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10 People who died before they were 25

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In an era where people are living to increasingly old ages, it is always a shock to see someone with promise pass away, while still in their youth. Though not all of the people on the list have achieved anything other than notoriety, the question of what some of these people could have accomplished, had they lived their remaining years, is a lingering one. As usual, if you think of someone who deserves to be on this list, mention it in the comments for all to see.

10. The Notorious B.I.G.


Christopher George Latore Wallace was an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York, better known by his stage name of The Notorious B.I.G. When he debuted with his 1994 album Ready to Die, he was already a central figure in the East Coast hip-hop scene, and helped increase its presence at a time when it was the West Coast who dominated the genre.

He became involved in the East Coast – West Coast feud, which was causing waves within the hip-hop community, and on 9th March, 1997, he was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in LA. He was 24. His album, Life after Death, was released 15 days later and topped the American charts, being certified Diamond in 2000.

Watch the whole story with the 2009 film Notorious at!

9. Steve Prefontaine


Born in Coos Bay, Oregon, on 25th January, 1951, Steve Prefontaine was once told to give up his aspirations of being a long distance runner, as he had one leg shorter than the other.

Known for his aggressive racing style, Prefontaine once held the American record in every event, from 2,000m to 10,000m. He took part in the 1972 Olympic Games, coming fourth in the 5,000m despite having led for the majority of the race.

On May 30, 1975, returning from a party and dropping off friend and Marathon Olympic Gold Medallist, Frank Shorter, Prefontaine was driving down a familiar road, Skyline Boulevard, near Hendricks Park, when his car swerved left and hit a rock wall along the side of the street. The overturned car trapped Prefontaine underneath it and killed him before any emergency services could get to the scene. The exact cause of the crash is uncertain, although his blood-alcohol level was found to be 0.16, six-hundredths higher than Oregon’s legal limit at that time. He was 24.

8. Robert Pershing Wadlow


Robert Wadlow is, according to Guinness World Records, the tallest person in history for whom there is irrefutable evidence. At the time of his death, aged 22, he measured an astonishing 2.72 metres (8 feet 11.09 inches). He showed no indication of an end to his growth, even at the time of his death.

Born 22nd February, 1918, in Alton, Illinois, Wadlow’s enormous stature was believed to be due to a tumour within his pituitary gland. He grew an average of 4 inches a year, becoming the world’s tallest boy scout at 13, with a height of 2.24m (7f 4in).

Towards the end of his life, he began requiring leg braces to walk, which caused him immense discomfort. On July 4th, 1940, one of his braces fractured, causing a blister and subsequent infection. Doctors treated him with a blood transfusion and surgery but his condition worsened, and he died from complications on July 15th, 1940.

7. Ian Curtis


Born in Manchester, England, on the 15th July, 1956, Curtis knew he wasn’t cut out for a conventional life at a young age. When he was 19, he hooked up with two young musicians, Bernard Sumner and Pete Hook, signed a deal with newly created Factory Records, and formed the band Joy Division.

His music was known for its dark, despairing lyrics, rough, aggressive guitar and bass, and later on, its synth work. Curtis sang in an almost baritone voice, and was known for his frenetic dance style on stage, mirrored on his own epileptic fits (sometimes they were epileptic fits).

While celebrating their upcoming American tour at a nightclub, Curtis excused himself from the group and made his way home, where he hung himself in the early hours of the morning. He was 23.

Though they had limited success during their career, Joy Division have gone on to influence many artists, pioneer the emerging Goth genre, and become one of the most respected bands of all time. After Curtis’ death, the remaining members formed a new group, New Order, who went on to great success and acclaim.

6. Sid Vicious


Replacing Glen Matlock as bassist for the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious (born John Simon Ritchie) contributed little to the musical side of the band, but almost everything to the attitude of the band. During one performance, Vicious smashed a bottle and used it to cut his chest, before flinging the blood at audience members.

On the morning of October 12th, 1978, he awoke to find his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen, dead from a stab wound. Vicious and Spungen had been taking copious amounts of drugs the night before, and Vicious said he couldn’t remember any of what had happened. He was arrested for her murder and released on bail. While on release, he overdosed on heroin at his new girlfriend’s house, and died on February 2nd, 1979, aged 21; whether this was deliberate or accidental is disputed to this day.

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5. River Phoenix


Brother of Joaquin, River Phoenix was voted one of the “most promising new actors of 1986” by critic John Willis, after his breakthrough performance in Stand By Me. He went on to star in such films as Running on Empty, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and My Own Private Idaho – being nominated for an Academy Award for the former. Known for his wild looks and raw acting talent, Phoenix died of a drug overdose outside Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room, October 31st, 1993, aged 23.

4. Buddy Holly


Charles Hardin Holley was born in Lubbock, Texas, on September 7th, 1936. Initially starting as a bluegrass musician, Holley switched to rock after seeing Elvis Presley perform live, and a few months later would be performing on the same bill as him.

He signed to Decca Records in 1956, changed his name to Buddy Holly, and formed a band called The Crickets. They performed all over the US, and crossed racial boundaries, famously winning over an all black audience at the New York Apollo Theater. On August 15th, 1958, he married his wife, Maria Santiago, after proposing to her on their very first date.

Famous for the songs ‘That’ll be the day’ and ‘Peggy Sue,’ Buddy Holly died in a plane crash on the way to Fargo, North Dakota. He was 22.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald


Lee Harvey Oswald was, according to two United States government investigations, the assassin of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas. A former Marine who defected to the Soviet Union and later returned, Oswald was arrested later that day on suspicion of killing the president and Dallas police officer J. D. Tippit. Oswald denied any responsibility for the murders. Two days later, before he could be brought to trial for the crimes, while being transferred under police custody from the police station to jail, Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby, on live television. His motives, and the significance of his role in JFK’s assassination, are hotly contested to this day. He was 24 at the time of his death.

2. James Dean


It’s incredible to think that James Dean only made three films in his lifetime. Dying in a tragic motoring accident at the age of 24, Dean was posthumously nominated for two Academy Awards for East of Eden and Giant. His other film, Rebel without a Cause was, arguably, his most enduring, with his iconic lead role, Jim Stark, becoming a poster boy for teen angst.

Born in Marion, Indiana, on February 8th, 1931, Dean attended Santa Monica College, but dropped out in 1951 to pursue a career in acting. He is buried in Park Cemetery in Fairmount, Indiana.

1. Saint Joan of Arc


Joan of Arc was a 15th century national heroine of France. She was tried and executed for heresy when she was only 19 years old. The judgment was broken by the Pope and she was declared innocent and a martyr 24 years later. She was beatified in 1909, and canonized as a saint in 1920.

Joan asserted that she had visions from God which told her to recover her homeland from English domination, late in the Hundred Years’ War. The uncrowned King Charles VII sent her to the siege at Orléans as part of a relief mission. She gained prominence when she overcame the dismissive attitude of veteran commanders, and lifted the siege in only nine days. Several more swift victories led to Charles VII’s coronation at Reims, and settled the disputed succession to the throne.

The renewed French confidence outlasted her own brief career. She refused to leave the field when she was wounded during an attempt to recapture Paris that autumn. Hampered by court intrigues, she led only minor companies from then onward and fell prisoner at a skirmish near Compiègne the following spring. A politically motivated trial convicted her of heresy. The English regent, John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford, had her burnt at the stake in Rouen. She had been the heroine of her country at the age of 17 and died when only 19 years old. Some 24 years later, Pope Callixtus III reopened the case, and a new finding overturned the original conviction. Her piety to the end impressed the retrial court. Pope Benedict XV canonized her on May 16, 1920.

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  • Laura

    hendrix is a member of the "27 club"… all artists who died at the age of 27.

    Janis Joplin, Jimmi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones & Kurt Cobain

    • revco

      and Amy Winehouse


    How old was Kurt Cobain?

    • David D


  • lydia

    There is also singer/actress Aliyah who died in a tragic plane crash at the age of 22.

  • cobain was 27 when he killed himself.

    Lydia: thanks for mentioning her.

    • Kappa

      And Jimi Hendrix was 27 when he died.

  • wow! excellent list! one of the best on this site. thank you. it chilled me out. i’m 24.

  • Amanda

    Hi, I really enjoy your site! It’s really entertaining and teaches me a lot. As for this topic, what about the singer Selena? I believe she was 23. She was at the height of her career and at the beginning of her life, and I always thought her death was very tragic.

