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Top 10 Controversial Flags

Flags are meant to be a symbol under which people unite – but in many cases a flag can cause division. Emotions run high when it comes to patriotism so it is not surprising that attempts to change a flag – or to fly a flag which identifies a minority of the members of a nation, can cause animosity. This list looks at 10 flags that are controversial.


The Rainbow Flag

Gay Rainbow Flying Flag

The Rainbow flag or Pride flag of the LGBT community (also known as the gay pride flag) is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements in use since the 1970s. The colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and the flag is often used as a symbol of gay pride in LGBT rights marches. It originated in the United States, but is now used worldwide. Designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978, the design has undergone several revisions to first remove then re-add colors due to widely available fabrics. As of 2008, the most common variant consists of six stripes, with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. The flag is commonly flown horizontally, with the red stripe on top, as the colors would appear in a natural rainbow.


The Angus Flag

 44342695 Angusflag203

In 2007 in Angus, one of the 32 local government council areas of Scotland, the Angus Council decided to scrap the Saltire (the flag of Scotland) and replace it with a new Angus flag. This move led to public outcry across Scotland with more than 7,000 people signing a petition opposing the council’s move, leading to a compromise whereby the Angus flag would not replace but be flown alongside the Saltire on Council buildings. The new flag was criticized as a waste of time and money, as well as a politically motivated move. The design consists of four quarters containing a crowned lion passant, a cinquefoil, a checked strip crossed with buckled belt and a depiction of the heart of Robert the Bruce to represent the four ancient earldoms of Angus.


The Sun of Vergina Flag

Mk 1992

On August 11, 1992, the newly-independent Republic of Macedonia adopted a new flag to replace the old Communist “red star” insignia. The flag depicted a stylized yellow sun centered on a red field with eight main and eight secondary rays emanating from the sun, tapering to a point. This ancient symbol was known as the Vergina Sun or Vergina Star, named after the Greek town where it had been discovered in archaeological excavations of the ancient Macedonian city of Aigai. It had also been adopted by many in the then Socialist Republic of Macedonia to symbolize historical connections between that country and ancient Macedon and had been paraded in demonstrations by ethnic Macedonians at home and abroad.

The flag, the new state’s constitution and its name all became the focus of a bitter dispute between the two countries, during which Greece imposed an economic blockade on the Republic from February 1994. In July 1995, Greece lodged a request with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for exclusive copyright to the Vergina Sun. Greek objections also prevented the flag from being flown at the United Nations Headquarters building in New York. The blockade was lifted in October 1995 when an agreement was reached to change the flag, modify the constitution and resolve the naming dispute through United Nations-sponsored negotiations.


The Pre-Islamic Revolution Iranian Flag


Like the country’s current flag, the former one contains horizontal bands of green, white and red, but the emblem in the middle contains a lion, sun and sword, rather than the four crescents and sword introduced by the Islamic regime in 1980. Recently, the appearance of the pre-Islamic Revolution Iranian flag at U.S. rallies against the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stirred tension between two generations of protesters. While they all came out to express solidarity with protesters in Iran, each group views the flag very differently. Supporters of Iran’s deposed shah often bring out the flag at demonstrations, and some would be happy to see a constitutional monarchy restored in Iran or a secular democracy with no royal figurehead. Younger protesters do not want to give Iran’s rulers any excuse to accuse them of links to a movement that seeks to overthrow the current regime, and often plead with older protesters to put away their flags.


Japan’s Rising Sun Flag


The Rising Sun Flag is the military flag of Japan. It was used as the ensign of the Imperial Japanese Navy and the war flag of the Imperial Japanese Army until the end of World War II. It is also presently the ensign of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the war flag of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. It is also waved during the Japanese New Year and in sporting events. The design is similar to the flag of Japan in that it has a red circle close to the middle signifying the sun, the difference being the addition of extra sun rays (16 for the ensign) exemplifying the name of Japan as “The Land of the Rising Sun”. The flag was used in overseas actions from the Meiji period to World War II. When Japan was defeated in August 1945, the flag was banned by Allied Occupation authorities. However with the re-establishment of a Self-Defense Force the flag was re-adopted in 1954. The flag with 16 rays is today the ensign of the Maritime Self-Defense Force while the Ground Self-Defense Force uses an 8 ray version. This flag is often considered offensive in countries which were victims of Japanese aggression, particularly China and Korea, where it is considered as a symbol of Japanese imperialism.


The Patriotes Flag

800Px-Flag Of The Patriote Movement (Lower Canada).Svg

The Patriotes flag is a politically charged symbol often used by hardline nationalists in Quebec. It was used by the Patriote movement in Lower Canada (present-day Quebec) between 1832 and 1838. It is highly similar to the civil flag of the German bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia. Some theories about its origins pretend that the color green was adopted to represent the Irish of Lower Canada, the color white for the “French Canadians” and red the English of the territory. Some also say that the tricolor style was inspired by the French tricolor, symbol of the French Revolution that inspired the Patriotes. It became the national flag of the Republic of Lower Canada at the Declaration of Independence of Lower Canada in 1838.

Nowadays, it is used by contemporary Quebec independence supporters as a symbol of their movement and ideal. As such, it serves a purpose similar to the Estelada flags, symbols of the Catalan independence movement. It is often seen in crowds at Quebec National Day concerts and gatherings and was featured at the voting day assembly of YES supporters of the 1995 Quebec referendum on independence.


The Flag of Europe

2390666040 2E6B0A9A78

The Flag of Europe is the flag and emblem of the European Union (EU) and Council of Europe (CoE.) It consists of a circle of 12 golden stars on a blue background. The blue represents the west, the number of stars represents completeness, while their position in a circle represents unity. The stars do not vary according to the members of either organization as they are intended to represent all the peoples of Europe, even those outside European integration.

In 1985 the EU, which was then the European Economic Community (EEC), adopted it as its own flag (having had no flag of its own before) at the initiative of the European Parliament. The flag is not mentioned in the EU’s treaties, its incorporation being dropped along with the European Constitution, but it is formally adopted in law. Despite it being the flag of two separate organizations, it is often more associated with the EU due to the EU’s higher profile and heavy usage of the emblem. The flag has also been used to represent Europe in sporting events and as a pro-democracy banner outside the Union. Euroscepticism, a general term for opposition to the European Union or the process of European integration, however, makes its use controversial in some cases.


The Flag of Iraq


On January 21st, 2008, a new flag was confirmed by the Iraqi parliament. In this current version, the three stars were removed, while the Takbir (the words Allaahu Akbar, or “God is Great”) was left written in green Kufic script. The flag is controversial, as some Iraqis refuse to accept the legitimacy of a government whilst foreign troops remain active in Iraq. Some Sunni tribal leaders took offense at the purging of the stars, a symbol of the nation’s former Sunni regime. However, as of April 2009, Anbar province raise the new Iraqi flag as evident on the official site of Anbar province. The New York Times reports that the flag design recently imposed is designed to be temporary and mentions that Iraqis have “expressed varying opinions about the new flag.”


The Confederate Flag


The Confederate battle flag, also called the Southern Cross, Stars and Bars, Dixie Flag, or The Rebel Flag, has been described variously as a proud emblem of Southern heritage and as a shameful reminder of slavery and segregation. In the past, several Southern states flew the Confederate battle flag along with the U.S. and state flags over their statehouses. Others incorporated the controversial symbol into the design of their state flags. The display of the Confederate flag remains a highly controversial and emotional topic, generally because of disagreement over the nature of its symbolism. As a result of these varying perceptions, there have been a number of political controversies surrounding the use of the Confederate flag in Southern state flags, at sporting events, at Southern universities, and on public buildings.

According to Civil War historian and native Southerner Shelby Foote, the flag traditionally represented the South’s resistance to Northern political dominance; it became racially charged during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, when fighting against desegregation suddenly became the focal point of that resistance.


The Flag of the USA


Also called the Stars and Stripes, Old Glory, and The Star-Spangled Banner, the flag features fifty stars, representing the fifty states, and thirteen stripes, which represent the original thirteen colonies that rebelled against the British crown and became the first states in the Union.

The American flag is to some a symbol of the freedom, liberty and opportunity found in the USA, while to others it represents America’s military presence around the world or economic dominance. While it is not uncommon to see news footage of the American flag being burned in protest in the Middle East, it is also sometimes burnt in protest within the country. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that, due to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipality) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, due to its status as “symbolic speech.”

In my opinion, the modern era of multiculturalism in America has brought with it a lack of appreciation for the value of American symbols. America’s earliest generations of immigrants actively assimilated into American culture and appreciated the liberty they were afforded that was often not part of the cultures they left behind.

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  • Laura

    good list. #1 was a surprise though. I don't think it's THAT controversial.

    • Kaykay

      Same here

  • Sander

    Swastika flag would have been my number one, especially since the nazis ripped the symbol off of eastern religion. They f-ed it up forever. One cannot walk into a temple in India without being remembered of the atrocities of the Holocaust and WW2 as a whole, which is a shame.

  • oouchan

    Great list, Rushfan! I knew that the gay pride flag, confederate flag and the usa flag would make it. Thought though that the ussr or the german flag would make an appearance.

    I am not gay, not a southern rebel or an american enthusiast, but I do own all 3 flags. :)

    • pinoyproud

      Philippines flag si number 1 for me

  • Adelleda

    Great list! It’s amazing how much meaning and power a simple flag can portray and how diverse the symbolism behind each flag can be. Liked reading about the Rising Sun flag.

  • Arturo

    great list !.. every flag has a history and motive behind it… you should do a list about most interestng flags or something like that

  • flagfool

    Now this is what I call a list. Its amazing how much a flag can mean to people. One person’s symbol of pride can be another’s symbol of repression. Long may flags fly high!

  • EvilSpwn

    i quite enjoyed reading this. might see some fireworks in the comments section with the last paragraph of the american flag.

  • Phil

    No 10, I always thought it originated with the Inca people and was adopted by LGBT.

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    Interesting list, but I don’t think the EU flag is that controversial.

  • Vika


    Of course the American flag is worse then the Soviet or Nazi flag.

    Nother dumb list.

  • nick

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    6/10 :)

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    Wow never though no. 1 would be on the list. I never heard of it controversial. Nice list btw. But please, more facts and science lists please. Boring stuff these lists are. Great list Rushfan.

  • saber25

    Lol the European flag looks like a magical wizards flag. Hate to mention it. Sorry for Europeans here.

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  • Josh P

    The Italian flag is only controversial because it seems as if every time a human glances upon it, Sbarro’s stock goes up.

  • JokiEone

    Vika – You obviously missed the point with the list.

  • Rufus

    i, as a chinese, want to burn the flag of china…

  • Zombie Julie

    I must admit, nothing bothers me more than seeing people who are way to zealous in their flying of the American flag. I understand that it’s a “symbol” of the the country, I just don’t care to see it, or “worship” it in the way that a lot of people think we should be doing.

  • Shagrat

    Anti-US much?

    BTW – if you were going to include ‘controversial’ flags, why didn’t you include the Eureka Flag of Gold Rush Australia?

    It was, and is, at least as politically based as the rebel Flag

    • the mick

      Agreed. It is.

  • prod

    I think the swastika’s omission is pretty steep. USSR flag, The Red Banner–Hammer and sickle? Dude you get an F.

    • the mick

      lol, massive agreement from me !
      the Nazi swastika is still VERY taboo in just about every country.

  • Garash

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  • Pink

    I was in Quebec in 1995 and took part in the yes part of the referendum for independence in Quebec. I do not recall have seen the #5 flag anywhere exept in histry books ~smiles~. However there were tons and tons of the actual quebec flags and all kind of stickers written yes on them.

    • Nat

      I live in Quebec, and I have never seen #5 in my life. I have no clue where this one was dug out from.

      • Kandiell

        i was born in quebec and lived there for the bigger part of my life and if you guys never saw that flag its because you are both blind, every year at the st-jean-baptiste its flying everywhere, although a more “modern” version is that flag as backdrop and the historical drawing of the “typical patriote” in the middle, wearing the tuque, the scarf belt, smoking the pipe and holding a rifle, symbol that the patriotes were not soldiers, they were ordinary men defending their values and land against the “british invador”

  • randomprecision24

    Nice list Rushfan.

    But it reminds me,
    I miss warrrr :'(

  • DC

    i liked the list but maybe not the contents of the list; i think the union jack is atleast a little bit controversial in the fact that the Welsh arent really represented (i know that technically they are and whatever but still). and yea that last paragraph was a leetle pompous.

  • DeepForestGreen

    Your reasoning for saying the US. flag is not clear. Because some people have protested it? Because you think immigrants don’t appreciate it? I’m really not sure what you’re telling us.

  • Metalwrath

    I appreciate the last paragraph of this list. The problem with immigrants disrespecting their “adoptive” or “new” country exists in every western nation, so this includes western Europe (England, France, the Netherlands and Germany in particular).

  • undaunted warrior

    Nice list Rushfan.

    I miss sky…

  • Metalwrath

    Since many people complain about the nazi flag omission, you should have included a mention of it, as well as other racist-related flags (apartheid..etc..), with the southern rebel flag.

  • Disgruntled

    What a rubbish list. You focused too much on flags with history (american) and left out genuinely controversial flags. As the comments before me say, the ussr, nazi germany, the union jack. But others too like angola, israel and ireland. Open your eyes further than america

  • Peeps

    There is no greater representation of freedom than the USA’s tolerance in allowing our flag to be burned in protest.

  • MommaDuck

    “In my opinion, the modern era of multiculturalism in America has brought with it a lack of appreciation for the value of American symbols. America’s earliest generations of immigrants actively assimilated into American culture and appreciated the liberty they were afforded that was often not part of the cultures they left behind.”

    Wonderfully said!
    This land was built by immigrants who longed for freedom of every kind. A good number of the people that I’ve come in contact with, that are from other countries, don’t seem to appreciate all of the blood, sweat, and tears this country took to build. As I’m sure is common with other countries as well.

    Great list rushfan!

    • Igor

      You Americans think you live in a freedom, haha, man come to Serbia or Holland and you will see what is the real ” freedom”, one that you’ll never experience in your precious USA. But i guess your statment is based on the fact that you haven’t been anywhere outside of USA. The USA freedom you are talking about is gone 100 years ago. Patriot Act says everything!

  • L

    @oouchan (27): Thought though that the ussr or the german flag would make an appearance.

    Why not combine it?

  • El_Karlo

    Can’t remember the country but im sure there is a flag with an AK-47 on it, surely that warrants controversy.

  • deepthinker

    Cool list. Being from the Southern US, I still see the Confederate Flag alot, and it is sad that most people still don’t know much of the history behind it. My father would fly it proudly on Martin Luther King Day because he was a delusional racist. So naturally, I feel resentment toward the flag for that reason alone, which really isn’t fair. Needless to say, there is not one in my home.
    On another note, I would so want to fly a Rainbow flag, because it is so friggen beautiful!! I’m all for gay pride, but I want to fly one just because I like rainbows.

  • Arsenal

    Id skip quebecs flag and id put in belgiums flag instead. But thats just me

  • Hodari

    Did you know, that the flag of Mosabic has an AK-47 rifle in it?

  • Jon

    I live in Quebec and I’ve never seen that flag before (#5) though our flag now is controversial enough because there are a significant amount of french seperatists who want to seperate quebec from the rest of canada… those seperatists are all uneducated french garbage who don’t understand economics at all

    • Rowdy

      I'm american, and i have a lot of respect for those ( uneducated french garbage ) you're talking about. I lived in Montreal during mid 90's and I made a lot of friends there. I really hope they will separates from the rest of canada someday, a beautiful dream. Who wants to be part of canada anyway? heh?

      • Kandiell

        i was born in quebec from a separatist mother and a father who dont give squat bout politics, i agree quebec is truly unique in canada on many levels, but i dont believe they should separate, for strenght is found in unity, i think a lot of french people need to stop complaining bout the english and vice-versa.

        also, im all about free speech and sharing opinions, but insulting a people and their causes is simply disrespectfull and ignorant, you have no idea whats going on theere (talking to jon, not rowdy)

  • Derek

    Surprisingly, only one of the flags had any religious controversy

  • wil9000

    The “Stars and Bars” is regularly defended as not being racist, but being a symbol of Southern Heritage Pride. I’m fine with that, but if so, then it is the responsibility of those who defend its use to make sure it is never, under ANY circumstances, used by racist groups like the KKK or the Neo-Nazis.

    • Magnumto

      I'm from the South (Texas), and I can understand why the Confederate flag is a symbol of slavery to some. But what you say is true – to me, it's a symbol of my southern heritage. Although I would gladly acquiesce to even an implied request that I not display it in some forums – for instance on MLK Day – I won't give it up completely. I just don't feel one groups offense at a symbol trumps all else. That's what living in a free country is all about.

  • Tom Wang

    I know the list doesn’t say it explicitly, but it seems all these flags are still flown by world (or local) governments. The nazi or soviet flag would not be in this list. Also “controversy” to me would suggest that a great deal (as opposed to a small margin) of people support the flag as oppose it.

  • Ms_Design_Geek

    #2 is incorrect. The flag depicted there a modern melding of the Confederate battle flag & Confederate navy jack. The stars & bars flag of the confederacy had a look reminicent of the original flag of the United States with a circle of stars on a blue field with red & white bars of color.

  • Shadow Lord

    I was expecting two flags:

    1. Nazi flag (Swastic symbol): Obvious to everyone I guess.

    2. The Indian Flag (during the British Raj): Vande Mataram and the Indian Flag (of various versions) were the weapons used during the non-violence movement and the freedom fighters were bashed mercilessly by the British.

  • bucslim

    Good list rushie, and did you notice you got a compliment from obama?

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Good list. Although could have been longer to include some of the flags other people are bitching about.

  • Cormac

    What about Ireland’s Tricolour????

  • alex

    strange to see the American flag on here. I’ve never seen it as more than just a symbol of freedom… And to make it more controversial than the Confederate flag? I think someone is just trying to spark some controversy of their own.

  • undaunted warrior

    The new flag of the RSA was unvailed in April 1994 wnen the country became a democracy, for those that are interisted.

  • someoneyouwillneverknow

    The American Flag is the real flag of the KKK.

  • archangel

    I guess there are quite a few notable omissions that should’ve also been here. But nice list regardless. The American flag was quite a twist, but it has a point. I hope people on this thread, and most especially the Americans, understand that there is quite a lot of pent-up resentment towards America across the globe from Latin America, Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and well… everywhere. (Contrarily, there is also a lot of praise and admiration… never forget the flipside). In any case, I’m not quite sure that the American flag ‘itself’ is controversial cause when it’s burnt in rallies and stuff, they’re really attacking America and not the controversiality of the flag itself.

  • General-Jake

    Yeah well your wrong about that last paragraph homy. My chest puffs out and i still salute Old Glory when i see her. Im married to a mexican girl my best freind is gay and i jus made a scottish guy and a sudanese guy new homys of mine. Americas old ways are alive and well. For the land of the free…

  • General-Jake

    Lol besides an american flag as controversial? And as number one??? Rushfan ever hear of the nazi regime stupid ass?

  • Anon

    Okay, #1 has no business being on this list and I’m stunned that this one isn’t in it’s place:

  • charleywilks

    Great list – with a few omissions: peace symbol flag; Black Power, etc
    Makes me wonder what a world flag might look like: color(s), symbol (Big Blue Marble), etc. Flags make powerful statements of identity, unity and purpose. We may not be evolved enough to warrant an all inclusive statement but a world flag might help to tell yus we are all one, in this together, and call for recognition of and respect for our differences as well as our strengths. Also, a good, strong flag can be the beginning of something worht following.

  • 7raul7

    Pretty good list but the absence of Nazi Swastika & the communist Sickle & hammer have been a bit of a disappointment. Also, i was expecting flags with weapon & stuff & IMHO, Isreal’s flag should have been in place of the U.S’ because it isn’t controversial, people just like to burn it as a mark of hatred & anger towards America.

    & then,

    Pretty interesting link there.

  • ianz09

    @General-Jake (55): And the home of the brave. I’m with you there man, proud to be American and proud to not be the stereotypical pricks that usually represent us.

  • Skrillah


    nvm, ahmedinjad is a cool dude though, friends with Mr.Rajapakse, the man who eliminated the most dangerous terrorist group in the world, singlehandedly.

    The list takes a turn towards the typical amateurish, cheap shock value bullshit( which is a commonality in Listverse)with the inclusion of the ”Old glory”.Now thats sad…

  • Skrillah

    @ 55 general jake : ”Im married to a mexican girl my best freind is gay and i jus made a scottish guy and a sudanese guy new homys of mine. Americas old ways are alive and well.”

    well thats pretty normal compared to my story, Im a muslim Skinhead, married to an indian shemale and have a Sow as my second wife ( Currently dating a afghan stripper), my brother is a gay black guy, and.. to make matters even more normal my dog is circumcised while im not. Top that !!

  • Kay

    I found this list very interesting. It was a good read.

  • ianz09

    @Skrillah (62): Damn.

  • shamzahm

    What about the House of Romanov?

  • Joni

    Great list.

    To those who question the controversial nature of the american flag, I suggest you take a trip to a third world country and try flying it. You’ll be in for quite a surprise.

  • DJ

    “That we take these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”
    Thomas Jefferson, philosopher, statesman, slave-owner, third President of the United States
    Is America a land of opportunity or a domineering hegemon? Well, both, actually. We’ve been a conflicted nation since day one, as the above quoted section of the Declaration of Independence shows.

  • pestonmama

    You left out the flag of the Conch Republic!!!! Talk about controversial!!

  • Jstar

    I thought the Confederate Battle Flag would be #1 when I started the list. I was so close… but… the Confederate Battle Flag is NOT the Stars and Bars. The Stars and Bars is the 1st flag of the Confederacy and looks NOTHING like the battle flag… Not very well researched I feel. I’m also not sure what is trying to be said about #1, the USA flag. The only cited controversy was whether or not one should be able to burn it within the country of America. ??? Thats not much of a controversy when you look at many of the other flags on (and off) the list.

  • atheists eat fish

    How about this one? Its existence has surely pissed some people off. It was banned for awhile as Palestinians were not thought to be worthy of the same national pride as everyone else, but expected to bow down to their white (British and Isreali) masters.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    In my own opinion, this is the second most boring list on this site, next to Ways to Remove a Stain one.

  • Von Melee

    In my opinion, you made a highly fragmented list of seven flags with little to NO controversy, two with varying controversy (#2 and #10), and 1 that is guaranteed to start a firestorm on the comments.

    Glad you got your rocks off with your final statement.

    “In my opinion, the modern era of multiculturalism in America has brought with it a lack of appreciation for the value of American symbols. America’s earliest generations of immigrants actively assimilated into American culture and appreciated the liberty they were afforded that was often not part of the cultures they left behind.”

    Not everyone who immigrates here, done so willingly.
    Not every immigrant is illegal.
    Not every legal immigrant is treated as such.

    P.S. I am a natural born U.S. citizen and have lived here my whole twenty-four years of life.

  • RealTimeSatellite

    Vergina is lovely

  • Maggot

    I think criticisms for not including the Nazi flag are off base. IMO it is not “controversial”, in that it is pretty much reviled by all (other than extreme white supremist groups). No one tries to defend it as being representative of a positive message.

    @wil9000 (44): The “Stars and Bars” is regularly defended as not being racist, but being a symbol of Southern Heritage Pride.

    I doubt that you’d see very many (U.S.) southern black folks “proudly” defending it and the “heritage” it represents to them. It’s a divisive symbol, plain and simple, and remains so to this day.

    I’m fine with that, but if so, then it is the responsibility of those who defend its use to make sure it is never, under ANY circumstances, used by racist groups like the KKK or the Neo-Nazis.

    It’s a noble idea you propose here, but it’s the wrong approach IMO. Nothing wrong with regional pride mind you, and there certainly are many cultural things that southerners can be proud of. But then, why not pick a symbol that everyone in the region would be happy to rally around, rather than disingenuously try to redefine what many consider to be a negative one?

  • Andres

    Controversial doesn’t mean taboo or subject of censorship. Controversial means, well, controversial. I completely agree with number one, as no other flag in the world connotes such sharply contrasting concepts as the USA flag does. To some it is the ultimate symbol of freedom and democracy and prosperity, to others it is the symbol of imperialism and intervention. To some it is the principal flag of the forces of good, to others it is the symbol of evil. (I know that sounds corny but what the hell am I supposed to do, that’s the way it is.) If that’s not controversial then I just don’t know what that word means.

  • jjj

    “In my opinion, the modern era of multiculturalism in America has brought with it a lack of appreciation for the value of American symbols.”

    Ever think that is because this:

    “America’s earliest generations of immigrants actively assimilated into American culture and appreciated the liberty they were afforded that was often not part of the cultures they left behind.”

    doesn’t apply in full anymore? With all the paranoia, xenophobia, etc.

  • Randall

    Rushfan, stick to writing lists about the plight of women and children around the world, because it’s with those topics that you do a good job. This list, however, seems to have been written more as an excuse, as a buildup to a shallow political statement. I won’t even mention, for the present, the repeat posting of the Confederate flag.

    “…the modern era of multiculturalism in America has brought with it a lack of appreciation for the value of American symbols.”

    On what do you base this belief that our “symbols” are undervalued today? Do which symbols do you refer?

    “America’s earliest generations of immigrants actively assimilated into American culture and appreciated the liberty they were afforded that was often not part of the cultures they left behind.”

    Where is your evidence that today’s immigrants are not assimilating, and do not appreciate the liberty they receive here?

    Today is a different world from one hundred years ago. Do people still come here for freedom? Sure, some. But most come here for *work.* For jobs. To make money. And in fact, let’s not kid ourselves, that was always a reason for coming here.

  • ChevalierDupin

    Thank you for your final comment under the 1st entry, Rushfan. That is one of the biggest issues facing the US today…we have an enormous amount of immigrants who apparently want to be here to escape oppressions and lack of opportunities in their native countries or to make American money, yet they are completely unwilling to assimilate to American culture. There is no issue with an individual or family or community retaining aspects of their native culture, whether it be in their own homes or through social/religious functions. As someone whose family originates from other countries and have a parent and grandparents who emigrated to the US, I grew up understanding that it was important to accept and cultivate American values as a family while still retaining aspects and respect for our natural heritage and culture. Unfortunately, many people who come to live and work in our country now do not have this point of view.

    Von Melee, there is nothing in Rushfan’s statement that implies any of your 3 rebuttles. The fact remains that the USA is by definition a country comprised of individuals from diverse and unique backgrounds…but that doesn’t and shouldn’t take away from what has grown and established itself as American cultural values. My family, when they came over here, sought and strove to become a part of the cultural fabric of this country, and that is the biggest difference between emigrants of old and emigrants (whether legal or illegal) of today.

    I use the example of Andrew Carnegie, a native Scotsman who came to the US to develop his steel industry. He came here, created his industry, not to make steel for Scotland, but to make it for the US. He put back into this economy and society that which was granted to him when he first began his empire. Now, we see foreigners working all over the place who continue to act like foreigners, not like Americans, and who make money that inevitably goes to their relatives in their countries of origin…not back into the American economy.

    There is something wonderful about sharing and exploring and preserving various cultural roots and customs, but not at the point of alienating oneself or ones family from the culture and society in which you live. If I decided to up and move to another country, I would be expected to abide by their governing social customs…even if I would naturally retain certain elements of my American upbringing, it would be my responsibility as the newcomer to research and investigate and appropriately participate in the new cultural environment. We lack that from many immigrants here in the US.

  • Carlos

    A strong argument against #2: it really has very little history in the Confederacy. The Confederate battle flag was perfectly square. The flag you picture is the ensign that Confederate ships flew in harbor (not at sea) and it’s close to the battle flag of the army of Tennessee. So it really is just a banner the racists picked to represent the continuation of Jim Crow.

  • Carlos

    The Confederate banner in those Southern flags is the square battle banner, so it can be argued that its use in those flags is a nod to history.

  • Carlos

    I checked Wikipedia’s excellent article “Flags of the Confederate States of America.” A variation of the flag was used as the Second Confederate Naval Jack from 1863 to 1865 and another variation was the banner of the Army of Tennessee from 1864 to 1865. And those were the only uses of anything like the rectangular “Confederate Flag” anytime during the war.

  • forgottenpatriot

    5/10 because the communist, Nazi, Fascists flags aren’t here.

    The confederate flag has mixed emotions all across the U.S.

  • Link of Hyrule

    I remember the flag from the TV series “Jericho” I believe that was controversal.

  • Can I just point out that the Nazi symbol is the controversial thing – not a flag bearing it. The symbol was not just used on the state flag. To decry its exclusion would be like asking where the SS flag is – because their symbol is hateful too and they also had a flag with it on.

  • gabi319

    Re: Active assimilation & American cultur

    Oh…actively (and I suppose peacably) assimilating just as the immigrants of the past had done upon their arrival in New York, particularly the area now known as Five Points? Actively assimilating even though there have been Chinatowns, Little Italy’s, etc. far longer than just recent times? oh yes, sarcastically speaking, I suppose it was a peaceful and active assimilation into their new country’s culture…

    If by earliest generations America, you refer to just after the United States was formed, let’s not forget it wasn’t so much a unified nation as a union of separately governed states complete with their own currencies. So when striving for immigrant assimilation into this “monocultural USA”, exactly what single culture are you describing? The Virginians who took their English ways of life with them to the New World? The Pennsylvanians who took their Germanic roots and cooking with them? If we go a little further into an established America, perhaps you are referring to the French & Haitian influences of Louisiana.

    If you’re speaking about much earlier in history, in reference to the colonies that later formed the United States of America… Well, had they assimilated to the culture that already existed in America, we’d most likely be living in teepees, adobe huts and longhouses and our Native American population wouldn’t be as greatly diminished as currently is, now would it?

    It’s hard to quantify American appreciation into categories like “immigrant”, “Natural born” and “My family’s lived here for generations”. I’ve come to believe that many immigrants striving to be naturalized citizens know and adore more about American history (and its symbols) than those who’ve lived with here their whole lives. I can’t remember the article but a while back, as a fun experiment the INS Naturalization test was given to born citizens. The test is pretty basic – history and meaning of the flag, notable people in the Revolution, the presidents, process of law making and enforcing, knowing the applicant’s state’s congressmen and governor, specific amendments, etc. Should everyone be required to pass the test for naturalization (regardless of if they were born here or not), many people certainly wouldn’t pass the test. The scores were embarrassing to say the least.

    I can appreciate the sentiment that immigrants should abide by the official language and laws of their adopted country but to say they have to eradicate their past and totally assimilate to an “American Culture” doesn’t work when American Culture essentially absorbed the cultures of those that entered the country and its identity was and always is in flux. Unless we choose to become Amish, an American group who resisted the nation’s ever-changing cultural identity in favor of their original life’s mission. Or we can vilify them for not accepting modern Americana like Fast Food French Friends and Chinese take-out Fortune Cookies. So, again, which American culture do you refer to?

  • Maximuz04

    Does anyone know the origin of flags? And if native American peoples used them (in the US, and the aztec 0r incas?)

  • cheapskate

    A typical american view again that everything they do is number 1. The american flag is not controversial just because people who aren’t happy with the way the americans try to run the world like to burn it to show how they feel. A controversial flag is something that causes controversy because what the image on the flag is, not what it represents. Israel’s flag is controversial because it contains the star of david, a jewish symbol, but not only jews live in israel. Therefore the flag itself alienates the minorities who live in israel. If you want to a flag that is controversial for what and who it represents, then look at the flag of Tibet. People have died for wearing, holding or displaying this flag and will continue to do so. Dislike of a flag is not a controversial thing so i seriously disagree and am actually very annoyed that america is your number 1

  • redcaboose

    An interesting list, Rushfan, and I learned a lot. I just want to make one comment: As a combat veteran, I know what a powerful symbol a flag can be. And that is true for all veterans, from all countries. It becomes a real, tangible thing, that you can touch, and use to express your feelings. That some want to burn it, both from the country of the flag and without, only suggests at the strong feelings that a flag conveys. Embrace your flag, and hope that you never lose it.

  • Shallow and pedantic

    wow! That was an interesting read, hope there’s 2nd one

  • Ohh …
    this article is so interesting & informative.
    Thanks Jamie


  • General-Jake

    Skrilla… lololol holy shiiiit. i was gona add in that my neighbors a redneck (even flys the confederate flag on his pickup) but nevermind.
    Ianz09…. right on brother. I dont hate on other countries or cultures and i think we are hella misrepresented sometimes

  • Flaginfo

    For all interested in flags, check out the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) at!

  • cheese

    what about the Australian Aboriginal flag?

  • sof

    Another America-centric list. The American flag shouldn’t even be on this list, let alone in the number one spot. Only Americans think their flag is controversial…

  • ianz09

    @General-Jake (91): Amen to that. You can be a proud American without being an arrogant asshole. Glasses up to the true, honest, friendly, tolerant Americans!

  • ianz09

    Rushfan, are you American?

  • gav

    Regarding #1, you should have also mentioned the controversy around it’s being on the moon due to the “faked” moon landing.

  • k1w1taxi

    @gabi319 (85): Well said


  • Dave

    Please, the flag in #2 is NOT THE STARS AND BARS. Not sure why so many are confused about that?

  • auroranorth

    ”I doubt that you’d see very many (U.S.) southern black folks “proudly” defending it and the “heritage” it represents to them. It’s a divisive symbol, plain and simple, and remains so to this day.”
    what a poorly thought out, uneducated statement, thousands of Black Confederate troops were taken to Illinois by cattle car then executed against a prison wall by Lincolns government. When put to a vote recently Mississippi kept their Confederate flag. In the North The Confederate flag is a number one seller at events. The list is a joke the Nazi flag is clearly the most controversial.

  • yeah

    Utterly boring list. It could have been much better.

  • victordavis

    Not well thought out nor researched. You missed much thus failed!

  • lo

    as mentioned by many, the “confederate flag” is not “the stars and bars”. the “stars and bars” has 3 red and white bars and a circle of stars on a blue square.

    also, the rainbow flag is controversial in peru/bolivia/the andes, as it was in use there as a symbol of the inca culture since the early 1900’s (it is flown as the “city flag” of cusco today). when the gay pride movement adopted it there was anger in some of the largely catholic citizens of these areas……

  • Dave

    I find it curious that the flag of the Third Reich did not appear on this list.

  • Callie19

    way to go, rushie

  • kenwoodplc

    your blog is really unique, i like it , keep it up .

  • Stacy Braswell

    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    of the United States of America (but not the phoney who thinks hes the president)
    and to the republic for which it stands
    one nation
    indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

  • Macedon

    No8. It is a symbol of ancient macedonians who are linked with the todays Macedonians. Not the greeks, they are liars.

    Sun of Vergina = Sun of Kutles.
    In the previous century the Greeks were changing the names of macedonians cities, villages etc.
    The name and flag dispute continues till now. This several years Macedonia has a lot of pressure to change them forever :( .

  • Macedonia

    Vote for number 8 :D Respect for macedonians for united Macedonia

  • Tats

    Scroll up and down using your mouse wheel on the Japanese flag. :)

  • lo

    @Stacy Braswell (107):

    well, you do know that “under god” was only added to “the pledge” in 1954, in response to weird cold-war fears, yes?

    thus, the phrase “under god” has nothing to do with the US founding fathers, or anything at all about the general founding spirit of the USA?

    just wondering if you knew that…..

  • lo

    @Stacy Braswell (107):

    uhm, and there is NO DOUBT that obama is the legitimately elected president, and legally valid president, of the USA.

    if you doubt this is true, you are some kind of deluded person, who is divorced from reality.

    you have all my pity and best wishes for recovery and full health in the future. please be well.

  • Jonathan Mayers

    About Republic of Macedonia Flag.
    The temporary RIGHT name for this country is FYROM (Former Yugoslav Rebuplic of Macedonia). The fact that many country have falsily recognised it with the name Republic of Macedonia shows empathy about Greece and envy about Greece’s History.
    As a Historian I must say that FYROM is a country that consists of many different ethnic groups, and seeking anxiously acknowledgement of the other.
    Around 30% of its population consider themselves Albanians. 70% speaks Bulgarian.
    At least they can steal something of ancient Macedonia’s glorious history.

  • mkd

    MACEDONIAN flag (Vergina-Kutlesh sun in Macedonian) is not controversial. Only gaygreeks use their possition to blackmail Republic of Macedonia.
    This sun on a Red flag is only MACEDONIAN

  • JosephineSouthern

    I am a Confederate Southern AMERICAN.


    In 1861, when they perceived their rights to be threatened; when those who would change the nature of the government of their fathers were placed in charge; when threatened with change they could not accept the mighty men of valor began to gather. A band of brothers, native to the Southern soil, they pledged themselves to a cause; the cause of defending family, firesides, and faith. Between the desolation of war and their homes they interposed their bodies and they chose me as their symbol. I AM THEIR FLAG.

    Their mothers, wives and sweethearts took scissors and thimbles, needles and thread and from silk or cotton or calico – whatever was the best they had – even from the fabric of their wedding dresses, they cut my pieces and stitched my seams. I AM THEIR FLAG

    On courthouse lawns, in picnic groves, at train stations across the South the men mustered and the women placed me in their hand. “Fight hard, win if possible, come back if you can, but, above all, maintain your honor. Here is your symbol,” they said. I AM THEIR FLAG.

    They flocked to the training grounds and the drill fields. They felt the wrenching sadness of leaving home. They endured sickness, loneliness, boredom, bad food and poor quarters. They looked to me for inspiration. I AM THEIR FLAG.

    I was at Sumter when they began in jubilation. I was at Big Bethel when the infantry fired its first volley. I smelled the gun smoke along Bull Run in VA and at Belmont along the MS. I was in the debacle at Ft. Donelson; I led Jackson up the Valley; for Seven Days I flapped in the turgid air of the James River bottoms as McClelland ran from before Richmond. Sidney Johnston died for me at Shiloh as would thousands of others whose graves are marked Sine Nomine, “without a name,” unknown. I AM THEIR FLAG.

    With ammunition gone they defended me along the railroad bed at Manassas by throwing rocks. I saw the fields run red with blood at Sharpsburg. Brave men carried me across Doctor’s Creek at Perryville. I saw the Blue bodies cover Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg and the Gray ones fall like leaves in the Round Forest at Stones River. I AM THEIR FLAG!

    I was a shroud for the body of Stonewall after Chancellorsville. Men ate rats and mule meat to keep me flying over Vicksburg. I tramped across the wheat field with Kemper and Armistead and Garnett at Gettysburg. I know the thrill of victory, the misery of defeat, the bloody cost of both. I AM THEIR FLAG!

    When Longstreet broke the line at Chickamauga I was in the lead. I was the last off Lookout Mountain. Men died to rescue me at Missionary Ridge. I was singed by the wildfire that burned to death the wounded in the Wilderness. I was shot to tatters in the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania. I was in it all from Dalton to Peachtree Creek and no worse place did I ever see than Kennesaw and New Hope Church. They planted me over the trenches at Petersburg and there I stayed for many long months. I AM THEIR FLAG.

    I was rolled in blood at Franklin; I was stiff with ice at Nashville. Many good men bade me farewell at Saylor’s Creek. When the end came at Appomattox, when the last Johnny Reb left Durham Station many of them carried fragments of my fabric hidden on their bodies. I AM THEIR FLAG!

    In the hard years of so-called “Reconstruction;” in the difficulty and despair of years that slowly passed, the veterans, their wives and sons and daughters, they loved me. They kept alive the tales of valor and the legends of bravery. They passed them on to the grandchildren and they to their children and so they were passed to you. I AM THEIR FLAG!

    I have shrouded the bodies of heroes, I have been layed with the blood of martyrs, I am enshrined in the hearts of millions, living and dead. Salute me with affection and reverence. Keep undying devotion in your hearts. I AM HISTORY. I AM HERITAGE, NOT HATE. I AM THE INSPIRATION OF VALOR FROM THE PAST. LOOK AWAY, DIXIE LAND! I AM THEIR FLAG!

    …..Dr. Michael R. Bradley

  • John Green

    flag number 8 ,to all that doesn’t know the true , that’s ancient macedonian flag which is used by Alexader Macedonian (The Great) and belong to all macedonians that now lives in (modern) Macedonia because thay are only successors of the glorious ancient macedonian history , and also thay use that flag today oftentimes

  • auroranorth

    ”uhm, and there is NO DOUBT that obama is the legitimately elected president, and legally valid president, of the USA.

    if you doubt this is true, you are some kind of deluded person, who is divorced from reality.

    you have all my pity and best wishes for recovery and full health in the future. please be well.”

    Avoid the issue and attack the messenger,
    it has always been the tactic of the Marxists to suggest that any political opponent is mentally ill, gives them justification for forced labor camps disguised as medical facilities. I dont think I want him fooling with the medical system. and I agree, there is strong evidence he is not eligible to hold the office.

  • saber25

    Hehe this is now on controversial because of it’s name

  • saber25

    Um @JosephineSouthern(115) Then I am the KKK flag which led Philippines to victory…I AM THE *^%[email protected]$^#@$^&*! FLAG!

  • Menko

    @Jonathan Mayers (113): Hello Mr. Mayers, according to your statement, you are historian. Very well, in this case I expect you to know few simple stuff about history, naming, languages … etc.

    I want to describe some small difference between Cyrillic and Latin letters (alphabet).
    We all know that the name of the set of letters used in the Latin world is named ALPHABET – a word consisted of the Greek letters Alpha and Beta, as a symbol for the Greek set of letters.

    With all those differences, Cyrillic and Latin letters are pretty similar, and often mistaken. For example the name Jordan, if written in Cyrillic looks very similar: ?????? and this is just one thing, the other thing is it’s pronounced as Yordan so the voice for the letter J is not ‘jay’ but ‘why’. So all those J names and words are actualy Y names and words. In addition to this, the same similarity exists with the letter B, in Cyrillic this letter is actually V, so Babylon is Vavilon, Basil is Vasil, and Bulgaria is actually Vulgaria = The land of the vulgar people!!!

    Please Mr. Historian, do not to say that Macedonians speak Vulgar language!!!

    Furthermore, if you are really a historian, you should know where certain names come from. Let’s take Alexander him self for our example. If someone asks ignorants like you, what kind of a name is Alexander (Aleksandar) you will answer: Greek.

    Let’s analyse something, according to this wiki – “Etymologically, the name is a compound of the Greek verb ????? (alex?) “to push back”,”to hold off” and the noun ?????? (andros), genitive of ???? (an?r) “man”. Thus it may be roughly translated as the man who was unbeatable.” And there is a list of how this name is written/pronounced in various languages.

    This would have been all good, except the name Cassander exists: is not interpreted as the name of Alexander, which leads us to a conclusion like this:

    Aleksandar – Kasandar, what is the same in these two names? The basis of the name, of-course. And the basis of the name is “sandar”. If you make a research, you will see that the names like: Sande, Sander, Sandar, Cando (Tsando), Cande(Tsande) are very common names for Republic of Macedonia. This name also appears in Croatia under the variation Sanader. Or, in Bosnia, the male name is often variated as Senad, and the girls name Senada.

    The problem with you Mr. So Called Historian is that, evidently, you only read Greek books! Let me remind you that Greece was not the only inhabited teritory at the time of Alexander III (third) of Macedon, let me tell you that Greece was conquered by Filip (Phillip) The Second of Macedon, the word Phillipic is named after Filip of Macedon please read this Mr. So Called Historyan:

    There is a lot more to say about this issue and your ignorance, but what can I do, it’s your fault!

  • gambardella

    What about the banner of Ulster? (A St. Georges Cross with a star, a crown and a red hand) That should be number 1 and it’s not even on the list….

  • Skrillah

    @ 91 General jake… umm about that redneck who flies the confederate flag..(i dnt know how the fuk u got to know about that), Me and my KKK mates got together with the local bloods and u know….the rest is history. We try to maintain a minimum IQ in our neighborhood Billy was waaay below par…so had to do something.

    On a serious note though Every country has Assholes, Every country has Racist/Fundamentalists lunatics,And more importantly On the other hand every country has pretty Nice dudes as well, so its really ”Redneckish”(:P) to generalize and call America ”The whore of the pacific” or label UK as the ”land of pricks”…Its just plain dis respective. Its the second most Neanderthalish thing to do, other than fighting over beliefs i.e. Relegions.

  • Willis1690

    What about the Red Hand Of Ulster or other Irish/Northern Irish flags, even the Union Jack is rather controversial these days.

  • mateja


  • mateja


  • Nice List! I think your right about the US flag, America is a melting pot, but no one who comes here should be ashamed of embracing our traditions and symbols as their own (as long as all your paperwork is in order)

  • Vangelis K.

    The use of Vergina Sun is just another attempt to steal a certain part of Greek History. “Macedonia”‘s population is a mixture of Albanians and Bulgarians, with no historical connection to ancient Macedonians, a Greek tribe.

    This tiny country, with huge problems, and internal strugles, has stupid expantionist ambitions against Greek, just a continuation of Tito’s plans.

  • Amy
  • Cassia

    To those who say they were expecting the Nazi and USSR flag: the list is for controversial flags, and it seems that we’re all in agreement that those flags represent an evil regime. No controversy there.

  • Rudy

    There is one statement I disagree with about the Patriotes flag. In the description it is stated: It is highly similar to the civil flag of the German bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Patriotes flag is green, white and red…the flag of North Rhine-Westphalia is blue, white, and red.

  • someone else

    Really the US is #1? Really? The United States Flag is more controversial then the Nazi flag or the Confederate flag? Give me a break.

    This website is becoming more and more predictable. I just had to read the title and I knew what #1 was going to be.

  • Petie

    The Nazi flag is missing. The Nazi flag should be the most controversial flag hands down.

  • sof

    auroranorth, perhaps you’d like to share this evidence with the class. Do you have anything beyond the usual tinfoil about his birth certificate (which he HAS provided for public scrutiny), his father’s heritage, or the word of a corrupt Kenyan dictator?

  • Blair

    Okay list but seems a bit… half assed.

    How on earth Northern Ireland is not be number 1 is beyond me.

  • auroranorth

    ”auroranorth, perhaps you’d like to share this evidence with the class. Do you have anything beyond the usual tinfoil about his birth certificate (which he HAS provided for public scrutiny), his father’s heritage, or the word of a corrupt Kenyan dictator?”

    you want me to provide your education now ? on all topics or just where the mac daddy is concerned ? he released a certificate of Birth, not a birth Certificate. A certificate of birth simply legally proves someone was born and who they are, not where they were born, this particular document says his father was Black, sorry in the 1960’s Blacks were Negroes in the eyes of the legal authorities of the State of Hawaii. Whoever forged this screwed up big time. He was born in Kenya at the hospital where they are building a statue of him to commemorate his birth place. He holds dual citizenship and is not eligible to be the candidate for President. Neither is John Mc Cain.

  • GTT

    Well, this was an interesting read… I this, however, thta I would have chosen flags with greater controversy such as Northern Ireland or ETA in Spain. Those controversies have much more bitter consequences than the EU flag (or the Quebec flag).

    The inclusion of the American flag I can live with. Flags are not necessarily controversial because of the pictures they have on them… The whole purpose of a flag is to REPRESENT a group of people. Obviously, the American flag represents the USA and I dont think many people can deny that the USA is a subject of controversy in many places. Some people believe it is the land of freedom, some see it as the oppressor.

  • from MACEDONIA

    MACEDONIAN flag (Vergina-Kutlesh sun in Macedonian) is not controversial. Its a flag of all Macedonians

  • bible11sarahkate

    what about the swastika????//////////

  • Michael Faul – U.K.

    At least some people saw that certain flags, e.g. the nazi swastika and soviet hammer-and-sickle flags, are unacceptable to so many that they cannot really be termed “controversial”. The word controversial means that differing views are held about the thing in question.

    The comments posted do illustrate just how controversial some of these flags are. The number of people whose replies became very emotional or heated shows that the flags were in general well-chosen for the purpose.

    Perhaps while registering our views on flags it is wise to recognise that virtually any flag can be seen as positive by some and negative by others. The most obvious cases are probably the flags of Israel and Palestine, each of which is embraced by one side and anathematised by the other. Emotion will always be involved in flags.

    We should hope for the day when the emotions are all positive, when the flag becomes the emblem of one’s history, one’s culture, one’s religion, one’s nation, while at the same time avoiding any suggestion of hatred towards any other group, either within the country or outside it.

  • psychosurfer

    @7raul7 (59):
    Totally agree Israeli flag is #1!!!

  • Mike

    The Patriotes flag is a common flag to see at nationalist rallies and most festivals that celebrate Quebec pride. I live in Montreal and have seen in many many times. I just wanted to thank you for including it in the list, nice to see some local flavour up here on listverse!

  • Mike

    Oh and it appears that Jon up there is the one who needs to learn something about economics, considering that Quebec is one of the only provinces that is still considered a “have” province in Canada (most agree that even Ontario no longer fits that description). There’s also no need to bring bigotry into the debate, it was just a flag list after all…

  • ianz09

    Controversy –noun, plural -sies.
    1. a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion.
    2. contention, strife, or argument.

    Controversial –adjective
    1. of, pertaining to, or characteristic of controversy; polemical: a controversial book.
    2. subject to controversy; debatable: a controversial decision.
    3. given to controversy; disputatious.

    The Nazi symbols aren’t generally disputed, and their meaning and representation is pretty well agreed upon to be very very bad. In other words, not controversial.

  • redcaboose

    @auroranorth (135): Come on. That whole line of crap has been proven to be lies of bigoted right wingnuts. I do not know what has them so upset, that a Democrat was elected, or that he happened to not be white. They have came up with all kinds of lies about him, but none of them hold up. Don’t fall for the rantings of a few screwballs.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (135): The narrowest minds are connected to the loudest mouths.

  • jamespiper

    Nazi flag????????

  • anonymous

    yeah, The American Flag is totally worse than the symbol of an oppressive Nazi regime that systematically slaughtered 6 million Jews.

  • chubbmeister

    @mateja (125):

    you forgot the caps lock in the first part!

  • copperdragon

    i have always been offended by the LGBT community’s use of a RAINBOW for their symbol. I am not against their lifestyles or sexual choices – but do you have to claim EVERY color as yours?

    Pick a color (or two) – pick a symbol – and stick to it.
    I’ll be happy to support it.


  • I think the reason that the nazi flag isn’t here is because it’s not contraversial. In order to have a contraversy you must have two sides, but the vast majority of the world sees it as a bad symbol as do the Germans. So there isn’t much contraversy (contraversy = arguement).

    Liked the list and excellent writing.

  • auroranorth

    ” Come on. That whole line of crap has been proven to be lies of bigoted right wingnuts. I do not know what has them so upset, that a Democrat was elected, or that he happened to not be white. They have came up with all kinds of lies about him, but none of them hold up. Don’t fall for the rantings of a few screwballs.”

    Name calling and ducking facts trademarks of The democrats.
    then they play the race card typical actions from the teachers union goons.

  • mike

    #1 should be the nazi germany flag

  • mom424

    auroranorth; took me 5 seconds to find a copy of his birth certificate. What’s wrong with your google skills? or is it just easier to believe what you want despite evidence to the contrary?

    btw; a certificate of live birth is a birth certificate, so don’t be trying semantics to squirm out of it.

    also an interesting article in the LA times quashing any question of his eligibility along with McCain’s.

  • lo

    “auroranorth” is that code for AK? is this sarah palin herself?

    you are either deluded or very dumb. we have everything from obama’s birth certificate to the birth announcement in the local paper.

    will you be sharing trig’s birth certificate soon?

  • auroranorth

    First Off I usually refer to queen Palin as Puppy killen Palen, so i dont know where some self deluded Demicrat type got that i would support anything she or O bow Ma would do. thye are both system approved hacks, as far as the certificate apparently his followers are to stupid to read the certificate says African for fathers race, sorry Hawaii in the 60’s called them Negroes and this is a forgery. Last Time I Heard the la times was a newspaper free to publish any nonsense it wanted, it is not the type of evidence needed to hold forth in a court of law. If he is legit why wont the 12 system hacks say so ? fact is is that they spent 3 billion on a program that saved 350 million in fuel by buying upper class rich types new cars, last time i heard Chicago in Obammys district had spent billion and still had a growing ghetto. Their candidate int legit, he doesnt know what he is doing and they cannot defend his ripping off the elderly and those disabled, call names, babble and jump from idiotic solutions to half witted aspersions and mindless evasions.
    most of the people following him are almost to stupid to breath.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (151): Careful now, dear, your idiot is showing. I can say I am a proud liberal and Democrat. After a long period of educating myself without any discrimination or bias (not just listening to either side’s propaganda, as I was undecided at this point) I chose to vote for and then proudly voted for Senator (now PRESIDENT, mind you) Barack Obama. I am offended that somebody such as yourself chooses to voice such an ignorant and hateful opinion. I have no problem with Republicans and conservatives, many of my friends and family members are proud to call themselves such. I am sure many of the Republicans and conservative equivalents of people on this website are offended that you would dare represent them as such. I for one would be ashamed of any outspoken liberal who had the nerve to stereotype and talk down to others like you have.

    PS- You only watch Fox News, don’t you?

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (155): Btw, I know how to breath, and many other things for that matter. Seems to me you what ya got there is gigantic propaganda mushroom stamp you got after sucking the dick of the racist conservative minority.

  • twitus

    The patriote flag is incomplete. It should have an armed revolutionary in the middle.

  • lo

    @auroranorth (155):

    “his followers are to stupid to read the certificate says African for fathers race, sorry Hawaii in the 60’s called them Negroes”

    are you too stupid to know that kenya is in africa, therefore it is reasonable that the word “african” on the COLB is a reference to this?

    and you know that your entire wing-nut-conspiracy rests on the fact that obama’s father was african exactly like the COLB says?

    wow, you are shockingly stupid.

  • auroranorth

    Yes Kenya is in Africa, glad you got that, you would have gotten it earlier if you had read my post completely before firing off your mouth without engaging your brain. Thats the whole point fool He was born in Kenya. The Colb is made out in a type style that did not even exist back then. Its a forgery and he has had not one shred of authentication except a lot of panty waist name calling by the fruits that back him.

  • auroranorth

    as far as the porno posts that the type of nut jiggler that you find in the leadership of the system

  • auroranorth

    as far as the democratic clown who proudly picked from the selection of hacks offered, i dont watch tv at all quit being a rat in their maze

  • lo

    now you are a typography expert aurora?

    do you know the name of this font from the “wrong time”? i’ll bet not, you’re just regurgitating a lie you don’t even understand. you’ve been lied to, the only forgery was orly taitz’s “kenyan birth certificates”. i pity you, you’ve been duped.

    why would you let that happen? just can’t handle the fact that america picked the black guy? go back to the hole you crawled out of and stop baselessly disrespecting your president.

  • auroranorth

    let me get this straight you vote for change and a clown cuts the throats of all of the people on social security, gives billions to insurance companies and other fat cats, wipes out the cost of living increases for the disabled and you say I have been duped ? pull you head out of your ass

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (164): Wait a minute… You sound like a Westboro Baptist Church member! That explains it all! False alarm guys, false alarm, no need to worry, there’s no credibility here.

    And if I am the nut juggler you were referring to, then I must say this: nice try, better luck next time! I actually have a lethal allergy to all tree nuts, and also peanuts (which are in fact, legume). And even if you are referring to coconuts, then no, I cannot juggle (although I have the Klutz juggling book and am making half-assed attempts at learning).

  • Spiff17

    To all those complaining that the Nazi flag is not present: The meaning of controversy is “a disputation concerning a matter of opinion”. So the flags we’re seeing are controversial in that there is an ongoing debate surrounding them. I think that its safe to say there is no current debate regarding the Nazi flag. Its viewed pretty much universally as a symbol of evil. A tiny lingering population of white supremacists and neo-nazi’s could hardly be counted as a differing opinion. I can see how it would seem that the Nazi flag should have a place on this list but I think that the intent of Rushfan was to offer a list of flags that are currently a matter of debate within their countries, organizations, etc. Hope that clears that up! :)

  • Spiff17

    ps Auroranorth: there’s a conspiracy theory list from a couple days ago that you might want to check out. Seems like it’d be right down your alley.

  • lo

    @auroranorth (164):

    so you back up your lies with….more lies?

    and while not answering a direct question?

    we in the reality-based world are laughing at you. please seek help.

  • Ate

    I see the Macedonian spammers are on yet another crusade.

  • Jonathan Mayers

    @ Menko, MKD, copper… (probably the same spammer)

    Everything on listverse is indisputible.
    When Jfrater says this flag it’s controversial well it’s controversial either you like it or not.
    I’m sure that you genious scientists can also proove that the word Hellas is of bulgarian-slavic origin.
    The fact is that Makedonian civilization pre-existed your own invasion. The Turks never implied that Constantinople was a Turkish city.
    Slavic troops invaded Greece centuries after the glorious Makedonian civilization. They are pushed back, but they still insist that this land belong to them.
    Skopje (capital of FYROM) is in an location where no Makedones ever lived.
    I understand your agony whether their country still exists after 5 or 10 years.
    You have our sympathy.

    Btw, how you translate these names too.
    Phillip, Philotas, Perdiccas, Amyntas, Antigonos, Kassandros, Lysimachus, Demetrius, Craterus, Parmenion?
    Make us laugh :) :) :)

    For the rest of the world
    Bulgarian and Fyromian language is like American and British, english language.
    Tito former ruler of Yugoslavia, punished all people declare themselves as Bulgarians in Skopje.
    Fyromian were partners of Hitler when WWII started.
    Later the change side. They use to do this till nowdays.

  • mateja


  • mateja

    AND HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT {former ruler of Yugoslavia punished all people declare themselves as Bulgarians) IN THE DAYS OF YOUGOSLAVIA ALL PEOPLE WERE BROTHERS … THAT IS REAL SHIT {I AM SORRY FOR MY language}

  • mateja


  • Jonathan Mayers

    Philippos comes from the words filos + ippos.
    I’m sure you already knwo what these Greek_international words mean.
    To remind you : filos=friend (e.g, philology, philosophy wow! all Greek words)
    and ippos = horse (hippodrome).
    So Philip is the man who is friends of horses.
    Can you explain than in matsedonski?
    I’m sure that your scientists (the same that test Greek DNA and find it similar to African tribes, you’re also racists, not to mention) will find a believable explanation for you.
    Your language is a mixture of bulgarian (mostly) turkish and albanian words. The fact that you have same words that Bulgarian don’t have doesn’t prove that you have a clear alphabet as well as ethnic origin. These words are called idioms.
    Check a greek dictionary to find the meaning of this word.

    Finally, take a look in Bulgarian sites. Can you read them?

    Now read this

    ???????? ????????? ???????, ??????????? ? ???? ????, ?? ?????? ???? ?????? ???? capsized ?? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ?????, ?? ????????, ?? ????? ??? ?????????.

    ???? ???? ??????? ? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ?? 1924-???????? ???? ?????????? ????? ? ??????? ???? ???????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ??????, ?? ???? ?? ??????????.
    ?????????? ?????????? ?? ????????? ?????? ??????? ??????????? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ??? ????????? ?? 43 ??????? ?? ?????????????.

    and this

    ?????????? ????????? ???????, ??????????? ???? ????, ??????? ? ?????????? ????? ??????? ?? ??????????? ? ??????? ????????? ? ????? ??????, ???????? ??? ?????.

    ???? ???????? ? ???? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?????, ???????? 1924-?????? ???? ?????????????? ? ?? ???? ??-????? ????????????? ? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ?????????????? ?? ????????????????? ????????, ?? ????? ? ???????.
    ???????? ?? ?????????? ?????? ?? ????????? ??????? ?????????? ?????, ?? ?????, ????? ? ? ????????? ?? 43 ???????, ? ??? ??????????.

  • nuriko

  • auroranorth

    ”To all those complaining that the Nazi flag is not present: The meaning of controversy is “a disputation concerning a matter of opinion”. So the flags we’re seeing are controversial in that there is an ongoing debate surrounding them. I think that its safe to say there is no current debate regarding the Nazi flag. Its viewed pretty much universally as a symbol of evil. A tiny lingering population of white supremacists and neo-nazi’s could hardly be counted as a differing opinion. I can see how it would seem that the Nazi flag should have a place on this list but I think that the intent of Rushfan was to offer a list of flags that are currently a matter of debate within their countries, organizations, etc. Hope that clears that up!”
    You didnt clear anything up, your wishful thinking doesnt make it reality. The nazi flag belonged number one on this list, the German government holds their power at the point of allied bayonets, with fear and terror their trademark. The nazi flag sells hot wherever it is allowed to be sold. I even saw a rebel flag that was half rebel and half Obama !

  • mateja

    no no we are talking about diffrent things men … it is very esay to see that your knoweledge is surface … there is lot of things that you don t now about the history of macedonia , greece , bulgaria , srbia …….. and I AM not a scientist or a racist …I AM arheologist and belive me same things I now better

  • apoehler

    Wow, this was a total waste.

  • redcaboose

    @auroranorth (176): I think that I finally figured it out: you are just stupid. Several people have tried to clear things up for you, but you do not even try to pay attention, much less do the most elementary research. Doesn’t your mommy let you stay on the net long enough to really learn much? Well, I suppose you are in school now, so enjoy your spelling class, you need it.

  • Spiff17

    auroranorth: Maybe you didn’t read my post in its entirety. I’ll repeat, though I’m obviously talking to a rock. The list is clear in its title that it is regarding CONTROVERSIAL flags. Flags over which there is current debate. You’re living in the past if you think Nazism is still debated. Perhaps you’re one of the tiny population of lingering white supremacists I mentioned and thus the debate would still be alive to you? That would make sense considering the anti-Obama sentiments.

    Also, the swastika is much more than just a flag which also somewhat excludes it from the list as jfrater pointed out earlier. It is a symbol of evil and hate over which almost no controversy exists.

  • auroranorth

    if i took an iq test in the same room with you Obama supporters, i’d loose 150 points just for association.

  • mom424

    @auroranorth (181): Well seeing as that would leave you with a score of about -60, you best get out of the room. You really haven’t a clue about anything, now do you? 140 is pretty close to genius, and dearie hate to tell you this – you’re not even close. By the grammar, spelling, syntax and general mien – I’m scoring you at around 90. Maybe.

    And it’s lose 150 points, not LOOSE.

  • auroranorth

    you would not want to know where i score you

  • auroranorth

    so go to the nursing home and explain to Grandma, why she wont get a cost of living increase. and then tell her how smart you were to vote for this Chicago Gangster.

  • mom424

    @auroranorth (184): First off, I’m Canadian and didn’t vote for either Obama or McCain (an honourable man by the way, too bad he represented the old guard and their lying, cheating, bullying ways). If you’re going to hate Obama (silly hating him before he’s had a chance, but that’s just my opinion) at least hate him for something with some basis in fact. Maybe his health care reform? Maybe his foreign policy? But to hate him because of lies spread by either idiots or the willfully ignorant is ridiculous.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (184): Change your tampon, and I have some Midol behind the mirror for you.

    PS- Your idiot is STILL showing, I thought you would have taken care of that after my first notice. Yes, your brain is susceptible to indecent exposure. I would recommend some clothes sown from the sturdy fabric of education.

  • Maggot

    @Spiff17 (180): Perhaps you’re one of the tiny population of lingering white supremacists

    He’s a neo-Confederate, which is why I didn’t bother responding way back at his comment 100. You guys are wasting your time with this racist.

  • bleumoonselene

    Number 10 was interesting. But the rest didn’t interest me though. But then again I’m not really into flags.

  • Garash

    @Spiff17 (180):

    I would actually say that the nazi/third reich flag is pretty controversial.

    After all it’s pretty much a no-no in germany and to be seen with one of them could lead to doing osme hard time in prison.

    Although i guess one can argue that the law against the flag is the controversial part.

  • Menko

    @Jonathan Mayers (174): Now I know for sure that Jonathan is a not Jonathan Mayers, but some Greek guy. But that desn’t matter.

    First of all, no one said that Greece was not more advanced than other countries at the time, Greece was most advanced country at the time, and no one is trying to diminish that.

    All that we are trying to say is this, for example, today USA is the most developed country, full of inventions and technological wonders, biggest economy in the world … and so on. Respect! But this doesn’t necessarily mean that USA is the only country in North America, or even less that USA is the only country in the Americas.

    Plus, we all tend to say ‘Greece’ while we all know that there was no ‘Greece’ at the time, but just self governed city-states. If you want to know when Greece (Hellas, Ellada) started to exist, you can google-it out, for Christ sake, they named their country after the girl that left and hated them, if you don’t have a clue, I’m talking about Helen of Sparta, that became Helen of Troy. The conclusion: Greeks are bad people.

    Quote @Jonathan Mayers
    For the rest of the world
    Bulgarian and Fyromian language is like American and British, english language.
    Tito former ruler of Yugoslavia, punished all people declare themselves as Bulgarians in Skopje.
    Fyromian were partners of Hitler when WWII started.
    Later the change side. They use to do this till nowdays.”
    End quote

    I cannot just read this and stay cool, simply saying “Fyromian” proves that you are not a neutral person, but deeply passionate Greek guy, no one neutral would call “Fyromian” The Macedonian Language.

    What I want to say about the quotation is this:
    You idiot, for once on this website, wrote something correct. Yes, Macedonian and Bulgarian languages, when compared, the comparison is similar as the comparison of British English and American English. But what you idiot don’t know is that Bulgarians speak twirled Macedonian language.

    If you ever have a chance to speak to neutral people about Macedonian and Bulgarian language, people who speak both languages a little bit, but people who are not either Macedonian nor Bulgarian (I said neutral, not Greeks or Albanians) they will tell you this: The Bulgarian language is Macedonian language but with a lots of “shakes” and “stirs” (deformations).

    Do not hide your self under the fake name “Jonathan Mayers” show your self, tell us your true “Papadopulos” name!

    And I’m not a spammer, “Menko” for you, from now on, it represents a Brand Name!

  • Spiff17

    Garash: Yeah I totally agree that to be seen sporting a Nazi emblem could get you in some serious trouble. Which is why I don’t see it as controversial. I guess maybe we’re not quite agreeing on the definition of controversy. Maybe I don’t have it quite right in my head. I think of a controversy as something that has two distinct sides with differing opinions clashing over it (ie. abortion, gay marriage, etc.). Not something that the mass populous agrees wholeheartedly on aside from a handful of extremists. Thats all I was thinking. To me the American flag is extremely controversial in that it means such differing things to such large masses of people. To some it is a symbol of freedom and justice, and to others it symbolizes oppression and arrogance. I don’t know of any other symbol in the world, except maybe symbols of the church, that create such a divided world opinion. Thats why the American flag is rightfully placed at #1 on this list.

    Just my thoughts. Not trying to be one of the idiots in these forums that seem to think they know everything. I definitely don’t.

  • Spiff17

    I do agree that outlaying the Nazi flag could be controversial due to freedom of speech rights and such but I don’t think that would fit with the purposes of the list.

  • auroranorth

    I specifically object to buying rich people cars and telling the elderly they wont get their cost of living increase, I object to some jerk pushing people around and forcing them to buy insurance from his campaign contributors, I object to the gutless financial reforms, Like where is their 25.00 service charge and their repossessions and their foreclosures and their jail time for theft ? aint gonna happen because his stormtroopers are to stupid to see they are being bent over and reamed.

  • auroranorth

    inaz yo mama

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (194): seriously dude, you’re the political equivalent of an anti-boner.

  • Anonymous

    The USA flag is one of the least aesthetically pleasing and poorest designs of flags in the world. The flag is actually a reminder to US citizens that so-called “American” law and culture is based on those that are British or European in general, hence the colours red, white and blue (Union Jack) and the stripes (Drapeau tricolore).

    It’s pathetic and barbaric how some Americans behave when the flag is desecrated or seen as being “disrespected”:
    …it’s just a flag, you insecure over-sensitive idiots!

  • Anonymous

    @Disgruntled (34): Re: “…You focused too much on flags with history (american) and left out genuinely controversial flags…”

    Don’t you mean “boring history”?? The controversial flags do have history as well. Pretty much everything has history.

  • auroranorth

    I guess I must be on the wrong page…
    > A vehicle at 15 mpg and 12,000 miles per year uses 800 gallons a year of gasoline.
    > A vehicle at 25 mpg and 12,000 miles per year uses 480 gallons a year.
    > So, the average clunker transaction will reduce US gasoline consumption by 320 gallons per year.
    > They claim 700,000 vehicles – so that’s 224 million gallons / year.
    > That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil.
    > 5 million barrels of oil is about ¼ of one day’s US consumption.
    > And, 5 million barrels of oil costs about $350 million dollars at $75/bbl.
    > So, we all contributed to spending $3 billion to save $350 million.
    > How good a deal was that ???
    > They’ll probably do a great job with health care though!!

  • Jonathan

    @ mateja
    at least man, spell correctly your profession
    it’s archaeologist. That’s because it derives from
    greek word archaios (=ancient) + logos (speech)
    Something says to me that you’re not even an adult.

    @ menko
    I’m one among 346 academics who signed a petition to Barack Obama to change the name that former president Bush gave to your country. (These people come from 46 diferent countries whether you like it or not).

    Have you ever been to Skopje?
    I’m not of Greek origin but I’ve lived in Makedonia, Greece for 30 years.
    I’m sure that you’ve never visited your country. You probably live in Toronto or Melbourne.
    You are talking about Greek History and you’re saying that Greece is a new country.
    What about FYROM? Is it country yet?
    All historians know that the idea of Slavic Macedonia is an invention of Tito to give an identity to mixed ethnic groups that lived in that area.
    I’m sure that Tito’s historians have brain-washed you to that point you forget your Slavic origin.

    I know the true reason you support this idea.
    If you consider yourselves as Slavs, then the Serbs will have demands. If you consider yourselves as Albanians, then the idea of Great Albania will no longer be an idea. It will be a fact.
    If you considered yourselves Boulgarians, then Bulgaria not only will take Pirin but the whole of Skopje.

