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Top 10 Rare and Valuable Collectibles Owned by Celebrities

by Steve Etherwood
fact checked by Rachel Jones

Celebrities often steal the limelight for their impressive careers, fashion choices, and luxurious lifestyles. However, many don’t realize that some of these famous personalities are passionate collectors of rare and valuable items. Beyond the glitz and glamour, there’s a fascinating world of celebrity collectibles. Here are the top ten, from Michael Jackson’s velvet jacket to Rod Stewart’s model trains.

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10 Kim Kardashian’s Michael Jackson Velvet Jacket

Kim Kardashian Gifts Her Daughter A $65,000 Michael Jackson Jacket for Christmas

Kim Kardashian’s rare and valuable collectibles are as fabulous as the reality star. Still, one standout piece that has captured the attention of fans and collectors alike is her Michael Jackson velvet jacket. This iconic jacket once belonged to the King of Pop, making it a priceless treasure in celebrity memorabilia.

The Michael Jackson velvet jacket is the peak of musical history and extravagance. Covered in luxurious black velvet and adorned with intricate gold embellishments, it’s a piece that exudes the same charisma that Michael Jackson himself did.

This jacket is more than just clothing. It’s a piece of pop culture history.

Kardashian’s possession of this legendary jacket adds to her impressive collection of rare items. While she’s often associated with high fashion and luxury, this piece brings an extra touch of nostalgia and reverence. It’s a reminder that celebrities, like all of us, can be fans at heart, and collecting items like this allows them to connect with their idols uniquely.

9 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Action Figures

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jaw-Dropping Action Figure Collection

Leonardo DiCaprio is an A-list actor and a hardcore collector of rare and valuable action figures. His love for these plastic heroes goes way beyond just movie roles. Among his impressive collection, one standout piece is the vintage Boba Fett action figure from the late 1970s. This bounty hunter from the Star Wars universe is a fan favorite, and the original figure in pristine condition can fetch a pretty penny at auctions.

DiCaprio’s passion doesn’t stop in a galaxy far, far away. He’s also known to own a rare and coveted G.I. Joe prototype. This action figure is the holy grail for G.I. Joe collectors, representing an early version of the iconic toy. Its scarcity and historical significance make it a must-have for anyone serious about collecting.

8 Angelina Jolie’s Antique Knives

Angelina Jolie’s Knife Collection Costs THIS MUCH!

Angelina Jolie, the Hollywood superstar known for her roles in blockbuster movies and humanitarian work, has a surprising passion for collecting rare and valuable antique knives. These aren’t your average kitchen utensils. We’re talking about ornate, historic blades that could easily double as museum pieces.

Jolie’s collection spans a wide range of cultures and periods. She’s rumored to own exquisite Persian daggers, Japanese katana swords, and even some European dueling swords. Each piece tells a unique story, reflecting the craftsmanship and artistry of its era.

One of her prized possessions is a 17th-century Scottish dirk with a beautifully carved hilt and a blade steeped in history. It’s said to have belonged to a nobleman, making it a true historical gem.

Jolie’s collection is even more impressive by her dedication to preserving these pieces of history. She’s known for meticulously caring for her knives, ensuring they remain pristine for future generations to appreciate.

7 Nicole Kidman’s Coin Collection

The Celebrities You Didn’t Know Collected Coins!!!

Nicole Kidman’s impressive coin collection is a hidden gem in the world of celebrity collectibles. While many know her for her Oscar-winning acting career, few know her passion for numismatics. Kidman’s collection features a wide array of rare and valuable coins, making it a coveted treasure trove for enthusiasts.

One standout piece in her collection is the 1804 Silver Dollar, often dubbed the “King of American Coins.” Only 15 of these coins are known to exist, making it one of the most sought-after items among collectors. Kidman’s possession of this piece is a testament to her dedication to the hobby.

Her collection also includes ancient Roman and Greek coins, showcasing her interest in history and classical civilizations. Her commitment to preserving these pieces of history sets Kidman apart as a collector. She’s not just amassing coins for their monetary value but also for the cultural and historical stories they tell.

6 Tom Hanks’s Typewriters

Tom Hanks’ Typewriter Collection is Making Typewriters Cool Again

The beloved Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has a passion for typewriters that’s almost as famous as his acting career. It’s not just about his roles in typewriter-centric movies like You’ve Got Mail. Tom is a true collector. Over the years, he’s amassed an impressive collection of vintage typewriters, making them a top entry on our list of rare and valuable collectibles owned by celebrities.

Hanks’s fascination with typewriters goes beyond mere nostalgia. He’s a connoisseur. His collection includes iconic models like the 1934 Smith Corona Sterling and the 1953 Hermes 3000, a favorite of famous writers such as Cormac McCarthy. These typewriters have become legendary in their own right.

What’s particularly endearing is that Hanks frequently shares his typewriter love with the world. He’s penned articles and even a book about typewriters, and he often sends typed letters to fans and friends.

5 Johnny Depp’s Barbie Dolls

Inside Johnny Depp’s Luxurious Barbie Collection!

Johnny Depp, the iconic actor known for his diverse roles and quirky personality, has an unexpected hobby that not many people know about—collecting Barbie dolls. You read that right. Depp has a penchant for these iconic fashion dolls, and his collection is nothing short of extraordinary.

Johnny Depp’s Barbie doll collection stands out as one of the most valuable among his vast collections of collectibles. He’s known to have some coveted Barbie dolls, including limited edition releases and custom-designed dolls. Some of these Barbie dolls are so rare that they can fetch a pretty penny in the collector’s market.

Depp’s fascination with Barbie dolls goes beyond just collecting them. He reportedly enjoys customizing them with his artistic touch, turning these dolls into unique pieces. It’s a testament to his creativity and attention to detail, even in a seemingly unconventional hobby.

4 Robert Downey Jr.’s Cars

Inside Robert Downey Jr.’s Impressive Car Collection

Robert Downey Jr. is no stranger to the world of rare and valuable collectibles. But what really sets him apart from the rest of Hollywood’s elite? His spectacular fleet of cars.

Downey Jr. is a true car enthusiast, and his collection reflects his passion for automotive craftsmanship. Topping the list is his stunning 1965 Ford Mustang GT, famously featured in the movie Iron Man. This iconic cinematic history is a testament to his connection with the Marvel universe.

But that’s not all. The actor also owns a sleek and modern Audi e-tron GT, showcasing his commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainability. This electric supercar combines style and performance, perfectly fitting Tony Stark’s alter ego.

If vintage classics are more your speed, Downey Jr. boasts a 1970 Chevrolet Camaro, adding a touch of American muscle to his garage. And let’s not forget his 1974 BMW 3.0 CS, a timeless gem that oozes sophistication.

Robert Downey Jr.’s cars aren’t just vehicles. They reflect his personality and journey from struggles to becoming one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars. Each car in his collection tells a unique story, making it a truly rare and valuable treasure trove for any automotive enthusiast.

3 Jay-Z’s Watch Collection

Jay Z’s Watch Collection is Out Of Control

Jay-Z’s watch collection is nothing short of legendary. The hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur has an exquisite taste for rare and valuable timepieces. Let’s dive into a few gems from his collection that will leave you in awe.

  1. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A-010: This watch is a grail for collectors. Jay-Z’s version features a sleek stainless steel case and a blue dial. It’s known for its classic design and can fetch a small fortune.
  2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore: Jay-Z has been spotted wearing various iterations of this iconic watch. With its sporty yet sophisticated look, it’s no wonder it’s a part of his collection.
  3. Richard Mille RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon: This is a watch like no other. The RM 69 displays suggestive phrases at the push of a button, making it a unique and controversial addition.
  4. Rolex Day-Date President: Jay-Z’s collection wouldn’t be complete without a Rolex. His Day-Date President symbolizes luxury and success, featuring a distinctive President bracelet and a signature dial.
  5. Hublot Big Bang: Jay-Z collaborated with Hublot to create his signature line. These timepieces are bold and stylish, just like the man himself.

Jay-Z’s watch collection is about more than just telling time. It’s a statement of his status, success, and impeccable taste. Each watch in his possession is rare and holds significant value in the world of horology. It’s no wonder Jay-Z’s wrist game is the envy of watch enthusiasts everywhere.

2 Mike Tyson’s X-Men Action Figures

20 Mike Tyson Facts You Didn’t Know..

Mike Tyson, the boxing legend, might be best known for his fierce punches in the ring. But did you know he’s also a collector of rare and valuable X-Men action figures? It’s not the hobby you’d expect from a heavyweight champion, but Tyson has always been full of surprises.

One of the standout pieces in Tyson’s collection is the X-Men #1 action figure set, released in 1991. This limited edition set features the original X-Men team, including Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, and Iceman. These figures are highly sought after by comic book and toy collectors alike. Tyson’s ownership adds an extra layer of allure to them.

What makes Tyson’s collection even more impressive is his dedication to preserving the condition of these action figures. They’re housed in custom-made, climate-controlled display cases, ensuring they remain pristine, just like his boxing gloves back in the day.

1 Rod Stewart’s Model Trains

Rod Stewart’s model train set is mind-blowingly realistic | Your Morning

When it comes to rare and valuable collectibles owned by celebrities, Rod Stewart’s passion for model trains might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Still, it’s a hobby that has captured the legend’s heart for decades. Stewart’s fascination with model trains began in the 1990s, and he has since amassed an impressive collection that any railfan would kill for.

What makes Rod Stewart’s collection of model trains so remarkable is not just its size but also its level of detail and historical significance. He’s known to have a special fondness for vintage model trains, particularly those dating back to the early 20th century. Some of the trains in his collection are unique pieces with immense historical and monetary value.

One standout in Stewart’s collection is a custom-made model of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal—true craftsmanship. This iconic train station replica alone is priceless.

fact checked by Rachel Jones