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Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters

The topic of UFOs is one on which everyone has an opinion. From the strong believer to the condescending skeptic, everyone has deep rooted beliefs regarding the subject. Some believe UFOs are travelers from other planets or dimensions. Others believe them to be experimental military aircraft. I have picked stories from different countries and eras to show that people have been reporting the same characteristics and attributes in UFOs and Extra Terrestrials for decades upon decades, and very often these stories were reported long before the seed of UFO awareness was planted in the mind of the public, through TV, film and literature.

I, personally, believe that, in the future, the existence of intelligent Extra Terrestrial life in the universe will be seen to be self evident, and people will look back and laugh at the ignorance of the past, much in the same way we do today when we remember people used to think the earth was flat, or that it didn’t orbit the Sun. Slowly but surely scientists are beginning to agree that it is mathematically impossible for intelligent life not to exist with our planet in the endless expanse of the universe, and the trillions of planets it contains. We truly live in exciting times, as day by day, more and more is discovered about the Cosmos to show this to be empirically true. I’ll leave you with the words of the pioneer of America’s Apollo Space program, the great Wernher Von Braun. “You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not alone in the universe. And either way, the implications are staggering.”


The Bowling Green Apparition

Phear Park Sketch Ufo

During the night of the 12th of February, 2010, lifelong paranormal skeptic Roy Shaw was walking his dog in Devon, England. Wandering through the quiet streets of his neighborhood, he began to approach his local Lawn Bowling club, when he was startled by an odd object hovering high up in the sky. Hazy and distant at first, it began to descend slowly and move nearer in his direction. Circular in shape, it suspended itself above the bowling club and Shaw entered the grounds to get a better look at the object. He watched in amazement as it zigzagged around, before landing on the far side of the green.

He was astounded to make out a 100ft long space craft, with blue and red lights streaming along it’s underside. At this point a 4ft high white apparition exited from the ship and floated towards him across the lawn. ‘It was about 4ft high and seemed to be translucent and moved very slowly towards us. I was transfixed because it made a droning noise, which sounded like “my, my” repeated over and over’ he later told newspapers. His dog, Sydney – an animal he stated is normally very placid – began growling and bearing its teeth at the spirit. At this point, Mr Shaw ran for his life, with such haste he twisted his ankle in the process. Another dog walker in the area claims to have seen the ship dart off into the sky at a 45 degree angle. Funnily enough, Mr Shaw still claims to be a paranormal skeptic, even after this bizarre encounter. Above is a sketch of the UFO he saw.


UFO with an Accent


A woman telephoned RAF Wattisham, in Suffolk, England, on November 21st, 1989, in a distressed manner to report an encounter she had the night before with a strange man in her area. At around 10.30pm, the woman was walking her dog near a sports field when she was approached by a man with a ‘Scandinavian type accent’ dressed in light brown overalls that resembled a flying suit. A recently released report from the National Archives about the case reads. “He asked her if she was aware of stories about large circular flattened areas appearing in fields of wheat, and then went on to explain that he was from another planet similar to Earth, and that the circles had been caused by others like him who had traveled to Earth.” The man went on that they’re visits were friendly but was ordered not to make contact in case they were seen as a threat. He said he disobeyed his orders as he felt it was important for contact between our people and his to occur.

They talked for 10 minutes until he suddenly ran back in the direction he came. The woman, realizing the gravity of her situation and the strangeness of what had just occurred, ran home in a panic stricken state. Whilst doing so, she heard a thunderous buzzing noise, growing in haste and volume behind her. She turned to see a large spherical object, glowing a brilliant orange and white, rise from the trees and eventually disappear up into the atmosphere. The MOD notes attached to the file described the case as ‘one of our more unusual UFO reports.’ The operator who took the woman’s call described it as ‘a genuine call’.


The Wyoming case


In 1974, Carl Higdon was hunting in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. Taking aim and firing at an Elk something strange happened; his bullet seemed to move in slow motion. As he went to retrieve the bullet a sudden strange feeling came over him. Turning around, he saw a humanoid over six feet tall which he described as having a black jumpsuit, a wide belt decorated with a six-pointed star and emblem of yellow. It had straight hair standing out from his head, no eyebrows, bow-legs and long arms ending with rod-like appendages instead of hands. The being asked him if he was hungry and gave him four pills, telling him if he ate one he wouldn’t be hungry for 4 days. The humanoid then pointed to him, and in an instant he found himself encased in a transparent device and wearing a helmet.

Two more humanoids appeared, carrying the 5 elk Higdon had previously hunted; which were now stiff and in an unnaturally frozen state. He was told he was going to their home planet, some 163,000 light-years away, and subsequently arrived there in a flash. On the planet he said there were many buildings that resembled the Seattle Space needle, and the planet’s sun was of an intense heat. His next memory was of being back in Medicine Bow Park, with 2 and a half hours having elapsed. He staggered in a deranged state unable to find his truck, eventually finding it 3 miles away. He radioed the Sheriff, who found him at midnight exhausted and frantic, shouting ‘They took my elk’. After being taken to the local hospital and examined, they found all his vitamin levels were miraculously high, and tuberculosis marks he had on his lungs had vanished. Higdons wife and 2 other people in the area saw green and red lights in the sky on the night of his abduction.


The Western France Case

Chat Pape

George Gatay was a well respected local man in the town of Nouatre, in western France. A veteran of WW2, he fought with the French Resistance in Luxembourg against the Nazi’s. On the 30th of September, 1954, he was in charge of an 8 man crew working on a construction site. Whilst working he felt a ‘peculiar drowsiness ‘come over him. He felt compelled to walk, although he did not know where or why, as if some unknown force was guiding him. When he stopped he was in sight of an unknown being some 30ft away on a hill. He described it as having an opaque glass helmet, grey coveralls and short boots. He also noticed a rod like weapon in its hand and a square shaped electronic device on its chest. The creature stood in front of a dome shaped object which hovered 3ft above the ground. The craft also had a cupola shape on top, with blade like devices protruding from its highest point. In total awe of what he was looking at, Gattay stood in a paralyzed silence.

As he gazed in amazement, something even stranger happened. He stated ‘Suddenly, the strange man vanished, and I couldn’t explain how he did it, since he did not disappear from my field of vision by walking away, but vanished like an image one erases. Then I heard a strong whistling sound which drowned the noise of our excavators. Soon the object rose by successive jerks, in a vertical direction, and then it too was erased in a sort of blue haze, as if by a miracle.’ Gattay then ran back to the site to report what he saw, and noted that at his first attempt to do so he was overcome with an unshakable feeling of stillness. After greeting his workers with a panicky ‘Have you seen something!?’ Two of his workers concurred with his account, claiming to have seen a flying saucer and ‘a man dressed like a diver in front of it.’ His seven co workers complained of feeling inexplicably drowsy during the event, and George Gattay himself suffered headaches, loss of appetite and insomnia for the full following week.


The Winchester Woman


In a Top 10 list of strange UFO stories, this one really is strange. The local Councillor for Winchester in Hampshire, Mr Adrian Hicks was in the town centre on a busy Saturday afternoon during the early months of 2004. After having lunch in his local bar and purchasing a few books from a book store, he noticed something odd about a woman walking through the rural town’s main street. Her clothes were somewhat unusual, and everything about her didn’t add up. The way she moved and her general demeanor gave off a strange impression which singled her out from the crowd. He followed her with his eyes for a few moments and came to the incredible realization that he wasn’t looking at a human at all – but an extra terrestrial. ‘It was staggering; I am not usually lost for words but was that day. ‘ He watched her for around 9 minutes, walking ahead of her twice and noticed a tutu like piece of clothing around her waist and a thick head of bright blonde hair. ‘She was a humanoid walking with a penguin like gait. She had very large oval eyes and was twirling her hands in a circular motion. She seemed friendly and totally at ease with us.

She wasn’t scared; she was smiling, and seemed to be enjoying herself among us.’ Hicks was startled when she stopped 7 ft away from him when he uttered ‘What the fuck is that?’ under his breath. ‘She walked very slowly up the High Street. I remember she was very interested in the clock over Lloyds Bank. She was taking it all in’. He has stated that several people noticed her without paying any extra attention and spotted some people taking pictures of her, though no pictures have ever surfaced. Hicks believes that the encounter is to do with a much larger Alien presence in Winchester, due to the secret US and British operations in a nearby base. An orthopedic technician with over 35 years experience, Hicks kept his encounter secret for 5 years in order to secure his place in local government, revealing his story only after securing election as a Liberal Democrat Councillor. He spent £400 of his own money for an artist to perfect her image, which can be seen above. He now lobbies for the government to come clean about its dealings with UFO’S.


The Silbury Hill Case


During July 2009, an off duty police Sergeant was driving along the A4 motorway during the early hours of the morning. At around 5.a.m, whilst passing Silbury hill, an area long renowned for its druid precedent, UFO sightings and mystical attributes, he noticed 3 exceptionally tall men standing in a field examining a recently made crop circle. He noticed they had shining blonde hair and were dressed in white coveralls with their hoods down, which reminded him of forensic detectives. Intrigued by such a bizarre spectacle, the sergeant parked his car and approached the men. From a distance of 400 yards he shouted at them, but his attempts fell on deaf ears and he was ignored. Upon entering the field, however, the 3 men became aware of his presence and simultaneously turned toward him before making off at a miraculous speed heading southward away from the hill. He followed them for a few seconds, but realized he was no match for their pace and watched in awe as they strode off in superhuman strides. After glancing away for a second, the sergeant looked back in the men’s direction to see they had completely vanished.

“They ran faster than any man I have ever seen. I’m no slouch but they were moving so fast. I looked away for a second and when I looked back they were gone” he told Andrew Russell, the UFO investigator he has chosen to communicate through in favor of remaining anonymous. Walking back to his car, he felt something akin to a static electricity echoing throughout the field. The crops began to ripple and sway in time with a crackle that was pulsing all around him, and he developed a massive headache. “I then got scared. The noise was still around but I got an uneasy feeling and headed for the car. For the rest of the day I had a pounding headache I couldn’t shift.” He contacted his colleagues at Wiltshire Police and they released this statement. “The police officer was apparently off duty when this happened so we have no comment to make because it is a personal not a police matter.” On the night following the sighting, residents of the area reported seeing an unmarked Helicopter hovering for 3 hours over the field were the encounter took place, a sequence that has followed UFO and crop circle reports in the area with increasing frequency. The sergeant continues to remain anonymous.


The Zimbabwe Encounter


On the 14th of September, 1985, there had been reports of UFO’s in the skies over Zimbabwe. Two days later at the private Ariel Elementary in Ruwa, 20km from the capital, Harare, 62 school children between the ages of 5 and 12 spotted a glowing ball in the sky during the schools morning break. They watched as it hovered around, appearing and disappearing for a short while before it gradually descended to the ground and landed 100ft away from the school in a bushy area off limits to the children. A ‘small man’, standing around 3ft tall with long black hair, large eyes and a slim neck exited the craft and began to walk towards the children. The schools teachers and staff were indoors attending a meeting at this point, which left the children unsupervised. As he moved in their direction he suddenly disappeared in mid step, reappearing on top of the craft, where he silently stared at the children for a few moments, before re-entering the ship and soaring off at an incredible speed. Many pupils were terrified due to African folklore stories which talk of demons and vampires that kidnap children and devour them. The only adult present in the playground was a parent running a tuck shop near the school entrance, who the children descended upon in stampede like fashion to relate their extraordinary tale.

The schools headmaster, Colin Mackie, contacted the now late Cynthia Hind, who in her time was Africa’s foremost UFO investigator. She interviewed the pupils and asked them to recreate drawings of what they saw. Around 35 sketches and drawings were produced, which were all strikingly similar in their depiction of the ‘man’ and his ship. Upon interviewing the children, Hind became convinced of the stories authenticity. One child told her “I swear by every hair on my head and the whole Bible that I am telling the truth.” The consensus was reached among the parents, school staff and Hind that the pupils were in fact telling the truth; as such a lie would be far too complex for children of a young age to conceive and uphold. On a more bizarre note, the older children told Hind they thought they were being communicated to by the ‘man’ and his stare, which warned them that the planet’s natural beauty and resources were being ravaged and polluted beyond repair. “Those thoughts came from the man, the man’s eyes” a shaken 12 year old told Hind. A drawing one of the pupils produced can be seen above.


The Livingston case


On the 5th of November, 1979, Robert Taylor, a forester employed by the Livingston Development Corporation, left his house at 10.30am to check on some saplings he had planted at Dechmont Law, a secluded ,forested hill just off the M8 motorway. Accompanied by his dog, he parked his pickup truck at the beginning of a forest trail and preceded the rest of the way on foot. Turning a corner and coming onto a forest clearing, Taylor was greeted by an unbelievable spectacle. Suspended in mid air was a silent and motionless spherical object, which he recalled measuring around 20ft across by 12ft high. Made of a material he likened to black sand paper, a row of small circular windows ran around the centre of the object. A ring also protruded along the same course, sitting just below the portholes. Parts of the object were transparent and seemed to morph, which gave Taylor the impression the object was trying to make itself invisible, or had the capability to do so. As he went to walk toward the object, two smaller spheres covered in metal rods (which reminded him of old navy mines) ejected from the primary object and began to roll towards him. Attaching themselves to each of his trouser legs, they emitted an acrid, stifling smell which made him gag for air and lose consciousness.

He awoke to find himself face down in the grass, with the UFO long gone and his dog running around barking wildly. Attempting to summon the dog he realized he had lost his voice, and, trying to rise to his feet, he came to the horrible realization he couldn’t stand or walk either. Crawling and staggering back in the direction of his truck, he regained the functions in his legs and voice, but accidentally ditched his truck in wet mud after trying to drive in such a dazed and shaken state. He stumbled and lurched home, and upon arrival his wife thought he had been assaulted as he stood swaying in their doorway: his face grazed, his trousers badly torn and his clothes caked in mud. She called the police and an investigation revealed some interesting facts. The section of land in which he encountered the UFO was covered in peculiar indentations, none of which matched any forestry equipment or vehicles that were being used on the Law. The tears on his trousers were forensically examined and were discovered to have been pierced by an unknown implement, with the nature of the tears determining that whatever tore his trousers had attempted to lift him in an upwards direction. Taylor never gained financially or in any other form through telling his story, which never changed from when it first came to light in the 70’s up until his death at 89, in 2007.The Livingstone case remains unsolved to this day, and is the only UFO case in the UK which has resulted in a criminal investigation. Above is an artist’s impression of what Taylor encountered.


Marconi Systems

Screen Shot 2011-04-06 At 10.14.42 Am

Marconi Systems was a defense and aeronautics engineering firm, contracted by the British government to design and manufacture visionary, top of the line weapons systems and military craft. Now extinct due to its merger with British Aerospace and eventual acquisition by BAE Systems, the firm was never far from controversy and back handed scandal. During the 1980’s, reports of an unusual amount of ‘suicides’ among Marconi’s employees who worked on top secret projects gathered widespread media attention in the UK. Twenty Five engineering experts, scientists and digital communication specialists succumbed to ‘suicide’ and ‘accidents’ over a 6 year period, between 1982 and 1988. A large majority died just before their contracts with Marconi were up ,or when they were on the verge of transferring to another defense systems company. Among those the public were supposed to believe committed suicide were; Shani Warren, a 26 year old personal assistant in a biochemical subdivision of Marconi, who was found at the bottom of a lake with her legs bound, her mouth gagged, a noose around her neck and her hands tied behind her back; Richard Pugh a 37 year old digital communications expert, who was found with his feet tied, a plastic bag over his head and a rope coiled round his neck and body four times; Alistair Beckham, a 55 year old software engineer who supposedly committed suicide by going into his garden shed , connecting his body up to a series of live electrical wires and frying himself to death, and Vimal Dajhibai; a 24 year old software engineer who was in his last week of work for Marconi. His death was ruled a suicide by jumping off a suspension bridge in Bristol. Friends said he spoke of his happiness at securing a new job and saw no reason for him to end his life. The coroner ruled a needle sized puncture wound found on his buttock was caused by his fall.

Many researchers uncovered whispers that the deaths were related to revolutionary infrared radar technology being developed by the company, and the Stars Wars defense initiative, which Marconi played a significant part in, due to America’s literal colonization of British defense innovations, a situation that continues to this day. Looking at these deaths it’s clear that security was something that Marconi took very seriously, and that they were willing to go to unthinkable measures to keep its capabilities and inventions top secret. An important and strategic Marconi complex was situated in the small English town of Frimley, complete with a testing zone, a manufacturing plant and company headquarters. Given what we already know about them, if an intruder were to penetrate deep within the premises, it would rank at the top of the site security alert scale, and that’s exactly what happened in 1976, although this was no ordinary intruder. A security guard doing his patrol at night was passing through the bases’ Old House, a structure that housed the company director’s office and a treasure trove of top secret information on Britain’s Radioactive, Nuclear, Infrared, Sonar, Ballistic and Aviation capabilities.

While walking down one of these corridors, he noticed a blue light emitting from underneath one of the doors. The guard was aroused and drew his gun, as nothing but classified files in locked Cabinets was meant to be on the other side, and the only person who was authorized to be in the building was him. He burst into the room, and was met with a horrifying and epochal sight. In the corner, perched over an open filing cabinet, rifling through mountains of Top Secret documents, was none other than an Extra Terrestrial. Described as being humanoid, and wearing some form of headlight which emitted the blue glow, it quickly turned toward the guard and erased itself in a blue haze right before his eyes and disappeared. Shrieking in terror, the guard ran out of the building to a security outpost, where he informed his colleagues of his encounter and the Complex went into lock down. The following morning the guard was taken away by 2 military psychiatrists, never to be seen by anyone on the site again.


The Varginha Case

Screen Shot 2011-04-06 At 10.15.18 Am

In recent years, the Varginha case has garnered just as much attention and controversy among hardcore UFO enthusiasts as Roswell has among the general public. Many attempts have been made to thoroughly investigate the case and make conclusive findings. The 2002 book ‘UFOS over Brazil’ by American UFO expert Dr Roger Leir, is the closest so far, and his interviews with military officials, hospital surgeons and a wide array of civilian witnesses will form the basis of this account. The NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracked an uncorrelated, unidentified object soaring above the western hemisphere on the 13th of January, 1996. It entered Brazilian airspace and the CINDACTA (acronym translates as the ‘Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Centre’) were contacted, who in turn alerted the Brazilian Army command at Tres Coracoes, giving the instruction that all wings of the Brazilian military were to be put on high alert.

Rumors of mass UFO sightings began sweeping throughout southern Brazil in the days that followed, and events made a significant development on the 20th of January, when witnesses in a rural town in the state of Minais Gerais reported seeing a ‘Submarine shaped craft’ cruising 20ft above the ground, which appeared to be damaged or malfunctioning. Moving at a rickety, slow pace and emitting some form of smoke, it was heading in the direction of Varginha. At daybreak on the 21st, strange creatures were seen wandering around the town in an incapacitated and horribly confused state. Villagers erupted into frenzy and notified the police and fire brigade, telling them the town had been overrun by monsters from Indigenous folk tales and even the Devil himself. The army was quickly contacted and according to several witnesses 2 of the creatures were captured without resistance, with one being subsequently shot dead and the other being transferred to the Hospital Humanitas to receive treatment for the injuries it sustained during the crash. The Orthopedic Surgeon Leir interviewed said he was instructed by armed officers to begin a surgical scrub and prepare to perform a fracture reduction on plainly ‘a leg’. Leir interviewed the other surgeons and assistants that attended the surgery, who all stated the operating theatre was sealed except for one entrance which was manned by armed officers, who were unaware of what was in the theatre. The flow of military officials and hospital personnel into the room was strictly monitored, with only a small essential team of staff being allowed inside. Corrective surgery was performed on a fracture of the femur of its upper thigh, with members of the Brazilian Army S-2 military intelligence division being present at the surgery.

The bipedal creature was described as being around 5ft, with massive red eyes, a thin neck and dark brown skin which looked wet but was dry to the touch. It also had 3 bony protuberances on 3 sections across its head, and from its anatomy alone its sex was indeterminable. All attempts made to communicate verbally with the creature were of no consequence and it’s wound healed completely within 24 hours. After surgery the surgeon turned to see the aliens eyes fixated upon him. He then began to feel ‘hammer- like blows’ to his head and chunks of information began to pound and cram his mind, which he described as being like ‘Thoughtgrams’. The surgeon has never revealed the full extent of what the Alien told him, but among other things it told him that it’s race felt sorry for humans, because we are largely detached from our spiritual selves and are unaware of the amazing things we can accomplish, that it’s race already have. It was then taken out of the room by the officers, along with all X-rays, documents and test results that pertained to it. The surgeon complained of headaches for the 2 weeks following the event and was reduced to a quivering wreck when telling this aspect of the story to Leir. Two days later, several witnesses saw US military cargo planes at Sao Paolo Airport, which were presumed to be collecting the crashed craft and its occupants.

The story was picked up in its most basic form by The Wall Street Journal, who ran it on their front page as a story as centrally dealing with a downed unknown object in Brazil. While some people will perceive the story as baseless and futile nonsense, there is much evidence on the contrary. Ubirajara Rodriguez, an attorney and Varginha UFO case expert obtained a copy of the death certificate of a Corporal Marco Cherez, an officer who died three weeks after he supposedly touched the creature with his bare hands. His death certificate states the cause of death as being from a ‘Toxic substance’ and an ‘Ebola Type Disease’ although the full report of his autopsy has never been revealed. In the weeks that followed the event, a surprise visit was paid to Brazil by Warren Christopher and Daniel S.Goldin who were, at the time, the US Secretary of State and Director of NASA, respectively. Leir was shown several authenticated documents concerning agreements between Brazil and America which allow ‘any material coming from space that is found in Brazil to be turned over to the government of the United States.’ To top it off there are literally hundreds of Witnesses across Varginha, from all walks of life. Police officers, school teachers, peasant farmers and government employees: they are all united under the belief that extra terrestrials crash landed in their city at the turn of 1996, and they all witnessed it with their own eyes. But if you think the case is strange, you should take a look at the explanation Major Eduardo Calza gives as the cause of all this UFO hysteria surrounding Varginha. ‘It was an expectant Dwarf couple and a mentally handicapped dwarf’ he told investigative journalist Bruce Burgess during an interview for his documentary ‘The Brazilian Roswell’. What do you believe?

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        Are you people f-ing serious?? There are stories where MULTIPLE people from the same area report the same thing…other stories where a WHOLE GROUP of children all agree on seeing the SAME THING. Even if you believe in The Bible you have to admit that God is an alien, that is to say a supreme being from the sky. The Bible, like Greek Mythology was written by ancients. You people are seriously the ones who are a little off in the head.

        • raubtier

          When I go looking for good sources of information, from people who have enough knowledge, intelligence and experience to make a logical observation, I usually avoid groups of children who have maybe seen three airplanes in their entire life. Ask a group of children how airplanes work, I dare you. I dare you to follow your own logic and get a group of children to give you useful information about something they’re not completely ignorant of.

          • Conor

            This comment made me laugh … well put, raubtier, well put!

        • idu

          i agree with you.. all kind that not from this planet, is Aliens.
          Von Daniken theory said that, mankind is missinterpetation about God.
          He said that God not need a technology,… More Details maybe we should read from other literature …

    • Jerm

      So the US Secretary of State and the Director of NASA are delusional nutcases? I’ll admit some of these sound ridiculous but read #1.

    • Chocta

      HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Cognitive dissonance kicks in!

  • PauloPinto72

    I think “The Winchester Woman” was just Lady Gaga practicing her act before her official public release.
    Most of the stories are pretty nonsense and can be as easily and as well explained by some other more down to earth possibilities. In fact most of them seem to follow any kind of pulp SciFi tales or b-movie from the 60’s, b-movie and even Star Trek… fear, drunkenness, low sugar levels, drugs, plant poisons can make you see whatever your subconscious wants to…
    However, there are strange tales

    • mystery


    • Koyla86

      Hahaha the lady gaga think was funny haha

      • Koyla86

        im mean thing hehe

  • dammit half done with a list like this of my own. hope you hungry recycle bin.

    Well done on the list though . Aliens are a real threat and we should destroy these obsessive compulsive galactic proctologists before they can probe anymore of out holes.

    • Random Observer

      Hmmm. You seem to have a lot of ‘half done’ lists of your own on a number of ‘similar subjects’.

      Procrastinate much?

      I’m just saying, there seems to be a pattern.

      Publish one already and let’s see what you’re made of.

      • got 3 in total, but no ways dude. its hard and im very lazy…….very lazy. plus they’ll probably suck anyways .

        • Julius

          I feel ya. I have 4 lists that I started because I was into the subject at that point, did 5 or so entries, lost interest and moved on.

          • Arsnl

            There should be a LV for the lazy: top 4…..

          • thats funny . coming soon…..”bluesmans list of Top 4 seasons …”

        • mchris

          Just keep going Blues, pretty soon you’ll have the “top ten bluesman list of uncompleted lists because someone finished the #[email protected]#$! thing before me”

          • Random Observer

            Ha! Ha!
            i love it!
            Do it, you’ll see how many replies you get trying to constructively ‘finish’ your list for you!
            Bloody hilarious!

          • ya the crap thing is the only list i did finish, listverse will never publish, ever .

    • Rondom Observer


      • too crude to inflict on the sensitive masses .

        • Random Observer

          Ok, now I’m curious.

          I’m we can cope…


          • Random Observer

            I meant, I’m SURE we can cope.

            Typo attack

    • bluesman87…dammit half done with a list like this of my own…



      I hear you bluesy! I, too, begin lists which either remain in the writing stage until someone else publishes a similar list or, more often, begin to write one which just peters out…yet, I can write an entire book! +egads+

  • Adam

    I think #6 was just Lady Gaga

  • Will Trame

    I love creepy bizarre lists like this. I haven’t heard of any of the particular cases listed here before. Eerily intriguing; I am a tad skeptical about some of these but I enjoy reading about material that science cannot satisfactorily explain.

    Other cases worth mentioning are Antonio Villas Boas, Felix Moncla and Lawrence Coyne (the latter two parallel Frederick Valentich).

  • manuel

    Great list!!!!

  • p1t1o

    Zorblax!! Get in here I have created….THE ULTIMATE WEAPON!

    What does it do? How does it work?


  • jmnothing

    This is awesome! I love the Varginha case!

  • Arsnl

    Number 8 looks like Elisabeth II. #4 id hang that on my fridge. So cute. Didnt have time to read the whole article. Maybe the term “the great Werhher von Braun”. Maybe because #8 seemed like an acid or ‘shroom incident. (travelling 160.000 light years in a sec. There’s a reason they’re called light years. Hint:it takes light a year to travel that distance). And like Neil Tyson once said. Next time you’re kidnapped just grab an ashtray or something. Imagine showing the iphone to someone 20 years ago. They would have thought its alien. So even an ashtray from 200.000 years in the future would be pretty damn amazing.

    I kind of fail to see the different eras for creatin this article since most are from the 1940’s upwards.

    These lists written by conspiracy theorists or (well lets just say it honestly) nutjobs dont cut it anymore.

    Hey im the most in favor of other civilizations existing: they could help fix whatever is wrong with us. But still. I think we need more than i saw some lights and loud noises and a burning sensation on my skin. I felt frozen. Cuz for me thats a friday night discoparty.

    • Julius

      I’m with Stephen Hawking on the whole Alien issue: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.”

      • Arsnl

        I think his comment was a bit funny, a bit sad and a bit confusing. The type of comment a scientist shouldnt make.

      • fcr

        if that is true, then we’ll become slaves from a higher power structure that avoid us from getting true knowledge ….wait we already are

        • Chocta

          Well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chocta

        Could be…but do you really think that all alien civilisations are like the “civilised” europeans from the colonial age? Or like the romans? They might be some that prefer wisdom and knowledge before material goods or resources, what makes us think that they are so filthy?? If theyre smarter than us Modern humans then they should know better

    • Liam

      Whats more annoying I wonder? Lists from Nut jobs or arrogant comments from scoffing , know it alls who contibute nothing more than their own sarcastic self loathing?Hmm?

      • Arsnl

        If you’re wondering: the first one. Dont mention it.

        • Liam

          Youve confirmed your everything I described you as through your reply.

      • raubtier

        The first one.

    • Have an Open Mind that scientists have found particles that can move faster than the speed of light, care to rephrase your statement regarding #8?

      • ha ha ha ha ha!

        I use that “new” fact as my sig:

        “186,000 miles per second. Its not just a good idea, its the law (unless you’re a neutrino).”

  • p1t1o

    Hey! I’m in Frimley right now! Its where I work!

    Small world…

    • Arsnl

      Well the of the people that commented here arent from frimley. So rest assured: the world is big.

      • bobman

        What a horrible guy you are.

      • p1t1o

        Wuh? I don’t even…

  • Joanne

    Nice read; I’ve always loved reading about UFOs and UFO encounters, but given all the hoaxes, pseudoscience, conspiracies and misinformation one must be open-minded but critical all the time. While I do agree that a universe filled with various life-forms is more probable than us being alone, I don’t feel compelled to believe that intelligent extraterrestrials have visited/are visiting/will visit us anytime soon; UFO’s aren’t necessarily all aliens, that’s why the “U” in “UFO” stands for “unidentified”: you can’t conclude anything from a lack of evidence. Besides, if they were indeed aliens from a star system trillions of kilometers away, what makes us so special for them to come over here and waste astronomical amounts of energy in the process? And once they get here, what do we have to offer them to justify their galactic island-hopping? If those “intelligent” extraterrestrials are so intelligent to be messing around with interstellar travel, they ought to have also mastered basic high-school economics first :P If I had to speculate, I’d say these “aliens” are simply “time-tourists” – humans from the distant future trolling us with their advanced science-fictioney technology the same way Apple fanboys like to flaunt their “revolutionary” new gadgets to the rest of the world ;)

    • Kama

      I like the idea of time travellers but why should aliens not ‘visit’ us?
      I mean maybe they are just researchers, we do research animals in their natural habitat too (more or less).
      And we don’t know how they ‘maybe’ get here, it could be they don’t need astronomical amounts of energy for it? Maybe some technology far beyond anything even science fiction could dream of.
      Well, as you said, be open minded but critical, that should also apply to our very limited knowlegde of the life, the universe and everything.

      Well about the list:
      Interesting list, I like #1 most.
      I always believe that we humans are capable of far more with our ‘brain’ (or soul or whatever makes us ‘us’) then simple thoughts and making our body move.

      • Chocta

        In ancient Persia they used to say that man has wings, meaning that we have no limits, oh and that was very smart what you said

    • Bob

      Time travel to the past is far far more unlikely than aliens visiting us. Their both incredibly unlikely, but time travel to the past probably isn’t even possible.

  • chrom3d

    The name of the place in number one sounds funny.. sounds like, you know.. start with V and ends in A with the middle letter as G.. In A way you pronounce it.. nice list btw and very creepy..

  • randomizer

    #3 Saplings? Yeah right just man up and say weed. Explains the whole wacky story too.

    • Pedro


    • 34GG

      Enter your comment here.

    • 34GG

      I want whatever weed you’ve got.

    • Chocta

      ??? I’ve been smoking for years and that never ever happened to me

    • raubtier

      I wish my weed made me hallucinate, send some of yours my way

  • JoshyB

    Still don’t believe it. How come they’re all humanoid type creatures anyway? Two arms, two legs…

    • Just a comment, not saying I believe…Two arms, two legs as a sound structure for a creature is the only body style which has been proven to successfully ambulate a large body in a non-aqueous environment. Even underwater creatures have, with a few exceptions, a 2+2 body style. I venture to say it would be difficult for one to imagine a or design an equally successful body design of any other proportions. Try it, but keep in mind the actual ramifications of alternate designs; does it keep the appendages required to grasp and manipulate free? does it allow successful locomotion? how much additional brain function would be required to easily incorporate extra (or fewer) limbs…keeping in mind the requirements to also keep free enough brain function to think, learn, etc.? I have a dozen more items I could list, but these should do. :D

  • Trieu L

    No. 10 closely describes what I, along with 3 others saw when we were children(11-12yo’s) in the mid ’80’s. The size was smaller but the blue and red lights depicted in the rendering closely matches what I saw. The object that approached us at dusk was camouflaged in a dark hazy smoke-like vapor. When it got to within 60-70 feet away and about 50 feet off the ground, it stopped and turned on its blue and red lights(the lights were bright but wasn’t blinding to look at) which rotated around the hazy object. It did this for a few minutes and then slowly drifted back up towards the now darkened sky where it blended in to the darkness and clouds. We just stood there the whole time watching in silent astonishment. I mean what else can one do?

    If you’re one of the other three people and you happen to read this; leave me a clue(your name(s); I remember all your names or Google Map coordinates of the location).

  • HJRo

    I am really glad this wasn’t a list flooded with american tales, and that roswell wasn’t on this list, far more interesting

  • Gigi84

    Best list I’ve read in ages!

  • Kokolo

    Marconi Systems one is creepy as hell. The real Weyland-Yutani.

    • Ving

      Wait, I cannot fathom it being so strhaigftorward.

  • oouchan

    I love when our imagination run wild. I have no doubt that there is alien life out there. I just doubt they are stupid enough to visit us. :)
    I throughly enjoyed this list. I also liked how the stories are from all over the world and not just centralized in one area.

    Well done and fine list.

  • mystery

    People do get carried away with their imagination. I’ll believe only when i see it. But its an interesting list :)

  • FlameHorse

    There are aliens of course, out in the Universe, but the nearest planet with possible life to Earth hasn’t been found yet, and the odds are very slim that they’d pick our planet to explore.

    • deeeziner

      IF there are really other life forms out there, and IF they have the tech to get around, why wouldn’t they check us out?

      I get a hoot out of people watching, and I’m a member of the species I check out.

      Given a chance to go to another planet with intelligent life would be too cool to pass up. So the inverse to that scenario doesn’t seem too weird to me.

    • Chocta

      How do you know that?

    • brob123456

      that is such an ignorant statement… just becase we HUMANS do not have the technology to find a planet nearest us with life does not mean it doesnt exist. just because we havent found them doesnt mean they cant find us. and why wouldnt they pick our planet to explore? were a planet full of things im sure any alien would find fascinating (or just plain sad when you think of all the crime/war/pollution) i believe the aliens are very real and very much among us.


    I’m from Zimbabwe! I know about that story, I had friends that were at the school at the time :) They still say it’s true……

  • Surya

    Just one photograph. One clear, unphotoshopped, unblurred, in-focus photograph is all I need.

    • Nate

      Yes, it’s pretty damn irritating there are none. But hey, those were the 90’s, nobody had cameras back then :-)

      • Surya

        90’s? Events of items 10, 6 and 5 took place after 2000.

        • Chocta

          They were still a bit expensive bac then and everybody didnt have one on their phone just like we do now

          • raubtier

            Worst excuse I’ve ever heard. Out of all the humans who own cameras, and all the countless UFO encounters and sightings, how can there NOT POSSIBLE BE EVEN ONE good, verifiable photograph?

            Because UFO’s aren’t aliens, they’re planes seen by people with vivid imaginations who want attention.

    • The lack of clear photographic evidence is somewhat annoying, however I wouldn’t use *that* as an argument to discredit the experience (there are *far* too many other ways to do that). There exists much in the way of written accounts and, if you think about it, written accounts is what we call “history”.

      I once worked, for a month, in the city of Zacatecas, Mexico, which has the distinction of being the home of the first photograph of a UFO. It was taken on 12 August, 1883 by the astronomer at the observatory there.

  • Lifeschool

    I’m with the Time Tourist theorists, although I’m quite prepared to be wrong. Very lengthy but well researched and interesting list. I guess I’m not gonna apply to join Marconi. ;)

    • Lifeschool

      The coroner ruled a needle sized puncture wound found on his buttock was caused by his fall.

      Yeah, I always get those wounds when I fall onto a pile of needles from a bridge over a river. Doesn’t everyone? Those rivers are sharp!

  • get real

    condescending skeptic here.

    Honestly. If an alien race is advanced enough to make it millions of light years and find the few planets out of billions that can support intelligent life….do you really think all they’d do is make stupid crop circles, buzz trailer parks, abduct white trash etc etc etc?

    • jarrodnb

      Isn’t it funny how every single alien in the pictures looks remarkably human lol

      and the ufo’s are strait out of 1950’s scifi movies.

      Just goes to show how bad the imaginations are of the people who dream these encounters up :D

      • Lifeschool

        I always thought the same thing regarding humanoid aliens. Some say the two-arm, two-leg animals are the peak of evolution; the perfect design. Well, if we’d’ve evolved from ants and looked more like something off Starship Troopers right now, perhaps we may think the four-arm, four-leg species are the peak of evolution. I mean, what are the chances of aliens actually even remotely resembling humanoids? They are more likely to resemble ants or maggots or spiders, perhaps, or hedgehogs or giant balls of carbon. Also totally agree about the 1950’s sci-fi angle too. If there really were shapeshifting time lords, they are more likely to not even need a spaceship! Let alone something Shhpielburg could have drawn in high school. :) Just messin here.

        • Metalwrath

          Well some theorists believe aliens created humans in their image, taking some apes and helping them evolve. Its all that anunaki theory, ancient sumerian mythology which suggests people from the sky took some apes, and genetically modified them creating us in the process, making better workers for their gold mines (that’s their mythology). Its damn crazy, but interesting. I wouldn’t say UFOlogists lack in imagination, on the contrary, they have too much.

          • funny, that’s what my church always told me about God ^^

          • Chocta

            Yeah,interesting. I also wonder why all ancient gods came from the sky?

    • Shan

      If the possibility of life was one in a billion, there would still be one billion planets with life (even if it’s just bacterial lifeforms). There’s so much out there that we can’t even comprehend.

  • rawcookiedough

    #6 – The guy paid £400 for THAT drawing?
    … Wow.
    As for the list, pretty cool.
    However, I’m skeptic of all of it because these aliens all seem to fit right in the usual clichés of ‘visitors’ and their vehicles.
    How come all of them are humanoid and bipedal? How come all the ships/transports look like your random SciFi B-movie spacecraft?
    If intelligent life evolved in other places does it mean it will always end up as a dominant race consisting of beings that look like us and that fly in saucers?
    How come there’s so much variety of life, biologically and morphologically speaking, right here on Earth and aliens always end up looking just like people in overalls and a fishbowl on their heads?
    “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it”
    Truer words were never spoken, even in fiction.

  • Eoz

    I wanted to like this list but it was written poorly and consequently was difficult to read. “They’re” / “their” mistakes? C’mon, Listverse!

  • MChris

    Okay, not trying to be a Grammar Nazi here (Grammazi?), but two things just struck be as rather humorous in #2:

    1. “His death was ruled a suicide by jumping off a suspension bridge in Bristol” — I would hate to be the guy who had to jump off that suspension bridge just to rule cause of death as a suicide.
    2. “…he noticed a blue light emitting from underneath one of the doors. The guard was aroused and drew his gun…” — He sees a blue light, pops a stiffy and draws his “gun”… I thought this only happened to sailors seeing the red lights in a particular district.

    • ConVixen

      Hehehehehe @ number 2 there.

  • lee mckellar

    best list ive ever read, loved it

  • mom424

    Much better list than I anticipated – not that you’ve convinced me that aliens are frequent visitors – but very interesting and well written. Good job.

    Unlike most skeptics, aliens sort of looking like us doesn’t bother me so much. Some sort of bipedal locomotion is required; learning happens by doing – touching and feeling, building and constructing, trying things out – a little hard if all your appendages are busy with locomotion. Stereoscopic vision and hearing are the bomb – we see convergent evolution in very diverse species here on earth – I don’t see why that wouldn’t apply on a larger scale.

    The problem with aliens visiting us is distance. Until there is some proven way to bend space or halt time or change the laws of the universe, we’re not going to see any actual aliens. Their existence may be likely, their getting here is nigh impossible.

    Interestingly I have no problem believing that something bad is happening at that Marconi facility – people are quite capable of inhuman behavior – don’t need to go shopping the galaxy. Very creepy.

    • Nate

      Indeed, two legs, arms and eyes are pretty much a requirement for intelligent beings – you need them to analyze and interact with the world around you, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to evolve.
      I’m thinking aliens could visit Earth if it was as simple for them as filling up their tank with gas and “going to Warp” (quantum mechanics could explain that, seeing as there are particles that just spontaneously appear/disappear, according to some observations).

      • Nate

        Wow, analyze :-) – observe

      • mom424

        I’ve read about that – particles with energy but little or no mass behave that way – a far cry from a multi-cellular being.

    • big S

      So what if the aliens planet has a heavy gravity? They are unlikely to be two legged, more likely they are going to have 4 or 6 legs to cope with the pressure on their bodies

      • mom424

        Starting out 6 or 8 legged and ending up with 4 legs and 2 arms would work…still gotta have free arms/hands/tentacles. :)

        • Lifeschool

          oh, ten-ticles, I misread that word.

          • mom424


  • Surya

    I know i have invisible visitors in my backyard when my dog barks at nothing at night.

  • Name

    im a little confused what’s the difference between a STRANGE ufo encounter and a REGULAR ufo encounter i just don’t understand what makes these different from roswell nm but i do love aliens :)

  • AgentUnknown

    “I have picked stories from different countries and eras to show that people have been reporting the same characteristics and attributes in UFOs and Extra Terrestrials for decades upon decades, and very often these stories were reported long before the seed of UFO awareness was planted in the mind of the public, through TV, film and literature.”

    Except that none of these cases corroborate each other in any way, so they DON’T have the same characteristics and attributes, and they ALL date after 1947 when the UFO craze entered the mainstream after Kenneth Arnold’s Mount Ranier sighting. In fact the ONLY constant between all these sightings is every single ‘alien’ is a bipedal humanoid, looking suspiciously like a rather well known earth-bound species in silly clothing. Funny, huh?

  • BryanJ

    Interesting Article, Nice Research.
    This sentence could use some help. The commas are not necessary.
    “I, personally, believe that, in the future, the existence of intelligent Extra Terrestrial life in the universe will be seen to be self evident, and people will look back and laugh at the ignorance of the past, much in the same way we do today when we remember people used to think the earth was flat, or that it didn’t orbit the Sun.”

    I personally believe that in the future the existence of intelligent Extra Terrestrial life in the universe will be seen to be self evident. People will look back and laugh at the ignorance of the past, much in the same way we do today when we remember that people used to think the earth was flat or that it didn’t orbit the Sun.

    • Chocta

      It seems logic and possible

  • dotmatrix

    Many years ago, I was driving on a remote road late at night when my car suddenly stalled. Soon the world lit up as a huge flying saucer landed right in front of me. A ramp descended, and I couldn’t stop myself from climbing up it. Reaching the top, I suddenly learned the answers to many of humankind’s questions.

    It was full of cats.

    • Arnold Layne

      You know how some people say that aliens live among us in disguise? Well they’re probably the old ladies living at the end of just about everyones street with a house full of cats :O

    • Arnold Layne

      You know how there are people who say that aliens live among us in disguise? Well it’s probably the old ladies living at the end of just about everyones street with a house full of cats :O

  • Bella

    Seems I’m not the only one that immediately thought “Lady Gaga” when I read no.6…

  • Amiel

    OMG i was also watching a video on utube about UFOs and when I get here, everybody’s been talking about UFOs too!

  • Spaz

    Here is my only “UFO” encounter. My friend and I were driving late at night and saw a strange glowing object floating in the sky. We couldn’t judge the distance that it was from us but followed it. Neither one of us believes in aliens but this got us thinking about it. Well, after some time we finally got close enough to it to discovered that it was a plastic grocery bag that was burning. There were no flames, the very edges of the bag were glowing like hot ash and the heat from the fire kept the bag afloat like a hot air balloon.

  • Amiel

    uhm I recently found this site that posted government documents about UFO, and here’s one document:

    • Hot Sargasm

      And what’s neat about that document is it’s legible enough to read.

    • Interesting!

  • Eumesmopo

    Varginha in 1° place? YES!!!

    Before anyone asks:

    1 – Yes, I live in Varginha – MG.

    2 – No, i’m not an alien.

    • James___UK

      Gee I dunno, you seem a little suspicous to me…

  • Nate

    The Winchester woman definitely sounds like Lady GaGa – it was either her or some alien fans (who picked up our radio transmissions) :-).
    I believe there are other intelligent being in the universe, and I’d also visit Earth if it was a tank full of gas away.
    All of these entries are pretty cool, but what Dr. Leir said in the last entry sure sounds like bull: any creature with half a brain can tell that humanity is just getting started, and in the future we’ll be able to achieve the “amazing things” we can accomplish (just wait until we figure out how to reprogram our genes and cells on the fly).
    Either the alien is an ignorant jerk who doesn’t know we’ve only had electricity and mass education for less than 2 centuries (aka a tourist :-), or Dr. Liar is lying about the “thoughtgrams”.

  • circlefan

    we are fascinated with the possibilities of another life form, but lets pause and be excited with our lives too… its not wrong to gaze at the stars as long as we can clearly see the grass below.

    my apologies for the randomness, i like the list ;)

  • Brandon

    I love these lists. Especially since I saw a weird falling blue light across the sky the other night. Looked like a shooting star but it was such a weird colour

  • Bob

    “Slowly but surely scientists are beginning to agree that it is mathematically impossible for intelligent life not to exist with our planet in the endless expanse of the universe, and the trillions of planets it contains.” Seeing as our universe isn’t infinite in size, it is not a mathematical impossibillity, merely a large improbabillity. And Wernher Von Braun was a nazi scientist brought to america after to war to help with the space program.

  • Sort it out.

    Think this list might have interested me, but then I saw “it’s” instead of “its”, and then “they’re” instead of “their”, and decided it wasn’t worth the bother reading til the end.

  • Dealer of Truth

    It seems a little strange that everyone see’s an alien that looks different. Does no two aliens look alike? And why is it always someone who is by themselves, why cant anyone have a camera phone, like people somehow managed to film 9/11 when it happend and it all happend very quickly also. Its all lies I tell you, why would aliens just creep around earth and never let us see them? traveling at the speed of light is impossible, I think thier is a better chance of aliens existing than traveling at the speed of light. People have issues, it doesnt matter if your a cop our not everyone has issues. People always try to find a repetible source but everyone has problems, some people are pathalogical liars yet know one knows. Some people suddenly want attention because they are tired of living a boring life.

    • Gabby

      Your name seems appropriate.

  • Philosofeeder

    From #1,what the heck is lawn bowling, never heard of it. And, from # 4 it says that the adult was running a tuck shop. What is a tuck shop?

  • Jesus

    I have to say this is an amazing list. I’ve been waiting for a really good list now… and here it is! I love anything that has to do with aliens specially when it makes you think if it might actually be true! The best list I’ve seen in a couple of weeks here on listverse! Great!:)

  • Good article. Excellent quote in opening paragraph. My one problem is this (and I do believe in extra terestrials, just don’t know if they have visited Earth). The #1 is #1 because its suppose to be the most convincing, but what is blatantly overlooked is the lack of empircle evident from a 2 week alien vacation on Earth lol. If they were here for 2 weeks, and “there are literally hundreds of Witnesses across Varginha, from all walks of life.” There is not a SHRED of evidence, not a photograph, not a video, and we alledgely PERFORMED FULL ON SURGERY on one of the aliens. One may argue hospital security camera footage can be taken, but your telling me not a SINGLE person took a picture? a skin graph? an alien artifact. It takes ONE piece of uncompromising evidence.. we had 2 weeks to gather… I find this unlikely. The government could not cover up a 2 week alien visitation, especially in Brazil (this isnt even the U.S.A)

    • Arsnl

      I love that they have such competent docs in Brazil. They know how to operate an alien. They know where the blood vesels are. And even if aliens have blood vesels. And know where or where not to cut. Imagine the training they get over there. They’re all like jeff goldblum. Its like putting a 5 year old to do surgery and he’d do it great.

