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Top 10 Most Entertaining Music Videos

Elliot Rowe . . . Comments

Most people associate this with the best music videos ever or the best music ever turned into music videos. I, however, chose these because they are actually fun to watch or otherwise worth seeing, based more on their visual presentation and entertainment value, and less on their music (otherwise this would be the top 10 best songs ever). It’s also important to note how most of these videos stand the test of time or incorporate the new features of their time.

10. Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

This one seems to be the second most popular one out there. It incorporates visual styles uniquely belonging to Queen, while honestly showcasing the group and their abilities. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see Freddie Mercury in tight pants? Even if this video eschews a visual story in the music video, it will always be a crowd pleaser.

9. Ok Go! Here it goes again

Even if the sole gimmick of this video is the choreography, that in itself deserves an award. This video is genuinely fun to watch, even if it is a little silly.

8. Gnarls Barkley Crazy

I hope the irony of Crazy is not lost on people. This digital wonder uses Rorschach (inkblot) tests as the sole means of showing off the group. With excellent pacing, this video kept me watching and thinking: am I crazy?

7. The White Stripes Fell in Love with a Girl

Who ever thought of using Legos to make a music video? Jack and Meg’s able performance goes a step further with this unique presentation of a music video.

6. Emilie Simon Fleur de Saison

What’s that you say? A good music video made outside of America? Nonsense! Believe it or not, this catchy French pop song proves that not all good music comes from the US or Britain. With excellent computer graphics, this music video shows what the imagination is capable of thinking. I’ll also admit, she is kinda cute, even if I can’t understand a word she says.

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5. A-ha Take on me

This quintessential piece of the 80’s is continually ranked among people’s favorite music videos. While some of their contemporaries were putting out cheap music videos for the record companies, A-ha’s unique animation set’s it apart from the pack and fuses it with live action and a story to boot. Even if we get to listen to the lead singer’s awesome, if not ear-piercing, falsetto, this one is a testament of time to the fickle world of music videos.

4. Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer

Another crowd pleaser, Peter in his solo career continued to put out some impressive works. Sledgehammer is one of those works. This quirky video merges scenes of life with stop motion film and claymation into something devilishly fun to watch. Along with A-ha, the uniqueness of this music video puts in on many favorite music video lists so much that it also withstands the test of time.

3. R Kelly Trapped in the Closet (All 22 episodes)

This narrative of epic proportions elevates the simple music video into a near full-length movie. With a complex storyline nearly an hour long, there are so many “Did that just happen?” and “No way!” moments, viewers are left wanting to see what will happen next. Even if it is heavy handed with the gun play, this is true modern musical entertainment. The clip above includes the first 5 chapters.

2. Johnny Cash Hurt

Be careful, this one is a tear-jerker. However, the late Mr. Cash is still at his peak even in his later years. With powerful imagery, Mr. Cash takes us along for the ride that was his life and evokes a deep respect and appreciation for him and life in general. Even the most hardened heart should be misty-eyed by the end.

1. Michael Jackson Thriller

You guessed it. This little gem was revolutionizing for its time and still is today. With amazing choreography, setting, and costumes, Thriller cements itself in music video history, so much so that many spoofs have since been made (including Indian Thriller and Philippine Prison Thriller). With Vincent Price narrating, Michael Jackson showed us why he was called “The King of Pop”.

Contributor: Elliot Rowe

  • Kull

    jfrater: I'd put in Queens of the Stone Age "No-one knows"

    • flerge

      Surely ‘Paranoid Android’ by Radiohead. There’s very little else that can match it for insanity ever. The writer of it allegedly locked himself in a room for a day whilst trying to think of a video, and Lord knows what he must have smoked to produce that bad-boy…

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  • pufonthis

    This website lost all credibility by including R Kelly in this list.

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  • pufonthis: wow – that was a pretty huge mistake we made then! All credibility lost over one video. Who would you suggest we put in place of the R Kelly video?

  • Kull – I have never heard of them – the video is interesting but I am not sure I would consider it greater than the ones on the list so far :) Thanks for mentioning it though.

