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10 Puzzling Tales of Astronauts on Lunar and Planetary Missions

by Bernard
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

Just as ancient travelers once ventured to the far reaches of the Earth in search of adventure and knowledge, astronauts on lunar and planetary missions have now ventured to the far reaches of our solar system to uncover the mysteries of the cosmos. But just as the stories of foreign tribes and lands grew wilder with each retelling in antiquity, so too have the stories of these space missions become shrouded in mystery and speculation.

So today, we delve into the strange and unexplained events during some of the most famous space missions and the theories that have been put forward to explain them.

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10 NASA Astronauts Reveals Encounter with Aliens

In Their Own Words: Astronaut Leland Melvin

NASA astronaut Leland Melvin had quite the out-of-this-world experience. During one of his space missions, Melvin and another astronaut spotted something “organic/alien-like” floating outside the payload bay. NASA tried to brush it off as just some ice that had broken off from a Freon hose, but Melvin described the object as “translucent, curved, and organic-looking.”

In an attempt to share his experience, Melvin took to Twitter and shared it with Scott Waring, founder of the popular blog UFO Sightings Daily. And let’s say one little alien-head emoji at the end of his tweet sent the internet into a frenzy.

This incident sparked renewed interest in the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the potential for encounters during space missions. Despite NASA’s explanation, Melvin’s first-hand account of the event left many wondering if there was more to the story than officially disclosed. The incident once again raised the question of whether or not we are alone in the universe.

Melvin’s encounter added to the ongoing debate about the existence of alien life and the potential of alien encounters during space missions. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have all the answers, but for now, we’ll have to live with the thrill of the unknown.[1]

9 Retired Astronaut Chris Hadfield Describes a Tense Moment during a Trip

Astronaut Chris Hadfield on 13 Moments That Changed His Life | WIRED

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield had a moment of tension during a trip to the Russian space station MIR that would make even the bravest of us sweat. As the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space, Hadfield experienced a high-stakes situation that required quick thinking and precise maneuvers. A slight miscalculation during the docking process could have destroyed the space station and caused the death of the crew.

As the crew approached the station, conflicting reports were received from the sensors on the approaching spacecraft. It was like trying to land a plane in a blizzard. Hadfield stated that it was a critical moment and that a tiny mistake could have meant disaster for the entire mission and the lives of the crew on board the station. But Chris and his team were not the people to back down from a challenge.

Despite the uncertainty, the team made a quick decision with no outside assistance and successfully docked safely at the correct speed, avoiding any potential catastrophe. It was a testament to their skills, quick thinking, and bravery. You could say they docked like a boss! And with that, they avoided becoming a space statistic and lived to tell the tale.[2]

8 Mysterious Knocking in Space

Who or What Is Knocking On His Spacecraft? | NASA’s Unexplained Files

China’s first astronaut, Yang Liwei, had a captivating experience while in space. He revealed that he heard a mysterious knocking aboard the Shenzhou 5 spacecraft. He described the sound as coming from outside the spaceship, like someone knocking on the door, but it was not something that was part of the standard operating sounds of the ship. Despite being puzzled by the noise, Liwei said it did not impact the mission.

Liwei humorously joked about the experience, suggesting that it could have been an attempt at communication from an alien life form, but unfortunately, he did not speak their language. The cause of the knocking sound remains a mystery, but it certainly added an element of excitement to Liwei’s trip to space. The incident left him with many questions and a good story to tell.[3]

7 Jerry Linenger’s Dinner Interrupted by Fire

Life-Threatening Cabin Fire On The Mir Space Station | Secret Space Escapes

As Jerry Linenger sat down for a peaceful dinner on board the Mir space station, he never could have imagined the nightmare about to unfold. A tank of combustible chemicals caught fire and turned into a raging inferno, engulfing the station in flames. Linenger and his team quickly fought the fire and worked tirelessly to prevent it from spreading. They were determined to stay calm and focused, knowing that one mistake could mean the difference between life and death.

As the three astronauts battled the fire, the other three crew members prepared for an emergency escape. However, the situation was dire as one of the two Soyuz ships was blocked by the fire, leaving only three of the six crew members with a chance of escape. But Linenger and his team were not about to give up. They fought the fire with all their might, and after 14 minutes, they finally managed to contain it. Their bravery and determination in the face of such a crisis are truly admirable.[4]

6 Kelly’s Cryptic Message about Aliens

Are aliens real? Astronaut Scott Kelly answers

Scott Kelly’s recent 340-day stint on the International Space Station (ISS) sparked excitement among UFO enthusiasts as they believed the astronaut may have discreetly tried to tell the world about his encounter with aliens. A video shared online suggested that Kelly let it slip out subtly because of an alleged cover-up by NASA and the U.S. Government. In an interview, Kelly commented that adjusting to space is more manageable than changing to Earth and that maybe aliens have it a lot easier than humans. This comment led some to believe that he may have encountered extraterrestrial life.