      • Andresa

        Sorry for my bad english, but I thing you will understand what I’m trying to say.

        It’s real. I’m Brazilian, from the state of São Paulo. My city is near of Varginha, that is located on another state. Lots of people saw the alien, even people from another cities that were just passing through Varginha. There are not photos of the alien, but the Brazilian Air Force really went there with a transport aircraft to get something, right after the fight on the city. They never explained what they were doing there, and as Varginha is a very small city (watch the TV video made at 1996 –, military operations are not common there. However, our government did not denied that the destination of the aircraft was Campinas, a very large city on my state, where there are many government hospitals and important medical research. There are military people that say the autopsy was made there.

        Ten years ago I went at one of those hospitals because there was something inside my leg and it aches so much until today. I had consulted many physicians before (about 7) and made lots of exams, MRI included, but nobody could figure out what was happening. When I arrived at Campinas, the physicians were fascinated about my leg and they kinda made me a prisoner at the hospital. For about 1 month, more than 10 physicians came to my room twice a day to observe me, touch my leg and ask questions about my life and childhood (I was thirteen). I was being injected with medicines that I’m not sure if were what they said to me and my mom, and they made lots of exams on my leg. There were many other people like me there, everyone with mysterious cases. At the ending, they took me to another place and used a new equipment to “scan” my leg and said I have a hemangioma, but what I saw on the drawing of the scan does not looks like it. My leg still in pain when I move my muscles or touch it in a certain point. And yes, I don’t have cancer.

        So, if there is a place in the world where a alien may have been operated, I have no doubt that this place is Campinas, at the University of Campinas. There are lots of mysterious researches on that place, and the population only cares about soccer, beer, beach and party, so nobody is pushing the government about anything, even about the Varginha case. A retired top-ranking military man who tried to expose the government committed “suicide” right after his attempt, and this is not something covered – Brazilian people just does not care about.

        However, there is another case much scarier than Varginha, it’s the “Operation Plato”, and there are photos and evidences. Look for it.

        • Andresa

          “Sorry for my bad english, but I thing you will understand what I’m trying to say.” – Sorry again, it’s “I think”. =[

          Because I speak japanese, spanish , portuguese , italian and now learning german, sometimes I wrote wrong words, but it just happens when I’m writing english. So bad…

    • The Ashok

      Last time when I tried to operate an alien, I accidentally cut a vital part which I thought was a finger. The alien still curses me for that….poor thing.

      • henrique

        conitnuo n acreditando en E.T

        • shubadak

          please enter to this website to see more photos

          • A website for *ADs*!?

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            the link takes you to an advert for it’s company *TROLL*

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  • Edward Bone

    An entertaining and fun list, sure, but there are two massive problems with it that I’m pretty surprised hardly anyone else is noticing.

    1. You don’t give any links to credible sources. For all we know, these could have been pulled right from the National Enquirer.

    2. You say that you picked these stories from different eras, but you didn’t. Nothing on this list is more than 57 years old. (Dates being: 2010, 1989, 1974, 1954, 2004, 2009, 1985, 1979, 1976, 1996.) All of this is within the range of Science Fiction/Alien stories being popular. Every single one happened after the famous Roswell case. 7 out of 10 of these dates are after the first Star Wars film came out, and 3 of them are within the last ten years. Hardly a wide range of time, I would say.

    I’m not trying to talk smack or say that the list or the author sucks or anything. It was fun and engaging, I will say that. But, I am also trying to say that these should be taken with a massive amount of salt.

    • Rossco

      Funny about that is isnt it? No sources at all.

      The pattern for each ‘story’ as well is always one person alone who notices something, (with the exception of the supposed African Village story).

      Funny also the amount of people here who blindly believe this bullshit without questioning anything about it like sources, evidence, etc.

      Sad. So very sad. Yes UFO stories are fun to read, but they are also the product of very creative imaginations.

      • thedude

        so your saying that every single person on the list and evey single person around the world who has ever seen a UFO simply ‘imagined it’. Get real man.

        • raubtier

          Human memory is not trustworthy. Human eyesight is poor on the scale of vision. Humans who WANT to see UFOs WILL see UFOs. So yes, I’m saying they imagined it.

          I hope that was real enough

        • thedude

          So every child in the school yard in zimbabwe and every resident in varginha just so happened to have the same eye malfunction and imagine the same thing at the same time? Honestly man get real.It really annoys me when skeptics try and exhaust every option to explain away stuff like this. ‘It wasnt a UFO, it was a reflection of Venus in the morning air.’ ‘That bunch of over 100 people didnt all report exactly the same UFO , they clearly imagined it or failing that saw flock of birds or a shooting star because remember, eyewitness accounts are notoriously unreliable, especially when the witnesses number in over the hundreds.’Arrghh!

          • raubtier

            Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m saying people in zimbabwe wouldn’t know a military airplane if it flew up their ass. Your reliance on your own memory (which is a mistake) is what’s making you look stupid.

            Eyewitness accounts ARE unreliable, ESPECIALLY in large numbers because of crowd mentality. Do some reading, doctors and scientists aren’t out to get you, they’re just people who want to understand the world. What I said about memory isn’t my OPINION, its a FACT.

          • Rikard Nilsson

            It’s called “collective recollection”, They use parts of each others statements to fill in blanks in their own memory, so they all share basicly the same memory after a while. Personal details of an event fades after just an hour.

      • 34GG

        There are interview videos and news story for the African schoolchildren incidence.

    • Canadianguy

      Well, all UFO stories are strange because they are fiction.

      • Planet Earth

        The truth is stranger than fiction.

      • Hans

        Yes every single UFO story ever is a complete fabrication.Ever.

  • fattbattry

    Decent article ruined by the author’s inability to use apostrophes correctly.
    Apostrophes are used to denote ownership or abbreviation, NOT pluralisation.
    Such a mistake is the universal sign that the person who wrote it is a moron.
    If English is the author’s first language; I suggest that they learn how to write it correctly (I know for a fact that it is taught in all primary/junior schools – so try there).
    If English is not the author’s first language; good attempt, better luck next time!

    • gav

      The aliens abducted the apostrophes and probed them. It’s what they do.

  • paul


    please learn how to use the mysterious apostrophe. I know it’s hard, but you can use this new knowledge to counterbalance the credibility lost by your choice of pen name.

    here’s a fun place to start:
    and when you’re ready:

    • paul

      I just noticed that ‘grammar’ is spelled wrong in the first url I posted. Internet, you’ve let me down again.

      • Liam

        Yes….it was the’ internet’.Valleys of Neptune is the name of a Jimi Hendrix album, thats all the credibility the dude needs.

  • DeWolf

    The author characterizes skeptics as condescending and then goes on to claim that unbelievers of the UFO/ET hoax are the ones that are ignorant. I guess he can keep chasing some fantasy, while the scientific community wakes up to the scarcity of life, let alone intelligence in the universe.

    • raubtier

      The universe is beautiful and complicated, and it’s impossible for us to say one way or the other. Just ask yourself this when you see lights in the sky:

      1. Am I aware of every type of aircraft currently flying on this planet?
      2. Do I have the ability to accurately judge the size and speed of an object from several dozen kilometers away, and several kilometers above me?
      3. Do I honestly believe that my eyes are more likely to see a UFO than every single telescope, radar system, and amateur astronomer on earth?

      Since the answer to all three of those are NO, then the most likely source of the UFO is yourself.

      • Jon

        intersting point!

      • 101

        single telescopes, radars and astronomers see UFOs everyday of the year.Dont you watch the history channel?

        • raubtier

          hahaha, nice

  • Gluck987

    Does anyone honestly take the Winchester Woman thing seriously? Obviously a guy just saw a woman he thought was ugly and peculiar, and decided she was an alien. She was probably just a tourist with a developmental disorder or Bjork or something.

    • LadyGaGa

      Hehehehehe….So true. :P

      I was thinking it was me the whole time.

  • jer-bear

    Great list. If they aren’t watching us, Big Brother has us locked down under his stare!

  • ConVixen

    Whether you believe in aliens or not I have to say this is one entertaining and fully detailed informative list.

    Number two is quite creepy and uneasy.

    Also, I read number one as, “The V/a/g/i/n/a Case.” -_-

  • some guy

    Interesting enough list; but I must say that it reads as if it was typed by someone who has never learned the basic rules of English grammar.

  • Gabby

    This list scares me…. :S

  • Maggot

    From the Wyoming story: “He was told he was going to their home planet, some 163,000 light-years away”

    So not only can these “aliens” communicate in the witness’ native tongue, but in this case they also had the courtesy to convert distance into a unit of measure that is (presumably) unique to this planet? How thoughtful of them.

    • Arsnl

      Actually if you were capable of travelling such a distance in a matter of seconds, translating stuff off the bat would be childs play (we already have google translate; well yes its still amazing the farmer didnt actually get a: “Home plants are 163.000 years of sunlight”). And the unite of measure isnt that extreme, we can argue that a planet, for it to sustain life, has to be about the same size as earth and has to be at a certain distance from its sun and that sun has to be about the same size as the our sun. And since that planet is at about the same distance, then a year lasts about the same, give or take a few hundred days and the speed of light is pretty much a constant; so that distance wouldnt be that unusual.

      • Maggot

        if you were capable of travelling such a distance in a matter of seconds,..

        On the other hand, if they could travel such great distance in a matter of seconds, that would pretty much negate their need for any type of distance nomenclature at all. Distance is irrelevant in their world, so why mention it? Oh, they were dumbing it down for us lowly earthlings, I guess…

        we can argue that a planet, for it to sustain life, has to be…

        Does it? That’s an assumption based on what think we know about biological life as it exists here, under those very conditions. Because it’s this way, that’s the only way? But yes, that’s why I parenthetically said “presumably”, because sure, nothing says no other planet’s solar year might just coincidentally be the same or similar amount of time as ours. My main point really was that for this so-called witness to include that little detail in his story, he unintentionally exposed himself as a bullsh.itter. In my opinion at least.

        • Arsnl

          Oh i totally agree. Bs all the way. But i prefer to unveil it using the fact that his experience negated laws of physics. Finally if they are so advanced they could get in a second our language and all. Using radio leakage, they could have tapped into that and do their an-alysis and they would have been capable of understading our world.
          But doing something outside the realms of physics. I THINK NOT.

          • Maggot

            But i prefer to unveil it using the fact that his experience negated laws of physics.

            Well yeah, there’s that small detail too. Hehe.

          • Planet Earth

            Who said that you really know the law’s of physic ? When you go to university you automatically assume that the professor is telling the truth , but in reality he could be flat out wrong .

  • Elizabeth

    What about that lady that claimed to have had sex with an alien?? I can’t find the link, but I’ve read it somewhere in the internet. Probably the lady was horny,IDK.

  • chris s

    After reading this list I’m almost convinced that billions of light years away there exists a planet of extra-terrestrials who are able to differentiate between there, they’re, and there…and perhaps also its, and it’s…I know this is a longshot, but as the saying goes; I want to believe.

    • chris s

      * and also their :(


  • Lulu

    Varginha ………….hmmmmm…

  • “They took my elk.” That’s classic.

  • trfan01

    #9 sounds more like a close encounter with a member of ABBA.

    Seriously, though, I highly doubt there’s anything more complex on other planets than bacteria or other simple life forms.

  • Spaz_daniels

    I believe life does exist in our solar system but not in the way people want it to be like, I think its stricly on a cellular level and very different to anything humanity has researched, therefore making it alien.

    Also I thought it was just me who got aroused by blue lights!!!!!

  • Yafeellucky?

    I want to believe.

  • emily weirdnez

    if this is true or not, dont u guys notice that even if its diffrent kinds of “alien”. they’re saying the same thing? that our earth are in danger or sumthing? weird..