  • Naomi

    Yet again, lovely list.
    Maybe you’d like to research on some Japanese music videos. They usually have excellent CG in the videos and great emotion in the song.

  • Naomi: I will have a hunt around youtube and see what I can come up with – thanks for the suggestion :)

  • Kwame

    You’re always going to have rabid dissent when you start talking about music. I’m a little upset you didn’t include that one with Shakira dancing, covered in oil? Woooo!

    • YouRang?

      Doesn’t that describe every video Shakira ever made?

  • Yarr

    A great list!
    Have you seen the Family Guy episode where Chris gets pulled into the Ah-Ha video? Pretty funny.


    Guns N Roses did the R Kelly thing way back in the 90’s with their November Rain trilogy…

    R-Kelly wants to pee on you!!!

  • Kelsi

    Because you included Hurt by Johnny Cash, I was reminded of two music videos that I find very moving. In fact, every time I watch these I am reduced to tears. The first is World on Fire by Sarah McLachlan (keep your mouse over the pause button, there’s a lot of information very fast. and the second is If Everyone Cared by Nickelback ( Though I am not a fan of Nickelback or that particular song on its own, I really find this music video stirring.

  • JT

    Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity is the most fun video I’ve ever seen. Even once you figure out how it’s done, you’re still in awe.

    The best video ever though is Michel Gondry’s video for Star Guitar by the Chemical Brothers. It’s an amazing feat in filming an editing.

  • Monkey

    QUEEEEEEEEEN!!! Sorry, I lost my composure for a second :) I’m so glad you included them on the list! Have you ever seen their last video where Freddie is really sick? It’s very moving, I can’t watch it because I get so emotional, kind of like I do when I watch Johnny Cash’s “Hurt.” I love Johnny Cash too. Awesome list!

  • Sean the pyro

    A few other suggestions.

    Anything by Tool, I know, already on another list

    Prodigy, Smack my Bitch Up, again on another list

    The Korn and Pearle Jam videos that animator did, sorry his name escapes me.

    And a personal favorite of mine, Pat Benetar “Shadows of the Night”. The most expensive video ever made up until Thriller.

  • Adam

    Interesting list, but I definately would have included Californiacation by the Red Hot Chili peppers.

  • Great suggestions for extras everyone – I am going to be busy on youtube tonight I can see :)

  • Joe Skepsis

    Just because it’s downright terrible doesn’t mean Trapped in the Closet isn’t astronomically entertaining.

    It’s everything you’d want from a bad music video and so much more.

  • Court C

    What about any music videos that Chris Cunningham did? As for the cover of “Hurt,” ugh. You might want to mention it is in fact a cover of Nine Inch Nails.

  • JMurf

    Replace R. Kelly with this, nuff said

  • :) Take on me is one of my favourite music videos. Loved the list.
    But, really. The original version of Hurt by NIN is way better. And more depressing :P

  • EvanL

    I love how ridiculously fake the driving scene in trapped in the closet looks

  • librarian


    mind about Lego music videos?
    See this one from Bohemian Rhapsody

    Try searches with ‘Lego’ as keyword, there’s some quite good stuff there.

    Oh, and ‘Rockstar’ from Nickelback is a nice one, just because of all the cameo appearances
    (uncensored version, don’t listen to rock’n roll if you don’t wanna hear about sex and drugs)

  • Jackie

    OH MY GOD the freakiest thing just happened. I’m listening to the radio as I’m looking at this list. The EXACT second I scroll down and see “Gnarles Barkley’s Crazy” the song starts on the radio. It couldn’t have been timed more perfect.

    Anyway I haven’t even finished looking at the list! hahaha that was really weird.

  • Jackie

    Ok now that I’m done freaking out…haha

    That Ok Go video is one of my favorites, I’m glad that one and the Queen one were included.

    To Yarr: I did see that Family Guy episode and died laughing at that part, it was so genius and was an awesome reference!!

    Tool’s video for “Schism” is awesome too, very entertaining, creative and creepy, I’d probably include it on my top 10.

    Also the My Chemical Romance videos for “I’m Not OK” and “Helena” are great as well.

  • Borg

    I’d never seen that Queen video, that was awesome. I just wish I could have seen Freddie live.

    I think it’s an oversight to not have Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” on this list. The song itself never made a big splash, but who can forget the video of Christopher Walken dancing around in an empty hotel?

    My personal favorite is “Everlong” by the Foo Fighters. In the video, Dave Grohl slips in and out of his dreams trying to rescue the woman he loves from her own nightmares. It’s what Evil Dead 2 would look like if it were a romantic comedy. It doesn’t hurt that the song is great, too.

  • WatAbout

    mostly great stuff. could have used some nirvana. theyve got some really trippy videos. here are some other videos that stand out.

    Pink Floyd – another brick in the wall

    Guns n Roses – November Rain

    chili peppers – by the way (am I the only one that thinks the cab driver looks like will ferrell in this video?)

    Earth Wind and Fire – Let’s groove (classic)

    Borg: yes! fatboy slim makes the funniest videos

  • Dan

    I like 1234 by Feist and Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance

  • bryon

    @ Court C and Implosive Fire

    While it is indeed a cover of Trent’s song, after hearing Cash’s haunting version Trent himself has been quoted as saying: “it’s not my song anymore”.

  • fgds
  • heavybison

    I would put in a word for “set the controls for the heart of the sun” from Pink Floyd’s Live at Pompeii or in fact the whole damn Pompeii session. The whole setting was one big high…
    But i guess jfrater seeks quick compilations rather than carefully put out quality stuff..

  • fgds

    Oh, and this is funny too.

    Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

  • heavybison: you are welcome to submit your own list. Just because your favorite isn’t included doesn’t mean the list is bad or thrown together. While I didn’t write this one, I do put in hours before writing my lists doing research to try to put the best information here. But as the old adage goes, you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

  • heavybison

    Hey…chill dude…ure getting touchy with age..

  • heaveybison: I am always chilled :) But being chilled doesn’t mean I can’t defend myself when someone complains about something I do.

  • AnotherEngine

    Cibo Matto’s “Sugar Water”, Yo La Tengo’s “Sugarcube”, and UNKLE’s “Rabbit In Your Headlights” are all pretty entertaining.

  • Bonnie_

    Loved Emilie Simon, #6. Beautiful song and great imagination in the video. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bonnie: me too – I bought the album on iTunes after seeing the video.

    AnotherEngine: I will check them out – I am always on the lookout for new music

  • This can replace R Kelly’s spawn of satan… It’s all backwards!

  • Versailles

    I can think of quite a few that deserve a place on the list:

    The Dresden Dolls:


  • Versailles: that clip you mention of Bjork is interesting for another reason – it is considered to be a very great piece of steadicam work by people in the cinematography field. Bjork is great!

  • Katy

    That R Kelly video is the single funniest thing in the history of the world. I found one of the chapters one day and had to watch the whole story. And the lyrics are hilarious.

    And I love the OK Go video, I introduced all my friends to that when it came out, and we almost got thrown out of the gym for trying to imitate it. (It didn’t go well.)

  • Sean the pyro

    Borg, you are on the money. Weapon of Choice was great and Everlong has to be my all time favorite song and video. Those dudes were creepy.

  • chunkylover77

    Dire Straits “I Want My MTV”, anything by Weird Al Yankovic

  • Katy: haha – I would have liked to have seen that.

    chunkylover77: definitely a yes with Weird Al – he is great.

  • Twig1981

    I fkn hate R kelly but the clip does compel(?) you to continue, but i think the main problem is that there are sooo many clips that should be included (I.E. Marilyn Manson’s “Dope Hat” springs to mind) that the list is never going to be long enough haha, either way good job good choice…P.S. Writing credits need to be given to Nine Inch Nails for Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”

  • Crusader14049

    ignore this

  • Crusader14049

    I’m afraid that the original version of “hurt” by Nine Inch Nails is far more moving. I felt like shit after listening to it and it made me think.

