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Top 7 Zombie Survival tips

Yaurt . . . Comments

So – the inevitable has happened – zombies have attacked the world. You need to know how to survive and this is the list you need – the top 7 zombie survival tips.

1. Pull your shit together!

Zombie 1

If it’s a zombie infestation, the cops, firemen, and ambulance men will all be rather busy, or dead. When the first zombies are seen, the police will take them to hospitals. Do not lock yourself in your apartment and wait for the police to save you. Do not cooperate with the authorities. They know nothing about zombies, as they believe that zombies are a myth.

2. Get armed

Zombie 2

You do not want to face zombies and be unarmed, even if they are not so smart or quick or powerful, they will be too dangerous to fight bare handed. Firearms are good, but you should also have some side weapons you can use if you run out of bullets, or if they get too close. Anything’s good: knives, swords, axes or even poleaxes if you know how to use one properly. Blunt weapons are also good, but you must wear protection goggles and a mask, or something to protect your face from the splash.

3. Get armored

Zombie 3

You must try to protect your body as much as you can, especially the neck, arms and legs. These are the most exposed parts to bite. You can find lots of body armor from army surplus shops, or even martial arts and hunting shops. Jeans also offer good protection from bites.

4. Leave town

Zombie 4

If the zombie infestation caught you in a big town, you must leave immediately. It’s one thing to face 10 zombies, but another thing to face 10000 zombies. Best thing is to go to the country. Farms are quite easy to defend, and the open spaces won’t let you get caught by surprise.

5. Gather supplies

Zombie 5

Gather as many supplies as you can. Everything from bottled water to gas – you will need it. And it won’t be hard to do it…if everyone’s dead it won’t be stealing! Best thing is to get a truck and start looting the largest stores in the area. Don’t go into big towns, and don’t start looting until you are 100% sure there won’t be a zombie attack, let alone a big one! You don’t want the authorities to stop the attack, nor do you want to end up in jail for looting.

6. Barricade

Zombie 6

Some barbed wire and a whole bunch of gas filled bottles can do wonders when defending your resort from a zombie attack. Also, alarms are a very good idea. You can make them yourself (some cans and pots on a wire) or get a real one, motion sensors and everything (see number 5 for looting tips – Gas and Generator required).

7. Search for survivors

Zombie 7

After you have enough supplies, and your home and the surroundings are safe, you should start searching for survivors. Even if you are the only one of your group still alive, you’ll end up going mad if you remain alone. Start with the small towns around you. It will be quite easy if you have a zombie proof car. Just go to the town limits and honk. If zombies are there, they will head in your direction and you can just leave; alternatively you will recognize the survivors and can form a group. Safety in numbers!

Contributor: Yaurt

  • Iteresting list. Just one question… #7 you said honk your car horn,if there are zombies they will head in your direction…

    Now if there were a zombie attack and someone honked a horn, that would mean someone with an intellegence would be near aka not a zombie. I would head towards the car as it would be a means to save myself.

    Oki it wasn't much of a question but more of a state of confussion…

    • Emothice

      Thats understandable, but you have to remember that zombies are pretty obviously attracted to noise, if someone honks a horn to see if there are zombies there, and they all go running towards it, you're then able to moove a little more freely for the time being and find a place where you can get the attention of the one in the car.

      • Adam

        DUH! that and it puts all the zombies in one place. which could provide a trick. put a bomb in your car, set off its alarm and run. when the zombies get there, set off the bomb.

  • Why does no one suggest keeping a dog? My dogs are better than any burglar alarm, and there's no reason to think they wouldn't warn you about zombies!

    • spiderbait

      Dogs attack by biting which might be a bad idea if your dog can become infected. Even if he can't become infected the dog can easily be swarmed and killed.

    • Darksource

      um the blood in zombies is mutated if a dog bites a zombie theres 90% chance that the dog would be infected

      P.S zombie dogs are worse than regular zombies

      • aarone14

        Actually if an animal got infected it would die off before the disease can complete it’s process. Thus it wouldn’t matter.

    • HMagnus

      I vote geese on this one. Best alarm system ever. Also, fresh food in a pinch!

  • DiscHuker

    my wife and i had a discussion after watching 28 weeks later, where would we go in town to try and outlast the invasion?

    we determined that the best place in town that has supplies, ammo and controllable entrances is wal-mart supercenter. they even have beds, toilets, more supplies than we could use in probably a year. we could get up to the roof to shoot down, like in dawn of the dead. we could even hook up an x-box to keep us entertained.

    • JewanBoii

      Too easy to get caught by surprise

    • Jacob

      wait a second…. you are on the roof of a Wal-Mart Supercenter SHOOTING ZOMBIES and you suggest hooking up an X-Box for entertainment?!?!?! BWAHAHAHAHA But seriously, I suppose some guitar hero might be fun. Just no FPS's.

      • aarone14

        Bad idea most likely the place would be full of zombies. Not to mention the parking lot.

      • Katie

        You wouldn’t need to play a fps when the real thing is all around you! Haha!

    • fendabenda

      In the original Dawn of the Dead, one of the bikers is stealing a TV set, and another biker biker says, "what are you gonna watch? There aren't any TV channels broadcasting". And the first biker says "oh, right" and smashes the set. Now, isn't that kind of silly? I know there weren't DVD's or X-boxes etc in 1978, but surely there were video tapes that you could have watched on a TV set? Or even some early video games you could have played?

    • The Mighty Ming

      While this might seem like a good idea in theory, many other survivors would have the same plan. You could wind up outside a Wal-Mart and find hundreds of people fighting for control of resources and security. Also, a number of people in the crowd could have zombie bites, would die and then turn in the middle of the frenzy and cause and outbreak from the inside.

      Personally, my plan would be to stock up on as much supplies as possible to hold myself and up to 4 others for at least 3 weeks, a month tops. Over this period of time, 1 of 2 things can happen.. 1: the majority of humans are dead and/or are zombies. 2: Humans have controlled the outbreak via army controlled bases operating proper checks and containment of infected.

      Assuming No.1 has happened, (note: living life during the zombie apocolypse, A LOT of assumptions will have to be made about almost every choice you make, nothing is certain) I would make my way to the nearest police department (completely ignoring the number 1 tip on this list). Any survivors might be here and they would most likely be well armed, and after a month in the Z.A, they will know when they see a human or a zombie, so little chance of being mistaken for the walking dead…

      I could literally write a book on what I would do during the Z.A but that would be my first course of action.

    • CHARLO

      DO NOT GO TO WALMART everyone gets THAT idea, it’ll be chaos, as 200+ people start robbing as the zombies attack. in my opinion, go rob other people’s houses… it’s easier, and remember that when the zombies come, water company’s wont be able to filter the water so tap water is undrinkable. GO GATHER BOTTLED WATER

    • pokedragonS8

      Nope,Wal-Mart is NO good,everyone will prbably try to go their,get bitten then BOOM! Whole wal mart is full of zombies!

    • silenthigurashi

      People, Like raiders for fallout, would find you, taking everything you have and probably killing you.

  • David

    Sooo much wrong here, or at least flawed. Mainly that you should rely on guns as weapons. Your first weapon is your own body; being fast and fit will help with survival more then anything else. Second weapon should be a strong melee weapon, think like in Shaun of the Dead; although I prefer a crowbar because it has other functions. Third weapon should be a silenced simple rifle, like a .22 or preferably an AK-47. Forth weapon should be a silenced pistol. Also, using fire in order to survive is a bad idea 95% of the time. Fire has no allegiance to you just because you created it; in other words you burn too. Also, gathering supplies is something that you should do while "getting your shit together." It's a lot easier to navigate a city when it's not full of zombies. Also body armor is heavy and often not flexible.

    • Dan

      .22s are good to have, but over long distances they tend to lose power and accuracy, causing misses. the only redeemable faeture would be that they often lack the power to go (completely) through the skull, causing them to bounce around and mess up the brain. But a better option would be to buy 9mm rifle and pistol combo. Shared ammunition means less shopping around, and the 9mm has decent stopping power. And silencers are extremely expensive, and often either illegal to buy or highly watched, as they're often used for killing people. You could fabricate your own, but that still takes time and the right materials epending on your gun.

      As for body armor, with the invention of a little thing called kevlar, and more recently, dragonscale, body armor, or even just a layer or two of leather, are all relatively lighweight and would protect you from the teeth of most people.

      • The Mighty Ming

        Regarding the silencer issue, there won’t be any law in the zombie apocolypse to prevent you from having a silencer. If you find one which fits to you’re preferred weapon, pick that bad boy up and never let go of it.

  • yaurt

    Ravyn: if there are zombies that means that are NO survivors!
    Richard: Dogs are a great defence, but we don't know if they would be afected by the virus…you don't want your 3 dobermans to get zombie on you, don't you ?
    dangorironhide: i've read the book, but i do not aprove it!
    kunleski: i'll see you mailing me when it's goin' down
    DiscHuker: glass walls ?!
    Yarr: #4 …if you are prepared, read this thing, when the thing happens, you won't do those mistakes. ANd hot zombie killin' chicks are not so easy to find…around here anyway…

    • Teddybrrr

      yuart: are you joking? obviously there would be surivors! because there wouldn’t be much point making a list about surviving a zombie apocolypse if you were dead or a zombie! also, zombies have to bite people to infect them, you don’t automatically get turned into a zombie.

  • I'm so printing this out and taping it to my wall. You know, just in case. You can never be too prepared… ;-)
    Good list.

    • Bonaparte

      Just pick up a copy of Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide!

  • I always thought learning to drive stick would be helpful in case the only working car you could find was a manual. That’s pretty much the only reason I learned.

  • Anthony

    Nice list. Anyone interested in further increasing you chances for survival in case of a zombie outbreak should read “The Zombie Survival Guide” It’s hilariously brilliant.

  • Anthony: It seems this list has been taken straight from there :P

    Apologies if it hasn’t Yaurt!

  • Gr8flDdFn

    lol 8. run faster then the other ppl in ur party.

    • George Washington III

      har-har-har-har-har That made me lol till I lmfao rofl har-har-har-har-har lol lmfao. Rofl. U sir, are a genius. Lol. Cinsrrly, My dog, Mr.MoustacheKitty <3 I love you. Please contact me at 361-645-9158. Text me anytime sweety.

  • Oops – forgot to add the contributor – I didn’t write the list so I don’t know the source aside from the contributor :)

  • kunleski

    crazy list! zombies exist only in the movies

    • No name

      You never know

  • Neo said it best: “Guns, lots of guns!”

  • Yarr

    #4 could be either good or worse. The original Night of the Living Dead happened in a farmhouse and everyone there got croaked.
    Also, #7, Search for survivors: No good. In all the movies it’s the in-fighting between the survivors that ends up causing all the problems and getting everyone eaten. Fuck’em. Hold on to your woman or find a hot chick that can shoot and run, and piss on everyone else- If they are so craptastically awesome, why are they just waiting around for your happy ass to come save them?

    • Abrahamm Lincoln III

      har-har-har-har-har That made me lol till I lmfao rofl har-har-har-har-har lol lmfao. Rofl. U sir, are a genius. Lol. Cinsrrly, My dog, Mr.MoustacheKitty <3 I love you. Please contact me at 361-645-9158. Text me anytime sweety.

  • Fe

    yeah, zombies…just thinking, why aren’t there ever any lists about how to be a SUCCESSFUL zombie? Is there a zombie equivalent to the Evil Overlord list? Because if there isn’t, there should be. :)

  • Diogenes

    Ok. so, all I have read is the titles, and I havent read the comments and I am aware of the book by the similar title that has been submitted here above , but , my answer right now…is … “Become a Zombie.” Yes thats right, I dont mean acting like one, but just go on ahead and let one of them flesh munching/ brain eating- Somnambulistic Infestations- take a chunk out of yah and go on your merry way. It cant be all that different than what the majority has already accepted from the moment in time when their dreams were broken, left out on a plate-in front of the home (disconnected from the original couple)-a welcome mat for the horror maw of humanity’s complacent weeknesses……naw, I meant to say-nice one. get us in the mood..I saw a Hillary Clinton rubber mask among the rest of the halloween “trophies” hanging high in the Party store. I wondered. yeh.

  • JJ

    great list good advice #8 should be WAIT it out we are talking dead people walking around bloodthirsty dead people but dead people none the less ,,once you have your safe place just wait (1 to 2 months ) the zombies will rot away,, P.S. a horde of rampaging zombies is my worst fear i dont care how impossibly unlikely it is

  • yaurt: Well if there is no survivors then why would anyone need a list of how to protect yourself from zombies. And why would you drive a car into the mid of zombies and honk a horn to find survivors just to draw all the attention to yourself. Better yet…why would you even need to drive a car. If there are no survivors that means you wouldn’t have survive either. Driving a car just seems pointless.

  • yaurt

    :)) ok Ravyn if the zombies atack you can take a bike!
    You honk because in your car you can outrun them. And btw, get as many big cars as you can, SUV’s , trucks, no small, tiny, pretty convertible cars.

  • yaurt

    and jfrater, why is this list in the humour section ?! :)

  • Yarr

    Sorry there's no hot chicks in your town. That sucks a lot. But in case of zombies, I'm still going to load up my babe and my doberman and a shitload of ammo and food and head for the hills while giving the rest of the world the finger. If other survivors somehow make it to my hideout, they can come in and hang out and drink a tall glass of shut the fuck up about "What are we going to do next?" There is no next. We survive. We chill. We shoot zombies and play scrabble. If you don't like it, go find your own hideout Captain Awesome and get the hell out of mine! And no, you can't have any Twix, either; I only have a couple left and they're mine.

    • Vikki

      I like this idea but I strongly suggest that you also bring cluedo, yanno to mix it up a little :)

  • Joe Skepsis

    I agree with all but 7, once I form a group I can trust, I’d be extremely hesitant about allowing strangers into it, they could be insane, annoying, or Scientologists (see insane).

  • Kieran

    Dont find survivors, it leads to arguments, anyony seen 28 days later?

    Stay on your own, or with real close family + friends.

    I would head straight to sainsburys, buy months supply of food on a credit card, fill my house full of food, then hide in the attic with my family, only going down to get food.

  • yaurt: You missed my point. If there are no survivors that would mean that you didn’t survive either. If you didn’t survive there would be no point in honking your horn as no on survived. And being as you didn’t survive either, I don’t think you would have the intellegence to purposly honk a horn anyway. If no one survives and you are a zombie, yet again I ask, what is the point of a Zombie Survival list.

  • yaurt

    Ravyn: Who said there will be no survivors ? Cause’ there will be, those who take this list seriously!!! :)

  • The only survivors will be the few people who thought ahead and built a spaceship in there barn. Therefor flying it to the hidden NASA colony on mars.

  • yaurt

    Ravyn: oh…i said that… :) ok, i over reacted :D

  • Loose Cannon

    I’m waiting for the part where someone blames the Zombie epidemic on Bush/Cheny/Rove/Hannity/Coulter.

  • Ziggy

    Ciob wtf are you doing here? Still savin` the world? MZ1 best fortress in the worlds. Even has interphone :D .

  • Yaurt: Sorry. I just call it how I see it :) hmm

  • Man things are running a bit slow :(

  • yaurt

    Ziggy, around here i am called “Yaurt, the master of zombie survival” :) And an apartament building is the worst ideea ever!

  • David

    Yaurt, if you were truly the “master” of zombie survival guide you would know that a bicycle is the best form of transportation during a zombie attack. Cars are incredibly loud, can only go on roads, and will eventually run out of gas. Not to mention everyone else will be getting in their cars to try and escape so the roads will be clogged. A bike is relatively silent, never runs out of gas, and can go where a car couldn’t even fit. Many of your suggestions are very good, but you need to read “The Zombie Survival Guide” and “World War Z” both by Max Brooks.

  • yaurt

    David:i really would like to see you rammin’ throu’ 100 rampaging, blood thirsty zombies with your bike! :)
    And about those, i already read “The Zombie Survival Guide” and i so don’t aprove it!
    If you have enough gas(see #5) you don’t have to worry about the noise. You can even stop and shoot or throw molotov cocktails at them untill you waste them and then loot or search for survivors.