  • ChelseaS

    Too bad nobody proofread that list before submission.

  • CoolerShaker

    Believing in extra-terrestrails is no more crazy than believing in a God. If millions and millions of people believed it, it would be accepted.

  • “The guard was aroused and drew his gun” …not sure where this article was going :)

  • LA

    Why are so many aliens blonde? And one even had a scandinavian accent? You’re kidding right?
    Well put together list. However, I don’t really believe that aliens have been here.
    All aliens in stories ever seem to do is land, stand, teleport and then fly away. What a waste of fuel.

  • Flamy

    Awesome one but all are true!! any proof

  • Very interesting stuff! I live in Winchester, and used to live in Wiltshire, had no idea that any of this stuff is happening near me!!

    Great list!

  • 63jax

    a home-world at over 160000 light years? well our galaxy has a span of 100000 light-years and the nearest galaxy is at about 2.5 million light-years so this put their world in the space between the galaxies…and this is a LIE

  • Vindictus

    There’s too much fabrication on this list, but I guess it’s to be expected when the word ‘strange’ is added, since 90% of cases are fairytales anyway :/

  • Oni

    ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’

    I love how people can openly say this about aliens, but they won’t say the same thing about God. I mean, all the Bible (the New Testament in particular) is, is a collection of paranormal sightings and occurrences.

    • Shan

      I like you.

  • hanschip21

    I know where I will make my stand. I agree with folks that would rather say the Bible is a documentation of ancient sighting and experiences of the strange. People then went on to write and document it.

    I’m a pessimist when it comes to other life forms other than our own. I want to believe that there are also beings or entities within and outside our own galaxy. Well, accepting either premise ( we are alone or we are not alone ) draws a hard chill up my spine. Can one imagine that in the vast swath of the universe comes a single intelligence? We are on our own! Let alone isolated life forms in the darkness of the universe. And can one also imagine that we actually share the same universe where the majority of the population is totally unaware because if we are, we would rather react defensively. Why? because it has been a proven fact that when we’re provoked it’s not going to be a pretty sight. Just look at WWII. Why are they (aliens) here? What do they want? Are they friendly? Are they going to eat us?. If anything doesn’t go well, there’s always a nuke for them to taste.

  • Mummo

    awesome list, one of the best ive read, well researched, theyre not just some nuts sayingt they were abducted

  • pcanuk

    the winchester lady kinda sound like my aunt,we always thought she was a little different. any how great read ,thank you i love all this weird stuff!

  • Peter Nguyen

    Aside from reading article #1 and aside from the suicides of #2, all of this sounds like people wanting attention.

    They aren’t crazy, they just want to fool us. No I’m not an idiot. If what they say are true, then we’d have footage by now.

    Stupid liars.

  • gav

    I would think, traveling all this way, that they would hang out for a while. Why do they land, look around, then zoom off and there aren’t any other sightings of the same ship with the same aliens on the same day 3000 miles away? When I go to another planet, I usually explore different areas, grab a variety of souvenirs and buy the T-shirt.

    Yeah, that’s right. I usually dress a lot more comfortably. I don’t consider shimmery, spandex jumpsuits riding up my butt to be comfortable- especially on a 163,000 light-year road trip.

  • Planet Earth

    Why are people so narrow minded when it comes to Aliens ? Get out of the small bubble you guy’s live in and start thinking outside the box .Nikola Tesla was ridiculed by people that were not smart enough to understand his idea’s . Now put yourself in the shoes of a alien race looking at Earth . I would wait until all the humans race aka ( monkey’s with gun’s ) destroy themselves , before they colonize this planet . Planet Earth is really rare . Why wouldn’t they be interested in a planet that is 70 % water .

    • p1t1o

      “Planet Earth is really rare”

      Is it?

    • raubtier

      Planet earth is really rare, IF YOU’RE A HUMAN. From what I’ve been told, aliens aren’t human. Do you really think in the entire universe, out of billions and billions of stars, there isn’t a pretty good chance aliens don’t care about water in the least?

      Put YOURSELF in the shoes of an alien looking at earth. First of all, if you’re able to travel here at all, you’re so far beyond our level of technology that “harvesting our resources” would be a laughable waste of time.

      There is no second of all. I’ll leave it at that. If they can come visit us, it’s for the hell of it, not because they have something we want. If they were advanced enough to visit us and wanted to peacefully study us, why would they reveal themselves?

      I swear to god if I hear the old saying “well look what we did to the indians! We colonized them when we found them!” I’ll burn this thread down. Don’t impose human psychology and human anthropology on an unknown species of possibly intelligent life that may have possibly hovered over texas.

      I find it unbelievable that American citizens still buy this shit. Which country produces the majority of insane aircraft? USA. Which country, per capita, reports the most UFO sightings? USA.

      If you had seen pictures of an F-117 or an SR-71 would you believe they were real? Google it. Try to look at them with the eyes of someone who’s never seen one and honestly tell me that aircraft we use every day DON’T look like alien spacecraft.

      If aliens exist, they’re not wasting time buzzing hick towns in Arizona, they’re travelling to our sun to dyson-sphere it and leaving when it’s empty. You same people accusing skeptics of being narrow minded have a very, very narrow view of what aliens COULD be.

      It’s sad. So sad.

      • raubtier

        Excuse the typos. Sentence should read “we have something THEY want” not vice versa.r

        • Planet Earth

          Raubtier – you have no idea what you ‘re talking about . you have no way of knowing what the objective of a alien race would be .Second of all the Sr 71 has be around since 1950 i suggest you read a book by Colonel Philip Corso he was in the inner circle in research and development in the pentagon during the development of the SR-71 .Now for a closing argument i know this for sure , you don’t have the answers for everything and i don’t have the answer to everything .

          • graham

            OF COURSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT, That’s my god damn point. I read the book by Mr. Philip Corso, it was self-loving crap. I’m fully aware of when the SR-71 was made. I don’t understand your point. Take a picture of an SR-71, go out on your street, and ask 20 people if its from REAL LIFE or the newest TRANSFORMERS MOVIE. I bet the results will surprise you. They won’t surprise me, because I did this three weeks ago for a class, but they will certainly surprise you.

            I don’t know what the objective of an alien race is, no one does. But I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

            If you’re capable of travelling between stars, one planet worth of water is probably not that helpful. The moon has water in its soil too by the way, water is more abundant than you think, and the elements to make it yourself are much MUCH more abundant.

            No one knows what we’re talking about, which is why we have to deal in probability. Is it more probable that an unexplained flying thing is an alien, or something the observer didn’t recognize as an earthly object?

            Well, it’s always going to be more likely that what you’re seeing is not a UFO. occams razor only works one direction. Since we’re aware that there are planes that haven been mistaken as UFOS and later revealed to be human-made, it’s pretty fucking likely it could happen again.

      • Vindictus

        Good post.

  • debsfullcircle

    One need go no further than Eugene, Oregon to see the likes of the Winchester Woman, any day of the week…

  • n1airwaves

    Awesome list, man! This was on of the best lists in a while. Keep up the good work!

  • graham

    Don’t start an article by calling anyone skeptical of alien spacecraft flying over middle america “condescending”.

    It makes you sound “condescending”

  • jon

    one of the best lists ever. a pleasure to read…….

  • I want to believe

    How come there are no UFO’s sightings in China or India or Japan or more african countries? It is always in North America or Europe.

    • There *are* sightings in China, India, Japan, and African countries. They just aren’t in this list. People everywhere are equally capable of misinterpreting what they see.

  • Love

    You guys should look into the inter-dimensional aspects of this matter. You’re not thinking 4th dimensionally! Haha…but seriously, look into it. :)

  • mofokilla

    hey fucktards i guess you have to see it to believe.yu will oneday i promise you just take a hit of DMT and you an have a pleasent time talking to aliens

  • Blaze_pac

    nice list.. #1 makes me think, I wonder how many countries have that agreement with the US government.

  • Eicg

    Great list! Just great!

  • Deano

    The Zimbabwe case is quite convincing, children usually have wild imaginations and even if they had all somehow decide to give the same evidence, some would have been carried away with their imaginations.

    The GEC Marconi case scares me because i live quite close to the HQ :/

    And the Varginha case is confusing because the surgeon seems fine with the operation and the form of the leg is VERY human-like, to the degree that he is capable of performing an operation.

    Good list none the less :D

    • Deano

      Plus, just realized what it reminds me of, the Varginha case is clearly just a Machop!

  • SailorBill

    Great list. Complete bullsh!t but very enoyable nonetheless.

  • Andree

    #6- Lady Gaga?

  • Charles de Gaulle

    UFO stories are at least plausible. Stories that there was a French resistance in WWII, now that is just pure fantasy.

  • Mabel

    I don’t really believe in UFOs, but this was a good list. Creepy!

  • Lists like this are worth back-reading! :)

  • fcr

    it amazed me how many people think they’re smart by being close minded, when all true wisdom is to be aware that we never know everything, knowledge is never complete, or as korzybski said ” the map is not the territory” therefore its not a matter of believing or not believing

    • raubtier

      It amazes me how people think they’re wise by disregarding science, logic, and research. Wisdom is never demonstrated by preaching your values to others. As Korzybski once said, and I think it applies to UFO’s as well as this post: “Whatever you say it is, it isn’t.”

      Being completely open minded in all aspects of your life means you will always accept without argument what people tell you. Having parts of your mind you want to protect is what leads to debate, and those barriers coming down to replaced by new walls. The mind is not a bowl, it’s a never-ending maze constantly under construction, with open and closed sections. There is nothing wrong with closing parts of your mind.

      • Liam

        It amazes me how some people disregard absolutely everything other people say in order to try and preserve their own ‘wisdom’.Thats what you’re doing with this UFO debate.You speak of science and logic, but science is ever changing and in wide areas a complete mystery.How do you know that there aren’t undiscovered elements out there in the universe, or star systems that are billions of years older than us, thus having civilizations with billions of years of a head start?I’d say open your mind to the infinite possibilities, and dont close it out of vanity and self righteousness.

        • Vindictus

          It’s possible alien life exists, I’d even say it’s entirely likely. However, if you understand any Physics, then you also understand that it’s incredibly hard for life to traverse the Universe. Unless somebody, somewhere, has discovered a means of ‘bending’ spacetime, or using wormholes, it’s incredibly unlikely that intelligent life has visited us. Even if they travel at the speed of light, they would have to be able to preserve themselves for many, many light years. One claim on this list even mentions 100,000+ light years! That’s larger than the Milky way!

          Most UFO stories are completely silly, not only because of the Physics involved, but because the creatures are also humanoid most of the time. It’s incredibly unlikely that another race has evolved to be humanoid, or even similar to us in any way.

          Also, I’m not sure what undiscovered elements have to do with aliens :P

          • jeff

            Element 115 , look it up.

          • Vindictus

            And what does it have to do with anything?

      • fcr

        it seems to me that you dont really know what are you arguing about, or dont understand korzybski statement, and because of that i think im wiser than you, cause i dont disregard science and research but i KNOW that its not the TRUTH, its always changing and evolving, thats why i said its alway incomplete, you have to be really naive to think that by having my view i accept what people tell me, ITS THE COMPLETE OPOSITE, its the understanding that anyone have a view thats equally valid, but if you think that close your mind has nothing wrong youll never understand life

        • Liam

          I think whoever you are you just like running your mouth and the sound of your own voice.

  • The Ashok

    Why so fuss about UFO? It is just an “unidentified flying object” so if some rare species of insect flies by me and I couldn’t identify it, I can still call it a UFO….well, UFI may be….Unidentified Flying Insect.

  • Adrian

    I am pretty neutral on the subject of aliens. For how vast our universe is, it seems strange that there would not be aliens. I have a problem though with how people have described these “aliens” they saw. If there were really aliens, I feel like they would not resemble us at ALL. Since they would have lived so far away they would not have evolved the way we have and would likely we vastly different. And a lot of the aliens described seem to be like humans in at least a few ways. It’s likely I am wrong though, as I have never seen an alien.haha

    • Vindictus

      No, you’re completely right. Our structure as humans is due to a number of evolutionary conditions. Just look at the amount of species on our planet! The only creatures that could look even slightly similar to us are those who we share DNA with; chimps.

      We don’t know what aliens might look like, but we are pretty sure they won’t look anything like us.

      • Random_dude

        Only if you are assuming there’s only one alien species out there.

        From the hundreds of thousands, millions or any finite to infinite sort of amount of living beings our universe has. Do you really think it’s that rare for alien life to have a body shape that resembles ours? Not the word I used: “Resemble”.

        They might be the only type of alien we see who “visit us”, because they discovered we might be the only alien species that has this corporeal form. Thus, increasing their interest. I say it because if there’s alien form out there, and we humans manage to be so smart we will overcome everything and be able to understand all sorts of galaxies and complex lives and we found out that beings which look like us is hard to find if not impossible. The moment we see that we found one species that remembers a lot of ourselves, we will increase our interest, even if they are in their “stupid-dumb-ass-primitive-society”.

        “Oh, but we are nothing special among hundreds if not thousands of intelligent life forms in the universe. Aliens will never visit us because we have no meaning to no one”. But I have to ask you: Is that really? What do we know about the history of the universe, what do we know about our own galaxy? Let alone an almost infinite amount of galaxies in the universe… We can’t confirm anything, so people arguing that aliens may be interested on us is as valid as people saying they are not. We can’t prove it yet.

        Sorry for my horrible English, it’s just my 3rd language and I’m trying to learn. :/

  • Blaze_pac

    So I hear that the FBI has released some documents revealing that the Roswell UFO:s did really crash, and they found “humanoid” corpses about 90cm(2.95 feet) tall.
    This is what Swedish newspapers are printing (I’m to lazy to find US- articles)
    What do you guys think ?

    • Vindictus

      Those documents are basically reports of what people were telling them. Which is basically what we already knew, really.

      They didn’t release any bodies or anything ‘hard’.

    • dave

      Its proof man.Its an FBI memo based on what another FBI officer reported from the scene.To me its conclusive proof.If someone came out with the bodies the same people who said the memo isnt proof would say the bodies were dummies made by some nutjob in his basement or if the wreckage was released the same people would say its quite clearly a wrecked military craft from our planet.

  • Davo

    cuckoo cuckoo!

  • Hungarian girl

    It’s dark, so I didn’t dare to read the whole list, but number 1 really got me. An esoteric alien :) I believe that if extra terrestical beings visit us, it’s because they are developed enough – both in a spiritual, and in thechnical way. Not some kind of savages, coming to eat our brains. If they can invent super-space travel, they can do birth control (they don’t need to colonize our planet)

  • This is the best list so far and features all my fav cases ^.^

  • mr774

    If they are ETs from outer space, they should have an incredibly high technology.
    By using it , I’d like to ask them to clear up radiation contasmination of Japan
    which were caused by earth disaster of March 11.

    • Vindictus

      There wasn’t much, if any, radiation released in Japan just recently.

      Chernobyl is still putting out hundreds of thousands of times more radiation than Japan’s broken reactor.

  • Victor

    Nº 3 makes me wonder if this guy wasn’t butt raped on the woods and his mind suppressed the memories by fabricating this ? Not trying to be THAT guy… it’s just… weird that aliens would tear through his underwear.

  • When you think of UFOs it’s hard to find a good list that narrows it down to just good ones, since there’s so many out there. The Truth Is Out There.

  • Captain Carrot

    Much of the comments here, as well as people’s reactions to even our own kind, is exactly why alien visitors would not condescend to make contact with us if they do actually exist.

    If we are presented with serious discussion about an issue, and we want to deny any mention of it, we have to make crude, immature jokes about it and try to make ourselves sound smarter by waving it off and trying to be funny (often failing quite miserably). Nobody with that level of ignorance would be worth “reaching out to” by any alternative life form, even if they were only slightly more intelligent than we claim to be.

    Secondly, the military is all about jumping into situations without thought, only action, as though anything not easily intimidated or dismissed is of vital, national (or global) security.

    Take the Brazil incidence for example. If it is true, what happened there? After the crash, when the life forms were obviously dazed and rattled, they were either captured and taken not unlike “prisoners”, and some were even shot. Simply because they were different.

    We cannot tolerate differences amongst our own race (as evidence by sexism [from both sexes], racism [by all races], and bullying and ridicule of people who are not as attractive, overweight, wear braces, actually learn in school instead of blowing it off, texting, playing video games, and lowering the educational standards, etc. etc.) so how can we say we would tolerate beings from different planets?

    Our leaders condemn people that want a better way of life for everyone, simply because they want power and money. Greed and selfishness is more important than our species, our fellow humans, and even our home (the planet). So, again, if there was life on other planets, don’t you think it would be logical to say that if they possessed the ability they would much rather just watch and observe and research rather than interact with such an ignorant, selfish, barbaric race of people?

    If they are of “superior intellect” then that is exactly what they would do because they would see the futility of dealing with such a substandard form of life such as human beings. Period.

    • Captain Carrot

      Should read Brazil incident*, not “incidence”. My apologies.

  • James3094

    Every list I seem to look at makes the Americans look like arseholes. I’m English and I’m not that fond on Americans but they’re not all that bad :)

    I so hope I’m alive to see the day when we do all come into contact with Aliens.
    Earth once recieved a message from outer-space but we didn’t reply, as it would of taken millions of years for that message to get to Earth and by the time we could send a reply, them and us would of been long gone.
    I wonder if that message was a call for help? If it is, then they’re all proberly dead by now :/
    DAYUM! I think about this stuff way too much.

  • Chynna

    are we sure 3^ wasnt a Lady Gaga sighting?

  • ken

    hmmm, alien sighting never ceased to amazed me yet there always never a sufficient photos or evidence, if a paparazzi could caught a panty shoot of a celebrity, why there were never a single real proven photos of an alien !!

    statistically it is almost impossible.

    • rikard

      Here’s a sarcastic answer for you: Because Aliens aren’t as sexy as Hollywood celebrities.

  • Envoy

    YEAH Alien Movie Marathon…

  • chijoo

    i think the the #6 was scariest .. just imagine we cant handel our own BLONDE population and then there are BIG eyed additions from outerspace… spooky…BLONDE ALIENS!!! ;)

  • anon

    did the author of the list say they were american?

  • Ian

    to all you skeptics out there: why is it, if extraterrestrials have never visited this planet, that it is illegal under u.s. federal law to “have contact or knowingly be transported” by them?

    • Humphrey Osmond

      To all the credulous out there (…more specifically the one above):

    • ha ha ha! You can’t fool the people by simply substituting “extraterrestrials” for *aliens*.

      The law you refer to is:

      Federal Immigration and Nationality Act

      Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

      “Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . . . fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”

      Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):

      A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he:

      * assists an alien s/he should reasonably know is illegally in the U.S. or who lacks employment authorization, by transporting, sheltering, or assisting him or her to obtain employment, or

      * encourages that alien to remain in the U.S. by referring him or her to an employer or by acting as employer or agent for an employer in any way, or

      * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.

      Aliens, in this case, being people here illegally from another country.

      My mother was an alien, from Australia, but she had a green card.

  • graham

    The word skeptic is not an insult, any more than ‘religious’ should be an insult. Because I don’t believe UFO’s have landed in Nevada and probed rednecks does not make me an idiot, a liar, or someone to be made fun of.

    However, if you choose to believe something to be a contrarian, not because you ACTUALLY believe it, then you’re sad. If you just want to be that one guy who knows the truth… no one can help you. You don’t know better than astronomers. You don’t.

    The reason the government has laws to prohibit contact with UFO’s is the same reason people keep insisting the laws mean something: they’re extreme and misinformed. Do you think every law the US government puts forward is intelligent? Of course not, it’s incredibly obvious most things legislated are experiments at best.

    So no, I do not believe UFO’s have landed on earth. I do not believe they would just swing by to buzz us. I do not believe the government WOULD BE ABLE to keep a UFO captive. The knowledge necessary to travel between star systems is incredible. Redneck prisoners escape from supermax prisons. Do the math. If you’re smart enough to visit earth, you will not be in captivity. To believe we have the ability to influence the will of a species that could have existed since the dawn of the universe is so beyond… stupid… that I can’t help but wonder why perfectly intelligent people believe it.

    I know why: they want to be unique. They want to be smarter than the government.

    If you have to insist you’re smarter, better, more knowledgeable than a person or group, you are by definition NOT.

    Aliens most certainly exist, but we will ALL know it when they show up. How naive and arrogant to think the US government in the 1940’s had the power to hold an alien captive. In a time before flatscreen TV’s, people think the government could hold an intergalactic traveler in confinement. What a joke. If you want credibility as a UFO enthusiast, take some astronomy courses, work your ass off, get a job with CERN and help them do the actual science, instead of wasting your time on made up conspiracies.

    • mike

      ”If you have to insist you’re smarter, better, more knowledgeable than a person or group, you are by definition NOT.”

      But didn’t you just spend this entire post claiming to be smarter than all these UFO buffs who believe aliens have visited Earth? WOW! That speaks volumes about your intelligence

  • unknown
  • Adrian
  • herp

    i feel like i’ve been put on some governmental watch-list by reading this.

  • skywatcher

    Scariest thing on this list is not the aliens…

  • Rikard Nilsson

    Intelligent alien life is fact, Intelligent alien life on earth is however highly questionable and quite frankly a laughable excuse for insufficient data.

    • Intelligent terrestrial life on earth is highly questionable.

  • gordi

    and, are they coming to us really :-d ? how do you think?

  • superfan

    is the planetary patriot an alien?

  • tariq

    great site fr ppl who love to seek mystries and their possible logical suggestion

  • Hrodulf

    No mention of the Nuremberg UFO battle in 1561?

  • Eric

    Thanks for the list!Good read.
    I live in Livingston, been on that hill couple of times, there is a lots of other hills in the area that kinda looks like old sacred places.

  • ipl 2012

    even i can accept aliensin our planet

  • Gabriel

    Hi, I’m from Brazil, and 90% about the Varginha Case described there is just lame. If someone is intrested in the story the way it really was, tell me.

  • AFZAAl khan

    i like this

  • kevin

    hahaha,i laugh at your comments !you people are too slow finding out the truth,i’ve seen these creatures ,some of you might laugh and make fun of me ,there is not only one kind of these..aliens,there are 3 different types in our history,please look for more evidence ,i know it might sound stupid , but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA knows about their existence ,they knew more than you think ,but they see it as a risk to tell people about them,what happened in roswell wasn’t the aliens ,most of the ufo’s that you see in the sky aren’t aliens .they were here along before the existence of men ,they left along ago,but they’ll be back soon.if USA government tell the public about what they know ,people of the whole world will be afraid of them,are they peaceful ?do they wan’t to kill us ?even all the religions will be questioned ,if god created us in his own image ,so what are these ??so the bible ,quran and most of the other books will mean nothing to people anymore,because they are just some bullshit from what our mind created along time ago name god .

    laugh about my comment ,make fun of it ,but you’ll see the truth with you own eyes soon,much sooner than you think,

  • Gabriel

    The real report was: two women (Liliane Silva and Valquíria Silva) was in their way back from the church at night, when they sighted a bipedal creature, over 3ft, with bright red eyes, dark brown skin which looked wet but was dry to the touch, and three horns and large lower canines. When sighted, the creature fled and was not seen again. Some citizens reported strange lights in the sky. The rest is pure bullshit. There was no panic, crashed space ships, no US Military intervention, and surely no surgery. No one died, and many false versions of the story came up on the next few weeks. If the NORAD contacted Brasilian authorities, i don’t know, but Brasilian authorities only appered after the report.


    Why do Americans have to take control of EVERYTHING? God, “Leir was shown several authenticated documents concerning agreements between Brazil and America which allow ‘any material coming from space that is found in Brazil to be turned over to the government of the United States.’ ” SCREW THIS. YOU SUCK! Im not even Brazilian and I disagree completely. Watever falls in Brazil should be Brazilian. A**holes…

  • sagar

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        • Thank you, Ayhi. I have always wanted to visit your country.

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  • Benni

    I’m from Winchester and as soon as I linked my friend this article he says he, too, has seen the women. That said, the councillor sounds like a bit of a nutter, and I’ve never heard any stories of “aliens” from where I live until today.

  • raj

    what will US earn by hiding these bizzare facts. Maybe they will try to find weapons carried by aliens to gain supremacy in our planet.

  • Gabriel

    I agree with You YOURMOM, USA tries to make all discover and all merit, as being their all. In Brasil there is something called “sovereignty”, as in all other countries.

  • musichiso

    thanks you.I can accept aliens, but I find the idea of a French resistance hard to believe????????

  • malith

    wow. i red this while i was working this took me to a another sight that i have never thought of . hope this will continue , i always believed that these type of incidences would happen , but it seem these creatures are not interested in Sri Lanka.:-)…..

  • sammy

    I’m an alien but I don’t ride on flying saucers! My master reminded me that I am not of this world although i’m still in the world so I don’t have to love the world which is not my eternal home. Im just wondering why earthlings never realized that they have genetic defect that could never be corrected which is the main reason for all the troubles of the world. Many of my friends could attest to this if you ask them and maybe the pastor of your church could confirm it.

    • sammy

      I have suffered enough descrimination for being an alien but I know better because I just do not want to compromise with the ways of the world and they hate me because of this. They sometimes cannot understand my ways nor my thoughts because so far I have to be understood according to my level of understanding. They call me weird, foolish, and all negative words they can throw at me but I understand them and have to be considerate because I am an alien and they hate my master so much.

      • My mother was an alien.

  • B. Head

    Uh huh huh huh, Varginha, uh huh huh huh…

  • Samuel

    UFOs are investigating angels. The earth is supposed to be wiped off but God can not do that until the cup of the Amorites is filled. What do I mean by that? Sin is still to populate the whole world. Here and there we find nations that believe in God and that is why God can’t destroy the world. What He does is to send His Angels to investigate what is happening on the great planet earth. If these UFOs pay a visit again 20 years from now, the whole earth will be destroyed completely. I predect that 20 years from now the whole world will be in uncontrollable sin.

  • Fábio de Oliveira Ribeiro

    ET of Varginha is a fraud. The people got a fright with a physical deficient one, that in fact was located for the Brazilian authorities.

  • Great list!

    Many of these events can be explained by natural causes, misinterpretation of events unusual to the experiencer, or plain lies. For example: I have had episodes of what is called “sleep paralysis” since childhood, an event many people believe to be alien abduction. You wake up in the night unable to move, with a feeling of deep dread. You can hear a low pitched sound, like a moan, chanting, or some sort of engine. You can sense the presence of beings around you, usually out of sight although in some instances you can see unusual, scary beings near the foot of your bed. These beings, if you *can* see them, move through walls, closed doors, windows. You have hallucinations; I often saw glowing symbols of unknown type filling the air in the dark room rapidly moving, or pulsing, and *knowing* that the symbols meant something but not knowing what. Sometimes a bright light, more brilliant than anything you have ever seen, will glow either in the room or through a window. You can’t scream although you want to, your terror is complete.

    Can you see how easily this can be misinterpreted as an alien abduction? It is a perfectly natural phenomena, yet not widely known. I’ve gotten to the point where I know what is happening and can stop it, although that takes an enormous amount of effort.

    I knew a man, a friend of my father’s, who worked at “Area 51” for a time (as an outside contractor). The security, the kind of undercover operations that went on, the efforts of the government to prevent the workers from knowing where they were being taken to work (an entire story in itself), were enough to make you suspect *something* was going on. It never occurred to anyone, however, that what was going on was anything to do with aliens. This was during the “Cold War” and it seemed obvious that it had to do with covert operations, spy equipment (probably jets), or other operations of that type.

    I believe there is a decent chance that there is life on other planets, but I don’t believe, for a moment, they have visited us.

  • mzadareverend

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  • Bruce

    So what happened at the dang Twin Towers?

    Is there a follow up report and photo?

  • sabin

    I like the idea of time travellers but why should aliens not ‘visit’ us?
    I mean maybe they are just researchers, we do research animals in their natural habitat too (more or less).
    And we don’t know how they ‘maybe’ get here, it could be they don’t need astronomical amounts of energy for it? Maybe some technology far beyond anything even science fiction could dream of.
    Well, as you said, be open minded but critical, that should also apply to our very limited knowlegde of the life, the universe and everything.

    Well about the list:
    Interesting list, I like #1 most.
    I always believe that we humans are capable of far more with our ‘brain’ (or soul or whatever makes us ‘us’) then simple thoughts and making our body move.

  • Brandon

    Firstly,Wernher Von Braun was NOT “great” as you assert,despite his technical brilliance.He was a nazi war criminal who escaped justice,plain and simple.Secondly,the comment you attribute to him,(“You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not alone in the universe. And either way, the implications are staggering.”) was actually made by Arthur C. Clark and not by this scumbag von braun.GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

  • Douglas
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  • Nebs

    where’s the story of the UFO sitings in the air space above Nine-Eleven.

  • gustavow

    in the varginha case it is written sao paolo airport But it’s actually São Paulo
    it’s not Minais Gerais but Minas Gerais
    Just Saying

  • Just noticed this:

    Look at the drawings of the craft in # 3 and #4. Allowing for the differences in artistic ability, the two UFOs are startling similar.

  • Bambr

    ? 6 – Lady GaGa

  • i agree with you.. all kind that not from this planet, is Aliens.

    Von Daniken theory said that, mankind is missinterpetation about God.

  • Victor

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  • Emmanuel Woolhouse-Sackey

    Certainly we (humans) are not alone on this planet. Who else are here with us is question, perhaps current generation may not be able to answer. However, we need not fear, for the Creator in His constitution (the Bible) has made provision for our security. Security, not as the secular governments provide it, I mean, judicial system, the police, the army and the like but security that works only by trusting in His Command “DO NOT BE AFRAID” which is reechoed almost everywhere in the Bible. This is important when we reflect that we sometimes have stranger encounters physically and in dreams which we most often overcome at the mention of the name JESUS. Admittedly, it is not always that easy, the reason, partly is we are not committed to His teachings of Holiness and Righteousness wherein lies the secrets of our dominion over such encounters. God finished it, Jesus confirmed it on the CROSS. It ours to live it, that is, believe in THE WORD and abide by it. GOD HELP US ALL.

    • …and I was worried.


  • Nil

    All I want to say is, *loads shotgun* bring it on.

  • Parker

    nice post :)

  • John Doe

    Well…I’m brazilian and I didn’t know this much of the Varginha case. Media makes a lot of sensationalism, so I didn’t pay any attention to it. But if things like american cargos at airport are true, then it gets quite interesting.

    This year my father was in his ever-drinking routine and call me to see a “weird object” in the sky. At first I tought ’twas an airplane, but ’twas flying in a very obliquous angle. And then surprise; the thing changed color and start flying amok, really fast and then came closer, bigger and brither, now in blue, like if a star were moving down. Unfortunatelly I hadn’t a fockin camera at time, so I couldn’t rec what I saw.

    I don’t call it alien, but I can’t even imagine what it was either. Only that, like a french resistence, it seemed unbelievable at first.

    • What a delightful post!

      Thank you.

  • donzAxe

    problem with aliens are ; they are not going to make the slightest difference to your life whether they exist or not.

  • Siber

    I believe in Ufo cuz recently between october and november i saw some lights floating in the sky it was like in triangular shape n the colours were i think red n other in the night it was floating very low around the level of helicopters. This is not a joke ….

  • Robert Stewart

    Its interesting although illogical to mention numbers of stars “trillions” as a basis for believing that extraterrestials do indeed exist. There is a conundrum we all face and that is, if there is any number of of heavenly bodies in the universe, that would obviously mean there is something limiting them to a specific or any number. If that is to be considered ie, relegating any number as being the or any amount of bodies, regardless how big, That would also mean that there would be something limiting them to that or any number! so, what would that be? a wall? OK thats one of the two possibilities, the only other is that there is nothing! ie, infinity- no numbers at all- gazzump, just never ending whatever! and in such a case there would have to be literally an infinite number of anything one can even imagine. There can be no logical arguement to the contrary when considering Infinity! So, we must conclude, if there is nothing limiting the expanse of Universe ie, forget about millions of chalkboards each 1oo miles or kilometers long, with a number beginning with one and the rest of those boards filled with “zero’s”. (now thats a big number) and everyone of those were to represent another solar system (now we are getting big) we wouldnt be scratching the surface of the amount of possibilities of more advanced life forms! In fact if we are to take that word “infinity” literally, there would be a limitless amount of anything we could imagine!!!!!! So, which is it?? it can only be one or the other!!!!

  • Ron

    “The following morning the guard was taken away by 2 military psychiatrists, never to be seen by anyone on the site again. ” So how did his story get out? And I do believe there are other life forms out there, just not some of the illogical drivel some people believe.

  • anthonyhakes

    Yes, UFO’s are real. There are many unreported cases of UFO sightings. But I do not think that the government will tell us anything about them. People should know for themselves!

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  • Someonestrange

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  • peter8172

    UFOs exist…….Yeah Right. That theory is as bunk as it gets as people believe in UFOs. In actuality, I did have an encounter with a UFO back in 1980. Yes, The Great and influential Heavy Metal Rock Group UFO in concert. They were great !!

  • Jollibee
  • Jamie

    My husband seen a craft the size of an aircraft carrier with no wings, this happened November 29, 1974. He and his dad were on a trip near Dubois, Wyoming, near Jackson Hole, wyoming. We are wanting to know if anyone else has this and made record of it?

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    • dizit

      You have a very sad and totally false sense of the world.

      It’s *YOU* we should all feel sorry for.

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    I once had a UFO encounter back in March of 1980, but it wasn’t strange. I entered a 1300 seat theater, sat in the balcony (first row of course) and saw the Heavy Metal band UFO perform for 2 hours and they were absolutely great. So, goes my theory of what I think of the UFO’s that you people are talking about…….THEY DON’T EXIST !!!!

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    I like aliens. They are very good. I have been in contact with many during the last 20 years.

  • john

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  • Living in Arizona, I was outside with my family one night. We watched a strange oval shaped object move through the air a couple hundred feet above us. It was making a high pitched whining sound that made our teeth and ears ache. It appeared to set down out in the desert behind our house a ways. The next day I went for a hike and found a patch of sand and rock that had been melted to glass, it was between 30-40 feet long and 12-15 feet wide. I went back to the house and told my family and we went back to examine it. A few days went by and I went back out there again, there was a hole about the diameter of the glass patch and 3 feet deep, the glass had been removed.

  • ABEL


  • Fernando Melo Medeiros

    I have always liked to read writings about aliens. I don’t dare to say that they exist or not. However most people like me, I believe, would like they existed. I mean, that they are visiting us. Some people say that they are too intelligent to be wasting their time visiting us but they may think differently.

    Just reading what you have been commenting about the aliens I remembered the first comic book I read. It was my first serious reading of my life. It was a marvelous adventure featuring Captain Marvel. Since that reading I became an admirer of Captain Marvel. Billy Batson, the reporter, changed into Captain Marvel by magic. When Billy Batson pronounced the word SHAZAN, he was instantaneously changed into Captain Marvel, the immortal hero, by the lightnings sent the Olympian gods, whose names form the acronym SHAZAN. Well, not long after Captain Marvel was not allowed to go on fighting his archenemy, Dr. Sylvana, any more, because a new hero came to save Metropolis and earth from all the bad guys, Superman. I never liked Superman, because it is necessary to explain scientifically every extraordinary thing he does. Captain Marvel is magic, like Harry Potter. He can do anything and you don’t have to justify it with scientific basis.

    Now, who knows the aliens aren’t magic or not?

  • Lavalllee

    Damn, it get’s freaky when they play mind games and pretend to chase me, and when I get to my steps to record it it dissapears, I should keep it a secret..Its an orange-greyish-whiteish light and it even turned blue and red one time, even tried looking like a helicopter when the thought came to my mind that it wasnt, turned reallly birhgt white and came close lol