Moreover, Kelly also talked about a virtual reality game the astronauts played on the ISS, which simulated an alien attack on the space station. Some UFO enthusiasts believed that this was a sign that NASA was aware of aliens and was preparing for a possible alien encounter. While it was unclear whether Kelly was joking, his comments reignited the debate about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the possibility of alien encounters during space missions. It was yet to be seen if Kelly’s cryptic message held any truth, but it certainly captivated the imagination of many.[5]

5 Bob Curbeam Covered in Poisonous Ammonia

Toxic Ammonia Leak Threatens ISS Crew

Bob Curbeam’s spacewalk on the shuttle Discovery’s mission to the ISS was supposed to be a routine rewiring of the station’s electrical system. However, things turned terrifying when a cooling line leaked ammonia, a toxic chemical used in the station’s cooling systems, all over Curbeam’s spacesuit. As he struggled to shut off the flow, the ammonia coated his suit, creating a cloud of toxic mist in the vacuum of space.

Curbeam, a seasoned astronaut with years of training and experience, knew the dire situation. He had to act quickly to shut off the ammonia flow and prevent further damage to the space station. With the clock ticking, he strained against the locking device, finally using all his strength to shut off the flow. Despite the danger, Curbeam remained calm and composed, never panicking.

The incident was a stark reminder that space is a harsh and unforgiving environment and that even the most experienced and well-trained astronauts are not immune to the dangers of the unknown. Bob Curbeam’s story of extraordinary competence and quick reaction under pressure is a testament to the strength and skill of the men and women who risk their lives to explore the final frontier.[6]

4 NASA Astronaut Abandoned on Mars

Did Randy Cramer Fight ALIENS On Mars For 17 Years? TRY NOT TO LAUGH CHALLENGE.

Randy Cramer claims to have spent 17 years on Mars as part of a top-secret military program. He and other soldiers were sent to establish a human colony and defend it against hostile extraterrestrial threats. He describes the Martian landscape as rugged and beautiful, with towering red mountains and vast deserts.

Cramer also states to have encountered various alien species, both friendly and hostile, and talks about secret underground facilities, advanced technology, and even time travel. Cramer’s account is highly controversial, but it continues to capture the public imagination. [7]

3 Scott Parazynski on Risking Electrocution

Challenges of Spacewalking – Scott Parazynski

Scott Parazynski faced a dangerous spacewalk with saving the ISS from a jammed solar panel. The journey was nerve-wracking due to the distance and the potential risk to himself. If there was any metal-to-metal connection with the solar panel or arcing, it could have electrocuted him or caused ignition of the 100% oxygen in his spacesuit.

Parazynski had to work with specially insulated tools and wrap the metal parts of his spacesuit in special tape to avoid any risks.[8]

2 The Tense Return of Soyeon Yi

Soyeon Yi ‘s Historic Flight

Soyeon Yi, the first Korean astronaut, had a journey out of this world, literally! As she returned to Earth from the ISS, the spacecraft began its descent, and the crew soon realized they were off course and had no idea where they were. Yi described the landing as a struggle, as the force of gravity made it difficult for the crew to disembark.

But the real adventure began after they landed. The crew found themselves stranded in a remote area of Kazakhstan, with nothing but a GPS and a satellite phone on the spacecraft to make contact with the Russian Space Agency. It was like a scene straight out of a survival movie, but with fewer bear attacks and more space suits.

Luckily for them, a helicopter eventually arrived on the scene, and they could return home safely. Although it was a nerve-wracking journey, it’s a story that will be told for generations to come. Who knows, maybe one-day Soyeon Yi’s great-grandchildren will look back and laugh at their ancestor’s space mishaps.[9]

1 Astronauts Heard Weird Music

Recorded Audio: Unexplained Transmissions from the Moon – NASA’s Declassified Apollo 10 Tape

The Apollo 10 astronauts were on a mission to pave the way for the historic Apollo 11 moon landing, but they stumbled upon something they never expected—alien music! As they orbited the moon in 1969, the astronauts heard strange whistling sounds that they described as “outer-space-type music.” They were convinced that it was an extraterrestrial symphony and couldn’t believe their luck for being the first human beings to discover it. But alas, it was not meant to be.

The whistling sound was just interference between the VHF radios on the two vehicles. The astronauts were disappointed, but at least they had a good story to tell their grandkids. They might not have discovered aliens, but they did find the sweet sound of radio interference in space.[10]

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen