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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Star Trek

Joshua Knode . . . Comments

Star trek is one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in the history of mass media. There are a lot of people who know a lot about Star Trek, but they often know less than they think. In a series spanning ten movies, a half dozen television series, not to mention comic books, video games and novels, a lot of perfectly fascinating bits of trivia get overlooked, and many intriguing mysteries crop up.


Set Phasers to Rock

There are a number of bands that dedicate themselves to a certain theme or fiction. Metallica wrote a number of songs using H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, Blind Guardian is well known for writing within the fiction of the Lord of the Rings, and California Punk band “No Kill I” is well known for writing songs exclusively about Star Trek. Drawing their name from a line in the original Series episode “The Devil in the Dark”, the band has been playing local venues in and around Sacramento California for years, though the band describes their own performances as “On-stage drinking contests” That “Ultimately descend into chaos”. Surprisingly, No Kill I is not the only star trek themed band. There is also No Kill I: the Next Generation, Warp 11, William Shatner’s Pants, The Romulans and Klingon-speaking death metal band: Stovokor.


The Slaver Weapon

One Particular episode of the Star Trek animated series “The Slaver Weapon” had a lot of Star Trek fans scratching their heads. The episode, dealing with Spock, Sulu and Uhura trying to keep a powerful ancient weapon from a cat-like race called the “Kzinti” it was entertaining enough, but it just didn’t feel like Star Trek. The Story was surprisingly sophisticated for a kid’s show, and included many elements that typically were not explored in Star Trek (Billion year old lost Technology, strange non-humanoid aliens, an adventure on a moon without an atmosphere) and several things that seemed somewhat out of character for the Star Trek Gang, such as Spock (a Pacifist) drop-kicking the bad guy and breaking several of his ribs. The reason the show was so different is simple: When asked to write an episode for the Animated Star Trek, popular Sci-fi author Larry Niven decided to adapt his classic short story “The Soft Weapon” into an episode, instead of writing something from scratch. Explaining why Niven’s favorite villains, the Kzinti, were now a race in Star Trek. Despite it being a bit strange for a Star Trek episode, “The Slaver Weapon” is a fan favorite.


Khan’s Plastic Chest


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is considered by many fans one of the best star trek films ever made. Since it is the most popular Star Trek film it is perhaps the most abound with rumors. After it’s release the main way to watch the movie was on grainy VHS, where villainous lead Khan’s muscular chest looked a bit too shiny to be real. This spawned the rumor that actor Ricardo Montalban used a plastic chest appliance under his shirt. For years, this myth was a popular myth among fans, even being referenced in the Animaniacs “Star Truck” parody. However, when the movie was remastered many began to doubt the rumor, the clearer picture showed a more natural looking chest. Now it’s known that there was no “Plastic chest” just 100% Khan. Montalban is a “Very large and muscular man” according to a statement by “Wrath of Khan” director, Nicholas Meyer. When asked on the Johnny Carson show how he got such a physique at age 63, Montalban replied “Push-ups, lots of Push-ups”


Star Trek In Japan


Japan is a country that loves science fiction and fantasy programing, their television staple includes few shows without some fantasy element. Star trek: the Next Generation aired there soon after it’s release in America, and was quite popular. However, the original series (Re-broadcast in Japan around the 1970s) had fairly poor ratings, and it lasted only a few weeks on the air. With the Popularity of “The Next Generation” in Japan mounting, Paramount encouraged Nippon TV to try the original series again, but it was still wildly unpopular. The reason? An article in Geek Magazine revealed that many young Japanese Trekkies, unfamiliar with the original series, dismissed it as a poorly done copy of The Next Generation! An old rumor in the Trek fandom states that, in Japan, the original series was called “The Adventures of Captain Sulu” This is, of course, false.


Season Four


As most Trek fans are aware, the original series didn’t get past season three, but there were plans for a fourth season. A couple of these ideas were revealed in an interview with Gene Roddenberry in “The making of Star Trek” A book originally published during the show’s first run. Roddenberry admitted he planned on including Leonard McCoy’s Daughter as a new crew member, and that there would be tension between him and Kirk who would be very attracted to McCoy’s daughter. He also stated that Spock would begin wearing a “Medallion of Vulcan origin” that would put him at odds with sticklers of regulation, since the Medallion would not be proper uniform. This latter idea was recycled for Lt. Worf on The Next Generation, who had special permission from Starfleet to wear a Klingon sash with his uniform. McCoy’s daughter was only mentioned once, on an episode of the animated series.


Star Trek: Phase two

There’s no doubt that Star Trek fans are some of the most dedicated in the world, and sometimes this fan dedication reaches amazing levels. None is more evident than a group of fans who got together in southern California to produce new Episodes of the original series. The Cast and crew of “Star Trek: Phase two” pay for props, film and costumes our of their own pockets, knowing that they can’t make a dime on their hard work due to copyright issues. The quality of the production has attracted actual star Trek alumni like Walter Konig, George Tekai, Grace Lee Whitney and Denise Crosby not just to cameo in the series, but play large roles. One episode is even written by famous Star trek Writer D.C. Fontana! Work on the sets were so accurate, the television show “Star Trek: Enterprise” used a few set pieces for their own show. Oddly enough the director of the show, James Cawley, who also plays Kirk, is an Elvis impersonator by trade.



In 1994, comic book writer Greg Weisman got his big break, creating the show “Gargoyles” for the Disney afternoon lineup. The show went on to the highest rated animated show Disney ever produced. Due to circumstances only known to the entertainment world, the show features a bizarre number of actors and actresses that were veterans of Star Trek. Jonathan Frakes, Marina Cirtis, Colm Meaney, Michael Dorn, Kate Mulgrew, Bret Spiner, Nichelle Nichols, David Warner and Avery Brooks all appeared. There are many rumors as to why this is true, some say Greg Weisman is a Trek fan, other say Jonathan Frakes (who was cast first as the shows main protagonist, David Xanatos) loved voice acting so much he encouraged other Trek alumni to give it a try. Some say it was an experiment/running gag by the producers to see how many Trek actors could be crammed into the show before anyone noticing the trend, but none of these have been substantiated. Greg Weisman always feigns ignorance when asked why so many Star Trek alumni are on the show, and Jonathan Frakes simply commented “It just kinda turned out that way,” There are a number of other trek-related jokes on the show, including one episode where a suspected alien is taunted by a character saying “Oh yeah? You and what Starfleet?”


Deep Space Nine’s business district

Deep Space 9 Promenade The Fallen

The set for Deep Space Nine’s promenade (the Space station’s commercial district) is one of the largest television sets ever built, and has perhaps one of the largest collection of geeky in-jokes of any set in history. The promenade’s directory has a large list of the stations businesses and operations centers In English, Klingonese, Vulcan, Ferengi, Cardassian and Bajoran. In English, some businesses reference other science fiction series, such as The Forbin Project (Colossus: The Forbin Project) Jupiter Mining Corp (Red Dwarf) Spacely Sprockets (The Jetsons) Millyways (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) and the much more obscure Banzai Institute (From cult sci-fi classic “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”) and Tom Servo’s used robots (From late night cable show Mystery Science Theater 3000) There’s also references to real life establishments, “Pancho’s Happy bottom riding club”, a California bar Air Force test pilots frequented, and “Vince’s Gym” a gym on Ventura boulevard in Studio City, California, known for it’s famous clientele. Set Dresser Michael Ochuda is notorious for his screen readouts including geeky background jokes.


Star Trek’s greatest Mystery


A good 40 years since the original broadcast of Star Trek, and there still is no clear answer to the big question: Is Shatner’s quaff of hair real or store bought? Accounts notoriously conflict, some co-stars say he had hair and went bald after the series was filmed, other say Shatner wore a hair weave due to having naturally thin hair that looks bad under stage lights. Star Trek Co-star George Tekei claimed in a radio interview that Shatner was balding since the beginning, but Make-up artist Fred Phillips describes using a bald cap on Shatner in an episode where Captain Kirk had to age rapidly. There have been many hoaxes dealing with this mystery, including boatloads of photoshopped images popping up on the internet, and an e-bay auction that claimed to be selling Shatner’s old toupee. There’s even a blog dedicated to solving this mystery here. Is he really bald, and if so, how bald and how long has he been bald? William Shatner, himself, is possibly the only man alive who knows the answer to all these questions, and he’s not talking.


Uhura and Martin Luther King Jr


These days television and movies go to great lengths to show how diverse and racially sensitive they are, with casts becoming cultural rainbows of every race, religion, sexual orientation and political persuasion. However, in the 1960’s the world was just getting over crude racial stereotypes like Charlie Chan and the Frito Bandito. When African American actress Nichelle Nichols was cast in Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry said he did it because he wanted the Enterprise to include people from every nationality, not realizing how radical it was to depict a black woman as an equal on 60’s television. Nichols said she enjoyed the job, but thought television was a little tedious and was thinking of leaving the show. Nichols recollects that during a promotional trip to Memphis, an assistant told her that a fan wanted to meet her. Expecting to meet another doting young man, she was surprised to meet Martin Luther King Jr. She confided in the Revered that she was thinking of leaving the show, and was taken aback when he abruptly told her she could not. He told her “Don’t you understand? When you are there they see you as you should be seen, as an equal,”. Needless to say, she didn’t leave the show, and Star Trek took a bold step forward for diversity.

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    awsum list, not on my pc today. Using the mobile site which is actually real user friendly.

    The rock band sttck out to me

    • monstette

      damn typo , oh and #1 is great too, having somebody like Martin Luther King jr confirm that you are doing a great job must be motivating

      • Joshua_the_samurai

        People often don’t realize the cultural impact Star Trek had, it’s more than just Orion slave girls, spaceships and other geeky fun. I get tear in my eyes every time I read the account of this chance meeting, and it makes me think that there’s hope for us yet.

  • Never knew any of these very entertaining .” William Shatners Pants” , lol .

  • Jok3r

    Im not a fan of startrek but, quite an interesting read. Is it true that “trekies” and starwars fans generaly clash over who is better? Or is that just a myth?

    • Geliaebrina

      I can’t speak for everybody, but personally I’m a bit fan of both.

    • Bookscorpion

      I think the people who clash over that will fight over just about any other ridiculous stuff. There certainly are Trekkies and SW fans who will clash about this and you can add B5 fans to the mix. But there are many more who like it all and couldn’t care less which is supposed to be better.

  • Yikes. I might be a Trekkie.

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    Star Trek is boring.

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      “If I were a human, I believe my response would be, ‘GO TO HELL’. If I were human.'”

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    hey cool list. not the biggest fan of the show but i still enjoyed reading.

  • nice history thanks

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    Re: #1 – there’s a prog-rock band called Spock’s Beard.

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    Awesome List. Star Trek is the best thing that ever happened to tv.

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    Kirk over Picard anyday

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      Both Kirk and Picard are less than the dirt on Sisko boots.

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        Just kidding.

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          Just say jersey shore was a horrible nock-off of charlie and the chocolate factory and it was the story of the umpa lumpa’s and what they did while off the film set. I wish you luck and hopefully your grandkids will not take an interest in orange people and if so….please help us god.

  • Will Trame

    I prefer the original series over the subsequent sequels. Legend has it that CBS passed on “Star Trek” in 1965 in favor of “Lost In Space”. The program was ahead of its time, and, had it premiered in 1976 rather than 1966, it most likely would have had a much longer run even though a number of third season episodes were below par. It would have been interesting to see what manner of tangent a fourth season would have taken; I would have loved to see animated episodes such as “How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth” and “The Counter Clock Incident” adapted to a live action setting.

    Another interesting note is that “Star Trek” was supposed to be slated on Mondays at 7:30 pm in its third year. The most formidable Gordian Knot there involved “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In” (the most popular show on TV then) which would have had to be moved to 8:30 pm, a move the producers were against. Thus, “Trek” was aired Fridays at 10. An interesting caveat was back in the 60s prime time began at 7:30 and it wasn’t unusual to air an hour long program starting at half past the hour.

    Good list; definitely some material I wasn’t aware of.

    • gav

      The Counter-clock incident….. hmmm… You do realize “Cousin Oliver” would have played the toddler Kirk, right?

  • Arsnl

    Faut aimer.

  • Ryan

    Here’s another fact that largely unknown:
    Writer Isaac Asimov acted as a scientific advisor on the series also

  • Randomizer

    I hate aliens and i hate sci fi. Ive never seen Star Trek but i hate that too. I think the whole nerd association with the show is to blame.

    • JB

      No its people like you who are to blame….and by hating the genre still probably wouldn’t make you any cooler.

      Move along with the rest of the sheeps now.

    • keyshock

      I used to not like Sci-Fi but know that I’m older, it appeals to me more. Sometimes these sci-fi shows, as silly as they may seem at first glance, are actually quite insightful.

      Try watching sci-fi. :) I would suggest Battlestar Galactica (the 2004 one), V, and Doctor Who (if you want something less serious).

      • Ryan Fagan

        I think people like him hate Sci-Fi because they find it unusual and hard to believe. If all humans thought like that we wouldn’t have the techs we have today.

        Sometimes I watch too many episodes of Star-Trek and feel like I was born in the wrong century.

        EVERYONE TRY THIS. Watch a good episode of star trek, then watch the news on the Tv. It will make you see how stupid we currently are.

        Sometimes I will watch an episode about Captain Jhon Archer just discovering a new race, or saving Earth.. Then I watch the news and hear them complaining about Pension Changes and Bin Collections… then I have to go to work to deliver milk (I’m a Milkman when I am not a star trek fan)


        Yep I was definatly born in the wrong century.

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    Man this list sucked big time … not ;)

  • gav

    I know T’Pau doesn’t count as rock, but i thought I’d mention the pop band anyway, who took the name of a Vulcan high priestess. (or something like that

    And the Trek geeks that you spit on
    as they try to change their worlds,
    they are immune to your consultations,
    they’re quite aware of what they’re going through

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      I was tempted to Include 80’s pop band “T’pau” but #10 is about Bands with a star trek Theme, not just bands that get their name for the series. it is pretty nead though that a fairly popular group in the 80’s got their name from the Vulcan Ambassador.

      • Matt

        Whoa… I was literally listening to the matching verse in David Bowie’s “Changes” as I read that! Creepy…

  • mom424

    Excellent list. I love Star Trek – in almost all of its incarnations. Wasn’t quite as fond of the Janeway years but even that was good TV. Star Trek broke many ground rules, not the least of which was the Uhura /Kirk full on smooch. Big deal back in the day. I thought I knew most every bit of related lore; I’m surprised at how many new facts I learned today.

    Live long and prosper….

  • oouchan

    I love Star Trek….although I’m not a rabid fan. :)
    The gargoyles one was most interesting to me as I have the series. I knew of number one and am glad that was included. What a bold step forward they took.

    Great list.

  • Someonelse

    Star Trek: First Contact is the best Star Trek Movie!

  • jer-bear

    STAR TREK AND GARGOYLES? man, it’s my preteen and teen years all over again!!

  • Lifeschool

    Hi, a good list today – great for ST fans. I was determined not to like the Phase Two clip show at #5, but I have to say the sets, the special effects and the CGI are spot on! What a homage. :) .. a pitty nobody thought to use ADR on the show to clean up those terrible voices/wind noise.

    I didn’t watch DS9 but I saw a lot of Voyager and all the original series, which I think is still the best. Why? I suppose I got bored of the same old ‘next generation’ in-joke; – something happens, they meddle with the warp core, they get out of it with seconds to spare. I must have seen that story line like 30 times on TNG. The original series may have looked cheap and tacky, but who else (before or since) has had a story like ‘Trouble With Tribbles’ – I can only think of a film like Critters, but not a TV series. What an episode!

    As far as I know, or have come to understand, Kirk had his original hair during series 1, but had to start wearing wigs from series 2 on. His favourite wig was appearantly the curly one he wore on Wrath of Khan – which prompted it to be used as his standard wig for the subsequent movies.

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      Next Genration was a bit boring at times, and the reason is kinda sad: Money.
      Many of the producers and hearless Ferengi behind the scenes rejected the vast majority of the scripts submited becuase they would require the show to build another set, go on location or use a model. Meaning about 6 out 10 episodes were just stock footage and people wandering around the same 100 feet of corridor. Still, many episodes of Next Gen are amazing, despite the belt tightening

  • mn

    Nichelle Nichols appeared at my company to talk enthusiastically about her love for the space program and the importance of it. She promised to talk to Obama to try and change his mind, but alas, it seems she was unsuccessful.

  • Mr. Ree

    Not only was the Kirk/Uhura kiss the first on TV, but also in the spirit of diversity in the future, there was a Kirk/Spock kiss when they beamed down to the surface of a pink colored planet and were both overcome with an atmosphere filled with strange hormones.
    It was originally scripted to be a quick peck, but the kiss between the two ended up lasting well over 3 minutes. Roddenberry decided to kill the episode at the last minute and all copies of the episode were destroyed.
    Shatner and Nimoy have never spoken publicly about it, but George Takai was once quoted as saying: “I liked it. A lot!”

