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10 Gamers Who Got Revenge on a Hacker

by George Smith
fact checked by Rachel Jones

The gaming world has changed entirely. There are thousands of games, consoles, and other tech available to the everyday gamer, a near endless amount of options to pick from. Gaming has even become somewhat glamorous. Gone are the days when gaming seemed geeky. YouTube has made some gamers millions, and now everyone wants a piece of the action. So it comes as no surprise that a few people behind the scenes are willing to cut corners to try and be the best.

Hackers are everywhere. And they’re constantly finding new ways to gain an advantage over other players, which you can understand would be highly annoying for anyone trying to play by the rules. You can, of course, report these players on the games themselves, but it often takes multiple reports for players to get banned. These hackers know this, and they usually have multiple accounts running at once anyway.

Sometimes, you just have to take matters into your own hands and give those hackers what’s coming to them. Here are ten times gamers got sweet, sweet revenge on hackers.

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10 Killed By a Helicopter

Getting revenge against a hacker in Warzone

When you’re taken out randomly in a game without any other player’s insight, it makes you question a thing or two.

During this game of Warzone, a single-player killed this group of friends one by one in rather impossible and unlikely ways, so they quickly clicked on to the fact that their killer was hacking the game.

They decide to get their own back by adding him as a friend and getting him in a game with them so they could get their revenge. The hacker doesn’t speak much English, but luckily they have a friend over the headset that can translate.

The plan was on: get him into a game and make sure he loses. All of the friends do whatever they can to make this game a difficult one for this hacker—they steal all the loot and keep alerting opponents to his location to get him killed.

One kill down, and the friends haven’t had enough with him. They entice him onto a helicopter, only to jump out at the last minute and send the helicopter crashing into the ground. Revenge, Warzone style.

9 Spectating the Kill


A group of friends playing a live game of “Call of Duty, Rebirth Island” saw two players hacking during the same game. The hackers took out all of them, who then got to spectate for the remainder of the game.

They all watched on as the hackers continued to cheat in multiple different ways throughout the game. They weren’t trying to be subtle at all, but revenge came quickly when the remaining players took them out.

You can see the satisfaction from the friends as they all cheered when the hacker was taken down.

8 Killed and Banned in the Same Game


This hacker got what he deserved while he was playing Fortnite. He was using a hack to allow him to go on a killing spree, defeating all of his opponents even if he couldn’t see them, but it didn’t take long for another player to realize what he was doing and take him out.

The hacker’s opponent killed him, taking him out of the game. When you cheat and still end up being killed, that’s embarrassing enough, but the player also reported the hacker for cheating and got him banned at the same time.

That kill has got to sting, but hey, victory for the good guys!

7 I Can Play Better Than You

This hacker came to a hilarious end when the guy he was playing against just happened to be better than even his hack. He got a rude awakening that cheating, unfortunately, only gets you so far and that some people are skilled and don’t need to cheat to take you out.

The cheater was using a speed hack to run around the game at a million miles an hour so that nobody could kill him, but he didn’t realize that, with this opponent, that wouldn’t exactly work out.

All the players gathered in the game and stood waiting for the hacker to take the bait. The player shot him dead in front of everyone when he ran past—public humiliation at its finest.

6 A Six-Year-Old Gets His Revenge

6 Year old gets REVENGE on the CRAZIEST Warzone Hacker!

This hacker was attacked by what I can only imagine is the youngest player he has come across yet. Six-year-old Rogan has been named a Warzone prodigy and played with his dad and some friends when they came across a hacker.

The little boy knew so much about the game that he could spot when something wasn’t right.

The young player already knows how annoying it is when someone isn’t playing by the rules, so he goes in for the kill, telling the others in the game that he’s going to try and beat the hacker up, and he nails it. He jumped through a window and attacked this hacker from behind. The hacker was killed and taken out of the game so the rest could play on even ground with the remaining opponents.

Not bad for a six-year-old.

5 A Patient Killer

killing Minecraft hackers over & over until they stop hacking

YouTuber JackSucksAtStuff decided to make it a game to get revenge on hackers on Minecraft. He walked around the world, observing the player’s behavior and seeing if he could spot anyone cheating.

When he found a hacker, the game began. The game aimed to continuously kill the cheat until they became that sick and tired of it and quit the server altogether, meaning they couldn’t come back and continue cheating. He even had a counter on the screen showing how many times he killed them.

It was quite a fun game for the player, and eventually, his targets did quit, so mission accomplished. He still enjoyed playing his game, and he got revenge on hackers. Win-win (for the gamer) if you ask me.

4 An Underwater End

drowning minecraft hackers in front of the whole server

Another video by JackSucksatStuff shows him creating a new way of getting rid of these annoying hackers. This challenge is an enjoyable pastime for this young YouTuber, and he takes great pleasure in making sure hackers get exactly what is coming to them.

This time, Jack has decided on some good old public humiliation. He goes about the server, finding hackers, bringing them to an area of water, and drowning them in front of anyone else in the game who would like to watch.

He’s saving the Minecraft world, one hacker at a time.

3 He Put Effort into This One!

I banned a Twitch streamer for HACKING AGAIN on my Minecraft server LIVE..

This gamer put his all into this revenge. He noticed a Twitch streamer hacking while playing Minecraft and decided that he would get the player banned.

The first ban didn’t last long because, after only a few months, the hacker was back at it again, obviously having not learned his lesson the first time. This gamer wasn’t having it. This time he was getting him banned for good, and he was willing to put in the work. Slow and steady, he played with the hacker every day for months to gain his trust so that when the time was right, he could get him banned. That is exactly what he did. He not only got the account banned but also the VPN he played from, meaning that if he wanted to play again, he would have to move.

Brutal, but that is what you get for cheating!

2 Exposing the Hacker

Exposing The Worlds Worst Hacker…

This gamer took a different route to take down this hacker.

The player encountered a hacker during a game of Fortnite. He was killed and then decided to spectate the player for the remainder of the game.

He confronted the hacker by adding him into a game and speaking to him directly. The boy immediately admitted to cheating which he seemed almost proud of, boasting about his different hacks and his YouTube channel showing others how to hack the games. The video that exposes this hacker with his YouTube channel and account now has nearly three million views. So the likelihood that his account will be banned is huge. Even without the ban, it’s unlikely people will want to play against this blatant cheater.

1 Fake Hacker Software


This gamer was sick of hackers and online cheaters and wanted to get his own back, so he spent $600 developing and distributing fake cheaters software to teach hackers a lesson. On the surface, the software appeared like it could help people cheat the game and help them win, but in fact, it had some pretty funny results.

The software ruined the game for those who downloaded it and made it very obvious to anyone playing that they had tried to hack the game, and it had backfired. He programmed the software to do things when the cheaters tried to do something. For example, if they tried to throw a grenade, the software would drop it underneath them, and they would blow themselves up.

It also would record the screens of those who downloaded the software so he could make videos of people using this fake hacker software and watch them spectacularly fail. This gamer didn’t get revenge on just one hacker, but many more.

fact checked by Rachel Jones