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Top 10 Foods Prepared Tableside

Ian Miller . . . Comments

With the exception of a few high-end steakhouses and restaurants that serve menu classics, tableside food preparation by confident waiters dressed in white shirts and aprons is becoming a lost and rare art. When my parents used to take me out to a fancy dinner as a child, I used to delight in the pouring, stirring, shaking, cracking and, of course, lighting food on fire right next to the very table we were eating at. Here are 10 menu items that have been made famous by being prepared tableside by your server.


Steak Tartare


Steak tartare is ground, raw beef.  The meat is chopped or ground in the kitchen but prepared at the table.  It is brought out with sides of onions, capers, pickles, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, olive oil and cayenne pepper and topped with a single raw egg yolk.  The server mixes and folds the yolk into the meat and adds any sides that the guest desires.  The meat is then placed on a bed of lettuce and served with toast.

Some people are concerned about eating raw meat.  It is generally ground from the better cuts of meat in the restaurant in small batches.  This reduces the risk of bacterial infection because there is less meat, and if there is a problem with one piece of meat, the contamination would be limited to that batch.  The restaurant may even trim the surface meat (where the bacteria live) away and use it for other purposes so as to further reduce the risk.


Baked Alaska


The name Baked Alaska was made up in Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City, in 1876.  This dessert is made of sponge cake, ice cream, meringue and other ingredients.  The meringue that is piped around the cake and ice cream acts as an insulator as the whole thing is placed in an extremely hot oven just long enough for the meringue to harden and keep the ice cream from melting.  This decadent dessert is traditionally wheeled tableside and set afire by pouring hot liqueur over the top prior to serving.




Crepes are, essentially, very thin pancakes.  Crepes are served with a variety of savory or sweet fillings, or with nothing at all, and can be flambéed.  The most common of flambéed crepes prepared tableside is Crepes Suzette, which is prepared with an orange-flavored sauce poured over them.  Apparently this dessert was discovered by accident when a 14-year-old sous chef, named Henri Charpentier, accidentally set his crepe sauce on fire.  He named it after Britain’s future King Edward VII’s daughter, Suzette.  When you flambé a food item, most of the alcohol in the liqueur you’re using burns away but leaves the flavor in the food. Such liqueurs used in Crepes Suzette are Cointreau (orange flavored liqueur) and brandy.


Chateaubriand for Two


Chateaubriand. The name conjures up thoughts of haute cuisine and luxury.  Chateaubriand is not a cut of meat but a method of preparation.  The dish was named after Francois-Ren de Chateaubriand, the founder of Romanticism in French literature.  Chateaubriand is usually made from a thick cut of the tenderloin, weighs between 10 and 12 ounces, and is intended to serve two.  Most of the cooking of the dish is prepared in the kitchen and the only tableside service consists of the carving of the meat.  It is normally served with béarnaise sauce or a demi-glaze with vegetables and roasted potatoes.


Speciality Coffees

Making Of Irish Coffee On Coffee Right In Brno, Czech Republic

Although technically not a food item, coffee prepared tableside makes for a special end to a fancy dinner, especially if your coffee has something in it to give it a little kick.  Spanish coffee is a popular coffee prepared tableside.  Normally your server will dip the rim of the glass in a little lemon or lime juice and then sugar, rum, brandy and Kahlua are added and lit.  Topped with fresh hot coffee, whipped cream and a cherry, this is a nice change to a traditional dessert.


Pepper Steak

Grilled Pepper Steak

Pepper steak, or steak au poivre, is a French dish that’s made from steak coated with loosely cracked peppercorns.  The coated steak is then pan-fried in butter or oil by your server, in a very hot skillet to form a crust, while the center remains rare or medium rare.  The bits of pepper and steak are scraped from the bottom of the pan, mixed with brandy and set aflame.  Cream is then added and poured over your steak.  This is one of my favorite tableside creations.


Cherries Jubilee


French chef Georges Auguste Escoffier was credited for this flambéed dessert, made for Queen Victoria’s 1887 Jubilee celebration.  Pitted bing cherries are traditionally used, although an easier and less traditional method uses canned cherries.  The cherries are slow-cooked in a caramelized mixture of brown sugar and butter.  Normally Kirsh, a German brandy made from morello cherries, is added and flambéed.  This combination is then poured over vanilla ice cream.


Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster 2

Named after Richard Foster, who was the chairman for the New Orleans Crime Commission, this flambéed dessert was created at Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans, in 1951.  Thirty-five thousand pounds of bananas are flambéed every year at Brennan’s in preparation for this famous dessert.  With ingredients such as bananas, melted butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, rum and banana liqueur all set aflame and then poured over vanilla ice cream, I can see why it’s so popular.


Steak Diane

Steak Diane

Evidence suggests Steak Diane is an American invention of the late 1950s/early 1960s, when French cooking was very popular.  While Steak au Poivre can be prepared tableside or in the kitchen, Steak Diane is almost always expected to be flambéed at your table. A rich wine sauce and a flamboyant presentation make this dish popular at classic-recipe restaurants.  Steak Diane was originally a way of serving venison, and its sharp sauce was intended to complement the sweet flavor of deer meat.  It was named for Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt.


Caesar Salad


Of all the dishes prepared tableside, Caesar salad is still the most popular.  The popular dish was originally created in 1924, by Italian chef Caesar Cardini at his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, and was prepared right at the table.  This salad was probably the first to become a main–course salad.  You might see a lot of Caesar salad recipes that include anchovies.  However, Cardini never included them in his original.  Another interesting fact is that in the late 1990s, Caesar salads were made illegal in California by a new health law banning the sale of any food that used raw eggs as an ingredient.  Presumably, there was a black market for the contraband salad.  The law was soon revised and the situation remedied in 1998.


Bacon and Egg Ice-cream

I have added this as a bonus item as it is only available in one restaurant, but it needed mentioning as it is a good example of how ultra-modern fancy restaurants are putting the concept of tableside food preparation into their menus. This item is featured on Top 10 Unusual Cooking Concepts. Freezing has long been a staple in kitchens and cooking, but it is only recently that it is really coming to the fore – particularly extreme temperature and fast freezing. Liquid Nitrogen is especially useful in making ice cream as the rapid freezing prevents ice crystals from forming – and it is the ice crystals in ice cream that makes for an inferior product. Liquid Nitrogen frozen ice cream is the smoothest silkiest ice cream you will ever eat and it takes only a few minutes to freeze. You can also use this technique to freeze pure fruit juices into sorbets. In the video clip above, one of the waiters from the Fat Duck prepares bacon and egg ice cream at the table. Having eaten at the Fat Duck and eaten this ice-cream, I can assure you it is absolutely delicious.

If you liked this list, you really should check out the food category as there are many more like it.

  • rain

    Yum. . . =3 Steak is the best!

  • jack h

    Fine list you have here.
    Item number 2 intrigues me no end.
    Reading this list makes me feel hungry
    Seven items here are doubtful but still interesting
    The picture in number 5 gives makes me hungry again

  • Plum13sec

    List sucked bro

    • Zzzzzz

      Thank you! I thought the same thing, no offense.

    • RalphBarfstein

      Listverse, you've jumped the shark. I have no doubt that the "cool things I found at dollar store" list will be along soon.

  • Megan

    This list is odd. Not all of these are prepared tableside. Sure, they can be, but traditionally they're not. Specialty coffee, for example, is prepared at a counter over which the customer can see, I suppose, but it's not typically done at the table of a patron. The same could be said with crepes, which are popular as both a street food, and a prepared-in-kitchen food.

    • damyot

      Actually there's an italien restaurant where I live that do make the specialty coffees tableside. They bring a trolley to your tables and prepare your coffee right there. My favorite is blueberry tea. YUM!

      • Me :)

        Hah that was ironic…. You get coffee made but your faveourite is blueberry tea…. What do they steel the tea, tableside?

  • flgh

    You mean Top 10 WESTERN Foods Prepared Tableside
    I'm at least sure Korean galbi & samgyeopsal are prepared tableside

    • bluesman87

      yeah the first thing i thought when i saw this list is that Japanese style where they cook at your table , like on Beverly Hills ninja . lol .

      • lalabhaiya

        same here. My flat mate was in Japan for a month and he told me how they prepare food right at the table. Must be an amazing experience.

      • dh61

        Hibachi! That's what I was thinking of too.

    • Maggot

      You mean Top 10 WESTERN Foods…

      No, I’m pretty sure he meant Top 10 Foods. Period.

      I'm at least sure Korean galbi & samgyeopsal are prepared tableside

      That doesn’t mean the list writer is required to put it or any other “eastern” dish in his top 10 if he doesn’t feel it belongs there more than any of his other choices do. Yes, his choices are of course subjective and there is nothing wrong with disagreeing with them and offering alternative suggestions. I’m just saying – don’t automatically assume that his choices were purposely made based on regional boundaries, as yours appears to be.

    • why did flgh get soo many thumbs downs?

  • youhavebeenbeaned

    well whatever it is, now you got me craving for baked alaska.

  • hybrid

    OMG!!! This list made me hungry

  • I'm so hungry now!

  • lalabhaiya

    The list was good but what is running in my mind is that if reading a list on food and made so many commentors hungry, i wonder if they feel like killing when reading a list on that topic.

    And yes trolls. Go ahead and thumb it down.

    • Steven Douglas

      Why yes, Captain Leaps-o-Logic, it sure does! I'm so weak-minded and easily influenced by virtually everything I watch and read that the mere thought of Silence of the Lambs makes me crave rare lamb and human liver (with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, of course). And to complete the trifecta, such a day is not complete unless I can catch something in my basement well that rubs the lotion on its skin and puts it in the basket.

      • lalabhaiya

        I knew it. I wasn't wrong.

        By the way I love the name Capt Leaps-o-Logic. Thanks.

    • astraya

      Most of us are able to resist the urge to kill. Most of us are not able to resist the urge to eat.

      • lalabhaiya

        Exactly. I'm not saying actually kill. I said feel like killing. It is different. And thats what I was thinking about.

        • TEX

          "if reading a list on food and made so many commentors hungry, i wonder if they feel like killing"

          I haven’t the faintest idea what you are getting at there.
          If you are referring to the consumption of animal flesh for nutrition – I hate to break it to you but human digestive systems are designed to digest meat.
          Herbivores in general cannot properly digest meat just as carnivores do not graze or properly digest plant materials.
          The FACT that humans (omnivorous) can consume either is the core of their existence in the animal kingdom.
          To deny that humans need meat to develop body tissue properly, or milk for their infants, etc. is just ignoring the truth about their descendancy.

          Oh – and I promise you – I have NEVER had a meal and thought about killing… that’s nutty.

          • Maggot

            I have NEVER had a meal and thought about killing…

            Lol, way to miss the original poster’s point there, Tex. Re-read lalabhaiya's post again. All of it. Slowly. The point was kind of reach, but you missed it none the less.

          • TEX

            I stand corrected – I did re-read it before, and quite frankly the wording is confusing – I had to re-read twice again before I could untwist it.
            Sorry lala – it became an amusing question.
            As the father of a vegan and a vegetarian I had a knee-jerk reaction.

          • lalabhaiya

            I'm glad someone took it the way it was meant to be. It was a thought. A rhetorical question. I agree to that. But that was a thought. Well, its ok. No one got it.

            And I just know people are waiting to thumb down this comment as well.

    • jroache

      I have the urge to kill everyday i read the comments here, you get a majority of great, interesting, funny, thought provocting comments, but then, oh boy, comes the rest of the comments. Must not kill, must not kill.(i thought yours was funny)

  • gadrt76

    The bonus looked cool

  • KabirBhai

    This list has made me too hungry. About 15 minutes ago, even i had a dish which was prepared in front of me. Its 'Chaat.' If any of you ever comes to India, try to have this… Its a great Roadside Snack to be savored.

    • lalabhaiya

      was it good? which city are you in?

      • KabirBhai

        Sorry fr the late reply. Am in New Delhi. But u have the best chaat in Lucknow…

        • lalabhaiya

          Delhi chat is still far far better than what we get down south.

    • TEX

      sounds delicious – love your style of food

  • Stefan

    ill be honest
    im 18 and have never ever heard of 'table side prepared' meals.

    So i guess you are undeniably right then! This really is a lost art (N)

    • Maggot

      im 18 and have never ever heard of 'table side prepared' meals.

      Yes, because we all know that being 18 means you have seen and done it all.

      • TheDirtyQwerty

        No, but we're sure you have. And by the way, take Alfred E. Nueman off as your avatar, you're giving him a bad name.

        • Maggot

          No, but we're sure you have.

          I never said nor implied that. And who’s “we”? What are you, Stefan’s mother? Lmao.

          And by the way, take Alfred E. Nueman off as your avatar

          And by the way, I don’t typically comply with the demands of dim-witted blog posters such as you. So, that’s going to be a “no”. But do keep trying.

          • TheDirtyQwerty

            I've read a few of your posts, and you're nothing but a self righteous, know-it-all, narcissist. But since you know everything, I'm sure you knew that.

            You can respond if you wish to, (in fact your narcissism will compell you to) but I won't waste my time reading it.

          • Maggot

            But since you know everything, I'm sure you knew that.

            All I know is that you seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about me. Or is that just my narcissism talking? Lol.

            You can respond…I won't waste my time reading it.

            Oh, you’ll read it. We both know that you will.

      • Stefan

        Wow, what a hero you are.

        Did i say i have 'done it all?'

        The point of my comment was to support the author's statement that it is a dying art. And the fact that ive lived for 18 years, been to hundreds of restaurants and never come across such table-side prepared meals proves that it is a rare thing.

        Too bad pointless comments like yours arent a dying breed on this site.

        • Maggot

          Wow, what a hero you are.

          Stop projecting.

          been to hundreds of restaurants and never come across such table-side prepared meals proves that it is a rare thing

          You said “never heard of" it, not “never come across it”. There’s a difference. I’m not trying to be pedantic about that, but rather my point was that at 18, there are probably a lot of things that you have “never heard of”…yet. However if what you said was not what you meant to say, then my apologies for responding to your actual words and not knowing that you meant them to mean something else.

          Too bad pointless comments like yours…

          Too bad you can’t convey your points more effectively.

          • Tags

            You're so otherworldly. Why do you even bother with us? Oh that's right, you're a narcissist. The love you have for yourself far outweighs the thoughts and feelings of others.

    • Michaela

      really? im 15 and ive had cherrys jubilee prepared table-side. and ive been to an asian place where they cook everything in front of you(i dunno if that counts) ive also seen it in movies n stuff. i wouldnt call it long lost…

  • harderthan

    im hungry all of the sudden…

  • Cara

    Baked Alaska is absolutely delicious!! And that picture looked goos too :D

  • RrRRrR

    No offense but I felt like this was another pointless list

  • Pacman

    This was such a random topic for a list, but I love food so good list haha

  • Pedro

    Peking duck?

  • bluesman87

    not that good. could've been better .

  • Julius

    I've worked at a gourmet restaurant before and I must say tableside preparation, is maybe not a "lost art" but it is increasingly rare. Another popular tableside prepared dish is Creme Brûlée, which is usually flambéed tableside. Cool list..

  • Will Trame

    Bacon and egg ice cream? Very interesting combination. I recall when I was living in Idaho there was an ice cream chain (the name escapes me for the moment) that served pumpkin pie flavored ice cream. Damn good. However, like lemon and orange flavored ding dongs, it never really caught on.

    With all the food pictured and described, I’m feeling hungry as well. With lists like these and late night TV airing food commercials it is no wonder that Americans have a serious problem with obesity.

    • B&J's has pumpkin cheesecake ice cream available right now. It's usually available from Oct-Dec. I have dreams about it in the summer.

    • TEX

      Hey – I’ve had the pumpkin ice cream – at Braum's – fantastic stuff.
      They only serve it during the holidays – at least I think they still do.
      Where I work – we already decided to have Brandy Alexanders this year – only using Jack and eggnog ice cream with nutmeg.

    • Julius

      There's a place in Berlin that makes everything (!) with garlic, you can even get garlic ice cream there. A garlic loving friend of mine went there and ate the ice-cream and according to him it's delicious. He might be a bit biased though ;-)

  • This is pretty boring.

  • coocoocuchoo

    why did the Author pick the worst visual examples of these dishes? look at that Caeser salad! it wasn't a 'bad' list but seriously, I hope Frater starts putting statistical list on here again, by that i mean ones where they can actually truthfully be called "Top Ten" lists.

    • Julius

      Most of the time (unless it's a photo / art list) the author doesn't pick the photos. Jamie does. I think listverse is doing an excellent job, providing a balance between "statistical"/objective and subjective lists and more often than not the subjective lists omit the "top" in front if the list name, so if subjective lists don't float your boat you can just skip them immediately.

  • Chineapplepunk

    The only things on list list that is prepared (near) tableside where I work are the coffees, it is a shame that you have to pay through the nose to see something like this in the UK. BTW, creamy peppercorn sauce rules way more han Diane sauce!! Mmmmmm.

  • milosd90

    I cannot help but notice that when anyone makes a comment that does not say nice things about the lists, he gets a million thumbs down. No matter how constructive or helpful that comment is, it is without exception not acceptable here.
    I for one found this list only a little entertaining and i think listverse should concentrate more on science, history or movie lists.
    Whats wrong with you people, you cannot accept a little criticism?

    • Julius

      I have nothing against constructive criticism but comments like: "List sucked bro" or "This is pretty boring." are just unnecessary.

      • But ones that say just "Good list" are just as constructive?

  • Doyareckon

    Teppanyaki ANYTHING, korean bbq and brazilian churrasco. Nuff said.

  • Jille

    Lame. All the prep work was done in the kitchen. Merely setting it alight is theater. Any one of us could have compiled this list in our sleep with no research. You forgot Flaming Cheese (Opa!) and any Italian dish (the server always offers freshly grated Parmesan cheese at the table). And four season war bar is always cooked on the hot plate at the table.
    And fajitas. And fondue. I'm going back to sleep now, maybe I'll think of more later.

    • oliveralbq

      yep i was gonna say the same thing.
      a lot of this isn't really "prepared" at the table
      several of these things are simply lit on fire at the table,
      and i've worked at one of the places mentioned on the list —
      if you count moving something from the heating element to a plate and handed to you, then, yeah, it's "prepared" table-side.

      im thinking that's not what the point of this list was supposed to be.

      not to mention, a couple of the items are actually wrong in one way or another. i can explain more later with more time.

  • mom424

    I love to eat and I'm a damn fine cook – so you guys can all just stop dissing this list….
    although to be fair, I've tried almost every item on the list (sorry, not really a dessert person, so no Baked Alaska), making it not terribly informative.
    I've not tried Steak Tartare (I can do raw fish – it's usually marinated/drizzled with rice wine vinegar – so it has a firm/cooked texture – not so with the beef) but from what I understand the outer portions of meat are always trimmed for other use; it's not the exception but the norm.
    Bananas Foster, or at least my version of it, is much better with fresh pineapple. I know, now it's Pineapple Foster eh? Just fry up the pineapple in butter and brown sugar, flame it with brandy if you like and then drizzle with sweetened yogurt. Too tasty.
    Oh and I agree – pretty limp-ass looking Caesar salad. Meh for me anyway, much prefer greek.

    • StubbleMcGruff

      Shut yer yap and make me a sammich…

  • ArjayM

    oohhhh yummy. I feel hungry now.

  • milosd90

    number 8 reminded me of something
    Cause i'm a crepe
    I'm a weirdough
    What the hell am i doughing here?
    I doughn't belong here.

    • Liz

      Why hasn’t anyone acknowledged how adoughable that comment was??

  • timmar68

    So basically Steak Tartare is raw meatloaf. Ick. The cheeries jubilee looks yummy!

  • TEX

    I love food lists – everyone seems to love them when they get around to putting one up.
    One thing we all have in common – we all have to eat.
    Sad that places that serve tableside are getting hard to find.

    • TEX

      jeezz – what a bunch-o-bitches
      food list USED to be popular

      in my opinion, Jamie needs to look at GMT morning release – I think the comments would improve

      • Julius

        It is a GMT morning time release isn't it? I live in a GMT+1 zone and get the new list between 9 and 10 in the morning which is just perfect…

      • I post lists at 7:30AM UK time – I might consider changing that though.

        • TEX

          Just a thought – you read the list, then the comments – the first hour or two seem to set the tone.

  • Lyrebyrd

    One notable dish not listed is Canard au sang, or "Pressed Duck" (not the Chinese version). The duck is partially cooked in the kitchen, then finished at the table through a very labor intensive process. The duck is carved. The bones and some of the giblets are put into a special duck press, which has a spout on the end. The remaining duck breast and liver is then sauteed with red wine and the juices & marrow that are pressed out of the carcass. Andrew Zimmern and Anthony Bourdain have shown it on their shows and it's pretty cool to see. It was created at Tour D'Argent in Paris, and only a few restaurants still do it. It's very expensive, but someday I'd love to try it, just to see the preparation – I'm not even a duck fan.

  • AluminumChef

    I've always found it strange that we're able to vote on the comments, but not on the lists themselves.

  • JealousDude

    omg he's eaten at the fat duck…wish i had enough money :(

  • John

    England's Edward VII did not have a daughter named Suzette! An error
    like this makes me question every other "fact" on Listverse.

    • Julius

      The author just got it a little bit wrong. It was probably named after the girlfriend/companion of the prince he was with at the time of the accident, whose name was/ is if she's a vampire, Suzette. There is still a debate about this story though, especially about the fact that a 14 year old wouldn't have been a sous chef, and even if he were wouldn't have served the prince.

      "Crepes are, essentially, very thin pancakes" this sentence is a better one to nag about. The difference between crepes and pancakes is not the thickness (in fact most European pancakes are of the thin variety) but the recipe. You don't put sugar in crepe dough/cream but you put it in pancakes. (that's the reason crepes are also delicious as salty food, for example crepes with ham&cheese are really really good ;-D)

  • undaunted warrior 1

    The list reminds me of a movie I saw many years ago with Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill, they were cowboys and somehow ended up in a city for some reason.
    Bud Spencer looked very uncomfortable having supper at this posh hotel with a collar buttoned around his neck, he could not read and just pointed to a item on the menu.
    When his food arrived it was a massive steak with brandy sauce which was lit at the table next to him, he grabbed a pitcher of water and doused the flames and then proceeded to knock the waiter out.

    • TEX

      And that reminds me of another old west food story – “Hangtown Fry” (many versions).

      An old miner in California worked for years and finally struck gold. He rode into Hangtown to cash in and went to the fanciest café he could find.
      The waiter asked him what he would have,
      “What’s the most expensive thing on the menu?”
      “Fried oysters”
      Not having a clue what an oyster was, he said “Fine, I’ll have that, and scramble it with a half dozen eggs and plenty of bacon.”

      No joke – I had a girlfriend make this for me and as odd as it sounds – it is absolutely delicious.

      • undaunted warrior 1

        Sounds great Im going to give this a try – who knows buddy you might of started a new craze.

      • mom424

        that does sound damn tasty…..and what isn't improved with the addition of bacon anyway?

  • Qoheleth

    What about saganaki?

  • I was once at one of those Japanese restaurants, where you sit around the griddle and the chef does the bingity-bangity nunchuks bit with the utensils. One slipped out of his hand and clattered onto the plate of one of our company. How embarrassing!

  • gravyleg

    pick pick pick, but… i’ll point out that i don’t see any pepper crust on the picture of the pepper steak- just grill marks and herbs. also, the steak in the picture of chateaubriand is a bone-on rib steak, and it’s always a filet/tenderloin. i hate tableside caesar salads, as i have to prepare 20 per night, and it takes time away from table service. food should always be prepared in the kitchen, due to modern allergy concerns and food handling regulations.

    • crazel

      after 25 yrs in the food industry(including making tableside foster for "the donald",
      i have to say it was a good and interesting list.I was disappointed in the overly p.c.
      comments by so-called professionals,allergies were never an issue and i cooked for a ton of folks.
      and food handling specs were always observed.(don't call myself a chef,actually am one.peace.

  • bansey

    Last time I checked coffee was a drink and not food. Dunno.


    Wasn't a great list, but was still good. Not really what I look for when I come here but it made me hungry. Hopefully next days will be something cooler.

  • Albetross

    these lists are, sadly, getting weaker and weaker.. :/

  • Scott-O

    Yum! I would also add Bulgogi (Korean meat cooked at the table) and maybe fajitas.

  • 7cshoegazer

    I worked at Court of Two Sisters as a night Waiter in the late 90's and made 3 of these dishese tableside. Bananna Fosters, Cherries Jubilee and my fave to make ..Caesar Salad.

  • Joboo

    I don't think most people would even want this sort of service. I wouldn't. That kind of shishy-foo-foo treatment just isn't my thing. I don't need a pyrotechnics performance for dinner. Then again, I'm not much of a "foodie". Some people are pretentious that way I suppose.

  • Megan

    Raw meat = asking for it. Doesn't matter how it's "prepared" it shouldn't be eaten. Who wants to hear the story of when the worm popped out of the meat? Anyone want a brain eating parasite? Ack.

    • Julius

      I take it you're not a sushi than either?

      • Julius

        sushi fan….for some reason my wordpress is strange and I can't edit anymore…

        • bluesman87

          it depends on how you're logged in .

    • witcharachne

      Humans (and every other carnivorous/omnivorous animal) have been eating raw meat for millions upon millions of years. I agree that it's risky, but there's a difference between risky and asking for it. Frankly I think if anyone's 'asking for it' it's people who eat fugu.

  • Oxycinna

    Well, I know I've got to try all of these before I die. How about everyone else?

  • what the…? how was my msg deleted??
    i just asked if this is the type of list listverse would be supplying in their "free site" vs. "paid site" material?

  • michgirl

    The baked alaska looks so good. Wouldn't mind trying most of these entries but sadly most of these type of meals don't fit in with the Mickey D's type budget. Couldn't pay me to eat steak tartare as I'm the type that ruins a steak by having it cooked extremely well done before I will consider eating it. =)

    • timmar68

      Me, too. When I order any kind of meat I request it extra well-done.

      • General Tits Von Chodehoffen


        • timmar68

          Nope! I like a good crust on my meat! Now, my husband, on the other hand, likes his steaks so rare I half expect them to moo!

  • General Tits Von Chodehoffen

    Awesome list! I'm really craving some raw meat right now

  • These all look great but I would still be wary of the Steak Tartare. For some reason when I first saw this list it made me think of table side guacamole. But some of the food there is far better than that :)

  • kea718

    What about guacamole? Many restaurants prepare it tableside.

  • Bassbait

    You know what this makes me hungry for? A Double Down.

  • Carra 23

    What!?? No Fondue??? No BeniBana???


  • FoodFighters

    This list is UTTER CRAP! Very opinion-based and western! I don't know what the list writer thinks "prepared tableside" means.

    • Popeye

      Most list on the site are opinion based. But yeah, the list kinda suck. The author should have added more food from other cultures.

  • Hungry Bastard

    You sir, just made me hungry. Kudos.

  • While there may be no anchovies in the original Caesar Salad recipe, there almost certainly isn't bacon either!

    I have seen that tableside service is coming back. The Atlantis Steakhouse in Reno recently started preparing several dishes tableside. Besides many of the dishes on this list, have a fabulous spinach salad (appropriately with bacon!) and a wicked Cafe Diablo which has several liqueurs flamed and mixed. (NB I'm just a fan.)

  • valeria

    Compra tu lista de regalos a través de Inkanta sin moverte de la comodidad de tu casa. Cancela con cualquier medio de pago tarjeta debito o crédito/ PSE/ Efectivo contraentrega.

  • Infiniteness

    How does guacamole not make this list?

  • cynicalgenius

    Pretty much any dish can be finished tableside, with the exception of long cookssuch as roasts and braised meat. Even then, they can be plated, or finished tableside. The idea of flambe’ is what makes dining out exciting.

  • arctotus

    anchovies are use are used in the dressing for caesar in most cases, i cant be sure about his original recipe though

  • I have to say, for foods that in writing sound so delicious, you couldn’t have picked more disgusting photos for them. I’m sure you could have found nice, well-staged photos of the foods listed done by professionals, instead of the half-eaten, nausea-inducing pictures you chose to use.