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10 Haunted Places to Visit in Kansas

by Kylie Talamantez
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

If you’re a fan of the paranormal, you’ll love exploring the haunted places in Kansas. Known as the “Sunflower State,” Kansas is home to a variety of eerie locations that are said to be haunted by ghosts and other supernatural entities. From grand hotels to historic homes, there are plenty of places to visit for a spooky adventure. In this list, we’ve compiled ten of the most haunted places in Kansas, perfect for anyone looking to experience the eerie and unexplained.

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10 The Sallie House

Haunted America: The Sallie House

The Sallie House in Atchison is a well-known haunted location in Kansas. As the story goes, a mother rushed into the house holding her six-year-old daughter Sallie, knowing that the house was owned by a physician. Sallie had collapsed due to intense abdominal pain, and the doctor quickly diagnosed the child with appendicitis.

Unfortunately, there was no time to get her to the hospital, and the doctor knew her appendix would burst if any more time was wasted. He began the procedure before the anesthesia fully took effect, and Sallie began to scream. She screamed from the pain until her body gave out. Her last memory on this planet was being cut open by a stranger while going through unimaginable pain.

Today, Sallie is said to haunt the house where her life came to an end. Her first ghostly appearance was in 1993 when a new couple moved into the house. They claimed to see ghostly apparitions, hear unexplained noises, and witness objects moving on their own. Their dog also seemed to bark at someone who wasn’t there.

However, Sallie’s ghost wasn’t always so nice. Throughout the years, the house caught on fire several times from unknown causes. If any male was in the house—specifically a young male, he would soon experience deep scratch marks on his chest and abdomen.[1]

9 The Eldridge Hotel

THE HAUNTED ELDRIDGE HOTEL, a Paranormal Quest in Lawrence Kansas. [ PART 2 ]

Usually, it’s the 13th floor that’s haunted. But for the Eldridge Hotel, it’s the 5th! Many claim that the 5th floor is a portal to the spirit realm. Many unexplained things have occurred on this floor—especially in room 506. Guests who’ve stayed on this floor claim to see breath marks on freshly cleaned mirrors and witness lights turning on and off on their own.

More specific ghostly figures include a man who died in a fire in the hotel in the 1800s. Guests have reported seeing ghostly apparitions, hearing strange noises, and feeling an eerie presence in the hotel. The hotel’s basement is said to be particularly haunted, with reports of ghostly figures appearing and strange occurrences happening. The Eldridge Hotel is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Lawrence.[2]

8 The Stull Cemetery

The Legend Of Stull, Kansas

The Stull Cemetery is a small cemetery located in the town of Stull, Kansas. This tiny village—it only has a few residents now—boasts only a few houses and a newer church. The old church, now abandoned, sits next to the cemetery. While stories about this haunted location have existed for more than a hundred years, it wasn’t until the 1970s that people began publishing the haunted tales.

The cemetery is said to be one of the most haunted places in Kansas and is believed to be a portal to Hell. There are several legends surrounding the cemetery, including one that says that a devil-worshiping cult used to gather in the cemetery.

Visitors have reported strange occurrences, such as ghostly apparitions, unexplained noises, and strange feelings of dread. Some have even claimed to have seen the devil himself in the cemetery. [3]

7 The Topeka State Hospital

This Is What Remains of the Abandoned Topeka State Hospital in 2021 Part 1 (Topeka Insane Asylum)

The Topeka State Hospital, also known as the Menninger Foundation, is a former psychiatric hospital located in Topeka, Kansas. The hospital has a long history, dating back to 1879, and has been the subject of many ghost stories and legends. The hospital was known for its experimental treatments, and it was once one of the most renowned psychiatric hospitals in the United States.

The hospital has been closed for many years, but rumors of hauntings persist to this day. Many former patients, staff members, and visitors have reported strange occurrences and ghostly sightings. Some have reported hearing strange noises and whispering voices, while others have seen ghostly apparitions. There are also stories of objects moving on their own and doors opening and closing without explanation.[4]

6 Safari Mark’s Bar and Bistro

Safari Marks, Sedan, Kansas

Safari Mark’s Bar and Bistro, a popular dining and drinking establishment in Sedan, Kansas, is believed to be haunted by the spirit of Andrew Eaton, also known as “Indian Slim.” The building, which dates back to 1904, was originally the historic Bradford Hotel. Eaton, who had a reputation as a gambler and champion horse rider, died in the 1970s, and his ghost is said to still linger in the establishment.

Many patrons and staff have reported seeing his apparition throughout the building, and some have even claimed that his ghost has a bit of a temper. Paintings have been known to fall off the walls on multiple occasions, leading some to believe that it’s the work of Eaton’s ghost.[5]

5 The Brown Mansion

The Brown Mansion

The Brown Mansion in Coffeyville, Kansas, is a grand and imposing structure that sits on the edge of town. Built in the early 1900s, it has stood the test of time and has a rich history. However, it is also rumored to be haunted by the ghost of the original owner, James Brown. Legend has it that Brown was a wealthy businessman who had a dark past, and his spirit is said to still linger in the mansion to this day.

Visitors to the mansion have reported strange occurrences such as eerie noises, doors opening and closing on their own, and even sightings of a ghostly figure. Some have even claimed to have felt a sense of unease or have been touched by an unseen hand. The Brown Mansion is a place that is steeped in history but also in mystery, and it is a destination that many ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts come to visit. Whether the ghost stories are true or not, the Brown Mansion remains an intriguing and mysterious place that leaves an impression on all who visit.[6]

4 Hotel Josefine

Hotel Josephine: The Most HAUNTED Place In Kansas (SCARY Paranormal Activity)

The Hotel Josephine, a grand and stately building, has a rich history that dates back to 1889. The hotel was built by A.D. Walker and was named after his beloved daughter, Josephine. Born in 1889, Josephine was just four months old when the hotel first opened its doors in Holton. Growing up, Josephine attended the schools in Holton and later graduated from the University of Kansas. A graduation photograph of her still graces the wall in the front parlor above the antique piano. But it is said that Josephine’s spirit never left the hotel and wanders the halls to this day.

Visitors to the hotel have reported strange occurrences such as ghostly apparitions, tapping sounds on the windows, and footsteps from invisible feet. Some believe that the spirit of Josephine still lingers in the hotel, watching over the guests and staff. The Hotel Josephine is a place where the past meets the present, and it’s a destination where many ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts come and stay. It’s been featured on episodes of Ghost Adventurers, and many photos of apparitions have been captured there.[7]

3 Rivendell Bookstore

Rivendell Book Store

The Rivendell Bookstore, located in Abilene, Kansas, has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. Its owners have claimed strange and inexplicable occurrences have left them baffled and perplexed. They have reported shadowy figures lurking in the corners of the store, the eerie sound of jingle bells during the Christmas season when the store is closed, and the shelved books becoming scattered on the floor by an unseen figure.

These occurrences have left the owners, as well as the customers, feeling uneasy and on edge. The small town of Abilene is not used to such strange and eerie happenings, and it has left the residents wondering about the store’s eerie past.

One of the most intriguing incidents that has been reported is that of a book, appropriately titled Living with Ghosts, that fell off the shelves on its own accord. The irony of the situation is not lost on anyone, as the book speaks of the existence of ghosts and the paranormal. The owners have tried to rationalize these occurrences, but they cannot come up with a logical explanation.

Some say that the store may be haunted, while others believe that it could be a prank played by someone with a twisted sense of humor. But, whatever the reason may be, the strange happenings at the Rivendell Bookstore in Abilene, Kansas, continue to leave its patrons questioning the reality of the unseen world.[8]

2 Sauer Castle

The REAL UNTOLD Truth about Kansas City’s Most Haunted House Sauer castle

Sauer Castle in Kansas City, Kansas, is a historical building that is said to be extremely haunted. Built between 1869 and 1871, the two-and-a-half-story house with its soaring tower and widow’s walk is considered to be the finest example of 19th-century Italianate architecture in the state of Kansas.

The castle’s original owner, Anton Sauer, was a German-born businessman who moved to Kansas City after the death of his first wife. He later married a widow, Mary Einhellig Messerschmidt, and they had five daughters together, one of whom died in infancy in the house itself. Anton Sauer also passed away in the house, succumbing to tuberculosis.

The castle is said to attract many strange tales and wild stories, and legends tell of a woman who hanged herself in the tall tower, buried treasure and buried bodies, and a secret tunnel that leads to the river. A deranged husband supposedly murdered his entire family in Sauer Castle and buried them in the backyard before killing himself. Neighbors claim to see floating lights in the tower and on the grounds and hear voices from within the house when no one is living there.

The widow’s walk is said to be haunted by the apparition of a woman who paces it in black, while on Halloween, a man and a woman can be seen dancing in the tower. The dark history of the castle is said to please ghost hunters and historians alike, as five generations of the Sauer family lived and died in the house, including a single suicide.[9]

1 Molly’s Hollow

Molly’s Hollow

Jackson Park, located in the town of Atchison, KS, may seem like an ordinary place at first glance. However, it holds a dark secret that is known to many of the local residents. The story of Molly’s Hollow centers around an African American girl named Molly, who was brutally killed by a group of racist individuals. The tragedy occurred when they found out that she was dating a white boy. The group attacked her and ultimately lynched her.

The memory of Molly’s death lives on in the form of ghostly sightings and eerie sensations reported by those who venture into the wooded area of the park at night. Some claim to have seen the ghost of the girl hanging from a tree, while others have reported hearing her screams. The atmosphere in the area is said to be suffused with a sense of sadness and fear. Even today, the ghost of Molly is believed to still call Molly’s Hollow her home.[10]

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen