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10 Photos of Incredible Street Art

by lulucat9
fact checked by Matt Hayes

Street art, perhaps contrary to popular belief, isn’t about vandalizing buildings – it’s about self expression, and getting a message out to the world that can often be thoughtful and provoking. It can take on many forms: rather than being limited to paintings, it can work its magic in such mediums as yarn bombing, lego, and even ice sculptures. Here are some good examples of what the best street artists can do:


Little People

Little People Street Art 6

This is a photo of a small plastic couple stranded on a tennis ball, complete with a plastic palm tree, representing a deserted island. It is on a beach right near the city, and they are looking out as though they’re waiting to be saved. It goes to show that even the smallest things can be turned into something wonderful.


Yarn Bombing

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This is one of my favorite yarn bombing pictures. The webs are crocheted in a colorful spiderweb pattern around what would usually be a very ordinary tree. The purpose of yarn bombing is to brighten up the world by crocheting patterns onto things like statues, pipes and even tanks. It certainly fulfilled its purpose here.


Ice Men

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These are men created from ice, and water is trickling down from them as the rising sun is melting them away. This piece symbolizes that nothing is permanent, and everything will fade away eventually.


Peace Dove

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This is a creation of one of the greatest and most well-known street artists of all time, Banksy. It is a peace dove wearing a bulletproof vest, and seems to be in the cross hairs of someone with a gun – representing that although the peace makers might be blessed, those who want peace are unwanted and will be eliminated in such a world as ours.




This is a very clever piece by Nomerz. The broken bits of brick are turned into the teeth of a person with a cigarette in their mouth. Strikingly, it shows the effects of smoking, and how the habit it will completely destroy your teeth.


War Bug


This quirky painting was created by LUDO. It shows a bug that has been turned into a machine of war. The 3D picture looks like it is about to come out of the wall and attack someone. It can be found in Chicago.




In the nooks and crannies of many a city, you can find bits of LEGO filling up cracks and brightening walls, much like the yarn bombing creations. It is a very creative form of street art, and anyone can do it – all you need is a handful of LEGO!


Chalk Alien


This is a chalk creation that was drawn by David Zinn. It features a cute alien raking up the leaves and putting them under the pathway; real leaves are scattered around it to add to the effect.


Three Girls


This creation is a collaboration between two street artists, Antoine Stevens and Steve Locatelli. It is a colorful painting of three women shouting, the somewhat sci-fi pattern and design making it both shocking and beautiful at the same time.


“No brushes or stencils, just spray”


This amazing picture is by David Walker, and as the title suggests, he did not use any brushes or stencils. This is very unusual for a street artist to do, mostly because it is so difficult. The girl is made up of vibrant colors, while still remaining amazingly realistic – making the overall effect quite incredible.

fact checked by Matt Hayes