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10 Most Awkward Kiss-Cam Moments

by Amber Smith
fact checked by Rachel Jones

The kiss cam is a staple at modern sporting events. And if you don’t know what that is, the name says it all. The camera literally pans to couples in the audience and peer-pressures them to share a kiss. And the crowd eats it up!

While most people find it a fun and harmless game, it can lead to some awkward moments, especially when the couples caught on camera aren’t quite on the same page.

Nobody’s off limits—celebrities, athletes, and ordinary fans have all been on the kiss cam, giving some of the most heartwarming or ick moments over the years. Here are some of the most awkward kiss cam situations, so you can decide for yourself whether they’re funny or cringeworthy.

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10 Keeping It in the Family

Thunder put brother and sister on kiss cam

Forget kissing cousins; we’re talking about siblings on the kiss cam. Is there anything more awkward and hilarious at the same time?

You know what I’m talking about—that moment when the camera focuses on two people, and it’s clear they have absolutely zero intention of smooching.

The facial expressions and body language are priceless as they try to dodge the camera or just burst out laughing. It happens so frequently that some people come prepared with signs or plan out what they’ll do if they end up on the jumbotron.

Then again, some siblings use the spotlight to show off their dance moves or perform a quick skit, leaving everyone laughing. Even if the siblings choose to do nothing, it’s still funny watching the awkward energy.

9 Celebrities Locking Lips


You would think that people who work in front of the camera wouldn’t care about being on the kiss cam, but they’re just like everyone else. We love when the stadium camera captures that uncomfortable tension between famous faces and their significant others.

See, the best kiss-cam moments featuring celebrities are the ones that catch them off guard. Maybe they’re caught mid-conversation or wearing a mascot head. Whatever the case, it’s the unexpectedness of these moments that gets us.

Kiss-cam moments featuring celebrities are a nice reminder that even the rich and famous can’t escape the awkwardness of PDA.

8 Problems in Paradise

Kiss Cam catches epic fight between couple CALİFORNİA

Capturing a lover’s spat between couples is another comedy gem the kiss-cam gods have given us. Imagine being in front of thousands of people, all rooting for you to make out, only to wind up airing your dirty laundry for the whole arena. Secondhand embarrassment is real here, folks.

Sometimes, couples will start out playfully teasing each other… until the argument turns real. You can practically feel the energy switch on the screen. And when the couple takes things to the next level and starts a full-on brawl right there on the kiss cam? Gold. They end up throwing popcorn or drinks on each other. Time for the penalty box!

It really makes me curious how many relationships the kiss cam is responsible for ending.

7 Anything for That Kiss

They’re always so hopeful. That one person who’s ready and eager to pucker up leans in for the kiss, only to be met with a cheek turn or (worse) a laugh. Nothing is worse than getting rejected by someone who’s clearly not feeling it.

But things get really uncomfortable when they don’t give up. They’ll keep trying, going in for multiple attempts, each more hilarious than the last. From silly faces to a full-on dive at their neighbor, they’ll do whatever it takes to get that coveted smooch. It’s funny when they obviously know each other, but it gets weird when they’re total strangers.

6 I’m Not With Them

Chicago Bulls kiss cam FAIL – Jan 7th, 2015

Kiss-cam operators aren’t perfect, so when the camera winds up on the wrong couple, everyone feels confused for a moment. The camera zooms in on two hilariously mismatched strangers, leading to a hilariously awkward interaction.

There have even been moments when the person scrambles to find their partner. They start pointing or gesturing wildly, even running across the stadium, all while the audience laughs and cheers. But what really kills me is when the camera operator doubles down on his mistakes and keeps cutting back to the strangers until they finally plant one.

5 Furries Need Love Too

mascot cows kiss

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the kiss cam focuses on a couple about to share a smooch, only to be interrupted by the mascot. The mascot jumps in between the couple, steals a kiss for themselves, or just stands there. Either way, we love it.

Who would have thought a giant furry creature would be the one to disrupt a steamy display of affection? The skit happening in this clip is just as funny to me as seeing the couple get interrupted. Probably because it combines multiple things on this list, we count it as one of the best kiss-cam moments to ever have happened.

4 Awkward! Kiss-Cam Friend Zone

Friendzoned Guy Has an Awkward Moment On The Kiss Cam

The dreaded friend zone: a place where unrequited love goes to die. And what better place to showcase the friend zone than on the kiss cam?

It’s a tale as old as time—the camera zooms in on a pair of friends. One (usually the guy) is clearly interested in something more. They’ll lean in for a kiss, only to be met with an awkward swerve or a quick peck on the cheek.

It’s probably every “nice guy’s” dream and nightmare rolled up in one awkward encounter. Moments like these can serve as cautionary tales that, sometimes, love just isn’t meant to be.

3 Love Never Dies

Most Memorable Moments from the NBA’s Kiss Cam

Nine out of ten times, seeing a pair of senior citizens on the kiss cam is going to end with a tender sweet kiss. You know, the kind every romance author tries (and usually fails) to write about. But that 10th time is gold.

It truly is a magical moment when the couple is past the age of shame and embodies the saying, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” And these kiss-cam moments are a heartwarming reminder that love is truly ageless. These couples have been through it all, and yet they still take joy in sharing a public display of affection.

Hopefully, we can all keep the same energy this grandpa has because this has “till death do us part” vibes written all over it.

2 Stealing the Show

Girl proposes to boyfriend during Kiss Cam

When someone uses the kiss-cam as an opportunity to propose in front of thousands of people, it can be an uncomfortable moment if the other person says no or even if they take too long to answer.

The best part about kiss-cam proposals is the sheer unpredictability of it all. You never know what’s going to happen, but you can always count on a story to tell your friends later.

And this is one of the times when it gets more awkward the more you think about it. There’s usually a good amount of planning and effort put into a proposal, so if the response isn’t what you were hoping, it could be the most cringy moment of your life.

Lucky for this guy, his girlfriend knew him well enough that she nailed this proposal. My advice is if you aren’t sure they will say yes, don’t ask. Write that down—it will save you in the future.

1 Flying Solo Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Guy chooses beer on kiss cam

It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with doing things on your own or taking yourself on a date. It can be very grounding and beneficial for your mental health.

But for most people, going to dinner or a movie by themselves is awkward enough. Just imagine going to a sporting event only to have your singleness announced to a crowd of thousands.

And it makes perfect sense to have a huge range of emotions. The kiss cam is meant for displaying love and intimacy in public between couples. Public “self-love” is usually frowned upon, so it’s natural to feel awkward, timid, or anxious being on the big screen.

But don’t let nerves stop you from having a good time. The guy in the clip used it to show his dog some love! If you don’t have a dog on hand, here are some other ideas, so you don’t have to let the moment pass unmarked:

  • Chug your drink
  • Eat your food animal style
  • Come prepared with some small props
  • Dance like nobody’s watching
  • Sink to the floor and disappear

Luckily, kiss cam solo moments are perfect for being ridiculous. If the kiss cam focuses on you, go crazy; steal the show. You’ll make a great memory and hopefully spread some love.

fact checked by Rachel Jones