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10 Reasons the Psychic Internet Theory Will Blow Your Mind

by Marcus Lowth
fact checked by Darci Heikkinen

The psychic internet theory was put forward by author Peter McCue in his book Paranormal Encounters on Britain’s Roads—and it is one of the most mind-blowing suggestions to explain paranormal activity on record. Ultimately, it builds on researcher George Tyrrell’s suggestion that many paranormal encounters could be explained as “hallucinations engendered by telepathy” and, in this case, multiple people’s collective subconscious telepathic ability.

Intrigued? Then join me as we delve into the reasons this theory is one that could cause us to alter our very perception of reality.

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10 So, What Is It?

The Roswell UFO Report: Fact or Fiction?

Let’s move on from the point above that ghosts or UFOs, for example, are the product of the human mind. The essential points of the psychic internet theory are that all manner of paranormal and anomalous activity is created not by one person’s mind but by many subconscious psychic parts of human minds. Minds that are connected – psychically— just as the Internet connects one computer to another.

Confused? Stick with me.

What McCue is suggesting—if we use UFO sightings as an example—is that once people expect to see a UFO, they create those thoughts in their minds… if only subconsciously. This is the same for many other people. As such, if we accept that the mind and its psychic abilities are greater than we understand, these thoughts can gather in the energies of our existence.

So when, for example, people arrive in locations known for UFO sightings, that energy, combined with their expectations, manifests and results in a “real-life” UFO. The object is very real—if only temporarily—but it is also the product of the human imagination. This might explain why UFOs are there one minute and gone the next. Likewise, for Bigfoot or Loch Ness sightings. It is a wild and outrageous theory, admittedly. We should take a moment, though, to consider how little we know of the human mind.[1]

9 Just How Powerful Is the Human Mind?

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind Explained

We know a lot about the human brain and how the mind works. Of that, there is no doubt. However, even mainstream scientists will tell you that what we know is minuscule compared to what we don’t. The fact is, there is so much that we don’t know about the workings of the human mind and how it might exist in different states (after death, for example). Should we ever unlock such secrets, it might surprise us more than we might think.

It is easy to start throwing statistics and numbers around, but on this occasion, let’s do it anyway. We know, for example, that around 95% of brain activity is subconscious. That means that we are essentially only really responsible for the actions carried out by 5% of human brain activity. For the rest, we are at the mercy of the subconscious side of the mind. Given that we have little to no idea of how or why this unknown part of the human mind works, it might be that some of those subconscious workings are beyond our current comprehension.[2]

8 Understanding Frequency and Vibration

Nikola Tesla’s Vibrational Healing Device – The Understanding Of Energy, Frequency And Vibration

Nikola Tesla is famous for saying, “If you want the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Tesla is certainly not alone in his thinking. Many researchers from various fields are beginning to speak of how important frequency and vibrational energy are in understanding the nature of reality.

Even mainstream academic scientists are beginning to touch on this also. Perhaps most notably when they announced a structure that “did not exist unless it was observed” through a microscope. This would certainly fall neatly in line, albeit loosely, with the psychic internet theory.

We might also consider another Tesla quote. One that certainly fits within the ideas of the psychic internet theory. He would state before his death that “the day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.” Perhaps it will.[3]

7 Might This Explain All Paranormal Events?

3 Paranormal Experiences Explained by Science

Perhaps one attractive aspect of the psychic internet theory for some researchers is that it offers a “catch-all” way of explaining, at least in part, almost all bizarre and paranormal phenomena. Whether it be UFOs, sightings of Bigfoot or sea monsters, or even the appearance of portals that have seen people seemingly whisked away to another side of the planet in seconds. All these things could be unlocked by exploring the potential power of the human mind—at least in theory.

It is perhaps worth noting that many who spend time in UFO, cryptozoology, or conspiracy circles often find themselves straying into other areas of research. The main reason for this is simply that many such paranormal events and incidents seemingly naturally crossover and share connections. This is an area of interest in itself. And one that might be neatly explained if any aspect of the psychic internet theory were accurate.[4]

6 A Connection to Egyptian Creator God, Ptah

Ptah – The Creator of Gods and Universe – Egyptian Mythology

At this point, it is very much worth our time to examine the legends of Ptah, the creator god from ancient Egyptian legends. According to the legends, Ptah had the ability to imagine solid items into existence using the power of his mind alone.

