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10 Haunted Places in Oregon

by Kylie Talamantez
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

Oregon is a state that is steeped in history and folklore, and it is no surprise that there are many stories of hauntings and supernatural occurrences throughout the state.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or just enjoy a good ghost story, Oregon has plenty of haunted places to explore. From historic hotels and inns to lighthouses and courthouses, many places in Oregon are said to be haunted by spirits who linger long after their earthly bodies have passed on.

So if you’re looking for a spine-tingling adventure, why not check out some of these haunted places in Oregon? Whether you’re brave enough to spend the night or just want to take a quick tour during the day, these haunted locations are sure to leave a lasting impression. Here is a list of ten haunted places in Oregon:

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10 The Shanghai Tunnels

The Dark History Of Shanghai Tunnels In Oregon: Cannibals And Apparitions | Portals to Hell

The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon, are a network of underground passageways and rooms used in the 19th and early 20th centuries to smuggle people and goods. The tunnels were also used to confine and transport people who were taken against their will, often referred to as “shanghaied.” It is believed that many of these people were sailors who were drugged and taken through the tunnels to awaiting ships, where they were forced to work as crew members.

There are many stories and legends surrounding the Shanghai Tunnels, including tales of ghosts and other supernatural occurrences. Some people believe that the tunnels are haunted by the spirits of those who were imprisoned or died there, including those who were shanghaied and never seen again.

Numerous reports have been made of strange noises, unexplained movements, and other paranormal activity in the tunnels. Some people claim to have seen ghostly figures or felt a presence while exploring the tunnels. Others have reported feeling uneasy or frightened while in the tunnels as if they are being watched by unseen eyes.[1]

9 The McMenamins White Eagle Saloon


The McMenamins White Eagle Saloon in Portland, Oregon, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Located in the historic White Eagle Building, the saloon is known for its lively atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and unique decor.

However, the saloon has a dark history. It was a key spot for the less favorable people in society, those with bad reputations and rowdy behavior.

Rumor has it that when men would go to the White Eagle Saloon, they would be “shanghaied” in their intoxicated state and be forced underground to work in the above-mentioned Shanghai Tunnels. Additionally, many ghosts haunt the White Eagle. Ghosts range from past patrons to even “working girls” who used to entertain guests. One notable ghost by the name of Rose was supposedly a working girl during the saloon’s prime. She has been seen and heard by many guests and is usually weeping.[2]

8 Geiser Grand Hotel

Is the Geiser Grand Hotel haunted?

According to local legend, the Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, Oregon, is haunted by the ghost of a woman known as the “Lady in Blue.” She is said to be the ghost of a former guest of the hotel who died under mysterious circumstances.
According to the story, the Lady in Blue is often seen walking through the hallways of the hotel, dressed in a flowing blue gown. Some people claim to have seen her ghostly figure standing at the end of their bed or sitting in a chair in their room. Others have reported hearing strange noises or feeling a presence in their room while staying at the hotel.

There are also stories of objects moving or disappearing and of doors and windows opening and closing on their own. Some people believe that the Lady in Blue is responsible for these strange occurrences, while others attribute them to natural causes or simple misdirection.[3]

7 The Oregon State Hospital

HAUNTED Insane Asylum Adventure ~ Paranormal Activity Captured at Oregon State Hospital~

The Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Oregon, is a psychiatric hospital that has been in operation since 1883. It has a long history of treating patients with mental illness, and over the years, many people have passed through its doors. In November 1942, 263 patients fell ill and began dying after being served a breakfast of scrambled eggs. The patients that didn’t die immediately were experiencing abdominal pain and severe nausea, which resulted in them vomiting blood, having seizures, struggling to breathe, and even paralysis in some cases.

So, what was the cause? The eggs had been poisoned with sodium fluoride, a substance that, if ingested by a rat, would kill it in a matter of short minutes. To this day, no one knows whether the mass killing was an accident or done on purpose. The hauntings at the hospital are said to be the tortured souls of the patients who died brutally that day.[4]

6 The Heceta Head Lighthouse

REAL HAUNTED BEACH HOTEL! | Haunting of Heceta Episode 1

The Heceta Head Lighthouse in Florence, Oregon, is a historic lighthouse that was built in 1894. Located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the lighthouse is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning views and rich history.

According to local legend, the Heceta Head Lighthouse is haunted by the ghost of the former lightkeeper’s wife.

The ghost is known as “Rue.” She had two daughters and one of them drowned. There is an unmarked grave near the lighthouse that supposedly belongs to her but has never been excavated or checked. The reason Rue still haunts the ighthouse is because she is still searching for her deceased daughter. Apparitions of her have been seen all over the property and a reflection of a woman in a late-Victorian-style gown can be seen in the the windows.[5]

5 Oregon Caves

Picturesque Chateau – Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon

The Blue Lady of the Oregon Caves is a legend that surrounds the Oregon Caves National Monument, a widely unknown natural cave system located in southwestern Oregon. A hotel, the Chateau, rests on top of the caves today.

According to the legend, the Blue Lady is the ghost of a young woman named Elizabeth who died from suicide after finding her fiance with a chambermaid. She has been both seen and heard in the caves as well as in the Chateau above.

It’s said that Elizabeth bangs on closet doors, unmakes beds, and leaves once-folded laundry across the floors. Even the hotel clerk has seen Elizabeth a few times.[6]

4 Flavel House in Astoria

Present! – The Flavel House in Astoria, Oregon

According to local legend, Flavel House in Astoria, Oregon, is haunted by the ghost of Harry M. Flavel, the son of its original owner, Captain George Conrad Flavel. The Flavel family was one of the more affluent families in Astoria at the time. They built a beautiful mansion in 1901 that had gorgeous decor and grand rooms. However, the house began to deteriorate with the birth of Harry Flavel, who would later inherit the home. According to neighbors, Harry was a problematic child, and at age 20, he did something horrific.

He chased his mother around the house with a hatchet with the intent to harm her—or perhaps to end her life completely. A concerned neighbor heard the screams and went to the home to investigate. At this point, Mrs. Flavel had locked herself in a room, safely hidden from her son. Harry found the neighbor and cut off his arm with the hatchet. All charges against Harry were dropped, but he was known from that day forward as Hatchet Harry.

Later in life, Harry continued to be a violent and unbalanced man. He stabbed a man after he’d hit the man’s car, filled the mansion with trash, and hoarded random belongings. He was finally sentenced to probation. After this, he abandoned the mansion in 1990 and moved out. His spirit, however, is still rumored to haunt the halls.[7]

3 The Ashland Springs Hotel

Hauntings of the Ashland Springs Hotel

The Ashland Springs Hotel, formerly known as the Lithia Springs Hotel, was built in 1925 over a Native American burial ground. As you can see, it started out on the right foot to end up being haunted. On the day of its grand opening, a little boy fell out of a window and died on site. That little boy, along with other guests who have died, are all said to haunt the hotel to this day.

The hotel has been rebranded many times over the years, each time following a tragedy. However, if you dare to step through its doors, you’ll find yourself back in time as though it were still 1925 since the interior still reflects Gothic and Neo-Classical architecture. The current owners don’t share its haunted past for fear that if guests knew, they wouldn’t stay. This alone is a telltale sign that the rumors of the hauntings are true. [8]

2 Hot Lake Hotel

Haunted Hot Lake Springs Ghosts caught on film !!!

The Hot Lake Hotel in Oregon is a historic hotel that’s gone through numerous transformations. It was built initially in 1864 and operated like a mall. It was fitted with a post office, blacksmith, dance hall, barbershop, bathhouse, and multiple businesses. In 1903, it was redeveloped into a resort. Finally, in 1917, the resort was purchased by Dr. W.T. Phy, who transformed it into an asylum, which is where the haunted history began.

Today, Hot Lake Hotel is said to be haunted by ghosts of former patients who were treated at the hotel’s thermal springs. According to local legend, the ghosts are often seen walking through the hotel or looking out the windows.

Many people who have stayed at the Hot Lake Hotel have reported feeling a presence or seeing strange shadows or movements out of the corner of their eyes. Some have even claimed to have heard the ghosts’ voices or the sound of footsteps coming from empty rooms.[9]

1 Oregon State Capitol

The Haunted Capitol 2003

Unfinished business. This is a common theme the ghosts of Oregon’s State Capitol share. The building is said to be haunted by ghosts of those who used to work there. One of the most known spirits is that of a politician in the House of Representatives who was tragically killed in a freak accident on his farm. His ghost was first seen by a woman on the custodial team who’d been cleaning an office on the third floor of the House wing. Her instincts told her that she wasn’t alone, and when she turned around, she was faced with the smiling face of a male apparition.

Oregon’s Capitol is so haunted that a book was published on it’s hauntings by Sandra Allen, an OSCF board member in 2002. The book is titled Ghosts in the Capitol but isn’t easy to find.[10]

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen