The US government provided the capital for the development of the internet and Gore was the driving force in congress to get the technology into the private sector. So why do rightwing dolts resent his effort so much? Nobody attributes the invention of the internet to Al Gore, Jamie is just passing along idiotic Republican talking points.

  • smurff

    Nice list JF. a few I knew a few I did not know.
    On my side of the world between comments 5 – 6 you are not paying the bills – Its blank.

  • YogiBarrister

    Just one more comment about #1. Jamie must realize by now that the greatest disaster to befall Western civilization was the US election in 2000. Nothing else comes close, not Hitler, not Stalin, not American Idol. Because of this kind of nitwittery, “Al Gore claims he invented the internet”, “Al Gore is an elitist”, “Blah blah blah” that election became close enough to steal. All of us, even New Zealanders, are now dealing with the consequences of that tragic day in history.

  • Lifeschool

    14: Groundhack – ah, carmen sandiego, wherever did she get to??

    34: Fathergoat – “Another America bashing list on The List Universe???”. Well, if you are partial to interpreting a list of actual facts concerning misconceptions of science; some of which in regard to American citizens; as ‘America Bashing’, then it is your right as an individual to believe that. In #3, for example, Tesla won out – and he was an American Citizen. In #10 and #1 they were ALL American Citizens.

    44: Mr. Graves – “non existent attention to the huge contributions to humanity (in all of it’s messed up glory) by the eastern half of our species.”. Good point, but there is also an assertian that one can only write about what one knows. As a Westener myself, I was educated by Westerners about Western subjects; and commonly use this as a foundation for knowledge. There are only three ways around this in regards the LV. 1) The hosts of the LV could insist that folks research Eastern subjects, 2) We wait for citizens of the East to send in their lists, or 3) We accept that both East and West are already contributing to global awareness through the glories of blog commentary!, and that we are in fact Citizens of the World. Ahem.

    56: Randall – Aggh!, you beat me to it again!

  • dbrownl

    yogiebarrister- how can you even compare bush to hitler, are you an idot, hitler was essentially single handidly responsible for the murder of 6 million people plus single handily responsible for the largest war or modern times have ever seen, bush sank he economy (if you want to blame that on him even though it was actually just greed and overspending of the american people that did) and yes bush had no plans for iraq after invading but come on worse than hitler??? read your histiry books down there in kiwi land and get a grip on reality, edison was not a douchebag you are if you beieve that

  • ZedroZ

    My god, Carmen Sandiego!!
    I will find her if its the last thing I do…
    That has now prompted me to head over to Youtube to dig up some episodes :-D

    Oh yeah, cool list

  • smithstar15

    I thought Al Gore invented “Global Warming”–
    Hey, who actually did invent television?–Was it that Philo guy from Utah?

  • smithstar15

    randall–Do you really think anyone would believe that a wart like you would be dining with a highly successful businessman?-haha–You should go into stand-up comedy–You would be a riot.You’re already a joke.

  • illegal_immigrant

    Smithstar15… have you nothing better to do than to start bullshit with people on the internet? That’s a pretty laughable joke in itself. Get a grip, dude. Go find some friends or something.

  • YogiBarrister

    dbrownl, I’m not from New Zealand, the person who wrote this list is a Kiwi. Read comment #60, it’s that kind of of nuttery that helped make the 2000 election close enough to be stolen. It’s not just Bush’s foolish wars that are so disastrous, which BTW may end up having a higher death toll than WWII, it was his badly misplaced priorities that will ultimately cost us the most. Destroying the economy absolutely caused death and despair. Dismissing all environmental concerns killed people. His position on the use of condoms in the third world killed people. His position on energy killed people. Stem cell research etc., the list of his lethal transgressions goes on and on.
    The reason I rate Bush ahead of Hitler as far as damage to humanity is concerned, is because I wasn’t alive in 1945. I was able to benefit from the post WWII prosperity here in the States only to see all of that disappear under the Bush/Cheney regime. While many Christians are celebrating Easter this weekend, I mourn the devaluation of the only human document officially endorsed by God, namely the US Constitution. I swore an oath to uphold that precious parchment, and I take it very seriously.

  • Randallisadick

    I agree with smithstar15, randall sounds like a pompous ass.

    Another great list JFrater.

  • dbrownl

    but it wasn’t bush that began the devaluation if the us constitution, that started long before bush feebly came to power, how about the 60’s when prayer was removed from schools? that was a good launching point for removing God, realise that bush is not responsible solely for those things like enviroment and the third world and stem cell, it all started long before him, enviroment issues have been around forever, i live alberta wherein the tar sands and work there are destroying the enviroment at a scary pace, do i blame bush for those woes? no. do i blame ralph klein the premier of alberta when it really took off? no. enviroment issues of today can be placed blame on us the consumers or corporations, to blame bush for the constitution is ridiculous, he stated many times his christian faith led him, try democrats that are commonly atheists and scream at christians because they feel judged, yes bush had horribly misguided decisions but he was the president america needed after 9/11, afghanistan is proof, yes soldiers die thier but they sign up knowing risks, if the taliban remained in power then how many people would be dying, in afghanistan and north america for that matter?

  • smithstar15

    Yogibarrister:I took the same oath and you are correct in
    everything you’re saying.

    illegalimmigrant:Go To Hell

    Everyone else: Happy Easter. If you don’t celebrate Easter than have a great weekend.

  • Polymath

    I believe everything I read at Listverse

  • bluewitch


  • YogiBarrister

    “but it wasn’t bush that began the devaluation if the us constitution, that started long before bush feebly came to power, how about the 60’s when prayer was removed from schools?”
    That was the correct Constitutional position. Prayers and religious instruction not be a part of public education, you need to separate state and church.
    “enviroment issues of today can be placed blame on us the consumers or corporations”
    Poorly worded, but absolutely correct. Bush’s corporatist policies, and those of his predecessors and fellow travelers are the biggest obstacle to a sound environmental policy.
    “yes bush had horribly misguided decisions but he was the president america needed after 9/11, afghanistan is proof, yes soldiers die thier but they sign up knowing risks, if the taliban remained in power then how many people would be dying, in afghanistan and north america for that matter?”
    The first clause is ridiculous, the second is unprovable. I posit that the war in Afghanistan has caused an increase of deaths in North America. Using violent crime stats, I can make a powerful argument.

  • Idreno

    Very interesting list…I know how much JFrater loves to diminish Edison and his ouvre…although I would say that for a vast majority of these things, these are the “modern” inventors as there is much evidence that many ancient civilizations already had invented many of these technologies: the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, Greeks, Minoans, etc. Many experts postulate that one or a combined effort of several tragedies contributed to the loss of much of the learning from many ancient cultures including the fire in Alexandria, various wars and battles stemming from the expansion of the Roman and Ottoman Empires and the Crusades (who knows how many things were burned or destroyed or purposefully repressed because of religious fanaticism–declaring inventions, especially those of pagan peoples, as witchcraft or acts of the devil). At any rate, there is much evidence to support that things such as batteries, light bulbs, recorded sounds, surgical tools and procedures, telescopes and possibly even computers made out of quartz crystal were all in existence long before the Middle Ages.

  • dbrownl

    apologies for the constitution shot there, i do know that church and state be separated but that is the point obvoiusly bush had nothing to do with decision, but it is funny that is in the constituion, it seems to contradict itself in that pint does it not?
    the second point of afghan war is unprovable is true, and thankfully we will never have to see it proved…

  • dbrownl

    i meant point obviously is bush…and point not pint, my fingers aren’t working right here

  • robertss

    Regardless of one’s personal opinion of Edison, the fact remains that his one incontrovertible invention, the research complex, is directly responsible for allowing him to improve upon many existing technologies and apply for patents on those improved devices.

    Companies such as DOW, I.G. Farben, G.E, and the like all used Edison’s developments in research techniques in the development of their own facilities, and so many of the products we enjoy today exist because of Edison’s forward-thinking.

    So while we may criticise Edison because he allegedly “stole” the inventions of others, the true problem lies in the information that we spread. Edison did not claim to have invented his devices, but he did patent improved and marketable devices. The fact that we attribute the invention to Edison is not his fault.

  • maximuz04

    cool list, knew all but #3 the radio

  • This just in, Thomas Edison uses time machine to travel to the past. Reports indicate that he used a stolen machine (Circa 1985) to travel back in time for the purpose of gaining name recognition. Mark Johns, the creator of the machine, Had this to say “He would take credit for everything that he could get away with. He once claimed that he was the only person who new the Colonels recipe. We really couldn’t do anything about it, it’s not like we can prove him wrong.” Authorities say that anyone who encounters Edison should be aware that he may be in possession of a “Death Ray” and maybe planning to claim the Singularity. Please report any activities of aberrant creativity to your local scientists… They will be on hand In case of capture and will execute on site.

  • qwertyiop

    Re Lightbulb – Sir Joseph Wilson Swan October 31, 1828 – May 27, 1914) was an English physicist and chemist, most famous for the invention of the incandescent light bulb for which he received the first patent in 1878. His house was the first in the world to be lit by a lightbulb. refers…

  • bucslim

    Crimanon – Everyone credits H.G. Wells with the invention of the Time machine – actually it was Dr. Emmett Brown who came up the the idea of the flux capacitor, which makes time travel possible.

  • Am I missing something? I don’t see a single line in this list where I insult Edison or “bash” him. I am just stating the facts which is that some of his most famous inventions weren’t his. Surely that is not bashing…

  • Maggot

    Smithstar15: you littered up some other list with your incessant whining about big bad Randall picking on poor li’l you, and then unprovoked, here in your post 61 you (attempt to) insult him? You reap what you sow, lamebrain. I doubt anyone felt sorry for you before, but if they did, they surely don’t anymore.

  • Sanja22

    Tesla was robbed! Edison was a lier and told tesla that he would recieve $50,000 but later he said it was a “joke”.

  • Maggot

    Re list item #9 – do many people really think Henry Ford *invented* the automobile? I wouldn’t have thought that to be a common misnomer. Of course his claim to fame was assembly-line mass production of his autos, using interchangeable parts. But even development of those processes wasn’t solely his own. He was just the most successful at it, early on at least.

  • Bucslim: He stole it. The one to do it most recently was Stewie Griffin. But once we get into temporal paradoxes then it all becomes a maze.

    Sanja22: The quote was “You have a much to learn about America humor.”

  • JayNu: Not bashing Edison, I was just not impressed enough to deify him.

  • AussiegalinCanada

    I really like this site. I have never before commented, but as an avid reader of the lists I feel I have the right to point out that I find it annoying that so many comments become rants about US politics, mud slinging across the pond, and bellyaching about the lists.

    I simply ask:

    1. Is likening Bush to EVERYTHING a little obsessive?
    2. Will anyone ever prove without a shadow of a doubt who has the biggest balls, the US or the UK?
    3. Would anyone ever read a book and then write a letter to the author “I was happy until page thirty ….and then I felt that the character should have killed the OTHER man, which leads us to page seventy….”

    Sorry, I’m pregnant and hormones make me snappy. Have a good weekend all.

  • Mabel

    84. AussiegalinCanada


    It does seem to get a little thick around here from time to time.

    Hope you have a good weekend too, hormones and all.

  • dunderminion07

    Its not alleged that microsoft invented desktop computers. They just made them widley popular and affordable. Same with Henry Ford

  • The_Snowdog

    I think the only thing Edison invented was his own Ego

  • Eugene

    AussiegalinCanada: Everyone knows that AC/DC has “the biggest balls of all” ;)

  • MisterSir

    @Maggot: #81

    Eli Whitney invented mass production (he called it the “American System”) in order to mass produce muskets for a war with the French (which never happened). Up until that time, guns were manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen and were not easily repaired when they wore out or broke. He came up with the idea of using very precise tools and moderately skilled workers to manufacture guns (or anything else, really), so that the pieces would be interchangeable and easy to replace at a moment’s notice.

    Henry Ford greatly improved on this concept with the assembly line to bring the work to the workmen at a decent working height.

  • Eugene

    Mister Sir: Whats a “decent working height”?

  • ants1

    love the hatin on Edison playa!

  • lo

    86. dunderminion07-

    i hope many people don’t think Microsoft invented computers, because they don’t make computers, even today. they just make operating systems and software.

    that is part of what makes their current US ad campaign against Apple a bit weird. Apple wants you to buy their computer which comes with their operating system. Microsoft wants you to buy a computer made by HP, Dell, Sony, etc. which comes with Microsoft’s operating system -a fairly significant detail.

  • lostin

    Thomas Edison may not have invented everything we credit him with, but making something with commercial appeal can have a larger effect. (for good or bad)

  • Joseph52

    For all the right-wing dimwits out there, a reprint of an article (in part):

    Al Gore and the Internet

    By Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf

    Al Gore was the first political leader to recognize the importance of the Internet and to promote and support its development.

    Last year the Vice President made a straightforward statement on his role. He said: “During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the Internet.” We don’t think, as some people have argued, that Gore intended to claim he “invented” the Internet. Moreover, there is no question in our minds that while serving as Senator, Gore’s initiatives had a significant and beneficial effect on the still-evolving Internet. The fact of the matter is that Gore was talking about and promoting the Internet long before most people were listening. We feel it is timely to offer our perspective.

    As far back as the 1970s Congressman Gore promoted the idea of high speed telecommunications as an engine for both economic growth and the improvement of our educational system. He was the first elected official to grasp the potential of computer communications to have a broader impact than just improving the conduct of science and scholarship. Though easily forgotten, now, at the time this was an unproven and controversial concept.

    When the Internet was still in the early stages of its deployment, Congressman Gore provided intellectual leadership by helping create the vision of the potential benefits of high speed computing and communication. As an example, he sponsored hearings on how advanced technologies might be put to use in areas like coordinating the response of government agencies to natural disasters and other crises.

    As a Senator in the 1980s Gore urged government agencies to consolidate what at the time were several dozen different and unconnected networks into an “Interagency Network.” Working in a bi-partisan manner with officials in Ronald Reagan and George Bush’s administrations, Gore secured the passage of the High Performance Computing and Communications Act in 1991. This “Gore Act” supported the National Research and Education Network (NREN) initiative that became one of the major vehicles for the spread of the Internet beyond the field of computer science.

    As Vice President Gore promoted building the Internet both up and out, as well as releasing the Internet from the control of the government agencies that spawned it. He served as the major administration proponent for continued investment in advanced computing and networking and private sector initiatives such as Net Day. He was and is a strong proponent of extending access to the network to schools and libraries. Today, approximately 95% of our nation’s schools are on the Internet. Gore provided much-needed political support for the speedy privatization of the Internet when the time arrived for it to become a commercially-driven operation.

    No one in public life has been more intellectually engaged in helping to create the climate for a thriving Internet than the Vice President. Gore has been a clear champion of this effort, both in the councils of government and with the public at large.

    The Vice President deserves credit for his early recognition of the value of high speed computing and communication and for his long-term and consistent articulation of the potential value of the Internet to American citizens and industry and, indeed, to the rest of the world.

  • Why does the Gore thing have to be about left-wing versus right-wing? He made the statement and that is that. Would it be different if George Bush had have said it?

    As for Edison – I do agree that his contributions are great and important – I was just pointing out that he is wrongly credited with inventing some things :)

  • Joseph52

    j, the radical Right used a gross misinterpretation of what Gore said to portray him as dishonest, which was a profound injustice. Gore never claimed to be the inventor of internet technology, but as the men who WERE the inventors point out above, his role in promoting the internet through government assistance was invaluable. Gore deserves enormous credit that he has been unfairly denied.

  • Joseph52: I see – as a non-American I am often oblivious to the specifics of politics there. Thanks for the quote above – it was very interesting :)

  • vint cerf

    please see:

    for a pretty definitive description the evolution of the Internet.

    It does not lay out the history of the World Wide Web, but one can get a pretty good idea of that from Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s book, Weaving the Web. The 20th anniversary of the invention of the Web was recently celebrated at CERN in March 2009.

    Vint Cerf

  • The_Snowdog

    @94 Joseph –

    Al Gore’s quote: “During my service in the United States Congress I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”

    create: 1. To bring into existence
    2. To produce through imaginative skill
    3. To make or bring into existence something new

    invent: 1. to devise by thinking
    2. to produce for the first time through the use of the imagination or of ingenious thinking

    Very similar meanings and could be synonyms.

    What part of “creating the internet” did the radical right grossly misinterpret?

    As you can see in Gore’s quote he claims that he “created” the internet or to use the synonym above – he “invented” the internet. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    That is Gore’s quote and Gore just has to own it. Stop making excuses for the tree hugger.

    There is no “gross misinterpretation” of the quote. No matter how you try to spin it Gore says he “created” or “invented” the internet. Now if he didn’t mean that then he should have used different terminology. He said what he said though and he just has to live with it and own it.

  • lo

    98. was it really vint cerf?

    it did refer us all to the non-profit he helped create, and he would certainly be in a position of directing us toward the accurate information.

    if it was really him or not- thanks vint :)

  • johnric

    I read a book which has a title:The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
    At law #7,the book tells that Edison “Wasn’t actually much of a scientific thinker or inventor:he once said that he had no need to be a mathematician because he could always hire one”
    It was also written in the book that Thomas had a quote that doesn’t sound inspiring(for me):
    “Everybody steals in commerce and industry.
    I’ve stolen a lot for myself.
    But i know how to steal.”-Thomas Edison

  • johnric

    By the way,I love this site,that was my first time to comment on this site:)

  • Joseph52

    Snowdog, go back and read the statement by Kahn and Cerf in #94. Their opinion is decisive, in my view. They give great credit to Gore for his strong and vital support of the internet when Gore was in the Senate and when he was Vice President, support that allowed the internet to expand and prosper. Once again (and I quote):

    “No one in public life has been more intellectually engaged in helping to create the climate for a thriving Internet than the Vice President. Gore has been a clear champion of this effort, both in the councils of government and with the public at large.

    The Vice President deserves credit for his early recognition of the value of high speed computing and communication and for his long-term and consistent articulation of the potential value of the Internet to American citizens and industry and, indeed, to the rest of the world.”

    BTW, I live in Hawaii. We’re all pretty much tree huggers here. In fact, we’re proud of it.

    • AmericatheGreat

      Yes and I wonder what Kahn and Cerf's political leanings are.

  • deviantmiss

    @Joseph52 nothing wrong with being a “tree hugger” – good for you!

  • deviantmiss

    good list very interesting, diddn`t know most of these

  • warningdontreadthis

    Thomas Edison was such a douchbag. I hate him.

  • brettc

    Richard Pierse’s claim to beating the Wright brothers into the air is actually pretty dodgy. Noone recorded anything about it at the time – as in recording the date and having witnessed it happen – certainly not for 1903. Last i read, it was most likely to have happened in 1904 or 1905. Also, Pierse continually rebuilt his machines, and so things like ailerons are likely to have been applied later.

    Perhaps more importantly, he had absolutely zero influence on any other aviator or designer: people only started taking much notice of him in the 30s, and it wasn’t until the 60s that any serious look at his claims was started.

    There is certainly evidence that he was attempting to build a flying machine at around 1903/04, but so were quite a few others around the world.

  • RoloTomasi

    Do people really think Ford invented the automobile? I thought it was common knowledge that he invented the assembly line to make mass production possible and owning a car in every home a reality.

  • brettc

    As for the early GUIs, I used to use GEM, which also came out of Xerox Parc, but which later got sued out of existence by Apple (Jobs and Co were as litigious as Gates and Co).

    It was a lovely little graphic system that would run on the original PCs – even my Mum’s single-floppy Amstrad – and allowed multiple windows, drag and drop filing etc. I was able to run Word Perfect and GEM Draw (a vector drawing application) while writing instruction manuals and stuff. GEM first came out in 1985 – after Apple’s GUI but well before Windows. It later got taken up by Atari.

  • gabi319

    108. RoloTomasi – “I thought it was common knowledge that he invented the assembly line to make mass production”

    He did not invent it; he perfected the system.

  • smithstar15

    Mag·got (mgt)
    1. The legless, soft-bodied, wormlike larva of any of various flies of the order Diptera, often found in decaying matter.

  • smithstar15


    the larva of the housefly and blowfly commonly found in decaying organic matter such as goat feces

    WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University.

  • gabi319

    smithstar 4 through 15
    Since you can’t rankle Randall, now you’ve opted to be annoying to Maggot? Give it up. His wit alone can eat you alive.

  • smithstar15

    gabi319–You obviously missed # 79 above where this feces eater attacked me first–I didn’t even know the assface existed.As JFrater can tell you,I have never once attacked anyone first using their name-I have used their name when backing them(as I have you)-But when they attack me first you can damn well bet I’ll respond.Yes even to a great wit like maggotface-Yeah..he’s a wit alright-haha.Having never been afraid of anyone or anything in my life I don’t understand why everyone wants to cater to these braindeads–Afraid they will attack you if you don’r curry to them? I reckon so–But hey,it’s a free country–Knock yourself out.

  • gabi319

    “You obviously missed # 79 above”
    Ha, you obviously don’t know me as I NEVER miss anything, especially on these comment boards where history cannot be erased unless comments are far beyond the boundaries of taste. I cite quotes from hundreds of comments before me and even refer to information gleaned on other lists. I don’t miss ANYTHING.

    “Afraid they will attack you if you don’r curry to them? I reckon so”
    Ha, you obviously don’t know me as I NEVER tolerate bullies. I can be more than vocal. I have no problem saying what an ass you are (not a grammatical error or divergence from train of thought, btw). What you got was what you deserved. I’d explain further but I’m idiot-intolerant. You’re making me gassy.

    [ ] Ignore smithstar15?

  • gabi319

    Looked into it a little more for you (re: assembly line).
    Eli Whitney invented the concept of assembly line and interchangeable parts. The first car (it specifically says “built in the US” and I haven’t found much else yet) to utilize this was the Curved Dash Oldsmobile, built by the American car manufacturer Ransome Eli Olds in 1901…a little more than a decade before Ford.

  • smithstar15

    gabi–“What you got was what you deserved”–(What a great command of English)–What exactly did I get?-I don’t recall getting anything of any consequence. Maybe you can refresh my memory,randallbutt–

    gabi–What does that stand for?Goofy-(Ass-Boy)-Idiot?
    I’m curious to see what user name you come out with next-Randall-Maggot-or goofy-ass-boy? I have a computer network in my home also and access to half a dozen other computers. I could come in to this site under all sorts of user names as you do but I’m not that cowardly–Whether you use randalbutt or maggotfeceseater or assboy you’re still the same jerkoff. You’re also stupid as evidenced by your vast knowledge of the auto industry–“Eli whitney invented the assembly line”–Sure he did and he also invented the dildo you take to bed every night.

  • oouchan

    gabi…wow! Guess someone has some hostility issues going on here. I think we have a troll, btw. Also, someone doesn’t realize that you, Randall and Maggot are all different people.

    You were right about Eli. I did a research paper back in college about assembly lines and the relationship to modern technology. The professor didn’t like it because he believed Ford was responsible for it all. Go figure.

  • gabi319

    Yes I recognized it was a troll. I gave him/her the benefit of the doubt as per my usual Two Warning Rule and nothing changed, hence an immediate cut of conversation…even if they obviously missed the ending of my #115.

    Now answer me this: WHY is someone with a financial background writing a paper about assembly lines?

  • oouchan

    gabi…haahaha! I wanted to be a history professor when I was in college. I love history but found out that I can’t retain too much of it. Somewhere I found math to be more interesting. I now am a now a support analyst for new program designs for the financial institution I work for. I test all of the new products and services coming in and look for flaws. Funny how life works out.

  • smithstar15: if you keep insulting people and calling them names, it takes away any credibility to your complaint about Randall calling you names! Why not just forget it all and get on with enjoying the site and comments – name calling is pointless regardless of who is doing it. :)

  • gabi319

    “I now am a now a support analyst for new program designs for the financial institution I work for. I test all of the new products and services coming in and look for flaws.”


    I play with mud and… I look for air bubbles? haha…

  • YogiBarrister

    95. jfrater – April 11th, 2009 at 11:43 pm

    Why does the Gore thing have to be about left-wing versus right-wing? He made the statement and that is that. Would it be different if George Bush had have said it?
    Because it simply doesn’t belong on this list. Nobody attributes the invention of the internet to Al Gore, just look at the verbal contortions The_Snowdog had to go through to try and justify your position. The fact is, he played an extremely important role bringing it into the private sector (see #94), and only rightwingers attempt to ridicule his statements on the subject. Even if he was bragging, how does that in any way mitigate his contributions? I suspect JFra chose #1 because he disagrees with Gore and 95% of climate experts on Global Warming. Sorry Jamie, you are provably wrong on GW, and wrong to have a Republican talking point as your numer one entry on this list. I challenge you to cite a single person, anywhere, who would without irony, answer Al Gore, when asked who invented the internet.

  • Maggot

    smithstar15: WordNet® 3.0, © 2006 by Princeton University

    Your churlish retorts are cute and all, but when you start citing sources, damn that cuts me to the quick.

    this feces eater attacked me first

    LOL, you just called yourself “feces”. Nice. Way to rally up support for your cause.

  • joe mama

    Tomas Edison tried to take credit for this list too until Jfrater stopped him…

  • Randall


    Jame, I wasn’t referring to YOU when I made my comments. I was referring to the people who’ve since commented in this thread, who were bashing Edison (yet again).

  • Serpa

    What about the brazilian Santos Dumont?

    refering to the #2

  • RoloTomasi

    Wow. Leave it to people here to take every word written down in a quick post and look at it under a microscope until they find some kind of discrepancy and call you out on it.

    People relax. I should have said perfected instead of invented. Fine. The point is I was surprised that many people think Ford invented the automobile. I kind of regret even mentioning the assembly line.

    Some people here need to find other hobbies really bad.

    I like fantasy baseball. I knows its a little nerdy. But some of you regular posters should now all about nerdiness.

  • gabi319

    sheesh… I wasn’t criticizing you, Rolo, but rather making addendums. If you want to continue thinking things that aren’t true, hey, that’s no skin off my back. Less time I have to commit to researching facts to help out people who don’t want my help, I suppose.

    sorry if it’s nerdy that I enjoy learning. simply part and parcel of who I am.

  • Carole

    Edison’s and Ford’s brilliance : they took inventions and turned them into practical products and yeah they made a few bucks.

  • MisterSir

    @116 – Hey, I brought up Eli Whitney in comment #89! And it was brought up again as your own idea in your comment. I guess it IS in the spirit of the topic of the list, though. :P

    Sorry gabi, I couldn’t help myself, it had to be done!

  • MisterSir

    Though, I have to give you credit on adding the Oldsmobile to the subject, thus creating an improved, marketable comment…

  • gabi319

    131 – My apologies for trying to steal your thunder.
    132 – Thanks a bunches!

    haha, MisterSir, you are a funny one…
    In the past I’ve told people to refer to comment ___ and would almost guarantee they wouldn’t look it up. It’s become easier to be redundant than to have people do research themselves. For the record, I never claimed it was solely my idea or I would have copyrighted that thing as I am doing with this comment.

    (c) gabi319

    TAKE THAT!! :-P

  • lo

    it’s funny that smithstar now thinks that gabi/maggot/randall are one person attacking him through aliases, because he left this over on the overrated novels list a while back:

    “Lo-Randall-TittyTaxi-Whatever name you’re going by at the present–”

    so he thinks that at least 5 distinct people (all with different writing styles and opinions) are just one person out to get him, hiding behind screen names.

    that’s pretty paranoid! i wish he would stop the vile name-calling, it’s pointless and adds nothing to the list discussion. did we have nearly a whole week where people were mostly civil? sigh…

    if you have a difference of opinion with someone here you should feel free to debate it and exchange ideas -it’s interesting for many. in comparison, simply rattling off a list of insults is boring and distasteful (and the boring is probably a bigger offense ;) ).

  • smithstar15

    Lo–or maggot or randall or whatever you’re calling yourself at the present–You’re the most boring of all.

    All the same writing style–I had a person who knows about such things analyze it–Most probably you’re institutionalized–That would account for the erratic hours you’re allowed on a computer. And when you have these flights of fancy where you’re going to dine with CEO’s and celebrities,I imagine that’s when they’re taking you down the hall for your shock treatments.If this is the case and I’m sure it is even though you won’t admit it(and I don’t blame you)I truly apologize.

  • RoloTomasi

    Many people enjoy learning Gabi. Many people also enjoy bickering with complete strangers on a simple internet forum.

    I enjoy this site for its content. I check it about two or three times a month and make sure I at least glance through mostly every list. Some are very entertaining (I even posted two myself one on cannibalism and one on wrestling). But every time I scroll down to the comments I see the same people having the same arguments.

    I think to myself. “Wow some people really invest a lot of time into these little back and forths”. Do I think some of them just do research on the fly depending on the daily topic? O yeah, there is some blatant cutting and pasting and paraphrasing.

    But whatever. I guess different people go on sites for different reasons. Hey I least during some of these asinine exchanges they at least spit out some form of knowledge. Its better than some of the knuckleheads that I run into on a daily basis, who don’t know jack shit and wouldn’t know where to find it even if they wanted to.

    So the word nerd comes to mind. But not a nerd in a Deans list, Lambda Lambda Lambda, pocket protectors, black glasses with white tape in the middle kind of way, but nerd in a lonely , non existent social life, live in your moms basement, dont get enough action, kind of way.

    believe me the way some commentors respond to each other I seriously doubt that too many people would put up with them in a social setting.

  • lo

    thanks for proving my point perfectly, smithstar.

    you know, over on the novels list you claimed to be a 67-year-old totally disabled veteran. and we know you have a paranoid persecution complex. and apparently fantasize about having someone analyze the writing styles of comments on an internet entertainment list (or really, really enjoy wasting your time/aren’t able to understand “voice” in writing on your own).

    is it possible that you’re projecting something of yourself in this last comment, just to complete the package?

  • Maggot

    Lo–or maggot or randall or whatever

    Welcome to the club, lo! Actually, my real name is segue.

  • oouchan

    smithstar: “All the same writing style–I had a person who knows about such things analyze it”….sure you did. How about taking a trip into the forums and look up some of the people you are talking to? We are all different people.

    Hey, lo….he now lumped you into the fray as well. Some people just don’t get it, I guess. I also couldn’t help myself to respond to the troll. Very bad of me, I know.

  • gabi319

    Lo–or maggot or randall or whatever

    too lengthy. why not combine it to one catchy name….

  • lo

    oouchan, i know, it was just remembering him form the other list combined with him being so vile, couldn’t help it.

    i’m done feeding it now.

  • gabi319

    134. lo – “it’s funny that smithstar now thinks that gabi/maggot/randall are one person”

    :-) This I would shorten to say gamaran. It sounds like a Transformer.

  • oouchan

    “Transformers, More than meets the eye. Transformers, Robots in disguise.”

    I loved that cartoon!

  • Stop fighting people – it benefits no one :) If it continues I will have to take off my belt.

  • oouchan

    144. jfrater: sorry dad! :(

  • gabi319

    “If it continues I will have to take off my belt.”

    …at least wait until I can find the stripper music…

  • Tron

    fun fact about the light bulb thing.
    the actual inventer of incandescent lighting (a lightbulb/the kind of lights we use in homes etc.) may have been invented in 1802.

    but by the time the ‘lightbulb’ as we know it was invented etc. Arc lighting had already been in use for years in streetlights in major cities.

    (basically tesla coil = giant arc lighting example).

    it was just too expensive and impractical for everyday use in a house.

    and i have NO idea why i know this. I’m full of useless trivia. Might be why I like this site so much. :P

  • oouchan: that’s fine – you are safe for now…

    gabi319: I prefer Peaches – “F*** the pain away” please :)

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  • Georgia

    Thomas edison was a dole bludging, idiot who actually never invented anything we give him credit for yet he is still known as one of the best inventors of all time…
    what a bloody legend.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    lol. Smithstar is funny. Stupid, but funny.

    O dear. Now he has to find a new name because obviously I also go under the alias of:

    The entire internet is acutally just a conspiracy out to get smithstar. What moron also gives his real name on a site where everyone is allegedly out to get him?

    Sorry for the ad hom jfrater! Couldnt resist. That and the promise of you taking off your belt and gabi stripping – more than I can handle!

  • gabi319


    Excellent choice, but sorry Jamie. The only CDs I will contribute to the LV strip joint are from my job and the studio attracts many of the 3 to 9 year old age group so risque music has been strictly verboten. You can have your choice of “Disney Princesses” or “Kidz Bop”!!

    Thanks for the song recommendation, though. I bought it and will add it to my mix of “Songs I blast in my car immediately after I get off work.”

  • Steelman

    Well, here’s a list about inventions, and the left wingers bring Bush into it. On top of that, one of them (Yogiisabust) compares Bush to Hitler, which just goes to show the poor quality of today’s public education system. Seriously, Bush had his problems, but anyone who makes such a comparison has no credibilty and if fact, is probably drinking way too much Kool-aid of the Jim Jones variety.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Hey someone else agrees with me that the american education system is failing todays youth! Maybe I don’t have such a narrow minded view. Or maybe I do! Only time will tell.

  • YogiBarrister

    Steelman, you aren’t terribly perceptive are you. I compared the damage Bush caused to the damage Hitler caused. I’ll stand by my statement that the stolen 2000 election is the biggest disaster to befall Western civilization. Here’s one major difference between the two. Hitler fucked up a world when it was in the throes a depression. Bush fucked up a world that was thriving.
    My objection to the #1 on this list is because it was really a snide comment disguised as an objective fact. Nobody, including Gore, attributes the invention of the internet to him. Instead of giving Gore major props for taking a taxpayer funded invention and adapting it for public use, your side ridiculed him. You did the same against Kerry in 2004. Instead of honoring his service to our country, you lied about his record.

  • Randall

    You know, if I have to hear this goddamned stupid ass cliche about “drinking the Kool Aid” again, I’m seriously going to puke all over a LOT of people who will not appreciate it, and then I’ll get all CRAZY VIOLENT like a mash-up of the guy in “No Country for Old Men” and Daffy Duck… and not only will it not be pretty, but it’ll hurt me, you, and a whole freakin’ BUNCH of innocent bystanders.

    SO ENOUGH with the crap cliche, okay? Before my eyebrows burn off already!

  • YogiBarrister

    Oh yeah another thing Steelman, “drinking the Kool-aid” is a very trite and tiresome metaphor. It shows a lack of imagination and in this case it’s directed at the wrong party. In order for it to have merit, I would have to be defending someone who is evil and be willing to commit suicide for him. You are the one defending Bush, and you are the voter who sacrificed the lives of your family, your friends, your co-workers, American soldiers, and innocent civilians to serve the wishes of a narcissist.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    drinking the kool aid? First. What is kool aid? Second. Who mentioned kool aid?

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Nm. Found it!

    But seriously? Kool aid?

  • Randall

    By the way, it was heartily amusing to pop in here this morning after only having about five minutes to pop in last night, and see this smithstar clown hang himself with the ample rope he was given.

    According to him, I am, now, apparently the following people:

    and quite possibly jfrater.

    I have never felt so schizo in all my life. At least I’ll never be lonely again.

  • YogiBarrister

    Look at that! Randall and I were writing the same comment at the same time. Normally I’d say, “great minds think alike”, but that would be an insult to Randall.

  • Randall


    No Kool Aid in Wales? It’s a powdered soft drink of the faux juice variety. Peddled by a gigantic glass pitcher with arms and legs and a happy face… and a disturbingly deep voice.

  • Randall


    Aren’t we one and the same person too? See, I’m all confused now. Don’t know WHO I’m supposed to be.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Damn it all of you I cant think! I thought I was all of you. Not you were me! Now I’m confused. If all the other voices would just be quiet?

    Ahhhh thats better.

    I think smithstar is just jealous because the voices aren’t talking to HIM

    Don’t you agree Randall?

    Why yes I do cymthedayandcymthehour!

  • Randall


    You needn’t have asked, since we’re in each other’s heads anyway. Of course I agree.

    I am, as ever,


  • Maggot

    cym: now that you know what Kool Aid is, do you know what the “drinking the Kool-aid” metaphor refers to? I’m figuring you’ve probably not heard that one before, so it makes no sense to you?

  • gabi319

    Re: Kool Aid
    Yes that’s the juice mix but kool aid referred to is ‘special’. Jim Jones of the People’s Temple mixed cyanide and tranquilizers in the juice as part of the mass suicide cult ritual.

    Chicken Robot has a great Zombie Kool Aid sketch.

  • Maggot

    Randall: “cymlungfishbutter” lol hilarious.

  • Cybogen

    Jim Jones actually worked for Kool Aid and was trying a marketing test for a new Kool Aid flavor. Needless to say the hundreds of people who took the taste challenge didn’t respond well to it.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    165. Of course I know what it means. You are in my head after all. Or am I in yours?

    I have no idea what you guys were referring to so I stayed quiet. I figured one of the other voices in my head would explain it if i stayed quiet long enough…

  • GTT


    You have a lot of nerve… I´ve read your comments on other threads denouncing Randall for calling you a moron and you have the balls to come on this thread and insult him for no apparent reason? And then you do the same to illegal_immigrant? Get off your self-rightous and obviously hypocritcal high horse and see if you can make some actual constructive comments.

  • GTT

    Oops, sorry about that post! I see jamie has put his foot down but I was just too indignant to wait and read all the posts before commenting. My mistake… :)


    gabi319 (166): Thank you… I was just going to ask what was wrong with Kool Aid. I´ve actually never tasted it but I have seen the large, freaky red jar. For a moment there I thought they were mixing Kool Aid with some sort of liquor which didn´t sound THAT bad… Thanks for the clarification!

  • No. 8 = Stupid … EVERYone knows it was roentgen, not edison, it shouldnt be in the top 10…

    & also, Edison dominates the list … Any idea why ?

  • Steelman

    “Steelman, you aren’t terribly perceptive are you. I compared the damage Bush caused to the damage Hitler caused. ”

    Yogi, I’m perceptive enough to know that you made a strong implication that Bush was worse than Hitler. Someone else picked up and commented on that same perception. So nice try to back-down from your original position, but you’re still way out in left field.

    “I’ll stand by my statement that the stolen 2000 election is the biggest disaster to befall Western civilization.”

    Stolen?? Really??? Three major newspapers got involved after the election and confirmed via recount, that Bush did indeed win Florida, which pushed him over the top anyway. I guess you missed that and are happy with you’re talking points.

    “Here’s one major difference between the two. Hitler fucked up a world when it was in the throes a depression.”

    See, it’s people like you with a huge distorted perspective, that help screw up this world. Hitler was a genocidal maniac intent on racially purifying the world. There is no comparison at all.

    “Bush fucked up a world that was thriving.”

    Hmmm, by himself, huh?? Try again. Politicians of all stripes in America helped screw up our economy. I distrust all of them. You seem to forget Democratic policies of forcing banks to sell to poor people who couldn’t afford the homes to beging with. I’d add that our culture was to blame as well – a need for big, immediate gratification. As for the rest of the world, they created their own similar problems. But, if your claim helps you demonize Bush and make you feel ok about yourself…………..

    “My objection to the #1 on this list is because it was really a snide comment disguised as an objective fact. Nobody, including Gore, attributes the invention of the internet to him. Instead of giving Gore major props for taking a taxpayer funded invention and adapting it for public use, your side ridiculed him. You did the same against Kerry in 2004. Instead of honoring his service to our country, you lied about his record.”

    Oh, and your side didn’t ridicule Bush on every single comment? Hell, your side ridiculed and started to question McCain’s service when it suited. Hypocrisy does not serve you well.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Dude, I think you love bush a bit too much, as evidenced by your statement on the war weapons list:

    “158 Steelman.

    “Though I have my issues with Bush as well, just watch. In about 10-20 years, he will be remembered differently, especially in keeping us safe for 8 years.””

    You haven’t answered my points there. Maybe you can answer them here. How do you say the man kept you safe when he declared war on iraq under false pretences, declared a ‘crusade’ against extremists (a poor choice of words) and was president during the worst terror attacks in US history. The man alienated america from the East and made your country highly unpopular in Europe. The man was a lack-lustre president at best.

    As I said on the other list, the world breathes a sigh of relief now obama is in office.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    And why is it that serving your country immediately makes you fit for the most powerful job in the world?

    In Britain it is university educated lawyers, accountants, scientists and economists who get the top jobs in politics – not someone who justifies a political seat because he spent a war in a prison camp

    I suppose that is just a difference between Britain and America.

  • MisterSir

    @gabi #133:

    Copyrighted comments? I like it!

    You didn’t steal my thunder, anyway. Like I said, it’s all in the spirit of the list!

  • lo


    “Three major newspapers got involved after the election and confirmed via recount, that Bush did indeed win Florida, which pushed him over the top anyway.”

    i wasn’t aware that newspapers were supposed to provide the definitive answers to any questions in the US election system.

    have you noticed all that recount stuff that has kept Minnesota from seating a 2nd senator for nearly 6 months now? it seems to be being handled by the state canvassing board and the courts.

    so why didn’t anyone tell the Minneapolis StarTribune that they had the power to declare the winner? maybe because newspapers -non-elected, mostly privately held, for-profit corporations- are supposed to report election results, not determine them!

    rupert murdoch, a conservative Australian-born naturalized-US citizen, through News Corp. owns practically half of the world’s large news media outlets, does that mean he controls global recounts from now on? that doesn’t seem very democratic, somehow.

  • Randall


    I just had to butt in, though I should leave this to YogiBarrister… but this statement of your just begged for a challenge:

    “Hmmm, by himself, huh?? Try again. Politicians of all stripes in America helped screw up our economy.”

    It’s convenient for right-wingers to now claim that the current economic mess is *everyone’s* fault and not just theirs. This is in fact an all-too-typical gambit resorted to by people who need to lie to cover up the blame they must suffer.

    But it won’t wash, for a number of reasons. For instance:

    “I distrust all of them.”

    (Yet no doubt you’ll vote right-wing in the future, won’t you? So in fact you “distrust” the right a bit less than the left, don’t you? Uh huh. Sure.)

    “You seem to forget Democratic policies of forcing banks to sell to poor people who couldn’t afford the homes to beging with.”

    I’ve heard this tired old excuse so many times it almost puts me to sleep. Let’s get some facts straight, shall we?

    A) The “Democratic policies” you refer to were several years old before ANY sign of trouble occurred in the economy. Awfully funny that it took so long for this trouble to surface, without a single indicator prior to that to illustrate that these policies were in fact the terminal cause. Because, of course, they IN FACT were not.

    B) This debacle is most certainly NOT the fault of a few “poor people” defaulting on mortgages they couldn’t afford. Don’t make me laugh. Naturally it’s the inclination of the right wing to blame the uppity poor whenever messes like these arise, but by now it’s a transparent bit of propagandizing that few fall for. And it’s reprehensible at that.

    The fact is that the economic mess we’re mired in is due to rampant greed and unbridled deregulation (or failure to regulate) of a banking system which was encouraged by the Right to play dangerous-but-lucrative games with the money they were entrusted with.

    “I’d add that our culture was to blame as well – a need for big, immediate gratification.”

    And again, another attempt at deflecting blame away from the Right. It is the RIGHT that has touted this lifestyle of immediate gratification ever since the 80s–under the banner heading of it being good for the country and the economy. It is the right that led us into a consumerist self-destructing economic model that built up, over time, to the disaster we now inhabit.

    “As for the rest of the world, they created their own similar problems.”

    In fact, the rest of the world HAS made mistakes, but this mess in actuality mostly lies at OUR feet. We were the opening breakdown in a chain reaction of failure… and again, as pointed out—the origin of that failure can be laid at the feet of the Right Wing in this country.

    “But, if your claim helps you demonize Bush and make you feel ok about yourself……”

    It takes little effort to demonize the man who history will show to be clearly one of the worst presidents we have EVER had, bar none.

    You know, Steelman, I can blame the Left for a great many things as well, related to any number of current conditions in the world and in our country. In point of fact, there’s plenty of blame for to go around. But this disingenuousness about the Right and Bush in particular is just goddamned intolerable. THIS TIME it’s the fault of the Right, mainly, and Bush and his administration’s policies to a great extent. In fact, I prefer to blame the Right more than Bush himself–blaming Bush lets the Republican party off too easily, because in fact it’s the party that supported, encouraged, and went along with policies that Bush only kept fulfilling–but in fact did not always originate with him.

    The remark about history judging Bush better because he “kept us safe” for the eight years of his presidency is also laughable. In point of fact it’s already appearing that history is going to judge Bush and his policies responsible for the lowest ebb in American prestige and power in the entire post-WWII era.

    I’d be only too happy to talk about all the mistakes made by the Left in past times—but these attempts to avoid the blame for the debacle of the last 8 years–and the debacle of the current economic mess in particular—are downright sickening.

  • Cybogen

    WOW! You know this comment list started out as a list about “inventions wrongly attributed” and now we’re talking about politics, leftists groups, right wing groups and Bush. Its interesting where these discussions will go. I still love reading the site.

  • YogiBarrister

    “Hitler was a genocidal maniac intent on racially purifying the world. There is no comparison at all.”
    I’m only comparing the results, not the relative merits of what motivated them. Bush damaged America more than Hitler.

    “Stolen?? Really??? Three major newspapers got involved after the election and confirmed via recount, that Bush did indeed win Florida, which pushed him over the top anyway. I guess you missed that and are happy with you’re talking points.”
    The newspapers didn’t count for the 20,000 vote flip nor the caging which prevented far more than 500 Gore supporters from voting.
    “Oh, and your side didn’t ridicule Bush on every single comment? Hell, your side ridiculed and started to question McCain’s service when it suited. Hypocrisy does not serve you well.”
    First of all, your side was the one who called McCain’s service into question during the Republican primaries in 2000. No Democrat would tolerate that kind of bullshit. We hated when you did it to McCain as much as we hated it when you did it to Kerry. As far as ridiculing Bush, we have contempt for him because he was so fucking nasty and incompetent. You are ridiculing Gore because he is so intelligent(make that elitist) and because he rightfully took credit for something great that he accomplished, namely ushering the internet technology into the private sector. Oh the horror!

  • smithstar15

    cymraegbachgen87butthead asked:

    “What moron also gives his real name on a site where everyone is allegedly out to get him”?

    Well,did you happen to think that it may be a moron who’s not afraid to give his real name? Probably.

    Ok JFrater–You’re right–It’s a great site that I do enjoy so my derogatory comments are over. I will just make my comments about the subject at hand as I did on the new “animal” list.And leave the monitoring of these posts to you. Afterall it is your website.

  • GTT

    Cybogen (179):

    Oh, the twisty, bendy paths of the List Universe… It´s what makes this so fun to read! :)

  • oouchan

    pffft….he called himself a moron. :D
    (sorry…couldn’t help myself)

    Cybogen: Don’t you want to get yourself a box of popcorn and sit back and watch the show? More entertaining then most TV shows.

    My 2 cents: Bush is evil. He is on the same playing field as the other evil leaders of the world. He might not be in the same team, but he is in the league.

  • GTT


    OK, I´m trying real hard not to laugh but he did say he´d stop (even though he threw that butthead thing in there anyway) so I´ll give the benefit of the doubt. :)

  • oouchan

    GTT…at least you tried not to laugh. I couldn’t help it at all. I have no self control. :D

  • Maggot

    185 oouchan: I have no self control.

    My kind of girl…

  • bucslim

    I disagree with what Randall said.

  • Steelman


    I’m not saying the “Right” were not to blame, but Yogi’s propagandizing and comparisons were sickening and on the verge of psychotic. The fact that you failed to mention or comment on his/her statements says a lot about where you stand (i.e your partianship is showing).

    I still stand by my previous comments about history judging Bush. There were many of the same comments said about Reagan (“warmonger”, “incompentent”. “senile”, etc.) and now he is rated in the top 5 presidents by both the public and survey’s of college professors.

    As far as financial regulations gone awry caused by the Republicans, you also seem to forget that Sen. Dodd has been Chairman of the Financial committee overseeing such affairs, who also got plenty of personal sweetheart deals (Countrywide Mortgage, AIG). He happens to be a Democrat.

    You also seem to forget that many Democrats turned a blind eye to Freddie & Fanny falling apart back in 2005/2006 when they were warned. Barney Frank is on record as saying everything was fine when it wasn’t.

    All I need to know about where left wing politics bring this country is one name: Jimmy Carter. Disasterous.

  • GTT

    185. oouchan

    I said TRYING not necessarily SUCCEEDING… ;)

  • ViveCanta

    agh! thomas edison is such a dick.

  • YogiBarrister

    Steelman, I’m the psychotic one? I’m the one who is “drinking the Kool-aid?
    “Spanish prosecutors have decided to press forward with a criminal investigation targeting former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and five top associates over their role in the torture of five Spanish citizens held at Guantánamo”
    So I make you sick by posting comments on a blog, while you voted for a war criminal. The rightwingnuttia has come completely unhinged. Reagan isn’t your Godfather, Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh are your heroes.
    Yeah that Jimmy Carter was sure disasterous(sic). Let’s see know, how long have the Camp David accords held up? How about that disastrous push to make the US energy independent? WTF can’t Republicans get anything right?

  • litopeps

    @Randall – Try to watch the movie “Flash of Genius”, read the story about Robert Kearns or thoroughly read the bio of Nikola Tesla – among others. I’d like to hear what you have to say about Edison after.

  • scandal007

    Whoever invented the wheel must have ended up with a fortune. Anyone got any ideas who it was?

  • Steelman


    You’re own comments continue to prove you are nothing but a loon.

    I bet you weren’t even alive during the Carter years. Your knowledge, or lack thereof, of history proves that. The Carter years were disasterous – ask any rational person who lived through them. The economy was a mess, Iran held hostages, and our standing in the world was weak – though as a loony left-winger, I bet that makes you happy.

    And by the way, when someone is actually convicted of war crimes, then they are a war criminal. But I forgot – as a left wing loon, the constitution only applies when it is convienent for you.

  • Rawhide

    Little bit of extra info about Mr Roentgen. ‘Roentgen’ is the german word for x-raying someone. Not amazing information but still worth a mention…

  • YogiBarrister

    Steelman, if you are going to continue to use the word disastrous, please learn how to spell it. Carter was the first man I ever voted for. All of the economic problems in the 70’s predated his administration. Nixon froze wages and prices, OPEC drove up the price of oil, the Vietnam War caused even more inflation, then Gerald Ford did absolutely nothing except make up a slogan, remember those WIN buttons? While I agree that Carter was pretty ineffectual I still believe we would be MUCH better off today had he been elected to a second term, mainly because of his energy program and because Reagan’s economic policies and anti-government philosophy.
    BTW I’m not an economist so this is an ill-informed opinion, but my main objection to Obama’s stimulus package is that it reminds me too much of Reagan’s. It appears to be another trickle down Ponzi scheme which is why I’m surprised Republicans are so opposed to it.

  • YogiBarrister

    Steelman, you didn’t respond to the story about how a staunch ally of ours is going to indict Alberto Gonzales and five other members of the Bush administration. Have you no sense of decency?

  • YogiBarrister

    My bad, Steelman did respond to the the war crimes story. As a rightwing loon, I suppose he doesn’t feel Americans are obligated to obey international law.

  • cymraegbachgen87

    Anyone else think its funny smithstar is now saying he likes randall?

    I think this guy is schizo, not us!

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “I’m surprised Republicans are so opposed to it.”

    That is easy. Its because Obama is a democrat. Of course they are going to oppose everything he suggests, regardless of how republican or democrat it might appear, how right or wrong it might be and how feasible it might be.

    Give the man time. He hasnt been in office a year yet and people are already calling him an awful president.

    I ask the question again. Why is it only in america that obama is seen as a BAD thing?

  • cymraegbachgen87

    BTW steelman, you havent answered my challenges about bush ‘keeping us safe’

    Typical response from someone who knows they have said something very silly – ignore any references to it.

  • Randall


    Make no blithe assumptions about what I “seem to have forgotten.” I’m quite well aware of the history of the two parties over the last 40+ years and was there to see much of it.

    “I’m not saying the “Right” were not to blame, but Yogi’s propagandizing and comparisons were sickening and on the verge of psychotic.”

    This is beside the point. I wasn’t commenting on Yogi’s claims or rhetoric. I was commenting on yours. Do I think Bush is equivalent to Hitler? Of course not. Nor do I consider George Bush to have been a mass murderer per se. But a leader who made terribly irresponsible decisions that inadvertantly cost the lives of thousands, lives that should NOT have been lost? Yes, I do feel that IS George W. Bush. AND to top it all off, by examiniing the man’s history and prior behavior in various situations and circumstances—I personally believe he neither cared nor to this day feels remorse for the decisions he made that needlessly cost these lives. But of course I have no proof of that. I merely judge the man in that sense from what I see of him as a public figure, both as president and as governor of Texas.

    “The fact that you failed to mention or comment on his/her statements says a lot about where you stand (i.e your partianship is showing).”

    Hardly. This is, in fact, irrelevant. Are you arguing that if YOU say something wrong, it must be incumbent upon me, as a commenter, to then acknowledge and expose not only YOUR wrong, but someone else’s as well? So… by that logic, I should go through each and every argument made on this site that interests me, and act the part of the impartial referee, picking on BOTH sides equally. You impart to me far too great a position, which I frankly reject. I’m not here to give equal time to both sides—I’m here for the same reason you are, to say something, and to speak up about what I feel is right and wrong.

    Granted, I don’t truck with everything Yogi says or has said in this instance. But again–that’s beside the point. I wasn’t addressing Yogi, I was addressing YOU. You are implying that it would be all right as long as I had taken Yogi to task as well, but I would guess that had I done so, your reaction to me would be no different, since you, by your own words, continue to stand by your statements regarding Bush and his relation to history.

    “I still stand by my previous comments about history judging Bush. There were many of the same comments said about Reagan (”warmonger”, “incompentent”. “senile”, etc.) and now he is rated in the top 5 presidents by both the public and survey’s of college professors.”

    Again, this is a specious argument in the extreme. Just because Reagan’s reputation MAY have become more polished over the years (actually, this remains to be seen. Reagan is being ackowledged as a great leader by many, but what effect his policies overall have had on our society and the world as a whole is a point that remains firmly up in the air) that has NOTHING to do with Bush’s reputation. These are two different presidents who ruled under vastly different circumstances.

    Simply because one man MAY be getting a rewrite, that doesn’t mean the other is guaranteed one as well.

    “As far as financial regulations gone awry caused by the Republicans, you also seem to forget that Sen. Dodd has been Chairman of the Financial committee overseeing such affairs, who also got plenty of personal sweetheart deals (Countrywide Mortgage, AIG). He happens to be a Democrat.”

    No shit. But again, I never said that the democrats weren’t to blame for some of this mess. But it is FAR from 50-50, and anyone who knows how oversight works vis a vis Congress as a whole knows that only so much of this is invested in the Senate. Moreover, the Republicans had control of the Congress for much of the Bush administration.

    “All I need to know about where left wing politics bring this country is one name: Jimmy Carter. Disasterous.”

    And again, irrelevant. Jimmy Carter’s administration ended THIRTY YEARS AGO. Not only have times changed, but philosophies have changed to boot. Raising Carter like some kind of wheezing old spectre is a pathetic form of argumentation.

    The bottom line is this: For a period in the 1980s there was a great recovery in our economy which then faltered under a later Republican administration. The evidence was that this recovery was short-lived and based on an partially-faulty premise from the start—but had it ended there with reforms under the first Bush administration, the problem may have been arrested. But it didn’t. Under Clinton the economy rebounded and remained strong, and it can be argued that Clinton’s administration made some effort to correct some of the faulty situation which had prevailed during the late 80s and early 90s… though this is debatable. At any rate, we had a healthy economy under a Democratic administration which suffered only one real setback—the boom.

    The boom can be argued as the natural result of a new economic situation anyway–certainly people can be forgiven for going a little nuts when a new WAY of making money presents itself, and the fact is that the boom played itself out in 5 years (1995 – 2000) and had self corrected by the end.

    Under the Bush administration however, not only was the rebound that occurred towards the end of the 90s compromised, but the growth and development so touted for the first part of the Bush years was in fact built on a far less realizable and far more perilous bubble: hyper-inflated real estate values and trading, along with unregulated and poorly overseen banking, lending, and investment practices.

    ALL of this—including some of what went on in the 90s–goes back to the mass consumer economic culture brought into being in the 1980s. SOME of the left was warning about this house of cards as early as 1982, but only now are people beginning to listen.

    I personally choose not to lay that much blame at Reagan’s feet. I think he genuinely meant to inject hard-term prosperity into the American economy, and maybe for a time he even accomplished it, without resorting to smoke and mirrors. But SINCE Reagan, the Republican party has done NOTHING but utilize smoke and mirrors to keep their economic model going, and it has finally fallen to pieces. How much complicity the Clinton administration has in this is arguable, and I’d be willing to listen to both sides of that. But what we CANNOT and SHOULD not forget is that the Republican party has held power, in this country, ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY, since the mid 1980s. Clinton had to deal with a Republican congress during half of his tenure in office, and only in the last few years have the Democrats begun to return to actual power there–and now, finally, we have a Democratic president and Democratic congress.

    What this means, I don’t know. Frankly I feel the Democrats are as likely to f**k things up as the Republicans. BUT facts are also facts. For MOST of the period of the last 30 years, the Democratic party has NOT had the power and/or the numbers to greatly affect economic policy in this country–with the sole exception of the first half of the Clinton administration, and perhaps for a short time after.

  • oouchan

    cym….as for America seeing obama as a bad thing? Not all of us…I am on the fence. So far (to me at least) he isn’t going about it the right way. Too much on his plate at once. I will however, wait and see what he will do over the next 6 months before I decide if he is worth my respect or not. He might have a master plan that will make everything fall into place or he might just fall on his face. We will see.

  • bucslim

    I disagree with Randall again.

  • YogiBarrister

    OK, I’ve got to admit I derailed this thread by mentioning Bush. Let me return to my original point, which was that Al Gore should be credited, not mocked, for his accomplishments regarding the internet.
    Here is a parallel argument from a story that was on 60 Minutes. A pentagon official was put in charge of developing prosthetic hands. He approached at least two different inventors, hired them to develop something that weighed less than 9 lbs and would enable the user to pick up a razor blade or a grape without crushing it. One of them created a device that is operated with your feet, the other one came up with a hand that you can operate just by imagining movement. The first prosthetic has a better design as far as dexterity is concerned, while the second is easier to operate.
    Now let’s suppose the Pentagon official gets the two inventors together and instructs them to integrate the two designs and we end up with a dexterous hand that operates pretty much the way a real one does. Would that Pentagon official be able to say this without getting ridiculed?
    “During my service in the United States military, I took the initiative in creating a prosthetic hand that works almost as well as a real one.”

  • Steelman


    “This is beside the point. I wasn’t commenting on Yogi’s claims or rhetoric. I was commenting on yours.”

    Yea, but you had no problem stepping in the middle of an argument between Yogi and myself and ultimately made a choice to choose a side, didn’t ya. Now you are trying to use some type of “logical” rhetoric to defend yourself for doing so. Sorry, I still pegged you.

    “Do I think Bush is equivalent to Hitler? Of course not.”

    So, since you made a decision to enter the conflict, why didn’t you attempt “chastise” Yogi as well?? Your argument above for not doing so falls flat, unless your reasoning is that he just wasn’t worth it. So why?

    “You impart to me far too great a position…”

    No, I think you do that on your own quite well……..

    “And again, irrelevant. Jimmy Carter’s administration ended THIRTY YEARS AGO.”

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Sorry, I for one do not wish to return to those times, but I fear that we may very well. This administration is making the largest federal power grab ever. Add to that the massive and ever expanding debt, well you get the picture. The history of capitalism is proven and has brought us to be extremely successful. Please give me an example of socialistic government that has been proven successful over the long term.

    “Frankly I feel the Democrats are as likely to f**k things up…..”

    For once, we agree. I also agree that Republicans, once they gained both the legislative and executive branches, got arrogant, greedy and lazy. The Democrats are already following that lead and if it continues, which I suspect it will, then 2010 will be a new watershed. BTW, my point about Reagan was that there were many, negative judgements about him during and immediately after his administration ended, and now 20 years later, much has changed upon review. You, as well as many others, are making the same immediate judgements about Bush. All I’m saying is that things may very well change 20 years from now. If, and it is still and big “if”, Iraq holds on to a stable government and becomes a positive, active member in the world community, there will be many who say, “well, it seems Bush was right after all”. Time will tell.

  • Randall


    You make me laugh.

    DO stop crying like a kid on the playground because YOUR nose got bloodied while your opponent got off scot free. I don’t use any “logical rhetoric” to “defend” my chastisement of you. I don’t need to “defend” it. Yogi goes a bit too far, but the point is, if I have to choose between two people, one of whom is defending Bush and the other who is attacking him, I’m more concerned with the guy who is defending this gigantic asshole, and less concerned with the guy who is assailing him. I can deal with Yogi’s occasional over the top statements about a man I feel is many ways a monster and at very least is a reprehensible, despicable human being. I find it harder to deal with people who defend such a man.

    But again, I’m under no obligation to play it fair here the way you want–and if anyone’s using false “rhetoric” to make a point, it’s you–because again I point out–HAD I called Yogi to task, it would not have made ONE DIFFERENCE in your stance or your attitude. So your logic is spurious. Period.

    As for “pegging me,” HA. I was a Reagan Republican who was proud to support the president in the 80s. I was a conservative at the time and a passionate follower of William F. Buckley, Reagan, George Will and Barry Goldwater, amongst others. I left the party AND that belief system in the 90s when I saw how the party and the neo-conservative thugs who followed in the wake of the despicable Newt Gingrich began to warp the philosophy and the party to their own ends. And today that philosophy and party is represented by the detestable likes of Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter, and Sean Hannity. No thanks.

    “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Sorry, I for one do not wish to return to those times, but I fear that we may very well.”

    BASED ON WHAT? And AGAIN, what relevance does an administration from over THIRTY years ago have? Why not just say you fear returning to the administration of Herbert Hoover or Ulysses Grant—which were equally disastrous?

    The movement to the Left that the Democratic party began in the post Roosevelt period reached its high point in the 60s and 70s, Steelman… and has steadily been retreating back to center since Reagan. Your concern over “Carter-like” times returning is spurious. It’s to mask the fact that you have nothing to do but look back to old enemies who in essence no longer actually exist as they did, because you have no NEW ideas to present. In such a situation it’s only natural that you’d want to go back and fight old battles where you triumphed instead of facing the new situations and people that now prevail.

    “This administration is making the largest federal power grab ever.”

    A) Sorry, that was in fact accomplished by the BUSH administration, and

    B) your accusation is laughable. Firstly, the Obama administration is simply trying to CLEAN UP the godawful mess left behind by at least 8 years of Republican misrule under Bush—and secondly, while financially the numbers are big, in terms of real power NOTHING done today matches the federalization of our government under FDR. For god’s sake man… at least get your history correct.

    “The history of capitalism is proven and has brought us to be extremely successful. Please give me an example of socialistic government that has been proven successful over the long term.”

    YAWN. Another tired old saw. No shit, Steelman. I, for one, am not calling for socialism. Neither is Obama, no matter how much you WISH he was—so, again, you could fight that old battle without having to face the REAL and immediate CURRENT one.

    BUT AGAIN–what RELEVANCE to the discussion we were does this have? NONE. We were discussing the failings of the Bush administration—NOT “socialism Bad, capitalism Good.” Stop trying to play sleight of hand games with the argument. It won’t work with me.

  • George Pediran

    In fact, who invented the airplane was Dumont, isn’t?

  • Nunuv Yerbizness

    Working for Edison was similar to being a slave and a guarantee that you never received more credit for your work other than a substandard wage (Edison’s most productive years at Menlo Park were during periods of deep recession or depression and his indentured servants were lucky to be working at all)

    With regards to #1: Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, but he co-sponsored the legislation that allowed the Department of Defense’s private network, ARPANet, to be opened to public connections. He didn’t invent it, but since Cerf’s, Roberts’, Kleinrock’s, and Kahn’s work wouldn’t have become available to the public without his help, he can be said to have LEGISLATIVELY helped create it.

  • bucslim

    Yogi – I fully admit to making fun of Al Gore. I just don’t like the guy and I never have. To me he’s about the biggest phoney butthead out there, and quite frankly, being a liberal democrat has very little to do with why I don’t care for the guy.

    It’s true we Republicans get all worked up over some pretty trivial crap that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans – personally i don’t really give a crap whether Al Gore was or wasn’t instrumental in inventing anything.

    My dislike begins pretty much with his championing the whole global warming thing, desperately lobbying to set policy all the while his home was burning enough energy to light up Cincinnati. I’ve heard that he’s since changed his energy usage – but it’s still uses more than you and I put together and he still burns enough jet fuel than you and I will ever use times 100.

    That’s my point about Al Gore and pretty much every liberal out there, they want to set policy, but have no intention of following it themselves.

    But I’m pretty sure both parties have that mindset.

  • Orange18

    bucslim, very good post. I agree completely.

  • Amanda

    Very good list. I like the part about the invention of x-ray. I taught correctly that it was Roentgen who invented the x-ray. And I believe “Roentgens” are also a unit of measurement for radiation exposure in air.

    Edison played with x-ray during his career, demonstrating the new mysterious rays using his assistant Clarence Daly. When Clarence Daly died from radiation overexposure, Edison never had anything to do with x-ray again.

  • TEX

    Being very busy, and not wanting to take the time to read the comments – I’m sure that I’m the first to say that both Al Gore and Edison are douche bags.

  • bucslim

    I’m probably not the first to say this, but TEX is pretty awesome. I want to have your baby.

  • Steelman


    “You make me laugh.”

    Glad I could help to lighten you up a bit for once, but you see you are the typical “know it all”. Full of pompous arrogance with an attitude that life has made it your duty to correct every single one of us idiot peons. Sorry, but I reject all of those premises, especially that you are an expert on every single matter on earth. The fact is you’re not. Oh, I saw that you were throwing around that you have advanced degrees and that you are completely confident in all of your opinions, etc. ad infinitum. So what. I have advanced degrees as well. So what. I am well read. So what. Seriously, that horse you’re riding upon is way too high. Time to come down out of the clouds.

    Look, I believe that you are an intelligent guy, but you have a bad tendency to sell you’re opinion as fact, when indeed it is purely opinion.

  • thuss

    well now i can see how much of a prick thomas edison was

  • Steelman


    Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

  • GTT

    cym (200)

    “Why is it only in america that obama is seen as a BAD thing?”

    I´d just to point out that while it is silly to condemn the man for not fixing every problem under the sun in 4 months, it´s also a little naive to automatically assume he will. I´m not from the States and I´m on the fence. I´d like to see what this man does before I applaud or condemn him. :)

  • Looser

    Aww poor edison got beat to everything! or maybe he ripped everyone off? 0_o

  • Phono_Fan

    The term “audio recording” as it is understood today actually applies more to Edison’s invention–the phonograph, than it does to Scott’s Phonautograph.

    Scott’s Phonautograph (or “Phono-autograph”) was designed to produce a graph-like ILLUSTRATION (autograph)– a lateral line traced on a sheet of paper — of the sound WAVE as captured by the recording horn–nothing more.

    Edison’s phonograph, from the start, was built to record sound for AUDIBLE playback. In this case, the sound was captured by the horn and concentrated onto a sensitive diaphragm equipped with a sharp point that, in turn, INDENTED the surface of the recording material–initially wax coated paper for the preliminary experiment, but eventually, tinfoil.

    The two concepts were VERY different. Scott’s, to capture an image of sound for study and analysis; Edison’s to capture actual sound waves for playback.

    In an earlier list, it was mentioned that Edison did not invent the “record player” as we know it today. The invention being attributed to Emile Berliner who brought to market a flat disc recording method about ten years after Edison’s cylinder tinfoil phonograph was invented. (Actually, if you did your homework, you would have seen that Edison’s original 1878 British patent covered BOTH cylinder and disc media.)

    Interestingly, if you look at Berliner’s original patent specs, you’ll see that his invention more closely resembles Scott’s invention. Both used the diaphragm to etch/draw a LATERAL line onto the recording surface. (Edison employed VERTICAL recording until 1929–months before the production of Edison phonograph ceased.)

  • Corey

    #1 was a stupid choice, plain and simple. Al Gore was not at all claiming to invent the internet and anyone who interpreted his quote that way is a moron. Furthermore, nobody attributes the internet to Gore, so why even put it on?

    The Edison hate (from the commenters, not the author) is getting old – not to mention annoying and unnecessary. Edison wasn’t a fraud. He was a brilliant man who made civilized life what it is today by making raw inventions much BETTER and more practical (and he did invent quite a few things, anyway). It’s not his fault that history credits him for things he didn’t create. He HAS been dead since 1931; he didn’t write history.

  • abc123doraymi

    how the comments went from inventions to politics to racism to.. processed foods?

    focus people! focus!

    i loved this list. very informative. n_n

  • cymraegbachgen87

    “it´s also a little naive to automatically assume he will.”

    Yes it is. But at least under this administration, the rest of the world has some HOPE that america can change for the better.

    McCain would have been four more years of the same.

  • gabi319

    203. oouchan – “So far (to me at least) he isn’t going about it the right way. Too much on his plate at once.”
    Not necessarily. I believe he’s focusing on the right things but just not making it clear enough or providing enough detail. I understand Gitmo’s part as a publicity stunt (how else to make a clearer statement to separate himself from the previous administration?) but I still wonder about the specifics. Yes, they closed down the physical Gitmo, but how will they prevent this Gito-like situation from happening again?

    I feel the same hope and trepidation over the economic – more clearly defined details to prevent another AIG moment. But to be honest, it wasn’t completely his fault. The money they received was passed by the previous administration.

    New York Times did mention the legislation does give the president the ability to reinstate certain gitmo practices in the future. I like to think NYT as my most reliable newspaper source but frankly, I

    223. cymraegbachgen87 – “McCain would have been four more years of the same.”
    Not necessarily. Back in the 2000 election, I was a strong supporter of McCain and was pretty bummed that Bush was chosen for the Republican ticket. I do agree that something changed with the four years between then and now. To me, he just appeared desperate enough for the presidency that he was willing to do what people told him to, as evidenced by a number of issues in his campaign and even how he changed in Congress between 2000 and 2004 (he didn’t get the Republican presidential ticket in 2000 because he didn’t have a lot of support from his own party. His career showed he was willing to be vocal against quite a bit of what Republicans supported in Congress). So to some extent in this hypothetical situation, yes, it could have been four more years of Bush because McCain had willingly become (what appeared to me) a sockpuppet for the Republican machine in the very recent past. But also given his overall career in the national setting (both in politics and military), this hypothetical situation could also yield a ‘no.’

  • oouchan

    224. gabi319: I still think he is taking on too much too soon. I really hope he has a game plan or this could all blow up in his face. Yes, he is focusing on the right things, but he is not giving the attention needed to each on his agenda. He can only do so much. I would prefer hearing what his goals are now instead of seeing them slowly unfold. That is why I will reserve judgement for about 6 more months or so. Guess we will see. :)

  • shawn

    Yanks, popularising themselves as the creators of 6 out of the 10 inventions, what a crock of bull!

  • Randall


    I note that there seems to be a pattern in many an opponent I’ve encountered here. When I’ve won an argument with them, but they don’t want to admit it, they stop debating the actual topic, and turn to calling me a “know it all,” and denigrating me for being “arrogant” and whatnot.

    Your abandonment of the issues we were discussing, to follow this tack instead, makes my point for me.

  • bucslim

    That’s awesome Randall.

    I also know lots of boxers who proclaim themselves the ‘winner’ of the fight, even though the judges give the other fighter more rounds on the scorecard.

    Just because you’re satisfied with your point of view doesn’t mean the rest of us agree with your argument. I know I’m a stupid fascist for saying that, and that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a pinhead. (and I’m including myself in that)

    Granted, some people who take you on make stupid statements and we all enjoy you crushing them with your outpouring of wit and logic. Sort of like watching Charles Barkley blowing by some pipsqueek from Angola. We know it’s not fair, but we watch with heightened interest anyway.

    But I’ve learned my lesson not to go at it with you on politics or religion, because we are never going to agree. That only ends in frustration, because it only ends with you declaring yourself the winner, when in reality it’s pointless to carry on. I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m a blind, deluded conservative Republican who sheepishly follows a dead and illogical religion. You taught me that.

    But don’t think that we’re not as passionate about our viewpoints as you are. Or that we’re any less ‘right’ than you think you are.

  • Steelman


    Thanks for making my point for me. The arrogance never ceases and I have found it becomes futile to debate with a “know it all”. Though I have not posted all that much on this site, I have lurked for quite sometime and have noticed that others have pointed this out to you as well over that time. But you will never see or accept this point because it would shatter your own view of yourself.

  • damien_karras


    I read Randall’s posts with great enthusiasm and have even debated with him while being half-in-the-bag (and in the logic department I only lasted the equivalant of 3 rounds with him). I don’t support everything he says, but I defend to the death his idea of doing some research before spewing forth unsubstantiated claims.
    Can he be a bit pompous at times? Sure. He even proclaimed himself an asshole at times during yesterday’s postings. However, his fact-finding prowess and ability to back up his ideas are undeniable.
    There are not many hard and fast rules about how to behave on this site; everyone’s personality is different. If this site were policed alone on the non-exisistent tact of some of the posters, it would be a boring site indeed.

  • MNL

    I studied engineering in New Zealand near where Pearse did his inventing. It was quite a common local bone of contention that the Wrights got credit for powered flight. But hey Americans are known for their high fiving and whooping it up at even the slightest success. Just look at how many of these inventions are wrongly credited to Edison! Publicity is a talent all in itself, and it seems to be a rare trait in most boffin/inventor types. Good list.

  • Randall


    I repeat. You failed UTTERLY to address any of the points I made in my last pertinent posting (#207… in fact, you failed to answer much of what I said in #202). Instead, you’ve chosen to malign me as an arrogant know-it-all.

    I’ve made no “point” for you–(and in fact, I used that line on you first… way to be original, Steelman)—you have, quite simply, thrown in the towel on actually debating any of this and are simply taking the tack of attempting to denigrate my personality and intellectual behavior… as though that would be a better way to win your argument. Finding yourself unable or unwilling to come at me via the facts and via the trail of logic, you instead choose to go after ME.

    As for my “view of myself” I’m quite content, thank you.

    And as for others having pointed out to me my arrogance and know-it-all nature, I also repeat—this has happened ONLY when someone has lost an argument with me and THEY THEMSELVES can’t come to terms with it or admit it. If they’d had more to argue, they would have presented facts, not resorted to mere personal attacks.

    Same goes for you.

  • Randall



  • Randall


    “I also know lots of boxers who proclaim themselves the ‘winner’ of the fight, even though the judges give the other fighter more rounds on the scorecard.”

    And the relevancy of this? Are you implying that there are impartial judges lurking around the site, and moreover that these imaginary judges have intimated to you that I lost this or any other argument on “points”?


    Your analogy falls to pieces.

    “Just because you’re satisfied with your point of view doesn’t mean the rest of us agree with your argument.”

    Naturally; however, a failure to back up one’s stance is automatically a disqualification, if you want to stretch this technical analogy further.

    Of course, I too weary of arguing endlessly with someone when I know I’m not going to get anywhere with them. But that’s where I usually just say so, agree to disagree and try to walk away.

    But changing tacks and trying to assail someone for being an “arrogant know-it-all,” as thought this somehow supports your original argument in any way–is simply childish and very poor polemics. And it kinda indicates that you don’t have a leg to stand on, and know it. But don’t want to admit it.

    “I know I’m a stupid fascist for saying that, and that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a pinhead. (and I’m including myself in that)”

    Have I ever said this?

    “Granted, some people who take you on make stupid statements and we all enjoy you crushing them with your outpouring of wit and logic. Sort of like watching Charles Barkley blowing by some pipsqueek from Angola. We know it’s not fair, but we watch with heightened interest anyway.”

    Well thank you. It’s fun to be a spectacle. Sometimes.

    “But I’ve learned my lesson not to go at it with you on politics or religion,”

    Well wait a second. When have we ever disagreed on religion?

    Indeed… I’ve always felt that I’ve been pretty fair and nice about people’s religious beliefs. I detest phony born-again types, yes, I admit. But that’s certainly not you, and my impression was that you detested such people just as much as I. Neither am I an atheist, and I respect people’s search for spiritual enlightenment. So to what are you referring? I’m taken aback.

    As for politics, yeah… best for us not to discuss.

  • bucslim

    Randall – I have seen that situation with you several times here where you’ve clearly stated your position and the ‘opposition’ has resorted to calling you names etc. It points to an obvious announcement that they’ve given up, or have run out of relevant things to say or can’t admit when they’ve been bested, OR just tired of bickering. Suffice to say some people either need to come up with a better argument or shut up altogether. It’s just easier to tell you to go f yourself.

    I used the boxing analogy to pull your chain a bit. Nothing more than a playful ‘jab’ before I delivered a thundering uppercut.

    I referred to the term ‘fascist’ because I’m an unapologetic conservative Republican. The obverse would be akin to me calling you a ‘communist.’ But I’d probably add ‘pinko’ in front of communist to better convey my feelings on your political views.

    I have chosen not to engage you on ANY religious topic for a reason. Be assured I’ve read most of what you’ve written here on the topic, but I don’t feel obligated to respond to it because it’s my own personal beliefs, and I really don’t give a shit if people think I’m crazy. In my opinion, there is a disgusting lack of humility in the Christian community and blathering Bible verses on a website doesn’t accomplish anything other than making us all look like small minded unintelligent asses. I have no intention of joining in because I don’t want to be identified with any of that. Not saying I’m better than them, or make any other similar stupid redneck statement.

    Given the fractured state of Christianity and churches and Bible interpretations, I don’t think a couple of comments on a website is an effective way to defend my faith. And I certainly don’t want to get into it with you on this issue the same way we’ve done in the past with politics, because I think we’d end up in a similar position of going at each other’s throats. So I’m politely declining.

    Besides, I’m was just giving you shit, man. No way will you have yin if you don’t have a little yang.

  • Randall


    I respect you and honest to god would never bicker with you about your religious beliefs, or attack them. I know you to be the intelligent type who KNOWS that one’s own spirituality is a struggle and a private thing, and as it is with me, I’m sure it is with you, and as I say, I would always respect that.

    Hope you know this.


  • bucslim

    It’s all good Randall – like I was telling segue earlier today, my sense of humor doesn’t translate well sometimes – for the most part I was using my elbow to poke you in the ribs in the original post. I’m sorry I got your gander up.

    I get genuinely angry when I read some of these zealot’s posts. Every time someone calls something into question about anything to do with the Bible or Jesus they gotta pull out “Well it says in Romans . . . ” There’s so many versions of what exactly the Bible is saying it’s difficult to explain your point or defend your argument. I am in no way saying that’s not valid, I’m just get weirded out by what they’re trying to do. I mean what flavor are we talking about here? Catholic? Presbyterian? Lutheran? Methodist? Mormon? Pentecostal? Fundamentalist? Christian Science? Alliance? Unitarian? Seventh Day Adventist? Baptist? Anglican? Eastern Orthodox? Buc’s Church of Fun? Calvinist? Dispensationalist? Covenant? Paper or Plastic?

    What version of the Bible? etc. – see my point? And they want to try to covert someone while commenting on a list?

    I also think the opposite is true – I’m not sure the church is doing a very good job of representing itself when I read some people’s opinion of Christians. I’m not a pollyanna and think we’ve all got to get along, but some folks got the wrong idea. Perhaps they met some dorks who pretended to be a Christian and they’re retaining that example.

    I know what I believe and I think it’s true and valuable, if I thought it was wrong, I wouldn’t believe it. If I went into the details of all of that I’m pretty sure most people would think I’ve lost my mind. But some Christians think that because we have a responsibility of defending the faith that it gives us a reason to act like a jerk. I got no beef with honest Christian people doing their best. But some of these Torquemadas need to simmer down.

    It ain’t about how much you know or how you shouted down that Satanic Heifer with the Word.

  • mfpzr

    I am shocked to see translation of this list in Turkish msnbc page. the link is below unfortunately there is no mention for this page.

  • lo

    238. mfpzr-

    wow. i can’t read the page, is the turkish msnbc owned by the same company as the american msnbc?

    they should be giving jfrater credit for the original list.

  • mfpzr

    yes ntvmsnbc is turkish msnbc. one of the most visited news website in turkish. NTV is a television station they are partners for this website.

    ? warned them to give a credit jfrater but they did not put my comment on their page.

  • Nunuv Yerbizness

    Regarding msgs #152, #155, #156, #157, #158, #161, #165, #166, #168, #171 & #191: The mix used at Jonestown wasn’t Kool-Aid; it was Flavor-Aid (grape), a competing but far less well-known product.

  • Jake Le Master

    Who the hell thinks Microsoft invented the first GUI? No one. A lot of people think APPLE did. THAT is usually the misattribution one hears.

  • Gauldar

    “Talent imitates, but genius steals.”

    — TS Elliot

  • Gauldar

    Speaking of which…

    “The Mediocre borrow. Genius steals.”

    — George Bernard Shaw

    The best ideas are ones you can convince everyone you made yourself, before you croak!

  • Tom

    No ofense to the kiwis, but there has not been enough proof on the powered flight thing to support that claim.

  • L

    I believe that the world wide web, which is baisically the internet, was invented in CERN, Geneva.

  • Joel

    The top 1 wrongly attributed Invention should be the programmable computer.

    Supposed first programmable computer: ENIAC
    The actual first programmable computer: COLOSSUS

    Of couse since colossus was made during WWII it was top secret when ENIAC was invented, they couldn’t exactly tell anyone about it.

  • Juancho

    Thomas Edison’s most lasting contribution is the establishment of the industrial laboratory. At his lab, they used a system of intellectual mass production. In most cases, what Edison and his men did was take ideas that somebody else had thought of but had not made commercially viable. He improved them and made them available to the general public. Four examples are the light bulb, moving pictures, electrically-powered trains, and the X-ray machine.

    Quite a few of Edison’s inventions were related to telegraphy, and so are forgotten today, but he made instant communication a lot easier and cheaper. The stock market ticker was extremely important for a very long time.

    Probably the three most important things that Edison did invent were the phonograph (recording and playing back sound), the carbon microphone (among other things, used in all telephones until the ’80s), and the distribution of electric power (though he used DC and AC turned out to become the standard).

    He was also a very successful businessman (the founder of General Electric), a tough negotiator, and willing to sue anybody who crossed him.

    There is absolutely no question that the Wright Brothers invented the first airplane that could actually be controlled in flight. Not only that, they were the inventors of the first truly practical airplanes that could be used for useful purposes. All other claims (Langley, Santos-Dumont, etc.) are bogus.

    I don’t think that anyone believes that Henry Ford invented the automobile. Ford certainly didn’t claim to have done so. He did make many improvements in automobile design, but his genius idea was using the assembly-line system (which he didn’t invent, but did improve) to make cars that were cheap enough for the general public to buy. That and paying his workers a living wage (though they had to tolerate Ford’s paternalism).

    I’m a Republican, and I disagree with virtually everything Gore says, but no one with any common sense believes that Gore actually claimed to have invented the internet. He claimed to have helped to establish the political and legal conditions (including government research grants) that allowed the internet to develop as it has.

  • Hoopla

    I don’t understand why people are hating on Edison so hard.

    What if he didn’t invent the items showed on the list? He still made them MUCH better if I am not mistaken. So if it wasn’t for that then we wouldn’t be where we are today.

  • tatiotty

    Did Thomas Edison do ANYTHING?!

  • Siberia

    To people asking about Santos Dumont:

    No, he did not invent the first heavier-than-air aircraft; the 14-Bis, his first creation, was created in 1906, which is three years later than the Wright Brothers.

    Of course, Santos Dumont flew his aircraft from ordinary plain ground, with calm wind, unlike the Wright brothers’ invention, which needed strong winds and aid to get in the air (afaik); he flew in public, in Paris, before a large audience of scientists and intellectuals, whereas the Wright brothers didn’t, as they wanted to protect their patent; his machine flew 200 ft, whereas the Wright brothers’ invention flew 120 ft. Modern attempts are recreating the Wright brothers’ machine failed; every attempt to recreate the 14-Bis worked. Neither knew of the others’ existence. Santos Dumont has previous experience in ballooning and dirigible flights, upon which he improved.

    Conclusion: Santos Dumont was not the first to fly a heavier-than-air craft, because he was busy Doing It Right :p

  • Siberia

    BTW: I didn’t even hear of this Kiwi guy. Good stuff.

  • GT


    Sir JC Bose is often credited with the invention of radio…although he refused to patent his work, he was the first to prove the existence of radiowaves…

    needs some research.

  • to_sam_ja

    What about DNA? Watson and Crick were the second biggest crooks (after Edison).

  • svetlana

    This list is just another excuse to say americans are dumb. (:sigh:) I wish europeans and the rest of the damn world would know that every single person in America is not really american. How would they be able to know (from thousands of miles away) anyway that ~so and so~ was inventing it already? So basically this list is saying this was what america was thinking ~Germany made what?! shoot im gonna finish it b’fo they do!~ what if it was a coincidence? Also, about the Whright brothers… people for thousands of years ago where trying to fly so i give credit to everyone i don’t care who did what first kudos for actually making it and selling it… nuff’ said

  • kennypo65

    The snowdog: suprised you stopped masturbating to your Sarah Palin pictures while listening to Rush Limbaugh long enough to type a comment ESAD right wing douche bag.

  • jajajaja

    you forgot to mension the inventor of the television who lost his chance to get money.

  • Ashaman

    Wow – take it easy on Edison. Do some research on his life and inventions and how much he contributed to technology before calling him a crook or a douchebag. Like most inventions during the late 19th & early 20th century, lots of people around the world were working on the same ideas and gadgets. It was more of a race to get your gadget patented first, usually determined by who had the resources available. And often times the actual science behind the invention was by some poor genius at a university who didn’t get any credit at all.

  • ggmanmd

    Regarding the Wright Brothers entry. My great-great uncle Virgil invented an airplane that powered and sustained a heavier-than-air human flight on 28 March 1903. That’s a full three days before Richard Pearse. Interestingly, dear great-great uncle Virgil remarked that Pearse’s contraption strongly resmbled a Kiwi bird.

  • faraj15

    I found the Windows GUI item very interesting… i was aware of Xerox being an innovator of great standards and being ahead of its times (their photocopy idea was offered to IBM who in their myopia dismissed it).

    Also I was disappointed about Thomas Edison. It seems like he has been made into a folk hero more than he deserves. I sincerely hope the author has evidence to match these claims about him because in popular imgination Thomas Edison is THE inventor.

    Apart from that …great list !!!

  • Woyzeck

    Edison did not invent the lightbulb he patented either, it was a member of his staff by the name of James Smith.

  • Cj

    Why did Thomas Edison invent so many stuff? (alleged)

  • Cj

    Thomas Edison didn’t invent anything?!!!

  • xerokewl

    Vint Cerf… surf the internet… coincidence?

  • VitaminKane

    58: Godwin’s Law. Discussion should have ended there.

  • Tempe


  • Rohit

    Radio waves were invented actually by J C Bose of India.However he was not given its credit because India was ruled by British in those days.

  • Bob

    Gotta disagree with #5, 4, & 2. Building unusable machines is not an invention.

    • bunny

      Bob, who said Peirce did not have a usable invention?! Official observers from Australia watched him fly circles around the spectators. The design is used today in microlights, which is far more than kittyhawk could do… fly as far as you could spit only a few feet off the ground in a straight line.

      5 and 4 also have more back story if you have the smarts to read up about what was actually happening… not the pro USA Edison propaganda written by American newspapers at the time.

  • Lily

    Now I know why Tesla hated Edison.

  • nick

    The World Wide Web which if you look at it is the internet was invented at CERN by British Scientist Sir Tim Berners- Lee

  • Kyle

    Richard Pearse More invented a glider with power assisted take-off and he certainly didn't invent controlled flight.

  • Blivet

    NiMur90: Edison did not try and fail 1000 times to create a light bulb. He tried and failed 1000 times to create a *practical* light bulb. In other words, what Edison did was to improve light bulbs to the point where they could be used as lighting–which was more difficult and more important than the invention of the light bulb itself.

  • ttt

    You are from New Zealand obviously.

  • Stacey E

    the “Jarvic Heart” wasn’t invented by Jarvic, but by Paul Winchell-you know, that puppet guy. Who also doesn’t get much credit for all of the other things he came up with, and then patented.

  • ElephantKiller

    Nobody with half a brain thinks Al Gore was trying to take credit for "inventing" the internet. Conservatives are notoriously bad at being able to tell what's going on around them. Gore sponsored the National High Performance Computer Act and the Information Infrastructure and Technology Act which both led to the development of technology that allowed the internet to exist. Listverse is really showing its complete lack of education putting him at #1 here.

  • navneet

    Well for No.3 : Radio: You are still doing a wrong attribution, Radio (ability to transmit signals without wires). was invented by Indian scientist JC Bose, He was able to demonstrate Transmission of Signals upto 75 feet as early as 1894 and by 1896 he had transmitted signals to more than a mile. he just didnt bother patenting or commercialising the technology. Marconi only patented first and Tesla was able to transmit only through a Vaccum tube when Bose did his Demonstrations in 1894.

  • Cat

    Scene from my Spanish class a few weeks ago.

    "What was Albert Einstien famous for again?"
    "He invented the lightbulb."
    "No, you idiot, that was Thomas Jefferson!"

  • Jerome

    On the Henry Ford I always thought he was known more for the perfecting of the mads production concept. Maybe I’m just a gear head but I knew that multiple versions of the automobile had been developed many years before the beloved Model T.

  • The…..Something

    Powered flight? I am 100% certain its Clément Ader.

  • Aloishe

    What about the lady who found DNA?

  • Parad0xfool

    Great list. Very interesting.

  • rod3north

    Ref: light bulb/Edison
    Wiki-Joseph Swan
    edison was a developer rather than inventor?

  • Bogus

    Actually most of these are very well known. Edison was a bloody thief and honestly, tell me who didn’t know about Röntgen and Le Prince? I mean, children in elementary school learn that.


    Radio was invented by Jagadish Chandra Bose ( Calcutta, India) ….

  • Ricardo M.

    The 14-Bis of Dumont had a self-propelled takeoff, officially recognized by the public and journalists in Paris on 26 October 1906.
    The flight of the Wright brothers used a catapult was …

  • Bob Dole

    Richard Pearse did not do this. YOU LIE! YOU LIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!! AHHHH! sdflksdroisdv

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