Most people state that the legends of Ancient Egypt are exactly that, legends. Others, though, believe there might be more truth in them than most would have us think. Might these legends of gods, for example, actually be remnants of memories of people from a past, possibly lost age? One who knew the potential powers of the human mind much more intricately than we do today. Might that also explain why some people appear to have psychic talents today in our modern world? They are simply able to access this all-but-forgotten part of the mind that is closed to the rest of us through evolution.

We might also note although the records should be taken with a pinch of salt, the CIA conducted significant research into the potential of having psychics manifest solid objects through the power of the mind.[5]

5 The Akashic Record Connections

Sean Webb – CIA Funds Remote Viewing Program | SRS #79 Part 1

Many mystics and those who believe they can control out-of-body experiences believe in a knowledge bank in the astral realm known as the Akashic Record. It is said to contain every thought, experience, and every piece of knowledge from humanity’s history since the beginning of time. And it is not just humans either but every living animal and organism.

While in the state of astral projection, this knowledge can be accessed by the will of the mind alone. Might it be possible that the Akashic Record—if we assume for a moment it does exist—is the key to the psychic internet theory? Might some people be able to access these energy-based memories due to their ability to leave their body and become an energy-based entity themselves?

As outrageous as this sounds, many academic studies have examined out-of-body experiences. What’s more, intelligence agencies have often used “remote viewers” in similar experiments.[6]

4 Astral Projection and Attacks

How To Astral Travel

If we accept that the ability to astral project is a reality, then we should also examine claims of astral attacks. Although the idea perhaps sounds even more bizarre than the theory we are examining here, many serious and respected psychics speak of the realities of such attacks. That a person could be attacked, causing them physical harm by another person’s energy, is, to some, very real.

Many fringe researchers have also made claims of astral attacks. Perhaps one of the most reported on was that of the conspiracy theorist Max Spiers. In the days leading up to his sudden and mysterious death, he would complain of suffering from these attacks. Indeed, in one of the last radio interviews he gave, he complained of suddenly cloudy thinking and sudden feelings of illness. Most people presumed he was intoxicated or in need of medical attention. Others, though, have claimed it was an astral attack that caused the obvious state of distress.[7]

3 An Explanation for Global Movements?

Is There A Worldwide Consciousness? | Answers With Joe

There is always an obvious drive for change that underpins most global movements and times of change. However, if the theory we are examining here is correct, might it explain why such global movements happen in the first place?

For example, let’s take the 1960s with the “Peace and Love” movements that swept the world. Might it be that populations absorbed a lot of that energy following some kind of unseen energy buildup? One that the “psychic mind” linked together in an energy-based realm that we can’t see but can seemingly access.

And that doesn’t always work in a good way, either. We might look to times like the one we find ourselves in today. There appears very much to be a rise of all manner of seemingly extreme political movements. And this comes from both sides of the divide. If this was true, though, there most certainly would be further cause for speculative concern. And we will move on to that next.[8]

2 Could Such a Power Be Used for Bad?

People Trying to Control Your Mind Have More Tools than Ever | COMPLEXIFY

Like anything in the world during the course of history, if something can be used for good, then it can almost certainly be used for evil. And that would be no different if the psychic internet theory were a definite reality. What if, for example, a person had the ability to project certain thoughts, feelings, and even desires into this speculative mental energy reserve? It would perhaps be possible that a population’s collective mindset could be manipulated.

Once more, it is worth reminding ourselves that—as limited as they might have been–intelligence agencies have pumped millions of dollars into all manner of mind control research programs. Let’s say there was something to be learned from the ideas of the psychic internet theory. We could bet our bottom dollar such lessons would be exploited somewhere along the way. And that potential exploitation would unlikely be in the majority’s best interests.[9]

1 If Real, What Might It Mean in Terms of Our Reality?

Your brain doesn’t detect reality. It creates it. | Lisa Feldman Barrett

Of course, by the nature of the subject, much on this list has been pure speculation. However, at the very least, things like understanding reality begin with such speculation. As we have already highlighted above, many mainstream scientists are beginning to examine just what “reality” might be. That is not to say that theories such as psychic internet theory are about to be embraced in mainstream circles soon. We might, however, find that at least some of the same ideas might be more accepted following future research in this area.

Can we change our reality? Many people would say yes, we can. However, their perspective on that change would likely differ from yours or mine. And perhaps that is the key to understanding reality—that it is all based on perspective.

The psychic internet theory is certainly mind-bending. It also forces us to ask many questions about the human mind—and the nature of the reality it exists in.[10]

fact checked by Darci Heikkinen
Marcus Lowth

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a passion for anything interesting, be it UFOs, the Ancient Astronaut Theory, the paranormal or conspiracies. He also has a liking for the NFL, film and music.

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