    • Lifeschool

      That show reminds me of one called: Shore Leave; where there mind create illusions, and a similar episoded called ‘This Side Of Paradice’ where the crew discover a planet filled with plants which can manipulate the minds of the crew with their spores. Spock gets a major kiss in this one.

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      LOL! I don’t’ recall that one . . .:P I thought of including this one but decided not to. Most people don’t realize that the Kirk-Uhura Kiss isn’t television’s first interracial at all. That Titlte goes to “I love Luck” in the 1950’s with Irish Catholic Lucille Ball Kissing the Cuban Desi Arnez. The show also deserves credit for depicting Arnez as a fairly normal guy instead of a Latino stereotype. Still Uhura and kirsk is far more signifigant, and got lots of people up in arms.

      • archworf

        “Race” being an inaccurate, non-existent concept aside (until we encounter real extra-terrestrials), at the time there were only 3: white, black, and Asian. To an overwhelming majority at the time, Desi and Lucy were two white folks. Titles today such as “Hispanic” “Pacific Islander” etc. are newer concepts. Like spelling checkers.

  • Zoe

    “Quaff” doesn’t mean what you think it means. “Coiffe” is the word you were looking for.

    • Brain

      Actually, it’s “Coif” or “coiffure” that refer to hair (quaff is “to drink”, usually quickly), which is only one of many, many, MANY spelling mistakes. I count three different versions of TAKEI alone!

  • Not my real name

    Here’s a really obscure trivia bit: The hairpiece that Shatner wears is actually a restyled Tribble. He has dozens of them.

  • jaggernaut

    Great list. Lots of stuff I didn’t know. I was born during the original series’ first season, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch it during its first run, but my older sister introduced me to it when it was in syndication in the ’70s. By the time Voyager and Enterprise came around, I sort of lost interest, but the new J. J. Abrams’ movie (2009) got me all excited again.

    I just had a couple of nitpicky points:

    From the intro, “In a series spanning ten movies…” unless you’re (perhaps wisely) discounting the first film, The Motion Picture, there have been eleven feature films (see Wikipedia for a list).

    From Item 4, the list of actors included Marina Cirtis… it’s Sirtis (I was 99% sure, but double-checked IMDB’s page for The Next Generation, anyway).

    Yes, I admit it, I’m a geek. :)

    • Maggot

      From Item 4, the list of actors included Marina Cirtis… it’s Sirtis

      Marina Sirtis is freaking gorgeous. She’s the main reason I watched Star Trek : TNG.

      • Brain

        yeah, my friend and I got to meet her during the series run and she not only looks better in person (damn wigs!), but his wife could also have been her double! Too bad they didn’t have a sitter for the kids that day so they could meet! (Marina’s parents were Greek, while friend’s wife has a bit of Am.Indian in her.)

  • freckledsmile99

    I loved this list! I am not a Trekkie but have friends that are and they did not know some of these facts! LOVE that MLK told Nichelle to stay on the show – can you imagine?!?

    • @futureprobe1982

      Actually, the story of the Nichelle Nichols/MLK meeting has changed a lot over the years. Originally, the story was that Nichols heard from a mutual acquaintance that MLK and his family watched the show. Then Nichols started telling people she spoke to him on the phone and he urged her not to quit the show. Later, her story changed and she started saying it was a face-to-face meeting. Who knows what the real story is.

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      Somebody had to do it.

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    Very enjoyable list!! Well done Joshua! :-)

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    i like this list
    here’s something that i’ve found to be entertaining

  • Auburn Tiger

    I’m not a very big Star Trek fan, but I’ve talked to enough of them to think that I would know at least one of these. Hubris. I didn’t know a single one. Blinded by my own self admiration, I forgot just how enormous the universe of Star Trek trivia is.

    • jozef

      The fact that they come up with a new species, language and technology makes it that it expands every single episode ( Oh yeah episode trivia not mentioned.)

      I myself am a huge star trek fan. ( And btw I also like star wars … less complicated witch is good sometimes.) A lot of this evolves from the fans themselves. ( ex. Somebody once thought that writing down the entire klingon vocabulaire was a good idea.)

      Pardon me but english isn’t my native language ( Yes we belgiums watch it too. Hooray.)

      • archworf

        Jozef. your English is better than 95 % of native speakers on the web. We would call you Belgians, though. Hooray for you, and at least you are not French.

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    Was looking forward to some sort of St. Paddy’s list…..oh well

  • Miss_J_Bean

    I enjoyed this list, thank you! :D

  • rawcookiedough

    Either that character design wasn’t supervised, or Larry Niven isn’t that good when it comes to describing alien races, because that IS NOT what I imagined when I pictured a Kzinti as I read Ringworld (specifically Speaker To Animals. BTW, aren’t they supposed to be HUGE?)…

    I always pictured them mostly like muscular Totoros with tiger stripes.
    Yes, I realize that’s odd.

    • Joshua_the_Samurai

      If you look at the size difference between Spock and the Kzinti captain, the captain looks alot taller than Spock. But this was 1970’s animation and animal characters tended to be cuter,

  • copperdragon

    Back in 2005 (or thereabouts) the Las Vegas Hilton remodeled most of its casino floor into “The Star Trek Experience”, complete with Enterprise decor, a shuttle “ride”, giftshop, Quark’s Restaurant, a memoribilia area, and a Borg that you could take pictures with.

    It has since been removed, but the decor remains and a large sign on the side of the building still advertises it.

    • copperdragon

      correction – the attraction opened in 1998 and closed in 2008.

  • Edgar

    Star trek sucks

    • archworf

      Edgar swallows.

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    Nice list. Would be a nice thing to ad an item about technology used in Star Trek that we now use every day, for example mobile phones and tablet computers.

  • MCN2010

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    • MCN2010

      Whoops, accidentally deleted my content.

      Whoopie Goldberg decided to enter showbusiness after watching Star Trek as a kid and seeing Nichelle Nichols on screen playing an important crew member. Years later, when The Next Generation was in production, Whoopie begged Gene Roddenberry to give her a role. She ended up playing Guinan, the bartender at Ten-Forward for six seasons and one movie.

  • Weegmc

    Too Federation!

    Actually a great list, funny and informative.

  • Bryan

    Its spelt Takei. Some other spelling errors too.

    • Joshua_the_Samurai


      • mom424

        Yep. It’s correct.

        • Joshua_the_Samurai

          I know he’s right, :P I just like picking on British English. Sure they got the Language developed but we Americans added a supercharged Fuel Injector, a racing suspension and a four inch chrome exhaust. Thanks to us the language can now beat Chinese in the quarter mile by almost a second.

          That being said he was right about how to spell Sulu’s first name too,

  • JimNEPA

    According to the late Bob Justman and Herb Solow, in their book “Inside Star Trek: The Real Story”, Shatner wore two hairpieces for the show as per regulations regarding costumes. (One being used on the set while the second was being cleaned and readied for the next day’s shoot, etc etc.) Between seasons at least one of them “disappeared”. Since it was paid for by the studio, it was probably of better quality than Shatner’s personal piece, and, of course, made to measure for him. James Doohan also confirmed that Shatner wore a hairpiece and that Shatner was pretty sensitive about having the press around during makeup sessions.

  • Great list, I loved the original series. Really a shame the show didn’t get to finish out its entire run.

  • Chance

    I looooove Star Trek, great list

  • Johnnyboy

    #1 thing you didn’t know is that it’s gay

  • chrom3d

    who cares bout star trek, star wars rules! just joking hehe

  • Bookscorpion

    I would add S.P.O.C.K. to the Star Trek bands. They’re a Swedish synthiepop band and have made such classics as Never Trust a Klingon or the hilarious Dr McCoy

  • Orchid64

    Two facts about Star Trek in Japan which may or may not be known:

    1. Scotty was called “Charlie” in Japan. This is probably because it would have to be pronounced as “Su-ko-chi” in Japanese (“ti” is often translated as “chi”).

    2. “Sulu” was called “Sato” because Sulu isn’t a real Japanese name.

    • Joshua_the_samurai

      LOL yeah, in Japanese the “r” and the “L” sounds are considered the same, so Sulu could be called Suru interchangeably, and “Scotty” would have been hard to pronounce since there is no “Sc” sound in Japanese.

      Roddenberry got the name form looking at a map of southeast Aisia and seeing the “Sulu Sea” near the Philippines, it seemed pretty central to him so he used the name for his character.

  • Theratman

    Love trek to bits!Knew 7/10 of these.

    Live long and prosper y’all!

  • Lifeschool

    Anybody remember this:

    I think it’s aweful! Aweful!

    • Lifeschool

      but, I did like it back then.