  • yaurt

    Yarr!!! That’s the shit i’m talkin’ about! :)

  • David

    Yaurt: I’d really like to see how your car is going to survive 1000 zombies beating on it because you alerted them with the engine running. It doesn’t matter how much gas you have, eventually you’ll run out and then you’re SOL. Also, the more gas you bring, the less room you have for food, ammo, and other supplies. Since Zombies are slow, biking through a small number, 50 max, would be feasible. A car is all well and good, but it should be for long distances with all of your supplies, not for exploring unknown areas or what have you. How exactly does the amount of gas you have relate to noise? A car makes noise if it’s running, and in a situation where there would be few survivors in a big city a running engine is essentially a signal flare to all zombies that can hear it. Finally, this isn’t a movie, molotov cocktails could just as easily set you and your precious car on fire. And what happens when you’re surrounded by zombies, all trying to get you, and you throw out a molotov only to have that burning zombie come crashing into your metal shell.

    I would like to know what you disagree with in the Zombie Survival Guide? I thought it was quite logical and clear cut. I suggest you read World War Z also.

    Edit: Yarr, thats actually a pretty good plan. A babe and a dog are very good sources of morale, if for different reasons. The one thing everyone seems to forget about zombie invasions is morale, because that’s something you can’t buy, loot, or train.

  • Okay, as much as I love zombies and this list makes me happy, I don’t think it’s very appropriate to show an actual murder in process as the picture for number seven does.

  • mishele

    cats are also good at alerting you of the presence of zombies, and they require way less food than dogs and can forage well. just stock up on dry food and they’ll fatten up on rats, etc. They’re also better company and WAY less annoying than men. the only thing you need men for is protection, unless you can find enough other women to gang up with.

    • zack

      get back in the kitchen

      • Chuk

        I don’t need to comment but I will cuz that was frikin hilarious!

  • Diogenes

    Humans! Stop all the make believe fighting allready! and just become one of us, like I was sayin.

    Jeremy: that cant be for real. why would that be? It looks real though. lets wait for Yaurt to reply.

    mishelse: Are you from the “Island of Women and Cats”?

  • yaurt

    Jeremy & Diogenes: I found it on google, searched “zombie”
    David: Dude! you got like 10 tons of gas at home, you don’t move around with all your food and gas and eveything! And when in a car, if you had read tip #1 you wouldn’t stay and cry in the front seat when 1000 zombies are smashing the car (and btw, you with your magical bike could handle them ?), in the first place you are not supposed to be in the middle of 1000 zombies! :D read tip #4

    • dude guy

      dude every one is saying car cuz its fast or bike cuz its small
      just get a fucking chopper

  • David

    Yaurt: Wait I’m confused, where is this 10 tons of gas I have and why wouldn’t I want to take all my supplies with me during an invasion? Simply put, a car is perfect, even preferred, for that initial escape from town or post-invasion supply gathering expedition. I can’t argue that a bike could carry all of my supplies, much less those of a whole crew. A bike is better for quick in-and-out missions you might need to do. The biggest advantage a bike has is it’s ease of use. Everyone knows how to ride a bike and they’re a whole lot easier to fix than a car.
    While I could go on, I won’t. I can agree that a car is a necessity, but it shouldn’t be a crutch. As a final thought, what if Murphy’s Law begin to take effect? That is, when something, anything, goes wrong. The best action is to just be prepared for the worst.

    I would still like to know what exactly you disagree with in The Zombie Survival Guide.

  • yaurt

    David: the 10 tons of gas you already have are at home, with all your suplies (see #5 and #6)And while looking for survivors the suplies are at home, and when the survivors are found you take them to your base, or, if they are also prepared the survivors will have two bases, and so on.
    Now really…if zombies atack, and you have to choose between a bike and a Hummer…you’ll choose the bike ?

  • Kenndo

    yaurt+David: Just stick a bike or two on the bike rack on the top of your hummer! Problem solved, you can ride them when you need to be quiet, and you can drive when you need to go fast. Cant believe no one said that already. :-)

    One of my cheif concerns about a zombie attack is the seemingly inavoidable affliction of one of your party members. If your best friend in the world comes back to the stronghold one night and tearfully shows you a bitten arm, how are you going to deal with it? Its just always been one of my fears, haha.

  • Teach your spouse to shoot and teach your kids o load magazines, lots and lots of magazines. Happiness may be a warm gun, but bliss is an endless supply of fresh magazines.

  • Teach your spouse to shoot and teach your kids to load magazines, lots and lots of magazines. Happiness may be a warm gun, but bliss is an endless supply of fresh magazines.

  • Cole

    Okay so has anyone seen Land of the Dead? worst zombie movie ever! A zombie playing a trombone and trying to be a human? And then the zombies figure out how to use guns and shit like that! The whole point of mass zombies is they use brute force and teeth to win their battles not guns, they re dead for christ sake. Dawn of the Dead was one of the best movies ever but the sequel was the shittest.

    oh yea how the hell is a cat supposed to warn you of a zombie, meow? it’ll just run away and it can’t protect you worth shit!

  • Parahnus

    Land Of The Dead Was A Crap Fest

  • Thomas

    Whoever said keeping a dog would help didn’t think it through. Sure it would be nice at first, and they could alert you to some zombies, but if they dog ever gets bitten then it becomes a zombie dog. And everyone knows a zombie dog is ten times worse than a regular zombie.

  • Ghost

    Zombies are dead, therefore they can not generate their own body heat. This means that they freeze solid when the air temperature drops below freezing (32 degrees F). Pack up all your cold weather camping gear and a ton of food and head north. When winter comes to the rest of the hemisphere, you can just drive south again to re-supply. Take-out any frozen zombies you come across with a crowbar.

    Repeat as long as necessary until the zombies have all rotted away.

    Since summer in the northern hemisphere is winter in the southern hemisphere, no matter when a zombie outbreak took place, half of the world would be in winter. A zombie outbreak couldn’t spread very fast if zombies froze whenever they were outside. The cold places would probably be able to resist the initial onslaught pretty well, and would have lots of time to prepare for the warmer weather when the zombies would be thawed.

  • I am starting to feel like I will definitely survive a zombie attack now – I will just use all of the tips in the article and comments and I can’t go wrong!

    • Taymon

      Pick up a copy of “World War Z” and “The Zombie Survival Guide” by max brooks. That has EVERYTHING. you will need.

  • David

    Kenndo: Good idea, that's just what I was saying. A car is number one, but after the initial escape a bike should be all you need.

    • Normak

      The year is 2011. Cars are not that fucking loud. You cannot even hear mine running. All of your ideas should go right back to the drawing board.

  • Loose_Cannon

    jfraterI am starting to feel like I will definitely survive a zombie attack now

    Or a Democrat Presidential Convention, at the very least. They are very similar.

  • evan

    LOL! dead on cannon.

    Slow and dumb traditional zombies, we may get our butt kicked for a while, but once large organized operations start we’d be ok.

    fast and strong 28 days style zombies, we’re f*#$

  • Hobolad
  • DiscHuker

    the zombies in 28 days later really freaked me out. i had never considered one that was sprinting. if those jokers are hanging around, get somewhere fast and bar the doors. don’t try to make any attempts to be a hero unless the situation absolutely demands it.

    now, if the shaun of the dead zombies show up…find small groups of them and practice killing them. find out what works best and get good at it.

    so long as we are talking about zombies that don’t have the ability to rationalize and problem-solve, i still like going to the local supercenter for a base camp. do you guys have wal-mart across the atlantic?

    i can’t believe that anyone would suggest riding a bike in the midst of zombies. you only have to be wrong one time for it all to be over.

    jamie – on a different list you said that you didn’t like shaun of the dead. what for?

  • evan

    think about it though, if you hold up in walmart, youre going to be in an urban area. that means upwards of several tens of thousands of zombies, good luck. if there is a large scale outbreak, you must sooner or later leave the urban areas.

    Bike is a good means of transport for several reasons. No fuel necessary, agile, light, you can go places cars cant, if necessary you can carry it. true there is no protection from attack on it, but as long as you pay attention, you should never get close enough to zombies to make it a problem.

    • man with a plan

      dude youre bein chased by a crowd of em scared shitless if your foot slips off the bike or you cant keep going dead if you accidentally twist the handles dead if your chain slipps off dead
      car all the way

  • Morgaine

    DiscHuker: No, I think there are no Wal-Marts here (at least I have never seen one :P) but of course there are thousands of big shopping centres where you can build yourself a decent fortress, most of them settled close to a train station and featuring repair shops and gas stations.
    Anyway, if you still hesitate, you can take this test to check your chances of surviving :P

    (By the way, I have a 60%) :P

  • Hobolad

    35%? Decent I guess.

  • DiscHuker

    evan – i've been thinking about this bike thing. i agree that having something silent and agile would be handy but the vulnerability of a bike scares me. how's this for compromise…a horse.

    a little higher, faster, just as agile and able to go in tight spaces but also tougher and you can run people over if absolutely necessary.

    • CHARLO

      yeah, its not like a horse gets scared, or runs away, or needs feeding, or anything

  • DiscHuker

    evan – mobility, agility are far down on the list of things i need in my transportation when in an attack from the un-dead. protection is my only concern. like i said earlier, if you make one mistake whilst riding a bike, you are done. if i turn the wrong way in my hummer, i run over a zombie and have to back up.

    assuming that zombies eventually die from malnutrition, like in the movies, i would choose a great fort with months of supplies over running off into the woods or a far off cabin. after fortifying the doors, walmart would give me more food than i could ever eat, a huge cash of weapons and ammo and plenty of distractions to help with morale.

    BTW, i have a 50% chance of surviving.

  • evan

    ture but youll become a target for other survivors. in that kind of a situation, people will become more dangerous to you then zombies.

  • David

    Ghost: That’s just a terrible idea. Nature is more deadly that any zombie.

  • yaurt

    I just can’t believe that we are still on the bike thing! How much ammo and other stuff can you cary with your bike ? And who cares about the noise when you’re riddin’ at 100 mph in your suv ?! In this caise raw force is way better then stealth.
    And about dogs…if wildlife is affected we’re fucked! :) …Think about birds. You will only be protected from them in a basement or smth…
    And back to the bike thing. Why would you want to go in tight places when the zombies atack ? :)

  • yaurt

    Btw… 81% told ya i’m the master of zombie survival! :D

  • Loose_Cannon

    yaurt I just can’t believe that we are still on the bike thing!

    Yeah, I have to go with my man Yaurt on this; A bike is just about the worst idea I’ve read for surviving a zombie invasion.

    If you leave anywhere without at least a half tank of gas, then you deserve to be eaten. Sure it makes alot of noise, but geez, it beats being cloths-lined by a Reggie White-like zombie in the middle of your escape. Not to mention, if the tires go flat, the chains fall off, or the frame gets bent, you’re toast. If the car breaks down, you can at least just roll up the windows, lock the doors, and wait for help. Or wait til the zombies lose interest.

    Besides, you can carry a lot more supplies in a car then you can on a bike. You never get tired or lose your breath driving a car.

