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10 Supposed Secret Wars Waged By Nefarious Forces

by David Tormsen
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Our world is ruled by chaos, happenstance, and impulsive action. As a species, we crave a narrative laden with meaning to help ourselves to make sense of the complexities of reality, so we create stories. This is modern mythology, and it’s just as fascinating and compelling as the struggles between the Greek gods and the titans or the Norse gods and the ice giants.

10 Antarctic Wars

The idea that the United States is waging war through weather modification and earthquakes is an old one indeed, but more recent conspiracy theories hold that the HAARP technology has also fallen into the hands of America’s geopolitical rivals. In remote locations around the world, they say, networks of ionospheric manipulators are being built by the United States, China, and Russia (along with Norway, for some reason). The new front line of this struggle is apparently Antarctica, where mysterious structures have been linked to HAARP technology by conspiracy theorists.

The Chinese center is apparently at the Zhong Shan Antarctic Polar Station, supposedly linked with a facility in Svalbard built with the cooperation of a Finnish university. Theorists fear that control of the Antarctic will allow for the full application of deadly ionosphere-manipulating technology, able to cause earthquakes and modify the weather with deadly results.

HAARP struggles aren’t the only conflicts reported from the Antarctic region. Conspiracy sites report that Julian Assange has information regarding a secret UFO war fought by the US Air Force. Apparently, in 2004, a flotilla of UFOs emerged from the Antarctic seas and set course toward Guadalajara, Mexico. US fighters were scrambled, and the UFOs dimensionally relocated beneath the waves. Other reports have UFO flotillas heading for Argentina and Chile.

These mysterious ships, identified as reptoid, attacked a couple of Chinese submarines with a tsunami weapon, causing a number of injuries but no fatalities. Humanity has supposedly been hitting back. It’s said that US space-based disintegration beam weapons destroyed three UFOs off the coasts of South Africa, Chile, and Peru, respectively.

9 Economic War On Russia

Russian Economy
It is a popular conspiracy theory in Russia that the United States and Saudi Arabia are intentionally trying to weaken and destabilize the Russian economy. In the second half of 2014, the price of oil halved from $114 a barrel to around $60. As the Russian ruble generally tracks with the oil price, this sent the currency into historic lows, causing many Russians to stock up on imported goods and foreign currency while the economy contracted by 5 percent. Western sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis have prevented Russian businesses from refinancing their debts on foreign capital markets.

Many in Russia believe the crisis to be part of a Western conspiracy. When the Saudis keep the production rates high, the price of oil drops, which benefits the West while harming the Russian economy. New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman claims that the US is trying to “pump [the Russians] to death.” Other prominent believers in the theory include Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani.

Others, however, believe that the “conspiracy” is simply a case of the Saudis trying to maintain their market share combined with the economic slowdown in China, Japan, and Europe as well as increasing production in the United States. According to Dr. Gorana Grgic at the University of Sydney’s US Studies Center, the situation is “more complex than saying the US and the Saudis have conspired and are now using this blunt instrument to hurt Russia and Iran. [ . . . ] This is a beneficial consequence of the drop in oil price—sure, they want to weaken Russia and Iran because both countries have relatively high break-even prices for oil production—but it’s not the primary motivation.”

8 War On Mars

Man on Mars
We have talked before about supposed whistle-blower Captain Kaye, otherwise known as Randy Cramer, who claimed that he spent 17 years fighting to defend human colonies on Mars under the auspices of the Earth Defense Force, said to be composed of military forces from the United States, China, and Russia. Cramer said he was part of military super-soldier Projects Mannequin and Moonshadow before being sent to Mars after the US secretly landed there in 1996. He also served on the interstellar vessel EDF SS Nautilus and briefly at Lunar Operations Command on the dark side of the Moon.

Cramer claimed that he was based at Forward Station Zebra, the northernmost Earth outpost on the red planet. Apparently, the air on Mars is actually mostly breathable, and he only needed an environment suit while walking on the surface. Most of the fighting was initially against the native inhabitants of the planet, a reptilian race and an insectoid race. However, the southern tribes were more aggressive than those in the northern areas.

However, this turned into a four-way conflict when the interstellar Draconian reptilians became involved. These interlopers were largely wiped out by the native reptoids, but the war continued until a catastrophic event almost destroyed Cramer’s entire station and its sister station, leading to the deaths of around 520 people. After the event, Cramer was regressed 17 years and placed inside a younger clone body, but at least they gave him a nice retirement party on the Moon with Donald Rumsfeld in attendance before they wiped his memory.

7 Modern Psy-Wars

The tales of the United States military-industrial complex and the Soviet Union engaging in a struggle to unlock the powers of the human mind and develop remote viewing and other psychic powers are old hat. However, according to eccentric ex-KGB psychic Boris Ratnikov, they’re still going on. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he used his psychic abilities under the new FSB organization, where he protected Boris Yeltsin from having his mind read, prevented the handover of the Kurile Islands to Japan, and staved off a border war with China.

Supposedly, Ratnikov realized how serious the situation was when his boss, Georgy Rogozin, read the mind of US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during the NATO bombing of Serbia:

We found a pathological hatred of Slavs. [Albright] resented the fact that Russia has the world’s largest reserves of minerals. In her opinion, the future of Russian reserves should not be disposed to a single country but all of humanity under the supervision, of course, of the United States.

Ratnikov also claimed that his organization read the mind of former US Ambassador to Russia Robert Strauss and discovered that the US embassy had “equipment for psychotronic influence on Muscovites.”

Ratnikov’s crazy theories are easy enough to dismiss, but his claims about what he learned from psychic explorations of US officials back in the 1990s are repeated by many in Russia as if they were actual statements made. In 2015, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said in an interview, “You surely remember ex-US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s claim that neither the Far East nor Siberia belong to Russia.” Some fear that the claims of an old KGB psychic still have dangerous influence over the thinking of Russian nationalists today.

6 The Illuminati And ISIS


Photo via Wikipedia

The dastardly Illuminati are apparently engaged in a two-pronged attack on both Islam and the Western world through the creation of the cat’s-paw ISIS. This is why the organization has such an oddly anglicized name. “Islamic State of Syria and Iraq” is a cover; the group is actually named for the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis, worshiped by the Illuminati in many guises throughout history, such as Ishtar, Mother Mary, and Lady Justice.

Supposed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s name is more proof of the ploy, they say. Abu Bakr was the name of a follower of Muhammad who was largely responsible for the split between the Shias and the Sunnis, while al-Baghdadi refers to the plan to conquer all of Iraq.

One theorist, who apparently was given his information by demons (so even he is somewhat dubious about all the details), believes that a struggle between Islam and the Illuminati is foretold in Islamic prophecy. The predictions refer to a “one-eyed” Antichrist force known as Dajjal, identifiable with the Illuminati due to their one-eyed pyramid symbol. Dajjal symbolizes the Western nations controlled by the Illuminati, who will be defeated by the Mahdi and Islamic Jesus, who in this interpretation are actually the Antichrist and Satan, respectively. In this theory, the Illuminati is actually a scapegoat in a scheme by Satan to convert the world to Islam, and ISIS is a Mossad- and CIA-supported phenomenon to help make this happen.

5 Sino-American War

China Conflict
The threat of conflict between the United States and China is one of the primary geopolitical concerns of the 21st century, but some believe the war has already commenced. The August 2015 explosion at Tianjin that killed 114 people was, in fact, the result of a US kinetic energy weapon, also known as a “Rod of God” and described as “tungsten projectiles orbiting the Earth [that can be fired] at targets on the Earth’s surface. [ . . . ] As the projectile’s kinetic energy is released, the blast would be equivalent to a large conventional bomb . . . a non-nuclear precision weapon . . . that can target anywhere in the world.”

Beijing reacted by immediately suppressing all information about the explosion, and numerous formations of black helicopters were spotted flying over the capital. Further explosions at a chemical factory in Zhejiang province in September were linked to US attacks by conspiracy theorists. The assaults were apparently retaliation for a planned Chinese announcement of their own gold-backed currency as well as plans to sell US debt, supposedly seen as an attempt to sabotage the American economy.

The Chinese have allegedly already launched a counterattack of their own, in the form of a sabotage device that caused explosions at the Sagami General Depot, a US munitions depot near Tokyo. Meanwhile, the supposed secret war has been linked to the sightings of Chinese warships off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea, as well as Russian spy ships near Florida and Georgia.

4 Khazarian Mafia

Apparent Khazar
A strange modern reinterpretation of anti-Semitic thought is found in the Khazarian mafia theory, which posits Judaism as an international crime syndicate that controls the world through ancient Babylonian sorcery. The Khazars were a steppe people in the Ukraine who converted to Judaism. This theory portrays them as a society run by occult masters with a culture of murder, banditry, and identity theft. Their selection of Judaism as a religion was merely a cover for a child-sacrificing state cult of the god Baal (or Moloch or Lucifer), otherwise known as worship of the owl.

When surrounding states prepared to make war on Khazaria, the population used its spy network to relocate to the West, using Oliver Cromwell to invade England and take over the London banking system through Babylonian money magic, also known as the art of creating wealth through usury. They were also said to be the hidden hand behind the Rothschilds, who were supposedly actually known as the Bauers of the Red Shield. Over history, the Khazarian mafia has supposedly been engaging in a war against Abrahamic religion, royalty, the nations of the world in general, and Russia and the US in particular.

The Khazarian mafia are said to be the secret hand behind the Holocaust. They used it as a way to get their own state, masquerading as descendants of the ancient Judeans and using their infiltration of the United States government to bolster their position. They were also, allegedly, the conspiracy behind the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia. Their goal is said to be nothing less than world domination under their own religious and organizational purview.

According to Veterans Today, one of their operatives was overheard in a bar describing their goals for America:

If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.

The Khazarian mafia theory states that the Israeli government is a front for a group that is responsible for every bad thing that has happened in human history, as well as current issues like financial problems and the rise of radical Islam. In spite of the fact that it is highly implausible that such an organization could exist in secret, as well as the lack of any real evidence, there are people out there who really believe that Babylonian Khazar Nazi Communist Banker Jews are behind everything horrible in the world.

3 Satan’s War

Some Christians believe Satanism to be the oldest religion on Earth. (Presumably, they don’t refer to their brand of Christianity as “religion,” just “truth.”) This war is a spiritual one for the most part, invisible to those who are not in the Lord’s army. Satan, who is a fallen cherub by the way, dominates an army of free demons, though another group of demons are chained in the darkness until the day of judgment.

The thinking goes that Satan knows he cannot win and is destined to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ and be defeated. His endgame is to prevent people from achieving salvation, to take down as many humans as he can in the process of his war, largely out of spite, seemingly. Satan fights in the war of the mind, turning human nature into a weapon that he uses to doom us and blind us to Christ, through lust of the flesh, lust of the mind, and pride of life.

According to conspiracy theorist Henry Makow, most religious organizations have been infiltrated by the Satanists, as well as secret societies like the Golden Dawn, Freemasonry, and the Jesuits. Any church with tax-deductible 501(c)3 status is a Satanic front through federal government influence, and the larger churches are worse than the smaller ones. Makow sees the King James Bible as the true Bible of God, while researched and novel bibles like the New International Version are a tool of Satan.

Of course, Christians aren’t the only ones who wholeheartedly believe in Satan’s war on humanity. Some Muslim sites detail the struggle of Satan and his tribe, the Jinn, to control and possess humanity through intoxicants like alcohol and drugs (which weaken a spiritual immune system called the garment of reverence), as well as through gambling and games of chance (which is idol worship contrary to the purpose of God’s plan). Falling under Satan’s spell leads to emotional suffering, disease, and financial problems. Only through repentance and faith in Allah can Satan be defeated.

2 US–Inner Earth Alliance

Inner Earth
Frightening news of a planned struggle for global dominance has been posited by Sorcha Faal, an individual who many believe is actually an Internet hoaxer named David Booth, described by some as a CIA disinformation agent. Others claim that Sorcha Faal is a cover for a multigenerational cabal of Ashkenazim Jewish witches dating from the 13th century. Regardless, in 2012, Sorcha Faal claimed to have information regarding the testimony of a German spy captured by the Russian FSB, who is said to have provided compelling evidence that the United States has entered a secret pact with forces from the inner Earth to achieve global domination.

The German agent, known as Manfred K., supposedly worked at the United States-NATO Ramstein Air Base in Rheinland-Pfalz, where he had access to top-secret documents. These included 1930s and 1940s Nazi documents on secret German underground bases in the Antarctic. There is speculation that the Americans bought the advanced technology to produce atomic weapons and jet engines from the Germans in exchange for allowing the Nazi leadership to withdraw to Antarctica. Operation Highjump was a 1946 US attempt to take these bases, but they were beaten back by the Nazis. Now, however, the US has made a deal with the Devil for world power. Luckily, the Russians are here to save us all.

1 Extraterrestrial Proxy War

Our planet and its political struggles are apparently part of a much wider conflict, as alien forces use human proxies in a struggle for control of the Earth. On one side is the Galactic Federation of Light, founded 4.5 million years ago to prevent the incursion of interdimensional dark forces. The Federation is made up of over 200,000 member star nations or confederations, mostly completely conscious and around 40 percent humanoid. The Galactic Federation is charged with watching over humanity to ensure their proper ascension.

On the other side is the tyrannical Draco-Orion Imperium, composed of the reptilians of Alpha Draconis and the greys of Zeta Reticuli (or Orion, or both), who are a cloned slave race equipped with mind-control implants. The Imperium has supposedly conquered a number of worlds in our section of the galaxy and have been trying to take over Earth since at least 1933, when the greys made a treaty with the Nazis to supply advanced weaponry. Today, the Draco-Orion Imperium is said to work with the military-industrial complex to struggle for global domination, while a Galactic Federation blockade near Neptune prevents the approach of Draconian fleets.

There is a staggering amount of material available online detailing the extraterrestrial proxy war, often contradictory and involving dozens of alien races that are supposedly active on Earth. Those with evil or at least dubious intentions include the aforementioned Draconians and Orions, as well as indigenous reptilians from Earth (who manipulate financial and religious systems), the Annunaki (who seek to control human evolution), and the Sirians (who exchange exotic weapons with us but also abuse civilians in time travel experiments). There are supposedly a number of races with helpful intentions as well, including Lyrans, Vegans, Pleiadians, Ummites, Andromedans, and others.

These theories seem to represent a natural development of conspiracy theory, a grand universal theory that covers the various types of aliens reported by abductees and crazy people across the world. If it were true, it would seem that Earth is the center of a highly complicated and multi-sided political conflict. It’s unlikely our that little planet is quite that special.

David Tormsen hopes to somehow combine all of these into one universal theory. Email him at [email protected].

fact checked by Jamie Frater