    • archworf

      “Aweful”? Full of awe, meaning you are stunned, I hope, or else your spelling is AWFUL!

  • Laura

    Is it that hard to proofread these lists before posting? Embarrassing.

  • Interesting list,as a ST fan I knew some,but not all,of these Things. Thank you for posting them. Here’s a few more fans might find interesting. The terrific Ricardo Montalban was in serious pain in spite of portraying one of Star Trek’s most physically imposing characters. On the 1951 western film “Across The Wide Missouri” which featured Clark Gable,RM was injured badly.The result was severe back pain for the rest of his life,but he went on to amass a wonderful movie/TV career in spite of his injury.He refused to use any form of pain killers while on screen as he felt that medications could impact his performances. The ludicrous colored pink uniforms of the deadly Kizinti race on the animated episode “The Slaver Weapon”was due to the fact that Hal Sutherland,the director,was color blind.It is also the only animated episode of the series that does not show the Enterprise.

  • nascentbenedictine

    i didn’t know any of that. very interesting!

  • Masshuu il Malcandra

    Whoever wrote this or typed it needs to use spellcheck. So many misspelled names and words.

  • P. Smitty

    Star Trek Phase 2 is produced in Upstate NY, not in southern California.

  • Teri

    I’ve watched all the Star Trek shows & though the original was pretty much a lot of T & A it made great strides by including different races and genders in command roles. The original & subsequent series dealt with social & other socially prejudiced issues set in a futuristic setting. There were also great metaphysical insinuations in TNG as well as Deep Space Nine. One of my favorite episode of TNG was called ‘The Child’, where Troi was impregnated by a ‘spirit’ who wanted to know what it was like to be human: to be born and grow up as one.

    So many shows were written with metaphysics as the underlying theme.
    All of the Star Trek series confirmed my belief that there is so much more in the Universe than we can comprehend. It also confirmed the thought of other races, beings & life supporting planets in places we cannot reach at this phase of development on this planet. It also confirmed to me that all races can work together as a team with no prejudices.

    Star Trek and all its incarnations are quite possible. Star Trek set a precedence that all things are possible and all things in the Universe are only as close as technology permits. I doubt I’ll ever see the day when we can travel further than Mars or the Moon, but I do wish I could have been born in a time where that is possible.

    • archworf

      I like most of your comments, but “The Child” was putrid. Only one TNG episode was worse, the shitty clip show about Riker that also featured Troi’s so-called “acting talents”.

  • The Count

    Nichelle told me that story many years ago at a convention in Kansas City.
    She is truly a gracious and delightful lady as I’m sure anyone who has met her would agree.

  • p3orion

    Sorry Joshua, but here are a few things you apparently don’t know about Star Trek: the proper spelling of Takei, Koenig, and Sirtis. The #1 “thing we probably didn’t know” was Nichelle Nichols’ MLK story? Good lord, has the woman EVER gotten in front of a camera when she DIDN’T tell that story?

    Incidentally, go back and review the udifference between the contraction “it’s” (meaning “it is”) and the word “its.” It’s not supposed to be spelled with an apostrophe in any of the places where you have done so.

    • archworf

      True on the spelling, but even I, a “grammar Romulan”, usually give this one a pass. Surely it’s not as egregious as using an apostrophe for plurals (and these morons aren’t even internally consistent, e.g. writing “tool’s” and “pools” as plurals in the same piece. And the “there/their/they’re” offenders-surely single digit IQs (not IQ’s)!

  • Donna Jennings

    Love this. Awesome
    Capt Kirk is My hero Spock is #2 But miss that young Cpt Kirk
    Hair or no hair Kirk is still awesome.
    Beam me up Scotty I want to be with Kirk
    I love balding men!!!!!! Rub their head and make a wish\

  • paka

    i’m a kirk loving spock sucker and i’m proud of it! great list

  • KAR

    In the original series, what was the reason Spock gave on why he always knelt during transport?

  • kilkila

    Seriously, how do you do all this research?!

  • tony

    I just saw the star trerk phase two that was way kool and on there own money too! the phazer fire looked better then the origenal because the beam of light would move with the phazer when it moved. in the origenal they never move the beams allway just strait fire it was very good! im presive thanks guy great job!

  • andy fark

    Don’t forget to add Five Year Mission to the Star Trek bands. They’re writing a song for every episode of the original series….

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  • Great List! I love StarTerk , and thanks to you, I now know more about it :)