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10 Signs Your Neighbor Is a Practicing Witch

by Amber Smith
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Let’s get real for a second. Witches aren’t just the stuff of fairy tales and Halloween decorations. They live among us, often living a normal life like everyone else. But don’t worry. They’re not probably not brewing cauldrons with eye-of-newt or casting spells on your pet hamster. They’re practicing their religion, Wicca, a nature-based, pagan belief system founded in the mid-twentieth century.

Many claim that witches often have unique characteristics that set them apart from the mundane world. So if you suspect your neighbor might be a practicing witch, here are ten signs to look out for.

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10 They Can Sense the Unseen

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When it comes to intuition, your witchy neighbor has a direct hotline to the universe. It’s like they have a built-in GPS while the rest of us try navigating using an old paper map. They’re the ones who’ll casually mention, “I had a feeling this would happen,” right before it does.

This uncanny ability to predict events or make spot-on decisions is more than good luck. Witches tap into the unseen energies that flow around us, giving them an edge when making life choices. While the rest of us fret about our decisions, they’ve already calculated the most likely outcome.

Picture choosing between two job offers, and your neighbor, who’s definitely a witch, casually says, “You should go with the second one. Trust me.” You follow their advice and, voila, it turns out to be the best decision ever. It’s like having your very own magical life coach living next door.

9 They Defend the Environment

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Your witchy neighbor is the ultimate environmental warrior. They’re not just on a health kick. They’re trying to save the planet, one organic carrot at a time. If you’ve ever spotted them scanning ingredient lists like a detective hunting for clues, they’re not being overly fussy. They’re defending their fortress of well-being./p>

While the rest of us might be blissfully oblivious to the chemicals and additives lurking in our food, your neighbor possesses an uncanny sensitivity to these culprits. It’s like they have a built-in toxin radar. Their body rejects anything unnatural, leading to a diet that crosses between a garden and a farmer’s market.

Don’t roll your eyes the next time you’re shopping together, and they pull out the magnifying glass to scrutinize the label on a cereal box. They’re not overdoing it. They’re fighting a one-person battle against the forces of processed food and artificial ingredients.

8 They’re Tuned into Energy

Working with energies | Discover your secret witch power

Your witchy neighbor is like a walking barometer for vibes. While most of us need an app to tell us the weather, they can walk into a room and sense the energy like a dog sniffing treats. If they tell you, “Something doesn’t feel right,” it’s time to pay attention.

This heightened sensitivity to energy means they live in a world of subtle cues and vibes that most of us miss. Whether exploring a new place or meeting new people, they have an almost mystical sense of the underlying currents. It’s like having a built-in lie detector that goes off when someone’s words don’t match their energy.

Imagine you’re at a party with your witchy neighbor, and they whisper, “I get a bad vibe from that guy.” You might be skeptical, but chances are they’re picking up on something your conscious mind hasn’t registered. They’re like the emotional Sherlock Holmes of your social circle.

7 They Meet Spirits in Their Dreams

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Your witchy neighbor’s dreams are like an Oscar-worthy movie with a cast of otherworldly characters. They’re having a mystical adventure. While most of us forget our dreams the moment we wake up, they remember theirs with the precision of a personal diary.

These dreams aren’t just random. They often involve encounters with spirits, spirit guides, or entities from the mystical realm. It’s like they’ve got an open invitation to the spiritual world, and their dreams are the backstage pass.

The next time they casually mention, “I dreamed of my grandmother last night,” don’t brush it off. For them, these dream encounters are a significant aspect of their lives, offering guidance, comfort, or simply a deeper connection to the unexplainable. It’s like having an ongoing conversation with the cosmos while we are in dreamland limbo.

6 They Befriend Animals Everywhere

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Ever wonder why your witchy neighbor’s garden is a perpetual Disney movie? It’s not just luck. It’s because animals genuinely adore them. They’ve got a Dr. Doolittle vibe, and animals seem to know it.

Stray cats adopt them as their new BFFs, birds use their shoulder as a landing pad, and even squirrels approve. When they’re around, nature goes into “party mode,” like living in a scene from Snow White.

So when you’re out for a walk with your neighbor and see a squirrel rush over to hand them a tiny acorn, don’t be surprised. Animals are drawn to their energy like moths to a mystical flame. Your neighbor’s backyard is like a wildlife VIP club, and everyone’s invited.

5 They Smell Phantom Scents and Cosmic Messages

Smells Of The Spirit Realm | Paranormal Odors, Spiritual Sense Of Smell Awakened | Demonic Smells

Your witchy neighbor’s sense of smell is like a supernatural GPS. They often pick up on fragrances that seem to come from nowhere. These scents are often tied to significant moments, memories, or the mystical. It’s like they have a ghostly aromatherapy diffuser following them around.

Picture having a conversation, and they suddenly say, “I smell roses. Do you smell roses?” You don’t, but they’re not crazy. These phantom scents are like little postcards from the universe, giving them a whiff of something meaningful. It’s their way of receiving messages from the cosmic postman.

So the next time you’re at a garden party hosted by your neighbor, and they declare, “I smell a hint of lavender,” don’t worry. They’re tapping into the ethereal scent universe we can’t perceive.

4 They Long for a “Home” Beyond the Horizon

Hecate | The Ancient Origins of the Goddess of Witchcraft

Your witchy neighbor might occasionally wax poetic about a profound sense of longing. It’s not about a physical place on a map. It’s a metaphysical yearning for something beyond the realm of the ordinary.

When they mention feeling like they want to “go home,” it’s not because they’re sick of their living room decor. This sense of displacement reflects their belief in a spiritual realm or past lives. It’s like they’re homesick for a place that exists beyond the boundaries of our physical world.

Imagine you’re sharing a cup of tea with your neighbor, and they sigh, “I just feel like I don’t belong here sometimes.” They’re not having an existential crisis. They’re expressing their deep-seated connection to a greater spiritual dimension. It’s like longing for a cosmic family reunion.

3 They Have Clairaudient Abilities

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Your witchy neighbor is the neighborhood’s very own paranormal radio receiver. They can hear sounds, voices, or messages that aren’t audible to the rest of us. These auditory experiences can be like a one-person karaoke night with invisible backup singers.

So the next time they suddenly stop and say, “Did you hear that?” when there’s nothing to hear, don’t assume they’ve gone off the deep end. They’re probably using their clairaudient abilities to tune into a frequency most of us don’t even know exists.

These abilities often surface during meditation, prayer, or deep moments of spiritual connection. Instead of headphones, your neighbor has a direct line to the cosmic sound system, picking up messages and melodies from beyond the earthly realm.

2 They Have an Old Soul and a Young Heart

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Your neighbor is like a fine wine in a never-ending carnival. They carry the wisdom of countless lifetimes. Yet they approach life with a youthful enthusiasm that can put teenagers to shame. It’s like they’re flipping through ancient philosophy texts one moment and hosting a dance party the next.

This combination of an old soul and a young heart is a unique hallmark of many witches. While they can recite Aristotle’s philosophy with the best of them, they’re also the ones who’ll suggest going roller-skating on a whim. It’s like having a timeless sage living next door but with a killer sense of humor.

The next time your neighbor offers to explain the intricacies of ancient philosophies while making funny faces to entertain your kids, don’t be surprised. They’re a walking encyclopedia of wisdom and a never-ending source of joy.

1 They Sense Vibes and Emotions

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When feeling the vibes, your neighbor is the Jedi Master. They’re not just in tune with their emotions. They’re like an emotional sponge for everyone around them. If they sense that something’s off, their emotional Spidey sense is tingling.

This heightened empathy is more than just being a good listener. It’s an ability to absorb and understand the emotional states of those nearby. It’s like having a human mood ring that can sense when someone’s feeling blue, even when that person is pretending to be on top of the world.

The next time your neighbor offers a comforting shoulder to cry on or knows exactly what to say when you’re down, don’t think they’re just lucky. They’re tapping into an empathetic superpower that’s more accurate than any mood app you could download.

+ Bonus Sign: They’re a Herbal Alchemist and Crystal Connoisseur

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Your neighbor’s hobbies go way beyond stamp collecting or model trains. They’ve got an entire garden filled with herbs that would make a botanist jealous and a collection of crystals that could rival a geological museum. If they talk about their “rock garden,” they’re not landscaping. They’re creating a sacred space.

These herbs and crystals are tools for magic and healing. Your neighbor doesn’t just grow basil. They grow protection herbs. And those crystals? Each has a specific purpose, from enhancing energy to warding off negativity. It’s like living next door to a botanical magician.

When your neighbor casually offers you some dried lavender to help you sleep better or suggests you carry a piece of amethyst for balance, don’t dismiss it as a quirky hobby. It’s a window into their world of enchantment and metaphysical practices, where every herb and crystal has a purpose.

fact checked by Rachel Jones