  • Butterfish

    ‘Virtual Insanity’ has the usual problem with Jamiroquai, in that Jay Kay is there. If only there was a way to separate the man from the voice.

    ‘Let Forever Be’ and ‘Weapon of Choice’ – good calls.
    Peter Wolf ‘Come as You Are’
    Talking Heads ‘Wild Wild Life’
    Kylie Minogue ‘Come into my World’

  • lola

    Freddie is the sexiest genius.

  • Dangerous Dan

    Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug
    Kate Bush – Cloudbusting
    ‘Weapon of Choice’ – good call, very entertaining video.

  • roscoefrye

    The Bloodhound Gang “The Bad Touch” “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo”

    Any old Busta Rhymes video or Missy Elliot video.

  • monkeyballz

    yea kull at the top no one knows is the best/funniest music video

  • bootlicker

    Okay, call me anal, but it’s Jo”h”nny Cash, not Jonny (in the header). The video is awesome!!!

  • bootlicker: you are right – I hadn’t noticed so thanks for pointing the error out. I have now corrected it.

  • bootlicker

    Thasnks! I just discovered this site last week and I’m addicted! Kudis for a great idea.

  • i love ok go… lol the thriller song we had to make up another song to it and with the dance to go with our dinner at a feild trip… we thought of

    we had some dinner!
    had some dinner tonight!
    we had some pizza,
    and we had zero ort!
    [[the whole “ort” thing was an inside joke]]

  • jayson

    i can’t believe Bjork’s videos are not here

  • Drew

    Weird Al’s “Smells Like Nirvana” video should replace the R Kelly vid. I’m dead serious, it’s a REALLY good vid.

  • Mystern

    Though I prefer the full version of the song, my favorite music video has to be “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan. Or perhaps I should say “favourite”?

    Beautiful cinematography (not sure if that term is the appropriate one), and really compelling. I also love the subtle ending . . .

  • shane

    Here are a few vids that definitely should be considered..

    mute math – typical

    Justice – D.A.N.C.E

    fiest – 12334

    kings of leon – four kicks


    I think what people don’t understand is that when Johnny Cash does “Hurt” the song takes on a whole different meaning than the NIN version. Cash’s version is seems to focus on his age and looking back upon his life where Reznor’s version seems to be about a relationship. Given the context, Cash’s version is way more moving. Espescially since in the video its like there is no attempt to hide an aging Cash. I literally bawled the first time I saw it :P NIN never gave me such a strong emotion.
    I liked this list a lot… it’s really concise!!

  • xoxo

    there most definatly needs to be another music video list. i really like queens of the stone age go with the flow and anything directed by spike jonze, like praise you by fatboy slim, while its filmed with a handheld camera, its really funny to watch.

  • Pretty poor list in my opinion.
    Chemical Brothers -let forever be- greatest video ever.
    Anything by Michel Gondry for that matter.

  • josepluma

    “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits – the video is actually a little silly, but very memorable.

    “The Boys of Summer” – My vote for the best ever.

  • darknightam

    Muse-Knights of Cydonia is an excellent video. A great narrative, showcasing a broad range of influences.

  • Polly Odyssey

    Haha, I love the Take On Me video.

  • LaLahead

    Shweet. :]
    Im doing an assignment on music videos,
    im not sure if this has helped to answer any of my questions..
    But it was entertaining anywho

  • LaLahead

    (for school)
    .. not a secret agent.

  • J

    where’s jesus of suberbia or beat it

  • Bobby the K

    michael jackson was called ‘the king of pop’ because he told people (specifically oprah) to call him the king of pop.
    i think commentators should always keep that in mind.

  • F.McClure

    For your Another 10 entertaining Music Videos, remember to include these gems, which should have been on the original list in the first place:
    I’m Not Okay(I Promise)-My Chemical Romance. The single most radical, funny, touching and ambitious clip in years. If you haven’t seen this yet, you must.
    Closer-NIN. My candidate for best video ever. It’s so spontaneously erotic and momentous, and meticulously constructed for the sake of grabbing the jugular. The all-time classic postpunk video.
    Stinkfist-Tool. Any Tool video is an event, but you have to see this one to believe it.
    Rubber Johnny-Chris Cunningham. I think we’ve all seen this one and loved the hell out of it.
    The Perfect Drug-NIN. Intoxicating. A must-see.

    Consider these for next time.

  • Lizz

    I like the fact that they put R. Kelly in there.
    It IS entertaining. xD

  • jajdude

    They Might Be Giants: some cool videos too.

  • mikey de B

    just by radiohead, or street spirit???? i thought one of these should have got on

  • colin

    great list!

    all worthy videos, havent watched Trapped in the Closet, not a fan of kelly and just couldnt bear to see that much of him…

    theres a really cool video by alanis m made up of scenes from her older videos. But whats cool is that, for example, while they show you images from Ironic, her mouth is now mouthing lyrics to the current song…

    very cool.

    not as cool as everything else here;but somehow when its your turn to come up with something, the mind, she freezes:(

  • wumblestump

    I don’t know how I would rate it as a song, but I always found David Lee Roth’s Just a Gigolo to be fun to watch – love the porodies of Cyndi, Billy and Michael!

  • D1StUrB3D

    i can understand Michael Jackson being on the list, him being one of the funkiest dancers of his time, but there is one thing i cannot understand. How could you NOT put the person who inspired him to dance on here. One ONLY human who has better moves, the one, the only…PRABHU DEVA!!!! look at this guys moves:

  • Mike D

    great list. I’ll be the second to add a vote for Weapon of Choice. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Chris Walken dancing like a star.

    But everyone should watch Pharcyde’s Drop. No comment necessary, just watch the whole thing. If hiphop bothers you, just turn the volume down.

    Both vidz were directed by Spike Jonez.

  • unknown

    R kelly’s trapped in the closet, around 30 music videos LOL ahaha. i like kanye west goodlife, because of the green screen affects. oh and another musice i like that kanye west did was “Touch the Sky”

  • choosy
  • BigHank

    Pretty Good list, but how could you forget, ‘Virtual Insanity’ by Jamiroquoi. Probably one of the best musc videos ever made.


    The innovative duo that is Gnarls Barkley earns ny attention, cash, and respect with each release. After “Crazy” and its compelling video, the “Go Go Gadget Gospel” video poked big holes in anyone’s preconceptions of urban life. The xontext is ominous, the cast mysterious, and when the conflict begins we’re all knocked on our stereotyping butts by the humor. Pure pleasure with a well-honed point as they…sock it to us. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  • Nasdagirl

    Great list, but where were the Foo Fighters? They always have very entertaining videos.

  • Abbey

    I would suggest any number of Peter Gabriel videos. Glad someone mentioned Tool`s Schism. How about Pearl Jam`s Do the evolution. Also going way back when i was a kid i loved the video for Gowan`s Criminal Mind.

  • IndigoMoth

    GoodShirt, a New Zealand band, have some awesome video clips… might not call them best of all time (my personal fav would be “rabbit in your headlights” or “smack my bitch up” as mentioned above) but very clever, especially considering they probably didn’t have a huge budget for them. Plus its good music. Just thought I’d give a shoutout.

  • IndigoMoth

    (esp. “Blowing Dirt”)

  • bait

    All you need is love by the Beatles, always gets me. Its not cool or imaginative like some of the others. Its just the capture of the performance

  • whoopee

    Once saw a video for a dance tune that had a bunch of cuddly toys having sex with one another. Didn’t stop laughing for hours. Anyone know what song it was?

  • LSD.chaos

    very intresting…some are iffie
    try these

    NIN (umm anything
    the beautiful people
    tainted love (marilyn manson version

  • Wolfen

    I would have thrown Genesis’s Land of Confusion. That one was pretty entertaining.

  • Looser

    LOVE fell in love with a girl im a huge stripes fan sooooo glad this was on here

  • Kelly

    absoluttely great list .. i love all of the songs

  • Joel
  • Malinda

    LUV Thriller!!!!Sooooo glad it’s #1!!!!I hear it’s number one in IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Moviefiend

    The awesome SOS video by La Bouche!

  • Moviefiend

    Don’t FDream It’s Over by Crowded House, another great song set to an innovative video:

  • cone

    the philippine prison thriller is not a spoof, its a cover, except for the guy that plays the girl in the MV

  • RAGE!

    you should put Of Montreal – Disconnect The Dots there

  • Enucleator

    hahah good list but…. i know that the comment on the Emilie Simon’s vid is supposed to be funny … but you can apply that for several vids on that list … Queen? U.K., Pete Gab’? U.K.? A-hA? Norway. and Emilie Simon, France, yup. the rest of the list is american all right. Just a lil comment to point smthng a lil stupid imho ^^

  • nicoleredz3

    Cool list… R. Kelly’s videos were entertaining, put his personal life aside and focus on the artist. Geez…

  • rawcookiedough

    Where’s the Beasty Boys’ “Sabotage”?
    What’s more entertaining than that?

    Massive Attack’s “Angel” – Not only is the song perfect, but the video’s pretty awesome:

    Then you have Daftpunk’s “Interstella 5555”. It’s the whole album in japanimation!

    Sigur Ros’ “Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa ” is pure beauty.

    And what can be better than seeing baby animals play, like in “Island in the Sun” (Weezer)?

    So many great videos were made. You can’t possibly make a list of only 10.

  • novacaine

    some videos dont deserve here especially number 2… the caption for number two is questionable (Even the most hardened heart should be misty-eyed by the end)…. if you want this list to be entertaining why do you need to include music video that is— sad? i dont get it… it doesnt make any sense.. there are videos deserve to be here… i would like to vote for strawberry swing by coldplay

  • where's Beastie boys's Sabotage video?!! certainly one of the funniest macho video in music video history.

  • Skye13

    The newer Ok Go music video White Knuckles is also interesting.

  • Abhishek Kanyal

    Stacy’s Mom, Fountains of Wayne

  • groldradon

    here are 2 more videos i think are really original, both from mexican bands

    Timbiriche – Tu y yo somos uno mismo (you and i are the same)

    and Cafe Tacuva -Eres

    i hope you guys enjoy them

  • Shopola

    I would suggest Rammstein – Keine Lust or Mint Royale – Blue Song, the second one mostly beacause its got Noel Fielding in it :)

  • geron

    i got a new one for yall. Kanye West Runaway. its 35 minutes and SICK its number 1

  • richard

    come on of confusion by genesis needs to be on here.god is angry this man..booooo

  • Regarding No.5 “Take On Me” by A-ha, the video which consists of live characters and animation blended together is referred to as a photographic term called “Rotoscoping”. Even today its visually refreshing and exhilirating to watch. And for you trivia buffs, the young woman in the video is a British actress named Bunty Bailey.

  • And for sheer entertaining purposes and in my opinion one of the funniest music videos of all time was “Hot For Teacher” by Van Halen

  • Grace

    I woulda put I am the Walrus by the Beatles. Its so random, but thats what makes it great.

  • Vince

    All understood…
    well thousands will tell you this is one of the most entertaining music videos you’ll ever see. I guess I’m biased, any way check it out.

  • Georgia

    Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers should be on here.

  • Los Angeles Music

    Great post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I’m impressed! Very useful info specially the final phase :) I deal with such information much. I was looking for this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thank you and best of luck.

  • Sachzes2

    What about Tonight from Smashing Pumpkins? The man and the women in the video are married in real life. In fact the man does the voice for Spongebob Squarepants and the woman lends her voice to the cartoon as well.

  • All About Music

    Tremendous things here. I’m very glad to look your post. Thank you a lot and I am looking ahead to touch you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  • amy

    I know it is pretty late to comment on this but Coldplay’s Scientist is a wonderful video. It has the complete package of good “effects” and being an emotional journey. Also, the song itself is a thing of beauty.

    I suggest a 10 more… list. Please. :D

  • neil1953

    VAN HALEN – “HOT FOR TEACHER”. Ridiculously Hilarious.

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