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10 More Secret Space Program Insiders

by Sammie Dove
fact checked by Jamie Frater

Not all UFO sightings can be passed off as hoaxes or weather balloons. The question is whether these mysterious objects are visitors from other worlds or examples of undisclosed human technology.

As it has expanded into a global hegemony, the US government has failed to stay true to the ideals of transparency and accountability upheld by the founding fathers. Over the years, many secrets have been kept from the American people for both noble and nefarious reasons. But where would the funding come from to covertly develop highly advanced aircraft and spacecraft?

According to Michigan State University economics professor Mark Skidmore, over $21 trillion is missing from the United States Treasury.[1] Most of this money has been spent by the Pentagon. With that kind of funding, any number of black budget projects could be developed completely outside the sphere of public awareness.

Besides funding, a secret space program would also need personnel. Over the years, whistle-blowers have emerged at significant personal risk to share stories of their involvement in such covert operations. They have described their experiences in great detail and have independently corroborated each other’s testimonies. Most of the attention that they have received has been negative, and the financial rewards have been slim to none.

While skepticism is the heart of truth-seeking, open-mindedness is the kernel of discovery. Here are ten more stories of individuals who claim to have insider knowledge about secret space programs.

10 Laura Eisenhower

Photo credit: Collective Evolution

Laura Eisenhower is the great-granddaughter of decorated World War II general and president of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower. During his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned about the unwarranted influence that had been gained by the military-industrial complex. According to her testimony, Laura Eisenhower witnessed the mind-bending results of this unrestrained power for herself in 2006.

Eisenhower reports that she has been targeted by dark forces since birth due to her ancestry. In 2006, she was tricked into falling in love with an agent of the shadow government. This man, referred to as “Agent X,” pestered her incessantly about joining a human colony on Mars. She was able to extricate herself from this arrangement and has been touring the ufology conference circuit ever since.

Laura Eisenhower is convinced that her great-grandfather was an ardent opponent of an occult cabal that has been secretly governing world affairs for centuries with extraterrestrial assistance and which reared its head in the form of the Third Reich.[2] Eisenhower isn’t convinced that the powers represented by the Nazis ended with World War II, and she has dedicated her life to dismantling the unwarranted influence about which her ancestor warned the world.

9 Andrew Basiago

Photo credit: Andrew Basiago

Laura Eisenhower isn’t the only purported witness to evidence of an alleged human colony on Mars. Andrew Basiago claims to have visited a Mars colony in 1981 as part of his work for the government as a child time traveler. Andrew was selected for this program due to his engineer father Raymond F. Basiago’s involvement in the development of DARPA’s Project Pegasus, a secret time travel program that Basiago wants to share with the world.[3]

As part of his work with Project Pegasus, Basiago was sent back in time to witness key historical events such as the Gettysburg Address. Basiago has even produced a picture of himself attending Lincoln’s momentous speech as a little boy. Andrew was also sent to the future and learned the identity of all future US presidents up to the year 2054. Though he was well-trained by DARPA, Basiago certainly wasn’t ready for the revelation that he, too, would one day occupy the Oval Office.

Basiago, a successful lawyer from Vancouver, Washington, ran as an independent in the 2016 presidential election. Though he didn’t garner many votes, he’s convinced that he will serve as either president or vice president of the United States before 2028.

Given Andrew’s history of presidential predictions, he might not be wrong: Before the 2016 election, he stated that he had no data on Hillary Clinton as president but remembered his father paying special attention to Donald Trump’s appearance on The Phil Donahue Show.

8 Randy Cramer

Photo credit: Pinterest

Randy Cramer was treated to a much longer tour of Mars than Basiago’s brief recon mission. According to Cramer’s testimony, he was stationed on Mars for 17 years as a captain in the Marine Corps’s “Special Section.” Cramer says that Special Section was created by President Eisenhower to balance the unchecked power of the MJ-12 group and claims that he was part of a Mars Defense Force composed of elite members of Special Section.

In 2014, Cramer was given the go-ahead to tell his full story by a Special Section brigadier general. Ever since, Randy has been sharing his experiences as a space Marine and spacecraft pilot with the world.

Cramer claims that a secret space program within the US Navy established a base on the Moon in the 1950s and another on Mars in the 1960s. He also says that the atmosphere on Mars is breathable in the equatorial regions, that the planet is inhabited by multiple indigenous races, and that Donald Rumsfeld was present on Mars for his retirement ceremony.

Corroborating the testimony of a number of other secret space program insiders, Cramer states that he was age-regressed at the end of his 20-year tour.[4] After returning to his teenage body, it took Randy quite some time to regain any memory of his military service in space.

7 Gary McKinnon

Photo credit: Latest UFO Sightings

In 2002, Gary McKinnon was arrested for hacking into 97 US military and NASA computers. McKinnon was convinced that the United States government was withholding information on UFOs from the public.[5] Most importantly, McKinnon claims that government agencies have covered up information on the type of technology that extraterrestrials have used to reach Earth: zero-point energy.

Also known as free energy, the release of zero-point energy technology would save the environment from the dangers of fossil fuels and disrupt the prevailing economic system to the point of collapse. Many UFO researchers claim that keeping zero-point energy from the public is the main reason why knowledge of extraterrestrial contact has been suppressed.

While perusing NASA’s secret archives using his 56K modem, McKinnon came across a massive depository of photographs of UFOs that had been edited out of satellite imagery. By dialing down the image quality levels, McKinnon was able to catch a glimpse of a picture depicting a silvery cigar-shaped UFO with geodesic spheres on each side before NASA caught wind of what was going on and severed his connection.

McKinnon also gained access to a secret NASA Excel spreadsheet titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” This database contained names of US Air Force officers that aren’t listed anywhere else and information on ship-to-ship transfers between ships that don’t officially exist.

6 Pete Peterson

Photo credit: Sphere-Being Alliance

Pete Peterson alleges that his grandfather was Nikola Tesla’s engineering assistant. Peterson grew up learning a version of science far different from that which is taught in mainstream educational systems, and in the eighth grade, he built an antenna so powerful that it caught the attention of the US government. He was hired by the government as a young teenager and began working on the development of secret spacecraft.[6]

According to his testimony, Peterson also built a 144-core phoon-based computer chip capable of solving incredibly complex equations in a fraction of the time taken by the fastest conventional supercomputers. Peterson attests to knowledge of an advanced ancient civilization buried under the sands of the Sahara Desert, alien tunnels under the Nazca lines in Peru, and a Nazi breakaway civilization that infiltrated the US government in the 1950s.

Pete Peterson is one of esoteric researcher David Wilcock’s main insiders, and the claims of this supposed UFO wunderkind have corroborated the testimonies given by other insiders such as Corey Goode, William Tompkins, and Wilcock’s anonymous source known only as “Jacob.”

5 Dan Sherman

Photo credit: Project Camelot

Between the ages of ten and 11, Dan Sherman was frequently visited by a major stationed at a nearby Air Force base. Major Roberts regaled young Dan with colorful tales of Air Force service and strongly encouraged him to enlist, and Dan subsequently wasted no time in joining up as soon as he was of age.

According to his testimony, Sherman had been genetically engineered in the womb by the military to develop into a prime candidate for a rewarding career of telepathic communication with extraterrestrials. Sherman also served as an electronic intelligence specialist, but the truly fascinating substance of his 12-year Air Force career was his alleged involvement in a secret program called “Project Preserve Destiny” that was operated by rogue actors under the auspices of the NSA.

After being trained to telepathically influence an image on a computer screen, Sherman was assigned to communicate with an extraterrestrial entity that he affectionately named “Spock.”[7] Spock and Sherman never met face-to-face, but he alleges that he telepathically received technical information on human abductions from Spock that included data on geographic coordinates and pain thresholds.

According to other insiders, a deal was made in the 1950s between Earth governments and extraterrestrial groups that allowed the abduction of human beings in exchange for advanced technology. Strict abduction limits were set, but it soon became apparent that the aliens weren’t following the rules.There wasn’t anything that the Earth governments could do about it until they developed a defensive grid around the solar system called Solar Warden, which now determines which craft are allowed to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

With the supposed launch date of Solar Warden being 1980, it stands to reason that Sherman may have been receiving abduction intel from alien groups that had only recently been forced to toe the line and fully disclose the extent of their operations.

4 Clifford Stone

Photo credit: Sphere-Being Alliance

Like Dan Sherman, Clifford Stone was also cajoled into a career in the military by a charismatic officer. When Stone was a child, Captain Brown of the United States Air Force struck up a conversation with him in a local bookstore and frequently stopped by the Stone residence for a few years thereafter. When Clifford received a draft notice in the mail, he was naturally eager to enlist despite his medical disqualifications.

To his great surprise, he was inducted into the military anyway. But it soon became apparent to Stone that the US government had something in mind for him other than standard service. His superior officers kept asking him if he was interested in UFOs, and then one day, an acquaintance with the NSA shoved him, without warning, into a room occupied by a gray alien.[8]

It was revealed to Stone that it was to be his job to interface with extraterrestrials as an intuitive empath. Clifford was no stranger to alien contact; he had encountered a variety of otherworldly beings as a young child. But he was utterly unprepared for the deplorable way in which the military treated their extraterrestrial “guests.” On one occasion, he supposedly even aided an alien prisoner in pulling off a daring jailbreak.

When he was a young boy, Stone had been told by an extraterrestrial friend that he was different from most other humans because he “had a heart.” This observation couldn’t have been far from the truth, since Clifford still breaks down into tears when he remembers his time as an alien contact.

3 John Lear

Photo credit: Sphere-Being Alliance

Bob Lear is remembered as the inventor of the Learjet. But according to his son, John, Bob Lear was also involved in developing antigravity aircraft for the United States government.[9] According to William Tompkins, another secret space program insider who alleges that he telepathically received information from Nordic extraterrestrials on how to build advanced spacecraft, aviation companies like Lear’s were regularly supplied with blueprints drafted by Tompkins’s team that instructed them how to construct alien reproduction vehicles (ARVs).

John Lear’s secret space program connections don’t end there: In the 1980s, Lear befriended Bob Lazar, a whistle-blower who reportedly helped reverse-engineer alien spacecraft in Area 51. According to Lear, Lazar was initially skeptical about the existence of UFOs. But when Lear convinced him to pull some strings and arrange a job at Area 51, Lazar was soon inviting his friends out to the desert to watch Wednesday night test flights every week.

Lazar’s employers didn’t take too kindly with his loose lips, and he was soon out of a job. But while Lazar has chosen to shun the UFO community, John Lear has chosen to remain involved with the disclosure movement and share a lifetime’s worth of research on secret space programs.

2 Niara Isley

Photo credit: Sphere-Being Alliance

Between 1979 and 1984, Niara Isley served in the United States Air Force as an airman first class. She was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base as a radar specialist and helped fighter pilots learn how to avoid radar detection. While her day job was largely mundane, Niara alleges that she was also given special assignments that still haunt her to this day.

Isley reports that on one occasion, she was taken from her apartment by Air Force officers late at night. Without any explanation, she was driven out into the middle of the desert in a radar van and instructed to track anything that came out of the sky. When a gigantic, buzzing UFO came to a stop about 46 meters (150 ft) away from the van, Niara was terrified, but she followed orders nonetheless.

The horrors truly began after Niara was driven to an undisclosed location immediately after her UFO encounter. She reports that she was injected with a drug that made it feel as if “the molecular bond between [her] molecules was being dissolved.”[10] After the scream-inducing effects of the medication wore off, she was taken to a room where she was raped by two security guards. In attendance to the atrocity were seven humans and a gray alien.

Niara relates that on another occasion, she was conveyed to the Moon in a reverse-engineered UFO. While in transit, she caught a glimpse of a tall reptilian alien who she believes may have been the pilot of the craft. When she arrived on the Moon, she was deprived of sleep and forced to have sex with the human personnel stationed at a secret Moon base.

1 Emery Smith

Photo credit: Sphere-Being Alliance

Emery Smith claims to have taken samples from over 3,000 extraterrestrial tissues. It’s possible that some of these tissues may have been genetically engineered by humans, since Smith claims that human scientists have been mixing the DNA of different species, earthly and extraterrestrial, for decades to make new and bizarre forms of life.[11] Smith was featured in the documentary Sirius, in which he and Dr. Steven Greer dissect a tiny humanoid of unknown origin.

Every day after his normal Air Force duties were completed, Smith was taken to a secret underground research facility where he was provided with a seemingly endless supply of remarkable biological tissues. It was Emery’s job to take samples without asking questions. As a reward for his good behavior, he gradually progressed from receiving tissues the size of a salmon fillet to recognizable parts of whole bodies. It’s Emery’s belief that at least some of these samples were received in trade with extraterrestrial societies.

For years, Emery Smith fed information to David Wilcock in secret under the pseudonym “Paul.” But when unknown actors crashed into his car head-on while he was inside, tore down the gate to his home, stole items from secret cubbyholes in the walls that only he knew about, and left a military-grade armor-piercing round on his kitchen counter as a warning, Emery decided that he was in more danger in the dark than he would be in the full light of public scrutiny.


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fact checked by Jamie Frater