  • evan

    and where are you going to drive? ok just remember this is a widespread invasion right? so youre not alone here. every friggin person in your state is going to have the same idea. he lets go get in the car and drive away from the major city. the roads will be clogged to a stand still. accidents, road rage, people running out of gas. total grid lock. mmmmmmm tasty humans in a can says the zombie. you cant out wait a zombie ( or hundreds), you need food and water, they dont. you going to go to the bathroom for several days in this same car? Face it, youd get stuck in a massive traffic jam and either be forced to abadon the car or die waiting there.
    I agree, Horse would be good too. Remember you dont need to go very fast, just faster then a shuffling zombie. Why go into tight spaces? well, um you might need to! an option a bike gives you that the car doesnt. Oh damn, the bridge is out, guess you cars screwed, but hey ill just pick my bike up and hike to the other side. I think what david said is the best. Pack the SUV full of all the supplies you can and strap the bike to the top. create a bug out bag with all the absolutely needed supplies. get as far as you can in the SUV. when you hit the massive traffic jam or run out of gas. grab the bag and the bike and keep going. laugh as you here yaurt’s engine sputtering out and his hystrically crying when he’s surrounded by several hundred previously fellow motorists now flesh eating zombies :)

  • evan

    mmmm weapons, when i get home i have to remember to post my zombie slaying rifle of choice….real too, not any of the airsoft crap ;)

  • evan thats the link if i can remember it correctly that shows 3 different set ups, minus the 100 round beta c mag muahahaha bring on the zombies!

  • For all you zombie fanatics, there is a top 10 things NOT to do when attacked by a zombie on the hotlinks today.

  • evan

    moral choice. ok youre raised as a strict catholic. you completely believe suicide is wrong and youll go to hell for it. jump to the zombie invasion. somehow youve managed to get yourself completely surrounded by zombies with no hope of escape. youre popping off zombies with your trusy 1911 .45 pistol but are quickly running out of ammo. down to your last bullet, you can see the horde getting close. what do you do? do you end your own life or do you use that last bullet to take one more zombie out and await your fate…

  • evan: as someone who was raised as a strict Catholic – the answer is easy – fire your last bullet where it will do the most damage and start praying! :)

  • evan

    lol, true enough i guess :)

  • Yarr

    Ok, I got the solution for you Pro-Bike and Anti-Bike folks: Segway!
    They’re quiet, they don’t use gas. They go where cars can’t…
    This is ridiculous!
    Guys, the world is overrun by zombies! Try to find and steal a tank! The army will be too busy being zombie kibble to worry about one tank more or less!
    When it all comes down, you’re all gonna die if you can’t get more creative. And all this bickering is what’s going to cause you to let the zombies get you! Just like I said! None of you will be allowed in my hideout! Unless you’re a hot chick that can shoot; and even then, you still can’t have any Twix!

  • evan

    Be it Zombies or Aliens, Ill take the Ripley stance here…

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  • DiscHuker

    not too many tanks hanging around my town. assuming this is a zombie outbreak and not just a couple of random slow-walkers, time is of the essence. i’m gonna get the closest vehicle that will get me to walmart the fastest. a tank probably isn’t an option.

  • Yarr

    If your town was being overrun by zombies, someone might bring a tank.

    I’m just saying you need to be creative, otherwise you’re gonna be zombie poop!

  • DiscHuker

    sooner or later a tank might show up but are you gonna wait at the bus stop on the corner til that happens?

  • Yarr

    Not me.
    I’ll be in my dope hideout figuring out new ways to kill zombies.

    But some of the kids arguing about bikes might do just that. Which sucks, because they’ll just turn into more zombies and make my job even harder.

  • Mathilda

    I personally am going to drive myself to the nearest airfield, while the zombies are all still busy feasting on the slow and stupid people. Then I’m stealing myself a plane and flying up in the mountains of West Virginia. It’ll take the zombies quite some time to get there, if ever. After all, they’ll be trying to walk up to the top of a mountain, and every person they meet along the way will have a gun and know how to use it. Besides which the houses are few and far between, and I don’t think zombies have the mental capacity to pack picnic lunches for the trek. Once I get there, there are Mennonites living there, so I’ll be all set because they can teach me how to live just fine without electricity and modern appliances. Fortunately I don’t need to bring a hot chick because I am a hot chick, and an excellent shot (and BTW, I got 89% on the Zombie Survival Test.) Best of luck, boys! :)

    • Josh

      Zombies can go up to 5 years without food. I got a 91% =D But I'm not a hot chick. D= I'm a little nerdy white boy. But I think the best STORE to go to would probably be a Sam's Club.

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  • evan

    “Fortunately I don’t need to bring a hot chick because I am a hot chick,” -Mathilda

    we need proof, post a pic! :)

  • Mathilda

    evan – What? No way! Perhaps you are already a zombie, and just want to see a picture of me because you are on the lookout for a fine gourmet meal (of me!) :)

    It’s this type of caution that is going to keep me alive when the zombies come!

  • evan

    mmmmmmmmmmmm brains!

  • yaurt

    Mathilda, would you marry me ? :) All my life i’ve been lookin for a hot girl that can shoot and is prepared for zombie battle :)

  • Our first potential List Universe marriage? :)

  • yaurt

    I’m still waiting for Mathilda’s comment :)Mathilda, think about it, you and me, holdin’ each other, with our sawed off shotguns :) isn’t this true love ?

  • yaurt

    After all that “bike” thing goin’ on…i must say this.
    My opinnion is as you know, go to the country…few population, NO TIGHT SPACES!!! and btw…if i must poop and pee in the car for several days JUST to live, i think i’ll do it.
    But my strategy is this: go to the first big store of gas station, loot everything, the go back to the homebase (the one i said earlier should look like a fortress). Then go to the next big store or gas station. And btw, just to check, during the zombie atack power’s out. How will you get gas from gass stations?!

  • Chuck

    The first thing i would do in the event of a zombie outbreak is gather up a close knit group of just family or friends. No more than 6 ppl and no more than 2 vehicles. 6 ppl is enough to hold off a decent size attack and 2 vehicles in case one breaks down. I live in southern Louisianna so we would head down to the bouat launch and drive out to my fishing camp. its right on the water has beds, plenty of boat fuel, and we would live off the wildflife. Crawfish,duck,shrimp etc… And don’t say “well the zombies will be waiting in the boat LOL!!1” no idiots zombies don’t lie in wait they bum rush anything with a pulse. And i don’t wanna hear shit about zombies walking underwater becasue they can’t. how in the hell would they navigate? Besides if they could walk underwater if the current didn’t sweep them away then they damn sure can’t walk through droopy ass swamp mud. And btw that whole bike idea is straight retarded for so many reasons to name. one being what if your tired? what if you been riding “stealthy” all day and your’re tired as shit then you get attacked and have to pedal some more lmao. Bike=instant zombie food end of story.

  • Jesus McJew

    First of all
    Evan: About the bike whole thing. You said a bike doesnt need fuel. The fuel is yourself, like chuck said. the Catholic thing: blow your brains out and realize the atheists were right.

    David: Ghost is right and a bike will get you killed very quickly because there’s no protection.

    Ghost: I agree with your plan. Thats why Alberta, Canada is perfect. It can get extremely cold or very hot (-45 to 40 C) Theres lots of urban and rural areas. but the best spot of all is my home town. quite small no more than 10,000 but has a walmart superstore and canadian tire (giant hardware store) why we have them no clue. (I guess for the zombie invasion. :)

    • JewanBoii

      Fort McMurray?

  • Aliceson

    read this list to my friend and he made a very good point. one of the first things to do is to find out if you are dealing with fast zombies or slow zombies. they are two completely different monkeys…

  • yaurt

    Aliceson: i don’t believe in slow zombies, when i made the list i was thinking about fast zombies (28 days later style)

  • Chuck

    why can’t there be both kinds of zombie. who said that they ALL have to run. I mean im pretty sureif an outbreak did occur it wouldnt just produce one type of zombie the whole way around some might not be as aggresive as others.

  • PeteFloyd

    Best zombie defense weapon = Light Saber
    Cuts through anything. Immediately cauterizes the wound so there is no blood splash.

  • J the Zombie Hunter

    You see, I have no fears regarding a zombie attack for several reasons. I’ve thought it out many a time.

    1.) I was trained by my uncles, who were USMC Force Recon, on the finer points of surviving in a martial law situation.

    2.) I worked for UPS for a short time and I still have the package car master key which unlocks any and every UPS truck in my city. That’s what I’m taking for transportation.

    3.) I worked at Wal-Mart also. The doors are easy to secure by building a barricade at each front entrance out of buggies, chain, and padlocks (which you can find in the Hardware dept.) and I know where the Sporting Goods Dept. gun case key is hidden in the back. VOILA! Weapons, ammo, canned food, bottled water, and an Electronics Dept. full of TVs and Xboxes! All we gotta do is fire up the emergency generators if we lose power and wait it out!

    Great list, however. Anyone near Nashville, TN is welcome to find me at the Charlotte Pk. Wal-Mart in the event that a zombie attack occurs.


  • jim

    remember, if you take over a walmart or similar building to garrison, you will need at least a squad sized element to secure it. guard watch at night, etc. even though you may have chained all the entrances and such, that doesnt mean that the situation cant change.
    remember that the idea of romeros zombie flicks is that zombies evolve too. i am not saying that the zombies are going to become sentient, but even a rat will find its way out of the maze eventually.
    although i didnt read all of the posts (due to the length of this whole web page) i dont think an ak would be the best weapon. although the ammo is very very cheap and it is a very rugged weapon, they aren’t that accurate. so if you need to take head shots, it will be pretty difficult. i have a 7.62 fn/fal for long range stuff. i also like its semi auto ability for great follow on shots. then i have an 5.56 m4 for everything within 300m. from experience, an ACOG or eotech reflex sight work very well at those ranges and target acquisition (especially head shots)is simple. now once within 50m, i have a 12 guage with 1oz slugs. bird shot wont do anything. you are even taking a chance with buckshot. i also have a .45cal m1911. with a 230 grain slug going downrange, it is sure to stop just about anything. it has been tricked out a little to reduce reoil and keep it on target.
    canned food can get you along, but that will eventually run out. you should invest in a smoker for meats. this will help preserve them for later. foraging here in minnesota can reap enough food for a decent diet (all things considered). another good idea would be a water filter system. with all the death running around, the ground water supply is sure to get contaminated. a good stock of batteries wouldnt hurt either. just make sure they are rechargeable and get a solar powered generator to recharge them.
    body armor is very heavy. even the best (dragon skin) is still 20+ lbs for just a regular vest. i did some thinking and thought about the motocross stuff. it is tough but very light. you just need enough to keep a bite from getting through. the main point of this is that you have to find out how much speed and maneuverability you want to sacrifice for protection.
    one of those motorolla scanners would be nice because you can monitor almost any channel. some will even pick up tv/radio broadcasts.
    mainly though, you need a plan. more importantly an evacuation plan (for city folk). and like one of my old first sergeants used to say: “always have a plan B”.
    hope this helps. i dont want to cause any consternation, but i am just trying to throw out some pointers.

  • jim

    crap, i almost forgot about medical. you will need a good medical kit with lots of anti bacterial stuff in it and antibiotics if possible. dont want gang green or anything in zombieland.
    on a close combat weapon, a crowbar is okay. but i would prefer a weapon you dont throw all your weight into and possible get yourself off balance. a samurai sword/katana come to mind. it is well balanced and you can get them relatively cheaply off of e bay (about 50 bucks). besides it has a pretty good coolness factor.

