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Top 10 East Asian Military Commanders

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Everyone has heard of Alexander the Great of Greece, or Cyrus the Great of Persia. This list is devoted to the great East Asian Military Leaders who fought for their country, but are not well known in Western society. Under East Asian, we are also considering Military Leaders from South-East Asia. And once you finish reading, check out “Top 10 Military Commanders,” if you haven’t done so already. Wikipedia links are provided for the benefit of those (most of us, probably) who are unfamiliar with the battles named here.


Tokugawa Ieyasu
Japan, 1543-1616


Tokugawa Ieyasu was the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan, which lasted over 250 years. He finally ended the Sengoku Period of Japan, and pacified and unified Japan. He did this by defeating the Forces loyal to the Toyotomi clan, and several clans of Western Japan. He was a great leader who is believed to have fought in over 90 battles. He is considered to have united Japan after the people’s morale has been weakened, following their defeat by the Koreans in the Imjin War.


Lê Lợi
Vietnam, 1345/1385?-1433

Le Loi Statue

Lê Lợi was the founder of the Lê Dynasty, which became the longest ruling Dynasty in Vietnams History (1428-1788). In 1407, Ming China attacked Vietnam, conquering the country. In 1418, Lê Lợi started an army to fight Ming, whom he successfully defeated in 1427. Lê Lợi is among the most famous figures from the medieval period of Vietnamese history, and one of its greatest heroes.


Eulji Mundeok
Korea, Mid-6th century-After 618

Goguryeo Eulji

Eulji Mundeok was a Korean General in the Goguryeo-Sui Wars. The Goguryeo-Sui wars were a series of campaigns launched by Sui Dynasty China against Goguryeo Dynasty Korea in 598 and 612-614. Eulji Mundeok’s army was heavily outnumbered, with about 300,000 Korean soldiers against over 1 million Sui soldiers, in both invasions. The incredible outcome was Eulji Mundeok’s successful defence of Goguryeo. The victory contributed to the downfall of the Sui Dynasty.


Han Shizhong
China, 1089-1151

800Px-Four Generals Of Song

Han Shizhong was a Chinese general of Song Dynasty China. General Han was considered to be a military inventor for modifying and improving bows and armor. General Han also fought in the Jurchen Invasions of China, resulting in a Chinese Victory. Today, Han Shizhong is remembered as a hero in China for dedicating his life to the Song Dynasty and successfully defeating the Jurchen invaders.


Tōgō Heihachirō
Japan, 1848-1934

Tōgō Heihachirō

Tōgō Heihachirō is considered one of Japan’s greatest naval heroes. Heihachirō is known for being the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy in Russo-Japanese War. The war resulted in a Japanese Victory, with one of the most notable battles being the Battle of Tsushima. Under the command of Heihachirō, the battle ended with two-thirds of the Russian fleet destroyed, and very few casualties to the Japanese navy. Heihachirō was deemed the “Nelson of the East.”


Kwon Yul
Korea, 1537-1599


Kwon Yul was a successful Korean army general in the Imjin War. He is best known for his victory in the Battle of Ichi and the Battle of Haengju. In the battle of Ichi, Kwon Yul’s army of 1,000 fought 10,000 Japanese soldiers. Kwon Yul’s victory resulted in the recapture of the Jeollan province from Japan. In the Battle of Haengju, Kwon Yul’s army of 2,800 defeated Japanese Commander, Kato Kiyomasa’s, army of 30,000. The battle resulted in over 10,000 casualties for the Japanese, and it was considered one of the three most important victories for the Koreans in the Imjin War.


Nguyễn Huệ
Vietnam, 1753-1792

Quangtrung 0991575747

Nguyen Hue, also known as Emperor Quang Trung, was the second emperor of the Tây Sơn Dynasty of Vietnam. In the 18th century, the Lê Dynasty of Vietnam was in the control of 2 feuding families: the Trinh Lords of the North, and the Nguyễn Lords of the South. Both sides frequently fought each other for control of the nation, whilst claiming to be loyal to the king. Nguyen Hue became the leader of the famous Tây Sơn Rebellion, where he defeated the Trinh Lords, and overthrew the Lê Dynasty. The Lê emperor fled to Qing China, and begged the Emperor for aid. He sent an army to Vietnam but the campaign ended in utter defeat for the Qing army. Today, Nguyễn Huệ is considered one of the most successful military commanders in Vietnam history.


Sun Tzu
China, 544 BC- 496 BC

Sun-Tzu 0

Now how can you not know this guy? Sun Tzu is known for his book of “The Art of War”, which presents a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and being victorious in battles. The book is considered to be a masterpiece on strategy, and is frequently referred to and cited by generals since its publication. Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War,” has inspired and helped many military generals achieve success – including Napoleon and Tokugawa Ieyasu.


Genghis Khan
Mongolia, 1162–1227

Genghis Khan

Another famous commander, even to westerners. Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire, the largest empire in history. Khan conquered several empires of central Asia, East Asia, Eurasian, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He achieved this incredible feat by uniting many nomadic tribes of north-east Asia, and through excellent military intelligence and tactics. In present day, Genghis Khan is highly regarded as the founding father of Mongolia.


Yi Sun-Sin
Korea, 1545-1598

450Px-Turtle Boat

Admiral Yi Sun-Sin was a Korean naval leader in the Imjin War, who won all 23 of his battles by using excellent military tactics and strategies, even though he was out-numbered in every battle he fought. The Battle of Hansando, which was the most important battle in that it turned the tide of the war. Admiral Yi’s navy was heavily outnumbered by the Japanese vessels (56 Korean ships against 73 Japanese ships), but Yi was victorious through excellent military tactics. Japanese casualties were 66 ships destroyed, and over 9000 soldiers dead, while Korea lost no ships, and only 19 soldiers.

Perhaps Yi’s most amazing victory was in the Battle of Myeongnyang, where he did the impossible by defeating 333 Japanese ships with only 13 ships. The end results were 123 ships disabled and/or destroyed, and 18,000 Japanese soldiers dead, while Yi’s fleet lost no ships and lost only 36 soldiers at most.

Admiral Yi is also credited for his invention of the effective Turtle Ship (pictured above). The ship had a spiked top, making boarding almost impossible, and had a dragon head the front, which could shoot out smoke or cannon balls.

Admiral Yi was even credited by Japanese Admiral, Tetsutaro Sato, where he chose Admiral Yi over Lord Nelson as the better military Commander:
“Throughout history there have been few generals accomplished at the tactics of frontal attack, sudden attack, concentration and dilation. Napoleon, who mastered the art of conquering the part with the whole, can be held to have been such a general, and among admirals, two further tactical geniuses may be named: in the East, Yi Sun-sin of Korea, and in the West, Horatio Nelson of England. Undoubtedly, Yi is a supreme naval commander even on the basis of the limited literature of the Seven-Year War, and despite the fact that his bravery and brilliance are not known to the West, since he had the misfortune to be born in Joseon Dynasty. Anyone who can be compared to Yi should be better than Michiel de Ruyter from the Netherlands. Nelson is far behind Yi in terms of personal character and integrity. Yi was the inventor of the covered warship known as the turtle ship. He was a truly great commander and a master of the naval tactics of three hundred years ago.”

Today, Admiral Yi is remembered as Korea’s greatest hero, and the one of the greatest military leaders in history.

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  • Coolio James

    Great List!
    I'm amazed by Admiral Yi's amazing battles

    • Napoleon 666

      Agrred! I’m glad he included the Great Khan but he left out Atilla (kings of the Huns) and Arpad (khan of the Magyars).

  • KabirBhai

    I was 15 when i got hold of SHOGUN, written by James Clavell, which propelled me into this new world of Shogunate, A world of very different culture and traditions, where respect is everything, and where the code of samurai was ultimate.

    Many East Asian Leaders learnt how to conduct and win wars by studying 'The Art of war' by Sun Tzu, written in the 6th century BC, which is still considered very influential…

    Extremely Entertaining list with great Information… Thanks Hojin Mok…

    • deeeziner

      I loved that book, and read it early in my life as well.

      May be time to revisit it…………..

  • Marvin Batech

    I thought the British Empire was the largest of all-time? You guys said so yourself on the "greatest empires" list…

    • Christian Hanzlicek

      They probably mean the largest contiguous empire since it was all connected unlike the British empire

    • itp

      greatest does not mean largest. Alexander the Great did not conquer as much land as Genghis, but he was a better military commander.

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    No Subutai or Ho Chi Minh?

    • Christian Hanzlicek

      I was surprised too about his exclusion of Subotai who is known as the best general of the Mongol empire

      • he is a revolutionist leader you dumb ass and there were no records of his miltary career

    • SeanP

      Do you mean Vo Nguyen Giap? Ho Chi Minh was more of a political leader.

    • Not sure about Minh, but agreed that the exclusion of Subotai was a pretty large error.

  • archangel

    Admiral Yi sounds epic. Not a bad list at all indeed!

  • danmoo071

    Seems to me that you have a crush on Yi Sun-Sin. He is the only one that received more than a single paragraph! Not saying he doesnt deserve the spot, but to only write a snip-it on Genghis Kahn is absurd.

  • Joanne

    I have a sneaking suspicion that the list author is Korean … ;)
    Good list anyway

  • SungJin Kim

    I think you are biased because you are Korean. Although I believe that Yi, deserves the spot is agreeable, I am completely surprised that Sun Tzu did not take first place. Yi may have won battles but he did not revolutionize warfare like Sun Tzu. In fact Yi may have used Sun Tzu's tactics, guerrilla warfare.

    A good list nonetheless, and I do like the fact that you credited underrated commanders.

    • Coolio James

      LOL sorry, I was just trying to give more credit to the Generals that are not every famous in the western world.
      Next time, I'll try to be a bit less "biased"

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    putting ginghis khan at 2nd place is a fucking crime no way that yu sun deserves 1st place

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    Where`s General Giap? and The Battle of Dien Bien Phu? France still can`t talk about it.

  • Locus Pocus

    This is an interesting list. Unfortunately, it is somewhat out of proportion. Yi Sun-Sin is certainly a great admiral; however, Sun Tzu and Genghis Khan are far greater.

    • someguy

      I kind of Agree, But in terms of underrated and fighting against all the odds, Yi probably deserve the spot light, But overall Sun tzu and genghis khan are well known for a damn good reason.

  • youmisssunbin

    I understood that it is always tough to come out with a top 10, but i believe there are several commanders that you have missed out: Sun Bin (grandson of Sun Tzu), many from the three kingdoms, Lee Hong Zhang (Chin), kubia khan, Jumong Taewang.. And I believe Genghis Khan should be no.1 on his influence on the modern military.. anyway, just my view, nice list~

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    Hohohoho wow…..Zhuge Liang. End of debate.

    • zhuge liang is overated, read your history book properly, dumbass, dont get me wrong, i idolized him but he is too overated in the novel…….

      fucking dumb guy

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    nice list

    maybe you should consider Gajah Mada for an entry on your next list… :)

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    So many koreans???

    and i have the feeling that the author isnt too fond of china…

    hmm, i could list so much so much chinese commanders………

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        You can’t tell the difference between a Chinese and a Korean? Every oriental can. I’m only half-oriental and I can tell the difference. I’m right only half the time though.

    • Hojin MOk

      LOL sorry
      If I ever make another list like this, I'll try to add in more Chinese generals.
      Maybe you should make a list like this too, I would like to learn a lot more about China (:

      • purityshannon

        Good list still. haha

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    where is Yao Ming he should be nb 1

  • oouchan

    Would have thought that Khan or Tzu would have been first. Also the paragraphs were very skimpy until the one for number one. I will need to follow up on this as the list left me hanging.

    Interesting list, but lacking substance.

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      My feelings exactly.

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    No Kim Jong Il or Kim Jong Un? (That`s a joke.)

  • The dope that wrote the list obviously doesn't understand that Alexander The Great was from Macedon (Ancient Macedonia), which was NOT a city-state of the region of Greece as they fought against it.

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    This list very much explains the demographics of listverse. They are mainly white and have no interest in chinese or vietnamese culture. The numbers of commentators are so few. Usually even in stupid list there will be a lots of people saying comments like "Wow good list!" but in this list there are none.


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        Haha. Yeah and Lapu-Lapu is from South East Asia. How about Top 10 list of SEA's military commanders perhaps? ; )

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    On my wasy to work, so I can't read out the comments thus far…..

    As a Westerner, my oriental battle history is very lacking….mostly readings from the fictional historic novels. ( not to be trusted?) So a list like this is very welcome.

    As for the entry of Sun Tzu—-Where is some of his accomplishments that would make his Art of War a product of his experience? Or is this book just theory? (Tried and true of course) But what was his real role in his country's conquests of the era? Guess I'll be sneaking into the Google at work.

    Thanks for the interesting list.

  • Arbee

    Nobunaga Oda should have been on that list.

    I'm just saying.

