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Top 10 Bizarre Medical Treatments

We have run the gamut of bizarre diseases and and even surgical treatments, but we have not yet published a list of bizarre non-surgical medical treatments. So today we are able to add this list to the many other medical related lists on listverse. The requirement for entry on this list is that the treatment must still be in use today; this excludes such treatments as bloodletting – or does it? We have also excluded surgical treatments as they appear on this list.


Sweat Therapy


Sweat therapy is the combination of group counseling/psychotherapy with group sweating. Group sweating is social interaction while experiencing psychophysiological responses to heat exposure. Group sweating has strong cultural validity as it has existed throughout the world for thousands of years to promote well-being. Examples include the Finnish Sauna, the Russian Banya (sauna), the American Indian Sweat lodge Ceremony, the Islamic Hammam, the Japanese Mushi-Buro or Sent?, and the African Sifutu. Group sweating has been used for various physical and mental purposes for thousands of years. It has been asserted that the potential health benefits of regular participation in Native American sweat lodges are numerous, but that there is a scarcity of research about the practice.



Terramin Clay On Toothbrush

We are all familiar with the use of clay in health resorts where people bathe in it to improve skin conditions, but what many people don’t know is that clay (or mud) is also used in internal medicines. It is sometimes used as a coating on pills but it is also consumed in larger doses for the treatment of bowel disorders. Even NASA uses clay treatments: “The effects of weightlessness on human body were studied by NASA back in the 1960s. Experiments demonstrated that weightlessness leads to a rapid bone depletion, so various remedies were sought to counter that. A number of pharmaceutical companies were asked to develop calcium supplements, but apparently none of them were as effective as clay. The special clay that was used in this case was Terramin, a reddish clay found in California. Dr. Benjamin Ershoff of the California Polytechnic Institute demonstrated that the consumption of clay counters the effects of weightlessness.” [Source]




Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), also known as electroshock, is a well-established, albeit controversial, psychiatric treatment in which seizures are electrically induced in anesthetized patients for therapeutic effect. Today, ECT is most often used as a treatment for severe major depression which has not responded to other treatment, and is also used in the treatment of mania (often in bipolar disorder), catatonia and schizophrenia. It was first introduced in the 1930s and gained widespread use as a form of treatment in the 1940s and 1950s; today, an estimated 1 million people worldwide receive ECT every year, usually in a course of 6–12 treatments administered 2 or 3 times a week. Most, but not all, published reviews of the literature have concluded that ECT is effective in the treatment of depression.




Dousing is the practice of making something or someone wet by throwing liquid over them, e.g., by pouring water, generally cold, over oneself. Cold water dousing is used to “shock” the body into a kind of fever. The body’s reaction is similar to the mammalian diving reflex or possibly temperature biofeedback. Several meditative and awareness techniques seem to share similar effects with elevated temperature, such as Tummo. Compare cold water dousing with ice swimming. The effects of dousing are usually more intense and longer lasting than just a cold shower. Ending a shower with cold water is an old naturopathic tradition. There are those who believe that this fever is helpful in killing harmful bacteria and leaving the hardier beneficial bacteria in the body.
Steam may be seen to rise off of the body, especially when dousing in wintertime.


Urine Therapy

Testing Urine 2 445

The term urine therapy (also urotherapy, urinotherapy or uropathy) refers to various applications of human urine for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, including drinking of one’s own urine and massaging one’s skin with one’s own urine. A practitioner of urine therapy is sometimes called a psychopath. Just kidding, they are actually called uropaths. There is no scientific evidence of a therapeutic use for urine. Urinating on jellyfish stings is a common folk remedy, but has no beneficial effect and may be counterproductive, as it can activate nematocysts remaining at the site of the sting. Urine does contain substances that are beneficial, such as Vitamin C; however, these substances have been excreted because they could not be used or because they were present in excess, so re-taking them will just result in re-excretion. The most obvious physiological effect of drinking urine, at least when it is taken on an empty stomach, is bowel movement (sometimes in the form of diarrhea) due to the laxative action of hypertonic solution of urea.




Bloodletting is the withdrawal of often considerable quantities of blood from a patient to cure or prevent illness and disease. It was the most common medical practice performed by doctors from antiquity up to the late 19th century, a time span of almost 2,000 years. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the historical use of bloodletting was harmful to patients. But, bloodletting has not died a death – it is still one of the most effective treatments of excess iron in the bloodstream and for treatment of excess red blood cells which can occur in diseases such as porphyria. In the old method, the patient was cut and a suction cup was placed over the wound to draw out blood. In modern times syringes are used.


Leech Therapy


Medicinal leeches are now making a comeback in microsurgery. They provide an effective means to reduce blood coagulation, relieve venous pressure from pooling blood, and in reconstructive surgery to stimulate circulation in reattachment operations for organs with critical blood flow, such as eye lids, fingers, and ears. The therapeutic effect is not from the blood taken in the meal, but from the continued and steady bleeding from the wound left after the leech has detached. The most common complication from leech treatment is prolonged bleeding, which can easily be treated, although allergic reactions and bacterial infections may also occur. Devices called “mechanical leeches” have been developed which dispense heparin and perform the same function as medicinal leeches, but they are not yet commercially available.


Helminthic Therapy


Helminthic therapy, a type of Immunotherapy, is the treatment of autoimmune diseases and immune disorders by means of deliberate infestation with parasitic worms (helminths) or their eggs. This is such a cure-all that it is also occasionally used in the treatment of hay fever and asthma. Depending on the particular autoimmune disease in question, infection with helminths can result in remission of symptoms in as high as approximately 70% of patients. The worms are administered via oral doses which are taken repeatedly over a course of weeks and can result in some fairly severe side-effects. Some patients can receive up to eight doses of 2500 worm eggs over the course of their treatment.


Fecal Bacteriotherapy

800Px-E Coli At 10000X, Original

Fecal bacteriotherapy is used in the treatment of certain inflammatory bowel disorders such as ulcerative colitis. The treatment comes in form of a series of enemas given to the patient over a five day period. In order to create the liquid used in the enema, a “poop donor” is needed. In other words, a sample of poop is taken from a healthy person (usually a relative of the patient) and turned into a liquid for anal insertion. The idea is that the healthy bacteria from the poop provider will grow in the sick person and heal them. What is perhaps even more revolting than an enema of someone else’s poop, is the fact that the liquid can also be delivered via a tube in the nose.




For centuries doctors prescribed smoking for a variety of ills and while this does still happen (though the doctor’s generally don’t want it publicized) the numbers of doctors who do this has become extremely small. Research with regard to neurological diseases, evidence suggests that the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease might be 50% lower in smokers, compared to non-smokers. Nicotine has also been found to improve ADHD symptoms and appears to have effects in the brain that are similar to those of stimulants. Although such findings should certainly not encourage anyone to smoke, some studies are focusing on benefits of nicotine therapy in adults with ADHD. Recent studies suggest that smokers require less frequent repeated revascularization after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). Risk of ulcerative colitis has been frequently shown to be reduced by smokers on a dose-dependent basis; the effect is eliminated if the individual stops smoking.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Text is derived from Wikipedia.

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  • Mendacity

    I like the first picture.

  • Zappa

    The guy in picture number number 1 really should give up, that kind of habit cannot be therapeutic!!! kidding

  • flagfool

    I’m not feeling too well – sign me up for all of the above and make it simultaneously.

  • AD18

    #1 is #1……….the picture is somewhere in Afganistan or in Pakistan’s tribal area………go smokers …hehe

  • hassanee

    Wonderful List. Have actually heard about No.4 and No.1 I have seen myself people practising leech therapy where they believe that toxic/poisonous matters are removed from body by doing that.

  • Thomas

    Great list.
    I love this site!

  • Michael Jackon

    i love this site! is aswome!

  • hassanee

    4. AD18 I have heard that there is some person in Afghanistan who is famous for his spiritual acts and smokes around 100 ciggrattes in one go. Amazing thing is that he is still alive !

  • Moloch1123

    Wow, I only knew about a few of these! The smoking one really threw me though; seems I might need to take this habit back up, lol!

  • Ny

    I’ve heard about leeches being used to repair blood flow to someone’s nose after it had been cut off and sewn back on. Otherwise, the skin would have died. Go leeches.

    Pic #1 – That is one habit that REALLY needs kicking. Poor guy’s lungs must be black.

    ~ Ny

  • archangel

    If i smoked that many cigarettes a day as no. 1, maybe I’ll live longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEEEE

  • crazi

    hmm i was going to quit smoking now i think ill jus continue as i think i wold rather die from all these nasty smoking related diseases which the government are pushing on us than Alzheimer’s disease. Great list.

  • IndigoMoth

    I’ve heard about all of these, through a combination of various books and well, watching medical dramas. Except for the Helminthic therapy.
    Actually, I’m surprised you didn’t have maggots as well.

  • Rufus

    how about a top 10 side effects of smoking =S just to discourage people from smoking after reading this

  • Teemu

    I’ve actually had a doctor recommend smoking for me…in a way. I got my index finger smashed in a pipe bending machine and it cut an artery which bled heavily. After it was burned shut the doctor asked me if I smoked and I answered “yes, occasionally” to which he replied “Good, keep it up for now. It will slow down the blood flow in the hands so the wound will be less likely to start bleeding again”

    Like I wasn’t going to smoke like hell after mangling my hand anyway :p

  • Mortivore

    ADHD isn’t as bad in smokers? Maybe I’m ADHD and don’t know it… XD

  • saber25

    Nice list although I have known all of these and that one smoking can use some lung cancer right now. Is he an idiot? Smoking himself to death and all. Maybe after reading this our doctor would now recommend that therapy for you like saying “try smoking therapy it’ll surely smash you’re lungs!” :| Nice list too but please,… More science and facts lists pleeeeeeeeeease! Thanks.

  • Vika

    What about Homeopathy? One of the biggest frauds going on right now. Is pretty wierd people think “water” will cure you of everything.

  • nzkristy

    another therapy that amazes me is bee sting/venom therapy. It is used to tread some neurological problems i think.

  • @Teemu (15): I was at a party recently and there was a doctor there who said he does occasionally recommend it on the sly when it is less harmful than the alternative drugs. I also know a girl who was recommended smoking by a different doctor for, presumably, the same reasons. I guess that sometimes smoking can be the lesser of two evils.

  • @Vika (18): Agree completely. In fact, you will find the very thing on this list – it is the bonus item.

  • Skrillah

    @Rufus (14), I agree with you on that!

    Thanks for the knowledge once again. But don’t you think the entry # 1 might be very misleading to a complete Jackass?

  • knox

    most of these didnt shock me till entry #2
    it completely turned my stomach reading that
    who the hell first thought up the idea “hey lets try and insert liquid crap into someone to cure them”???

  • crazi

    14 Rufus-

    we dont need any more shit that tells us about the dangers of smoking, the government is ramming it down our throats everyday. we know its harmful bla bla bla, if people want to smoke they can and people have been told enough by anti smoking campaigns about how if u light up your going to unleash the seven plagues on mankind. anyway my point is, you dont need to have a list telling people about how bad smoking is for your helth, were not stupid and dont need telling every second, its up to parents to inform their children on the dangers. sick of anti smoking campaigns going on and on. how about a smoking campaign, just to show the smokers that society isnt completely and utterly against them.

  • deepthinker

    After seeing leeches on the list, I thought for sure maggot therapy would make an appearance. Also, I must note that electrocution is actually death by electric shock, so I don’t think it is really a medical practice. I enjoyed the list, but the worm thing freaks me out.

  • Rob

    Why hasn’t Saber been banned?

  • oouchan

    Cool list as always! Love the picture for bloodletting. That could be the new “in” thing for teenagers today. Walking around with glass jars stuck to your head, along with all the piercings and tattoos. :)

    Reading this list was informative. I did cringe when I got to the fecal one.
    What is perhaps even more revolting than an enema of someone else’s poop, is the fact that the liquid can also be delivered via a tube in the nose.
    Not bloody likely! It would be bad enough having it go in you period. but to have it go through the nose where you can actually see that s**t coming (pun intended) would be a bit much!

  • Jasman

    There is a condition called hereditary haemochromatosis or having excess iron in the blood. It is treated through blod letting (#5), once a week for six weeks followed by monthly lettings. This is usually done through blood donations and has the added benefit of helping others through your donations.

  • K.Graves

    Very well written list. Informative, unbiased and direct. This is the type that the site should aim for. Gave both sides a spotlight in controversy, and refrained from injecting political quips or personal diatribes. Professionally written. Keep work like this to be the standard!

  • sleaterkinney1bt

    whoa great list.
    i thought for sure youd have maggots on there tho!

  • Kevin

    One more vote for maggot therapy!
    I expected to see leeches here, but maggots are probably equally useful. It’d creep me out to have doctors give me both at the same time, though.

  • sof

    A lot of these types of therapies can be uses to control specific symptoms or minor illness, but the problem is that people often try to pass them off as miracle cures for everything.

    Good list.

  • Skrillah

    At (24): crazi…

    I’m actually stunned by your Brilliant comment there!! I mean wow… that was a real eye opener. I thought people who think like you were extinct…
    Oh and i happen to have an unique skill that helps me to picture the way a person looks, just by carefully analyzing something that he or she have written. The comment # 24 gave me a vivid mental image of how the author might look.

    You might not look all that smart but what a comment..

  • Erin

    Maggots are missing

  • General-Jake

    The shit therapy is freakin sickening. But id sure as hell try the electro therapy once.

  • MommaDuck

    I was unfortunate enough to have had a series of 12 ECT sessions, three and a half years ago. The only thing it did was erase a substantial portion of my memory. My doctor told me that I would lose some short term memories, but that was not the case. My husband will ask me about a certain event and I will not be able to recall it at all. Plus I had terrible headaches and nausea with every treatment. The anesthesiologist kept telling me that she was giving me phenergan but it was really Zofran. One of the major side effects of zofran is migraine level headaches. But there are success stores from ECT treatment, I’ve just come across a lot more cases of people not having any results or increase in their certain disorder.

  • Hodari

    What about the surgery where you remove half of the brains? its called: hemi-spherectomy.

  • joanne

    I was about to say maggot therapy was missing but there are many earlier commenters who’ve mentioned this already so it appears that maggot therapy has become too common to be included in a list of bizarre things :)

  • Carole

    Maggots are used to clean infected wounds. I didn’t really find any of these all that bizarre except the urine and blood letting.

  • Meesh


  • GTT

    @jfrater (20):

    I have a friend who gave up smoking cold-turkey and ended up having a nervous break-down. No joke. Apparently, smoking was his only way to relieve tension… It was horrible to see him. He was completely out of it, almost vacant. Well, he went to a doctor who recommended he take up smoking again. Now, he´s (almost) back to normal so he´s quitting SLOWLY with the help of his doc.

    Anyway, great list! I knew some of these (fortunately, not first-hand) though I have to admit some of that knowledge came from TV shows. I think the poop therapy was featured on a Gray´s Anatomy episode? I have an uncle who once almost got into the whole urine therapy thing until we talked him out of it. Yuck.

  • pestonmama

    Yes, bring on the maggots. But I sincerely hope I never need them. Ugh.

  • ianz09

    Nobody is arguing about Jesus yet, are they?

  • nova_caine

    Good list… I was fine with it until the second half when it got gross haha. Interesting though. I’m still 100% anti-smoking.

  • undaunted warrior

    Well done again Jamie – informative and very well pened by you.

    @oouchan (27) I like your comment about the glass jars for the younger generation, add some coloured small flashing globes to the inner shell before the suction takes place.

    What do you have, a walking strobe man, he might be stopped at a crime scene thinking he is a police car.

  • Blogball

    Man with inflammatory bowel disorders calling his brother to ask him to be a donor.

    “Hey bro how ya doin , First of all I want to apologize for last week when I said don’t give me anymore of your crap”.

  • Maggot

    @pestonmama (42): Yes, bring on the maggots.

    You only want me for my body. I feel so used.

  • redcaboose

    Fun list, Jamie. I actually looked up a few of these on the internet, to make sure you were not pulling our collective legs. I knew about a couple of them, but urine therapy? Bloodletting? Count me out. :)

  • ianz09

    @Maggot (47): Lmao

  • bugeyedlady

    @Jasman (28): I feel like you and I may have watched the same episode of mystery diagnosis that mentioned the bloodletting.

  • gav

    I’m going to sit in a sauna and get a shit enema while smoking. I will rub urine on my body while bloodletting, eating mud and helminths as I undergo some shock thereapy and finish it off by dumping a bucket of cold water and leeches all over my body.

    Call me a health nut.

  • @GTT (41): That’s terrible! Thank God his doctor had the good sense to recommend smoking when it is such an unpopular choice. Obviously it can be the right choice sometimes.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    “A practitioner of urine therapy is sometimes called a psychopath. Just kidding, they are actually called uropaths.”


  • Corey

    Sadly, the United States doesn’t use a lot of “strange” treatments, mostly because the public wouldn’t react well to them.

    I have Crohn’s Disease (the immune system attacks the GI tract) and deliberate infection with tapeworms has been found to be the most effective treatment in clinical trials. Instead, I’m on super strong immunosuppressants that greatly increase my risk of cancer. I’d prefer the worm.

  • Bootsz

    As to number 1. Nicotine therapy is also being researched with schizophrenia and related disorders. Some studies show that as high as 88% of those with SZ smoke, that we smoke more cigs in a day, and heavier smokes. Probably tied up to self-medicating in some way.

  • Bubina

    #36 MommaDuck – I’ve had the same experience with ECTs.

  • Josh P

    I dont smoke cigs but i do smoke the magic herb. If im having a crappy day, one toke, and ill sit back, relax, and chill. according to

  • Josh P

    I dont smoke cigs but i do smoke the magic herb. If im having a crappy day, one toke, and ill sit back, relax, and chill. according to the government this is illegal. according to me its not.

  • mom424

    Excellent list Jamie.

    I might just die of lung cancer or a stroke (more likely, I’ve had no one in my family die of cancer or heart disease, and we’ve lots of smokers) but I’m thinking that with my smoking and caffeine intake, I’m going to be in my right mind up until that point. Seeing as none of my relatives died before the age of 80, a few in the mid-nineties and my great grandma at 101, I’m wondering if it isn’t a fair trade-off?

    The poop therapy isn’t near as gross as it sounds and can actually save lives. We cannot digest food on our own, we host a myriad of beneficial bacteria to help that process along. Folks who’ve had terrible illnesses, or have been on an extended regimen of antibiotics can lose these helpers; the consequence of which is constant diarrhea, malnutrition and even death. Reintroducing these bacteria is a good thing, even through the nose. (a tube goes right down into your gut; you’re not smelling the shit eh?)

    The parasite treatment for auto-immune diseases makes perfect sense to me; you don’t hear of too many folks with Lupus, Chrones, Eczema or any of those diseases in places where the immune system is otherwise engaged. All you young parents out there take heed – let your kids play in the dirt, get a pet, swim in the river; expose your kids to pathogens so that they develop an immune system that can tell the difference between an invader and itself.

  • Jesus

    I am not anti-smokers; I am anti-smoking, for thou shalt hate the sin, not the sinner, according to the will of our Lord.

