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10 More Commonly Believed Medical Myths

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

I was recently browsing through the book store and a book I saw reminded me of an extremely popular list we published last year. Thus, I decided to do this second list of medical myths. These are all misconceptions commonly heard by doctors and it puts an end to them once and for all – or at least I hope it does! Be sure to add your own favorite myths to the comments.


Missing Contacts

Contact Lens

Most of us probably know at least one or two people who claim to be walking around with a contact lens stuck permanently behind their eye. They will usually use a fear of having their eyeball popped out to retrieve it as the main reason they have just left it there. Well here is the good news for those of you who think you may be suffering this annoying side-effect to contact lens wearing: it is impossible for a contact lens to get stuck behind your eye. There is no cavity behind the eye for it to go. So if you think you have lost your lens – the most likely places to find it are either tucked into a ball in your eyelid or on the bathroom floor where you drunkenly tried to remove it!


Missing Tampons

Cl-3M Tampon

This is one for the women (and one the men may want to skip). It is surprisingly common for women to visit the emergency room because their tampon string fell off, and they can’t find their tampon. In almost every case the investigating doctor will find nothing inside. The reason for this? There is nowhere for it to go. The walls of the vagina are closed together until something is put between them (in this case a tampon). At the top of the potential space created in the vagina by an object is the cervix. If a tampon is missing, it is probably because you forgot you removed it.


Flu Shots

Flu Vaccine Antibody

Rumor has it that you can catch the flu from a flu shot. Well – rumor be damned – you can’t. Flu shots are made of viruses that has been deactivated or killed. Despite the virus not being alive, your body is still able to recognize it for what it is and try to do something about it. Having said that, recently there was a case of enormous quantities of swine flu vaccine being recalled because the lab forgot to deactivate the virus. Oops.


Stab through the Heart

19500 2 Full

Pulp Fiction – the brilliant film – unfortunately perpetuates a myth: that you can inject a person directly into the heart in order to provide them with drugs as quickly as possible. In the case of the film it is a shot of adrenaline after a drug overdose. Unfortunately it is entirely mythical. Doctors never, ever inject a person directly into the heart – adrenaline is delivered in the case of heart attack, but it is delivered directly to a vein. Also, adrenaline is not used to treat heroine overdose – narcan is. The closest that doctors come to putting a needle near your heart is when they insert it into the surrounding sac to remove excess fluids.


Elderly Sleep

Airbed Lago Modern Beds

The myth goes like this: the older you are, the less sleep you need. But it is just that – a myth. In fact, the rate of sleep needed is fairly constant throughout our adult life, but once we get over the age of sixty-five we need a little extra sleep. The most likely reason for this myth is that old people can have more difficulty getting to sleep and this reduces the overall quantity taken. But it is inability to sleep which is the problem here – not a lack of need.


Chocolate Acne


Too many are the number of kids berated everyday with the warnings against eating too much chocolate or greasy food: “you will get acne!” In fact, there have been very carefully done scientific studies that show an extremely low probability of acne being caused by either of these things. One such test fed a control group chocolate with no chocolate in it, and the other group got chocolate with ten times the usual. No changes occurred in either group. But don’t forget: too much of either will make you fat.


Sneeze Attack


This is a myth that at least has some basis in real observations. The belief that the heart stops when you sneeze is false – utterly false, but the reason that this myth has come about is that in some cases a sneeze can cause a slightly erratic heart beat. This is merely due to a change in pressure inside the chest.


Suck a Wound


I bet everyone reading this list has, at least once in their life, cut their finger and stuck it straight in their mouth. This is bad bad bad. The mouth is full of bacteria – it is not a clean environment at all. Sticking one’s finger in one’s mouth after cutting it is an open invitation to infection. Where this weird behavior came from I do not know, but let us hope that we all remember this next time we get a cut.


Concussion Sleep

Football  2

Ah – yet again we have the movies to blame for this one. Falling asleep after getting a concussion is not life-threatening (in most cases), and you don’t need to slap your children repeatedly in the face to keep them awake if they knock their head (unless they have been naughty). Concussion almost never leads to a coma. But remember – if you or someone you know does have a severe knock to the head, take them to the doctor so they can be sure that everything is okay.


Contagious Ulcers


If you have ever had a cold-sore you know how agonizing they can be. And they are extremely contagious so no kissing! But unlike cold-sores, mouth ulcers are not contagious though many people wrongly think they are. So far, the cause of mouth ulcers is not entirely certain – but viruses and bacteria have been ruled out. It is most likely caused by disturbances in the immune system.

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • shandya

    what is ulcer btw?

    • KolT

      Like a small spot looking thing that grows inside the mouth. I used to think it was stress that caused them.

      • Chaa

        If you're American, you might know a mouth ulcer as a "canker sore."

    • It's a bit like a blister in your mouth- it's usually caused by some damage in you mouth needing a little pocket to protect it.

      I think the most common causes of mouth ulcers are accidentally biting your tongue or cheek and burning you mouth with hot food and drink.

      The most painful but I also find quickest way to get rid of a mouth ulcer is to put salt on it.

      • an uncer is a break in the skin that stops it from continuing its natural functions…

        biting is not necessarily the cause of mouth ulcers. as the list had written, cause is not certain.. i'm always having mouth ulcers since a child.. and i dont bite my tongue or cheeks..

    • Dave

      are you stupid…you're on the internet and ask a simple question like that…GOOGLE it dumbass

      • Kukumongan

        And where's the social interaction in THAT?

    • nick

      i thought canker sores were caused by consuming a lot of sugar…however that could have been some idea taught to me by my parents to prevent my consumption of the stuff.

  • Packeranatic

    And on the sixth day God created man, and man said "First."

  • Kimani

    Interesting list.
    Is it a myth that you could die from hiccups that don't stop?

    • Spaz

      I recently saw a newsclip of a girl, about 12 years old) who has had the hiccups for I believe 5 years. Obviously, they have not killed her.

    • Packeranatic

      I believe there was a girl from Australia who had the hiccups for 6 years, she's still here. I would imagine they might take a toll on the body, but not that extreme.

    • Firefly

      Some guy in the UK has had hiccups for years and a while back they found out it was caused by a brain tumour, last I heard he was heading to Japan to get treatment. I haven't heard about him in a few months so hopefully it's going well. He seemed like such a nice young man.

      • bluesman87

        yes i heard the japs have been working really hard to save him , in fact they actually plan on dressing as ghosts and hiding in his hotel room so that when he walk in and turns on the light he'll get such a fright his hiccups will be cured . he's in good hands….

        • Firefly

          Um well actually I found an article on BBC news which said he had surgery in January and was recovering well.

    • Our very own Callie is going on ten months with the hiccups now I believe.

      • 15 months. Going strong. I'm still here.

        • ok——
          i actually meant to tell you this like…..a couple months ago,and totally completely forgot.

          —-this reply, @wal, which i believe will appear after mine.
          well, (s)he sounds like a raging dick, and i'd rather eat armadillo feet than give him a dollar, but the vinegar thing—-ok—-i believe it was in the forums you were talking about this, but i cannot remember you mentioning vinegar.

          as you know ive been bartending at this casino for years while geting my education, and at least once a week, someone asked for bitters /soda w/lemon. this evidently stops heartburn. i've never had heartburn, so i cant confirm this, but i can tell you after 9 years, no one has told me it didnt work.

          people also ask us for bitters and honey and lemon — they say it stops hiccups. i believe that to be either bullshit, or a wives tale which for some unknown reason works on occasion.

        • this comment (probably after mine) by @wal — well s(he) sounds like a raging dick, and i'd rather eat armadillo feet, than give him/her a dollar, but the vinegar thing may work.

          as you know i've been bartending at this casino for years while getting my education, and alot of people have asked for bitters/soda/lemon to stop heartburn. ive never had heartburn, so i cant vouch for the home remedy.

          it isnt the only peculiar thing people have asked for to cure something unrelated, ive ever heard of.
          a couple months ago this cat asked for something weird — sugar/cran juice — something really random, and the dude sitting at the bar said vinegar worked.

          i dont even know why we have vinegar — but 5 people have tried that, at a perfect success rate.

          of course, im sure youve tried that, as 15 months is enough time to try damn near everything, but just in case you hadnt, i thought id mention it

        • hi callie! It's been so long since we've chatted.

    • Wal

      It's a myth. Every other story here is either bullshit or has a fundamental misunderstanding of Science. Hiccups are caused by a highly alkaline PH level in stomach acid. Drink some vinegar and shut the fuck up.

      • Actually, hiccups result from diaphragmatic contractions, not stomach acid. The actual hiccup itself comes from the effect of these contractions on the glottis. Many things can cause them including neurological issues. Also, vinegar would be a poor choice for stomach acid problems, as it is acidic itself.

  • Packeranatic

    Methinks that number 8 may stir up some controversy. Will wait and see (always good debate here).

    • It's true about flu shots! The problem is that people have flu shots at the time of year when there are lots of colds going around. And most people have no idea what flu is- most of the time when someone says they have flu it's really just a bad cold. Trust me if you can actually get up and walk around and basically carry on your normal life- it's not flu!

      • Jay

        Flu comes in many different forms and levels of seriousness.

    • Chase

      Yeah i agree. Because not all vaccines use "deactivated" viruses. There are things called live virus vaccines which, go figure, have live and active viruses in them

    • See i heard from a guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy, who knows this guy's cousin, that flu shots have something to brain wash us to shop more during the season.

    • Methinks that number 8 may stir up some controversy.

      I figured the biggest controversy would be over the message in number 2 condoning slapping children in the face for misbehaving. As I fired up the list this morning and saw the higher than typical number of comments so soon, I wondered: ok what is getting everyone stirred up on this one today? So as I go on to read down the list and get to that passage, I thought – and there it is. But no…no one has even mentioned it yet…

      • Joe Smith

        A little slap for misbehaving is aright. some disciplines are acceptable, else we shouldn’t have jail… and that would be a pretty bad idea…

    • Amanda

      most people do feel a little down after they get a flu shot but um duh that is your immune system recognizing the "virus" and reacting to it. you are right if they had the flu they would be doing nothing but laying in bed.

    • nick

      i think it all depends on the type of flu shot given, i read online that some have the activated virus inside, so i guess that would cause the flu-like symptoms, but also it could be an allergic reaction. i've been getting the flu shot for years and years and apart from a little arm soreness i've never had any symptoms.

  • Kimani

    I hope you do "get some" herpes.

    • What does it matter if someone says "first"? I don't get the uproar on here. It isn't a big deal. I will agree it takes no creativity and it is very redundant, but at the same time the people complaining about it are just as bad as the person saying "first"! Just my opinion here.

      • What does it matter if someone says "first"?…people complaining about it are just as bad

        Saying “first” is pointless. Complaining about it is not pointless. What’s the point, you might ask? Well, the only thing more lame than one idiot saying “first” is the next dozen or so idiots after that post also saying “first”. I’m betting we haven’t seen much of that here on LV because of the quick diligence in admonishing those who are stupid enough to do it the one time. Yes, new idiots rise to the occasion every so often (more so lately it seems), which makes it appear to be a never-ending unwinnable battle, but believe me, it would be worse if left unchecked. You might still think it’s not big deal. And in the grand scheme of things, it’s not, really. But to a good number of us it’d be annoying as hell. Since you don’t seem to mind either way, you should have no trouble ignoring the situation.

        • Just offered an opinion. You're right; I could care less either way.

          • guestly


          • murpheyslawyer

            No, it is could you fucking word Nazi. I chose to say I could care less, because I don't care period. You have two choices: you could care less and you could not care less. They have different meanings and the perception is up to the reader so fuck off. I hate fucking word Nazis.

          • guest

            murpheyslawyer, you are wrong. guestly is right. If you 'could care less' that would mean that you currently care more than the minimum (e.g. not at all). You seem to become very aggressive very fast. Perception is not up to the reader in this case, in fact it is up to the reader in very few cases.

          • Jay

            murphey isn't wrong. The fact that he spoke up at all shows that his interest is not at absolute zero. So he COULD care less. Probably not much, though. To say he couldn't care less would indicate that his interest in this subject is on a par with his interest in the rate of rainfall in South Kukumonga.

          • South Kukumongan

            Watch it!

  • Spaz

    Love the picture for #2.

  • What's up Jamie? I thought you would have mentioned the brand new myth "Getting pregnant while watching a 3D porno even though your husband is overseas and about 18,000 kilometres away from you at the time"….

  • I'd probably include MSG allergies as a commonly believed medical myth, since decades after the urban legend started there are tons of people who sincerely swear up and down they are allergic, yet such reactions have never been reproduced in numerous double-blind clinical tests. (That and the billion+ Asians who eat it every day with no ill effects.).

    • Great mention – that appears on another list – one of the food lists I think.

    • TEX

      As a side note on MSG – I have friends who cook in chili and bar-b-q competitions – they all use a flavoring product that is primarily MSG – the judges and people that eat their recipes, not one, ever had any reaction – probably because they were not aware it was in the food.

    • Really? I never knew that. I do know someone who says they're allergic.

      It is true, however, that MSG can trigger VERY bad migraines in some people. I suppose that's not really an allergic reaction though.

    • I’ve been having the MSG argument with a guy at work. He says it’s the artificial MSG that causes all the stuff and not the real version. He also says it’s a migraine trigger for him. I tell him that it’s basically just salt and that the table salt that he puts on everything is way more processed and artificial.

  • best list this week, no.9 is so…its just…….something tells me i should rather stay quiet….

  • john

    How bout the myth that u get kooties when u kiss someone? lol

  • the mick

    i dont know about sleeping (#6). As i just got past 40 (!) i find that im getting 6 hours or so every night as opposed to about 9 hours when i was 20. Maybe its because i'm not as active as i was and therefore not needing as much sleep…

    As for #3, having worked as a mechanic, concreter, and other 'dirty' trades, i am quite sure that licking my wound clean is a whole lot better than letting the superficial dirt get into the cut and infecting it. Still, it's no match for a good antiseptic and a bandage, but when you don't have either handy, i say LICK AWAY !!

    • Geliaebrina

      More imortantly, spit contains a painkiller more effective than morphine.

      • squiggle squiggle

        no, it doesn’t, it contains water and enzymes….dumb***.

  • I have two for you:

    Getting cold gives you the cold


    Everyone who is overweight eats like a pig.

    I can vouch that the second one is false. I was having real trouble with my weight, and when I kept on putting on weight when I was dieting very strictly under medical supervision, iIt was this which triggered the doctor to test my thyroid and it was hardly working at all! They put me on thyroxine and I stopped putting on weight – as simple as that. Still had, and have, a struggle to lose what I put on then though.

  • By the way what on earth are kooties?

    • oliveralbq

      the "germ" version of an imaginary friend — used by peculiar young american children to justify why they dont want members of the opposite sex screwing with them during recess.

      in a trend that none of these children can anticipate,
      the older you get, the more realistic cooties become.

      of course, culminating with the contraction of cooties (oka: an std), given to you by those weird girls that you were afraid of when you were 7.

      and they say sex education *shouldnt* be taught — amatures
      *shakes head*

      • although i knew it was BS, all of our elementary teachers embraced the propoganda of cooties. kinda weird at one point.

  • UH OH!!! You put a picture up of two football players. Tisk tisk. Now you're going to be ripped apart for it. Football will not be tolerated!

    • Yea, but look at the guys eyes bugging out of his head.

  • I think No.3 is fairly logical as to where it came from… Vampires!

  • sdfsdf

    most of these are incorrect

  • KabirBhai

    Loved th list. This is why is visit listverse everyday… Read all th points, even th tempon one (dont know why, will never use it).
    1. Have always been too afraid to use contact lens. Cant put anything inside my eyes. Am happy with my glasses.
    2. Have always sucked any cut which i have ever had (only in fingers). Even sucked my girlfriend’s fingers whenever she has nicked it. So this point is fr my eyes only, not fr my girl.

    • Har

      When I first got contacts it took me like an hour to get them in and out. It's really hard to stick your finger in your eye on purpose at first. But you get used to it. You can actually touch the white part of your eye and it doesn't even hurt.

    • Jay

      I suck my cuts also. I had a really bad cut on the bridge of my nose once and I'm convinced it was the sucking that made it heal so fast.

  • ArjayM

    What is a tampon by the way? sorry, I asked something like this… weee chocolates and a nice list.

    • Surya

      How innocent! Very sweet,

  • hybrid

    @3 What if you get a cut in your mouth? And besides blood taste good, it kinda has that metal taste.

    • Packeranatic

      That would be the iron, kind sir.

    • Slightly vampire-ish, don't you think?

  • Very cool list, like the last one :)

    I do have some personal experience with #10 though and although my contacts never got stuck *behind* my eyes, it's definitely possible for them to get stuck somewhere you can't get them. I once had my contact break in two in my eye and one of the pieces got stuck underneath my eyelid in the top corner of my eye and however I tried, it wouldn't come out. After a few minutes I just went to work and it eventually came out by itself, a few hours later.

    • I hardly wear contacts, but I rather tipsily tried to get a contact lense out once and I was trying for about 10 mins before I looked down and saw the contact on the table- the little blighter must've falled off my finger before I saw it.

      • i have one of those word-a-day calendars
        today's word was 'chantage' — which means blackmail
        which i knew

        i have scratched that out and replaced it with 'tipsily'
        youre awesome trinity

        • In my defense it made sense in my head! I was tipsy so I did it tipsily.

          I now see I also ought to read my posts before pressing send: falled instead of fallen and lense instead of lens does not make me look intelligent- it completely cancelled out the genius of coining a new word!

          • not really
            poeple misspell werds al teh tyme.

            as long as i know what youre talking about, i'm ok
            you arent turning this in to the professor, after all

            coining a new word is tits, whether you used the right tense of the verb 'fall', or not

          • That's not a new word dude. I'm a Uni student in my twenties, I must say it like, 15 times a week at least.

  • Arsnl

    Who would believe these myths (besides #2cuz it seems that you do need medical experience for that one)
    I always though old people sleep more (how isnt that obvious, they get tired more ergo they need to sleep more) and (now my 2 eurocents) injecting something in the heart doesnt seem a good idea cuz its a muscle so its constantly contracting. Plus blood is being pumped quite fastly so you can wait 3 secongs for the blood from the veins to reach the heart.

  • Fishgoth

    Sigh. Your lists are usually excellent, but this collection falls well below par. If you run medical facts, perhaps you should check them with a qualified doctor. Like me. I've worked as a doctor for over ten years, many of them in an emergency setting. Point by point:
    9) You have never experienced true disgust until you have smelt and removed a retained tampon. It is hideously bad. 'Almost never' probably translates to one time in five, in my experience.
    7) The drug of choice in Advanced Life Support during a cardiorespiratory arrest is adrenaline (epinephrine). Narcan (naloxone) will help with respiratory depression due to heroin intoxication, but the drug won't get anywhere unless the heart is beating sufficiently to get it to the brainstem. A 'heart attack' is a myocardial infarction – chest pain due to the heart getting insufficient oxygenated bloodflow. This can sometimes lead to a cardiac arrest, but is not the same thing. It is not very sensible to get adrenaline to someone who has just had a straight-forward heart attack.
    3) All animals lick their wounds. As well as removing particles, stings, and mild venom, saliva contains lysozyme, an anti-bacterial agent. Most of the bacteria in the mouth comes from the teeth – human and animal bites frequently need antibiotic cover.
    2) Abnormal drowsiness is a red-flag warning sign following head injuries in adults and children. If you let someone sleep after a head injury, you cannot assess this! There are many other warning signs, including fitting, abnormal behaviour, vomiting more than twice, gait problems, fever, and others. I advise parents that they can allow their children to sleep, but should check that their child is rousable at regular intervals.
    1) Mouth ulcers are non infective? I guess you've never heard of Diptheria, Coxsaccie A, Vacicella zoster, Actinomycosis, Syphilis, Valley fever, and so on. I agree that most aphthous ulcers are due to minor trauma. But there are plenty of contagious causes. Also, if an ulcer persists for longer than 2 weeks, one should always see a doctor!
    Keep up the (otherwise) excellent work!
    Fishy, a GP somewhere in London.

    • bluesman87

      thanks for your graphic description for no.9 , i think ill skip lunch…

      • As I have occasionally have had to do following fishing one out in the A+E department (emergency room).

        • TEX

          fishing – Bwah Ha ha

    • Miw

      Thank you so SO much for commenting on these so I didn't have to! I also have a medical background, and it was going to irritate me if someone didn't correct these things. A very disappointing list for listverse *shakes head*
      Also, as far as vaccinations are concerned, a good point to make is that some people DO become ill after receiving vaccinations. It is correct that it is not due to the person contracting the illness in the vaccine, but it is due to the effects of the body fighting an unrecognized intruder. As far as your body knows, it is fighting the real thing and so your body is under some strain which results in flu-like symptoms.

    • bilbo22damnit

      The mouth also hosts many white blood cells, and as the mason previously stated, it is a reflex so there is a reason for sucking a cut. Just because you may not know the reason, does not mean there isn't a reason. Removing dirt and debris, pulling bacteria away from the open cut and into the digestive system to be destroyed, introducing white blood cells into the open cut, saliva can induce the oxydation of platelets, etc etc.

      I had a problem with the concussion one too.

      Also, I have had a contact go behind my eye (toward the temple but probably not completely behind). After several minutes it eventually made its way back to the corner of the eye and I was able to retrieve it; twas painful.

    • cate

      Dr. Fish, Thank god for educated sensibility! I too, usually love Jfrater's lists.. but this one was terribly misinformed, and possibly quite dangerous especially regarding the concussion 'myth'! While it may be true that sleep might not exacerbate or in itself cause a 'coma' after head trauma, you (Fishy) are right in that it cannot be assessed properly while pt. is sleeping and adverse symptoms can go unnoticed until it's possibly too late to treat them. People post-head injury must be monitored, it is NOT a myth. (Also, lying flat, without elevating the head as happens in sleeping, can lead to Increased Intracranial Pressure, which again, if patient is sleeping, can have symptoms that go unnoticed. Say good bye to crucial brain tissue if no one recognizes that!).

      Be careful with what you say regarding medical stuff JF.. you never know what can happen!

      Also, with the flu shots.. it's been my understanding that the *symptoms* following administration of the shot ARE real, that it is the body's immune (histamine) response to the perceived pathogen which causes the 'flu-like symptoms'. Not exactly the same as 'getting the flu FROM the flu shot', but in many pt's eyes, who cares- they're going to get sick either way. (Not all people though, many older, sicker people actually should get the flu/pneumovac shots). It's patient depending really.

      My 2 cents. :)

    • frisbee

      How f'king DARE YOU contradict the mighty JFrater? He is right, he has always been right, he will always BE right!!

      Just kidding, he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about…

      Vote my comment down I'm going for the record!!!

      • cate

        Haha. Ok, you can say JF is almighty and always right, but I'm still not going to play doctor with him ;) With all due respect JF!

    • You may be a doctor but a logician no :)

      9. I didn't say they don't stay up there if you don't remove them – I said they don't get lost up inside the body.

      7. Adrenaline through the heart is not the immediate response to a drug overdose – you don't disagree with me you just explain further.

      3. Animals also eat their own shit. Just because brute animals do something doesn't mean we rational ones should.

      2. "man other warning signs" – if someone sleeps after a concussion they will almost never go into a coma – that is what I said on the list. The fact that awakeness might be a useful way of determining how badly they are hurt does not contradict what I said.

      1. When you kiss someone with dipheria and syphilis etc. do you catch a mouth ulcer or do you catch diphtheria or sylphilis which can have ulcers as a symptom? Furthermore I am excluding from my list viruses that cause blisters such as cold sores as I mentioned in the item. You are referring to things I intentionally excluded. If you bite your tongue and get an ulcer – you can't pass it on to someone else.

      Having said that – thanks for the comment even if doesn't really disagree with my initial post :)

    • Sloan Kettering

      I like how you snuck in "smelt" when you remarked on how bad the vagina "smelled". Then you added, "fishing one out". If this wasn't intentional, it was inadvertently hilarious.

    • Larry

      This individual is completely right. What a wrong, screwed up list.

  • brock

    I will still suck my blood from finger its tasty

  • c man

    i heard of a girl who left her tampon in for too long(she apparently forgot about it) and as a result she got really sick , toxic shock or something

    • ouiareborg

      Tampons are not healthy to begin with. They're convenient, and for many women, more comfortable. Sanitary Napkins are much better, for a woman's health

      • Explain?

        • bleumoonselene

          Tampons can give you a rare illness called Toxic Shock Syndrome which can be fatal if left untreated. And forgetting them is just plain unhealthy.

          Sanitary Napkins pose less of a health risk.

  • Fishgoth

    A point of trivia about point 4 – Terfenadine (aka Triludan) was a drug commonly prescribed for 'hayfever' (allergic rhinitis). It was withdrawn from the market because in large doses … it could stop the heart! A small number of patients suffered cardiac dysrhythmias. A small number of these proved fatal, so the makers, Aventis, withdrew the medication from sale.

    • BFXer

      Some FYI trivia – This drug has been re-formulated and is now Allegra (at least in the US).

      • Allegra is a different drug, Fexofenadine, a third generation antihistamine. The two drugs have some chemical similarities, but are not the same.

        • BFXer

          Yes…re-formulated, ie not the same. Fexfenadine is terfenadine (Seldane here) with a carboxyl and hydroxyl group added.

  • Love the list! Trust J to put out a good 1. I had to go with my friend to the hospital for #9 lol. And #4 had me afraid to sneeze as a kid lol.

  • Leewey

    Re: number 7. I swear when I was in my basic training many a years ago for the British army they taught us to inject a combi pen ( as they were called) straight to the heart in the event of a NBC attack. Obviously different pens for different attacks or chemical agents used. The pens had a needle inside them to administer the drug. Anyone else remember this???

    • If I'm thinking of the same thing that you are, the pens were to be injected into your leg in case of chemical attack and they contained Atropine which serves as treatment for organophosphate poisoning as well as certain nerve agents.

  • Speaking of number 7, there is a hilarious scene in "Bringing Out the Dead" (a film about Paramedics in NYC in the 80's). Nicholas Cage and Ving Rhames are partners responding to a heroin OD in a night club. While working on the comatose patient they are surrounded by all of his stoned friends. While Cage prepares to inject the Narcan, Rhames has everyone hold hands in a circle and pray to Almighty God to bring this poor sinner back to life. This they do and low and behold the OD wakes up immediately after the Narcan injection. Of course all of his friends think they've witnessed a miracle. The movie overall is pretty depressing but it does have quite a few classic scenes like that one.

    • TEX

      I remember that scene – it was all about timing – they were familiar with the delay from the time of the injection until the reaction – he brought his sermon to the climax just as he knew the dose was going to kick in – I laughed my ass off – here it is.

      • Whoa! That was good! I wish I had seen the film. Now, I am going to have to see if our local 2-bit video rental place has a copy.

        • It really was a great flick. If I remember right this one came out not too long after "Leaving Las Vegas". Nicolas Cage does a great self-destructive personality.

          • TEX

            good point – like Sailor Ripley in Wild at Heart
            or when he married Lisa Marie and she made him get rid of his comic book collection, now that self destruction.

          • That it was a Martin Scorsese flick is enough for a lot of people to stay away. He had a rep for putting out very violent, very graphic films at a time before that was accepted by the general public.

        • TEX

          Yes do – it’s Martin Scorsese – overlooked buy a lot of people for some reason.
          It’s about the strange lives of big city EMT’s.

    • BFXer

      This reminds me of a story. I am an anesthesiologist, and prior to rolling one pt back to the OR he wanted to say a prayer out loud with his family to help quell his anxiety. While they were all praying, eyes closed, I injected midazolam into his IV, a pre-operative medication similar to Valium. After Amen's all aorund I asked the patient if his anxiety had been alleviated. He groggily reported that indeed he felt much better. A CRNA who had witnessed the event hid a smile while I lauded the power of prayer as I rolled him back for surgery.

  • With regards to contact lenses, there was a case in 2007(?) where Australian boxer Anthony Mundine nearly went blind in one eye after he cleaned his contacts by putting them in his mouth, and then put them back on his eyes. Silly, silly boy!

    • That explains a lot about Anthony Mundine! (If any explanation was needed.)

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Nice list – glad to see you back Jamie !

  • Joshi

    i'm glad tampons made this list. the instructions that come in the box make entertaining toilet reading.

  • Why should the tampon item be something the men might want to skip? Are there people out there who can't deal with the facts of how the body works?

    • Firefly

      I think a lot of men are afraid of women's sanitary products! The first time my bf had to buy them for me he ended coming home with a cake as well because he didn't want to buy just tampons. I've also seen male shop assistants handle the boxes as if they were picking up a venomous snake.

      • My boyfriend is better at buying tampons than his mother. He knows exactly what brand and what size, and often comes home with chocolate as well.

      • Maybe some male shop assistants want to avoid the possibility of a public conversation about sanitary products with a female stranger considering how that might be somehow twisted into or misinterpreted as a form of sexual harassment, but that still doesn't explain why men might want to skip that item in this list of 10. I mean, merely reading about something on a website isn't going to hurt, is it?

    • Har

      If a guy can't handle reading about tampons, then he's really, really immature and seriously needs to grow up. Really, would anyone have felt it was necessary to say "you might want to skip this if you're a girl" on an item about penises?

  • R.S.

    I'm afraid you're wrong/confused on the #6 fact.

    We spend less and less time in >>>REM<<<<(dream-state) sleep, not sleep all-together. Which is the stage of sleep scientists claim causes the beneficial restorative effects of sleep and the state in which we dream during.

    Infants spend the most time in REM, and gradually becomes less and less the older you become.

    Now you know.

    • I spend little time in form of sleep.
      I have a very complex form of central sleep apnea…my brain forgets to tell my respiratory system to breathe while I am asleep or under sedation, so I am supposed to sleep attached to a V-PAP machine with a full face mask.
      It's uncomfortable. It gets out of sync with my own breathing cycle, attempting to force me into it's cycle. Its noisy….should I continue?
      I'll start out the night on the machine, looking like something out of an Ed Wood movie, but it wakes me up about three hours later. Then I'm wide awake for another two to three hours, before I can crawl back into bed for another hour or two…and I'm exhausted ALL THE TIME!
      I, for one, take issue with your, we need less sleep theory.

  • Lifeschool

    Hi all. Someone requested an old school list from the J meister today – so thanks for making that happen. I thought this was a really good list, made even better by Fishy’s comments which seemed to clarify some points for us.

    #10 – I’ve tried contacts a coupla times now with very little success. My eyes have an odd ‘rugby ball’ shape to them which makes wearing contacts very painful even after weeks of use. I was shocked to hear some folks actually get them stuck! I can only imagine how distressing this is.

    #9 – Someone said this is a disgusting experience, and someone else said it happens quite regularly, perhaps 1 in 5. I don’t find bodily fluids disgusting – and that’s after sending my trouser snake into some of these places – but those strings do look very flimsy. Have you ever seen a woman pull one of those things out? It’s like dambusters.

    #8 – I guess Flu shots arn’t supposed to give us flu, but anyone who has ever had flu knows the ‘death warmed over’ feeling they get when the virus hits – and somehow – perhaps subconciously like a placebo – the minds responds with very real (mild) flu-like symptoms. It’s an illusion, sure; it’s like thought projecting – but our immune system doesn’t know the difference and kicks in the Intensive Care anyway. I don’t like the ‘additives’ they use in some of these shots, such as mercury and squalene – which have always been very dangerous on their own, but these are only in ‘some’ brands.

    #6 – My old crotchety mother – the Queen of paranoid persecution – always grumbles that she can’t sleep. I said to her; “well, perhaps you don’t live as active a life as you used to – requiring fewer calories, and fewer hours of sleep?” Now she takes a sleeping pill every night, and just like some other drugs we know, she’s built up quite a tollerance to them. Now she can’t sleep even with the pills – so they prescribe stronger and different varieties. I’d love to hear any tips on this one.

    #3 – I always thought saliva was meant to be some kind of anti-baterial agent, but I’d also love to get to the bottom of this one. My guess would be that it depends on what the person has previously eaten – or how long ago they brushed their teeth.

    #2 – Alt.Thread: I wish I could slap my kids when they’ve been naughty. Now the only deterant in the UK is a sharp tongue and a sit on the naughty step – which seems to work well in the short term (say, first coupla years).

    I had concussion once – my whole body went into shock and I woke up in a hospital being sick. I guess they do try to keep patients awake before they get to hospital so they can interact and find out what’s going on, but sleep is often the best medicine in town.

    #1 – My ex had a cold-sore which would flair up a few times a year. She claimed that they were hard to get unless you were somehow predisposed to get them. I dunno, but I have never had them and never got them from her.

    Thought provoking stuff!

    • bluesman87

      – why the did you watch a tampon being removed ?seriously id love to know? dam busters ? CLASSIC .
      At school we stole a box from a girls bag and covered them in red jelly juice ,jam , sherbet anything deep red we could get our hands on and then decorated the school like a Christmas tree .

      • I saw my mother doing it when I was 12 or 13 – somewhere around there – I was waiting to take a pee.

        • Firefly

          Wow. Traumatising. *shudder* Also I have the 'rugby ball' eyes too and could never wear contacts, felt like there was sand in my eyes.

        • bluesman87

          Jesus god!!! not cool…… god bless your tortured soul…..

        • Joshi

          come on man, admit it-you kept watching and got a stiffy!!

          • Lifeschool

            @ Joshi: I didn't get 'stiffys' at that age – I was never a 'sticky out chest' kinda matcho ego man. Long time readers may remember that I was a very late starter. Besides, the big question is, who – WHO? would a) hack off to their own mom? (motherfuckers I expect – ed.), and b) hack off to the sight of huge amounts of blood in the toilet?? (cannibals?). I know you're only foolin' but c'mon – wise it up.

    • umm…wow about you watching the removal process….I'm all alone when I do and I NEVER watch myself do that. I don't know whether to be grossed out or be impressed. :)

      • Lifeschool

        Maaan, it's just the facts of life – nothing to be afraid of. However, I remember the first time I saw blood in the toilet; I cried buckets! – I thought my mom was seriously hurt! But there ya go. All water under the u-bend now. Besides, it can be helpful for (some) guys to know and appreciate the facts of life too – and I suppose that's a small part of the reason why I'm comfortable with folks talking to me about all kinds of hard-to-talk-about things. They say I'd make a good counsellor…? Maybe I'll do that someday….

    • The problem with the flushots is that people get a shot from a dangerous recent strain of flu and then later get a normal seasonal flu and then think one of two things:

      a) That it doesn't work and they caught THE flu, not A flu, or
      b) that the shot itself gave them the flu they contracted.

      and as the list points out, generally people just have a cold.

      • I get you. There are so many different strains of flu that it would be very hard to cure them all or to come up with a fix-all vaccine. Also, as you say, some folks get a seriously bad cold and think it's the flu. The difference as far as I know – (which is very little admitedly) may be that a bad cold leaves you feeling ill for a week but you are still able to move about, while the real flu leaves you totally bed ridden for weeks. I've only ever had the real flu once – ever – and that was awful.

    • TEX

      I thought it was tampoon?!?!

      • thats one of those cork thingys in the side of a barrel, used as a stopper.

        real close.

        • TEX

          I thought that was a bung hole plug?

          • oliveralbq

            youre close again.
            webster's dictionary defines a tampoon as
            –the stopper of a barrel
            –a bung

            to bung (v) — to plug up

            so……..a bung hole stopper would essentially be
            like a stopper hole stopper…..
            you shouldnt have a hole in your bung in the first place.
            and a bung hole plug?

            on liquor bottles you can insert a pour spout, which is a bung with a hole in it the liqour pours through the bung hole, and the little bb looking thing inside of "measured" pour spouts floats up after one oz. is poured, stopping any more liquor from being poured. the bb at that point is like a bung hole plug by proxy.

            i mean — that isnt what those things are really called, but its the right idea (and it sounds better than 'stopper ball')

    • "…but those strings do look very flimsy. Have you ever seen a woman pull one of those things out? It's like dambusters."

      LOL!! Actually, those tampon strings are surprisingly strong. My boyfriend asked about the chance of it breaking off, so I took out a [clean] tampon and yanked on it about as hard as I could. Seriously, I couldn't even get a tear started in it lol

  • Love the list.
    Never lost a tampon, but did lose a contact (of course…not in the same place..ha)….The contact had become stuck in the upper lid. Took forever for that sucker to come out. I have since had the lasik surgery and have 20/20 vision. Contacts are convenient but painful.

    …and boo to you for busting the myth on chocolate. It was the only way to keep the kid from porking down on it. Sigh…gotta come up with something new now. :)

    Nice list, Jamie!

    • Off topic: Is lasik surgery any good? I head it only works for a number of years and then it's back to wearing glasses. The receptionist at the eye doctors said it lasts maybe 10 years, but the doc said it works for over 30. A difference of opinion there!

      • I had radial keratotomy (with the knife vs. laser) done on my eyes. This was about 15 years ago.

        They said that as you age your cornea has less moisture and will flatten a little (which is why most older people need reading glasses), Since the cuts, either by RK or Lasik, flatten your cornea in the first place to correct myopia, the natural flattening will mean that you will probably need glasses as you get older. They said that I will notice it in my 40s.

        I am in my early 40s now and find myself needing cheap drug store reading glasses in bed to read or sometimes at work to look at the screen after a long day. I suspect it will just get worse.

        I got RK back in the mid-90s since my work had a relationship with a doctor that made it reletively cheap vs the new Lasik which was very expensive. Now the price has come down considerably, so if you are nearsighted and reletively young, I would highly recommend it. I have loved the past 15 years without needing glasses or contacts. Just do some research on your prospective doc before you go.

      • Hermit

        My optometrist advised me to wait on Lasik until I went three consecutive years without a significant prescription change. His reasoning was that I could go ahead and have the surgery, but since my vision was still deteriorating, I would probably be back in glasses within 10 years.

      • I see that others replied but if done early, then you won't notice until you hit 40 or so. I had mine done at 30 and redone at 32. My eyes were so bad they almost couldn't do the surgery right the first time, so they under did them and then did the full correction later. It didn't cost me a thing the second time.
        It was worth every penny to wake up in the morning and see my alarm clock without putting on glasses. As a side note, my glasses were as thick as coke bottles. I hated them.

  • MouseintheHouseMI

    Very interesting list. Nine & ten cracked me up a bit.

    And, I'm so glad the hearty doesn't stop for a sneeze :)

  • vanowensbody

    Nice list. I had a girlfriend who worked as an ER nurse at the local hospital. She told me all kinds of examples of people coming into the ER with things inside their body cavaties that they couldn't get out. One guy had a Lux bottle (diswashing liquid) stuck in his rectum. The old shape that was wide at the top, skinny in the middle, and even wider at the bottom. It got stuck in the middle – they could not get the top wide part out of his butt.

    The doctors punched a hole in the plastic bottle, let the air out, and out she came. The secret is relieving the pressure!

    • oliveralbq

      @vanowensbody: "One guy had a Lux bottle (diswashing liquid) stuck in his rectum."

      w..t..f ??
      what the hell is wrong with people?

      john: "what's up bob?"
      bob: "not much, man…how have you been?"
      john: "not bad, thanks for asking. what have ya got going on for tonight?"
      bob: "well i'm meeting nikki for drinks later, but not for another couple hours"
      john: "oh, hell man, youve got enough time to shove a bottle of dishwashing liquid up your ass"
      bob: "good idea, i think i have an almost empty bottle of lux in the kitchen"

      do we really have to teach our youths to look both ways before they cross the street, never talk to strangers, and try not to jam things up their asses?

      good grief, said charlie brown

  • Good List: – – – – – BUT (there's always a but): It USED to be practice to inject adrenaline into the cardiac muscle – and not that long ago: I've seen it done both in the Emergency Room of two separate hospitals as well as 'out in public' by Paramedics. The fine point (no pun intended) is that the adrenaline MUST hit the Cardiac Muscle – the myocardium and NOT the Endo or Peri – cardial layers.

    Secondly: it is still sound pracice that any individual who has been knocked unconscious (concussion or not) for a short period of LOC (loss of consciousness) is ROUTINELY kept 'awake' for four hours following the event – it may not be accurate; but it's still advisable to keep a concussion/KO casualty conscious for 4 hours following being knocked out

    • fishgoth

      No, it isn't. Once someone has been admitted to hospital, there is no benefit whatsoever to keeping them awake. There is a benefit in doing regular neurological observations. A patient needs to be awake for these. Sometimes these observations will be every 15 minutes. Sometimes these will be every four hours. The periodicity will depend on the exact nature of the case. In between these neuro obs, the patient is free to fall asleep if they so wish. For the UK guidelines on the management of head injuries, click here :
      DOI: Qualified doctor, 6 months of being a junior neurosurgeon in my past.

    • stinker

      @ epanterias – owned hahaha.

  • Great list Jamie. Have to admit the tampon thing is quite gross – can't imagine putting a foreign object in my body and forgetting about it. Too icky.

    You're correct about older folks and total hours of slumber but you should have mentioned that sleep patterns do change as you age. Most of the older folks I know (quite a few of them eh? seeing as how I nearly qualify myself) sleep fewer hours all at one shot. Go to bed at the regular time but wake earlier and more often through the night. The night-time sleep deficit is made up by napping. A skill that I am acquiring myself. :)

  • Bobo Moomoo

    There's a protein in saliva called histatin that kills bacteria and speeds up wound healing.


    • Nice find.

      See, there's a good evolutionary reason why we suck our wounds.

  • What about if you try and keep your eyes open while sneezing they will pop out.Also if you masterbate too much you will go blind,hairy palms and turn into a wolf man lol.

  • I don't think that flu shots give you the flu, but the only time I ever got the flu was the year I got a flu shot. Might be coincidence, but I haven't gotten one since then and I'm healthy come flu season. Also, that's the most I've ever used the word flu in a sentence.

  • Pedro

    this list has some errors that fishgot clarified very well i just wanted to add a sidenote. Personally eating chocolate actually cause me to have acne i dont know if its a medical fact for everyone but for me at least its really bad

  • when i first had contacts i did believe that (until a traumatic backstory i dont want to get into) they can get stuck in the back of your eye. What about the myth that if ur hand is bigger than your face u have cancer? oh and on #1 when your wrote "It is most likely caused by disturbances in the immune system," so your mouth has an ulcer when "theres' a disturbance in the immune system!"

    • I remember some kid when to my neighbours daughter and said 'if your hand is bigger than your face you got cancer' the girl ran in the house crying.The boy did not know is her dad died of cancer when he was 30 and the girl was only 11.So people need to think about making upsetting stuff like that up :(.

      • Lane

        I was under the impression that this was an old trick to get people to stick their hand in front of their face, then have it smacked into their face as a joke. Of course, I was told it before as a kid without the prank, so I guess the "fact" eventually grew into its own myth.

    • bucketheadrocks

      Use the force, immune system!

  • I could have used this post yesterday.
    Last evening, making dinner, I opened the knife drawer (which is *always* in order, all knives in position with blades leaning at a 45 degree angle downward), and just in a hurry, blindly stuck my hand into the drawer to grab the knife I wanted.
    Biggggggggggggggg mistake!
    The sharpest knife we own was sitting at a perfect 180 degree angle, and cut my finger to the bone, which I immediately stuck into my mouth. Then, thought better of it, and applied pressure, and did all the "right" things.
    But, yeah, why is it that you immediately stick the wounded finger in your mouth?
    You wouldn't do that with any other body part.
    It's weird, and absolutely a holdover from childhood.

    • Jesper

      I don't think my parents ever told me to stick my finger in my mouth when I was a kid, but I still did/do it. I rather think it might be leftover animal instinct. Dogs and cats clean their wounds with saliva.. and so do other primates. Whether its good or bad is questionable. Perhaps it isn't good anymore since we now (generally) have much cleaner hands, disinfectants and such. But if you work in a very dirty environment with a open soar on your hands.. cleaning your hands with saliva might be the best idea.

    • Har

      But it feels better when you suck on it. It makes it hurt less, doesn't it?

      • Yes, it does! Sort of like sucking your thumb made you feel safe and secure as a baby.
        Besides, there is a weirdly satisfying taste to your own blood; salty, ancient, tangy with iron…it immediately reminds you of your very basic oceanic roots.
        Or maybe that's just me.

    • Sleepless In Seattle

      …well as the Irish say (sic)

      "when yer cut ye thum, stick it up yer bum"

      …tell us if that works! : )

    • Well i got told that if you suck the blood it goes back into your system lol

      • Wow I hope that isn't true otherwise my blood is full of pigs blood from all the black pudding! :)

        • Oh yuck!
          I can't…I just can't…but I make a Pavlova to bring tears to your eyes!

    • Daddyfabalus

      I’m sitting at a perfect 180 degree angle right now.

      • but how sharp are you? ;-)

        • well played, seggie

          • ~curtsey~
            no possibility of a pun goes unpunned in my family.

  • hanta

    Kudos to the lister for a well-written, enjoyable list!

  • This isn't a myth, but perhaps interesting anyway: roughly 50% of positive HIV diagnoses are false, as the false positive rate is as high as the rate of HIV positive people who take the test.

    Of course, Woyzeck is immune to AIDS.

    • Of course you are…no one with an ounce of sense would consent to engaging in the exchange of bodily fluids with you.

      • Consent is a major turn-off for Woyzeck.

  • P.S. nice list James, glad I don't need to worry about that contact lense that's stuck in my vagina.

    • jesus woyzeck, youre supposed to tie a string around it before you cram it in your vagina.

      and here i thought you were the resident go-to guy about vaginal insertion issues.

  • I knew someone who had eye problems for years and it later turned out to be multiple contact lenses that had slipped below her eye lid

  • Jesper

    About #1: I've tried having a contact lens sitting under my eyelid many times and they can also cuttle up in the side of your eye. But I've never once thought it was behind my eyeball! When you've got a misplaced contact lens somewhere in your eye.. YOU KNOW! It hurts like having sandpaper in your eye. And even though it gets easier its not always easy to get the little suckers out of the eyelid.

  • Har

    I read somewhere that there's really no reason for anyone to ever have to go to a hospital to get a tampon out. Most people do it because they're just too afraid to go fishing around in there, but there really is nowhere for it to go.

    • mlr

      Tampons should be changed every four hours (I think) to avoid the potential of Toxic Shock Syndrome. That is in the instructions that come with tampons.

      The problem is not that tampons get "lost," it is that you cannot not reach it to remove it. The vaginal walls are muscles and they do a pretty good job of holding things in place. If the string on the tampon accidentally gets pushed up into the vaginal canal far enough that you cannot reach it with your finger, then you may have quite some difficulty extracting the tampon. It isn't the tampon getting lost that is the problem — it is the inability to grasp the string to remove it.

      Under the category of things you do not want to know, sometimes if you bear down hard (similar to "pushing" when you are in labor), the vaginal walls will push it down incrementally to the point where you can grab it or the string and remove it. If you can't remove it yourself, you best find someone who can to prevent possible infection.

      I once had to suffer the indignity of having my husband fish a contraceptive sponge from me — I couldn't reach it, and he has longer fingers. But it sure beat going to the ER. And he was a champ about it.

