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Top 10 ’90s Trinkets Worth a Fortune

by Toby Oliva
fact checked by Rachel Jones

In my opinion, the ’90s were arguably better than the current generation, especially when it comes to rare toys, music, TV shows, and fashion. If you were lucky enough to own some of the most coveted gems from that period, you might want to sift through your stuff since you could be sitting on a fortune.

Something as small as a rare transformer action figure could make you hundreds of dollars richer. Stick around to find out which trinkets from the ’90s could make you a fortune on the market today.

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10 Hot Wheels Funny Cars

The Top 10 Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars

As we speak, over a billion hot wheels have been released in the market. While most of them cost a few dollars, the rare pieces and prototypes are worth hundreds of dollars, and they keep getting more valuable as time goes by. For example, one of the first ever hot wheels to be released that mimics a white Camaro is now worth $2,500, but people are willing to pay more if it comes in good condition.

Another costly hot wheels is the Cheetah Python. It was one of the few collections designed by Bill Cushenberry and was forged after a dream he had. At first, the collection wasn’t meant to be released to the public, but somehow a few made it out of the factory and are now worth almost $10,000.

It’s easy to see why the Cash Money Hot Wheels is the most expensive out of all the cars designed by the franchise. Its body is encrusted with real diamonds and topped with an 18-karat gold frame. As if that’s not enough, it has red-cut rubies on the brake lights and a lot more expensive additions. The franchise made only one of its kind, now valued at $140,000.

9 Furby Toy

Furby toys debuted in 1998, and surprisingly the franchise sold $1.8 million pieces that year. While it certainly wasn’t the most innovative toy out there, it was one of the few that could mimic words, making it hit with kids everywhere. While Furbys used to be a few dollars maximum, some people are now willing to pay a few hundred for that scary-looking owl toy.

For this reason, if you were lucky enough to buy a Furby from the exclusive collections and it’s still in excellent condition, consider listing it for sale. Take the Bejeweled Furby, for example; only five of the same were released to the public, and considering its original price tag was $100,000, you can now sell it for way more money.

The most expensive Furby to be sold in the secondary market was listed on eBay and ended up selling for over $4550, which was still a shocker despite its pristine condition.

Aside from the Furbys mentioned above, you can easily sell yours for more than $500 regardless of whether it was from a rare collection, which is not a fortune but still exceeds the original price tenfold.

8 Pokémon Cards

Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Pokemon Cards

If you were a Pokémon fanatic back in the ‘90s who didn’t mind spending money on rare cards, you might have made one of the best investments of that time. While the price of Pokémon cards has been steadily decreasing, they are still worth a fortune.

There are over 20 collections that can make you a millionaire, but the Pikachu illustrator is the most expensive one. YouTuber Logan Paul bought it for $5.275 million in July 2021, which caused a social media frenzy. Considering there are 40 similar cards in circulation, you should check your collection.

Another classic has to be the first edition of Shadowless Holographic Charizard, which was released in 1999. Due to how rare it is, this card remains arguably the most sought-after, with one of them selling for $420,000 at an auction in 2022.

Though the Pokémon Blastoise isn’t the most expensive collectors’ card in the market, it is the rarest. Only two of the same cards were ever created, and only one can be traced. In 2021, this card sold for $360,000 at a private auction.

If you have any Pokémon original cards, you might want to get them valued. While they might not be worth millions, chances are a fan/collector will be willing to pay good money for them.

7 Disney VHS Tapes

🎥 Are Your Disney VHS Tapes Worth 🤑 $20,000? (Top 15 Highest Selling VHS Tapes)

Only a few things can help you relive your childhood like re-watching classic Disney movies. While you can easily tune into the Disney streaming service to access any classics now, people from the ’90s relied on VHS tapes which were relatively rare as Disney moved titles into and out of their vault. Sometimes, certain movies weren’t available for years after their initial VHS release.

If you were lucky enough to own Disney VHS tapes with the black diamond mark/label at the corners, you should consider listing them for sale as they are worth a lot. Bonus points if you have a collection considering there is a seller listing his collection of VHS tapes for a whopping $150,000.

In 2019, someone sold their black diamond Beauty and the Beast VHS tape for $10,000, which piqued the attention of other collectors. However, you need to be strategic about your listing considering many people argue that the tapes shouldn’t be worth more than $30. But there’s a high chance you’ll struggle to find someone who appreciates its value.

6 Michael Jordan Jersey

This Rare Michael Jordan Jersey Sold For A Record $10 Million 🤯🤑

Sports fanatics go above and beyond to see their favorite player in action. To take it an extra mile, fans usually buy original jerseys of their favorite player for outrageous prices. One classic example is when Michael Jordan’s jersey from the first game of the 1998 NBA finals almost broke the world record. It sold for $10 million in an auction hosted by Invictus.