    • oouchan

      Isn't he in Samurai Warriors? The one that yells "Worthless!" when he kills someone? :)

      • Arbee

        Yeah, him. Minus the Demon Aura.

    • Kevin

      Totally agree. Tokugawa Ieyasu won't even make the list for top 3 Japanese commanders in the warring state period. Tekeda Shingen, Nobunaga Oda or Uesugi Kenshin are all better commanders than Tokugawa

      • Arbee

        Agreed. Among the Sengoku Clans, I always thought Tokugawa was a patient and defensive leader rather a tactical or an aggressive leader.

        Oda modernized Japan through trading and is interested in and studied foreign technologies. His hotheadedness and ruthlessness in battle is very well known (and in ways, notorious) in history, but then again so is everyone in the Sengoku Period, apparently.

        He did stood out from the rest because of his eccentric lifestyle and his very endearing ambitions. And without him, Toyotomi and Tokugawa would cease to exist in history.

  • purityshannon

    Have you heard about the Yang Family generals in Song dynasty of China?
    How about Zhuge Liang, the master chief in war?
    And Guan Yu?
    How about Qi Ji Guang? the ming general who fought off jap pirates?

    Not biased towards chinese, but you could include at least one of these heros?

    • do you read your history book clearly and properly, zhuge liang and guan yu are good dont get me wrong but they are overated………………..

      the yang family is famous because of the womens

      how about Yue fei, they are many documents about hum then zhuge liang and guan yu

      read your stuff first before you comment……………………

    • Kevin

      This list is obviously made by a Korean. Is Han Shizhong popular in Korea???

      He wasn't even the most famous general in the Song dynasty for Christ sake!

      I heard that Gao Xianzhi is quite popular in Korea although he is not very famous in China. Gao Xianzhi is said to have Korean heritage

  • Lifeschool

    A fine list – a bit short on descriptions but fine all the same. I have The Art of War as an audio book somewhere – I gotta dig that one out!

  • Kevin

    This is a bad list. Tekeda Shingen is much better than Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Tekeda defeats Tokugawa in the battle of Mikatagahara.

    Yue Fei is in the same time period as Han Shizhong and is 10 times more famous than Han Shizhong. The picture you used for Han Shizhong is showing Yue Fei as well.

    The list left out a lot of famous Chinese commanders and the one who made the list, Han Shizhong, is not even the most famous general in his time.

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    Zhuge Liang? Other than that top notch list.

    Meh, all of this just makes me want to play Dynasty Warriors. :P

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    Alexandar The Great was From Macedonia … Not from greece .. Repair the error please !

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      From FYROM i suppose?

  • mom424

    Good first time offering Hojin Mok. Excellent premise and good choices from what I can tell. I do agree with Oouchan though – could have been so much better. I would like to know how these famous generals were able to defeat much larger and better equipped armies. More biographical information on each entry would have been appreciated as well. I'm sure that there is plenty of material for a follow-up list eh? I'm looking forward to it.

  • sxg

    I would add Vo Nguyen Giap somewhere in the list, but nonetheless great list.

    • yes, he should be there, he is amazing even though i dont fancy the Vietnamese people

  • timothyjames

    Really great list. I am glad someone has decided to finally write a list that is focused on the East. I pretty much agree with most of the comments so far. Not that I am well-versed in Eastern Military history, but from the little stint I had when I was interested in it (back when I got The Art of War), I would venture to say Sun Tzu and Genghis Kahn should be higher. Good job though.

  • michgirl

    Good list Hojin. It was nice learning a bit about East Asia. More info would have made it an excellent list. I hope you have plans to do another list soon.

  • lol over 9000

  • coocoocuchoo

    The British Empire was the largest Empire in the history of the world, the Mongol Empire was the largest CONTINUOUS Empire in the history of the world

    • Mark

      The British Empire and Mongol Empire were both amazing. However I like the British Empire and I like the Mongol Empire. But who`s best? Their`s only one way to find out.. FIGHT!!!

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    too bad
    I thought that Jendral Soedirman is in the list
    nice list btw

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    Apparently some people are unaware that Frater is the one who usually writes the list introductions.

  • klektok

    Not American enough!

    Just kidding. Fascinating list on a subject I know nothing about. Until now at least. Thanks.

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    No Yamamoto? No research.

  • ParusMajor

    This list contains a lot of interesting information that I wasn't aware of, but as a pacifist I don't care about Military Leaders that much. Still, it's historically interesting.

  • necropenguin

    great list! i've only heard of 3 of these guys.

    i'm a bit skeptical of the 13 ships defeating 333 though.

    • Hojin Mok

      Ya, I was very surprised when i learned about it too, but it actually did happen.
      And thank you for the feedback (:

    • DTMarc

      Narrow straight so they couldn't be surrounded. And about 200 of the 333 were support ships. Still pretty amazing though. Got turned on to this story from and checked into it more.
      It was like Spartans on water.

  • whew! definitely admiral yi deserved the number 1 spot. Amazing victory in every battles.

  • tentonbrick

    I haven't got the whole way throught this list yet and I'm drinking (18 is the drinking age in Ireland ;) ) but congrats to JFraiter on this fantastically inventive and obscure list, its what I come to Listverse for :)

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      if you're in your own home in the UK you can legally drink alcohol from the age of FIVE with parental permission, how fucking crazy is that!?

  • murpheyslawyer

    Mongol Empire is not the largest ever. It is the second largest next to the British Empire.

  • therush

    As someone who is enamored with the Mongol Empire I have to say Genghis Khan is overrated as a military commander. Sure he came up with a few tried and true tactics such as "running dog" and "rolling wave" but in reality he had an unfair advantage. He managed to unite some tribes whose whole lifestyle was based on warfare so he had by far the best soldiers in the world.

    If you're going to have a Mongol general it should be Subutai for the Battle of the Kalka River alone. Basically super rape.

    • he is not overrated, are you dumb, he use his general well and his cavalry that make up the composite bow is legendary, magnificent light cavalry counter charge, i think he should be number one based on his achievement and he is undefeated

      read your history dumb ass, stop being arrogant

  • Tim

    Man, this list is awesome. I'm a history grad student and I have barely heard of half of these guys. Actually I only ever heard about 6 of them. This list is forcing me to do a little extra research. :)

  • Dumarakul

    IMO the greatest military commander, not only in Asia, but in the whole world, is Genghis Khan. Much greater than Alexander the Great. Just look up how vast was the land area he conquered.

    His empire did not last long after he died. But that does not deduct from his military genius.

    • rain

      agree. and the time he spent conquering. it's like a blitzkrieg in asia

  • rain

    what about mulan? well she existed.

    or the girl who rode elephants for war that came from vietnam? i forgot the name.

    • Locky

      Dont suggest people you dont even know the name of

    • Van Tran

      Trung sister drove the elephants in years 40 to anti china ‘s dream eat the world.

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    this list = epic fail

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    • Kevin

      To all American readers who think this is a good list:

      If this is a list of top 10 NBA players, it will put Scottie Pippen in the list but miss out Michael Jordan. Miss out everyone from the Lakers and Celtics and rank Yao Ming as the top NBA player ever!

  • If you were saying that South-East Asian Generals were added in, top 10 wouldn't be enough for all of them. I am a Burmese and I am proud of my generals too.
    Take some examples;
    King Bayinnaung; who conquered most of western SEA and hailed as universal king during 16th century.
    Maha Thiha Thura; who defended the country against 4 Qing invasions successfully.
    Maha Bandula; who fought against British during 19th century despite being technologically inferior.

    Plz include them in the next list. Nice list anyway… :D


    LAPU-LAPU is the greatest he and his boys slaughtered Magellan and some of his grave robbing gang members, and LAPU-LAPU did this while he was butt naked and with nothing but a kitchen knife….
    and about those grave digging robbers, it is historically accurate because the Philippines is one of the top producers of Gold, hence the interest of Spain

  • skeezyplanet

    I visited King Sejeong's museum in seoul 3 times before bothering to keep looking in the underground musem and running into some dude named Admiral Yi's museum… I took a picture in front of the very turtle ship which is #1 :).

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

    the author is obviously korean with only knowledge of a few wars. the list is not comprehensive at all. low quality list.


    CHUCK NORRIS is a direct descendent of LAPU-LAPU

  • Mic

    I'd put Oda Nobunaga over Tokugawa Ieyasu. Ieyasu was a better politician for sure.

  • Name

    lol, this list must be a korean made. Genghis Khan should be at the top, then Sun Tze, then Oda Nobunaga,
    u r putting Yi’s rank too high because of ur nationalism.
    Genghis Khan’s number one, this is more accurate and more objective.
    SunTze number 2, because of “Art of War”, if you dare to question the authority of the book.
    Oda Nobunaga, he basically united the entire Japan, so number 3 for him is more convincable.

    Yi has only fought in the peninsula of korea, which means his influence and history are limited, u cant put him on the top, because any one of the names I mentioned are greater than Yi SUn Shin.

  • Yves Yew

    lol, this list must be a korean made. Genghis Khan should be at the top, then Sun Tze, then Oda Nobunaga,
    u r putting Yi’s rank too high because of ur nationalism.
    Genghis Khan’s number one, this is more accurate and more objective.
    SunTze number 2, because of “Art of War”, if you dare to question the authority of the book.
    Oda Nobunaga, he basically united the entire Japan, so number 3 for him is more convincable.

    Yi had only fought in the peninsula of korea, which means his influence and history are limited, u cant put him on the top, because any one of the names I mentioned are greater than Yi SUn Shin.

  • ken

    Genghis Khan should be the first and general what Yi, never even heard of him
    and also Suntzu should not be on the list, because even though he wrote the art of war but he was never a general nor a military comander, he was just merely a thinker and a writer. I would say even Tsao tsao from three kingdom should be better on the list.
    Check your history boy !!!
    this list is totally lack of substances.

  • Yves Yew

    Sun Tze was a great strategist and Top general(???) of Wu, he fought and won many battles to prove his theories works,What do you think that is making his philosophy widely accepted beside the real victorious on battlefield he achieved?

    Btw, General Yi Sun shin is not my favourite, he is korean’s favourite. I was just saying that General Yi is not qualified to be the top 10 yet, you kid should learn how to read before posting so impulsely.

    Cao cao is not qualified to be on the top 10, because his influence is too limited, only in China. technically, only the northern china, as he failed his invasion against the South.

    Sun Tze was different, he influenced the half of the globe for centuries, after the art of war was translated into the foreign languages. His principles of war later then was and is still practice nowadays. The American studied it, modified it, improved it according to our modern warfare situation and practiced it, in their military Institutions. There are no other generals or military strategist can compare with him in terms influences. Not from Asia, not even from Europe.

    welcome back after you study more about the history of Sun Tze.
    I agreed your last sentence.

  • ken

    Dear Yves

    Again, Please check your history, Don’t be confused between SUNTZU and SUNTZE

    the one on the list is Suntzu which is not general of Wu and never be a military commander and never lead an army

    while Suntze you mention is the general of Wu which is the descendant of Suntzu

    Suntze is not on this list.

    Tsao tsao is more qualified than list no 1, 4,5 ,6 ,7 , his legacy is even spread until Korean peninsula, and hmmm talk about influence half the globe, ever heard of General Zheng he !! he is the one responsible of spreading Islam through all South East Asia and North Asia. how about that for influence eh !!

    as for SUNTZU, he is definitely a wise and genius in the art of war but that doesn’t make him a great military commander. to be a commander you need more than just a brain. you need charisma, guts, support from the people. and a visionary.

    again, check your history boy !!

    • Yves_yew

      just go read something about Sun Tzu before spitting ignorance.

      just fucking click the link below if you r too lazy to find his biography on the net.

      wtf? Sun Tzu is not General of Wu? are u insane or ignorant?

      The book is based on his tested expertise. He achieved successful military career by WINNING WARS for Wu! He Trained the soldiers of Wu, He led the soldiers of Wu, He Command the officers of Wu to fight for Wu, He WAS The Highest Ranked of General of Wu in his time, OKAY?

      hey, please Go DO SOME RESEARCHES BEFORE coming back okay?

      Stop insisting what is right is wrong, ok?

      I studied about him during my school time, I read his biography, and the art of war, and also ancient chinese history. All of them told me that Sun Tzu was a Top General and strategist of Wu state during the spring and automn period.

      So are you telling all those are fake or what?

      BTW, ZHENG HE was not a general okay? He barely fought any battle eventhough he reaches many countries . He was rather an admiral, he visited and spread Islam to those countries, peacefully, in another word, diplomatic way.

      Not martially.

      The influence of Sun Tzu is from the aspect of military concept.

      The influence of Zheng He is religious, not Military. 2 are totally different and don’t get mixed up.

      If your ridiculously points make senses, The Jesus would be on the top of the list.

      Ask people out there, whose more famous, Sun Tzu or Cao Cao.

      Their answer will make you understand whose influences is greater in terms of MIILITARY.

      damn it, i can’t believe I am wasting my time to argue with some1 so ignorant in history.