      • you are very lucky you arent married to edward scissorhands

        • Jay


  • OMG – I always put my finer in my mouth if I cut it. Oy – will stop doing that. AND – I also thought that you could get the flu from the flu shot. AND – I thought also that you shouldn't sleep if you get a concusion. Guess I am lucky to be alive.

    Great list – thanks!

  • SHWA

    Don't have time to read the comments, but Nikki Sixx had two shots of adrenaline directly in his heart after a heroin overdose and he died for 2 minutes.

  • Enjoyed the list very much – Im from the older generation and I seem to need less sleep, anyway when I feel the aches and pains in the morning I know Im still alive.

  • fknairii

    Enjoyable list!
    Now I am relieved for whenever I have my daily sneeze attack, I won't keel over because someone didn't say "Bless you" twenty times.

  • TEX

    Maybe it’s just me, but these consecutive posts about fishing out tampoons and the sticking of bloody fingers in the mouth is starting to gross me out.

  • St3ph3n

    Don't believe everything you read.

  • Gimli

    If a guy looks at a naked girl for too long he will turn to stone. Try it, you'll start to harden real soon. ;-)

  • leon

    all animals lick their wounds. in some cases it does clean

  • jnmsingh

    I know for a fact that #7 is wrong. You may give medications directly into the heart in the case of a dire emergency and you’re unable to find a suitable vein. I’ve had to do this to a patient myself.

    Also even though narcan is given for heroin overdose, its completely useless if your heart isn’t beating. So you’d have to give adrenaline to get the persons heart beating AND THEN give the narcan (aka naloxone) afterwards

    • that myth was busted by a doctor so I wonder if the injection to the heart is a policy thing – for example, perhaps the doctor who busted the myth is in a country where the medical profession avoid it for some reason such as liability. It is interesting that you have done it (I presume you are a doctor). Did you cut your way past the breastplate first or did you do the pulp fiction thing and have a good whack at it?

      • hahahaha
        it doesnt much matter to me whether they are using it as an example of what to do, or what not to do — i just hope medical academia personnel start referring to plunging a needle into your chest as "the pulp fiction method"

      • ouiareborg

        That "Myth Was Busted By A Doctor"? What doctor? Even if it was, do we need to bring up the fact that so many people with an M.D. are incompetent?

      • Ello, Dr Fishgoth here again. In my 10 years medical experience, I've never seen drugs injected directly into the heart. I've assisted during pericardial aspiration, where fluid is drained from inside lining of 'skin' (pericardium) that surrounds the heart. On Mr average, the needle is placed into the 5th intercostal space, mid clavicular line, pushing through muscle rather than bone. Or in otherwords, just next to the left nipple.
        In a cardiorespiratory arrest, if we doctors cannot get access to a peripheral vein, we would use a central vein (neck or top of the leg), drill a hole into the bone just below the knee and use the bone marrow (intraosseous injection), or inject a mist into the tube we insert into the windpipe (intratracheal route) before we would inject into the heart.
        Seriously, if you want a medical rundown on lists for listverse, I'd be happy to give a (free) opinion on them – consider me a medically qualified fanboy!

    • cate

      what about manually beating the heart- ie: chest compressions! No? I'm honestly curious, does the manual beating not allow the Narcan to perfuse properly? In codes atropine and epi are given IV, but the heart is manually pumped so the medication can get to the heart and take affect . (As in the case of a peripheral line or IO line). Otherwise, wouldn't the administered meds just lie static and eventually just perfuse into nearby tissue?

      Maybe I'm misunderstanding? Let me know.

  • Also what about that HIV/AIDS comes from africans eating monkey brains.What a load of tosh.

  • nanana

    people usually suck their wounds because saliva helps blood to coagulate quicker

  • trfan01

    I've had at least one contact get lost in my eye for a time, no joke. It happened when the contact (soft) tore on me, and I had to get it out. I didn't realize that I had only gotten half the contact, I must have thought it folded over. About a few days later, I noticed something in the top corner of my eye and pulled out the other half. True story, folks.

  • Drake

    I'm so glad that you put the mouth ulcer one. I have had several of those and some of my friends thought that it was contagious even when I assured them that it was okay.

  • I have to disagree slightly with #6. There are notable changes in sleep patterns that come along with aging. Specific to your post would be the noted changes in sleep time and length of sleep stages. Just thought I'd share.

  • Maggot

    If anyone is interested, that picture for #2 is Seattle Seahawks CB Josh Wilson bringing the lumber down on ex-New Orleans Saints WR Donte Stallworth.

    Are you paying attention here, epanterias? Mr. “football players wear so much padding AND a fucking helmet it's almost impossible to get concussed”. This photo was used to accompany a recent article about the frequency of concussions in the NFL, and recent rulings implemented in attempt to mitigate long-term effects of such injuries. Just thought you might like to know, since you're so "cerebral" and all.

  • egee

    One reason we may suck a cut finger is that it actually reduces the pain associated with the cut. It's the same principle that expains why we shake our finger when we smash it or rub our heads when we bonk them. The neural message from the physical activity (sucking, shaking, rubbing) inhibits the pain message being sent to the brain. It may be why animals lick their wounds as well.

  • One of my brothers-in-law is a surgeon. One of his first jobs was at a hospital near a gay scene area. He had stories about retrieving all sorts of things (like a bottle) from all sorts of places (like an anus).

  • Mr. Dr. Diogenes MD

    –I lick animal wounds and i'm not clean. Explain that one leon!

    —About the elderly sleeping thing on the list:
    Old people are different from everybody else and do sleep as often as they can, especially when around family or because life has grown utterly boring for them. It usually happens when 'family' visit for thanksgiving or christmas day or happy 80th anniversary, blah blah blah. The old farts really don't give two shits in the wind about the rest of us because they know the truth and take precise and calculated actions for the betterment of humanity's soul gardening. One reason why they are up before the crack of dawn is because they don't want idiot yungins fuckin' up their precious remaining hours on this earth; conserving energy when no action is needed because the young are a waste.
    For the rest of the elderly that are just lazy and boring and sleep all day, I say to thee, "Damn straight!"

    —Everybody knows acne is caused by excessive masturbation or the lack there of.

  • I refuse to get a flu shot anymore. Everytime I've had one (and i've had many) I got the flu. Ok, so it may be flu-like symptoms from my body fighting it but in any event I'm in bed for days, have a raging fever, getting hot then cold (sometimes it feels like I'm hot and cold simutaneously) and my body feels like glass. I also vomit all the time. That's not a cold (my nose doesn't run and when I have a cold I don't get those symptoms).
    I'd always get mad when people told me it was all in my head.

  • This is not a great list. It has some truths, some assumptions and some errors. Please don't take these lists as facts any more than reality shows deal with reality. It is certainly possible to get a contact lens behind your eye. I will grant you the conditions that would allow it are very rare and dangerous, and they aren't likely to "slip" back there through anything natural, but there certainly is room and conditions could allow it to happen. Also, if it happened, you wouldn't have to wonder about it – you would be in immense discomfort.

    Number 8, the answer would indicate someone who neither understands the difference between live, modified live and killed vaccines, however, all live and modified live vaccines have some live elements survive the procedure – all of them. The only time someone reacts is when they have extremely high sensitivity to the virii, typically people with immune system deficiencies or weaknesses. Killed viruses are also not immune to accidents; however problems from killed vaccines are exceedingly rare.

  • Number 5 – I can't say about chocolate or greasy since I have never seen a study done on them, however, the inclusion on this list seems to be implying that acne and food consumption are unrelated which is not true. Acne is poorly understood. It is a bacterium. How it gets to the skin, what goes is to grow and flourish and how to control it is an inexact science, but to assume diet is not relevant is simply wrong.

  • Number 3 – sticking your finger in your mouth for a cut is not a serious problem. Seldom is our own body unaccustomed to the bacteria in our own mouths, however, having someone else do likewise could be a problem. There is a valid reason for doing this. One of the greatest fears is a serious threat from contamination in the wound caused by the instrument creating the wound. If it is a puncture type would that can drive contaminants deep into a cut, things like tetanus and other anaerobic bacteria become a concern. The body naturally bleeds and the blood flow cleanses most wounds by washing the area and pushing contaminants out of the cut. The deeper the cut, the harder it is for small blood flow to purge the contaminate. Creating suction with the mouth, similar to a snake bite, is helpful in such cases and, similarly, so long as there is suction has almost no chance of allowing contaminants to enter the wound.

  • Lastly, number 1 – while it is true that cold sores, a form of venereal disease, are very contagious, mouth ulcers have unknown origins, but even more concerning is that most people don't know which they have. Open flesh, regardless of cause, should never be allowed to come in contact with another person. The risk of biotic contamination is always present in varying levels of severity. Treat a mouth ulcer as possibly contagious and avoid contact with others until it has receded.

    • ouiareborg

      You seem to be one of the few here, who know what the heck they are talking about.

  • ouiareborg

    Another List to talk about absolutely nothing, to try and look intelligent. "More Myths Debunked" Really sad JF.

  • bri

    actually, a tampon can get kind of lost. if a tampon gets inserted to high it can sometimes be difficult to remove if the sring comes off and a doctor will be needed to get it out. also chocolate can cause acne since it has milk in it and some people get acne from milk/the hormones in milk or milk products.

  • moi

    well, i have a friend who doesn't eat chocolate becahse she said it gives her pimples. after a quick observation i saw that her face was perfectly pimple free. i told her that eating chocs isn't the cause so we put it to the test. she ate chocs, just a candy bar, and lo and behold, five zits appeared on her forehead. she stopped immediately, and they went away. she just washes her face with regular face soap, doesn't put on any acne medication. so i think certain ethnic groups, she was hispanic, are affected by chocolate, not all.

  • fajita

    sorry, but #9 happened to me. it can happen.

    • You must have a super-uterus that can fully absorb foreign materials, seeing as it's a dead-end ;)

  • Roy

    I don't know what the docs do, but as a veterinarian I have successfully reversed cardiac arrest in a f ew dogs with a shot of adrenalin directly into the heart.

  • Brendan

    Terrible list. Sure, negative comment, but wow the amount of lack of knowledge is astounding. I could elaborate but fellow listversers have done well explaining many adversions thus far. As well I would love to just throw out there flu virus vaccinations may be deactivated or killed, and evoke an immune response; but with different strands of flu and an different cocktails every year there is no concrete way to protect against the flu by immunization, as any strand of flu can infect regardless of said vaccination. But whatever, apparently not? I'm a little concerned with these complete lack of any kind of any research at all lists (glaringly the latest body mystery list) so lets keep the disinformation coming.

  • RedMan

    Ha! I loved this list however the concussion theory is just a precaution because almost all of us has CRACKED OUR HEAD on something or other and felt dizzy or tired. It is more for the person who didn't get smacked instead of the one that did. It is however very important to get a person into the E.R. right away if they do pass out or are unconscious(Spelled wrong I know). The flu shot isn't entirely accurate either. The flu shot is meant for building up a persons immune system however it can cause in some cases people to show symptoms of the flu because they themselves are going through it at the time. The flu vaccine basically gives you just just enough virus(treated as JF said) so your immune system can fight it but if the immune system isn't strong enough in the first place it can have bad effects. Nice list I loved it JF. JF how about editing and kicking some of these other lists off the site because they have no place here. AWESOME LIST and TY for it!

  • Chris1372002

    Here's the thing on keeping a concussion patient awake. As the author of the list said in MOST cases a concussion is not life threatening. And in these cases it is not vital to keep the patient awake. However, in the cases when a head injury is life threatening keeping the patient awake is very important. When a person sleeps the body rests and so it requires less blood flow. The brain, on the other hand, is still very active, and receives more blood flow. This means if the brain is bleeding it will bleed faster if the patient is asleep. In most cases this doesn't matter, but without a CT no one can know if there is a bleed. So, to be on the safe side keep these people awake until they receive medical attention. It is irresponsible of the poster to put this up with their obvious ignorance on the matter.

    • RedMan

      Agreed. Thank you for correcting a fool. It is precautionary to keep a person awake so that they can be properly observed.

  • Does anyone know if it's true that when you do acid it stays in the base of your spine?

  • dude

    These lists are usually excellent, but I due need to object to some of these. Particularly the mouth ulcers (there are many varieties of non-herpes related mouth ulcers that are infectious), concussion (falling asleep indicates a higher risk of potentially fatal complications, including in extremely rare cases coma, even it isn't the actual cause of those complications), and the flu shot one (due to poor quality control It's more common than is commonly known in the third-world for flu shots to not be properly deactivated).

    • dude

      but I do*

  • bluesman87

    @ General Tits – I also heard this , i heard the only way to test for LSD is to test your spinal fluid. Maybe the only physical evidence in your body can be detected in your spinal fluid , but in truth you process most of the LSD and then piss it out. No active compounds remain . But if I’m wrong i got some killer spinal fluid for sale? Cmon its the good stuff!

  • c man


  • Baroo

    I haven't experienced chocolate acne, but I get zits almost every time I eat crisps and other fatty snacks. I've always thought it might be fat and crumbs getting on the face due to messiness causing pores to get clogged.

    And about contact lenses. I'm wearing lenses every day. Once I suddenly started seeing blurry on one eye. I figured the lens must have fallen out without me noticing and put a new one in. Some hours later I once again saw blurry. Upon examination in mirror I realized the first lens had gotten stuck behind my eyelid and later slided down again giving me double lenses. They can disappear surprisingly far behind (perhaps above is more accurate) your eye.

  • Hey I always love your lists. You have a way of somehow including the right touch and doses of fact and humor.

  • Carole

    If drugs are never injected in the heart why did I have to learn to stick an epi pen right in my niece's chest near her heart? The same way they did it in the movie?

    Saliva has enzyme's that help coagulate blood AND that is not a myth!

    Cocussion never leads to a coma? So how come the hospital kept waking my brother up every couple of hours after a concussion? You better tell them about that myth

  • Carole

    OK I'm aware I made a spelling mistake Also it is easy for a tampon to be "lost" but I can't be bothered to explain how.

  • Yay for the chocolate myth! Awesome list, Jamie!

  • Great list!! Enjoyed reading this! xB

  • aadit

    Quite the horrible list, sir, with due respect of course. Many of the above were not myths, for eg. the wound sucking, and the ones that i thought were myths also i doubt now, after reading some of the commnents.
    I'm generally a huge fan of your lists btw.

  • Jen

    I actually did have a contact stuck behind my eye for a few days. I thought I lost it when I took it out and three days later, it resurfaced in my eye.

  • For a few days every month I get severe anxiety because I think I forgot to remove my tampon before putting another one in. ( I can't believe I'm actually sharing this) Anyways, I have been given much relief. Thank you, Jamie F.

    • I can't believe I'm actually sharing this

      Meh, don’t worry about it. Just to let you know, I have an extensive private collection of informative lists and articles that you are welcome to drop by and take a look at any time.

      • sofkes

        So you're telling me you're Reader's Digest number 1 fan? Love it. ;)

  • RE: #8

    Several of my friends have told me they don't get the flu shot because the last few times they got it, they got really sick. I then explain to them that the virus is dead and that they don't, in fact, make you sick. And yet they always have to say, "Well, it made ME sick."

    Ya, like you're special.

  • Katey

    My 5-year-old niece got a terrible concussion a year ago–her pupils were way too dilated, and she was slurring her words and couldn't stop throwing up. The family was in the middle of nowhere with no access to medical care, so they called a doctor over the radio and he told them to wake her up every 2 hours and make sure she was still coherent. If they couldn't wake her up, it was time to haul butt for the nearest hospital.

    Maybe it has less to do with sleep itself being dangerous, and more to do with simply needing to determine whether the person is slipping into a coma. If they were bleeding on the brain, and you let them sleep for 8 hours straight, they could be dying or permanently damaged by the time you figured it out. Either way, I don't think it's ENTIRELY a myth. I know several other people who have been given the same advice by doctors (wake them up every 2-4 hours). Sure, most of the time concussions aren't life threatening, but you can't always know when one is going to be. Ten years ago, my brother's best friend quite literally fell over dead of what had seemed to be a minor head injury.

  • Lifeschool

    @J Frater: – Thank you for clarifying the list items even more. Sure is helpful to get to the bottom of these items. I think it’s great to have Fishy on board with the discussion; a professionals view; to help each other better understand. If everybody helped each other on these blogs it would transform our views. If we deride each other it will surely limit them. I can see how you may have thought Fishy was having a dig at you but I can only see someone who is trying to be loyally helpful and thoughtful. I’m sure he/she didn’t want to come across in the negative.

    For the record, I guess some animals can and do eat their own waste – but I rarely see it outside of dogs (who I’ve seen eat other dogs waste), and force-fed cattle, pigs and sheep (who often have to eat mashed up remnants of their own kind). Given the choice I think most animals would pass on that. However, the real argument is that some animals will eat all kinds of horrible stuff – Rotting carrion, diseased leftovers, the garbage from my trash can, their own bollocks :) – that’s why dogs should never be allowed to lick your face. Turning this over: We tend to stick our fingers in all kinds of horrible stuff; supermarket meat, last nights leftoves, the garbage in my trash can, and our own bollocks – :) that’s why we should never be allowed to stick our fingers in our mouths.

    I know that’s a sideways answer but the aim is the asme.

  • Fallenangel

    I admit the comments are better than the list this round. Interesting list though! I’m glad someone(s) set #9 right though.

  • Sophie

    I've heard we automatically stick our finger wounds in our mouth because of our instincts? Not sure if this is entirely true, though it's true for animals.

  • I have a story:

    A friend of mine, back in the fifth grade, wore contacts. One day she complained about them travelling to the back of her eye. The next day we all come back, and she said that when she was home, in front of the mirror, she took out the contact (how if it's in the back of your eye?), i quote, "It was all black and stuff! I was like… soooooooooooo scurred." Yes, we used to speak like that in fifth grade. Anyway ,reading this makes me feel much more secure about my contacts! =^)

    Second, I do know that Chocolate is a trigger for my acne. So, as much as I would LOVE to believe that it is just a myth, I cannot. Thanks for trying though!

  • Capra

    Unfortunately, the #1 is also wrong or, to be more clear, not correct. Cold sores are caused by herpes virus. And once you have HSV, you have it for life. and once you have it, you can't contract it again (ok, you can, the other variant, but still). And by the age of 20 about 90% of population is infected with herpes (yet again, statistics are what they are – the lowest estimation is 65% and the highest is 95%). so, if you had a cold sore at least once in your lifetime you can kiss, hug and do whatever you want to with a person who has a cold sore – you won't contract it! (ok, maybe it's smart to exclude oral sex, since you can contract genital herpes). cold sore appears (breaks out) when your hormones get crazy (like PMS) or when your immune system is low (like when you have a cold or have taken a course of antibiotics) and has actually nothing to do with a contact with person who has cold sore (as I mentioned earlier, if you've already had cold sore or any other form of herpatic lesion before). So, if you hadn't had a cold sore before you have to be very careful. if you had, don't bother.

  • Tony

    Due to all the corrections in the comment section, isn't it a good idea to take this list down or at LEAST edit it?

    • Jay

      If he did it for this one, he'd have to do it for ALL of them.

  • Reality

    Viruses that have been “killed” – This is basic middle school science 101 – you can’t “kill” a virus. It is neither dead or alive. That’s why you can only treat the symptoms of a virus, however – bacteria on the other hand…

  • female

    What do you mean, 'tampons have nowhere to go?' Where do you think babies spend 9 months before they're born? Plenty a tampon has been left unattended up there by mistake…

  • adam

    for number three three have been several articles in scientific magazines explaining this phenomena. in our saliva there are several natural pain killers and as for the bacteria in the mouth, its in your mouth that means that your body is used to them and can fight off any potential infections which is much better than the myriad of other bacterium found everywhere else which have more than likely found their way into said cut.

  • Brooke

    I believe that old people do sleep less… overnight. But that is because they take naps all day long. My parents are retired – I see this first hand. I go off to make them a sandwich and come back to find them taking a 5 minute catnap.

  • whitehound

    There are at least four errors in this list.

    Scientific studies have shown that saliva is a powerful antiseptic (despite the bacteria in your mouth) so yes, sucking a wound is a good idea. so is getting your dog to lick it.

    Yes, you can sometimes get ‘flu’ from ‘flu’ jabs because the instance you quote of a lab. forgetting to deactivate the virus in the jabs is not unique, and the live batch doesn’t always get recalled in time. Michael Bentine nearly died of ‘flu’ after being infected in this way.

    Yes, sneezing can cause the heart to stop, but only in individuals who have a genetic condition which leaves them with s a very fragile and easily-disturbed heart rhythm. The cousin of a friend of mine died this way: iirc he was 21.

    Falling asleep after a concussion may not be bad in itself, but *passing out* after a concussion os a bad sign. Any period of unconsciousness following a blow to the head, and lasting longer than ten minutes, is a sign that the person may have a life-threatening head injury and should be taken to hospital for observation asap.

  • Elle

    The tampon information is incorrect. I once left a tampon inside for 3 months without knowing and continued using tampons throughout the periods which occurred during that time. When I started to suffer a discharge with a strong smell (sorry!) I went to my Doctor and he removed an entire tampony which had been lodged into a space up next to the cervix. He was astounded that I hadn't gone into Toxic Shock Syndrome but gave me enough antibiotics to wipe out a small army. He said he often had to remove tampons from women in similar circumstances to mine although more commonly it is a broken off part of a tampon rather than a whole one.

    I've been paranoid about doing the same thing ever since and have had to develop a 'one in, one out' routine to alleviate my fear of repetition.

    Sorry if this was TMI!

  • Pangea

    Concussed patients do not need to be kept awake for hours. As an ER nurse, I’ve seen more than 1 or 2 parents bringing their child to the ER in hysterics in the middle of the night. They explain that the child hit their head that afternoon, so they were keeping him awake all night to make sure he didn’t “slip into” a coma. They only bring the child to the ER because he is hysterical and they assume that has to do with the head injury. NO! It’s because the kid is exhausted and you won’t let him sleep!

    Following a bump on the head, you only need to be certain that the patient is acting normally. So if he falls asleep when it’s not nap time, that’s not normal. Or if you cannot wake him up from sleeping, that’s not normal either.

    As for flu vaccinations…the current vaccine shot widely available in the US is a dead virus. You canNOT get the flu from it. You can get a sore arm. You can get some general malaise symptoms. But no flu. The FluMist vaccine which is sprayed into a nostril is a live attenuated virus. That means it is alive but a weakened version. You can indeed get the flu (though a milder form) from FluMist, but it is uncommon. It is also possible to transmit the flu to someone else after having received FluMist.

  • Caroline

    Wow, half this list is completely wrong…you need to check your facts dude…You can get a tampon stuck inside you, the vagina doesn't just end…You actually can get really sick from a flu shot, doctors rarely, yet they do infact sometimes inject adrenaline right into someones heart, old people definitely need less sleep than younger people, and you should NEVER let someone fall asleep after a suspected concussion, because they could go into shock and go into a coma.

    • mech

      wow, you are dumb. since you are a female, maybe you should take a look at a diagram of a vagina. The cervix is too small for a tampon to pass through.

  • Graves

    Once again, Listverse is happy to perpetuate incorrect information. Since this list is a bit older, I doubt the information will be changed. Stuff like this is one of the reasons I haven't been here in over a year. Once mistakes get pushed up, they get forgotten and never corrected.

    The incorrect information is the 'correction' of advise for sucking a wound. The reason why medical doctors have advised people in the past to do so, and the practice occurs in folk wisdom, is not to speed up the healing. It's to clean- yes clean- the area and prevent scarring. The same objective can be achieved in a much better way by cleaning with alcohol and a swab.

    Permanent scarification comes from the meshing of new platelets that rush to the site of a cut- when old skin merges together after a cut, it does not scar. Cleaning cuts of the new platelets before they solidify for the creation of a new epidermis in the area allows for cuts to heal without scarring; it doesn't take much logical procession to trace back why the practice has been encouraged- healing without a scar is generally considered better than a wound that is allowed to scar.

    As for the bogus boogeyman of bacteria in your mouth, why are people not continually getting sick from this bacteria any time they get tiny cuts in their mouth eating, or brushing their teeth too hard, or from chapped lips cracking?

    Bacteria from —- another—- person's mouth can be harmful to you. Bacteria from your own mouth- unless you are already ill in some specific cases- is not as harmful to you at all, or you would be perpetually sick. The average person encounters small cuts in their mouth or around their lips very frequently.

    At any rate- sucking on a wound may not make it heal faster, but cleaning a wound- with a swab or with your saliva- will remove platelets that are bonding to create new scar tissue, and stimulate your body to spend more energy healing the particular area. Dermatologists to this very day will still recommend similar habits if you wish to prevent scarring.

  • Vic

    I have NEVER suffered a worse flu than 3 days after my one and only flu shot. I will NEVER EVER get one again.

  • Vic

    The MAIN reason you don't let a concusion patient sleep is simply because you won't know if they've slipped into a coma or not. You need to keep them lucid and talking so you can be aware EARLY of any possible brain injury

  • G926

    Well I am a nurse and let me tell you, tampons have been removed from folks! Sometimes 2 are in there!! And it's clear they've been there awhile.

  • Wicked

    the sucking of the wounds it is actually instinctual. The saliva in our mouth contains an antiseptic which is found also in tear liquid , it is called lizozim and it is there to keep the wound from infecting. why do all animals lick their wounds? just think abt that :)

  • xxx

    Licking wouds is usefull expecially if they are dirty
    bacteria from dirty objects are must more harmfull tha matural bacterian in your mouth

  • Sidney

    Didn’t read the comments, so this may’ve already been said.
    Humans are apt to suck their wounds just like dogs are.
    Saliva does have some healing properties in that it helps ease the sting or pain of a wound and allows blood to congeal and clot quicker than without. It especially works with paper cuts. Unless it’s something serious, sucking on a small cut won’t do much harm, if any. It’s natural.

  • 1 April, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    penguin milk

  • eam2468

    Allthough injections directly into the heart are no longer used, they used to be regularely used. Adrenaline was often injected into the left ventricle of the heart in the case of cardiac arrest. The youtube link below will take you to a 1945 movie were an adrenaline injection to the left ventricle is made at 11:40.

  • p1t1o

    I get mouth ulcers if I smoke too much.

    I once had about four or five ulcers on the *underside* of my toungue, I treated them with a blob of “bongela” (an alcohol and aspirin gel) and it was I think the sharpest, most intense pain I have experienced. Ouch!

    My friend, get this, bites. them. off. Jesus wept…

  • Boom

    I saw on wikipedia that doctors sometime do inject stuff directly into the heart. Intracardiac injection.

  • bleh

    I thought the mouth (inside) was actually clean because of the saliva?

    Saliva has the ability to get rid of bacteria. If our mouth was actually really full of bacteria, it should all be decaying with frequent infections in the mouth and severe indigestions. It’s just the fact that your hands or external stuff that touches your mouth is full of germs, not the mouth.

    • p1t1o

      Tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease, tonsilitis, sore throats, colds, mouth ulcers – yes, our mouths are full of bacteria, even quite bad ones, in fact most of us have meningitis living in there.

      It is also why human bites can be so dangerous, because the bacteria in our mouths is accustomed to the environment in our bodies, so can infect bites very easily.

      Saliva only has a very mild antiseptic effect, but then so do a lot of things, doesn’t make them clean necesserily.

  • Globoml


  • kimsterbee4

    The reason not to let someone fall asleep if a concussion is suspected has nothing to do with the chance of coma. It’s because subtle signs to a change in level of consciousness can be missed such as slurred speech and confusion.

    I enjoyed the list though.

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  • Coin

    This list was rather funny. :D

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  • Prudence

    #3-false……”Wound licking is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals to an injury. Dogs, cats, rodents and primates all lick wounds.[1] The enzyme lysozyme is found in many tissues and is known to attack the cell walls of many gram-positive bacteria, aiding in defense against infection. Tears are also beneficial to wounds due to the lysozyme enzyme.”

  • cuppy

    I just wanted to say that I overdosed on pills to try to commit suicide, and I received a shot of adrenaline to my heart after it stopped beating. I still have a little scar from where it went in. Would be nice if you went through the list again and corrected some points.

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  • jazzyjazz1418

    On number three.. when i was small they used to tell me to suck on the blood so it could go back into my system… jajjajaja