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Yet Another 10 Tragic Bizarre Deaths

Si Si Dumas . . . Comments

They say that the only guarantee in life is death. This completely fascinates me. Some of us see it coming, some of us don’t. Some of us choose how and when it happens, and some of us barely experience life before it’s taken away. There have been a slew of deaths in the last decade that I feel are exceptionally horrible ways to leave this earth. None of them are particularly worse than another, however that’s up to you to decide. I’m also almost certain none of these will be repeats as I’ve read all lists, especially the ones about death, dozens of times. I hope this list will leave you wondering why, if there is a reason, these people chose or were chosen to die this way.


Savannah Hardin


Savannah Hardin’s 9 year-old life was ripped away all because she fibbed about eating a candy bar. On a Sunday afternoon in Alabama Savannah was forced to run for 3 hours by her grandmother and stepmother as a form of punishment which inevitably would have lasted longer had she not collapsed and had a seizure. She was put on life support, however her father decided it wouldn’t bring her back. Her father was out of the country when the abuse took place. Both parties involved have been charged with murder. I don’t understand why these two thought a 9 year-old could do something they physically couldn’t and were at all shocked at the outcome. Why this young, avid reader and happy go-lucky child had to die due to insufferable cruelty is beyond me.


Acton Beale

Tumblr Ll9G2Jdkp71Qep2Ph

Yep. It’s finally happened. Planking has killed someone. Acton Beale from Australia died when he fell from a seven-story balcony in an attempt to “plank.” Specifically he was trying to lay face down and flat as possible on the railing of his apartment when he somehow lost his footing. Paramedics’ attempts to revive him fell short as he died from his injuries minutes later. Planking for me is something I don’t care much for however for those who enjoy it and get a rush I’m sure none of you would agree it’s worth an abrupt ending to a life. Many sports and activities these days all run a high risk, but just about any time this sport includes no prior training and to position yourself riskily on a high platform, I’m going to say it’s time to find something new.


Robert Gary Jones


I don’t know about you, but an early morning jog on the beach with an iPod in tow doesn’t get much more peaceful than that. Unfortunately for Robert Gary Jones, it was anything but. The 38 year-old husband and father was in South Carolina on business and was excited to return home to Georgia for his daughter’s third birthday. The plane apparently had lost its propeller and smeared oil on the windshield making it hard to see. The pilot made an emergency landing en route to Chesapeake, VA on what he thought was a deserted beach. Had the plane had flotation devices it might have been able to make a landing instead in the sea, but it obviously was Jones’ unlucky day. It’s been argued the pilot still should have been able to see him but whether or not it would have been in time we’ll never have a way of knowing. As an avid jogger I feel uncomfortable listening to music while doing so after reading this. A car, a person, heck, even a train – but a PLANE?


Jennie Mitchell

8845 1Jenny%20Mitchell

This one is for all of you hairdressers out there, but first for all the smokers: SMOKING DOES KILL! This teenage hairdresser was driving leisurely on a country road on her way to do her mother’s hair. With an upcoming wedding and what I’d describe as a stable career, Jennie had a lot to look forward to before the horrific turn of events. As she went to light a cigarette while rolling down the window, this had a combined effect with a leaking bottle of hair bleach containing hydrogen peroxide which instantaneously turned her car into a fireball. She burned alive while her car veered off the road. One man reported running immediately to the scene to try and save her and feeling hopeless as all he could grasp were her screams. What an awful way to go. As someone who may or may not have a cigarette on certain occasions, I absolutely had no idea these two chemicals together were so volatile and I must say if I’m in a car and someone wants to light up I’m probably going to strongly suggest making sure of what’s in the car first.


Taylor Mitchell

For Your Consideration

As far as I know Taylor and Jennie have no relation to each other – besides the fact they each experienced horrific deaths. Mitchell, a folk musician from Canada, was hiking alone in a National Park when she was attacked by at least two coyotes and had multiple bite wounds covering all of her body when an official finally arrived to the scene. She was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition yet sadly died the next morning. Now I don’t know if you know anything about coyotes but they usually, no, never attack humans. They’ll attack your dog, your bunny, cats or whatever animal you choose to leave outside in the night, but it’s basically unheard of them to attack a person. Especially in the daytime. I already don’t like hiking but now it seems I have another excuse as I live in the Pacific Northwest where coyotes are rampant. Also after Mitchell’s death, her album “For Your Consideration” was put on iTunes if anyone would like to check it out. I did and I really enjoyed it.


David Phyall


This one is pretty grisly and even more so because he did it to himself. Phyall had received an eviction notice he fought several years to avoid and for a lack of better words, wasn’t going to move out over his dead body. Phyall took an inordinate amount of pills and then timed a chainsaw to go off once he was knocked out setting it on his neck as he lay down and closed his eyes. His plan was very effective as he was discovered 10 days later by cops and paramedics in a state that I’m sure is still haunting them all to this day. It seems that many were offered permissible accommodations, including Phyall, but for some reason for him this was a better solution. This is not only bizarre but the definition of extreme and while I may at my lowest of moments fractionally understand an impulsive decision – sawing off one’s head? I’m not sure of his intention but if it was to make the housing association feel terrible, I’m sure they most certainly did and now would do what they could to prevent this untimely adversity.


Humberto Hernandez


Humberto Hernandez had just recently moved to the states settling in Oakland, CA with his wife and after purchasing her flowers in cherries on their way to dinner he was a part of a freak accident. An SUV, allegedly after blowing a tire, careened into a fire hydrant that flew at a 45 degree angle into the back of Hernandez’ head. He was just a few steps in front of his wife and a motorcycle officer said if he was one step behind or one step ahead the fire hydrant would have missed him. If this isn’t bad luck, I don’t know what is. What should have turned into a leisurely day left his wife a widow on top of having to see her husband die. I have had a tire blow out on me while I was going about 45 mph and I suppose I was fortunate to not have something like this happen to me as I’m sure the young 24 year-old did not deserve to die this way. It’s interesting how many everyday impediments can sometimes be so deadly.

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Francis “Frankie” Brohm

0483019571 Decapitation Victim

The night started off considerably normal as two male friends went to a bar, had some drinks and then one of them inebriated got behind the wheel and began to drive home. This is where things went downhill. John Hutcherson veered off the road and hit a telephone wire somehow not noticing it decapitated his friend who was hanging out of the window haphazardly. Hutcherson continued to trek the 12 miles back to his house where he went straight to sleep with blood covering his clothes. A neighbor out the next morning with his 1 year-old discovered the lifeless body of Brohm inside the truck in plain view and promptly called the police. I must admit I’ve done my fair share of drinking and am far from bragging when I say there are things I can’t remember so clearly, however I don’t know how drunk you would have to be not to notice this. I conclude this to be an example of a worst case scenario to getting in the car with someone under the influence and I would hope none of us would do this in the future or be the one’s endangering others with stories like this floating around.


Tracy J. Kraling

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 At 14.58.39

The newlywed worked at a hospital in Minnesota when she walked into an autoclave and was killed. Now I don’t know if you know what an autoclave is because I sure didn’t, so I’ll describe it. Basically it is a high pressured sterilizing machine that functions sort of like a dishwasher. For 15-20 minutes saturated steam reaches a temperature of 180 degrees. It basically would scald you to death. Apparently there had been complaints that the machine was a danger but for whatever reason the hospital wouldn’t replace it. Part of Kraling’s job was to use it to sterilize cages and things of that nature as she worked in the animal research laboratory. For whatever reason, the door shut and instinctively turned on leaving Kraling trapped inside. The hospital ended up being fined about $75,000 but in my opinion there should have been more consequences enforced. In one report I read, it was said everyone is trying to move on and forget about the “accident.” Kraling’s life certainly meant much more than that.


Richard Sumner

 40821936 Sumner 203

Richard Sumner from England had been afflicted with the well-known schizophrenia when he decided for a fourth time to take his own life. Sumner, also a gifted artist, handcuffed himself to a tree and threw the key out of reach. His skeletal remains were found three years later by a woman out walking her dog in the forest. Sumner apparently tremendously struggled in a last ditch effort to save his life based off the markings on one of his arms. I don’t know how long it would take for a person to die this way but I’d have to imagine there’d be an infinite amount of time to regret such a decision. Sumner apparently was depressed after his disease took a toll on his personal life and had failed the prior three times he attempted to take his life because he didn’t want to upset his family. I don’t know what was different about the fourth time than the other three besides the fact Sumner was successful, but no matter which way you choose to commit suicide I’m sure there is always a moment when you wish you could take it back.

  • Mushrooms

    Enjoyed reading this one.

    • mike

      You must have been reading another list

    • elforbez

      The facts stand well enough for themselves. I could have done without the editorial comments. Still, and interesting list.

      • Christine Vrey

        I liked this list, but I am dissapointed that you made a repeat – especially since you where so nice to inform is that you have read ALL the lists, and wouldnt repeat any entries….. Oh well, Still a good list!!

        • Steve

          So which one(s) of these deaths were on here before. I don’t recall reading any of them.

          • Samara

            Acton Beale (the planking one).

      • Christine Vrey

        Good list, but I am dissapointed that you had a repeated entry after you stated – I have read ALL the lists and wont make repeats… Also, Listverse readers seem to hate oppinion writtin into a list… Thats is why so many hate Ryan Thomas…
        Next time, remember to read ALL the lists, including the ones you didnt on this occasion…

        • smaug86

          And I see you felt the need to repeat your reply. Oh, irony, you sweet bitca.

    • CristyAK

      Great list. So sad. That Taylor Mitchell one seems off to me. I would hope the investigators considered that maybe she was killed by someone else or severely injured and then the coyotes attacked. A healthy young adult just wouldnt be easy prey for coyotes to take down. Odd.
      Love this site always great to read here when in an otherwise borIng wait somewhere

      • Sister Morphine

        oh good point. we have coyotes where i live and i’ve never seen more than one at a time? it surprised me they were hunting in a pack.

        • ricej1969

          There is a park in Tustin, California where coyotes have snatch small dogs on leashes. The path runs along tall grass where the coyotes can hide a few feet from the victim.

          • Sister Morphine

            those bastards! i did look up about coyotes and they can hunt in packs, but they are usually solo or in pairs.

  • Pauly

    Look up “List Of Unusual Deaths” on Wikipedia.

    • Mushrooms

      There sure is a lot on there

  • Heather
    • Pauly

      Happens more than you think, believe it or not.

      • Heather

        I know. Just that the owner died the next day going to get supplies to take apart the pool.

        • Mushrooms

          Did he die in a car crash?

          • Heather

            Heart attack and then crashed. He was having pains the night before. But everyone thought it was stress from a child dying in his pool.

    • Ni99a

      Did they use a crane to take the boy out?

      Because the last time i dropped a mattress in to the swimming pool i actually need to use a crane to take the mattress out.

  • Sorcha

    Fascinating, and thought-provoking list, thank you for taking the time to research and compile it. I like how respectfully each case was treated, especially your mention of Taylor Mitchell’s album being on iTunes. I’m sure that some grammar and vocab nazis will nit-pick the minor details, but this Listverser really enjoyed it.

    • evan

      I’ll nitpick one thing… it’s JONI Mitchell, not Jennie.

      • amanda

        if you’re going to nitpick about something you should make sure you are correct. yes joni mitchell is a music artist, i am a fan of hers. but jennie mitchell, who is listed here as the hairdresser who died, is correct. JONI MITCHELL has nothing to do with either one of the mitchell cases mentioned here.

      • Agent119

        Wow, evan, how embarrasing for you.

      • Gioconda

        You tool.

        • Arbitrator

          You tool? Ur what’s wrong with the Internet.

  • Awesome, what about the drunk russian dude who just went ape on himself with a chainsaw , no pills no fancy contraptions just booze n balls .

    • Spazzy McGee


  • Salo Hes

    Very interesting read indeed. Especially #10th is sad, its fair to say that those women got Wat they deserved, although I think the tragic outcome might not be Wat they had in mind. If only they had this thing called common sense

  • Alquie

    Somthing Americans lack!

    • American

      And Europeans EXUDE like sweat.

    • CatChick

      Oh that hurt.

      Took you all day to think of that, didn’t it?

      • Andy9314


    • uoflcardfan08

      Given that some of these things happened to non-American, I don’t see how you got “Americans have no common sense” from this.

  • Mel

    RIP Tracy … what a horrible way to die :(

    • Ni99a

      So her way is the only horrible one? What about the other people on this list? Don’t they deserve your sympathy too?

      • ConstableDubs

        Not the guy killing himself, no.

        • Molly

          ConstableDubs you are a vile creature for saying that. Shame on you.

          • Bean

            I kind of have to agree. Killing yourself is probably the most selfish thing a person can do. And consider this – the way he did it was entirely for shock value. There’s no reason to kill yourself in such a gruesome manner except to inflict pain on others. He needed some kind of help, sure. But he made a choice.

    • Shawky

      Seems to me this is sort of a non-decision decision that favros the NHL..if only because it puts it back in their court. If the NHL follows their own rules, lists a relocation fee, and allows Balsillie to make his bid, then they can vote on it by the owners, and reject the move via their own by-laws. In the meantime, they can then open up the auction to sell the franchise without moving it. While I wouldn’t say Balsillie is dead in the water, I think this hurt him. Regardless, I seriously doubt the Coyotes are going anywhere this season, though unless they resolve ownership / location before the start of the season ticket sales will be hampered badly. Who wants to go see a poor performing team that is leaving anyways?

  • Arkon

    Love life.

  • Will Trame

    Interesting, yet a depressing list. Although this does not apply to the list category, today….July 3…marks the 43rd anniversary of Rolling Stone Brian Jones’ death and the 41st of Jim Morrison. Both were 27 and found dead in water.

    • Dear Will Trame

      Well noted with thanks , will take the appropriate measures to commemorate this day . *hint whiskey n bong and lots of song *

    • Sister Morphine

      i NEVER knew that? how did i NOT know this! thanks for that!

  • Nick

    You people must still be waking up or something, because you’re all being too nice! This was a terrible list — thanks to the author. I can just *see* him (her?) patting themselves on the back after writing every horrible, cliched, terrible, sentence.

    • odaltyr

      What do you mean “you people”? :o

      • Sir Alfred P Wellington

        I assume that when lord Nicholas exclaims “you people” he refers to you sad little paupers with no education or sophistication. Ye peasants shant not comment with us noblemen as ye people ruins the reputation of thee website. Now run along you scrappy ol champ back to the rice fields. Tally ho.

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          I am starting to like you.

          • Sir Alfred P Wellington

            You my friend are a gentleman and a scholar.

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            Likewise sir, likewise.

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            I’m starting to like him too….in a gentlemanly way.

        • ih-Jamunah!!

          you are funny

  • Fitz

    “She was put on life support, however her father decided it wouldn’t bring her back”

    It was her father who decided that, was it? He wouldn’t have done it based on the advice of doctors? Yeah you stay classy, Listverse.

    Also kudos on pulling a “smoking kills” joke out the bag, but I guess it’s alright because you stuck a “Tragic” in the title.

    • Agent119

      Yeah, her father gets to make that call. Not sure what your problem is with that sentence.

      • Fitz

        No, the father makes the call of whether or not to turn off the life support, he doesn’t make the call of whether it has a chance to bring his daughter back or not. It seems more likely (read: happened) that he was told by doctors that there wasn’t hope because, you know, he wouldn’t give up because it’s his daughter and stuff.
        It’s pretty obvious that the author of this list phrased it how they did because it chimed in better with a story of a girl essentially dying of neglect. So yeah, again, stay classy.

    • Ni99a

      Que the euthanasia debate in 3, 3, 1..

      • whoareyou

        Learn to count you retard

        • whoami?

          Learn to notice cue being misspelt you retard

          • Arbitrator

            Queue. Who should get it right?

  • I was going to like this post and then wasn’t sure that was right? I felt quite moved by some of the stories in this list. Gives some credence to if your time is up – it’s up.

  • Missy

    RIP Savannah Hardin. Bi.tch gran & f-ing stepmother orta get the chair.

    Hope they get everything they deserve in prison.

    • Ni99a

      Dude nobody messes with the granny’s candy bar. NOBODY.

    • Sister Morphine

      am i a horrible person for being surprised the girl wasn’t fat?

      • Nicole

        Being from Alabama I have heard quite a bit about the Savannah Hardin case. Her mother and grandmother were obsessed with her being thin. She was subjected to this kind of abuse any time she ate anything they did not approve of. Rest in peace, sweet little angel.

        • Sister Morphine

          It’s crazy that they BOTH did this to her.

        • Missy

          What a shame they weren’t obsessed about being smart. Looking at granny & stepma they look as bright as a mule and twice as ugly. Perhaps instead of keeping ‘fat food’ in the house and criticising kids for eating it maybe they shouldn’t have bought it at all. Just plain commonsense. Because I never ate chocolate, I never had it in the house and my girls never missed it.

  • Armin Tamzarian

    This is natural selection at work. Except for 10 and 4, all these were too stupid to live.

    • Arsnl

      How was the coyote death related to too stupid to live? Or the plane accident? Or the fire in the car accident? Or the steam washer that exploded? Or the guy who was mentaly ill?
      But you wanted to make a snappy comment, right? God bless you, you’re so witty. A constant inspiration for all of us, you are.

      • Armin Tamzarian

        Let’s see, what’s the first rule of hiking? Oh, yes, never hike alone. Why? Because, if something happens, you immediately have help. Ignore it, and die on the way to the hospital a few hours after you were attacked by coyotes. Coyotes, who won’t attack nearly as fast if there are more prey.

        Not hearing a plane when it’s headed for your ass, that’s a trait evolution doesn’t select for.

        Lighting a fire in a enclosed space with (leaking) bottles of highly flammable material is retarded any way you look at it.

        Entering a machine you know is a hazard? Then you’re an idiot, and evolution doesn’t take kindly to idiots.

        Lastly, being mentally ill isn’t the problem. Being so messed up as to attempt suicide trice, that’s a problem.

        All those people could’ve easily avoided their fate. Not doing so, they nominated themselves for a Darwin award.

        But you wanted to make a snappy comment, right? God bless you, you’re so witty. A constant inspiration for all of us, you are.

        • NeeshaD22

          Hmmmm….sadly, a great point

        • Sister Morphine

          actually the first rule of hiking it to not talk about hiking.

          • NB

            No that’s the second rule.

        • Arsnl

          “never hike alone. ”

          Maybe she was hiking on a path she knew well it. And like the list says: coyotes rarely attack people. Just like dog attacks are rarely deadly, and i doubt you carry a gun in case a pitbull will jump in front of you.

          “Not hearing a plane when it’s headed for your ass, that’s a trait evolution doesn’t select for.”

          You are now being stupid. It’s a small plane, who said it was making a huge ruckus in its free fall and like the list said, he was listening to music maybe he likes to listen to loud music. Well i guess people who go to concerts deserve to die too.

          “Entering a machine you know is a hazard”

          It’s called do your job or you get fired you idiot. She had a cr*appy job so it’s obvious she didn’t have many choices. But I guess the chilean or chinese miners deserve to die. How dare they want to gain a living.

          “Lastly, being mentally ill isn’t the problem. Being so messed up as to attempt suicide trice, that’s a problem.”

          So you do admit he had a serious condition that makes people not think rationally and could bring them to commit suicide, yet it is totally their fault for committing suicide? The seriousness of his disease, a disease he cannot control, is his fault? Well I guess people with cancer and aids deserve to die. How dare they have serious conditions. Dude you are a special kind of idiot. You should ana*lyse you man. See what makes you tick and think this way. Just like vaccines, you could be the cure of all stupidity. And until we get to that point, thank you for making feel superior. Well simply existing would make something superior to you, but hey I take what I can.

          • Sophia

            Arsnl’s comments never fail to entertain me.

          • Armin Tamzarian

            Bit?h please, go and read a book about evolution. It’s not about deserving to die, it’s about weeding out the ones least adapted. Like by killing off the stupid ones. Being dumb generally is not a good survival strategy.

            To answer your individual arguments:
            – Hiking alone is stupid. Getting attacked by coyotes isn’t per se. But as the article says, it took quite some time before she was found. That’s exactly the reason why you always should take a buddy. Not to prevent disasters, but to get help in time if one were to happen. Which is always a possibility, even on a trail you know by heart.
            – Doing a job while it will kill you is moronic. I know, without job they might starve. But I’d rather “might starve” than “enter a death trap”.
            – Stupid people can’t help being stupid. They’re born that way. But they’re still stupid. Just like mr. Chain Myself To A Tree And Then Regret It. Also, I’ve never said people with cancer or AIDS are stupid. However, they’re stilling getting darwin’d.

            By the way, how come you can’t accept people are idiots who die because of their own fault? Why do you feel the need to defend them? Are you one of those leftie idiots who think our lives should be planned cradle-to-grave? For whom “responsibility” is a swearword? Who is of the opinion that Big Brother knows best?

          • Arsnl

            “go and read a book about evolution”
            There’s little reason to believe that stupidity is genetic. Oh… I’m sorry. I know why you’re confused so let me assure you: no Armin, Idiocracy was not a documentary.
            Also there is no reason to belive that liking to listen to loud music is genetic. Agreed, maybe the guy was Magneto, so you’d be right in that case.
            “Stupid people can’t help being stupid. They’re born that way.”
            When I say you’re an idiot, I’m not trying to insult your parents. I really believe it’s all because of you.

            “Also, I’ve never said people with cancer or AIDS are stupid. However, they’re stilling getting darwin’d.”
            Besides your obvious lack of reading comprehension (related to #1, we were talking about diseases not intelligence), you also fail to understand that AIDS has nothig to do with natural selection. They can still have kids, just like cancer patients.
            “our lives should be planned cradle-to-grave”
            Said the guy that thinks you should ALWAYS hike with someone and you should NEVER listen to loud music because planes will crash into you. Yeah, I’m the craddling, over-reacting guy.
            “Are you one of those”
            I’m the type of person that generally admits when they’re wrong. I am also not a douche and I try to minimize the quantity of idiocy in my comments. So yes. We have completely opposite personalities.

          • LuvsHorror

            I’m with you Arsni.

          • Dupe123

            Will you marry me?

          • Paradox

            And you missed it too.Goodness.
            Ignore me if I sound overly nitpicky. :)

        • Paradox

          That’s THRICE, Mr. Witty.

        • ricej1969

          You don’t know all of the details about the airplane crash to make a judgement. The airplane had lost it’s propeller and smeared oil on the windshield. I would assume that the pilot cut the engine or the engine froze up due to the lack of oil. Therefore, there is no engine noise and planes do not have horns. I’ve been in gliders and they are quiet. I assume that the plane hit the guy from behide. So it makes sense that he didn’t hear or see the plane.

    • oldirtykoala

      So someone getting attacked by wild coyotes is natural selection at work?? And I guess anyone who jogs on the beach whilst listening to music is open game for crashing planes??

      Well thought out comment.

    • Ni99a

      You are like Hitler except your modus operandi is eliminating stupid people instead of “inferior race”.

      Do stupid people do not deserve to live?

      • I believe that’s an incorrect use of modus operandi, you mean motive.

      • Armin Tamzarian

        I understand you feel personally slighted when I say bad things about stupid people, but I hope you understand that I don’t say stupid people deserve to die. I just say stupid people get weeded out of the general population by their own stupidity, which, from an evolutionary perspective, is totally explainable: their not adapted well enough. Hence, too stupid to live.

        • The problem with what you are trying to imply is “stupid people” are not being weeded out of the general population. You cannot say a handful of unfortunate accidents that may or may not have been able to be prevented is not proof that evolution is at work, currently getting rid of all the ignorant people in the world. More and more people from the developed world are being left und ereducated. So who do we blame for that? The poor economy that prevents people from being able to afford a higher education? The high cost of better schools? Or is it the person who is to blame? So, the lived in an area where the public school system had major funding cuts, (which is common in many areas) they couldn’t afford a better private education. They became someone you deem “stupid” and when they die in an accident, you claim it is evolution?

          So you have a hospital who refuses to fix a machine, and that machine malfunctions, locks a woman in it, and kills her. Please explain to me how this is natural selection at work. What I see, is this woman gets killed through the fault of the hospital, not natural selection. I don’t think you are completely understanding the concept of Natural Selection.

  • Ffiffisop

    Interesting list, despite being incredibly poorly written.

    • Ptylerdactyl

      Oh my god thank you for not making me the only one thinking this

  • Arsnl

    Good list. But I didnt like the personal comments. It seemed too forced.

    • I agree. I keep saying this, but LV keeps posting lists that have great topics, and plenty of potential, but aren’t nearly as good as they could have been. With #8, you actually had to read in between the lines to understand what happened. When writing about something, you should make it more clear and direct. I reread that entry to make sure I didn’t miss something. His personal comment is really the only reason you know what happened. He starts by telling us how peaceful it is for him to jog on the beach with an ipod, then suddenly starts talking about “the plane”. If it wasn’t for his opening personal comment, I would have thought the person died because he was in the plane that crashed, not hit by it. The comment in #6 about Jennie and Taylor having no relation to each other was very confusing, since they died in completely different ways. And the whole lists had that aspect of “see what happens when you do this…” it seemed very unnecessary. And a bit annoying. I’m sure most people who smoke know it’s dangerous in one way or another. Same with people who are inconsiderate enough to drink and drive. But really, the one comment that stands out and seems rather silly is when the author says they had “no idea these two chemicals together were volatile” They didn’t know hair bleach was flammable? Really?

      • Arsnl

        Didnt pay much attention to #8 since I already knew about it.
        “And the whole lists had that aspect of “see what happens when you do this…” it seemed very unnecessary.”
        For me these parts seemed more like those special episodes of South Park or Family Guy (that i’m sure are mocking other scenes) where at Christmas a character appears in a robe, with a fireplace in the background, holding a glass of brandy making a really unfunny joke trying to introduce what will happen in the skit, doing so in a clumsy way. That’s how it feels when the author says yeah i got a flat tire but nothing happened or yeah i listen to music, but PLANES? or smoking kills *wink* *wink*

        • Ah, you’re right. He does remind me of an unfunny version of Peter ;) You have great taste in cartoons! A little off subject, but… You made a reference to Futurama a while back, did you know they just started a new season? I was a bit surprised because I didn’t see any advertising, and it’s on Wednesdays now.

          • Arsnl

            Silly VB. Of course I knew. It was one of the reasons, June couldnt come any sooner. In fact on Wednesday, it will be the 4th episode and sadly soon enough it will take a break until next year i think.
            It is my favourite series, I guess because it has a certain charm and warmth other series lack (e.g.: Jurassic Bark, Lethat Inspection, the Luck of the Fryrish). And the manage to make every character likeable, even Yancy Sr and Jr (with the exception of Wernstrom and Brannigan i guess). Favourite character: hedonismbot ;-)

          • Miss Lippy’s Car Is Green

            Futurama is awesome and so are you people

  • errortype1

    Another bizarre list and mot a mention of Steve Irwin getting stung through the heart by a stingray. That’s a bizarre way to go!

    • have to say not really bizarre, irwin is kingboss but im pretty sure a lot of people saw it coming…

      • errortype1

        Definately death by nature. But a stingray barb through the heart?

    • Miss Lippy’s Car Is Green

      I’ve never been able to look at stingrays the same after that……. shifty buggers, probably been scheming this whole time…

  • Sbtier

    I could barely get through this list. The author injecting himself into every item was off-putting. Author, next time pretend you are a reporter and leave yourself out of the story. Your grammar and sentence structure also need work.

  • Ned Niedlander

    Complete and utter fail. I am starting to wonder what’s going on with Listverse that they have been publishing awful, badly written lists like these. This list offer no insight into the full stories and the majority of them are so badly written that they make no sense at all. Makes Ryan Thomas look like he’s ready for his Pulitzer. I’m not trolling by the way. Just saying what I see

    • Sister Morphine

      stop reading them then?

      • Ned Niedlander

        great answer to solve the problem. How about the administrators just make sure sh*t like this doesn’t get online. Then we could all read intelligent, thought provoking lists that inspire debate instead of ridicule

  • GlassCrab

    If you die from something as stupid as planking you deserve it.

    • ni99a

      Planking is stupid from your perspective. In my perspective xgames like dirt bike, bmx, skateboarding, and snowboarding is stupid. So if they die in the process of doing those, do they deserve it?

      • You suck

        If they wanna chance it? Sure. Idiots.

  • dm21865

    Ouch, that is some regrettable writing.

    “For whatever reason, the door shut and instinctively turned on leaving Kraling trapped inside.”

    The door turned on? Instinctively? Good grief.

    • Ghost000

      No kidding. Tough to read.

  • HelloGrumpy

    a poorly written list

  • al

    Proofread please

  • Goingdownhill

    The subject matter of this list is interesting, but it was very poorly written. Too much editorializing: stop with the “I think …” or “I must admit …”. The list would’ve been way better with less opinion (oh, you think these were tragic? How novel.) and more facts.

  • dave davidson

    lrn 2 english

  • Jam

    This list was poorly and insensitively written. To quote the author “Now I don’t know” if you know how to write…

  • skeeter1971

    Hard to read. #8 didn’t even really make sense. I had to piece it together, and assume he was hit by a plane in the process of landing.

    • Ni99a

      Then you must be an uneducated Albanian.

      • skeeter1971

        Yeah- that’s it. You obviously don’t get sarcasm. The piece was poorly written, and I was making a point.

        • You are right. Like I said earlier, without his personal comment about how he likes to jog on the beach with an ipod, you’d have no idea what actually happened to him. The author didn’t ourtright say what happened. Kind of defeats the purpose of list. “I’m writing a list based on facts, but i’m going to forget to actually give you the facts”.

  • John Ashcliffe

    This is a collection of personal essay, not a list. First, the list sounds preachy. Second, you need to work on your grammar. Next time, edit your work before submitting it to listverse.

  • oouchan

    I like the content of the list but it wasn\’t written well. Hard to follow most of the time. Number 10 is just tragic.

    All in all a decent list.

  • Betty

    Good list but poorly written, amateurish. Is amateurish a word? I don’t know.

    • ih-Jamunah!!

      but you do know this is a poor list ? hipocracy at its best

  • skeeter1971

    How can an autoclave instinctively do anything? I don’t mean to bitch, but didn’t anyone proof-read this?

    • Ghost000

      Obviously not. Place is going downhill, too bad.

  • undaunted warrior 1

    Solid list today I just feel that it could have been written better.

    I dont complain much on this site – its nice to read a riviting story but you seem to lose a wee bit of interest as it goes along.

    As Ive said a solid list

    Thanks Si Si

  • Ironman

    So many negative comments for the author and Listverse. It was an interesting list although I’ve gotta admit there numerous grammar errors and parts that could have been left out, if ya know what I mean… :D nevertheless, interesting which is the point… People, stop being so negative and try writing a list yourselves and if you don’t like it, stop reading!

  • Isabelle

    This list could have been REALLY good had the author not inserted his personal comment into each item!

    • Mike

      Is this a top 10 list or a compare/contrast essay written by a 7th grader?

      • Trevor

        The rough draft was probably written in crayon.

        • Sister Morphine

          no! no! 7th grade is when you’re allowed to start using pens. An erasable pen was the culprit, no doubt!

  • Trevor

    Poorly written.

  • whatever

    this list is written really badly.

  • john

    Worst grammar ever. I couldn’t make it past 9.

    • ni99a

      Think about it. Is it really the worst grammar you have ever seen? Is your exaggeration here really necessary?

      • Alquie

        The grammar was bad, but I could easily still read and understand every item on the list.

    • “Worst grammar ever. I couldn’t make it past 9.”

      Really? I understand if someone abandons reading a particular book if the quality is not good or even a good book which is not to their liking as time investment required in that is not small comparatively.

      But a list? Are you serious? It takes only 5-10 minutes of your time to read it.

      It is really insincere to criticize something which you have not fully read, especially something that you can read for free and in no time.

  • major harris

    i see the show, ” a 1000 ways to die” missed a few. and maybe the gravelings from “dead like me” have been working over time! considering that andy griffith died today as well, this article was rather timely.

    too sad that people should perish so tragically.

    • Toilet Seat Girl

      I LOVED dead like me. Georgia was so great in that. Too bad there wasn’t another season. I wanted to see more of Reggie’s character.

    • Sanpaku Eyes

      After watching that show every time I see something like a scaffold on a building, or an open manhole cover I think of the gravelings!

  • ewdw

    I don’t understand number 8. Was he in the plane or on the beach? It’s really badly worded.

  • Chris

    Um…sorry, but…. how did number 8 die?

    • Sister Morphine

      A plane that was crash landing hit him. He didn’t hear the plane because he was wearing headphones.
      It’s not that hard. Read and comprehend.

      • Chris

        Yes, yes… I can put the pieces together like any other monkey. Thank you for enlightening me.
        But I was mearly being facetious about the authors shoddy story telling technique.
        But thank you all the same *rolls eyes*

        • Sister Morphine

          It’s a blog, not a thesis. Read it and move on.

          • NB

            So the plane snagged his headphones and flew away and he died in flight?

  • Chris

    For some reason I can imagin the writer of this list owning a Miley Sirus type voice, and finds these deaths “like COOOOL.”

    Badly and insensitively written. Sorry “shrugs.”

    • Steve

      Miley Sirus? I love it when people cant even get their insults right.

      • Steve


        • Sister Morphine


  • jesherman

    Number Five discusses the death of David Phyall who committed suicide by knocking himself out with drugs after placing a chainsaw on a timer against his neck. Self-decapitation. Truly horrible. What made the whole thing even more horrible was that the ad that flashed up under the photo was for CHAINSAWS! Really? Please! Show some decorum. And if you can’t show decorum, show some sense. I am sure that wasn’t the best place on the web to advertise chainsaws!

    And while we’re at it, I’m pretty tired of those ads under the photos. I had just about gotten resigned to them when the ads began popping up COVERING the photo! I know that advertisement is important to a web site, but it shouldn’t actually make the site harder to read and enjoy.

    • Toilet Seat Girl

      The author and administrators did not solicit an ad from a chainsaw company. Ad placement is determined by keywords, just like in email programs, What you are typing and receiving in emails dictates what ads show.

      • NB

        It’s nice to think that they would be that consistent though.

        “Dear Chainsaw Manufacturer

        I’m writing a list about tragic deaths that includes one item where a chainsaw was used to commit suicide. Wanna sponsor it?”

  • John B. Egan

    Was an insurance adjuster and handled a ‘water damage claim’. Downstairs neighbors called to complain that a leak occurred from the unit above and the guy wasn’t responding to their calls and knocks. Management broke open the 2nd story door and water rushed down the hall and stairs followed by a bloated body swirling in the mix of furnishings. He had killed himself by sealing all the doors and windows shut with Duct Tape and turning on every source of hot water and every source of heat (stove and heater). In essence, he stewed himself to death.

  • crabhatta

    are we supposed to just guess what happened to the guy in number 8?

    plane. beach. guy running…. AND?

    was he run over? did the plane scoop him up and plunge him into the sea? did the leaking oil that smeared the windshield drip onto his head causing a seagull to confuse him with a nice tasty pie, pecking him to death in a rare case of foodicide?

    If you’re compiling a list of bizarre deaths, the first thing you should do, is SAY HOW THEY DIED.

    shit writing as well, one of the most self satisfied, lazy pieces of writing seen on listverse as well. I’m not interested in your boring life story, dickhead.

    • NB

      Seconded. I’m just going to assume that he survived the plane crash-landing and later died from choking on a peanut butter sandwich.