    • Yves

      if you are a man and you have guts, click on this video on youtube:

      It is about the war that Sun Tzu fought Chu army.
      and PROVE ME I & THE VIDEO are WRONG with more solid EVIDENCE, not trying to revert the focus to somewhere else. go do some research before you reply!

  • Yves_yew

    Enter your comment here.

    • ken

      boy, Do you read Chinese ?? I assume not, Are you a western or ABC ?? I wish you are a americans or europeans ( because then I can understand your ignorance, if not go back to your school, study your chinese and search the real authentic history, rather than a fairytale sun tzu )
      which school do you study from ??
      Did you know that when Sun tzu wrote the art of war, he is just merely a pheasants.
      that time king lu has read his writings ( by the way was writen on the bamboo )
      the king is still skeptical about his capability and test him to manage 108 of his concubines. after he succesful, sun tzu became more of his advisor, together with WU ZI SI who dealt with internal affairs and military, they manage to conquer south.
      again check your history boy !!! but please buy a real book rather than search from internet because, source from internet is mostly come from the same source.
      I guess ignorance is a bliss

      • Yves

        I’ve shown many evidences that Sun Tzu he not only wrote the book, and also he led the army of Wu to fight Chu.
        you just got no guts to click my links and admit your fault.
        I just don’t want you to confuse anybody else, don’t spread your wrong knowledge to others. Go to youtube and search about Sun Tzu, tonnes of videos are telling the story of how Sun Tzu fought the battles, dammit.

  • jack

    i thought genghis khan would without a doubt be #1 on this this. so i can’t help but wonder: is the author korean? and/or is the author biased?

  • Charlie

    Why chinggis khan named #2? he built biggest empire in the world. most people think that british empire is larger than mongolian empire but the british empire was including wild america and australia !?

  • Commentator :)

    I felt that the Mongol general Tsubodai deserved a spot. He was responsible for numerous Mongol victories and conquered 32 nations and winning 65 battles. It is conceivable that he could have destroyed Medieval Europe as well.

  • Surya

    Where is Patih Gajah Mada the greatest General in Majapahit kingdom who united the biggest archipelago (Indonesia and around) in the world and others neighbor kingdom?

  • Bat

    Genghis Khan should be number 1.
    Not only one of the top east asian military commander, but in the world.
    Terrible list.

  • Name

    What about zhu ge liang or sima yi or zhou yu?

  • du lich thien cam

    certainly like your web site however you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to inform the truth however I will definitely come back again.

    • Zhaozor

      How about Bai Qi? was an outstanding military leader of the State of Qin during the Warring States Period of Chinese history. Born in Mei (now Mei County in Shaanxi Province), as commander of the Qin army for more than 30 years, Bai Qi was responsible for the deaths of a total over 890,000 enemy soldiers, earning him the nickname Ren Tu (?? literally: human butcher). He seized more than 73 cities from the other six Warring States in the Warring States Period and to date no record has been found to show that he suffered a single defeat throughout his military career.

  • liubang

    zhuge Liang not in in the list???

  • Sam

    Dude you gotta read more Asian history than that to put up a list like that. There is a general who is lead by a kid in han dynasty that contributed to the victory of barbarian war in Han dynasty (china), he achieved where no would dare to do so at his age. god of war, guan yu, he defeated few hundred thousand with the use of water without a single lost of a soldier. He even charge into enemy formation alone and killed the enemy famed generals (twice). Although it is diaputable, zho yu, wu leading commander in romance of three kingdom, using 50,000 beating, 870,000. Of cao army. Cao cao, 70,000 beating 700,000 of yuan army. Oh by the way, don’t mix strategist with commander, sun tzu don’t ride to war. If you want to list strategist, there is more out there, other than sun tzu. There are far too many generals better than these lot to make it top 10. Notice that these people achieve beating in number of hundred of thousand soldiers? Read more, especially Chinese one, Qing and Qin general too!

    • Zhaozor

      its so funny people like you actually think Guan Yu did all that stuff, in fact it was all made up for the greater glory of Liu Bei.

      Guan Yu didn’t flood his enemy it was just bad postioning of Yu Jin who got owned by the weather.

      Please come back with actual historical facts instead of romantised stories

  • Lucio

    Subutai should be on the list! Or at least an honorable mention. This is the man that defeated the Hungarians and the Austrian armies in just two days!