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Top 10 Bizarre TV Shows For Kids

by egernunge
fact checked by Alex Hanton

Some children’s shows on TV teach the children about colors, numbers and the alphabet. Some will just leave them scarred for life. Many of these shows have been broadcast in several countries – I’ve only listed the country of origin.


Max And Ruby

Max & Ruby: Bunny Cakes / Bunny Party / Bunny Money – Ep.8

This animated show is fairly innocent. It’s about two bunnies, Max and his big sister Ruby. What makes the show slightly bizarre is that their parents are never there. Ruby takes care of Max as if she was his mother, despite the fact that she’s supposed to be seven years old… Surely, social services would have something to say here?


LazyTown – Master of Disguise (Icelandic)

The main character Stephanie is human and arrives in LazyTown to live with her uncle who’s a puppet. She then urges all of her new friends who are all puppets to play outside. Robbie Rotten who’s human tries to make them eat junk food instead. The mix of human and puppets is pretty weird to me. And the whole show is just so keyed up that my head aches.


United Kingdom

Maybe I’m just too old, but I’m still puzzled by Teletubbies. I mean, what are they supposed to be? Why do they have screens on their stomachs? Who is the voice? Why is there a baby in the sun? Also, Teletubbies has been rumored to be gay propaganda because of Tinky Winky’s color, the triangle on his head and the fact that he carries a handbag. At one point the Polish Ombudsman for Children planned to do an investigation of this, but she later dropped it.


Oobi – Oobi’s Car!

OK, so apparently children love this show but it’s hands with eyeballs! The developers could at least have used hand puppets… Also, the hands don’t speak in proper sentences but just utter a few words. After watching this, I am now sure to get nightmares about talking hands.


USA and South Korea
VeggieTales: Everyone Counts!

So, what’s more bizarre than anthropomorphic vegetables playing instruments (even though they have no arms)? Anthropomorphic vegetables playing instruments and teaching Biblical values!


Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou
How to Use a Toilet The Anime Way!!!

I must admit that I’ve only watched one episode of this, but that was bizarre enough. The boy Shimajirou is taught how to use the toilet – including the parents singing about what he’s doing on the toilet, the toilet itself inviting him to sit on it and the “wee wee” saying “yahoo” as it goes down the drain.


United Kingdom

This is a crystal playing the violin. I don’t have anything to add – just watch the clip…


United Kingdom and USA
Boohbah Intro Original

This is best described as five splotches of color, dancing, seemingly high on speed. They have names like Zing Zing Zingbah and Jingbah. They live in the Boohball, a big white ball that appears out of thin air. They don’t talk, they squeak. To sum it up: bizarre!


The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson
The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show

This show includes aspects such as the very scary puppet Chip the Black Boy, a man who can neither play the guitar nor sing but does it anyway, Teddy Eddie – a singing panda, and constantly telling the kids “not to do drugs”. Frankly, I’ve never wanted to do drugs as much as after watching this.


Tomorrow’s Pioneers

With episode titles such as “Farfour and the AK-47”, this show definitely goes a bit further than teaching children about the alphabet. Antisemitism, anti-Americanism, and Islamism are common themes on the show. Three of the characters on the show have been Farfour, a Mickey Mouse look-a-like, Nahoul, a bumble bee, and Assoud, a rabbit. In the show, they have all been killed in the war against the Israelis, making them martyrs.

fact checked by Alex Hanton