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10 of the Strangest Things People Are Addicted To

by Steve Etherwood
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Addiction: the compulsive urge to continue doing something regardless of its possible adverse outcomes. Every human is unique, with their likes and fantasies. Some like to travel, and others love to stay indoors. From introverts to extroverts and everything in between, we learn to co-exist through our likes and dislikes. When it comes to addiction, people have been known to indulge in things like drugs, coffee, or even social media. But you can mention your daily reliance on coffee to someone, and it won’t sound cringe-worthy.

Imagine meeting someone who says they are addicted to drinking their urine. Or another that prefers having a piece of their brick wall over a slice of pizza topped with lanai-grown pineapples. Yes, such are the crazy addictions that people around the world have. Here is a list of some of the strangest things people have been addicted to.

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10 Drinking Nail Polish

my strange addiction nail polish drinker.avi

In a world with plenty of drinks and beverages, drinking nail polish is as strange as it gets! Crazy as it is, some people have come out to declare their love for drinking nail polish, each for various reasons. For instance, rather than drink water or a milkshake, Bertha drinks about five bottles of nail polish daily to quench her thirst. Others have claimed that drinking nail polish feels like warm milk, and they like the sensation they get in their throats from the habit.

Allison, another YouTube content creator, says she is addicted to drinking nail polish and stain remover. She drinks around seven gallons weekly and has no intention of quitting the habit; of course, it’s now an addiction. As you probably know, nail polish has toxic ingredients and is unsuitable for human consumption.

9 Ice Cube Eating

eating ice by the buckets!

People with weird appetites are said to be suffering from a form of pica. For instance, people addicted to eating ice cubes suffer from a type of pica known as pagophagia. And yes, some people can’t function without taking a bucket of ice cubes. Usually associated with iron-deficiency anemia, this habit has many side effects.

When a patient identified only as an “Ice Eater” went to see her doctor, she complained of abdominal pain. Upon examination, her doctor discovered that she was anemic, and it was common for such patients to crave ice cubes. While this addiction has a medical/scientific explanation, it affects very few people and is strange.

8 Drinking Blood, Including Human!

Woman Addicted To Drinking HUMAN BLOOD | My Strange Addiction

We have strange; then there is crazy strange; Michele, a tattoo artist, falls under this category. After turning 19, the artist developed a strong urge to drink animal blood. She downs a glass immediately after she wakes up to “kick start” her day. From cooking to snacking and everything in between, Michele drinks and uses blood at every opportunity! Do you want to know what her favorite “flavor” is? It’s pig blood. She prefers it because it’s a little bit saltier than the stuff from cows. Who knew?

Obviously, it took some time for her family to come to terms with her bizarre addiction. If you think you have heard enough, you are in for a rude shock: Michele now drinks human blood when she can. She attributes her behavior to the fascination that comes with it, not culture, not beliefs, just cravings!

7 Eating Soap and Washing Detergent

Woman Eats More Than 100 Bars Of Soap Every Year | My Strange Addiction

Tempest, a 19-year-old college student, is addicted to eating soap and detergent. In a video posted on YouTube, she claims that doing so helps her calm down when stressed from schoolwork and other life issues. Her addiction started and grew gradually. She began by craving the scent of washing soap and detergent.

After some time, she thought to herself: “if smelling such products gave her such tranquility externally, how much more would she achieve internally if she started ingesting them?” She started by licking a pinch of laundry detergent. Soon, her cravings grew, and she started eating a handful. Before she knew it, she had grown into an addict, consuming about 100 bars of soap annually.

Soap and detergents contain bleaching compounds and chemicals, which can cause massive bodily harm upon ingestion. Fortunately for Tempestt, she talked about her addiction with her friends and family and was talked into seeing a doctor. Even though she still loves the smell of these products, she managed to stop her eating addiction and should be in a better place now.

6 Snorting Baby Powder

Lisa Anderson is a 44-year-old woman with a weird addiction to sniffing Johnson’s baby powder. In what started as a pregnancy craving, Anderson initially loved the smell of the baby powder. When the child came, her urge grew stronger, and she started eating it. Her reliance grew so strong that she, at one point, consuming about a bottle a day.

Besides the heavy dent that her addiction causes to her pocketbook, Lisa explains that she goes to the bathroom about 40 times a day. This explains the adverse health effects that come with eating baby powder.

5 Eating Glass

My Strange Addiction: Eating Glass and Bullets

Josh is a stand-up performer who is addicted to eating glass. He claims he started the habit when he read about it in a book. After the first trial, he felt it was okay, and the urge to continue indulging rose. Being an entertainer, Josh noticed that the more he ate glass in front of people, the more attention he would get. Because people had become used to his glass-eating antics, Josh started swallowing bullets.

In a video, he claims that he has consumed over 30 of them and relishes the attention he gets from them. At this point, it is difficult to tell whether Josh is addicted to eating glass and swallowing bullets or the attention that comes with it.

4 Hair Pulling

I Can’t Stop Pulling My Hair Out

Kelsie Hanna, a 30-year-old woman, wakes up daily with a compulsive urge to pull her hair. She explains that the desire comes about when she feels like one of her hair strands is filled with ants or needles that need to be removed. In an attempt to search and remove the “culprit,” she pulls a bunch of other strands.

Kelsie’s mother indicates that she first learned of her daughter’s weird addiction when she was five. She later found out that Kelsie had a trash can full of hair, and that’s when she recognized the danger her daughter was facing. Because this is not a common disorder, frequent visits to the doctor and therapies have not helped much. Growing up, Kelsie learned to manage her condition. She has shaved the hair in every part of her body except her head. She wears a wig every time she wants to go out.

3 Eating Clay Mask

Woman Eats TWO CUPS Of Clay Mask Every Day | My Strange Addiction

Natasha, a 40-year-old woman from California, is addicted to eating clay masks! She thinks that they taste wonderful, and it helps calm her down. For over seven years, she has been so hooked on the products that she sometimes replaces her meals with them or eats them together. For her, it’s either food that accommodates her addiction or not. She consumes up to a jar a day, and people close to her are definitely concerned. Understandably, when she first broke the news to her boyfriend, he was surprised. Natasha has probably consumed over a ton of clay masks in the last seven years, but she remains unfazed.

Besides affecting her life, her youngest child also feels like doing the same. Upon request by her boyfriend, Natasha recently visited a doctor, had an x-ray done, and had other tests, and guess what? She turned out okay. The doctor, however, recommended that she stops the addiction because there was a possibility that she could take in parasites that could affect her health. Being an addict for nearly a decade, the habit won’t go away quickly, though.

2 Drinking Urine

Drinking urine is a thing and there’s a meetup group in Colorado

There have been many debates about the health benefits of drinking personal urine, but the idea—healthy or not—makes many cringe. However, some people have gone on to implement the concept as the debate continues. After discovering no scientific treatment options for their ailments, several patients formed a group where they would drink their own pee, hoping to get cured. One of the patients narrates that the habit helps him manage eczema in his hands; he literally found a cure within himself.

Another group member claims that she has been drinking her urine since 1983. Not only does she drink it, but she also uses it to cleanse her eyes and wash her face. Many of the group members also soak their feet in pee. They say it makes their feet “lighter than air.”

1 Eating a Dead Person

Meet The Woman Addicted To Eating Her Husband’s Ashes! | My Strange Addiction

We all agree eating a dead person is beyond strange, right? Apparently, for Cassie, that forms a part of her daily routine. She carries her husband’s ashes and eats a potion at every opportunity. Cassie doesn’t leave her deceased lover behind, from the grocery stores to the restaurants and shopping centers! She talks to him and cooks his favorite meals, and they watch his favorite shows together. Cassie believes these are acts of love and doesn’t see anything wrong with them.

They were married after dating for ten months, but her husband later passed on after succumbing to a severe asthma attack. Her addiction started when some ashes spilled on her fingers, and because she didn’t have a cloth to wipe them with, she decided to lick herself clean. Little did she know that this would mark the beginning of a crazy addiction.

fact checked by Rachel Jones