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15 Firsts In Video Game History

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We are so far away, now, from the original computer games, it doesn’t seem outrageous to claim that in a few years we might achieve complete virtual reality and, indeed, become a race unsure of what is real and what is unreal, as portrayed in films such as The Matrix. Most people have only experienced fully functioning 3D games with decent graphics, but games had beginnings routed in the very basics of electronics and computing. Here are 15 past advancements in video game technology that have made the industry what it is today: they gave birth to it, shaped it and are steering it towards a future.


Interactive Game

153548-Tennis-For-Two-01 Original

When people talk about the humble beginnings of video games, the word ‘Pong’ gets thrown around far too much. Pong was an early arcade game that came about in 1972, and was commercially available for home use in 1975, but it certainly wasn’t the first. In actual fact, the first ever interactive electronic game was made 25 years earlier, in 1947. This was just two years after the end of World War II, and the missile displays that were used in the war inspired Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann to create a missile simulator game on a cathode ray tube. The game used a completely analogue set up to control the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) beam and to position a red dot on the screen overlay.


Influential Game


In 1960, the Digital Equipment Corporation released the first in a line of computer hardware systems: the PDP-1 (Programmed Data Processor-1). One year later a group of MIT students programmed a game called Spacewar!, which was able to be played by two players at once, each controlling a space craft, firing missiles at each other. The game was also distributed through the Internet (as primitive as it was back then) and proved to be the basis for many other games to follow.


Publicly Released Game


For years, games had only been able to be played where they were programmed, (generally just universities) but during the 50’s and 60’s many games were made by people at home as a hobby. Such games included the first electronic version of Tic-Tac-Toe. 1971 saw the creation of two hybrids of the earlier Spacewar!. In September, Galaxy Game, the first coin-operated games machine, was installed at Stanford University California, while 1500 units of Computer Space were manufactured in November and available for commercial sale. Computer Space was made by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney, the same two guys who went on to release Pong the following year and who eventually founded the Atari Company.


Home Console

4 Magnavox Odyssey

While similar to the first ever interactive electronic game, the home version of Pong (rather aptly called Home Pong) usually grabs the glory, but this wasn’t the case. Three years before Home Pong came the first cartridge console, called the ‘Magnavox Odyssey’, designed by Ralph Baer. Unfortunately, the console was a flop due to poor marketing and the apparent belief that you needed a Magnavox television to play the console on. Atari (then called ‘Nolan Bushnell’) capitalized on this by later stating on their Pong boxes, “Works on any television set, black and white or color.” After Pong was released and experienced huge success, Magnavox sued Nolan Bushnell for ripping off the ‘Tennis’ game, which had been featured on the Odyssey. They later also sued Coleco, Mattel, Seeburg and Activision.

The Magnavox Odyssey also featured the first ever commercial “light gun” (although it didn’t work very well). In addition, a prototype for a golf peripheral, featuring a golf ball on a joystick that the player would hit with a golf club, was tested but never released.


Arcade Game to use a Microprocessor

Gunfight D

Gun Fight was an arcade game released in 1975 by Midway Games and was the first of its kind to use a microprocessor, rather than the traditional “Transistor- transistor logic” circuit boards that were in all games before Gun Fight. It used an Intel 8080 CPU, an 8-bit chip that was considered to be the first truly usable microprocessor. What did this do for games? In a nutshell, it allowed the graphics to be more continuous and fluid, being faster than the old circuit boards, and also more solid.


Handheld Game


Microvision was the first hand-held LCD-based game console commercially released. It was distributed by Milton-Bradley and featured interchangeable game cartridges. One of these, (Cosmic Hunter – 1981) featured a 4-way movement capability, manipulated by the player’s thumb on the four buttons. This was an early inspiration for the D-Pad, which was used on many future console controllers, as well, of course, as the GameBoy.


3D Game for Home Use


3D Monster Maze was the first ever game released on a commercial games machine that was in 3D. It was developed by Malcolm Evans in 1981 for the Sinclair ZX81 platform. The game awarded points for each step the player took without getting caught by the Tyrannosaurus Rex that hunted them in the 16 by 16 cell, randomly generated maze.