    And then some great minds came up with the idea of Macedonia. They try to revive the ghost of Macedonians (with silly statues and fake names) because they thought that noone will have an argument.
    But you idiots, instead of making an ally with your strongest neighbor, you fought against it.
    That is to prove how silly you are.
    Forget EU and NATO. Only US will use you to dump their nuclear garbish to your soil and build camp bases for military reason.

    It’s cruel to know that noone really wants you.
    As much I remember no country have ever acquire its independence and freedom without a drop of blood.
    The only country was yours.
    They just leave you alone to solve your own numerous problems.
    Take action. Forget your lazy communist past and start working. The times are difficult and noone wants to create more problems than the ones he can solve.

  • Aleksandar

    to Jonathan
    “I’m sure that Tito’s historians have brain-washed you to that point you forget your Slavic origin.”

    a asked myself how can be you so stupid , the name Macedonia and Macedonians exist for 2000 years on this place when “??????? I” unit all sort of people that were lived here and all that people were called Macedonians and the state Macedonia , this is FACT and you know this ,there is no Tito or Stalin Or Hitler or some Greek nazy who is creator of Macedonia you know this if you are “academic”. don’t perform something that it’s not true . I don’t like to debate with you before you read Macedonian History , and read about big wars between Macedonia and Greece , when ????? II and his soon ?????????? III (Alexander Macedonian “The Great” ) massacre greek poeple in Heroneja 338 B.C.
    and also that before 1990 in Greece doesn’t exist Macedonia because Greece know that when we will be independent country we will ask back the territory that Greece occupy in 1913 when Balcans war end.

  • mom424

    @auroranorth (198): You’re missing the bigger picture – the point is not just the environment (even if that’s what’s claimed – which I haven’t heard btw) but to spur the manufacturing sector. Do you have any idea how much inventory the auto industry had? Do you understand that it is better that the economy be based on the production of things of value rather than on the production of money? (the cause of this recession in the first place) Holy Hannah.

  • auroranorth

    My god listen to your own post, do you think the 3 billion dollars popped out of thin air? Thats exactly what he did produce money, and the labor dept confirms that they crate no jobs at all with this wild spending spree. They ripped off the elderly and disabled and spent the money the young workers paid into Social Security on stupidity. Most of these clowns belong in jail. They have gutted Americas major cities and they profit from the suffering of the population. Hilary Clinton has been sucking on the public for decades, She was the secretary of transportation under Jimmy Carter, Hell take one look at Chelsea, If they wanted health care so bad , why didn’t she give it to her workers when she ran Walmart ?

  • Randall


    I don’t have time at the moment to destroy your ridiculous ravings, but let’s just get it clear at the outset that you’re obviously nuts AND brain dead, as Hillary Clinton was NEVER “Secretary of Transportation” for anybody, let alone for Jimmy Carter. She in fact had only just graduated from law school 3 years before Carter took office, and she was, therefore, a nobody on the national stage at the time.

    This just further shows why we need serious health care reform NOW. People like auroranorth aren’t getting the medication they so badly need, or else aren’t being managed well enough to ensure that they stay ON it.


  • Randall


    Bless you, man. I’ve wasted hours in previous arguments with nutty Macedonian nationalists who’ve been duped into believing there is such a thing as a “Slavic” Macedonia, and deny that in fact Macedonians, in the classical era, were close cousins of the Hellenes, and spoke essentially the same language—because they were *basically the same people.* But you can’t break through entrenched ignorance and brainwashing, sadly.

  • damien_karras

    Secretary of Transportation during Jimmy Carter’s administration: W. Graham Claytor, Jr. (acting) July 21, 1979 – August 14, 1979

    5.3 seconds of Google research time.

  • damien_karras

    Oops… he was ACTING. It was actually : Brockman “Brock” Adams (1977 to 1979)

  • auroranorth

    so mr google tell me what happened to the 2 us marshals who went to pick up the vince foster evidence

  • Randall


    So Mr. Right Wing Dickhead, tell me what happened to your critical thinking skills? Did you just misplace them, or did you never have them in the first place?

    You make a monumentally stupid statement (amongst many here) about Hillary Clinton, get smacked down for it instantly (and deservedly so) and yet you feel no shame, no sense of increased self-awareness? No little voice inside you whispering to you that you might, after all, be nothing but a gigantic douche?

    I’m flabbergasted that people such as you walk the earth. Physically you look like us, I’m sure. But truly, we see evidence that evolution of the intellect is a subjective thing at best.

  • auroranorth

    I am a product of multi cultural education, Yo Ma Ma

  • damien_karras

    @auroranorth (207): Sorry Auroranorth, I’m busy right now investigating the hidden Nazi Base on the dark side of the moon. Rumor has it, thats where those two US Marshals are. Stay tuned for updates!

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (209): Ok, I hope you’re just a troll, trying to get a laugh out of pissing people off, because now I’m really wondering if you are serious. Nobody that I know who is smart enough to use a computer is also dumb enough to say what you say. SO if you are here just to get a rise out of people, then congratulations, we’ve been had. If you are actually just THAT stupid, you are an enigma and a complete moron. Regardless, please go away.

  • Randall

    @auroranorth (209):

    “I am a product of multi cultural education…”

    Really, I think a “product of shameless inbreeding” is more likely.

  • auroranorth

    gee and to think I heard they were the first two killed then next day at Waco Texas. shot in the back,

  • GTT

    @ianz09 (186): Hey, I resent that! What´s PMS got to do with the wild ravings of a lunatic?

  • Maggot

    @GTT (214): lol, I knew his days were numbered when he made that comment. Way to not let me down, GTT!

  • damien_karras

    I can only speculate by the username “Auroranorth” that it’s Sarah Palin posting. Just a hunch.

  • auroranorth

    Palin ? yeah right Ole Puppy Killen Palen aint the one for me, and Bush is a four letter word No one ever wants to hear again. and you can stuff John Mexicain with them.

  • Menko

    @Jonathan (199):
    OK, let’s start talking for real.
    I’m not so important man like you, and my name isn’t on any petition to USA president, I’m just a normal guy, trying to survive.

    I don’t want to speak about history any more, because I’m not professional historian. This doesn’t give you the right to say ‘I am a historian, and I know better!’. You are telling to this other Macedonian guy, I think the name is Mateja, that he isn’t good with English language, so he shouldn’t even speak. That’s not a reason, it never was. Bottom line, you are a scholar, you can understand what this man is trying to say.

    Now about the names, and their meanings: It’s true that most of the words are derived from Greek language, I can see you glorifying the Greek culture and language, as well as history and nation, however, if that was so, than anyone can say that the entire science of Medicine comes from Rome (everything in medicine is named with Latin (the language of the Romans) names).

    I know that proving that Macedonia, a small and non-powerful country, had a great deal of input to the face of the world as we know it today, is not going to be tasty for the western countries, in fact and i practice, the western countries support Greece just because it’s the last frontier, it’s neighbouring countries to the East and South are Islamic countries, bottom line, the western world needs the geographical position of Greece.

    Let me just remind you of I don’t need to explain how and why this guy became so rich and not some British or American guy. Right?

    You say that no country gained it’s independence without bloodshed. Perhaps not, but isn’t that remarkable, Macedonia changed it self from Socialistic Republic of Macedonia to Republic of Macedonia without of war. I know that this pisses off entire Greece, but what can I do, we are peaceful nation.

    Bottom line, if the statement that Macedonians existed once and then declared them selves as integral part of Greece, tell me then, why the children in elementary school in Greece are thought to hate Macedonia, and they are told to scream “We will destroy Macedonia” at school? Sounds like brain washing? There was a woman from Denmark or Sweden, I don’t remember, she was living in Greece and she was on the news, telling the story of her 7 year old son.

    Furthermore, if Macedonia is Greece, why all Greek soldiers, on the latest parade in Greece, were singing that they will kill Macedonia and all Macedonians, you can find these stuff all over youtube.

    I know that Greece is trying to make entire world believe that Macedonia is a legend, or maybe not a legend but just a village in Greece, or maybe a Greek tribe, I don’t know what else to say. All I can say is that the victors are writing the history … btw. you know where this word comes from, right? It’s nothing more than a story.

    Most of your knowledge and beliefs are based on a writings of a blind poet, you and many others like you are so in love with Greece to a point where you dare to say that there are no Macedonians, and that there is no Macedonia.

    You say that we invented Macedonia, that Macedonia never existed. But why then Greeks say that Macedonia is Greece?

    You recommend that we should allay with Greece, but do you actually know what you are talking about? We are friendly enough, peaceful, but Greeks are making all the problems …. you know these things better than I do.

    You speak of some kind of nuclear waste, as if it was a jelly. My dear friend, if USA is trying to dump nuclear waste in Macedonia, in this case, you beloved Greece will also “burn”. I hope you know the definition of the word Radiation. Or, couldn’t USA waste thousands of tons of nuclear waste in Iraq, or Afghanistan so far? In those vast deserts?

    If you’ve lived in Greece for 30 years, trust me, you have been brainwashed and you still don’t know about it.

    It’s true that Macedonia is small country, but still, it’s a Republic, independent and sovereign.

    I know that Greece was awaiting Macedonia to burn during the fall of Yugoslavia, but no luck, I know that Greece was awaiting for Macedonia to burn during the 2001 crisis, again no luck. I know that Greece is doing everything in it’s power to destroy Macedonia, but all that’s achieved is brainwashed guys like you.

    I’m not trying to be an idiot and say bad words addressed to you, I’m just describing the horrific situation in which you are in.

    UK is calling it the English Channel, France is calling it “La Manche”, they were fighting over it throughout the history, many casualties over this channel, and still, these two countries are not letting it go. If these countries were giving their lives for a channel, what makes you think that we are not right defending what is rightfully ours.

    There are a lots of examples in the world that can teach you what’s right and what’s wrong. If it’s true that you’ve been to Macedonia. I know, you saw poverty, corruption, problems … but Macedonia is not the only country with problems. This doesn’t give you the right to decide if Macedonia should be named by it’s constitutional name or not.

  • Randall

    @Menko (218):

    Menko, I’ll let Jonathan speak for himself, by I too am a trained historian, and my specialty was in the ancient history of the Near East and the Classical world.

    What Jonathan has been saying, in part, is something that is in fact true; MODERN DAY *Slavic* Macedonia is a *contrivance,* a made-up entity. Now, okay, many nations are only contrivances. But the POINT is that ANCIENT Macedonia IS NOT related in much of any way—except geographically (and not even wholly there) to modern Macedonia. The ancient Macedonians were NOT Slavs–they were close cousins of the GREEKS. (Who are not Slavic). They in fact spoke a dialect of Greek, and shared almost the same culture. Philip and Alexander were, yes, Macedonians, but for all intents and purposes that made them—essentially—Greek.

    And let’s stop the silliness about who and why the West “supports.” YOU are “Western,” Menko, if you live in what you call Macedonia. And the love of Greek culture in the West has nothing to do with politics or accidents of geography; that implication was simply silly. The affinity for Greece is based on the gigantic historical, philosophic, artistic, and scientific contributions it made at the very beginnings of Western culture. Period.

    You are living in an old paradigm of “east vs. west” and nationalistic fervor which is no longer appropriate. This is the 21st century and there is no more Iron Curtain and no more room in Europe for ethnic pretensions and hatreds. You need to rise out of your provincialism. If you don’t, then you simply refuse to learn nothing from centuries of bloody European history which, frankly, Europeans and the rest of the world have had enough of.

    Be proud of who you are, and be done with it. But don’t tie your identity to some nebulous abstraction of “Macedonia.” Be a European, and be happy with that. Life will be much easier and happier if all of you could only think that way.

  • GTT

    @Maggot (215): Thank you, thank you… Now dont forget to tip your waitress! ;)

  • Menko

    @Randall (219):
    Very well spoken, I agree for most of your statements. It’s true that modern Macedonia maybe doesn’t have too much in common with Ancient Macedonia, but please try to understand me, I’m not a nationalist, I don’t hate anyone, but the same thing goes for Greece, Greece nowadays is very far from the Ancient Greece, in any form of comparison.

    I don’t even have to mention the 550 years of Ottoman Empire, and it’s reign on the Balkan peninsula.

    I understand you perfectly, but the thing is, i we play by the modern rules, let’s actually play by the modern rules. According to the UN, every nation has full right to self-declaration, and my nation chose to declare as Macedonia, The Republic of Macedonia, in which republic The Macedonian language is the official language and the people that live in the boundaries of it’s territory are Macedonians. This modern international rule, is not respected by Greece and it’s supporters.

    True, the heritage of Ancient Greece is of great value for the modern civilisations. But still, Ancient Greece was not isolated territory, it draws a lot’s of things you mention from other countries around Greece, the influence is both ways. It’s impossible to consider that Greece was the only source.

    Now I know I will arouse negative remarks, but there is one example for this. You all know that Aristotle was a Greek philosopher, true, he was Greek philosopher as much as Zinadine Zidanne is a French football player (Football = Soccer). The thing is, if Aristotle was living, studying and working in Greece, it doesn’t mean he was Greek. The conclusion of this is that besides Greece, Macedonia made input to the history of science and philosophy.

    Thank you for your directions, thank you for sharing the true values of the future with me. I love the “WEST” and I love the “EAST”, simply if you go too much to the WEST you’ll end up EAST, the world is round :D . Really, jokes aside, we share the same values, no doubt, but the problem is, no one is trying to be European, before being and English, Dutch, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and so on. None of these nations are trying to forget who they are, what they are and where they come from, and they never will.

    Bullying and pushing someone, just because he is little is not right, everybody knows that.

    Your name is Randall, it’s a nice name, imagine someone tells you that you should name yourself Former Randal, and you cannot go shopping because they force you to issue a new ID card and write Former Randall on it. And next thing they tell you is this: We know a guy named Randall, and you are not him, he is a mith, a legend, doesn’t exists, but we still know him, and you are not him. Here, we are nice people, we are giving you the name North Randal, or you can choose New Randal. Hey, New Randall is much better than Former Randall.

    I’m sorry if I’m being rood, but in the end of the day, It’s me that cannot go to Paris, and taste some of those European values and fruits of the modern times. It’s me that’s being rejected for VISA because I cannot prove that I will return home. It’s me that cannot sell anything to EU, but surely I can import everything.

    I don’t wish to sound like some hot headed person, a nationalist. Please find one Serbian, Croatian, Italian, German that wants to be European but not (Serbian, Croatian, Italian, German, etc.) and I will follow!

  • ianz09

    @GTT (220): I apologize, I hadn’t anticipated that anyone would be offended by the joke, although in hindsight my intended context wasn’t very clear. I was merely attempting to get a rise out of auroranorth by depicting him as being bitchy, whiny, and irrational (which is merely the stereotype… my girlfriend and female family members are actually nothing like this). I hope I don’t sound sexist, I was doing what comedians do by utilizing a social stereotype for humor. The difference is, I guess, they make it funny. So again, I am sorry, I rarely aim to offend.

  • auroranorth

    there is no depth to the groveling a democrat will stoop to trying to please everyone. Maybe you could start the butt kissing channel with the pope apologizing the the Zionist gangsters, or Better yet Mel Gibson could explain away things while Oj offers tips on how to search the golf courses of America for the one gloved golfer who killed his wife. If I were Goldman I would have popped the sucker and asked Israel for sanctuary. These weren’t your big democrats either they were little ones, little Ignorant democrats. Kind of like pac man.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (223): And there is no depth to how much of an asshole you are. How’s this? I made a comment, someone didn’t appreciate it. Do to the fact that my comment wasn’t designed to offend (scratch that: offend anyone but you), I apologized because I’m a decent human being. “Oh no, GTT I’m so sorry, please please please don’t be offended, I was wrong!!!!” is what I would have said if I were groveling. But, since I’m a nice guy, I humbly apologized for what I said. I am not trying to please everyone. Trying to please everyone would involve kissing people’s asses, and a whole lot of them, so I don’t get skewered. You are just a fucking idiot who, with all do respect, is the living definition of a royal prick. I hope you get the worst kind of gangrene, only to make it the hospital just in time for an effective treatment. BUT, my God, you can’t be treated because you’re uninsured, because the racist conservative minority voted against universal healthcare. Then you’re little dumbass gets to rot away, knowing you were the worst kind of person. And don’t expect me to care. Maybe I’m kissing people’s asses, but can… Oh, now what’s my standard response?… Uh… Er… Oh yeah! Lick my taint. ;)

  • ianz09

    sorry, meant U can lick my taint. hope that clears things up for ur thick skull

  • auroranorth

    the usual foul mouthed response from someone who has no solutions, typical drugged up commie type

  • None

    yep, the american flag is more controversial then nazi germany’s flag

  • GTT

    @ianz09 (222): ;)

    Dont worry, I got your joke, I just couldnt resist the temptation to call you out on it.

    @auroranorth (226):

    What decade are you living in? “typical drugged up commie type”? You do know that the Cold War is over, right?

  • ianz09

    @GTT (228): Ok, I was hoping I didn’t come off as a jerk, and it’s nice to see people still have a sense of humor on this site.

  • auroranorth

    i would say the leather pride flag should be on the controversial list, the bear pride flag as well.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (226): Pardon me, sir, I have actually never indulged in drugs or smoking my entire life, although I have been known to have the occasional beer (but not too many, I’m a lightweight). And I resent your Commie remark, I would call myself Socialist, if anything.

  • Mike B

    It will always be rhetorically and pedantically correct to say that US or American (x) is more (y). There are more African-American serial killers in the US than anywhere on Earth! The US has the highest number of lesbian parents who have gotten divorced! The American Navy is the biggest Navy on Earth that doesn’t allow smoking on ship!

    Of course the US flag is more controversial. It is flown more universally than any other, in more countries, by expats, military service members, tourists, ironic Yankophiles, Chuck Norris fans and nervous locals trying not to get drone-bombed. It is plastered on more products and websites than its only likely contender, the Chinese flag, and only because they are too smart to let that happen. The US flag is second only to Coca-Cola and Ronald McDonald in representing capitalism, western expansionism and Hollywood. Believe it or not, people who aren’t Americans find those concepts controversial. At least the ones who don’t have at least 50 cable channels.

  • auroranorth

    Tell you what wear A nazi armband into a city hall meeting and have another guy wear an American flag then tell me afterwards whats controversial and what isnt. what you saying is a lot of left wing distorted guff.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (233): Um, in America, the American flag isn’t controversial. On the WORLD stage (holy crap, there are more countries out there?!), it is debated. Nazi armband = bad. Very few people argue that. If you skipped over the definition of controversy that I posted, you will see that you are wrong. If I were to state that you were a MegaDouche, it would nor be controversial because most people would agree with me. If you actually had people on your side to dispute this, then it would be controversial. See?

    No, of course you don’t. You’re a moron! :) Have a nice day pumpkin!

  • Randall

    @auroranorth (233):

    “Tell you what wear A nazi armband into a city hall meeting and have another guy wear an American flag then tell me afterwards whats controversial and what isnt. what you saying is a lot of left wing distorted guff.”

    What the hell does any of that even MEAN? MAKE SENSE CRAZY PERSON!!!

  • auroranorth

    cold war is over ? murder thusands of kids in the public square and now they are great capitalists, you have your head in your ass, a half billion chinese troops, 12 new platforms for aircraft carriers 20 fallout shelters designed to take a 50 megaton hit directly and support a quarter million people foe 2 years each and the cold war is over, get your hands off your nuts .

  • Randall

    @auroranorth (236):

    “….cold war is over, get your hands off your nuts”

    I WILL **NOT**! And how did you know that was where my hands WERE?!

  • auroranorth

    no amount of legalistic wrangling will subvert that fact that you are being subjective in your allocation on the list clearly The National Socialist party Flag is the most controversial flag, each day you liberal types call everyone a nazi and then come here and say there arent any make up your minds.

  • Randall

    @auroranorth (238):

    Who in god’s name are you talking to?

    I must point out the mind-numbing awkwardness with which you express yourself:

    A) How can there be “legalistic wrangling” going on here, seeing as no one here (that I’m aware of) has made any actual points that reference “legality”? And just how does legalistic wrangling “subvert” a fact?

    B) An “allocation” is something which is set aside or reserved for a particular purpose, or is assigned to a particular place or category for a purpose. I believe you meant to use another word… but at the very least, you’ve improperly employed “allocate” in the sense and syntax which you apparently meant it to be taken.

    C) The use of punctuation–and it’s *proper* use–while sometimes a nuisance, can only serve to make you more understandable and make your missives less of a strain to read.

    D) Your constant attacks on people who are clearly far more intelligent than you–certainly far better spoken, more eloquent and more adept at expressing themselves in writing–are not only poorly executed and lacking in sense, but they also are ill-considered, since you seem unwilling to make even the smallest effort to render some coherence and rationality to your communication style. Of course, one wouldn’t expect a troll to bother with such things, but then it ought to be obvious to you that you are thus accomplishing nothing except sitting there, howling intermittently like an impotent old arthritic bear with mange. In short, no one’s listening, and no one cares.

  • Kevin

    Hey, Randall – nice self-referencing error in C).
    That should be “its” there, with no apostrophe. That’s the *proper* use, if you will.

  • Randall

    @Kevin (240):

    No one likes a smart ass, Kevin.

  • Randall

    @Kevin (240):

    See, though? Even *I* am prone to errors (albeit minor ones) when I have to cope with the mentally ill.

  • Maggot

    @ianz09 (234): If I were to state that you were a MegaDouche, it would nor be controversial because most people would agree with me.

    I know how much you enjoy internet arguments, so allow me to take this opportunity to tell you, in no uncertain terms – I strongly disagree with you here. You have greatly understated the magnitude of this person’s douchiness. Please do a better job next time.

  • ianz09

    @Maggot (243): Well fuck me, right?

  • Maggot

    @ianz09 (244): I don’t swing that way, but I hear there’s a tool that can help you.

  • GTT

    @auroranorth (236): Well, I have no nuts… What should I do with my hands?

  • Randall

    @GTT (246):

    “I have no nuts… What should I do with my hands?”

    Well… I have a suggestion… MY nuts are open for business….

  • ianz09

    @Maggot (245): Touche, sir, touche.

    What mite this tool be???

  • Maggot

    @Randall (247): Aren’t you tired of dealing with nutjobs yet?

  • ianz09

    @Randall (247): Ummm….

  • ianz09

    @Randall (247): U know, imma juss let dat one sliiide

  • ianz09

    @Maggot (249): Zing!

  • norkio

    I love rainbows. I’m not gay. If I put a rainbow sticker on my car, people will think I’m gay. That pisses me off.

  • auroranorth

    today articles were in the newspaper the communists which you profess to be dead held a parade in the same square they murdered tens of thousands of democracy activists in. They flew hundreds of new Chinese made planes and drove by hundreds of New Chinese made Tanks and drove past dozens of nuclear armed vehicles and you worry about my diction ? you fools follow a clown who puts a member of the Israeli lobby in as ambassador to Iran, and want to clamor for yet another war of aggression. Fact is, is that Most Democrats talk a good fight But Move when the neighbor hood turns, and leave others to deal with their mess. They have created a situation where the hard working people of this nation are forced to accept hordes pouring in legally and illegally gutting their neighborhoods and cities. You are to stupid to see what a cesspool your leaving for the few Children you have.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (254): Your incoherent barbs of minutiae continue to punch holes in my brain matter. Stop communicating, the users on this site become collectively dumber every time you post. And I’m in college right now, so I need as much as I can get.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (254): Your incoherent barbs of minutiae continue to punch holes in my brain matter. Stop communicating, the users on this site become collectively dumber every time you post. And I’m in college right now, so I need as much as I can get.

  • Hevim

    All you slavic fyromians should stop using wiki as a viable source… pathetic

  • auroranorth

    so the guy says the commies are dead and then when corrected resorts to babbling.

  • auroranorth

    you want a controversial flag i have been thinking of making black flags with a large White noose, Hows that for controversial

  • GTT

    @Randall (247): HA! How did I not see that one coming? Dirty, dirty professor… ;)

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (258): When in the hell did anybody say commies were dead? And you said earlier something about somebody claiming Nazi’s didn’t exist? Grasp them straws, aurora! Grasp ’em! Hurry, they’re getting away! Puppy-rapin’ Palin is right behind you, quick, get more! You can’t let her be more unreasonably uneducated than you! Go, auroranorth, go!

    Actually, thank you though. Bashing you and consistently shutting you down has relieved some of my stress! @Randall (247): Randall, you weren’t kidding, Internet bashing the idiots does come with it’s benefits!

    I was going to just ignore you aurornorth, so that you would go away, but considering you aren’t a real threat and making you look dumb(er) is fun, I’m gonna keep replying!
    Throw more fuel on my insult fire, I need the practice. Set ’em up, I’ll knock ’em down!

  • auroranorth

    you havent done anything but prove your ignorance. I figured out the problem I have to talk to whose perception is ruined because he cant hear well with his head in his ass.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (262): Actually, the acoustics up here are great , I’m surprised your ass isn’t so cavernous, you strike me as one who enjoys violent sodomy. My humongous colon, however, is genetic (Darn that Italian heritage!). Sorry if I got your hopes up. But tell you what, since I can tell that my clear indifference toward everything you say is pissing you off, I will do the following :From now on, I will only replay to your comments with a profane word or phrase and a winky face. Like so:

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (262): Boner ;)

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (262): This will either shut you up, or frustrate you to no end. Either way, it makes me smile. Sometimes, immaturity is just too much fun.

    Queaf cookie ;)

    And I’m out! *Whoooosh!*

  • lo

    hey, i’d like to present for the amusement of all a list of things -drawn from these comments- that “auroranorth” simply cannot stand!

    it’s such an odd collection that i briefly entertained notions of ol’ aurora being a faux-conservative POE, but seeing it all together, i have great confidence that we are dealing with a hard-core libertardian.

    libertardians are one of the internet’s truest wonders -people who rant against all governments (especially their own) while enjoying the fruits of living under a government.

    you know, things like maintained public road systems, power and water grids, police forces and armed forces, school systems, standardized currencies, subsidized agricultural products, infrastructure for acquiring refining and transporting petroleum and all it’s by-products (from gasoline to plastics), garbage/waste management systems, sewage management infrastructure, national parks, funded science and R&D work…….etc.


    Things That Really Piss Off auroranorth:

    democrats, communists, socialists, general politicians, obama, sarah palin, gay people, gay “bear culture” people, BDSM enthusiasts, democrats, the chinese, people who don’t adore the confederate flag, marxists, people who think obama was born in hawaii -part of the US, people who “ask for” an education, democrats, teachers unions (they employ “goons”, obviously), chicago gangsters, people who’d deny grandma “her cost of living increase”, “buying rich people cars”/demanding cars get higher MPGs, stormtroopers, yo mama, hilary clinton -and chelsea clinton who obviously used to “run walmart”!, bush, john “mexicain” mccain, mel gibson, o.j. simpson, democrats, drugged-up foul-mouthed commie-types!, New China, left-wingers, people who think the cold war has ended, liberal types, “wars of aggression”, immigrants: legal and illegal, democrats.

    to be (probably) continued…….

  • auroranorth

    shoot the messenger

  • oouchan

    @lo (266): Bloody brilliant! :)

  • ianz09

    @lo (266): That’s awesome :)

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (267): Taint ;)

  • GTT

    @lo (266): :lol:

    Oh, oh… Now she´s going to accuse your of being a democrat… or a commie… or both!

  • auroranorth

    your so stupid you cant even get the sex right, which of course is why the White population is dwindling so badly, your to stupid to even reproduce. as far as democrat of commie whats the difference lately ? Scratch a democrat deeply enough and it always comes up Red.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (272): And another thing…

    Scratch a democrat deeply enough and it always comes up Red.

    That’s called blood. Last time I checked, Republicans have it too.

  • Nitroglycerin

    @auroranorth (254): Are you fuckin kidding me dude?!What was that all about?your presenting arguments that really doesnt make sense..please shoot yourself in the mouth jit.

  • auroranorth

    some foul mouthed cretin pops in and presents his stupidity. Move out of your mothers basement and put down the crack pipe

  • auroranorth

    I see a lot of mouthy remarks and nothing of substance. No suggestions for any basic improvements other than ranting and raving, foul mouthed and typical of the sub human trash that would put the janitor in charge of the nation.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Hey, Auroranorth! I have a question: Where do you get your information from? I just want to know who we should REALLY blame for your stupidity. I mean, whoever they are, they have got to have to be punished for filling your poor, sad, moronic mind with such ignorance! If it’s just you pulling crap out of your rectum, though…
    But seriously, where do you get this mind-rotting ignorance?
    P.S. I don’t care if you flame me or not, but for the record I’m neiter a democrat, gay, liberal, a communist, nor an immigrant/non-white person. And you’re still going to flame me, aren’t you?

  • auroranorth

    ask a specific question to get a specific answer.

  • auroranorth

    and i didnt flame you it seems you took vare of that part before getting an answer

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (279): Poop stain ;)

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (278): Now, GFR, I appreciate your attempt at hazing the idiot, and you made some excellent points. However, Aurornorth has proven to be more than a mere asshole; he is a persistent, logic and reason IMMUNE asshole. Like some kind of genetically engineered… SUPERASSHOLE! His only weakness is nonsensical and vulgar immaturity. I invite you to join me, and all others! An italicized swear or profanity is all that is needed.

  • auroranorth

    translated he means
    a. he cant ask a direct question to get a direct answer.
    B.he wants others to wallow in his stupidity.
    C.his asylum closes its internet ward in an hour.

  • GTT

    @ianz09 (281): That was my favorite… ;)

  • ianz09

    @GTT (284): Gracias

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (283): Grape flavored condom ;)

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @ianz09 (282): About the asking me to swear at him, I would, but I don’t really swear much on the internet. I don’t mostly because, for some reason, I think it shows off my vocabulary skills. I know, retarded, but I’ll make an exception for you. Auroranorth, you’re an retarded, prick-headed bastard.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Auroranorth(279)-Ok then. Where do you get your information from? I just added a bunch of insults in there because, well, you deserve them. In fact, it still somehow surprises me how a few extra sentences can confuse you so. Go figure.
    (280) Wait for it…
    (283) Now! See, you still insulted me back, even though I expected AND told you so. And I was at a football game in that hour, by the way.

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (287): A legit reason. I enjoy flaunting the fact that I have an at least half-way decent vocabulary, but since auroranorth is a reason-immune idiot, I make an exception, in the grandest and most obscene fashion. It is quite enjoyable, and I believe since most other users agree, you won’t be judged poorly. It is actually kind of fun, because when you argue, he just blurts uneducation all over the comment thread, but when you just plainly and simply swear at him, he gets frustrated. It really is hoot, and because it only takes a second of your life to do it, and near-zero brain capacity, you don’t have to worry about wasting your life away worrying over Internet drama. I can say, that in the ten minutes I take every morning to check my computer, along with the occasional few minutes of web surfing during my downtime, that the much needed smiles I get from his frustration are worth it. And my life continues unheeded and un-deterred. I recommend it as a great minor stress reliever! We’ll see how many times he calls me a commie after he sees THIS:

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (283): Bumbumhole ;)

  • damien_karras

    @ianz09 (290): My friend, give up the ghost. Why do you persist with this man/unknown species/seedless bagel? Obviously you are convinced he’s a bit “off”. So why are you still trying to convince Rainman to get on a plane? Call him a queef? C,mon, my brother, the best you can do at this point is SHUT HIM DOWN by NOT RESPONDING. Because, (and Randall will back me up on this) they actually DO disappear once they find there is no wall to bash through.

  • ianz09

    @damien_karras (291): Oh, I’m well aware he’ll leave. But, now that I’ve found out how to irritate him, I’m kind of getting sick kicks from it. If it’s annoying the other users more than he is, though, I’ll desist.

  • auroranorth

    I suspect its the same clown with 2 id’s

  • lo

    i’m happy my post on ol’ aurora’s “must-hate-list” amused some of you :) thanks for the feedback.

    since then, aurora has made it very clear s/he/it is a white supremacist flavor of racist.

    “your[sic] so stupid you cant[sic] even get the sex right, which of course is why the White population is dwindling so badly, your[sic] to[sic] stupid to even reproduce. as far as democrat of[sic] commie whats[sic] the difference lately ?[sic]”

    they are they only people who care about a diminishing “White population” with a capital “W”. as such, i can safely say that aurora is a despicable and evil waste of skin and should try to stop using any of earth’s oxygen as soon as possible -hopefully before spawning any lil’ racists….. and aurora is too stupid to spell or use correct punctuation even a little.

    a stupid, crazy, trolling bigot -what a waste of space.

  • auroranorth

    actually its a lack of respect for cretins like you.

  • auroranorth

    The fact that you dont care what happens to your people shows how mentally defective you really are.

  • lo

    @auroranorth (296):

    wow, i believe that’s the very first time i’ve ever been insulted for NOT BEING A RACIST!

    mindblowing really. i despise racists.

    are you aware that “race” doesn’t even exist in the eyes of science and biology? you’ve pledged your life to protecting something made-up! i look forward to the day everyone looks “mixed” on the outside. maybe then we can focus more on the hearts and minds we all carry on the inside.

    fuck you, little racist piece of shit. why don’t you go out and drown under some ice? it’s a bad way to go, you’d suffer.

  • auroranorth

    more name calling and acting out, you offer no solutions, in the coming storm you will be blown away.

  • lo

    @auroranorth (298):

    you have yet to elaborate: solutions to WHAT?

    a black president? liberals? education for all?

    c’mon, enlighten us with some specifics, WHAT must we “solve”?

  • lo

    @auroranorth (298):

    and about “the coming storm” ..are you charlie manson 2.0 or something? his greatest dream was a “race war”, he even killed to try and start one…….

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (298): You really are the lowest of the low. If you tried your hardest, I doubt highly that you could make me have any less respect for you. And from what I have heard, causing Lo to react like that is an outrage in itself. At the risk of sounding like a lame old Internet “hardass,” I must conclude with this: If I were to (God forbid) meet you in person, I would probably light your Ku Klux Klan robe on fire. But, since that threat will never be carried out, I’ll leave you with something you can understand:

    Fuck off.

    PS- In less than ten years the United States, Hispanic race will be the majority, and Whites (oh no!!) will be a MINORITY. Dios mio! Have fun with the facts ;)

    Buenas dias, pendejo!

  • auroranorth

    the race war is already on your to stupid to see that.

  • mom424

    @auroranorth (302): You’re not YOUR.

    Give it up ianz09 – Aurora is obviously a barely pubescent female. If she’s much older than 13 I’d be surprised. She’s old enough to read, but not old enough to critique what she’s reading. And not old enough to know basic grammar.

    Unless of course you’re using her for practice? Honing the skills for a worthy adversary maybe? :)

  • auroranorth

    more likely he s a pedophile

  • auroranorth

    Some illegal aliens may have found a way to ensure they will never lose their driver’s licenses for drunk driving in California – even if they can’t read.

    Christian Rodier, office assistant at Special Treatment Education and Prevention Services, or STEPS, in Bakersfield, Calif., told WND he believes repeat drunk driving offenders who are illiterate and who fail to produce proof of citizenship are receiving preferential treatment when they take classes to dismiss DUIs.

    “There are some clients who do not provide any Social Security numbers whatsoever,” he said. “When a client calls over the phone to have a schedule change, I have to ask him for his birth date and Social Security number. Sometimes there’s no Social Security number whatsoever. That’s a red flag to me.”

    Though some students with drunk driving offenses do not provide proper documentation, he said the clinic allows them to take the course so they can have their driving privileges reinstated.

    “I guess they just enroll them anyway because they’re afraid if they don’t enroll them, they’ll get sued,” he said.

    Rodier said the STEPS program is not only for first-time offenders. Often times, people who have had two or three drunk-driving offenses register for the classes.

    “There are some people who have gotten a DUI, taken a course, gotten their license and gotten a DUI and repeated the whole process over again,” he said.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (304): Pedophile? Just when I thought you grasped all the straws. You must be pulling them out of your ass by now. I wouldn’t be so arrogant as to call myself a success story, but I think I’m safe in assuming I’m doing pretty well. I’m passing all my college classes to obtain a degree in a major that both is enjoyable to me and useful, I have a beautiful girlfriend who I am proud to say has been mine for over 13 months, and work a job that I like (to an extent), and at which most of my coworkers are also good friends of mine. Because of that, and the fact that I have no sexual attraction towards children, pretty much says “SHUT DOWN” in all caps to your pedophile theory. Nice try though, keep playing! You’re doing… Well, no, not well at all, but you have persistence! Which is a positive quality in positive people… Well, damn. I guess you’re fucked, pardon my foul liberal mouth.

    @mom424 (303): Practice? I guess you could say that, although it’s a pretty easy practice. Kind of like maxing out at 150 on the bench press, then just lifting 5 pound weights after that. I would say honing my skills, but they apparently don’t have to be sharp in order to punch through his (her?) thick skull. Which seems oxymoronic… Oh well, idiots are an enigma sometimes. This is probably dumbing me down, so when somebody who is actually intelligent and comprehensible crosses me, I’ll be helpless.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (305): Oh and aurora? One more thing.

    Gooch ;)

  • auroranorth

    your already helpless, just to dumb to know it.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (305): Oh, dash it all, one last blow, this time from the smart part of my brain, rather than the immature teehee part:

    Socialism is the devil. It is evil and accomplishes nothing. It is the worst form of economy, and simply another word for… Communism!

    Whew, now that the myth is out the way…

    Hospitals, emergency services, police, schools… Socialist. If we were pure Capitalist, EVERY school would be private. The poor would be uneducated. Someone breaks into your house, ransacks it, robs you, you call the police. They show up, take care of things, and smack you with a hefty bill. Why? Because in pure Capitalism, police would work for a private business. Hospital bills would be hiked up, because instead of just asking for what they need to pay for your treatment and the employees, they would be billing you for profit as well. House catches on fire? Cha-ching, instant weight loss program for your bank account.

    Communism does not work. It would work perfect for robots, but people? No. Face facts, though. The United States, for all their love of Capitalism, is still a hefty chunk Socialist. It is a fact, not an opinion, so disputing this will only make you look stupid. Should we be pure Socialist? Nah. We’re not doing to bad the way we are, even in a recession. But unless you strike it rich, pure Capitalism will screw you over AT LEAST as much as pure Communism. So, be careful what you bash, because when somebody breaks into your house to burn all your white linens (with holes cut in them…?), you won’t have to pay out your bumhole for the police bill. Everybody’s tax dollars done took care o’ that.

    Go ahead, fire back, I wanna see this.

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (308): Yeah, why not?

  • auroranorth

    I’m not a member of the klan, When I had my fire I did get a bill

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @auroranorth (311): I’ll take this one for you ianz. *Ahem* Puppy molester ;)

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (312): *Golf clap*

    Jolly good show, wouldn’t you say?

    Mmm, indeed

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Yes, quite so, my good gentleman.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Many thanks for the compliment, my good sir.

  • auroranorth

    look at what you wrote, ”the poor would be uneducated,” really ?, is that why each major city has at least one major growing ghetto.Then we have ”Someone breaks into your house, ransacks it, robs you, you call the police. They show up, take care of things, and smack you with a hefty bill.”here is the reality of the situation, How about the prosecutor plea bargains them down and the state lets them off early for good behavior and then they victumize you. ”, and you do get a bill fior this. its called your city, county and state taxes, or in Obamnese stimulus funds.then you pontificate that, ”Hospital bills would be hiked up, because instead of just asking for what they need to pay for your treatment and the employees, they would be billing you for profit as well.”, I don’t know what planet your on but the hospitals here bill every dime they can to everyone they can and then write off what they can on taxes and they all claim losses while actually making a hefty profit, now then by the timing of your posts you may be in the la la state of Pelosiville if that’s the case and your hospitals and school are going under it might have something to do with the hordes of aliens you think are so funny.”so disputing this will only make you look stupid.” most of your posts take things I have said out of context or manufacture supposed positions that I am supposed to Hold, without any regard for accuracy then you break your own arm patting yourself on the back, fact is I haven’t disputed that particular statement, it in fact seems to be the track record that every government type will screw someone. People become politically active when they have had enough.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @auroranorth (316): BJs ;)

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    You know Auroranorth, keep at this. Ianz right, it’s REALLY fun!
    P.S. Are you going to answer me? In case you still somehow don’t know what my question is, it’s in the second sentence in the 278th post, after the colon. But you probably are just cooking up crap with your Blendishit 2000 in your kitchen and typing it on here at listverse. Either way, you’re an idiot.

  • lo

    @auroranorth (316):

    hey, i have some direct questions:

    where do you live, as in state and city/town?

    did you attend a school there? was it public or private?

    do you have a job?

    do you pay taxes other than payroll taxes (if you’re employed)?

    do you have health insurance? who pays for it?

    are you old enough to vote? do you vote?

    -all of the answers to these questions are terribly relevant to the junk you’ve been spewing at us. i’ll bet you don’t even have personal experience with these real-life components of the “things that piss you off” list…..

  • Stingray25

    Doesn’t anyone think the Klingon flag is controversial??:P

    All kidding aside I thought the Don’t Tread On Me flag might the list. I proudly fly that flag and either half the people don’t understand what it means either originally or in today’s climate or the other half think it means you’re some kind of wacko seperatist…well that partially true I’m a devout Libertarian;)

  • auroranorth

    Steelworker, Midwest, integrated public schools, I pay the same taxes everyone else pays. and I dont think you have any intent of doing anything objective , basically what started the 2 minute hate on me was I said your boy stinks, he still does. so do his supporters.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @auroranorth (321): pussy :lol:

  • ianz09

    @auroranorth (321): Don’t like Obama? Fine. Plenty don’t, plenty never will. I probably hate whoever you like. That’s politics. But bigotry never got anybody anywhere. I dare you to go back, read every post you have on this thread, and tell me that you are not in this least bit bigoted. It’s one thing to be a proud Republican and strongly disagree with liberal views and criticize the Democrats who do wrong, but to kick back and lump Democrats and other liberals into this cesspool category of stupidity and corruption is, sir, bigotry at its finest. And before you go on about “Hmm typical liberal hypocrite, spewing anti-bigotry but at the same time hazing Republicans”, Read all of MY posts. I hazed you. Because I, believe it or not, do not like you. However, unless I am sorely mistaken and my alternate personality logged on as me and posted some anti-Republican, or anti-anything slander, I have not indulged in stereotypical insults. I believe the brunt of my posts were shutting you down, and slagging random profanity across the board.

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (322): lulz

  • damien_karras

    @ianz09 (323): Do you think Obama is doing a good job so far? And if not, why?

  • damien_karras

    @ianz09 (324): Do you think Obama is doing a good job? And if you don’t think so, why?

  • damien_karras

    Dammit dbl post… my bad.

  • ianz09

    @damien_karras (326): Right now? I do. I think he is doing his honest best at cleaning up the country. And a lot of it is trial and error, and God only knows there have been plenty of errors, but I get the feeling he isn’t out to screw us over. Hell, maybe I’m wrong, plenty of people think I am. But it’s weird, I just actually have faith in a president for once that he is trying to do the right thing. So, in that respect, yes, I do. Call me an idiot if you must, but my gut has got me in a stranglehold on this one. The stimulus crap could be going a LOT better, but universal health care is a grand idea and good plan that simply needs the go ahead in my opinion.

    The way i see it is this. And don’t hold it against me if you disagree, simply an opinion gathered from personal observations. Anyway: Conservatives keep the world the way it is, and liberals change it. Neither is right, and neither is wrong. In certain times, one need be more prominent than the other. I think our country is in a bitter state right now, and we need a liberal mindset to take things forward. But, when we are at our peak of excellence, it is time to allow the conservatives to take to forefront and run the show. I know I lumped things into a pretty stereotypical black-and-white agenda, but for the sake of keeping it simple, that is my statement. And calm disagreement is welcome, but knowing the users on this site, most will probably bite of head.

    And damien, out of curiosity, why did you ask me that?

  • damien_karras

    To be honest, everyone was either asking wackjob what his ideas were to fix the problems in our country or were insulting him. I just wanted to get a handle on your political views.

  • lo

    @ianz09 (323):

    hey you forgot that aurora is such a blatant white supremacist racist that s/he/it felt compelled to call me out for not caring about the fate of “[my] own people” without even knowing what color of skin i was born with. and as if it should matter….

    i hate racists (and race is a false construct not backed up by biology). screw
    “auroranorth”. just another small minded bigot, of the “actually really crazy” variant…

    i know toying with him has been fun, but why gratify his lunacy with another response?

  • auroranorth

    Let me get this right , you think Obammy is doing a good job by pissing away billions of dollars, By giving big corporations like Aig Billions and bankers Billions ? call me all the childish names you want and pay your 35.00 service charge on time. This guy will have us in another war as soon as he can manufacture an excuse. a Bigot is a person who cannot understand another persons point of view. to this end I see three stooges here that are bigots, (if its not the same clown posting from an asylum.)as far as race your dammed right White people built this nation and addle minded jerks like your selves are trashing everything our people ever worked for. Brainwashed and unable to think for themselves, Sheeple is a great term for them. Every problem this nation has comes back down to race and your simply to stupid to see it. Hopeless idiots cannot see that our nation is in the death grip of a foreign power.

  • ianz09

    @damien_karras (330): Oh, gotcha, a legit reason. And maybe my views are skewed, but I have educated myself on the politics, and I am pretty confident. Hopefully he isn’t just another politician pulling the wool over my eyes. And I know nobody is perfect, but like I said, I have confidence.

    @lo (331): Darn it all, I did, there goes my reasoning part of my brain, stepping in. Yeah, you are right though, it has gone on long enough. I think it is time we let him go on to some other thread on a different site to babble on there. SO, to everyone including myself: No more replying to auroranorth, it is time for him to leave.

    @GiantFlyingRobo (318): Hey man, sorry to rain on your parade, I know you were just getting started, but Lo is right, time to pack it in let this guy leave. Maybe sometime in the future another raving lunatic will babble on a thread and we can toy with him. But it is time to let this idiot go. This idiot has a home, a family, and it is time we let him find his way back home. Unless h gets rabies, then we can take him out back and uh… Euthanize him.

  • auroranorth

    giant flying turd , in your dreams, if you ever got out back with me only I would come back and you can bank on that, and there would be no mercy in it.

  • Eric

    Funny how some US citizens boast in pride for being part of a country where you are allowed to burn the nation’s flag – and others oppose it fiercely. The reason it is funny is because it is tolerated in most – if not all – countries that can be objectively deemed worthy of calling themselves democracies (if not stated in the constitution, at least not intolerable to the degree that it is considered a crime by state officials).

    Take Sweden or Denmark for example, when journalists/artists posted controversial pictures depicting Mohammed – and their respective flags (and even dolls of the prime ministers) were burnt both inside the countries and in middle east states – the government and police did not take action. They said that both the artists/journalists and the muslim extremists had the right to express their opinions.

    The US were ranked 17th in the 2008 democray index (The Economist –, beaten by, for example, Japan. That’s got to tumble your pride on being the greatest country in the world freedom-wise a bit – or do you just not care?

    My conclusion is that the Star Spangled Banner is controversial for other reasons than those named in the list. And there are thousands of controversial flags in use or not, so making one such list is hard. You did a decent job though (I presume you only listed flags recently on use, whether it be by a minority organization or a government, thus eliminating some of the flags mentioned in comments. Flags like The Union Jack should qualify too, though, it’s controlled around half the world in total and for a much longer time than the US, though the brits did an honourable job to restore peace in their old colonies/annexations/realms – much like the US-UK try to in the Afghanistan as we speak).

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @auroranorth (334): I’m sorry ianz, just one last one,
    Peadophile in a Tutu ;)
    Last time, promise.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Ianz, I just COULDN’T let a personal insult get by me. Hope you understand. End of line.

  • JLee

    How can you list the US flag at #1 yet not mention the “fringed” flag? There are countless conspiracy theories regarding the presence of a gold fringe on the US flag – to me that would make it extremely controversial.

  • auroranorth

    Excellent post, We sew fringe on flags all the time, say Green on an Irish flag or Black on a Pirate flag, but there is a handful of die hard nut cases, (who arent even liberals) that insist there is some gigantic conspiracy involving naval courts of law and the fringe on the flags, got to tell you ya cant explain to these lunatics that bringing this up as an issue in a case only makes the system workers hate them or hate them more as the case may be, it does not help and from the industry side most people add it to look nice. I dont see any big conspiracy with naval courts, i do see a bar association that could probably be sued under rico as a racketeer influenced corrupt organization for the failure (on a shocking scale) to enforce their own rules. I have caught much more flak from these guys than from the flying donut liberals out there.

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (337): Ok, one last one, i guess. But I’m cutting you off now! lol

  • JLee

    @auroranorth (339):
    LOL I can only imagine what you you have to deal with – including those non-liberal nutcases.

    I originally heard about the “Admiralty Law” associated with the gold fringe via a constitutional lawyer then later heard what a crock it was from another constitutional lawyer. I honestly couldn’t say whether the fringe conspiracy theories I’ve heard about are left or right, but I do think it’s mainly a theory lawyers perpetuate just to make themselves seem necessary.

  • auroranorth

    they are as bad as the bama supporters, ask one why they support him and they begin raving like members of a religious cult or something, yes we all want change only a fool would want things the way they are. that said I cannot understand how you will ”give someone medical care” without addressing the corporate greed around here. So far he has said nothing about telling the medical profession that they suffer from terminal greed. I sat at the kitchen table a few years back with my brothers ex wife she was in tears, because she would only make 700.000.00 that year, Get real. Obama cannot pay for the medical care of the elderly and disabled, he secretly hopes that Legalizing illegal aliens will ill the coffers its more than a pipe dream its a crack pipe dream. What then should be done. simple the first year we should force all parties involved to use identical billing systems, then we can weed out the fraud and outright criminal activity., The second Year we need to pay off some of the college expenses of new medical personnel in a trade off for community service work sort of a medical CCC if you will. Companies who make drugs people need to stay alive will have to act realistic and not parasitic on the prices of their drugs. Illegal aliens will have to go home. That said at l4east i offered a few realistic positions i didnt use racial insults or porno statements like the mental midgets here.

  • kimya

    im happy you mentioned the flag des patriotes. merci beaucoup. jadore votre site!

  • Roo

    No ‘Union Jack’ eh? I am surprised.

  • Eric

    as a filipino, i cant help be emotional about flag number 6 which is Japan’s flag during world war 2. it was the flag paraded by japanese soldiers as they murdered, raped, our women and killed infants by throwing them in the air o be caught by the soldiers’ bayonets as they fall down. under that flag my grandfather was killed when my mother was only 2 years old resulting on her not having a father on her whole life. THAT FLAG SIGNIFIES TO ASIA WHAT THE SWASTIKA FLAG SIGNIFIES TO EUROPE. it is sad that the japanese, unlike the germans, are in denial of their past. NO AMOUNT OF ATOMIC BOMBARDMENT WOULD SUFFICE TO A RACE THAT DONT ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR DEMONS.

  • Maggot

    @auroranorth (339):
    @JLee (341):

    Fyi lots of good info about flag fringe here, debunking the so-called controversies:

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @Eric (345): Um, could it be possible the Japanese want to forget the whole thing? I mean, I’m a white American, and I want to forget the whole forcing the Native Americans off their land against their will thing, but does that make me bad if I don’t publicly share my feelings about it though? I think the Japanese have been spending their time apoligizing to us, the U.S., anyhow. Which makes sense, because, well… we did send 2 atomic bombs at them. Don’t tick America off.

  • gabi319

    @GiantFlyingRobo (347):
    A number my friends are active in the Comfort Women movement. Comfort women were Chinese, Korean and Filipino women, some as young as 13, who were forced into prostitution to service the Japanese Army in warehouse brothels during WWII. Thousands of women have come forth to give their testimonies and it’s estimated that when combining all the occupied countries, there were easily millions of comfort women. However, the Japanese refuse to apologize as a government or even allow the opportunity for these women to take their rapists to court or even give the few present-day survivors compensation for the horrors they went though.

