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10 Dark Origins Of Beloved Organizations

by Listverse Staff
fact checked by Jamie Frater

10 Dark Origins Of Beloved Organizations

It hasn’t been a full week since the last YouTube video was released but I am quite eager to get this latest one live so I can get more feedback before I venture back into the recording studio to record the next batch of lists.

This time there is only spoken audio and a small amount of foley where appropriate. There is no musical background track. I am quite interested in the opinions of those who felt the narration may not have been sufficiently animated in the last recording, as the subject matter of this list required me to be slightly less sombre. I’m open to feedback and suggestions of course!

This list was originally published in a slightly different form seven years ago and was written by Morris M.

You can view the video on YouTube and please also do go to the Listverse YouTube Channel and subscribe.

fact checked by Jamie Frater
Listverse Staff

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