Shockingly enough, the jersey, which was priced outrageously before the bid began, received 20 bids and would have gotten more had the buyer not shocked the crowd with his undisputed offer.

5 Black Lotus Magic Card

Black Lotus: The Most Expensive Magic: the Gathering Card Ever #Shorts

If you thought trading cards were affordable, think again. The Black Lotus, which is part of Magic: The Gathering, is one of the most expensive cards ever sold. In 2021, it was listed on an eBay auction and ended up going for a whopping $511,100, three times what the seller bought it for in 2019. If past trends are anything to go by, its value will keep going up as time progresses.

Part of the reason this card is as valuable as its price depicts is that it was the first ever made from the collection and carries the author’s signature on its casing. Also, the designers made it in a unique shape that was soon discontinued, making it stand out.

Did I mention that anyone who draws this card while gaming gets to cast powerful spells that put them in an advantageous position?

4 Action Figures

The 1995 Return of Star Wars Toys | Toysplosion

Action figures are arguably one of the priciest collectible trinkets from the ’90s. While not many people can justify spending a dime on the latest action figures, the original ones, especially those released for popular films, are worth millions.

One of these action figures is the Rocket-firing Boba Fett, which was to be released with the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back movie. Sadly (or not), it was never mass-produced and is now worth more than $200,000.

Another expensive action figure is the handmade prototype for G.I Joe that was sold in an auction at $600,000. While you could get the mass-produced ones for cheaper in the ’90s, you can now easily sell them for a couple of hundred dollars.

Funny enough, some of the most expensive action figures are the ones that failed the beta testing for the Star Wars franchise and were never mass-produced. One example is Obi-Wan Kenobi, which recently sold for $65,000.

Lastly, if you are one of the 12 people who own a tri-logo General Madine, you are sitting on a gold mine. Due to how rare the said action figure is, it recently sold for $12,500 at an auction despite being initially bought for only a few hundred dollars when it was released in 1983.

3 Jurassic Park Toys

Top 10 Most EXPENSIVE Jurassic Park Toys

Each time Jurassic Park released a new movie, they would also release toys modeled after the movie characters, and they would always sell out in a few days. While some of the said toys were mass-produced, others were limited editions, and the original buyers would later sell them for a few hundred more than the initial price.

One of the most sought-after Jurassic Park toys is the series two Carnotaurus Demon. If you have one that’s in the original packaging plus the accessories, it’s worth more than $1,000.

When Jurassic 3 was released, it brought along the infrared remote control spinosaurus. At that moment, there was nothing special about it, but the movie didn’t do as well, and only a few of the said toys were produced, raising the demand. As of now, if you have a new toy in pristine condition, you can start eBay bidding at $900 and are bound to make a decent amount.

2 Beanie Babies

The Most Expensive Beanie Babies You Might Have

As someone who grew up in the ’90s, chances are you owned one of the Beanie Babies’ toys at one point or the other. Most people trashed theirs, but you will be shocked to discover they are now worth a hefty chunk of change for whatever reason. Of course, for your beanie baby to be worth anything today, it must have the original TY sticker and be in pristine condition.

For example, the Princess Di Bear Beanie retails for close to $10,000. Its value is mainly attributed to the fact that it was dedicated to Princess Diana, and only a few pieces were ever created. But that isn’t all—remember Bubbles?

Well, beanies from that release could now make you $120,000 richer. It’s easy to see why considering it was one of the most sought-after collections, and it never seemed to be in stock.

There was even a supposedly rare Valentino beanie bear listed on Etsy valued at $43,000. And many other dolls from the beanie collection are now worth a lot. If you can still get to the attic and figure out which box they’re hiding in, you might want to find them and cash in!

1 Original Harry Potter Books


When the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, was released in the ’90s, the franchise was not as well known as it is now. Only a few avid readers bothered buying one of the 500 hardcover copies that were released.

To put it into perspective, 300 of the 500 hardcopy books were donated to children’s libraries and schools, leaving only 200 for the masses. According to AbeBooks, one hardcover book from that collection is expected to fetch more than 30,000 euros. If you have an original copy, check to see if the print line reads 10987654321 and the author name reads Joanne Rowling and not JK Rowling.

If you have the first edition hardcover of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone book, you can easily list it for $5000. To confirm whether your book falls in the said category, check to see if it has the print line 1357910864289/9 0/0 01 02 plus the wording first American edition, October 1998.

In short, all the hardcopy first editions of any books from the Harry Potter franchise are now worth four figures and above. However, if you have paperback originals that carry JK Rowling’s signature, you can also list them for an impressive amount.

fact checked by Rachel Jones