    It’s one thing to acknowledge a wrong and not have the fortitude to apologize or make amends… It’s a completely different story when they wholeheartedly deny that these women were raped. They state that the women either fabricated the entire story or that they willingly sold their bodies to 20-30 Japanese men a day. Most of these women are in their 70s and 80s now. Some believe that Japan’s simply waiting for them to die out so it would no longer be an issue. And in a callous sort of way, not having a face to put to the cause would certainly help Japan forget it much more easily. After all, your example of the Trail of Tears was over a hundred years ago. I assume the situation would be harder to put aside if the memories were still fresh. But then again, at least we still learned about it, which is lightyears ahead of where Japan is with a number of its atrocities.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @gabi319 (348): Good point, but I still got nothing against Japan. But if you’ve seen any pictures of most modern-day Indian reservations, you’d know that us Americans still give them alot of crap, even if we don’t have anything against them personally. I don’t know how to describe my point exactly, but I think you know what I mean. Either way, my idea is you shouldn’t hold grudges, even if they’re being jerkwads about it.

  • gabi319

    @GiantFlyingRobo (349):
    You’re confusing “we Americans”, the country’s entity, with “me or us”, the personal/group experience and which of those is really accountable for what actions. Obviously, if you weren’t directly affected in the examples given above, you would only have so much (or so little) empathy for the problem. It’s not as simple as “Damn, that girl’s wearing the same homecoming dress as me! I’ll be upset for a few minutes and then forget it happened.” These grudges are a bit more extreme… families torn apart, little girls and women raped and possibly psychologically traumatized, people were tortured and killed…essentially lives drastically altered. You have nothing against Japan, but what did they really do to YOU in particular? Yes, they bombed Pearl Harbor so the USA feels some ties to this history, but you read about it from the safety and objectivity of a textbook. Again, perhaps you might sympathize but it would be difficult to empathize.

    As far as your example of reservations… Put the shoe on the other foot. How do you think THEY feel? That’s where we fail to communicate. You see things from one side, the one that gives the crap. I’m looking at it from the side that was oppressed, the side that had the crap handed to them. The view is quite different there. Think a little more about the point you’re trying to make because that sentence you wrote above could be paraphrased as “I couldn’t care one way or the other how the situation blows but we’ve always given them shit in the past so why stop now?” Apathy can be a very dangerous thing when people (and countries) can get away with horrible things simply because others don’t care.

  • ianz09

    @gabi319 (350): What happens at those reservations is atrocious. I don’t blame those Native Americans who hate us for hating us. It’s too bad, because I didn’t do anything wrong, but on the same hand, I’d probably be more outraged if I was in their position than they are. I watched Morgan Spurlock’s episode of 30 Days where he went to a Navajo Reservation (I hope I got that right…), and it was very sad. I hate being stereotyped by anybody, but in some cases, I don’t blame them.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @ianz09 (351): Wow, that was the exact episode I was thinking of when I wrote that!

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    @gabi319 (350): Okay, another good point. But ask yourself this: would the Japanese have done that if they hadn’t had so much propaganda shoved down their throats? For most of them, theanswer would be no. If you look at it, the Japanese were damaged by Hirohito’s ideas too, in a mental way. The government convinced them to kill themselves for it, and made them do shameful things, making them think they were dieing for an honorable cause. I’m not saying what they did wasn’t wrong, they just didn’t know WHAT they were doing. I’m just putting in my 2 cents, is all.

  • auroranorth

    First off their was no excuse for the bataan death march and similar atrocities, that said of the kamakazie and similar warriors, heaven forbid they fought with honor to defend their nation from from a much larger aggressor who had bullied them for a hundred years.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Must…hold back…from…REPLYING! Can’t…hold…on much longer!

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (355): Hang on GFR… He ain’t worth it..

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (352): That’s fricking sad as hell, isn’t it? It is truly appalling. I hate to see poverty, but on the same hand, it is so humbling. Makes me appreciate what I have more, but also makes me wish those people were better off. No one deserves that.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    True ‘dat. Life must be hell for them, eh? It’s like they’re being forced into being Amish…

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (358): I feel no pity for the Amish. They do it on purpose, and, apparently, enjoy it. No skin off my back.

  • GiantFlyingRobo

    Well, Amish get to choose to reside in remote locations and whatnot. I’m not saying anything about the Amish, really. What I’m saying is that Native Americans don’t get to choose if they stay or not, they’re too poor to leave and have a successful life that they intend to have. It’s really sad.

  • ianz09

    @GiantFlyingRobo (360): Yeah, I know, I was making a joke lol. Although I don’t pity the Amish, no reason to. They aren’t forced into poverty, and most are quite content.

  • Scott

    Good for you: while our flag may be controversial to some, it has, does, and will stand for liberty – as it should. For in spite of our imperfections, the United States is still the freest and most generous country in the history of the planet. We have done more for the freedom of others than any other. For this we are often hated, but we are still the best hope for the future freedom and prosperity of others. There is nothing wrong with being proud of our country and our flag.

  • natapillar

    if u scroll up and down fairly quickly when looking at the rising sun flag of japan,it looks like it is trying to flap like wings lol

  • DeathcorePhil

    Once again, americans are #1.. the flag isn’t controversial at all

  • ianz09

    @DeathcorePhil (364): It is when it is raised over your country, and your country is not America.

  • Anne

    My aunt has a confederate flag on the back of her truck x.x I was always so embarrassed to go to school in her truck, like I’m a racist by association.

  • auroranorth

    well it would seem there is a new flag to be aded to the top of the list

    • jackdaniels63

      Desicration from the left…nothing new. Next comes the hammer and sickle.

  • Disciple

    As an American I’m not supprised that some may view America itself as oppressive or militant, but the flag is hardly a reminder of any of the above mentioned negatives. Only in the past 60 years has American been seen as such an nation and I’m suprised the swastika flag of Nazi germany was not even included.

  • auroranorth

    Well it should be the number one on the list, but your dealing with a lot of politically correct nonsense here, and some cant see a forest because there are to many trees in the way.

  • Roo

    And some people cant see the Elephant because there are too many Giraffes in the way!

  • triviafan

    I too agree, where’s the swastika flag from nazi Germany?

    I don’t buy the agreement that this list is only for those nations that are dealing with the controversy from within. There are flags on this list where this is hardly the case (U.S., Japan, etc.).

    The swastika flag still creates a lot of controversy today.

  • Andrew, a hippy from Nimbin

    #10 does not exclusively belong to the LGBT’s I know a lot of VERY heterosexual hippies who like to march under a rainbow too

  • jerry

    to the person that said that you wouldn’t see many black southerns defending the confederate flag then you need to go to columbia sc. there is a black man who walks around near the capitol flying a full sized version of it in protest of it being removed from the capitol. I know many black gentlemen from the south who consider it a part of their heritage since their ancestors fought for the conferderacy (although by force more than likely).

  • Komori

    Great list, except for one thing…
    That’s not the Confederate Battle Flag; It’s the Confederate NAVY flag. The Battle Flag is square.

  • ritchie.b

    @Skrillah (61): there is similarity between the flags, but saying that Iran “stole” the design is just ignorant. that symbol of the lion and sun can be found on Iranian art dating back from 3000 BC. The Sri Lankan flag was first used in the 1950s…

  • hahaha

    um…. I’think of korea flag fantastic!!!

  • hahaha

    um…. I think of korea flag fantastic!!!

  • VPayne

    American flag at first place? Sure some Muslims and self righteous Europeans hate the U.S. but it’s definitely not that controversial among people that matter.

  • katerinaelaena

    @VPayne (378): I’d agree…but then…who knows? Maybe we’ve jsut been sheltered from all the controversy.

    i remember the uproar with the “false Macedonian” flag…

  • Daemon

    Another historical controversial flag would be the flag of Sweden-Norway in the 19th century.

  • Groogle


    It’s not just the muslims and europeans.
    Pretty much the whole world hates you, the Japanese, Chinese, Russians heck you’re even losing popularity the english municipalities.

    Oh yeah, i took the liberty of assuming you were an Usanian since you couldn’t miss the chance to insult your “insultees”.

  • devonsfridge

    4 Things)

    1) The american flag isn’t that controversial.
    2) The Nazi germany swastika was VERY controversial due to its meaning.
    3) The jack (UK flag) was controversial due to it portraying england as ruler because it was at the front and it left out scotland in early designs. It aws redesigned many times.
    4) The indian flag duingin the british raj. Look it up…

  • nicoleredz3

    Very cool…

  • mo-chan

    I was thinking I’d see the ex soviet union flag, or the nazi flag…

    I was (happily) suprised to see the patriot flag in there!

  • Jay

    @Groogle [381]: We should throw Haiti on that list too, how we came to their aid in a time of disaster was horrible. Or how we overthrew a dictator in Iraq who killed thousands upon thousands of his own people, I bet they all miss him. God we are so horrible.

  • A.B.

    @Jay [385]: yeah maybe you should throw in Panama’s flag too since you killed their president, or Iran’s Imperial flag too or pretty much any of the south american military governments sponsored by america. How about those flags?

  • auroranorth
    No one killed Panama’s president, Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno he is fine and living in France, Just like the Ayatollah used to Liberals are always raving like this.

  • A.B.

    Ok my bad about that one…what about these ones:

    land of the free…no doubt

  • Ozmarty

    Charles Dickens said that the stripes on the American flag were reminiscent of the stripes on a slave’s back

    • jackdaniels63

      Dickens was a socialist POS limey.

  • mat

    I'm surprised you didn't include the Irish Tri-colour and British Union Jack

  • gary

    Possibly the worst list i have seen on this site. no nazi flag ? haha oh and the scottish angus flag was worse than that!
    what about northern ireland with the red hand of ulster?

  • gsmsmssm

    The confederate battle flag is not the Stars and Bars. The first national flag is the Stars and Bars.

  • Johnny

    The republic of Newfoundland's tri-colour would have been a better representation of a controversial Canadian flag than the patriotes flag. I'm Canadian and I've never even seen the pariotes flag before. The fleur de lis is more common as a controversial French Canadian flag in my experience.

  • bob

    The definition of controversial is an issue with multiple views. Almost every one agrees the Nazi flag is bad and is therefore not very controversial.

    • V123

      Nazis don't agree it is bad. If you walk into any poor neighborhood in Europe, you see swastikas on the walls. US flags not so much. Nazi and strong-right ideas are getting more and more popular in many countries, as opposed to Muslim uprising. The US flag represents simply a nation, while the Nazi flag- an idea, moreover a destructive idea. Which in my opinion makes it thousand times more controversial.

  • zak

    Germany is introducing a law that would ban any Nazi symbols in Europe, especially the Nazi Party Flag. One would think that flag is slightly more controversial than the Angus Flag.

    Also what about the flag of Israel? It probably gets burned more than the U.S. flag and is a despised symbol in much of the muslim world

  • Jeff

    The British flag should be there since it was flown over 1/4 of the world at a time and was a symbol of terror. 1# was put there because the creator is blindly patriotic.

  • bob

    Your last comment for #1 made you look like an idiot.

  • Robert

    Where's Nazi germany? Also, the USA is the most noble nation the world has ever seen and the 1st Democratic-Republic since 27 BC when Julius Ceasar marched into Rome to turn it into an empire.

  • Nagel

    I am hugely surprised the Red Flag of the USSR and the Swastika flag of Nazi Germany didn't get mentioned.

  • Bob

    QUOTE FROM #1 "In my opinion…"

    No one asked for your opinion. Your comments concerning items on your lists should be OBJECTIVE and not SUBJECTED.

    If you want to give an opinion put it in this "Comments Section" as the rest of us have done.

  • V123

    Again too American. The US flag may be controversial, but nowhere as much as the Union Jack or the Nazi flag, that are not even in the list. I find this list rather weak.

  • Foxi Shandris

    What about the swastika flag of Nazi Germany? That’s probably the most historical flag out there.

  • anonymous_rhinocerous

    The “stars and bars” was not the official flag of the confederacy, but instead used in some military capacity, most notably as the banner of the Virginia militia.

  • A-True-American

    Great Man! I Love #1… I probably have at least 30 Flags at My House! God Bless USA! I Hate The Jealous Haters, Who Think their country is better than USA! I Just Tell them F*ck Off! I bet their Countries are even Worse than USA itself! Go To Hell Haters! Btw Most of the Haters are Russian, Do you Know why? Its Cus of Ummmm… Ummmmm Something That Happened after WW2, Between USA and Russia… ahhh its the COLD WAR! And Guess What? Russians are Still Jealous Cuz Capitalism Beat Communism! Hahah! I dont care about You haters! Hahah You Got Your Asses Chopped once, and it could happen again ;)!

  • Troy

    The people who refer to the Confederate battle flag as the “Stars and Bars” are misinformed. The “Stars and Bars” was the ‘national’ flag of the Confederate States of America and closely resembled the American flag as it had a field in the upper hoist corner and three bars of alternating red and white extending from the hoist side to the fly side. The battle flag is strictly that…a flag carried in battle by Confederate forces. It was never a ‘national’ flag for the C.S.A. I am not supporting what the flag stands for or dismissing any controversial feelings about the flag. Just clarifying a simple fact which is commonly mistaken.

  • jackdaniels63

    Well said about “Old Glory” may The Lord let her wave forever!

  • Vander Konig

    you have the Rising Sun and everything, but you forgot the most hated flag in history, the one that shouldve been no 1: The red, white and black.

  • Tess

    where’s the nazi swastica flag??????

  • Colin

    Ever heard of the falg of SA? The new flag after apartheid etc? A nation in change without civil war etc?? And the controversial symbolism of the old oranje blanje blou??

    This list is as American centralised as usual… You should in future consider to put the words.. ” in the eyes of a one dimensional American” behind every list..

  • infernus1483

    the #1 was not created by Gilbert Baker or somebody else, The Inca Empire used this flag becuse it represent the rainbow 500 years before that “artist” copy that flag.

  • matrix

    sorry bro, but what about the swastika for example!

  • weth

    surprised to see no Nazi flag.

    • Jur

      Yes i would have put it #1

      • Auroranorth

        nazi flags at

  • Erick

    I dont understand why people in America hate the country for what it is doing and decide to burn a flag because of how they see America. If you don’t like living in the freest nation in the world then why stay? Get out.

  • frank & beans

    I have a flag for my vergina… I just didn’t figure anyone would care.

  • auroranorth

    we have made a new version of the California flag
    Version 1 is a White racial flaf has a red swastika instead of the red star and California Reich for lettering
    Version two has a sickle and hammer instead of the star and The Peoples republic Of California
    version 3 has a stoned bear with a pot leaf instead of a star and The Pelosi Republic ubstead of California

  • Mr.Cool

    Swastika flag?

  • marcwarnes


  • Richard99

    Was hoping a “black flag with skull on it” to be somewhere on your list…”Pirate flag” should be on the list, shouldn’t it? “smile”

  • MorganGray

    Um… #2? The “Confederate Flag”? That ISN”T the Stars and Bars. That is the Battle Flag. The Stars and Bars looked a bit like the “Betsy Ross” Flag, with two red and one white bar instead of the stripes and a circle of white stars on a blue canton.
    It was eventually replaced by the “Stainless Banner” a pure white flag with the battle flag in the canton. This was itself replaced by the “Third National” which was effectively the Stainless Banner with a red vertical stripe (a pale) at the fly end.
    And ANY Confederate flag is only controversial to those who do not know American history, or those who see everything through the lens of race.

  • al3atharii

    I’m iraqi & i LOATH the new flag
    it just disgusts me

  • dan

    I think the best derbys are the ones that you look foward to, the ones with the best teams, the ones with the biggest at stake and the ones that attract the most views.A lot of teams on this list are there because of the violence from idiotic fans in underdeveloped countries lack of security. Should be about the action on the pitch and not who can kick the most sh*t out of each other off it

  • Inmyhumbleopinion

    Good list, but I think number 2 can be interpreted differently, depending on where you are, etc.

  • nbnrje

    The swatstika flag was the flag of a political party not as Germany as a whole.

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  • kkong

    Your Confederate Battle Flag is not the same as the Stars and Bars, which consisted of three horizontal bars (red, white, red) with a circular arrangement of stars on a blue field in the upper staff corner.

  • The title of this list is inaccurate. It should sat “10 Controversial Flags and an Half-Assed Critique of Multiculturalism.”

  • Richard

    Should of had the eureka flag in this, think you’ll find the story an interesting tail of Australian importance between government and workers unions, basically set up all australian politics in society today

  • George

    How about the current Croatian flag. It is a near replica of the faschist WWII era flag.
    here is the old flag:
    here is the new flag:

  • mikemfin

    Why are the US and EU flags controversial?

  • rectangle stickers

    Amazing issues here. I am very happy to peer your article. Thanks so much and I’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

  • JLW

    Small problem with the “Confederate flag”..its not the “stars and bars” (which looks very similar to the Union flag), but the flag of Gen. Beauregard’s troops which later became associated with the entire Confederacy. Mostly because Beauregard was one of the most influential Confederate generals in the war and was the first major general of the southern army.

  • Buff

    The Confederate Battle Flag was never correctly called the Stars and Bars. The Stars and Bars is the official Confederate flag, not the Confederate battle flag.

  • Louis-Alexandre Simard

    Officially saying Quebec’s national day is incorrect because Quebec can not be a nation within another nation (Canada). People call it ‘La Saint-Jean-Baptiste’ or just ‘La Saint-Jean’. But the organisers who are a sovereignist n.g.o. call it the national holiday even if the date has no real political significance except for the fact that we frencophones from Quebec used to be fervent churchgoing catholics and celebrated the Saint-Jean and it became a rallying point against the English speaking Protestant whom we still saw as an occupying force of oppression.

  • Louis-Alexandre Simard

    Its obviously much more complicated than that but you see the picture.

  • Dude

    You missed several very controversial flags. The Kurdish flag, the tibetan flag, the basque flag.

  • Liam

    Union jack? That has a lot of controversy

  • periquito

    usa flag is number one,no suprise there

  • Seth McAvoy

    Actualy, the earliest immigrants to America killed off the real Americans and anihilated their culture. That’s why I despise the US flag.