  • Jackie

    Yeah Selena and Alliyah could be on there. I had no idea that Buddy Holly was so young when he died. I mean I knew he was young but didn’t know he was only 22.

  • Kelsi

    Wow, really amazing list! I definately enjoyed this one, interesting read. Thanks.

  • jay

    How old was Hendrix?

  • 2overpar

    duane allman – 24
    len bias – 22
    chandra levy – 24
    freddie prinze – 22
    rebecca schaeffer – 21
    ritchie valens – 17

  • Tom Barry

    Tupac should be an honorable mention even though he was 25 at the time of his death

  • ben

    robert wadlow is one of my favorite guys to read about, and i didnt know prefontaine was quite that young when he died

  • Gryphon

    It just goes to show how much you can achieve in such a very short time.

    And don’t drink and drive.

  • rp

    Another creative list. Nice job. When did Jesus die, btw? Was he in his 30’s?

  • Loose_Cannon

    JOE ROSSON – How old was Kurt Cobain?

    Gosh, Joe, I wish there was some place you could go to get information like this! Imagine a place where you need not wonder such things. Maybe a place where all people, from around the world, at all times of the day, could simply enter a persons name, and instantly get like 30+ pages filled with information on that person, as well as pictures. A place with pictures, sounds, maybe with video, even! We could call it something like the World Wide Nets or Intertubes or something.

    Gosh, what a wonder that would be! Then you would not sit by your computer all day waiting desperately for someone to reply to your question. You could look it up on own!

  • heavenlymayday

    OR, he could just wonder and not feel like looking it up before he posted, at that particular second…

    No need to be sarcastic and rude because someone basically thought out loud. Perhaps he went after the comment and did look it up. I isn’t as though he was whining and posting post after post asking the same question.

    Besides which, not everyone is technologically savvy. Just because he is on this site doesn’t mean he knows everything there is to know about the internet.

  • rp: Jesus died at 33.

  • chadster

    I read in guinness, that Waldow was actually walking in a marathon, when his brace broke. He didn’t even feel the blister due to the poor circulation in his legs. Staff infection set in before he realized the problem. Imagine if he had lived longer…

  • Robert

    Darby Crash (Lead singer of punk band The Germs) committed suicide when he was 22. Unfortunately it was the day before John Lennon was murdered so nobody paid any attention.

  • Loose_Cannon

    heavenlymayday – OR, he could just wonder and not feel like looking it up before he posted

    So, basically, Joe was lazy. He had the energy to post the question, but not enough energy to type it into Google or Wikipedia.


    Besides which, not everyone is technologically savvy.

    Right, Google is so technically challenging only scientists or computer nerds could figure out the complexity that is the ‘Googles’.

    My point is simple: Why suffer laziness or ignorance? These comments are so rich and full of good ideas, why stop to answer simplistic questions that can be answered on literally dozens of other websites?

    Ever see someone try to pay with a check when it clearly states everywhere ‘No Checks’? Ever heard of people calling 911 to get turkey cooking instructions? Isn’t it about time society stopped suffering from such laziness and ignorance?

  • heavenlymayday

    Personally I am more annoyed when people overreact to things in a way that is completely unnecessary and solves nothing, but that’s just me…

  • Loose_Cannon

    heavenlymayday – Personally I am more annoyed when people overreact to things in a way that is completely unnecessary and solves nothing, but that’s just me…

    My pet peeve is people who defend ignorance and laziness. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people who share my pet peeve, and far too many people who share your indulgence.

    • Chris

      It's not really an indulgence, it's more a matter of the readers of this site really not giving a shit about a question someone asks. If I were to worry about all the little things that don't affect me I would be one stressed out person. Hell I don't even let it concern me when someone directs something negative at me personally.

      • plexo

        you replied to a post from 3 years ago? WTF

        • Jay

          Sometimes talking to yourself is the only way to have an intelligent conversation.


  • heavenlymayday

    Barns, lol!

    I don’t plan on continuing the “flame war” as I prefer not to argue. I probably shouldn’t have said anything in the first place. It was just something that I noticed in passing that I felt was a tad harsh for someone who hadn’t deserved it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I could even understand a “look it up then silly” kind of tone. I just felt that the sarcasm and tone were way over the top as a response to “How old was Kurt Cobain?”

    And with that, I’m done. :D I think enough space in this topic has been devoted to this nonsense.

  • I also would have included Richie Valens … gone at 17, yikes u_u

  • WildGrits

    Selena Quintanilla-Pérez killed by the president of her own fan club, Yolanda Saldívar.

    She was 24.

  • alexlwe

    im pretty sure Jesus actually died at 32

    • Matthew

      I’m pretty sure jesus never excisted

  • marta ;]

    o??????? jea xD
    ja kocham Sida!!!!

    on jest superrrrr ;p

    no i ta ma by?

    punk not dead!!!!!

    I live rocj n’roll!!!


    pozdrowienia dla wszystkich ziomy xD


  • Sneeuwpop

    How about that River Phoenix. Or actually his brother Joaquin Phoenix, who played in “walk the line” as Johnny Cash, who also lost a brother at a very young age. Some turn of events huh?

  • Sammaji

    I agree with the Tupac honorable mention.

  • beff

    rappers who are shot down should definitely get an “honorable” mention…jeez…
    how dumb

  • Occin

    I think Len Bias should get honorable mention on this list. Len was the second over-all draft pick in 1986 by the Boston Celtics. After 48 hours, he was pronounced dead due to possible cocaine overdose. He was only 22 at that time. Basketball scouts at that time keep comparing him to Michael Jordan. Who knows what might happen with the history of the NBA if Len lived today.

  • Loose Cannon is now my current favorite list universe comment poster! :)

  • “The Googles?!” That’s priceless hilarity! Heavenlymay doesn’t appreciate sarcasm as the artform it truly can be if utilized properly.

  • astraya

    Jesus actually died at 1500. (3 o’clock in the afternoon, that is.)
    We cannot be sure of Jesus’ age. One of the gospel writers says he was “about 30” when he began his ministry, and the three-year span is inferred from internal evidence.

  • Cymplyirziztbl

    beff – yeah
    rappers who are shot down should definitely get an “honorable” mention…jeez…
    how dumb

    SO guys who OD are “honourable”? Cmon!

  • Joebecca

    Jesus was 33 when he died.

    And this is great, Robert Wadlow was my godmother’s 2nd cousin. when i was in 4th grade, i got to take an old black and white picture of them together to show and tell. she was about 5, and barely came to his knee. she was young still when he passed. She got a ring of his as a gift, and she wore it as a bracelet :D

  • appie

    Aaliyah 22
    Selena 23 turning 24..

  • wizzlewazzle

    Paul mc cartney was 27 when he died. So i guess he’s one of the 27 Club too!!

  • Vera Lynn

    I loved River Phoenix and James Dean even more. Miss them both.

    2overpar (10) Nice additions. I completely remember Lenny Bias. What a waste.

  • James

    How about Anne Frank?

  • Notsosure

    Paul McCartney is still alive. You must have been thinking of John Lennon. George Harrison just died in 2001, and Ringo Starr is still alive, too.

  • wizzlewazzle

    No sorry. Paul Mc Cartney Died in a car crash 11th of september 1966, he was replaced by a look and sound alike. He was 27. Not a lot of people believe it but it’s true. The Beatles decided to never play in the public eye again after that. Google “paul is dead” you’ll see what i mean. He’s well dead!!! I ONE IX HE DIE!!! Turn me on dead man!!

  • MergedLoki

    Cool list.
    Was glad to see Ian Curtis on here. I think (seems to me now anyways) Joy division/Curtis are getting a bit more credit for their role in the music industry than has been seen previously.
    And just a fun fact about Sid Vicious. Turns out he actually COULD play bass. He wasn’t amazing or anything but could hold a rythm, he was no worse than any other big punk act of the day (the ramones, iggy and the stooges etc.) I only recently realized this myself after reading 3 seperate books that go through the origins and history of Punk music. the stories about his bass being unplugged during shows and him not knowing anything at all are false but they’ve been spread around so much 99.9% of people take it as fact.

  • juleigh

    Heather O’Rourke was 12 when she died of infection from an intestinal blockage, and Dominique Dunne was 22, I think, when her ex-boyfriend strangled her. I know there are many notable others who met tragedy at an early age but those two actresses came to mind first.

  • nuit93

    What about Sophie Scholl, or her brother Hans Scholl (White Rose Resistance movement during WWII)?

    Judith Barsi (voice of Ducky in “Land Before Time”, murdered by her father when she was 10).

    This list is lacking quite a bit.

  • Bubbles

    hmm…. sid vicious is kinda attractive. great list

  • Copaface

    Fascinated by the Sid/Nancy story
    Didn’t his mother give him the herion he killed himself with?

    That’s what you call parenting… :|

  • BeatleMorgan

    sid vicious, river phoenix, james dean.
    huge losses. ;_;. esp river and james, such great actors.

  • poisonedapple

    Why the notorious P.I.G is on this list, not even worth mentioning, fat ass talentless drug dealing slob. I’m amazed those bullets killed him, shoulda bounced right off his fat fat ass.

    The rest are sad. Dead crappers get no sympathy.

  • Angelique

    Too bad Ian Curtis committed suicide, what a waste…

  • marsyro1

    Wow I had always heard Ian Curtis died of a heroin overdose.

  • totalstranger

    @wizzlewazzle (43): dude even if Paul had died, he was born in 1942 so no he would’ve been under 25, not 27.

  • totalstranger

    and speaking of The Beatles, Stu Sutcliffe, The Beatles original bassist when they were a 5 piece died at 21.
    and Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone died at 24. Mother Love who? you might ask…2 of those guys went right on and formed Pearl Jam.
    and finally, Cliff Burton from Metallica was 24 when he died

  • Andi

    Brad Renfro.

  • Andi

    Oops. Renfro was 25 when he died. My bad.

  • TJ

    This is very off topic.. But I think everyone starting “Flame War’s” should be placed in Gladiator type battles. I say we rebuild the Coliseum! But no really this is a great list.. Can we stop the ” I think so and so should be on the list” Also STOP bitching about people asking questions and laziness.. I bet half the people who complain about laziness are in fact lazy themselves. I think I threw a this is a nice list in there somewhere, Very sleepy..

    • Chris

      People are actually encouraged on this site to mention their own choices for list items. This is how sequels are started.

  • Frazer

    didnt tht tutankamun bloke die when he woz 11 or sumin?

  • JC

    What about Duane Allman. he died when he was 24

  • Frazer117

    o ryt tutankamun died wen he woz 18

  • Frazer

    @wizzlewazzle (43): this is priceles. you honestly think that paul mccartney is dead?

    it never ceases to amaze me how many ignorant bafoons are in the world nowadays…

  • ann 379

    27 i think

  • jessejames

    @wizzlewazzle (39): Mc cartneys still alive ya silly fucks haha

  • CheeseFeind94

    Such a shame about all of theses people. Cliff Burton should also be on this list. He was Metallica’s first (real) bassist and was so talented and was killed in 1986 when the tour bus crashed.(Listen to (anesthesia) pulling teeth, that’s all him on bass!)

    He was 24

    R.I.P Cliff

    Metallica RULZ!!!

  • Here, a YouTube from France made this list of those who weren’t even 20 before their deaths.

  • Will Trame

    I thought Richie Valens died at 19 since most rock encyclopedias give his birth year as 1941. Then again who can tell? It was a shame that he and Buddy Holly passed so young, nonetheless.

    Also of note is poet Thomas Chatterton who killed himself at 17.

  • Will Trame

    I was wrong about Richie Valens in my May 4 post. I did some more research and learned he died about three months prior to his eighteenth birthday. Mea culpa.

  • BobNickMad

    Lydon brought a level of sincerity in attitude that was good but [and that was the best in the band’s attitude] yet also arrogance,Syd’s attitude was only bad [macho posing, drugs and disrespect for the fans] so it’s shouldn’t be considered a loss.

  • Lacey

    WHat about king tut

  • muslih zahir

    music is haraam

    1. The subject matter of songs should not be against the teachings of Islam. For example, if the song is in praise of wine, and it invites people to drink, singing or listening to it is haram.

    2. Although the subject matter itself may not be against the Islamic teachings, the manner of singing may render it haram; this would be the case, for example, if the singing were accompanied by suggestive sexual movement.

    3. Islam fights against excess and extravagance in anything, even in worship; how, then, can it tolerate excessive involvement with entertainment? Too much time should not be wasted in such activities; after all, what is time but life itself? One cannot dispute the fact that spending time in permissible activities consumes time which ought to be resaved for carrying out religious obligations and doing good deeds. It is aptly said, “There is no excess except at the expense of a neglected duty.”

    4. Each individual is the best judge of himself. If a certain type of singing arouses one’s passions, leads him towards sin, excites the animal instincts, and dulls spirituality, he must avoid it, thus closing the door to temptations.

    5. There is unanimous agreement that if singing is done in conjunction with haram activities—for example, at a drinking party, or if it is mixed with obscenity and sin—it is haram. The Prophet (peace be on him) warned of a severe punishment for people who sing or listen to singing in such a situation when he said, Some people of my ummah will drink wine, calling it by another name, while they listen to singers accompanied by musical instruments. Allah will cause the earth to swallow them and will turn some of them into monkeys and swine. (Reported by Ibn Majah.) This does not mean that they will be physically transformed into the bodies and outward form of monkeys and swine but rather in heart and soul, carrying the heart of a monkey and the soul of a pig in their human bodies.

    • Chris

      What the hell was that post all about? I fail to see how it is at all relevant to this list. How bizarre.

  • Mikie

    I just watched a movie called “Prefontaine”. Good movie on the life of Steve. Check it out if you get the opportunity.

  • Tina Arnone

    I think Selena Quintanilla-Perez ("the Queen of Tejano music") should be on this list. She was murdered at 23 years old, by her friend and fan club president. After her death, her life story was made into a biopic starring Jennifer Lopez as Selena. Selena was a hugely influential in spanish speaking countries, and was set to crossover into the mainstream music industry.

  • dezwee

    I realized that quite a few Catholics make it at top spot in a lot of the lists in this website lol

  • Eoin

    Sid Vicious jeez at least he is’nt around anymore to waste the space he once occupied..

  • V-Starr

    About a year since the last post, but I feel like I should add a name to the list.

    Per Yngve Ohlin aka Dead, the Swedish black metal singer known for his death obsession and fronting the bands Morbid and the more infamous Mayhem was 22 when he killed himself in 1991. That was actually the second time he died. The first time was when he was about 10 years old and he fell through the ice he was playing by (some stories say he suffered internal bleeding at that moment). He was dead on arrival but the doctors where able to revive him.

    He made Mayhem notorious for their violent shows with impaled pig heads and Dead cutting himself to the point of having to get medical attention after a show from blood loss. He also dressed in clothes buried weeks prior to concerts and wore the black metal face makeup known as corpse paint to look dead. Mayhem band mates said they couldn’t get along with him because he isolated himself, possibly suffering with depression.

    His body was founded by band mate Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth along with a note with the words “Excuse all the blood” on it and supposedly an apology for firing a shotgun in the house Mayhem used to practice and Dead called home since he left for Norway to join Mayhem. Since the two didn’t get along, Euro exploited Dead’s death by making necklaces from Dead’s skull fragments, speeding rumors that the guitarist ate the singer’s brain, and taking photos of Dead’s corpse before getting the police. One of these photos became the cover of the Mayhem bootleg album “Dawn of the Black Hearts.”

    To me, Dead was an amazing singer and wonderful singwriter. However since he didn’t see himself as human after his first death, no one was really surprised to see I’m go and I hope he is resting comfortably in the wod beyond.

  • Andrew

    Old list I know. But I love the site and was a little disappointed that Elliott Smith wasnt on this list

  • vanessa

    Glad to see ian on here… Joy division is pretty much the best band ever.

  • Concerned-Hobbit

    What about Tupac Shakur? He died when he was 25. June 17th, 1971 – September 13th, 1996

  • kkazzzee

    where is bhagat singh

  • Penny

    James Dean, Sid Vicious, Buddy Holly, River Phoenix, Saint Joan of Arc… why why why. :'(

  • petet2112

    It would have been a fitting tribute that Ritchie Valens died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly (The Big Bopper Richardson was 29, so that’s inconclusive). And also the omission of one the greats, Eddie Cochran at the age of 22.

  • Darren

    I think Ritchie Valens should be mentioned as he would of been one of the most greatest singers EVER Famous for Come on Lets Go,his version of La Bamba, Oh donna and a few others

  • brodie

    i think that sid’s mother overdost him as she knew that he would never last in prison.

  • it

    Irma Grese??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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