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Top 10 Incredibly Dangerous Sports

You may not remember it, but there was a time when sport had a purpose greater than entertainment and advertising. Early fencing, wrestling, archery, and pentathlon competitions trained troops in the practical arts of war. Later, sport refocused to improve physical fitness and impress women. But the following list shows places where modern sport has devolved into novel death wishes.


Street Luging


Climb a big hill on an open-for-business highway, lie supine on an elongated skateboard and roll down. Gather speed and try not to die. That’s going to be difficult because you have no brakes, you’re an inch from a road surface itching to see what bone marrow looks like, and you present a visual profile to passing vehicles that’s only slightly larger than a puddle. Which is what you’ll be if you have anything close to a lapse in concentration or luck.




There’s a reason some things are so inaccessible—it’s God’s way of saying, “Don’t be stupid”. Still, people pay top dollar to be helicoptered (at $500 a pop) to untouched snowcaps, where they leap onto virgin slopes and ski far from crowds but very close to avalanches. Even the helicopter ride can be dangerous, and many have died en route to untouched powder (Frank Wells, former president of The Walt Disney Co. died in a helicopter crash during a heli-skiing trip in 1994).


Big-Wave Surfing


Let’s not get crazy here: nobody’s saying surfing isn’t fun and or that it isn’t a great excuse to get chicks in bikinis. But any sport with rules for when a shark enters the field of play is not for those with functioning frontal lobes. Big Wave Surfing cranks the dial to 11 by towing surfers into monster 50 ft waves strong enough to crush villages. So if the brute force of the wave doesn’t kill you or bury you so far underwater that you drown, you could still bash your head on submerged rocks or fail to avoid your own board (fickle thing!) hurtling past you like a Randy Johnson fastball. And where would that leave you at Frankie and Annette’s luau?


Bull Riding


Rodeo started as the gymnastics of ranching: a series of highly specific competitions taken from key aspects of cattle ranching in the Old West. But there never was and never will be any damn reason to ride a bull: its only practical application is to make you appreciate your own job—even if you’re unemployed. Straddling 1800 pounds of leaping pissed-off beef (an effect achieved by constricting bovine genitals with rope, or TASERING) routinely results in the rider being thrown 10 feet into the air, with a landing cushioned by a mere inch of dirt and feces. And if you don’t break your jaw, ribs, or collarbone on re-entry, you still have that bull to worry about (he’s still bitter).


Bull Running


The Running of the Bulls (“encierro”) is a “sport” that involves running in front of bulls that have been let loose on a course of a town’s streets. There are actually several encierros, but the most famous is in Pamplona, Spain, and it was mentioned in Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” and “Death in the Afternoon”. The purpose is to entice or herd the bulls from off-site corrals to the bullring. Any fool over eighteen with more bravado than brains (which would have included me at eighteen) can participate. Every year between 200 and 300 people are injured, mostly with contusions due to falls. Since 1910, 14 people have been killed in Pamplona’s Running of The Bulls.




Forget the wimps wearing pads and helmets- the real danger is on the sidelines, where estrogen and adrenaline combine in one of the newest recognized sports. It has been estimated that there are over 20,000 reported cheerleading injuries a year, making cheerleading the most injury-prone sport in the world for women. Many common injuries include broken legs and spinal injuries. Think about it—it’s like diving on land, with easily distracted co-eds serving as the water. I’m all for cute girls in skimpy outfits (especially those USC sweaters), but this sport has a lot of catching up to do, safety-wise.


Motorcycle Racing


Motorcycling is the most dangerous motorsport in the world. Just one example is The Isle of Man TT event, which has a rich 100-year history. But during that time, there have been over 220 deaths. The drivers in the race are required to maintain their balance while driving through all types of obstacles such as rocks and trees, and even bugs on their windscreens. This is all done while traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. And don’t get me started about all that X-Games crap. Remember, Travis Pastrana, it’s all fun and games until someone gets …


High Altitude Climbing


Let’s see: a sport that keeps fatality stats and has NO chance of women in bikinis. Nope, I’ll just buy the $945 North Face jacket and read “Into Thin Air”, thank you. Today, about one death occurs for every six successful summits on Everest, and each victim had to pass corpses on the way up. Real mountaineers face every threat you can imagine, up to and including drowning. Gravity must queue up for its chance to kill you, as hypoxia, hypothermia, frostbite and pneumonia all have prior reservations. Even a regular injury can be fatal, as rescue helicopters simply can’t get to you and your buddies may be too gassed to help. But if you do summit (you’ll probably have to wait in line), keep those glasses on or you’ll burn up your corneas from excess UV radiation. Kinda defeats the purpose, huh? To date, 179 out of 1,300 different Everest climbers have died, but mortality rates have started to decline since 1990.


BASE Jumping


You know, we used to call this behavior “attempted suicide”. BASE jumpers willingly hurl themselves from Buildings, Antenna, Spans, or Earth with nothing but a hand-deployed parachute to prevent “deceleration trauma.” In this game, there’s no need to keep score: the winner is the one who DOESN’T DIE. Lucky losers get slammed back into the object they just jumped off of or break everything they have made of, say, bone. Between 5 and 15 people die each year, according to Harry Parker of The International PRO BASE Circuit. This is sport is illegal almost everywhere, and with good reason. R.I.P. Slim.


Cave Diving


The idea for this sport came as somebody was disposing of a body. Take all the regular hazards of diving (itself a dangerous activity), and add exploring uncharted territory, freezing temperatures, low-visibility conditions, and cramped quarters. And don’t forget that ticking clock on your air supply—you can’t just go “up” to breathe (risking “the bends”). On top of that, it’s still a wilderness experience, and some of the caves actually have wild animals living in them. According to a recovery team based in San Marcos, there have been more than 500 deaths from this sport since the 1960s. The risks are so high that experience affords little protection– many of these victims have been diving instructors and technical divers. As a result, the National Speleological Society defines a “successful” cave dive as “one you return from.” Perhaps they should follow that logic and define an “intelligent” cave dive as “one you don’t take”.

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  • Travis

    Cheerleaders? Are you serious? Just because a bunch of teenage chicks drink and do drugs before games and dont even warm up properly does not make this a dangerous sport!!!

    It could how ever, be a dangerous sport to watch, seen as most of them have big boyfriends that frown upon you taking pictures with your cell phone of their "dangerous" stunts and positions!!

    • Megan

      I get that sideline cheerleading isnt dangerous but competitive cheerleading is extreamly dangerous. I got a herinated disc in my back when I was 15 from cheerleading, I have also been kicked in the head by flyers plenty of times. Cheerleaders dont wear protective gear like other sports. You can easily be paralized and broken bones occur often. So before you judge know what your talking about!!!

      • Alex

        Lmao… Are you kidding me. I get kicked in the face daily! With no pads cause my sport is mma. UFC incase you’re unfamiliar… I go 1 on 1 with another guy who’s only goal is to beat the shit out of me… Just yesterday I broke my thumb punching someone in the face AND still finished fighting. Then received a broken nose later in the fight.

      • Gabriella

        Are you serious? What happened to gymnastics? The reason you guys get hurt is because most cheerleaders don’t have the muscle. Cheerleading is just the FLOOR part of gymnastics! I recently got 2 fractures and a herniatd disk and I’M only 13!

    • Sasha Rasmussen

      Competitive cheer is a proven sport since 2003 declared by ESPN and UCA staff. However, school cheerleading isn’t considered a sport since they have no rules and not all school teams condition. Competitive cheer is an organized sport, SCHOOL CHEER IS NOT.

      By the way that may be so in school cheeleading— but competitive cheer we spend nearly 16-21 hours a week practicing and conditioning (all put together).

      A rule in competitive cheer is that you are not allowed cheat in school, partake of beer products, consume drugs, take innaprpraite pictures, or harrass people whether its at school, at the gym, or in plain life. YOUR OFF THE TEA

      Thought of pom-poms and chanting? That’s halarious… heres my team:

    • Sasha Rasmussen

      A rule in competitive cheer is that you are not allowed cheat in school, partake of beer products, consume drugs, take innaprpraite pictures, or harrass people whether its at school, at the gym, or in plain life. YOUR OFF THE TEA

      Thought of pom-poms and chanting? That’s halarious… heres my team:

    • Lesley McCarthy

      Alright asshole, I’ve been doing cheerleading for 3 years and I know plenty of cheerleaders now. None of which do drugs or drink. Cheerleading so dangerous because we are lifting girls our size and bigger over our head and 30 feet in the air and praying to god that they stay tight. You’re probably some fat chick or guy that are ugly as hell and have no friends and you’re praying that you get a friend that’s as skilled as a cheerleader.

    • bieberlover

      Im a cheerleader its very dangerous!!!! Ur stupid and dont know anything

  • ilovebevo

    @ Travis and Josh P

    I seriously cannot fathom why people undervalue the athleticism it takes for one to cheer at a competitive level.

    I for one was a cheerleader, from high school, club and college. Rest assured that it is by far the most challenging and dangerous sports I have ever taken up. (I also play tennis and basketball…and have even been granted scholarships for each at the NCAA level.)

    So please do not underestimate the difficulty of cheerleading. What you observe on the sidelines is only about 10% of their skills.

    • jj222

      where are the other 90% then

      • Megan

        At cheerleading comeptition. check it out. I got a herinated disc in my back when I was 15 from cheerleading, I have also been kicked in the head by flyers plenty of times. Cheerleaders dont wear protective gear like other sports. You can easily be paralized and broken bones occur often. So before you judge know what your talking about!!!

  • Austen

    What about Rugby? So dangerous the Americans have to do it in full-body armour!

    • Brak

      Rugby is a girl sport in America. In American Football, you knock people out.Many people get concussions, almost every game. Rugby players wont hit hard as they’ll hurt themselves too.

      You’re more likely to die playing Football(as many people did thus a US president mandating padding or else the sport would be banned)than Rugby because they are TWO DIFFERENT SPORTS.

      • Aronthehun

        Mate are you fucking retarded? You pussies have to wear pads cause a) you’re either skinny or obese and they make you look good or b) you’re afraid to get hurt. Rugby players DO hit hard and stepping on the field ensures you get hurt. Your comment shows you never played rugby.

        • OdIn

          I moved to the US from Germany a while back and I have played rugby and freestyle wrestled since the whom. I came to the US thinking what we think in the EU about American Football and those pussy shit pads. I was a Defensive End on the high school team and started for 3 years. American Football is far from a pussy sport and the players are far stronger and faster than most rugby players I have played in EU. The players are much more disciplined weightlifters, however steroids and that lame shit “trend” are definitely around.But practices are much more intense. Rugby I think is more fun to play and you cannot be weak or faint-hearted, unless you are a half back prancing around in the field. I think people will respect US football when rugby is back in the olympics, and our football players play rugby in the olympics. On the teams out in the US in California, most of the ruckers are polys, and they are big boys. However, they are two different sports. Rugby is a game of possesion. Football is a game of inches. And freestyle wrestlers could F*** you all up. :P

  • reggie5N

    Cave diving? Wreck penetration is WAY more dangerous! I have attempted it before. SCUBA is the most potentially dangerous sport of all time. One false move, and you are done.

    • peterpatrick

      As a cave diver who has also performed wreck penetrations I can say conclusively that you are wrong

  • DC

    I agree with oouchan #46

    Whenever I see bull riding, etc I always cheer on the bulls, in my opinion you deserve what you get if you tie up its balls. It should be banned it's exremely cruel and I have no sympathy whatsoever for those who are injured because of it.

    Sorry, needed to get that off my chest….

    Anyhoo, brilliant list! I really enjoyed reading it and watching the videos, some people are insane but it must be an incredible feeling when you're doing the sports!

    • Kelly

      The bulls testicles are NOT tied. The rope goes around the flank hence why it is called a flank rope not a testicle rope.

  • dbrownl

    interesting thing is basketball has the one of the highest rates of injuries in a sport… a lot is ankle twists and sprains though so i guess that is not too dangerous

  • Rising Falls

    I want to try BASE jumping.

  • Bjart

    what about chess with dinosaurs?

  • Dan777

    good list i think BASE jumping should be number 1 and yeah first comment =P

  • Matt1234

    I’ve done four of these. In retrospect, they weren’t
    a very good idea.

  • Dan777

    NOOOO not the first comment! lol you people’s comments wernt here when i clicked this lol

  • Reynan Retz


    How about boxing? Ever heard of a boxer who doesn’t get injured?

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    bull running, bull riding, and cheerleading…

  • jhoyce07

    id like to try some of these for fun.. :D

  • Jfrater

    @Travis (10): you sound like you are talking from experience :)

  • Josh P

    Well, your obviously going for shock factor on the cheer leading one. the only reason it is dangerous is because you have girls executing it. They are uncoordinated and oblivious to the surroundings… which make them such crappy drivers

    • Lara

      Ok first off, I don't know what cheerleading is doing on this list, whoever wrote this is just degrading women.
      Now I'm a girl and i'd say i've done more of the above sports than you successfully.
      I sound like a feminist here, but I cant stand when ignorant pricks like you suppose women are good for nothing but the kitchen.
      And women are generally more cautious drivers, but not worse, that is all.

  • Travis


    Yes I’m talking from experience! As you are aware I tend to make unnecessary comments in the worst moments… thus leading to severe beatings from “large bodied” African-Americans and even some Chess Club Asian Americans!

  • junky

    base jumping, skydiving and bunjee jumping

    3 things to do before i die

  • Jordan

    This list was amazing, I was on tender hooks when watching the videos, especially the skiing and surfing ones!

  • liam

    why is cheese rolling not on this list people injure themselves and die all the time doing that

  • Jfrater

    @Josh P (12): i hope you realize that comment is going to unleash a world of hate against you :)

  • Jfrater

    @Jordan (15): you were on tenterhooks not tender hooks as this list will show: :)

  • astraya

    Some of these are stretching the meaning of the word “sport” just a bit.

  • Schiesl

    Cheerleading is a very dangerous sport with tons of injuries. Girls get injured more because they are the ones who get tossed up, it is usually the MEN who do the tossing, not the women so blaming women for being uncoordinated isn’t very accurate. Great list!

  • Bob

    Martial Arts/Combat Sports – by definition they’re brutal!

  • Chineapplepunk

    @liam (16): Either that or Aussie rules football- yeeeeeouch!!!

  • carpe_noctem

    Well actually, if you go by the number of deaths per 1000 participants worldwide, you’ll find that lawn bowls kills more people than any other sport, followed closely by golf. I knew golf was slowly killing the world, now I finally have proof.

  • Teacherman

    Some of these are hobbies, not sports. Should be 2 lists. Fwiw.

  • Travis


    Lawn bowls? Its not the sport that kills them!! Its old age that kills them!!

  • NiMur90

    @ JFrater: haha you have a list for everything…

  • carpe_noctem

    There is no evidence to say that the cheerleading stats aren’t skewed by the fact that most of them are over 85, and furthermore, it doesn’t take into account…… Oh god, now I can’t get the images out of my head…

  • rc

    this was an awesome list!!! great job!

  • El_Karlo

    Russian Roulette?

  • Travis

    @[email protected]

    Russian Roulette isnt a sport… its a “board game”!

  • whitelighter33

    Running of the Bulls is not a sport even if you place it inverted commas, nope :o)

  • Skydiver

    Nice list. As a skydiver, I’m glad you included BASE jumping and excluded skydiving.

    Statistically, skydiving is a relatively safe sport.

    I haven’t made any BASE jumps but have several friends who have and do it regularly. I’ll give it a shot once, just to do it.

  • loop

    cord-less bungee-jumping.

  • carpe_noctem


    Yeah, but by the same token you could say that flying is the most dangerous sport, one false move there and you’re just as screwed.

  • Flock O’Seagulls

    “Big wave riding is for macho assholes with a deathwish.”

    Tyler Endicott
    Point Break

  • Enoooo

    I agree with Astraya. I definitely wouldn’t call most of these sports. Yeah they may have competitions, but then again, so does eating and “shin kicking”.

  • deeeziner

    I do realize that this list is devoted to “Modern” deadly sports–i couldn’t help but have memory jogged to an old quote when i read the title of today’s list.

    “Buskashi–The World’s Most Deadly Sport”—A fierce Afghani game upon which modern horseback polo is based upon.

    The amount of devotion to the game play and endurance of both horse and rider both contribute to the reputation of this game’s deadliness.

    Nice list Jay k….makes me glad and sad that I’m not such a daredevil.

  • msulli22

    Loved this list- it was pretty amusing. I found myself chuckling a few times.

    Also, a majority of the injuries/deaths that occur as a result of The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona happen to people who are either drunk or SEVERELY hung over. The Running of the Bulls is a part of a huge festival in Pamplona… in reality it is just a city wide party. People drink throughout the night and then go to the Running.

  • faketree78

    Free-Diving should be on this list. Or more specific, Competitive Apnea. These people go out into the ocean, hold onto a weighted sled that pulls them down to their desired depth, then let go of the weight and start swimming for the surface. On the most extreme of these it will require the diver to hold their breath for upwards of three of four minutes before reaching the surface again. There have been deaths in this sport from either equipment malfunctions or the diver thinking they can reach a depth that they in fact cannot. IMO, this is the crazier than any other item on this list.

    • Lia

      Definitely, i read an article on it today. When you're at that depth your mind can play tricks on you and it can be like getting drunk, you become over confident and don't realize that your body needs more oxygen. I do SCUBA and would love to try free diving, but its the idea of miscalculating how far down you can go before your oxygen level wont last you to the top again that is the most daunting. Especially because there's no dive buddy, so if your mind starts playing tricks, your down there on your own.

  • Ducky23

    Just gotta say this…MOST cheerleaders work very hard for their squad and will sometimes cheer even while injured. Cheerleading takes a very well defined skill set that most of us couldn’t even come close to achieving.

    No I wasn’t a cheerleader.

    Not surprised to see cave diving as #1. Just thinking about it gives me the willies.

  • nolod1207

    How about Bull Fighting?

  • reggie5N


    I understand your point, yet I much rather go SCUBA. It may just be I was raised around the ocean, but the feel of the sea and the wildlife- I just do what I can to promote it as a great sport.

    And also, this list was quite amusing. I enjoyed it.

  • oouchan

    I could never understand “running with the bulls” as being a competition. I always waited for the bulls to mangle someone as I was on the “bull’s” side. Stupid people. I saw one where too many people got stuck in the enterance to the stadium and blocked it for the bulls coming up behind them. Of course, it didn’t stop the bulls, they just kept coming. I think they killed 4 people and injured like a 100. Also many people got hurt by being trampled by thier fellow man as well.
    But I think that it’s funny that cheerleading is ranked higher…wow. If there is a sport dumber that bull riding and bull running, it would be cheerleading. I never liked it even when I was in high school.
    I always wanted to base jump, however. I think that one would be fun. As for the wave riding…that takes real guts. Those waves are HUGE!
    Great list, Jay K!

  • sordidux

    I think there is small dick complex, premature ejaculation or repressed homosexuality as the drive for practicing these sports… (except cheerleading)

  • Travis

    Well if you gonna consider Bull Running and Cheerleading as sports… why not consider SEX a sport as well… and by that you will have the most dangerous sport, not only by injuries but by deseases as well!!

  • philip

    You missed a few:
    * free climbing
    * parkour
    * ultra-marathons

  • blitzen

    Agree that running with the bulls doesn’t belong on this list, as it’s not really a sport. What about cliff diving? Incredibly dangerous, with several deaths reported annually.

  • Travis

    And what about running on Landmine Camps? Its as much of a sport than bull running!!

  • Elsa

    My brother was a big wave rider……….it is definately an extreme sport. You have to be in excellent physical condition, you have to knowledgable about many factors concerning the conditions around you, and you have to have grace and stamina…….not to mention, confidence in your ability. Each wave could be your last.

  • Mary Jo

    @faketree78 (42): Hey! Is that what they do on the movie “The Big Blue”?

  • Jenn

    @ Josh P (12) Excuse me? How dare you say such sexist things about women! Do you know that it is an absolute fact that more men get into accidents than women? And that is why women’s car insurance is lower? Yea, it’s true, look it up. I for one am probably a better driver than you! I have never gotten into an accident, never run a red light, and I never speed. My mother, also, has rarely gotten a speeding ticket, or any sort of ticket, I think maybe once or twice in her who entire life. And she’s much older than I am. You are a sexist pig, you are probably one of those jerk-offs that honk at women on the street, and think that women are your own personal property!

  • Travis

    @ Jenn :

    Women are only better drivers because they drive like girls!! Doent see much of them on F1 and Indy tracks! I wonder why?

  • oouchan

    @Travis (55): Because we are not that stupid. :D

  • flgh

    @ilovebevo (31): If cheerleading is so dangerous as you say, why don’t you take up less “challenging and dangerous” sports, like rugby league or Australian rules football

  • meanmofo

    Jfrater, I thought you were going to delete moronic comments such as # 4 and 6.

    (I know it makes me sound pathetic, but people saying “first” and comments similar to it are a serious pet peeve of mine!)

  • Travis

    Most Dangerous Sport of all Time!

    My brothers and I invented a sport called Bag-the-Rat! It consists on smoking weed and then trying to make it across the living room blind folded holding a glass of water while the others throw pillows at you. In the end you have to have enough water in the glass to fill a shot glass. If you make it across the room with no water in the glass your opponents have the right to punch you as hard as they can on your arm. If you fall you will be kicked by the neirest opponent until on your feet and if you passout you will be filmed while being dick slapped! Please dont conjugate my name and bag-the-rat on youtube!!!

    Many bones were broke during those times but it made us the men we are today!! Needless to say that pillows were not the only things thrown, I once got hit with a stapler!

  • tremblingfingers

    I would never in my life consider bull running as sport..
    As for the rest of these *activities* : pushing yourself to the limit is dope – up to a point that is.. Just sayin’

  • faketree78

    @Mary Jo – yes. that is exactly what they do in The Big Blue, albeit a fictional movie. But yes, the main characters in that book/movie are free divers.

  • ilovebevo

    @57 I don’t have the luxury of taking on every sport while I was in high school and college. Like I said before, it is by far the most challenging sport I have ever participated in. I’m not saying that rugby is not difficult, I just never thought of it as something I would enjoy. It’s just a personal experience, no need to get all bent out of shape.

  • ilovebevo

    And flgh,

    I would love to take you to one of our cheerleading practices. Every sport is challenging in their own right, but there’s nothing easy about cheerleading. It’s a mastery of acrobatics, dance, and finesse (not to mention team work). I would love to see if you can coed stunt from a ground up liberty, into an awesome, back down and up, into a scorp, then go and try a pooper scooper or a Texas Twister. It’s really not as easy as it looks. Promise.

  • mel061970

    I love extreme sports. I skydive and scuba dive!!!

  • snowwhyte

    HA cute little joke to finish off the list :P

  • Nauplius

    What is the death toll for cheerleading as compared to the other sports on this list?

    • horse rider

      in the past two years 6 high school girls have died directly from cheer. and all the sports combined the death toll has been a total of two, one in softball one in gymnastics.

      a study done by UNC and the national prevention center for catastrophic injuries.

      • horse rider

        *I ment all women's sports

  • meanmofo


    Weed and stupidity don’t mix…next time you toke up try listening to music or maybe watch a movie or something.

  • timmy the frisky virus
  • YourMother

    Instead of reading my post, why don’t you get a life??

  • BlueGrant

    No football? Really? Most NFL players after retiring become crippled or have health problems. I’ve seen games with players snapping a leg completely in half. Infact last season on my football team our runningback broke his his hip,leg,and like 2 ribs.

  • Canacan

    I cannot see any of the pictures = please can you let me know how I can???? I am using a new Apple

  • Lifeschool

    Hey there. All these pursuits are not for me. I prefer having both feet on the ground.

  • tchudson

    Cave diving is extremely dangerous as, I’m sure, is wreck diving, but in cave diving, you can be an extreme distance away from any route to the surface (are you ever a mile or more from an exit in wreck diving?), including sections where tanks have to be removed and pushed in front of you.

  • deeeekay

    To all the people bitching about the inclusion of cheerleading… STFU!
    For the two years that I did cheer in HS, I witnessed more injuries of cheerleaders than of football or basketball players. I actually sustained a few of my own injuries, mostly due to being a good team mate. Someone commented that most of the injured are the “flyers” the girls getting thrown around, and that “men do all the throwing.” No true, at least not in HS cheer. First, we never had guys on the team. Second, a good cheer team never lets your flyer hit the ground. In making sure that she doesn’t drop, you let yourself get hurt. I’ve strained muscles, sprained a finger, and nearly broke my nose getting hit in the face by a girl flailing as she fell the wrong way coming down from a 321 (My nose bled for 5 hours, and I had a black eye for a week). But we caught her. More injuries went to the bases & spots on our team.

  • Travis

    @ deeeekay :

    OMG you are so right! Strained muscles, sprained fingers and almost breaking your nose? Where did you get the courage to get out there everyday and confront those near-death experiences? Please do tell!!

  • deeeekay

    Just saying that’s what happened to me, in catching girls falling from 10 feet or higher. If they did that to me, imagine what happens if they hit the ground instead.

  • faketree78

    @timmy the frisky virus (68):

    It’d be better if they actually tried to play a hand of poker instead of just sitting there waiting for the bull to arrive.

  • blitzen

    I’m not a fan of cheerleading at all, but it’s at least as much a sport as gymnastics or figure skating.

  • Joebecca

    [email protected]!!

    I always thought underwater basket-weaving was pretty dangerous too!

  • toplessdmh

    Here is a video of a friend of mine. He is completely crazy.


  • Looser

    @YourMother (69): and going on a website just to tell us not to read your post qualifies you to having a life? haha :)

  • Looser

    btw great list

  • infearno

    With bike racing you have to draw a line between track racing Superbike Moto GP style and Road Racing Isle of Man TT or North West 200 style. One is “merely” very dangerous where the other is high octane suicide. Don’t get me wrong I love bikes and I love racing but I don’t like watching men try to kill themselves so I don’t watch road racing even though my home country or Northern Ireland is one of the best places in the world to watch it.

  • segues

    Great. You put the sport I am just getting into in spot #1. I’m am now glad my husband does not read LV.
    ~sigh~ I’ve never taken the easy way out, so I guess this just proves I am following a lifelong habit. :-)

  • apepper

    The cave divers who were shown in the BBC “Planet Earth” series took my breath away. There’s a link to them here:

  • That1Guy

    Good list but Rugby should definitely be up there. Just like football but no protection trust me its horendous.

  • timmy the frisky virus

    @77: I saw cowboy poker done live once, and they actually were trying to play cards. That made it even more bizarre.

  • Salty Bob

    I was going to suggest Irish Hurling, but the youtubes I watched showed most of them wearing helmets now. What was once a brutal life-or-death struggle is now just another candy-ass game.

  • mom424

    Excellent list Jay K, funny and not quite as controversial as your last couple of entries. :)

    My son was a provincial gymnastics and power tumbling champion – hugely dangerous; flipping and spinning from the high bar 12 feet off the floor; release moves where you hope that you don’t hit the bar on the way down or land wrong and be paralyzed for life. Even the tumbling moves the kids get 8 to 10 feet in the air and the chance of landing on your head/neck is way high…. Cheerleading has most of the same moves but instead of landing on your own two feet you have to land on someone’s shoulders. I have no problem seeing how this particular sport made it to the list.

    Like most of the today’s list commentors I don’t believe bull running to be a sport – it’s drunken revelry or a stunt. Dangerous but still not a sport.

    I personally love any sport/activity where you go fast with no cage – I really want to try street luge. What a rush!

  • 440Bjorn

    What about the Royal Navy Field Gun Run?

  • ChristineM

    Travis, cheerleading is dangerous, you’re talking about people doing flips, lifts, kicks, etc, on solid ground, it’s not like they’re doing it on a padded, springy, surface like in gymnastics.
    Injuries are probably not as common in high school cheerleading but they would be in college where they perform more elaborate and athletic stunts

    • Cheerleading is one of the dumbest sports ever its not even a sport its just cheering.Bull riding is dangerous your on a bull that will amputate you…Cheerleading is a fail…

  • ChristineM

    I’m not sure if it’s considered a sport but Parkour is incredibly dangerous, they jump between buildings and other insane stuff


  • Jael

    Wow, if cheerleading is so dangerous, maybe I should respect the cheerleaders at my school more. Yeah right, I can’t stand most of them. They act like they rule the school.

  • raj

    Cheerleading should be number one. It’s the hardest and most challenging activity anyone who ever lived or ever will live could possibly do. I know because I was offered five trillion dollars to cheer for God. That makes evrything I have to say about cheerleading legitimate.

  • The Grey GOAT

    Don’t forget Cliff Diving, that shit is crazy!!! Some jumps have to be timed with the tide to avoid the rocks and even then, a miscalculation can lead to hitting the rocks underwater.

  • dre

    what about pole vaulting?

  • segues

    @That1Guy (86): I can’t agree that Rugby should be on the list. Sure, Rugby is a rough sport, but dangerous? Nuh uh! Not by a mile. Sure, most games will get you a concussion or two, a sprained knee, plenty of bruises and cleat tears down the legs, but thats all pretty normal.
    I think we need to be able to differentiate between rough and dangerous.

  • psychosurfer

    @Travis (59):
    Thank you, you made my day, Bag-the-rat rules!

  • ilovebevo

    @ #74 Deeeekay, where did you cheer? I completely understand. I was a base most of the time in high school and club, but when I got to college, it was a whole other ball game. We had co-ed for both Varsity and JV in college. There were some rough times in both!

  • Thomas

    What, no Cowboy poker?

  • Josh P

    @ 54 jenn.

    Thats becuase a woman will be driving along, talking on a cell, then switch lanes without looking, run a motorcycle off the road and have him smash into the tree. the women continues driving to the mall for her awesome shopping experience. insurance will never know.

    And about cheerleaders…. my mom was a cheerleading coach, both my sisters were in cheerleading so its not like i am just watching from the sidelines. it may be tough for a girl, but compared to other sports it doesnt crack the top 50. hell, its not EVEN a sport

  • bigski

    You cheerleaders quit fretting Travis is just poking at ya.

    My x-girlfriend in high school was a cheerleader , but she never got hurt till I dumped her. HA!

  • mpdwag

    Re #7: I’m curious where the Author got the information that bulls are tasered during rodeos. I’ve been to many rodeos, and have never seen a taser used.

  • time

    “good excuse to get chicks in bikinis” This is fucking stupid and offensive

  • redcaboose

    This was a really good list, and a lot of the comments were interesting. In a lot of these “sports”, when someone is hurt or killed, the public picks up the tab for finding them, recovering them, scraping them off the side of a building, or whatever. These people do not think about that, or their families. They are very selfish, just out looking for a rush.

    I know, these people have the right to do what they want, but have them take out a bond to pay for when they screw up.

    I am sure that a lot of these people are fairly well off, to pay for these sports, and figure that they are above the law. I say sue them or their estates for whatever to clean up their messes. (I am not including cheerleading, as this is an organized sport.)

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    NO PANKRATION? This list fails miserably! Jk its still cool but lacking the best sport in the world. JF you know what would be a great follow up to this list…

  • Diogenes
  • Corey

    Jockeys actually have the highest fatality rate of any athlete, followed by boxers. I know those sports aren’t as shocking as the ones on here, but still cool to know.

  • Corey

    @JoshP – shut up about the women driving thing already. Are you really that desperate for attention? Idiot.

  • deeeekay

    @mom424 (90): Exactly! My sister was in gymnastics for years (I was no good, and that’s why I was a base in cheer, instead of a tumbler or flyer), and you get the same kinds of accidents, only instead of the springy floor or a cushioned mat…if you fall wrong you land on the track, or the hardwood floor.

    @ilovebevo (100): I cheered 2 years at my high school here in California. It was technically considered a “co-ed sport” except that no guys ever tried out. A couple did the year after I graduated, and made the team, but I dunno if they actually went on to cheer. I tried out for the college team when I went to Dominican, but the other girls had been cheering for most of their lives. That could have been a coed team as well, however when you are at a school that is 85% female, the odds of a guy trying out for cheer are slim!

    @bigski (103): I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls. I should know better…

  • merrychristmascharliemanson

    Hahaha, I loved this list. Well-written and funny, and if a douche like Time # 105 complains about it again, I recommend you stick that person in a microwave until they pop open like a hot dog.
    It’s a fun list, Time, stop being such a fucking turd sandwich.
    I used to lay down and ride my skateboard down a big-ass hill next to my apartment when I was a kid after playing the “X-treme” games on the original Playstation. On a busy road. I was an incredibly stupid child.

  • Alencon

    What’s next? The National Russian Roulette League?

  • holly noelle

    in defense of cheerleading (i know, i know)…i can see why a lot of people get the “not-a-sport” vibe from when they’re in high school, if they have a squad that might not be competition-level, etc., but when you start getting into college and all-star cheer, it’s most CERTAINLY a sport. the athleticism required for elite all-star cheerleading is unbelievable.

    take a peek at the world cup all shooting stars squad…keep in mind these girls are 11-18.


  • merrychristmascharliemanson

    Redcaboose? You’re kidding, right? Sue someone for dying while doing something they enjoy? That’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There are people who get PAID for scraping dead people of of sidewalks. Shit, it gives them something to do.
    These people KNOW the risks they’re taking, but they’re living their life to its fullest and doing crazy shit because they LIKE to do it. They’re not hurting anyone else.
    Not to mention, who the hell are you gonna sue when that person ends up as a red stain on the face of a cliff? The dead bastard’s family? Yeah! Let’s sue their fucking ass off right after their family member turns into paste on the cement!
    Oh, wait, but let’s exclude cheerleading from that argument, because it’s ORGANIZED. What the hell does that have to do with ANYTHING? And where is the line between organized and disorganized?
    Do you even think before you speak? Jesus…

  • crash

    Only one problem, cheerleading is not a sport…it may be a high quality game of Follow the Leader, but absolutely not a sport!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @crash (116): I would have to agree. While cheerleading may require intense athleticism at the higher levels that does not make it a sport. I think sports need a clear cut winner (eg. football, baseball, tennis, MMA, soccer…)

    Just to toss this out and see what people think, Golf = Game. Game < Sport

  • holly noelle

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (117): see, that’s the cool part about competitive cheerleading: there are COMPETITIONS. with, you know, winners and stuff. maybe it’s just me, but if it involves athleticism and competition, i think that qualifies it as a sport :) i mean, cheer competitions are pretty much like a gymnastics meet, and they allow that in the olympics, right?

    re: golf, i suppose it involves skill and competition, but not, like, intense athleticism. i mean, the most physically exerting part is walking from hole to hole :) so i think that’s where the difference lies.

    just my opinion, as a competitive cheerleader (honestly, we’re not all airheads!) :)

  • alex

    cheerleading? really? just because the girly girls get hurt doing something that isn’t a sport doesn’t make it dangerous.

  • randomprecision24

    Calling cheerleading a sport or not depends on your definition of a sport. Personally, I don’t think anything that can be decided by a judge can be considered a sport. Things like gymnastics, diving, surfing, figure skating, and yes, cheerleading, are not sports. I am not saying that it doesn’t take an extreme amount of athletic ability to be proficient in those activites, but I don’t consider them sports.

  • flgh

    @ilovebevo (64): I’m not disagreeing with you that cheerleading is not a challenging sport, I’m clarifying if it is as dangerous as many commment here say

    I mean, are there staggering numbers of permanent wheelchair-bound/paralysis/spinal injuries/deaths in cheerleading?

  • listgeek

    Good point about the waves having the ability to kill you

  • lo

    why do so many people feel that the only things that qualify as “sports” are “competitive events with a set body of rules that determine a winner, and the winner is not declared by judges or ratings, only by the set rules.”

    surely you all realize that even the “sports” that fit the above definition involve subjective judging- was a ball fair or foul? did a player just break a rule? etc.

    i think you are confusing the fact that competitive games are sports, but not all sports are games…..

  • BlueGrant

    Parkour,Rugby,Football,Horse Jockey,Hunting? All of those are extremely dangerous as well and arent on here
    I call a re-do!

  • DAC

    Does anyone remember Olympic Barrel Jumping?

  • ilovebevo

    @ #111 Deekay

    I would have loved to have cheered in CA (be it high school or college). But I guess TX isn’t too bad either. It was really weird going from a huge all girl squad in TX to a co-ed squad up in a midwestern state where they banned most stunting in HS. Yeah, it was a crazy change. Co-ed is totally fun though, I’ve never been tossed up as much as some of those guys can throw you! (I’m just glad that our spotters were doing their jobs!!!)

    @121 FLGH

    I think people have different definitions of danger. Perhaps danger means that you have to be paralyzed and even more so, fatality based, but danger to others may mean the sheer volumes of injuries per participant. If your definition of danger is the first, then sure, cheerleading is not as dangerous. But I think most of the girls (and guys) who have personally participated in cheerleading will have to say it is a dangerous sport as per the latter definition.

    And I have numerous more injuries suffered from cheerleading than tennis and basketball combined. I spranged my back on the very last leg of my tumbling pass which I still feel to this day, got kicked in the head numerous times, dislocated my shoulder, and etc. At nationals, I have seen some girls miscount on their routines and have run into each other while doing tumbling passes. If you think that the percentage of injuries per participant is a factor in the definition of danger, then so be it. But I do believe, that if you calculate in the number of injuries to equate to danger, then cheerleading definitely should be on the list.

  • Stacy Braswell

    cheerleading facts are slightly skewed. As a competitive coach for more than 20 years this is what they DONT tell you. Many of the injuries that the girls get are done when they get home from practice. We tell them over and over not to but you get a group of 12 year old girls together at the pool or a birthday party and they are going to try to stunt on concrete and then mom and dad will go “no honey do it in the grass” and then sit on thier ass and watch as little heather falls and breaks her arm. Dont blame us.

    The ONLY time any of my girls stunted without spotters is when we all knew exactly what we were doing and had done it hundreds of times with perfection.

  • VisionRider

    Oh come on, I’m so damn tired of the Cheerleading argument!!!

    BUT, motorcycle racing was ahead of it, and I’m about to take mine onto campus for class… I’ll have to go really really fast to release the rage.

  • segues

    @merrychristmascharliemanson (112):…I was an incredibly stupid child.
    Don’t worry about that, manson, stupidity is the natural condition of childhood.
    I used to run around in the Los Angeles storm drain system, a system which could, at any moment, flood due to the maintenance workers opening the valves to lower the level in the dam, and bye-bye segues!
    The other odd thing I found exciting was getting down under the train tracks suspended above the concrete flood control channel (the suspension was a two board walk-way for maintenance men) and wait for a train to go by over head. The walkway would sway and jerk mightily, and it was better than any ride at a carnival…except that failure meant certain death. But what eight year old thinks in those terms?
    Children are either naturally stupid or are a different species altogether.

  • supulton

    donkey kong country immediately came to mind when i saw cave-diving.

    anybody else?

  • Shifty

    @BlueGrant (124): Hunting is only dangerous if you hunt with Dick Cheney.

  • Maggot

    @randomprecision24 (120): I don’t think anything that can be decided by a judge can be considered a sport.

    That’s such a clichéd argument, driven more recently by the judging scandals in Olympic figure skating and all. But, the actual skating (for example) is still a sport. You are just taking issue with competitive aspect of it. I agree with @lo (123): . Some sports aren’t decided by anything. It’s just an activity.

    I don’t consider them sports.

    That’s your prerogative. But you’re wrong.

  • randomprecision24

    123 Lo: Well the difference is, if I was to watch a football, baseball, soccer, water polo, golf, any of those sports, I could tell who won.
    If you watch a cheerleading competition or figure skating, any of those, You’re being told by a judge who is better. Even if you are a professional, you might have your opinion as to who won, but its up to a judge to tell you who won. It’s subjective and the judges are open to their personal biases and various other conditions.

    132 Maggot: I agree with part of what you said: “It’s just an activity.”

  • Maggot

    @randomprecision24 (133):
    lol – a *sporting* activity. Didn’t think I had to spell that out for you. :-)

  • Carole

    I have been cave diving and I love it. Mind you I dive in northern Ontario too, so I guess I’m a bit nuts.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @holly noelle (118): I guess what i mean is have a clear cut winner without a judge

  • deeeekay

    @ General & Random Precision: What about sports like boxing, greco-roman wrestling, or even UFC? Sometimes there is a clear cut winner (knock-out, tap-outs, etc), but often you just wait for the judges to add up the points or whatever. Does that mean these are not sports either?

  • Elizabeth

    The guy they’re talking about in the TT video (number 3) is my 2nd cousin! Or something. The TT 2009 races were RUBBISH this year, and like 3 people died… two years ago the Japanese rider staying with us was killed. I can’t count on two hands the number of people I’ve known die in those damm races…

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @deeeekay (137): Thats where it gets interesting. First of all I just want to point out that MMA (UFC) comes from Pankration where they would fight until there was a winner no matter how long it took. They even did that in the beginning of MMA (before there were rules and weight classes). But to answer your question simply, yes they are sports. For example in wrestling you get 2 points for a takedown and there are point values attached to other techniques so its not so much of a qualitative judgement as it is a quantitative one. Now from my understanding of cheerleading the judgement is qualitative, which I think makes it not a sport.

  • deeeekay

    The way it works for cheer and things like gymnastics, is that you have a possible points value (10 is perfect) and as things are executed, you lose points for poor execution. I never competed in cheer, but my sis did gymnastics for years so I’m very familiar with the way the judging is done. For example, on say vault…Maximum point value is 10. Possible “moves” or “stunts” determine the difficulty, so if you do something easier (fewer flips or twists) it may only be worth 9.7 maximum or less even, so you lose points for going “easier.” You take a small step on the landing you lose .1 points, a large step is more, and falling down on the landing loses you .5 points I believe. Some points I can see as subjective (was that a big step or a small one, a little or big wobble, etc) but most things you lose points for are very much laid out objectively, it’s not just a matter of how “pretty” the routine was.

    When my sis finally quit it was partly because she was too tall, at 5’10.” Among other issues,she couldn’t do uneven bars without losing points automatically, because she had to either bend her knees, or sweep her feet on the mat, both of which hit you with a deduction.

  • lo

    people, why is it that only “games” with “winners” are suddenly sports?

    we’ve been over this.

    what about platform diving, rock climbing, mountain biking (when not in a race), skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc……

    -none of these are sports suddenly?

    by the “must have a winner, based only on points or crossing the finish line” standard, the only “sports” on this list are street luging and motorcycle racing: assuming they don’t all crash and die, someone will cross the finish-line first.

    aren’t all “athletes” people who compete in “sports”? would you tell an olympic diver who trains 40+ hours a week that he isn’t really an athlete because he doesn’t compete in a “real” sport?

  • someone

    LOL its a tad strange how at no.5 you’ve got extremely dangerous bull running where people get trampled to death and smashed up and then comes no.4 and you’ve put down cheerleading. Random. Are there that many deaths in cheerleading? Damn, Americans really are stupid.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @lo (141): Ya thats exactly what Im saying. There needs to be a definite winner with no opinions involved. Rock climbing is pretty intense and awesome but its no sport.

  • Maggot

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (143): Rock climbing is pretty intense and awesome but its no sport.

    Sports Illustrated magazine would beg to differ with you:

    Just give it up. You guys are wrong. Sorry.

  • crash


    In the 1970’s, Sports Illustrated said that Foosball was a great sport. SI itself can be wrong as well!

    Sorry, cheerleading and foosball are equally sports in the eyes of SI! How lame is that!

  • randomprecision24

    Lo (141) They are athletes, but they’re not in a sport. They’re in a competition. Truthfully, it comes down to a difference of opinion. Are the NCAA champion cheerleaders tremendous athletes? yes. Are they comepting in a sport? No. Agree to disagree.

    And another thing, whats with the whole 37 different medals for the same thing? You have the gymnasts who can compete in 4 events as an individual, then an all-around, then all of it again as a part of a team. Is that really necessary? Not taking away anything from Michael Phelps, I admire him, but if you’re good at one type of swimming, it’s not like another type is going to be ridiculously difficult for you. Either way you’re swimming. I understand the difference between a marathon and a 100m dash, but do we really need to give out a 100m butterfly and a 100m breast stroke and a 100m freestyle? Is Phelps the greatest olympic athlete of all time? By medal count he is. But what about the soccer player or baseball player who is only eligible to win one medal every 4 years?

    Just something to stir the waters…no pun intended.

  • segues

    @lo (141): lo, I agree with you, I just don’t believe that the presence of a judge is the requirement that defines a sport!
    My daughter plays Rugby, is a surfer, a tri-athlete, and runs marathons. In the waters around where I live the ocean is constantly dotted with surfers, some of the hottest bodies you ever want to see in your life. These people are athletes (most scheduled manual jobs in our village have “surf days” built into them, just in case there is a particularly good surf day come one minds).
    When I was scripting in Hollywood, we’d often need stunt people, and rock-climbers were called for more often than you might imagine. Believe me these people are athletes, all lean muscle without an ounce of fat on their bodies.
    Are we at the point where we differentiate between sportsmen and athletes? To what absurd end? A medal? A trophy?

  • Jbjr

    WWE or
    Backyard wrestling.

  • Jeremy

    There’s a thing called neutrality, and this list lacks it. Rather than being skewed to the negative and get outright nasty about the sports, just state the facts without the slant. Your opinion would come through without you turning me off– which you totally did.

    Would have been an interesting list otherwise.

  • Maggot

    @crash (145): SI itself can be wrong as well!

    Well when you find an example of that, let me know.

    Quote: “The A.F.A. was established to promote the sport of Foosball into an Olympic event; Establish national goals for this amateur sport; and coordinate and develop activities in the United States directly relating to international competition.”

    Honestly, I don’t know why you guys are so stubborn in trying to insist you are right, when clearly you are not. Do I have to trot out a dictionary definition of the word “sport” next? Just let it go man.

  • someone

    One question. How did Cheerleading (which isn’t USUALLY a sport) get onto this list but Gymnastics is not? The only reason people would get hurt in Cheerleading is because half of them are tipsy bimbos.

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    @Maggot (144): O ya I forgot that SI is always right… Listen just because you want cheerleading to be a sport does not make it one. My mom used to be a cheerleading coach and even she says it is not a sport. It is entertainment like pro wrestling is.

  • archangel

    dangerous indeed!

  • Stella

    Having an interest in caving, I’ve read a lot about cave diving, and definitely wouldn’t do it. However, I completely understand the appeal; there are many, many submerged caves that no one has ever been into. They’re some of the last places in the world that have never been explored.

  • Jay K

    Hi everyone, Jay K. here.

    Glad to see that all of you love/hate the list. It’s going to be my last for a while, as I finally landed a job after 4 months of looking. Recessions suck. I hope yours is better than ours…

    Yes, I used the term ‘sport’ loosely, because the point was that concept of sport is getting stretched wafer-thin, with the degree of danger so obvious you have to question the participants’ sanity.

    Excluded because it’s so freestyle. These guys are incredible gymnasts and daredevils. I could watch them all day. But put any type of judge in front of these reprobates and they run away. FAST.

    For variety’s sake, I went with BASE jumping. Maybe list two (up for grabs–run with it!).

    Rugby was #11. I couldn’t think of a better joke than “Rugby was never used to prepare troops for war- war is used to prepare troops for Rugby. As such, it doesn’t really belong on this list, but Rugby players are SCARY, and I don’t want to offend. Offending Rugby players is an acceptable form of capital punishment in Australia.”

    Triple oxymoron?

    I included cheerleading because 20,000 injuries a year is a ton of ER trips. It was also shocking to see how unregulated it all is. The players on the field are padded up like astronauts, and gymnasts are smart enough to have mats underneath and trained spotters, but that YouTube girl was wearing practically nothing and landed on her SPINE. The shameful look on the broadcasters’ faces says it all.

    “Getting chicks in bikinis” was a JOKE. Lighten up! I was referring to the advent of surfing as a socially accepted pretext to invite women to wear bikinis in a public setting. Sound as funny?

    To be honest, I had to look this up because it sounded like a fetish. It’s closest MODERN equivalent is Mixed Martial Arts, which uses padded gloves, onsite doctors, and referees who stop fights at the merest suspicion that a fighter is too hurt to continue.

    I live in Fort Worth, Texas, also known as “Cowtown”. I know several rodeo participants who have privately told me that they’ve seen stun guns used in the pens. Other than that, GOOGLE.

    My wiseass tone is meant to amuse and inform at the same time. You want neutrality, read an actuarial table.

    Out for now. It’s been fun and I’ll lurk as often as I can.

    -Jay K.

  • Maggot

    @General Tits Von Chodehoffen (152): just because you want cheerleading to be a sport

    I’m not arguing for the case of cheerleading being a sport (though I happen to think a good argument can be made that it is, in certain situations). I’m disputing your and others’ contention that a “sport” *has to be* a competition with a clear-cut and non judge-based determination of winner and loser. That’s factually incorrect, it’s not just my opinion.

  • deeeziner

    @Jay K (155): Congarats on the job, Jay K–Hope it works out well, because as you already know, it’s a pisser trying to find another one. :)

  • Randy Newman

    What about midget tossing? That endangers not only the tosser, but the midget as well.

  • edwardzz

    @junky (14): I want to try bunjee jumping before I die. After that, maybe I will be brave enough to try skydiving.

  • Mabel

    31 ilovebevo:

    People say the same things about figure skating, but it’s not only very athletic, it’s dangerous as well.

    Imagine sliding around on the slippery, unforgiving ice with sharp blades strapped to your feet, with other skaters barreling down the ice at full speed, their blades hoisted in the air and coming at your face, NOT TO MENTION throwing yourself into the air and landing (or not!) on the edge of an eighth of an inch of steel! And I won’t even mention how dangerous pairs skating is!

    God, it’s fun.

  • Mabel

    I always wanted to try #3, High Altitude Climbing. But I don’t think I will be able to in this incarnation.

    Maybe in the next one. Everest isn’t going anywhere.

  • Tomo

    All those people here saying they want to try bunjee jumping or base jumping or whatever before they die, please be careful what you wish for…

    For me sport is competition and there should be a clear winner. Hence, bull running shouldn’t count. There are no winners declared in bull running. In fact, all cruelty to animals in the name of sport should be stopped. I’m talking to you bullfighters and rodeo jockeys.

  • astraya

    @ Randy Newman (158): “What about midget tossing? That endangers not only the tosser, but the midget as well.”

    It rather depends on what definition of the word “tosser” you use!

  • Jenn

    @ Travis

    So now apparently driving safe, or in your opinion, “driving like a girl” makes women….what, bad drivers? First you say women aren’t good drivers, than you say that they are, but you are comparing them to men who drive professionally on racetracks? How can you compare such things? Please stick to what you were originally trying to prove.
    But since you did admit that women are better drivers, than thank you, i’ll take the compliment. :P

  • Mishele

    When I used to hang out with skydivers in the early 70’s, some of my acquaintances were starting to base jump, only they’d do it at night because it was illegal! I saw many results of Nature trying to better the species by getting rid of the ones with the least common sense.

  • M Mac

    Big wave surfing. If I had a sense of balance I would do it. What a clip.

  • GTT

    Just a couple thought to all people thinking about cave diving… First of all, you need to have the specialized cave diving certification from PADI before being allowed into caves (at least in tourist locations). The reason being that you do not use the regular tank and equipment… The tank actually goes on your belly (not your back) because it is the only way to avoid hitting ceilings, etc. Not to mention (as someone said above) that there are times when you have to take the tank off and push it in front of you.

    SCUBA diving in general is a pretty dangerous activity in and of itself (although one of the greatest ever invented IMO) but when you add extreme conditions like caves, ice, etc, the dangers multiply.

    The most I´ve ever done is caverns including a few tight fits and complete darkness but always relatively close to an exit. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I am definately going to get the cave certification next time i get a chance! :)

  • jascott1967
  • M Mac

    To the people who commented on rugby, it is not increadibly dangerous, it is beyond that it is utterly insane. There is only one sport I know more dangerous and thats Shinty, now thats for confirmed dyed in the wool headbangers.

    Rugby for 20+ year, judo, karate, skydiving (never based jumped) and shinty 1 time. Seriously you would be better of just crashing a motorbike into a wall. Hurling the Irish equivalant is no better. Aussie rules looks fun.

  • tenacious1411

    Add roller derby to that list! I’m sitting here on my donut pillow (broken tailbone) hopped up on Darvocet as we speak!

  • someone

    OMFG WTF? WHAT THE FUCK? Some people on here are saying that Rugby is hell dangerous? M Mac: You think its beyond incredibly dangerous and you think it’s insane? WTF? I don’t know what Rugby you are playing mate but it’s not real Rugby. Just because it appears to be rough and tumble and everyone playing is big and strong, doesn’t make it dangerous. I’m from Australia, I think I would know… Not to mention, you think it’s the 2nd most dangerous sport of all time? Rugby is just a competitive sport and it’s played on prime-time television constantly. It is a very, very popular world-wide sport with international teams. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t put the “all time 2nd most dangerous sport” on at 8:00 PM. And you say this after playing for 20 years+? I think you are playing some new breed of Rugby, mate.

  • someone

    Jesus, when there are more injuries in Cheerleading than Grid Iron and Basketball (the actual sports), it really makes you wonder doesn’t it. BIMBOS. Should not be included on this list.

  • segues

    @someone (171): Thank you! Finally, the voice of reason!
    My daughter plays rugby. She’s been playing on her team, in her league, for almost 10 years in a front row position (hooker). Although she is only 5’4″ and her team mates are relatively small for rugby players, they have just completed another season of not being scored against wins.
    Sure, I’ll grant the scrapes, the bruises, the occasional concussions, but every game has those same risks. Drat! My son broke his elbow sliding down a snow covered hillslope on a sled…of course snow is a novelty so he had no idea how to act or react.
    Rugby is not dangerous, and I’m glad to have a partner in saying so, someone!

  • someone

    segues: Yeah I agree. How can anyone think Rugby is dangerous? Good on your daughter and her team, thats a pretty good achievement. The thing is, I played Rugby all through primary school with real rugby players and it was tackle and it was great fun. People rarely got hurt even though it was quite rough. Teachers don’t let us go B.A.S.E Jumping though do they? Thats one of the way I look at it.

  • segues

    @someone (174): Thank you! But I do take issue with one statement you made: that you played “with real rugby players and it was tackle”.
    My daughter’s team are real rugby players, they play in a real league which plays against teams in four states (in the U.S.) that I am aware of, it could be more. They do play tackle and it is just as rough and tumble as the mens game, just size it down.

    I’m sure you didn’t mean it in a derogatory fashion, I just wanted the general public to be sure that her game wasn’t some sissified version of rugby; hence my support of it’s not being a particularly dangerous game.

  • someone

    Segue: Woah, woah, woah, back it up a bit, haha, I wasn’t refering to your daughters Rugby team lol I know that they play tackle and it’s real Rugby.

    I was just telling you what I think about other people lol. Like “M Mac” who thinks it’s the 2nd most dangerous sport he’s ever played. Trust me, the general public over here in Oz knows that womens Rugby is just as real as the mens Rugby. This game is everywhere.

    The only difference is that men get all the sponsors and TV coverage and the women do it for the fun and the sportsmanship. Not really fair but I’m sure your daughter doesn’t mind. What kind of Rugby is it? Union or League? Or is there another name for it there?

  • RealSports

    none of these are real sports so gay list

  • MansGameBitch

    @ segues
    Hahahaha, just as rough and tumbe as guys. No way, guys hit harder, have one of your daughters play in man’s game see how many hits they can take and that goes for any sport, men are that much more superior, women sport=joke

  • someone

    @ “MansGameBitch”: Shut the fuck up. Men do get hit harder, but they are men. Men don’t just hit harder but the are more resilient to damage aswell. Women hit softer but it’s easier to get hurt.

    Don’t be so sexist.

  • segues

    @someone (176): They call it Union, but as far as I can tell it is an amalgam of both league and union. My Uncles all played Aussie Rules, wherein (as far as I can recall) the only play stoppage, occurred if there was a man down who could *not* get up. Reasons included fractured legs with bones showing, spinal fractures, and death.
    MGB should try playing a game of rugby on the front line and then the next day have to go to work wearing a skirt and wearing heels so that all the bruises and cleat tears show to best advantage.
    What you don’t understand MGB is that in every sport, the men play against men and women play against women. It doesn’t mean that either men or women are better at one sport or another, it’s just leveling the playing field.
    Men and women have different body strengths and weaknesses. Men have greater upper body strength, but women have more supple bodies. Men can induce more pain, but women can endure more pain.
    I could on and on, but I doubt your mind could take it all in.

  • SunnySide

    C’mon bull running is not even a sport and those that get injured or killed are mostly pissed drunk mofos. Most of the ‘sports’ listed here aren’t even sports they are just hobbies.
    Instead a better choice would have been gymnastics, you get injuries every time that can amount to paralysis.
    And yeah, those of you who think cheerleading doesn’t deserve to be here are ignorant fools. It is as dangerous as gymnastics if not more.

  • someone

    Segue: LOL Segue you tell him. So you live in the US, and your Uncles play Aussie Rules? Thats really surprising. I didn’t know that the sport had stretched that far.

  • segues

    @someone (182): My Uncles were Aussies. My mum was an Aussie. I’m half an Aussie and lived there when I was small. My mum helped raise my kids until they were 11, 12, 13, so she was a pretty big influence.

  • salepo

    #60-Travis,seriously ,dude,get help.Please tell me you and your friends won’t be contributing to the gene pool any time soon or ever.

  • Stacy Braswell

    comment 151 is an uninformed idiot.

    Try putting your bong down and search you tube for “rewind”, “cupie”, “USASF Worlds”, “triple toe back” or “scorpion double down” and then go TRY to do that with your friends or any group of “athletes” you know and watch them all fail miserably.

    Cheerleading takes some of the finest gymnasts and dancers and adds incredible lifting, timing, BALANCE, trust, skill…. and wraps it all into the most entertaining sport there is.

    Look up “Sport” on wikipedia or websters.
    Cheerleading is Def 100% a sport these days.
    It only evolved from the rah rah sis boom bah days.

  • rcs

    What about street skating? Its more of a sport than running with bulls that’s just stupid. If done right street skating puts a lot of these to shame by comparison with the environmental hazards alone. I have been skating for 30 years and have the scars to prove its not for the weak.

  • BuggeezyFoSheezy:)

    cave diving?! hmm…just added that to the list of things i have to do before i die. ironic, seeing as it’s on the list of most dangerous sports… :)

  • segues

    @BuggeezyFoSheezy:) (187): And which I am planning to do this winter whilst vacationing in Kauai. For some reason, I always find the more dangerous way to do a thing, rather than the more sane way. Of course, after a lifetime of getting away with it, I have a fairly Laissez-faire attitude toward dangerous activities.
    Not a particularly intelligent way to face life, I know, but then I’ve had some great adventures out of it and lived to tell the tales!

  • Amanda H.

    I was mentally screaming at everyone in these videos…

  • nikki

    sry. but i think cheerleading should b #1. most of the things up there are more hobbies then sports. and this is the most dangerous SPORTS. @Jbjr (148): seriously? WWE is all planned and acting. and i dont even watch it and i no it. back yard wrestling? its not even a sport. its a bunch of teenagers trying to b kwl. and i no it is bcuz my brother used 2 do it. its not like its required that u go and beat some1 up in ur bakyard

  • lala

    @GTT (167): yea. nice hobbies.

  • amy

    @Josh P (102): thanks about being sexist about women drivers. but all accidents ive seen, were with MEN. and i always c them shaving in the car. and all that other crap. i almost was run off the road by a man who had FALLEN ASLEEP while driving. so dont say women r the bad drivers.

  • katie

    @Travis (76): seriously. wow. cheerleading is dangerous. throwing girls into the air, tumbling, flipping, etc. on hard solid ground. today i had 2 c 1 of my teamamtes get taken away in an ambulence from fallin from a stunt. and saying we dont warm up enough? each practice we have 2 run atleast a mile. then stretch out, then watever other warmups our coach has planned for up that day. then we get into stunting.
    and as for drinking and doing drugs b4 games or practice, theyd b kicked off the team. so stfu numbnuts

  • Andrey

    It seems like a lot of people do not distinguish injuries and fatalities. There are a lot of sport where mistake can lead to the injury; from what I can see this list contains sports where a single mistake leads to fatality therefore it is considered more dangerous…

  • robyn

    ahhaa i think horse riding should be there ma best freind died doing it :'( but the only injury i had from it was broken ribs and wrist sprains

  • Norman

    I would like to know what critera the order of this list was based on. Nine items on this list have a high chance of death or extremely serious injury and I suspect so do plenty of sports that didn’t come from this list. How many people have died from cheerleading.In Football (soocer)players suffer a lot of injuries, but no way is it a dangerous sport. I think cheerleading was just put in to be controvestial and generate comments.

  • Xx Jenny

    Thats a bit weired because i think horse riding should be in the top 10 . People can get crushed orr stood on or kicked and could cause death . im a bit suprised horse riding isnt in it !

  • Kitkat

    you would have to be a huge moron to do #10. and yeah horseback riding should definitely be in there! my mom was almost killed by a horse, my friend got her collar bone almost completely destroyed by one, and ive had family die on those things! bulls though, definitely a good idea.

  • Biojack

    9,8,6,5,3,2,1 are not sports – they are activities.

    There aren’t any measurements involved or competion versus a measured goal or any stats; neither is there any judging of any kind.

    Mind you they do require skill strenght, determination and will but they are not ‘sports’ – this is a weaker list

  • Maggot

    @Biojack (199): 9,8,6,5,3,2,1 are not sports – they are activities.
    There aren’t any measurements involved or competion versus a measured goal or any stats; neither is there any judging of any kind.

    Why don’t you point us all to an actual definition from a credible source, rather than some bs that you just made up.

  • gabi319

    @Maggot (200):
    Let Biojack keep his/her ridiculous definition. According to his/her vague criteria, my years as a competitive flute player with the measured goal of attaining first chair through winning over the judges with the improvements of my technical statistics would technically make my band geekiness a sport. :-)

    Besides, everyone knows the most dangerous sport in the world is DSRL – Double Stuf Racing League. Oreos with milk is far too much temptation for a lactose intolerant like me to resist.

  • Biojack

    Bull running – what are the parameters/rules/guidelines? who is last year’s winner? are the people who compete athletes? which skills allowed them to excel? Activity; not sport.

    I did say that great skill and strenght are required for most of these, but again most are not sports. I’m am sure that people that succeed in these activities are no doubt gifted individuals.

    In South Tetagouche New Brunswick Canada there is a 50 ft cliff that is known country wide in which tourists dive into a river….dangerous stuff – not a sport

    Form wiki (yes, even wiki)
    An activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively. Sports commonly refer to activities where the physical capabilities of the competitor are the sole or primary determinant of the outcome
    -an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature

    So, in a nut shell – physical exertion, skill and competition – i know you are excited about the need to argue on the internet; that’s fine. If this list was named ” Top dangerous activities” it would be a good list (with cheerleading removed)

  • Maggot

    @Biojack (202): Bull running – what are the parameters/rules/guidelines? who is last year’s winner?

    I dunno. Why does that matter?

    Form wiki (yes, even wiki)
    An activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.
    -an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature

    Those definitions just settled the “debate” in my favor, doofus.

    So, in a nut shell – physical exertion, skill and competition

    Guess you didn’t notice the word “often” in there? To extrapolate: “often, but not always”. HTH

    i know you are excited about the need to argue on the internet; that’s fine.

    It’s not a matter of being excited about arguing. It’s a matter of telling an ignoramus that they are full of shit when in fact they are, lest other readers erroneously believe the load of crap being spewed forth by said ignoramus.

  • Biojack

    Alright Maggot, fine.

    I do think that running with bulls is different,interesting and surely hi-adrenaline – It’s also pretty entertaining.

    But if you truly feel that running with bulls is a sport i’ll stop arguing; i just won’t win.

    Shame that drunken tourists are being lumped in with real athletes

  • Maggot

    @Biojack (204): fine.

    You should’ve just stopped there.

    Shame that drunken tourists are being lumped in with real athletes

    So now you are saying that only “real athletes” can engage in sporting activities? And inferring that all sporting activities require athletic ability?


    were skateboarding if your at the ex games you fly 30 feet off a ram 2 feet tall 3 years ago a guy fell in the middle it was a 45 foot drop its at least number 3

  • tracy

    Cheerleading is a very dangerous sport. i have done it for 5 years. the flyers get really hurt sometimes!!!

  • Skrillah

    tracy, got msn? lol..kiddin, u r prolly fat now….

  • Dustin

    according to the dictionary, a sport by definition is an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. in the video they are using for cheerleading, you see that those girls have no coordination. &+ the flyer (the girl going in the air) shot her self back. as you’ve all seen, you’ve probably seen your crappy high school GO TEAM GO cheerleaders.

    then you have this;
    this is top gun all stars out of florida. where they are competing is called the cheer leading worlds. teams from literally all over the world, come and compete against the best of the best. this team won worlds in their division. this, very well is a sport. cool, its only 2 and a half minutes, but those 2 and a half minutes are the most grueling, physically demanding that you’ll have possibly in your life. it is a dangerous SPORT! lets see you lift someone over your head with fully extended arms, keep them stable, and make sure they don’t hit the ground. do you see the point im getting at?

  • AL

    Thank you Dustin!! i am a cheerleader for an ALL STAR team, NOT a school team, and no one understands that cheerleading is in fact an extremely dangerous sport! people have no idea how many injuries i have watched happen, and have heard about that happen to cheerleaders. i have actually hurt myself countless times while cheering. people think that we are just running around yelling for football teams. yes, we are running around WHILE we dance, jump, lift people over our heads and hold them up for minutes, throw them into the air and catch them as they come back down, and tumble! i doubt anyone who judges cheerleading as a “prissy” sport can flip like we can. i hate it when people will judge cheerleading as a “girly, stupid sport” before they have actually come to a competition and see how competitive it is or have actually come to a practice and see what we have to go through. behind the makeup and the uniforms, cheerleading is harder than most sports out there. if you are unfocused for half a second, you can drop your flyer and they can get carried off in a stretcher. its happened to me.

  • cate

    Whatt, nothing equestrian related? What about riding horses in XC competitions or show jumping or horse racing? Or steeplechasing? Very dangerous!

  • kennypo65

    I enjoy a T-bone steak as much as the next man, but, in bull riding, I always root for the bull. I especially enjoy it when the bull’s horns get the rider right in the nuts. Now that’s entertainment.

  • cheer24

    i fucking love how people say that cheerleading isn’t a sport. A sport is an activity that requires physical exertion and competition. cheerleaders dont just cheer for the football players or the basketball players they compete in competitions. seriously i cheered all my life and it is extremely hard. one time i was in the air and i did a double spin from a scorpion and when i landed i hit my head on my back-spotter and i ended up splitting my head open. not to mention my back-spotter was hurt, she has a huge bruise on her chin. cheerleading is a tough sport. you never know whats going to happen to you when you go to practice. when you tumble you could fall on your knees and bust them. if your stunting a flyer can fall on your head sending you to the hospital. CHEERLEADING is deff a SPORT! so get over it. and one last thing just because someone’s a cheerleader just make them a slut or a bitch.

  • therush

    I guess I’m awesome because I’ve done #’s 10, 9, 8 and 1. Honestly though I’d have to say playing in the NFL or professional boxing have to be the most dangerous sports. I haven’t done either of those but they seem intense.

  • diesel

    and where the hell is ufc

  • devysue

    So i love how everybody shoots down cheerleading as a sport. But i also realize that most of you have nooooo idea what can happen. Most of my squads injuries happened during practice. And P.S. just because someones a cheerleader it doesn’t mean that they are a slut or drink and do drugs i mean really half of my highschool does that stuff. and just this year we have had five seperate people get broken noses , three people get concussions, one person break their arm, half of us get black eyes , two peopl get broken ribs, and everybody is bruised. cheerleading might look easy but it takes a lot of strength in order to throw other girls in the air or hold them in the air for an extended period of time, or tumble, and not all squads have boys to do this. my friend and i are the strongest girls on our squad so we put up over half of the stunts and when you compete you have to put dancing and tumbling inbetween and the entire time you have to smile and look like ylu can breath.

  • Sluiq

    Just want to set the recod straight that Vale Tudo not MMA is the modern version of Pankration.

    Parkour is also a young art but I wouldn’t consider it a sport. FreeStyle would be the sport and if it gains in popularity would eventually encourage judging as it is pretty close to skateboarding.

    Cheerleading is a sport and if you took primarily men instead of women, it would be more respected as one. The actual purpose of the sport is controversial but if you just look at the motions, it’s on par not only with gymnastics but wushu and kata. It is also on par with pro wrestling especially lucha libre.

  • Crazee skiier

    Hey those are pretty dangerous…. Another dangerous sport which is my favorite, Skiing. Not regular skiing (boring) I race. Every race I go to some kid get’s hurt and falls. I mean we’re only In the Junior Division and kids are acting like they’re in the olympics! Jesus it’s another very dangerous sport. And it wouldn’t make it on the list because you can’t do it year round.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, where are the Equestrian sports? Now no offense to cheerleading as it is like dancing and gymnastics combined and when I look at my cheerleading friends all I can see is muscle. And Bull riding definitely deserves respect as bulls were not meant to be ridden . However overall there are at least 10,000 horseback riding related deaths a year in the U.S alone, and that’s strictly human deaths, their are many more horse deaths as well. Try controlling almost 1 ton animal that has a complete mind of their own and will do what they want when they want. When a cheerleader falls, yes, she can break bones get a concussion and get seriously injured, but their is not chance of a 1500lbs animal landing on top of her(and that 1500 isn’t just fat some of it is pure muscle a well set bone). Imagine your truck rolling over you or being run over by a freight train. Also no matter how good you are at riding and how bombproof your horse is , accidents happen and you can easily break your neck, break you back, shatter bones, crack you skull, snap bones, damage tendons, rip ligaments, become paralyzed, be knocked into a comma, or die, within a split second, one little mistake, one misjudged distance, one lost stirrup, one bad step, one unsteady landing and your life can be over. And sometimes these things can happen by just taking a trail ride! And on top of all that not only do you suffer physical damage but your horse is your partner in the sport and you go through a lot together, so when he/she gets hurt they could be seriously injured and or killed and the most tragic thing is when the vet comes in and says “there is nothing more we can do it’s best if we just put him/her out of misery.” Imagine the doctor telling you that about your best friend or family member. So emotional damage can be double the effect. No doubt HBR should be in the top 10 if not #1. But I think the main reason everyone is so passionate about any sport is because they love what they do, no matter what obstacle they encounter. Free running should also be considered.

  • anon

    You know…I bet over half the girls that claim to be cheerleaders on here are not :)

  • Cave diving is more exploration than sport. You would never, ever get me down there. I don't even like cramped caves, claustrophobia combined with the fear of collapse.

    But I am forever grateful that there are people brave (and crazy) enough to cave dive (and explore cramped dry caves) and film it so wusses like me can watch it. Amazing stuff!

    Just think about it, those formations took millions of years to form, and they had to have formed while the cave was dry. Then at some stage there was time for these caves to fill with water again! It's mindblowing.

  • cheerleaderinaz

    I've been a cheerleader for the past 4 years. I'm thirteen, and i've already broken four bones in one ankle, two in the other, two in my wrist, had a fractured spinal cord, and almost broken my neck. These have ALL been because of cheerleading. It also has the record amount of catastrophic injuries (meaning severe spinal cord and neck injuries) out of all high school sports, with the disadvantage that most high schools don't consider cheerleading to be a sport, so they aren't included. Now, tell me that cheerleading isn't dangerous.

    • ADeadlierSnake

      Are you dim? There is a HUGE difference between INJURIES and FATALITIES that no one on this damn site seems to recognize. People seem to think a high injury rate trumps all when it comes to this list, and they arent even looking at the fatality rates. Fatality rates for cheerleader are next to nothing. So until you die (which hopefully happens soon. this world doesnt need idiots like you), stop using your injury rate as a case that cheerleading should be on this list. It may be dangerous, it may have a high injury rate, im not denying that. What I am saying, is that the rest of the sports (even though a few arent, but i dont really care) on this list blow your pathetic little sport out of the water in terms of fatalities.

      @Falyn: I dont think enough people participate in HALO jumping for it to have enough statistics to be on the list.

  • marilyn

    figure skating should be on there!!!

  • Keirsten

    What about gymnastics???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • crystal

    oh, it is so interesting, but some are so dangerous and make me scary. i will never try them

  • bentley

    cheerleading is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go CHEERLEADERS!!!!!!!

  • bentley

    i think that gymnastics should be on the list somehwere cause that stuff is wild all of the flips and beams cant forget floor tumbling and bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUH!!!!!


    I whether to guess the participants are of the "Alpha". No one is going to stop them other than an injury or injuries. Unfortunately, many injuries have an accumulative effect on the human body. These effects are
    not appreciated until chronic physical problems manifiest themselves as adults

  • Anonymous

    Cheerleading? Is this a joke? Whatever happened to high altitude skiing?!?!

  • PNCH

    I ve done Sky Diving, bungee jumping and I wanna try base jumping with a squirrel suit one day. My respects to all the people who have done these sports….!!…BTW Bull running is not a sport its just mere stupidity. I glad they got stuck in there thats what they get. Also cheerleading a dangerous sport.. .. C'mon……

  • sofia

    Um, where's horse back riding, and for those of you who have never had to train horses or do anything like that dont comment sayying its not a sport because on some websites its ranked as number 2, and 3[youtube yvDPy1_WDqg youtube]

  • Admittedly I can no longer find the source material but I have read British research carried out by a government body researching for insurance ratings that showed the most dangerous sport by a huge margin was anything equestrian. Particularly cross-country events and steeple-chase. It would seem Horses are not necessarily our friends.
    As for the inclusion of Cheer-leading, An American study found it to be THE worst sport for "catastrophic injuries" Their description meant broken bones or worse.

  • defukdto

    nice to see the isle of man mentioned for the motor biking ,lived there for 5 years, while i was there a race favorite died. also one year an old lady didnt read what times the races/ trials were on and decided to go for a drive, well backed out of her driveway and caused a biker to swerve to miss her, ended up being decapitated (biker that is). also they have a day called mad sunday were the race track being on local roads is open to the public and traffic is only allowed to go one way, as you can imagine not a safe thing to do. people try to break the records and it doesnt turn out too well.

  • RN

    Really?? Cave diving is your number 1 dangerous sport?? Have you bothered to check the stats on cave diving? There are less deaths and almost no injuries related to cave diving than almost every other sport out there. Yes, it is a very dangerous endeavor if one attempts it without first getting the proper training or breaks one of the rules established over 30 years ago. But with the proper training and when following those rules, it is one of the safest activities. You may want to rethink your list.

  • Falyn

    HALO jumping should be included on this list. Look it up. Its kinda amazing.

  • Karol

    B.A.S.E Jumping is no illegal: illegal is jumping from some object (eg Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa, ect)

  • NedNoodle

    HURLING – Def the most dangerous field sport.

  • sanane

    gerizekal? lar

  • vanessaaaaaaaaaa?

    @Travis i think you should watch what you say about cheerleaders cause you clearly dont know what your talking about. its not the 1960s anymore hunny. there are real world competitions where flyers are thrown in the air and are expecting to be caught after back flipping 7 feet in the air. just because we look hot onstage… doesnt mean were sluts ;) so i really think you should go get yourself a butch girlfriend, since your jealous of the “big” guys that the cheerleasers get or you should stfu, cause half the girls on my team can probable beat the shit out of you for saying that :) bye love ?

  • Name

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  • crazycraig

    u all have missed the most dangerous sport of all. Spike-hopping!! A pit with six-foot long spikes coming up from the ground then there are some twelve – foot poles on which u can hop from 1 to the other in order 2 get across the pit. Oh! Also u r not allowed 2 stay on one pole 4 more than 3 seconds or else linesmen along the sides will whack u with poles. One slip and u are impaled on six-foot, razor-sharp spikes! Still nice list tho…

  • kkkkkly 7y


  • BreK


  • Claire

    This is ridiculous. Horseback riding, especially jumping, is the world’s most dangerous sport and it’s not even on here!

  • Katy

    Ya I do cheer. And i broke my arm,leg and nose. My flyer fell on me. IT was horrible.

  • nate

    all these countdowns are missing THE most dangerous sport, sailing
    at least 100,000 people have died sailing, thats more than all these sports, combined. seriously, in sailing, your alive, or dead. theres no injuries or close cases.

  • Adam

    What about boxing? It should be #1 on the list, let alone on the list at all. The amount of injuries and even DEATHS from boxing is more than all of these pussy sports put together.

  • sdkjh89

    Our forum pages, Long time no fun, and everyone to organize some activities, feeling? Talk about your idea!

  • matt

    big wave surfing is number one…if you dont agree you dont know very much about big waves

  • Marissa

    What ever happened 2 gymnastics ?? I heard that is more dangerous than cheerleading !!

    • Marrisa G.

      I’ve done level 9 gymnastics, then tried competive cheer.

      HOLY CRAP cheer was by far harder! We conditioned for HOURS and you thought tumbling was hard..? Wait till you HAVE to tumble on exact time as ten other people and with shoes on.

      Don’t get me wrong I love gymnastics, but cheers way harder. (not school cheer!)

      Besides, falling off the beam one thing… but stunting? Whole other world my friend.

  • LD

    What about Horseback riding? On 1000+ animal with a mind of it’s own going over 3 foot and higher objects at blazing speeds. And it’s not just kick-and-go like most people see in the movies. Horses respond to only accute and accurate signals for each simple movement such as walking. Trotting is a “gait”, or pace, that either requires extreme muscles to stay balanced in the saddle or absorbing the moments and using leg muscle to lift out of the saddle every second. Jumping includes being perfectly in tune with the horse, moving at the perfect moment to stay balanced with the animal. So that covers how it is a sport and complicated at that. It is dangerous because horses are naturally the most timid animals on earth and can gallop off at any little noise. Being up 10 feet in the air while jumping at extreme speed. If you fall, you could die. And no, there aren’t only simple ‘Injuries’ like basketball or soccer, you could actually die. So yes, it’s way more dangerous than cheerleading. By far. because at least in bunje jumping, you control what you do. Experience can prevent death and injury, but with horseback riding, anything can happen that you wont be prepared for.

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  • @ADeadlierSnake How do you feel that you just told a thirteen year old that you hope she dies? Do you feel better about yourself? You must be pretty damn miserable with your own life to feel the need to be so nasty to other people over a debate on the internet. Pathetic.

    Oh and for all of you people hating on cheerleading? I have a couple words for you.

    This debate continues to make me laugh. People wonder why cheerleaders lash out at people in argument over what they do. And it’s because they are the only team sport that gets targeted. I think some of these cheerleaders are dumb saying that these extreme sports aren’t as hard. Because most of them are harder or more dangerous. But as a cheerleader.. do I go around telling soccer players, or swimmers, or basketball players that what they do is not a sport? Or that it is not dangerous? No. So why is it that the cheerleaders get the bad reputation and get told that what they do is stupid huh? Because no one deserves to get put down for something that they work so hard at. From my point of view, it’s hard to take when someone tells me i’m not an athlete. I go through a lot of pain and give up a hell of a lot of my time that I get absolutely no credit for. The only part of cheerleading that the public really gets a chance to witness, are the sideline cheers done on the edge of a football field. But what most people don’t know about, is what’s going on behind the scenes. Football games are our breaks. It’s like being able to take a day off for us. Have any of these people that are calling out cheerleading as not being a sport attended a competition? Or a hardcore practice the night before we’re gonna compete? I can almost guarantee that they have not. These people who are judging this sport before they really know anything about it.. should do a little more research. Or look into a team that’s not a joke, because I completely agree that many teams are. But for the girls who work their asses of and perform like they’re superwomen… give them some credit.

  • Oh and btw not all highschool teams are a joke. Take a look at mine, thanks

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  • SkateLouisu22


    • “Name”?
      What kind of post is that?

  • Carly

    ok first thing i would like to say is that horseback is not even on their i dont mean to be rude or anything but in cheerleading all you do is move your hands na dstuff i mean in horseback one wrong move and your baseically dead or wounded and will be out for months. my freind just got knee surgery because she fell off a horse.

    • Carly Rinz

      I have done horseback riding! I love it a lot… but seriously cheerleading WAY harder.

      I think your thinking of “school” cheerleading… where yes, they do flail their arms around. But competitive cheerleading? That’s a whole other story bro..!!!

      We train 14 hours a week, in which 4 of the hours are actuall strength and conditioning practice where we come in and work-out seperate from our routines.

      Here’s my team that I love <3

  • Carly

    yeah really what about horsebackdont say its not a sport because it is is really hard and for people that think you just sit their and do nothin well completly wrong

  • Yulia

    Why isn’t gymnasics here. I’d have thought it would be more dangerous then cheerleading…

  • greethan

    Good God, this is a large argument.

  • Megan

    Excuse me where is Irish Dancing???

  • Forrest

    Rugby league is the most dangerous sport in the world

  • Thomas

    This list is far from the most dangerous Mix Martial Arts is clearly the most dangerous.

  • mim

    Yes, cheerleading is a dangerous sport. I have been cheering since i was 5 and i’m 15. Right now I’m not allowed to do anything because i was catching my TEAMMATE and i have a shoulder injury. I don’t care if u think it is stupid or not a sport. Come to any competitive cheer practice and i bet you wouldn’t last the 3 hours i work. I also coach i team of little 7-9 year olds who could probably kick you butt!!! Know what you’re talking about before you judge us!!!!

    • Sasha Rasmussen

      Hey I’ve done competitive cheer since I was 5 too! I’m currently 14… doing double fulls. Its so frustrating when people say it isnt a sport! I get at least two injuries a practice and at least one MAJOR injury every month or two.

      One boy at my school said cheer was stupid and I beat him and all his friends at arm-wrestles and sprinting. A day later they were like, “okay, just cause you can beat doesn’t prove anything.” so i brought a nine year old from our youth level 2 and she won an arm-wrestle against them! (after and outside school, not during)

      Thank you for posting your comment I absolutly agree with you! What team are from?

  • Alek

    Nice list.. similar to the one here with pictures:

  • Morten Reistad

    Seneationist drivel.

  • akayo

    oh my god i need to try cave diving it looks awesome………

  • Reblogged this on Daring People and commented:
    Do you agree with the Top 10 Incredibly Dangerous Sports? Do you have more activities to add? And most importantly, do you dare?

  • adam

    yes cause cheerleading is more dangerous then bull riding/running

  • Emilee

    What about gymnastics bro?

  • Maddy

    WAT THE FUCK!!! how is cheerleading a dangerous sport!

  • Kitt

    What about bullfighting in Spain?

  • courteney

    cheerleading??? puh lesse like whatever cheerleading is like the eastest sport in the world and i would know cause i do it

  • Joe A.

    Where’s chariot racing? Those wrecks are INSANE!

  • gainer

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  • Bob Akins

    Nonsense! far more Bridge players die while involved in the game.

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  • Sasha Raz

    For those dissing cheerleaders, read this actual fact.

    Competive cheerleading is a sport, high school cheerleading isn’t.

    In 2003 UCA and USASF staff met with ESPN Wide World of Sports and officially declared Competitive Cheer as a sport. However, high school cheer is NOT.

    Competitive cheer is a also known as “anthroball” meaning “human ball”. They do not use pom-poms or even chant. They don’t even cheer and EVERY GYM goes through nearly 8-12 hours a week strength and conditioning. Coaches have to have a type of “permit” to teach the level of skills.

    UNLIKE in high-school cheer, any girls caught cheating in school, drinking, taking bad pictures of theselves, drugs, and other sorts of harrasment, are legally kicked off the team. Each All-Star Cheerleader has to have a document of signing a promise to not break any of those rules and get doctor physicals or they are not allowed to compete and be part of a team.

    So why is high-school cheer NOT a sport…but Competitve cheer IS? Well, high-school cheer is unorganized and doesn’t have ANY SORT OF RULES, unlike the HUNDREDS of rules in competitive. Some schools are very athletic- trianing girls to do neat tumbling and safe stunting. But still… not all schools train hard or even at all. And not all compete.

    Whether you like cheerleading or not… competive cheer is an offcial sport since 2003, but high school is still too unorganized. Yes, school cheers dangerous because they are not trained safe…but competitive cheers dangerous cause in any other sport acciedents happen.

    BAM. That’s the real truth!!!

  • Andrew Lustig

    Hey. You should look into three day eventing and stadium horse jumping. They’re extremely dangerous sports

  • Sarah

    Personally I think Gymnastics is wayy harder and dangerous than cheerleading

  • B.Elder

    Try evening.

    Take a horse, that has it’s own will power and ways over 1000 lbs.

    Take them over a 6ft jump and then tell me how not dangerous that is.

    People say its not a sport… well i would like to see you do that. Riding is a skill not everyone can do it.

    • Cece

      I agree that horse riding is very dangerous. In fact, I have no idea why it isn’t on the list. I have a crazy quarter horse of my own that has hurt me to many times to count. I am so mad that horse riding isn’t on this list. This is messed up!

  • pakeloDalge


  • izzy

    gymnastics is also quit dangerous because if you place one step wrong everything falls apart

  • Taylor tucker


  • Cece

    What about Thoroughbred racing? Thats more dangerous than cheerleading! The jockeys and horses have it way harder than they do. I’m not saying that cheerleading isn’t hard, what I think is that 112 pound men and woman on 1,200 pound horses is way harder than girls in skimpy outfits doing flips and tricks. Just think about it for a while.

  • carpinteyrohdt


  • pletchermqe


  • carpinteyrogqh


  • Casey

    um horse back riding is dangerous I work with a 1200 pound animal ever day of my life and horses are unpredictable animals with a size of a peanut as a brain I’m sorry but horse back riding should be in this!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH wowowowow so cool I wish I could do that (if it wasn’t so deadly lol)

  • josh

    how is cheerleading more deadly than rugby

  • whowantstoknow??

    c.mon wheres figure skating on this ?? i have broken my ankle wrist collarbone everytoe and goten 4 concusions and ive been skating for 10 years not including time off try doin all of the cheerleading this on slippery ice !! skating should be #5 at least

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  • Devin

    I perosnally think that cheerleading is not a very dangerous sport. I believe that horseback riding is a lot more dangerous. I understand that you dont always get caught coming down but when you fall off a horse there is no one there to catch you. You have to think about what your horse might be thinking. If you have the left rein a little to long you could die. The horse is much bigger and stronger than you are weighing about 900 pounds. Imagine that falling on top of you. People break there toes just when a horse acciendtly steps on it and lose fingers when horse bite them off while trying to feed them. Im not trying to put down cheerleading but I do think riding horses is much more dangerous.

  • kite fighting is the most dangerous sport.

  • Flora

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