  • mom424

    @Jesus (60): And where in your father’s book does it condemn smoking? Just curious. Don’t remember reading that part in my Sunday school class. In fact if I remember correctly, our Reverend smoked. As did my uncle the Priest. It wasn’t god that got him to quit – it was his doctor.

  • metooleopard

    yeh, the guy in photo 10 needs to quit too…

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Poop therapy is too funny to be gross! Spectacular list too.

  • Dk

    Awesome list today. At first glance I wast totally grossed out by the “poop therapy” but when I read the description it makes perfect sense.
    That sucks, Corey, that you can’t get the more effective treatment, and instead have to take icky drugs to treat your Crohn’s.

  • ianz09

    @Jesus (60): Your choice of username is a bit sacrilegious, eh?

    Just kidding, Jesus, I know it’s you! Had you going huh? How’ve you been, I haven’t talked to you for awhile. How’s your dad?

  • @Jesus (60): Care to explain why smoking is sinful? I have never heard that in all my life. I know many priests who smoke and they all study ethics – if it were sinful surely one of them would have said so.

  • astraya

    The passage that is usually quoted is the one about the body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Usually the same people who rail against smoking on that ground end up polluting their bodies in some other way.
    I think there is a general religious teaching in most traditions against deliberately doing something that is bad for you.

  • Me

    OMG IZ BAD FOR U!!!!!!! SMOKIN KILS PEPUL!!!!!!! BAD LIST!!!!!!!!

  • Me


    You are an idot.

  • Richard

    Lol, are you both me? What’s an idot? THat is indeed a classic.

  • Soyincapaz

    Maybe it’s the same person?

  • bosoxfanzz

    @68-70: meh… WTF.

  • Kibey

    That’s about $500 worth of smokes in No1

  • astraya

    @Jesus: in the “conspiracy theories” discussion, people are doubting your existence.

  • fazrin

    it is not really a good list.why not jamie write about top 10 foreign tongue would b a lot of fun.

  • lo

    OT, but jamie i think you’d like this:

    ten famous altered pics (some have appeared on this site before),29307,1924226,00.html?fakes

  • crazi

    @33 Skrillah

    And a certain image comes to mind when people like you (sadly there are too many of u on the net)- self righteous, insecure bumbarians with no social life. i was merely making a comment on how much the government rams “smoking is bad” down our throats when every1 blatantly knows the dangers.

  • ak

    Lovely site,Pls bring out all ancient medical practices

  • warlock6

    sweat therapy sounds nice. i would try it for sure. as for other ones… no, thankd you!

  • nuriko


  • You forgot Reflexology, Acupunture and other such rubbish.

  • eyedesign9

    Is it really ok to uses that Gettyimage without paying?

  • redcaboose

    @jfrater (66): If you ever visit Utah in the US, you will be looked down upon for sinning as a smoker, or a drinker, etc. That is Mormon country.

  • redcaboose

    @lo (76): Thanks for the link, Lo. That was really fascinating. Talk about re-writing history.

  • drshady

    Nice list as usual.
    i just wanted to make a simple correction about the “islamic hammam”….islam is not a language….the right thing is to say “arabic hammam” as hammam in arabic means bathroom in english and apply to sauna too.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @redcaboose (83): Now that’s just stereotyping! I think…

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Jesus (60): You know, guys, he’s right. In reality, God gave Moses 3 tablets with 5 Commandments on them each. Unfortunatly, Moses dropped one, changing the number of the Commandments from 15, to 10. Along with “Thou shall not inhale smoke from burning plants wrapped up in paper and give thou’s own self lung cancer”, the 5 Lost Commandments were “Thou shall not physically hurt others”, “Thou shall not tick me me off”, Thou shall not be a pain in the neck”, and “Thou shall not diss me off when I’m talking to you, and no, you’re not hallucinating that the burning bush/light peeking out of the clouds is speaking to you. Because that’s ME.” This explains why “Thou shall not murder” is a Commandment, but something that’s about just punching someone in the face being a sin is nowhere to be found.

  • Danielle

    Hey just watched an excellent show on maggot therapy. Where maggots are used to eat the rotten flesh off of those with infections.

  • Leann

    Maggots are a very effective medical treatment because they do not eat live tissue, because of this they are incredibly useful in treating burn victims.

  • Leann

    Oh and people need to mind their own business about smoking. If I’m in my yard smoking a cigarette, how exactly does that effect you? People do things that are bad for them all the time. Running puts a huge stress on the joints but people shit themselves with pride whenever they go for a run.

  • redcaboose

    @Leann (90): It’d be better if you shut the fnck up. “At times, it is better to keep quiet and let others wonder if you’re a fool, than to open your mouth and clear all their doubts.” This quote suits you perfectly. It’s okay, we already know you’re a fool, so you need not advertise it. Are we clear?

  • Rae

    This is just a pet-peeve of mine, but unless you die from the Electroshock you are not Electrocuted.

    Electrocution is the stopping of life via stopping the heart due to electric shock.

  • katerinaelaena

    “Helminthic Therapy” – those are nasty little critters. The idea of leeches sucking the life out of me would really make me squirm.

    What a great pic with the smoker in number 1! taht’s Crazy!

  • Alischa

    #5 is actually a treatment called “cupping,” not bloodletting, where the doctor (or whoever is performing the process) take a round glass “cup” and lights a lighter underneath to heat the air inside the cup. It is then placed on the cup-ee’s skin, normally on the back, where suction occurs and begins to draw toxins out through the skin. I hear it’s very effective, yet it leaves terrible bruises that take a few days/weeks to go away. Way more bizarre than blood-letting!

  • Chaos

    Even more popular and bad for your health than smoking cigarretes is smoking sheesha, a practice common in afghanistan and pakistan

  • They Call Me Fluffy

    A guy I used to work with had to have #2 (which I'm sure was made #2 for a reason) it didn't work tho

  • Alagu Vignesh M

    A few years back an Indian magazine published something about urine therapy.They must have said something disparaging…I didn’t read the actual piece..I read the next week’s edition though, which contained a letter of protest from a retired army officer claiming that he has been drinking urine every morning for the past few decades and attributing his good health to that practice…

    Not surprising in India, where a former Prime Minister(Morarji Desai) who lived till 99,openly said that he drank his own urine every morning

    Btw, did you know that hares eat their own feces..Supposed to be rich in vitamins

  • Jay

    Helminthic therapy sounds extremely promising. Any idea where I can get me some of that?

    The idea of exposing someone to the very thing they're trying to avoid is very old and is actually the entire idea behind vaccination. To attend the local schools, a child must receive a long list of vaccinations. You got to wonder of shooting a kid full of disease organisms is really the way to go.

  • Larry Peterson

    Note: An article i was reading on the web stated that neurologists have found a spot on the brain that can help with depression-they call it the "blue spot"-who knows why? This can be stimulated by cold water dousing. This "finding" goes along with discoveries by the Russians. This also explains why Russian Elite Forces-Spetsnaz has to douse every morning-no matter where they are. I talked to a Russian Op. and asked 'why?' He said,"flash fever helps immune center, also relieves depression. Nothing motivates quicker than cold water. Soldiers who sit and are sad, get up and move." I moved!

  • herpderp

    The smoking entry made me realize why it was prescribed to me for stress and a buddy of mine for neurological tics.

  • Anythya

    Actually the reason you switch to cold water after a hot shower is to close the skin pores, it helps keep the skin healthy and non oily, it also has the same effect on your hair… result being that doing this every time you shower or wash your face leaves your skin soft and acne free and your hair shiny and vibrant.
    I got taught this at age 5 and i have never had pimples and my hair is in perfect condition without any added crap to make it so :)
    just thought i would correct you on what that was meant for :)

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