    • NB

      Seconded. I’m just going to assume that he survived the plane crash-landing and later died by choking on a peanut butter sandwich.

  • CatChick

    Wow. So many readers of LV just cannot be pleased.

    You want originality and shock and awe. You get it and then you call it sick and macabre and want nothing to do with it.

    You want the writing to be perfect; the list writer’s own. Yet you cannot except the fact that not everyone is grammatically perfect in their prose.

    Will you people shut up and write you own (totally from scratch) list and see how easy it is. I have several lists waiting in the wings but I’ve never submitted them for this very reason.

    • If you cannot take criticism, or cannot prevent yourself from reading the comments, than I suggest not submitting them.

      And it has nothing to do with wanting everything to be perfect. This list, as said by many, was a great topic, but poorly written. And you know what? Part of the fun of LV is being able to state your opinion. No one is being mean, and if the author decides to write another list, they have the reader’s advice to take into consideration if they so choose. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. There will be more lists, and more comments. Some people will love them, others will not. If you pay attention, you will actually see the well written list have great, interesting comments and spark equally interestion debates. Even the poorly written lists have comments that enhance the quality of the list. As many people say to people who don’t like certain lists, if you don’t like the comments, don’t read them.

    • Breanna

      *accept* the fact.

    • sarcasmfont

      There is no excuse for poor spelling/grammar since every computer has an abundance of checks no matter what you’re using. I think it’s pathetic that people say it “doesn’t matter” or “it doesn’t need to be perfect” when it is just sheer laziness and stupidity.

  • Ken

    somewhat interesting, but horribly written. was this proof read at all?

  • Alison

    Dreadful writing. Too arrogant to proofread it or get someone with a better working knowledge of the language to edit it for you? The author’s name is Si Si Dum-Ass. Now THAT’s honest! “Yes, Yes, I’m a dumass!”

  • Magneato

    I don’t know if this list was boring for anyone else, but I found the writing style very distracting. I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone else didn’t like the puns, but I know I found them un-punny.

    • NB

      I don’t about everyone else but I really enjoyed your comment.

  • amanda

    you should not do posting on things you are clearly uneducated on. i havent even read the whole thing and i wont continue. first of all, DUH those two chemicals are that volatile. thats common sense. and yes coyotes have been known to attack people because a lot of coyotes arent full coyote but rather wolf hybrids.

  • amanda

    and also, you use a lot of words and phrases incorrectly. please, stop. i dont come here to read uneducated lists.

    • Steve

      just to post uneducated replies .

  • Jibby

    I’m sorry, but this is so horribly written that I can’t understand half of what you’re trying to convey.

    • Steve

      If you can’t understand half of what was written you have have some sort of learning disability or at the very least a severe reading comprehension problem. Granted the list was not particularly well written but anyone with the ability to turn on a computer should be able to figure it out. I’m not saying that you should have to figure out what the author is saying (a well written list should spell it out) just that if you couldn’t you have problems.

  • Here in Ocala, FL, a young woman left a bar, hit a guy then drove home with a dead man halfway through her windshield. She said she never noticed, however, the jury didn’t buy it.

  • frank

    Too bad the author didn’t tell us how he felt about each of the 10 topics.

    • NB

      I was just thinking the same thing. I prefer lists that are brimming with irrelevant personal opinions.


  • Robert

    “I live in the PNW and coyotes are rampant”
    I’m not sure rampant is the correct words choice, they do……wait a minute what’s that……AHHHHHHHH coyotes!!!!!!!!

  • Pants on Fire

    You talked about yourself at the end of EVERY entry. I’m not sure if this is unorthodox, but it annoyed the shit out of me. Good list though.

  • Hmmm

    I’ve read a lot of articles on this site and am amazed that this made to publication. The author is horrendous. It’s as if they took field notes while researching these deaths and rather than piecing it together into something that makes your readers want to know more, he/she opted to spit in everyone’s face and just publish their notes. You’re better than this listverse, please don’t let this “author” return.

    • WeeTotyFing

      I agree, completely. I was re-reading it over to try to understand what was being said! So much of it was unclear with words missing or bad grammar!

      “For whatever reason, the door shut and instinctively turned on leaving Kraling trapped inside. ”

      Can a piece of equipment act ‘instinctively’? Or should a better word be ‘automatically’?

      I’m sorry, I am never a ‘Grammar Nazi’ but I found reading this piece irritating, despite the interesting topic choice.


  • WeeTotyFing

    Wow! The Tracy Kraling accident at number 2 I have never heard of before this list and it’s giving me the creeps!
    She was doing the exact same job as I did 18 years ago! *shivers*

    I always remember having that very fear of the door closing as I was putting in the lab equipment, so I would always stand holding the door from the outer handle and gently push in the trolley(s) with my foot, or I would wedge the door safely open if I had to go in further!

    Terrifying!!! That poor girl!

  • Kai

    Yeah it was a great (tragic) list but the personal comments started to get annoying. I don’t really care what the author of the list thinks.

  • Nick

    Thanks for you incredibly unimportant, irrelevant opinions that added nothing to this article. “Had been afflicted with the well-known schizophrenia.” Everyone knows what you mean, but really? “the well known schizophrenia”. Please keep your next article to yourself.

  • brodieb

    Well damn!!

  • Nick

    Sister Morphine, did you write this? You seem very offended by people’s (incredibly accurate) comments about how terrible this article was. Why else would you be so defensive? The article’s shit.

  • Lana

    This is a horribly written list. I couldn’t even get through it. The subject matter is great but the way everything is worded makes it a terrible read. Listverse has been getting worse and worse, nothing seems to get edited properly any more.

  • skywatcher

    Thanks for a good try, Si. I hope your next list has a less hostile reception. If English is not your first language, it’s good to mention that early; it will deflect some of the criticism. If it is, you need someone to help you with proofreading and this site doesn’t do that. They only run Spell-Check, which seems to cause more problems than it solves (Remember kilometro from the mountain deaths list?) And unless you’re bidding to replace the old Ryan Thomas, you should offer less opinion.

    I seldom agree with people’s choices of what to include on these lists; you did quite well with that part of the process.

    • Steve

      I doubt if mentioning English is not your first language would matter to a lot of the people on here. Most of them probably would consider the comment so poorly written they couldn’t understand half of it.

      A good and CONSTRUCTIVE response skywatcher.

  • Adriana

    SO SAD!!!! :(

  • Insolvent

    I hate your writing style.

    That is all.

  • 63jax

    lool, who da’ fuck doesn’t know what an autoclave is? ridiculous…

  • Cody k.

    The quality of this writing is atrocious.

  • npope

    This is very poorly written.

  • dre

    Your writing style makes me want to appear on this list

    • Steve

      makes us wish you were on it too.

  • banh

    No, Europeans have had it beat into them. It wasn’t a natural occurrence.. It took a few centuries of massive mistakes and serfdom.

  • Donkey Kong

    How could you not know fire and flammable things were volatile? Also it said coyotes never attack people in the story about coyotes attacking and killing someone.

  • Mabel

    Interesting list, but the writing was nearly incomprehensible.

  • JazzyByProxy

    I read the first two incidences & that was enough. This list is so poorly written. My brain ouches.

  • Douggie

    Is it really necessary to add your own little insight and opinions? I find it unbelievably tedious reading about how each entry relates to your life

  • Billy Gecko

    Good list. Horrible writing.

    It’s good to approach your topic subjectively (emotionally), but it is far more entertaining when it’s written objectively (informative). This way your readers can come up with their own feeling on how to interact with the article.

  • I’m very interested in Richard Sumner. Does anybody know where I can find some of his art?

  • RoomyMushy

    May I suggest Mr Hands? One would say that his way of passing away is one of the most bizarre cases.

  • Obalob

    I think Humberto Hernandez was already dead being married at 24

  • Some guy

    Is english your first language? Kind of interesting, terribly written.

  • Ashley

    This isn’t an opinion piece, there isn’t a need for you to insert your opinion in each entry. It was distracting. Readers don’t care what you think. Go back and read any other article on Listverse and you’ll find that authors of articles take themselves out of the topic.

  • Nestea80

    The tidbits of the author’s personal life and opinions ruined it for me.

    Things like “As an avid jogger I feel uncomfortable listening to music while doing so after reading this” or “I must admit I’ve done my fair share of drinking” or “I have had a tire blow out on me while I was going about 45 mph” don’t have to be in there.

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who was irked by the excessive and inappropriate editorializing and use of first person point of view of this list. I was interested in the facts surrounding the incidents, not the author’s personal take on each one. Bad writing, bad reporting.

  • fredducky

    on number 5 the had an ad for chainsaws under the picture.

  • la chica de cafe

    Dude, punctuation, especially commas, is a good thing. And planking is a sport? Really? On what planet?

  • Yohan

    I don’t know if you can put uim into this list, but the creator of crayon shinchan died because of falling off a cliff while he was hiking. According to some reports he was an ardent photographer and enjoyed taking photograph at dangerous places. In this instance he fell off a cliff trying to take a picture from the edge

  • NB

    Interesting subject. Terrible list. Remove the bizarre personal commentary and it’d be a lot better.

  • fred

    What about this one:
    Rob Emslie was wearing his dead dog’s collar and leash when he got into his car, and reversed. The leash got caught in the front wheel, and broke his neck.

    He sure missed that dog.

  • Violatorofsanity

    “He handcuffed himself to a tree, and threw away the key” I wonder how long it was before he realized how bad of an idea that was, I almost feel sorry for him……almost….

  • Interesting list, but the writing is absolutely horrible. I don’t want to sound mean, but this quality of writing is high school level at best. Perhaps you should have someone proofread next time?

  • declan

    These are my favorite types of lists, but this one was poorly written.

  • Very sad stuff.

  • steph

    This is a horribly written article. Where is the editing?
    Also, schizophrenia is not a disease, it is an illness.

  • Ericka

    This is the most horribly written list I have ever read on listverse.. I did not enjoy any of the editorial comments made, and I found about 8 out of 10 of the lists’ entries to be vague and full of unfortunate wording.. I am not impressed by this list.

  • TheStevoExpress

    Interesting subject . Is it just me or was this list written really poorly?

  • Jbird-76
    This is one of the more bizarre ones I found on one of my trips through the internet.

  • shane

    I read a news article earlier this year about a man being killed in his car by a flying bear. The bear was struck by a car traveling in front of the unlucky man’s car. The dead bear flew threw the air and through the windshield of the shortly-thereafter-dead-man’s vehicle. I still think that’s about as unusual a way to go as can be: Death by flying bear….

  • shreya

    i want to comimit suicide..can you suggest…???

  • John

    This editor uses too much conversational speech in his/her writing. Good compilation, although somewhat overshadowed by unnecessary comments and opinions

  • SWE-Hairdresser

    Number seven is just pure bullshit!

    Bleach is not flammable and does not contain Hydrogen Peroxide.
    Hydrogen peroxide is mixed with bleach to help the oxidation process.
    But they are never “pre-mixed”, in any way neither of them are flammable, especially not the hydrogen Peroxide thats H2O2, Like plain water but with an extra oxygen molecule..

    • amandaa

      actually the bleach that beauticians and cosmotologists use is not the same as liquid household bleach but rather is a powdered concentrated bleach and is in fact flammable.

  • dave

    This is awfully written. Seriously, do you guys edit posts?

  • arlet

    thanks for posting. but next time keep your opinon to yourself. just post what happened and nothing more. no one cares about your opinions.

  • Kaz

    good list but your writing is shit! Im an english student and found this list difficult to read. You have no grammer skills and no one wants to hear if you’ve ever blown a tyre. If you make another list please proof read it so people don’t have to read sentences more than once in order to understand what you are trying to say. Less writing would be better.

  • I like the list, but the writing sucks so much. It’s like reading a college student’s unedited first draft of an essay.

  • Chelle

    Interesting subject matter. TERRIBLE writing. Whoever wrote this clearly never took a writing course in school. Horrible. Terrible story telling.