Online Game


‘SuperSet software’, a small company founded in 1981 in Utah, were responsible for the first ever game featuring networked game play. The text-based game, Snipes, was played between multiple people on multiple IBM personal computer systems in 1983. It was done to test and demonstrate the capabilities of the new IBM machine and the system, though crude, was the beginning of the online gaming we experience today.


8-Bit Game System


The “bit” of a machine basically refers to the speed of the microprocessor inside it. An 8 bit processor can access 8 bits of data in a single operation, whilst a 16 bit processor can access 16 bits of data and so on. The advancement in “bits” of video game systems meant that graphics and game play quickly improved. Strictly speaking, the ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ was the first successful 8 bit machine, selling nearly 62 million units to date and being Nintendo’s top selling system. However, some other machines surfaced at the same time as the NES, namely the ‘Atari ST’ and the ‘Commodore Amiga’. In this same year, these two machines marked the beginning of the 16 bit era of video gaming.


Game to Feature Blood and Gore


We love violent games. Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid; all games that thrive on a sense of violence and disruption and, because of this, they are incredibly popular. Chiller was the first video game to ever feature blood or gore. Released in 1986 on arcade machines, it featured a light gun with the player taking control of a character and shooting everything on screen (including ghosts, zombies and humans). Some of the graphics represented flesh being ripped off in chunks as well as dismemberment. It was considered so bad, at the time, that it is the only game ever to be permanently banned in the UK. It seems funny now, when compared to the games of today, such as GTA, or Manhunt.


16-bit Game System

39 Main

The ‘TurboGrafx-16 Entertainment SuperSystem’ was released in Japan in 1978 under the “awesome” name ‘PC Engine’. It was made by NEC and was the first ever system to feature an optional CD module, or in short, play games from CDs. This meant more storage, cheaper costs and better sound for the TurboGrafx games. Also, interestingly, the console holds the Guinness world record for being the smallest games console ever made at just 14 cm x 14 cm x 3.8 cm. To date, 10 million units have been sold.


32-bit Game System


Although the first 32-bit system was really the Amiga CD-32, released in September 1993, there were only 100,000 units sold worldwide. Similarly, the Atari Jaguar (released November 1993) only sold 500,000 units worldwide. In between these, however (in the USA), Panasonic’s first console, the ‘3DO Interactive Multiplayer’ was released and sold 2 million units. Because the 3DO was not released worldwide until 1994 and also came with a $700 dollar price tag, the actual first ‘successful’ 32-bit console is debatable. At the end of 1994, the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation were launched in Japan and were undeniably more successful than the other three. The PlayStation was the first games console ever to sell over 100 million units.


“true 3D” Game Console


1995 saw the release, by Nintendo, of a console which promised to be “A 3D Game for a 3D world”. The Virtual Boy was a console on a thin stand, with an eyepiece on one side which, when looked through, would display red colors and blue colors in either eye. This made a deep 3D image, a more primitive version of today’s 3D cinema experiences. The console, however, was difficult to use and considered a risk to people’s eyes, not to mention that all the games (only 22 in total) were in red and red only. The console was, unfortunately, discontinued a year later but the concept was brilliant, and the first try at virtual reality.


64-bit and 128-bit Systems
1996 – 2002

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64, although grouped into the 32-bit era, was actually a 64-bit machine (hence the name), and just way ahead of its time. The 128-bit systems include the Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, with the Sega Dreamcast being released in 1998, two years before the PlayStation 2, which is the best selling console of all time.


Controlled without a Controller
2004 – present

The EyeToy was the first peripheral that allowed a user to play a game with their body by using gesture recognition and computer vision. The cameras were used with a PlayStation 2 and the games were generally fun in nature, such as having to scrub a window clean with your hands. While the technology was good, the games were not varied and the EyeToy didn’t always recognize what you wanted it to. It did, however, mark the start of the next step in interactive entertainment. While not being a console, as such, Microsoft unveiled an incredible peripheral at E3 2009. Project Natal will mean a controller-free gaming experience on the Xbox 360, allowing users to control games with gestures, objects and even their voice. When I first saw it, I thought it was a hoax, but the astonishing video above shows it in action.

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    The old games were much fun comared to new X-box era

  • NVL

    The old games were much fun compared to new X-box era

    • Zay333

      They weren't more fun as they were more original

  • mechrabbit

    i love how the n64 pic, has harvestmoon64 in the machine. one of my favorite (and rarest) games

    • Ditto to that, though I wish I had kept my Harvest Moon, I regret it was only a Blockbuster rental for me.

  • The Mick

    without getting TOO emotional, the N64 was a brilliant machine in its day COMPARED to its rivals at the time.
    Goldeneye is still relevant today as a game that introduced cutting edge graphics and a pretty solid A.I.

    The list could have been longer, including items such as ‘first color game’, or ‘first game to feature porn’ but mercifully, it was kept to a minumum. Thanks.

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    What game console (and games too)in everyone’s opinion has the most and or the best four player games? My opinion is the Dreamcast. and Power Stones 2.

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    Atari 2600 was a 8 bit system and was successful.

    Do some research dude.

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    I’m sure “Dragon’s Lair” needs to be in here somewhere. I never did get to play it as “lines were around the block”. Same goes for that pinball machine that also had a video game incorporated into it. But let’s leave those for a less “technical” list.

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    Oh yeah, “good list” lol

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    Huge error on the list

    Chiller was not the first game to feature blood and gore. Forbidden Forest released in 1983 was the first game to feature large amounts of blood and gore. Its sequeal released in 1985 upped it. Even Temple of Apshai released in 1979 had small amounts of blood in it whenever you killed an enemy.

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    Great list

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    Testing 1 2 3

  • Rob

    Sales and Market Share. The N64s lifetime world sales are nearly a third of its biggest competitor, the PSX. Likewise I remember the market share a while after it's release worked out to Sony 80%, Nintendo 15% and Sega 5% in the US, and Sony 80%, Nintendo 5%, and Sega 15% in Japan. Comparatively Nintendo never had less than a 48% market share in the previous generation (and usually held more than 50% after the SNES release) and nearly 100% market share in the US and Japan during the reign of the NES.

    • elroxzor99652

      Hm, interesting. Thanks for the info.
      However, I've got to add that it must be taken into account that it doesn't seem like Nintendo didn't have as much legitimate competition before the release of the Playstation or Sega's major consoles. I guess this strengthens your argument ;)

      • Sluiq

        Depends on the context, Nintendo didn't make the first home console.

        At that time, legitimate competition was basically not going under as a videogame company.

        After that, it was staying relevant.

        For Nintendo to have that huge of a marketshare and lose it to Sony just shows how out of touch Nintendo was with making the N64. They even made the mistake of giving Sony it's killer app in Final Fantasy 7.

        Even Sega who was out of touch with making quality consoles manage to give people a semi-success in the Dreamcast when it had the technology edge prior to the PS2.

        To add insult to injury, Sony was never even that good of a console company.

        Here's where I disagree with Rob that N64 was competing in a market era that has passed.

        Ocarina of Time despite being on the N64 manage to equal and usurp Metal Gear Solid in reviews and respect.

        WWE No Mercy far out-edged the Attitude games on the PSX which was for a short time a profitable series for PSX.

        Mario 64 far surpassed any platformer the PSX had on it.

        The N64 may have been a poorly designed console but it was still far ahead of pushing the cartridge and even though it was more expensive, as he stated, it was more Nintendo losing lots of third party developers.

        Even with that problem, the N64 out-survived the Saturn and lost to Sony not because of competition but primarily because of quantity.

        PSX was the first console to have a cinematic movie-like aura game attached to it. This being Final Fantasy 7.

        That one game gave Sony a huge boost and further magnified the other quality games the PSX had going for it that Sony managed to convince people towards the PS2 a generation later mostly due to backwards game compatibility.

        As MS would prove with the PS3 and to some extent the PS2, take away the exclusive third party developers from Sony and the X-box despite originally lacking in games. having a poor controller, having many problems at launch managed to equal Sony's marketshare because unlike with the N64, Microsoft actually had many clones of PC and PS2 games.

  • i had seen this somewhere before, but thanks for putting the link up.

    this promted me to call a friend who knows what he's talking about on this subject (unlike me, i know fuck all regarding this subject.

    he had heard of milo, and even seen part of the demo……but hadnt seen what was found in your link @witcharachne.
    he said *some* parts of this were impossible to fake (maybe 20%-25%), but the rest of it, wasnt only possible to fake, but almost certianly manipulated with false pretenses.

    as a side note to me he guesstimated that the cost of a unit that behaves;like this would be really really really really expensive, and its unlikely the price would come down much any time soon, no matter what beta testing they did, and no matter how much exposure it would get at conventionsand industry trade shows.

  • you obviously didnt read the greatest warriors list last week

    the way that was written made this list read like 'the fountainhead'
    this one was put together very well, and had one great idea incorporated something
    i wish people would do mote often (when applicable)

    not one comment bitching about what placed at #1, or why something was #4 but less important than #7 in a given list.
    –placing the items in chronological order was brilliant……

  • Al

    What about the first MMO?
    What about the first system sold in every country worldwide?
    What about the first open-world game?
    What about the first female character?
    What about the first animal main character?
    What about the first game with an actual storyline?
    What about the first video game magazine?
    What about the first 100 person or more development process?
    What about the first time a video game teaser trailer aired on tv?
    What about the first list of video game firsts?…

    I’m very curious; make another list on this topic I do so dearly love =-D

    • youve seen the lists on classical music by flamehorse, and the lists on
      animals by tyb? you notice that they aree of exceptional quality because they
      write about things they love and are familiar with?

      judging from your post, it sounds to me like you should make the list of which you seek

      as i was reading the list today, i also wondered about some of the things you mentioned…
      (specifically, mmo, animal (*and non-human.non-animal too) char., storyline, and large scale development process.

      please have your homework assignment turned in to the teacher no later than wednesday at 9 am.

    • Sluiq

      Exactly. This could just as be a list of 100 firsts in video game history.

      I'm not sure if these were the first but just to show how vast this list could be:

      1) First successful MMO – Ultima/Everquest

      2) First system sold worldwide and being iconic – FamiCom/Gameboy

      3) First open world game with balanced open world mechanics – Fallout 2

      4) First 3d sandbox game that was vehicle focused but allowed for on-foot interactivity – Batman and Robin for the PS. Bad game but it preceded GTA 3 and Driver 2 (where the main character gets off of the car)

      5) First iconic videogame animal character – Sonic

      6) First game with an actual storyline – Pac-Man/Space Invaders

      7) First videogame company sim – Gamebiz

      8) First popular dating sim – Tokimeki Memorial

      9) First massively popular multiple series crossover videogame – Super Robot Wars/King of Fighters

      10) First realistic weapon fighting game – Sword of the Samurai for DOS

      11) First realistic 3d weapon fighting game – Bushido Blade

      12) First kenjitsu sim – Kengo

      13) First railroad sim – Densha De Go!

      14) First daughter raising sim – Princess Maker

      15) First tycoon game – Capitalism

      16) First rogue-like successor – Diablo

      17) First interactive 3d fighting game cinematic – Soul Blade

      18) First rpg tacked on a 3d fighting game – Tobal 2/Ergheiz

      19) First jrpg that allows for mind reading – Live a Live

      20) First rts – Dune

      21) First Basketball game where you can manage the roster – NBA Live

      21) First Basketball game where the player sweats as they get tired – NBA 2k4

      22) First FPS where you can win by planting a bomb – CounterStrike

      23) First pseudo-realistic ninja simulator – Tenchu

      24) First 2d fighter to become a 3d beat em up series – Dynasty Warriors

      • Sluiq

        25) First beat em up based on a superhero comic book – X-Men

        26) First beat em up where a character can fly and die in a storyline – Superman Returns

        27) First 6 punch button controller – Punch Mania

        28) First use of the Vibration controller for heart beat – Dark Messiah

        29) First use of the Vibration controller for fatigue – Silent Hill

        30) FIrst use of the memory stick/controller to interact with a videogame – Metal Gear Solid Psycho Mantis scene

        31) First use of a memory save to recover the main character of the first game – Suikoden

        32) First game where you can control an Evil Overlord – Dungeon Keeper

        33) First game where you can control an Evil Kid Overlord – Disgaea

        34) First game where you eat breakfast that came out of a vagina of a woman – Discipline: Record of the Crusade

        35) First Alien Invasion task force sim – X-Com

        36) First game that was banned because of people who imported it when the official company didn't even sell it overseas – Rapelay

        37) First controversial violent 3d game – Thrill Kill

        38) First shooter where your character can grow fat or become a mummy – Metal Slug 2 (or was it 3?)

        39) First game where you can play as God's Hand – Black and White

        40) First game where you can play as a MoonWalker – MoonWalker

        41) First 3d game with jiggling tummies – Monster Rancher 2 (didn't play the first one)

        42) First game that has a character do a jumping bicycle kick – Mortal Kombat

        43) First combo breaker fighting game – Killer Instinct/Street Fighter 2

        44) First platformer with a plot – Popeye

        45) First browser based NHB/MMA game – Martial Combat

        46) First low blow in a fighting game – Mortal Kombat

        47) First SuperHero game that allowed you to play as the untransformed character of the game and then transform at your own will – Power Rangers for the Snes

        48) First American Idol videogame – Parappa the Rapper

        49) First Eight Character fighting game – Shao Lin (all 8 have to be the same characters though)

        50) First two button 3d fighting game – Evil Zone

        • Sluiq

          51) First Survival Horror Game – Clock Tower

          52) First game that allows you to play a no jaw undead – Soul Reaver

          53) First Running Man/The Flash Game – Pepsi Man

          54) First 3d trap game – Deception

          55) First 3d Transformers Racing game – Speed Power Gunbike

          56) First 3d skating game – Street Sk8ter

          57) First all female wrestling game – Fire Pro Women: All Star Dream Slam

          58) First SRPG where you control Toys – Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

          59) First SRPG where you control penguins – Disgaea

          60) First Realistic Alignment System – Feda: Emblem of Justice (Characters don't leave randomly – only after the mission is complete. Alignment based on actual mission objectives)

          61) First "Role-Playing Main Character" JRPG – Final Fantasy 7

          62) First 3d Real Time Turn Based SRPG – Parasite Eve

          63) First Farming Sim – Harvest Moon

          64) First Phoenix Down via Sex game – Nocturnal Illusion

          65) First pseudo-realistic Maid Sim – Day events of a Maid's Story

          66) First Main Character Guy Turned Girl Videogame – X-Change

          67) First controllable super move in a fighting game – Treasure's Yu Yu Hakusho's Black Dragon

          68) First robot raising RPG – Robopon

          69) First robot raising sim – Wonder Project J

          • Sluiq

            70) First Werewolf JRPG character – Kevin of Seiken Densetsu

            71) First day/night based transforming RTS unit – Tigermen, Werewolf and Vampire in Ogre Battle

            72) First clothing damage fighting game – Art of Fighting when King is revealled to be a girl

            73) First High School-based Fighting Game – Rival Schools

            74) First videogame Kung Fu Panda – Panda from Tekken

            75) First console with online capability – DreamCast

            76) First combine two different games on two different medium into one – Sonic 3 + Sonic and Knuckles (

            77) First blatant anti-Christianity game – Shin Megami Tensei 2

            78) First mundane everyday superhero task simulator – Spider-Man 2

            79) First 3d HK cop game simulator – True Crime

            80) First Cross-over VS. movie that ended up becoming awesome because it became a videogame instead – Robocop vs. Terminator

            81) First Road Rage – Special move in Streets of Rage 2 where a police car runs over criminals

            82) First Hong Kong simulator – Shenmue 2

            83) First Hacker game/mini-game – ShadowRun for the SNES and Genesis

            84) First Beam Battle Fighting Game – DBZ for the Genesis

            85) First JRPG/SHMUP hyrid – Sigma Star Saga

            86) First Real Robot SRPG – Front Mission

            87) First Time Travel-based Fighting Game – World Heroes

            88) First fencing character in a fighting game – Charlotte from Samurai Showdown

            89) First videogame character based on a hybrid of famous videogame characters – I think PulseMan was billed as MegMan meets Sonic

            90) First animal torture/slavery JRPG – Pokemon

            91) First VG character choking scene – Sie Kensou in some KOF games before facing a tough enemy

            92) First weapon break in a fighting game – Vega from Street Fighter

          • Sluiq

            93) First card game in a Rpg – KOTOR/Ogre Battle/Kartia

            94) First Beat'Em Up SHMUP – Sengoku Blade

            95) First "Wall" in a Fighting Game – Fighting Vipers/Bloody Roar

            96) First Portable 3d Godzilla – Monster Hunter on the PSP

            97) First Game with Wall Crawling – Spider-man on the Gameboy

            98) FIrst Chocolate Making sim – Chocolatier

            99) First Time Management game – Diner Dash

            100) First Election Game – There's actually a DOS game that I didn't play but I think Positech's Democracy 2 is the most well known for this.

            …whew! I was running out of ideas so I'm glad I said 100. I know this isn't accurate but these are just off the top of my head. I'm sure there are some stuff like first naked pixelized butt due to technology improving like that scene in MGS or the first naked sprite in a JRPG but bottomline is you could fill up every other top 10 listverse article with this title and still have so much things to add with all the things continually being developed in VG land.

          • Thanks for that. Sorry to bring the Amiga up again but I think 'Hunter' for the Amiga was the very first 3D sandbox game where the player could enter and exit any vehicle, fire weapons and such. It was released in 1991 – a full two years before Doom and one year before Wolfenstein 3D on the PC. Looking at Wiki I notice this game directly inspired GTA and such. Way ahead of it's time.

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  • Because books are not a waste of time obviously. Idiot.

  • Andrew

    Actually, the PS2 was 128 bit, and the xbox was 32 bit. obviously there were other things inside that gave them similar performance and capabilities, however.

    • Rob

      Although it was marketed as such, the PS2 is not a 128-bit machine. It is a 64-bit machine with some 128-bit multimedia extensions(as well as a 32-bit FPU).

  • Okay – this little thread is definitely one of the highlights of the comments from the last two days. Having said that – I have no idea why you are scoring so low and I have alerted the technicians.

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  • Woohoo! Another video game list. Love it. I can't wait to see that new thing that comes out for the 360. Although, I probably won't be able to afford one. Lol

  • Sluiq

    To refer to the theme of the book "Be a Hero", you can be a hero in the real world too.

    It's just a matter of existentialist storytelling. Reality is not even reality so to speak.

    Sure, you're right that videogames help us escape reality but when you add something like "video games are an escape to let your imagination do what its wanted to do since you were born! Live! I constantly feel proud after doing an almost impossible task that can only be done by gods and your just a little man with a wooden stick." then you've gone beyond escapism.

    You're talking about addiction in the lines of this list:

    This isn't to say you have videogame addiction in the sense of a media scare but you fit more the trope of living in a box than escaping reality using your imagination once it comes down to being a little man with a wooden stick.

  • canadian beef

    nice list, i quite enjoyed it. I am of the PS2 generation, and one of my fav games has always been grand theft auto.

  • matt

    Cool list, I had an atari jaguar and all(very few) games too.
    Found it at a pawn shop for a steal.:)

  • matt

    hell yeah, i remember the inevitable spittle that clung to the game that insured successful game playing for hours, much like the buffing of the disc games today

  • That eyething looks quite boss :)

  • this is gr8 boss,
    i remember playing some;
    those were some days, golden days rather.
    thanx for reminding.

  • Amigas were great :) I think the only real issue with the Amiga, and the only thing that really caused their death,c was the lack of a graphics card slot. Commodore tried to match the PC (successfully for a while) with their AGA graphics – but if they'd given the graphics over to third party developers it could still be leading the market today. The new Workbench 4.1 had the potential – and was at least as good as Mac Os X, and the Amiga was perhaps the most expandable machine ever to exist. Even the CPU could be popped in and out (unlike pc's which require surgery). Yes, I think if they'd've jumped on the 3D graphics cards in 1995 we may still be using 'em. In fact, I copied my Amiga HD to my PC and I still use it under emulation.

  • ralphelel

    great list! thanks much! :D

  • c man

    i guess sluiq has no girlfriend

  • Sicaida

    @52 c man
    why would sluiq have no girlfriend? Because he apparently has vast knoledge of videogames?
    Would it have made a difference if he were talking about books or politics?
    Why does being a gamer automaticly make you a lifeless asoscial nerd?

  • Touchscreen doesn't necessarily mean simplicity, already there are some games for the Iphone that have complex storylines, good graphics and nice gameplay…
    Also, the age of PC's is pretty much done, from the gaming perspective, there is a reason that a lot of games these days aren't developed for the PC anymore, most games suck on the pc.
    Wii is the first generation of motion-capture consoles, imagine what they look like in 10 years, they won't be as simple as a wii today…

    • Not sure if the PC is 'done' so to speak, I think the market for PC games has just narrowed. Games like MMORPGs, RTS, and FPS are still very successful on the PC and I believe will continue to be. Having said that, the consoles are catching up in that department with networking, and mouse and kepyboard support. So perhaps you're right and it is only a matter of time before the consoles eclipse PCs – time will tell.

      I remember reading about the gaming technology 'cycle' regarding PCs – when a new console comes out it is comparable to the PC, then as time goes by new PC hardware is developed and the consoles begin to look a bit dated, then a new console is brought out etc.

      Perhaps you're right though, at the rate consoles are developing, and with motion capture lending itself to consoles more than PCs, in the future we will probably see consoles streak away. I don't think that's the case just yet though.

  • Beast Of Gevaudan

    Interesting list! Man, this brings back memories.

    When did the Atari 2600 come out? I thought that came out before the Nintendo console.

  • Antony

    Wasn't the EyeToy for PS2 the first game controlled without a controller?

  • MazeHunter3d

    the ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’ was the first successful 8 bit machine

    uh Atari 2600 anyone? Plus whty hasnt Sega been mentioned here? They have made alot of firsts! Virtua Fighter was the first arcade game to be aquired by the smithsonian.

  • Matt

    The first 8-bit console was actually the Fairchild Channel F back in 1976. It perhaps wasn't that successful but the Atari 2600 and the Colecovision had both sold in the millions before the NES even hit the shelves.

    The first 16-bit console was the Mattel Intellivision in 1979. The TurboGrafx-16/PC-Engine wasn't released until 1987 and it wasn't even 16-bit; the CPU was a Z80, the same as the Colecovision had.

  • Flavio

    Atari, Magnavox Odissey (in Brazil Philips Odissey) were 8bit machines.
    Atari has the same microprocessor used in Nintendo 8 bit and Odissey used a 8 bit microcontroler.

  • I remember very well that Tekken game, I played it at a Gameworks back home, and have a very embarrassing picture of me trying to kick punch my brother to submission (I lost). Nightmares…

    • Rob

      Gameworks was where I saw it too. I haven't been down there in a couple of years, but I think it was still there the last time I went in.

  • XTM of TMG

    So, the ST and Amiga – home computers (!) – marked the beginning of 16 bit video gaming, but 8 bit machines like the ZX81, VC20, Atari 800, ZX Spectrum or C64 and many more – home computers (!) created years before the NES – did not yet mark the beginning of 8 bit video gaming? Only with the advent of the NES did 8 bit video gaming start? That's some great logic, hats off to you sir.

    • nathaaan90

      I didn't mention how 8 bit video gaming started. Mearly the first truly successful 8 bit console (the NES). I mentioned the ST and Amiga because these are lumped into the 8 bit era despite actually being 16 bit machines.

  • Great list, cant wait to see what the future holds

  • sam

    “Actually, the PS2 was 128 bit, and the xbox was 32 bit. obviously there were other things inside that gave them similar performance and capabilities, however.”

    Indeed I noticed that error too. The xbox had a 32-bit 800Mhz processor(actually I think it was like 766 or something) while the ps2 had a 128-bit 200Mhz processor. so when it came down to it they could process about the same. The xbox in general looked better because it had a modified pIII and a modified nivida video chipset, and it used a modified version of directx all of that made it much easier for the delvlopers to make nice looking games as they were used to programming on such a system rather then the fully custom 128-bit system the ps2 had

  • Anonymoose

    True on #1. In fact I believe 3D Monster Maze was actually released in 1982, and even Ultima I which had a top down view on land but 3D dungeons was released in 1981 before the Malcom Evans game.

  • Rahul

    For the knowledgeable kids gaming is very good to learn something

  • graz

    Jeez what a loser you are. In my life I have more fun than in videogames, that's why I consider them a waste of time. Really.
    And don't get me wrong, I have a ps3 and I have played playstation for quite along time, it's just that real life is better.

  • Gem

    OMG!! seriously, I LOVE that your pic of the N64 has harvest moon in the game slot!! That game is awesome…

  • Wimimilaedism


  • Vectrex Forever

    Vectrex had the first 3D game in 1982 with its 3D Imager!

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