  • deep


  • evan
  • jim

    close to mine, but i have a fixed 4 power scope with a bullet drop compensator on it. i also have a 6 rail free float handguard with vertical grip at 6 o clock and reflex sight at the 2 o clock position. i tried the beta mags and they turned out to be more trouble than they are worth. too bulky for where i put the vertical grip at. i also have flip up front and rear sights with national match rear and a competition front sight post. the upper has a “machine gun” barrel (1″ thick). i have a panther compensator just in case i have to cut barbed wire or something.

  • jim

    oh and a titanium firing pin and bolt

  • evan

    nice jim!

    That M4 style one has 14″ m4 barrel with fixed flash hider (for overall 16″ barrel to meet federal laws), an Aimpoint Comp 2,KAC RAS-2 rail system and forward grip, fixed frony site, KAC flip up rear. havent ran into any problems with the beta c mag, but yea ive heard they can be finicky.

    my normal 20″ A2 style one has national match RRA lower and a ACOG Ta31 on it, my varmiter has 18″ long barrel, nation match RRA lower, 1 inch SS barrel and loopy M3 scope on it and bipod, and My 16″ carbine has a ARMS SIR on it with a eotech 552(i think is the model). Building my forth one now.

  • mike

    I’m in the middle of making a zombie defense site, and I’m sure as hell putting up some of these tips. Some just don’t seem rational, like find random people you don’t know that have been bitten, or using a bike in a dense urban area… Still, nice list. I’ll leave the name of the site when its near completion for you zombie hunters out there

  • Alexandra

    Thank you. I now feel safe, so when it happens I’ll be prepared. Luckily for me I live in a farm and have firearms a plenty, and wide open spaces. Although, that having been said, my firearm IS a rifle…. so if i can’t be bothered shooting them, I can always hit them over the head with it…

    The only zombie movie I have ever seen is ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and thats just hilarious. What I need to do is watch more so I know what to expect. No such thing as being to careful!

  • This topic is analyzed in depth by the Zombie Squad. Go to their site for knowledge.

  • jim

    i just read most of the zombie survival guide and i can’t say i am impressed. anybody else feel the same way?

  • Zombie hunter-Adam

    this are good this to remember. but and very good thing to know is… get ready befor they come to life.

  • tom

    i think u find yourself a nice place in he country with at least two floors and an attic, As Max says destroy the staircase after getiing everything u need and in an emerency u got the attic to fall back on. Only problrm is destroying the staircase which i think is much harder than it looks.

  • jim

    that upstairs better have running water and a toilet.

  • zombiesurvivor

    sorry guys… were already screwed
    Pack your bags and run the hell away is all i have to say to you.

  • Drogo

    People!!! You want to AVOID Walmart during a zombie attack. Zombies migrate toward Walmarts. They use them as sort of a headquarters or basecamp.

  • Yarr

    Survivor: That was 3 years ago. Where the hell are we supposed to run?

  • zombiesurvivor

    oh I didn’t notice the date :( It was a old april fools joke that was pretty widespread. Looks pretty official though doesn’t it?

  • jim

    damnit! when are the zombies going to get here then?

  • Christina

    I read the comments for a while, but it never seemed to come up.

    Wouldn’t everyone else be looting the major stores, too? At the very beginning of the attack, anyway. I think you’d do better to have supplies prepared ahead of time then risking your neck at the local WalMart.

  • Yarr

    Just jumped over here from another list…

    Ever notice how there’s never any ‘gun control’ discussions in zombie movies?
    …the survivors always have guns, and everyone else comes to them for help or protection.

    I’ll let you chew on that for a while.

    Have fun!

  • Drogo

    I’ve realized something pertaining to my post at 109… Those aren’t zombies at my local Walmart, they’re just the average townfolk from my area!..

    As far as #1 goes, don’t trust the police (authorities) because they, themselves could be zombies. They will try to fool you into thinking they’re safe.

  • Drogo

    Don’t get cheap, or store brand, zombie repellant. They don’t have enough garlic oil(or something) in them. Spend a little extra for the “ZombeX” or “Zom-B-Gone” brand zombie repellants.

  • the phantom

    Yarr – this is a joke thread. if you want to rant find an annoying gun control thread.

    Drogo – what is the deal with you?

  • evan

    joke? this is serious, right? lol

  • tom

    Yarr- I went to a talk Max Brooks gave sometime ago at the Barbican and he actually said that it was probably a good thing that the UK had better gun control laws because it meant if the zombie thing did happen you would not just have people going crazy and shooting everyone whether they were a zombie or not. Good point really…

  • jim

    no, not good really. the U.K. has the most strict gun control laws, but the highest homocide rate in the world (as of 2003).
    as far as zombies go, do you want to shoot them from a distance, or wait until they get up close say with a shovel or something.

    I DO NOT WANT TO TURN THIS INTO A GUN CONTROL DEBATE! but like i mentioned before. i was NOT very impressed with max’s book. there are many flaws/weaknesses in his “guide”.

  • evan

    his guide was a semi serious look at it, but it still a joke book, i mean its about a zombie uprising lol

  • tom

    jim; rather sceptical about all this…. is the latest data u can get 2003? Know its silly but….well…i think ure talking shit.

  • jim

    nope. my family was in england in ’03 and it was all over their news. just proves the best way for only the criminals to have guns is to ban them.

  • jim

    if you dont believe me, here is a 1998 statistic.

  • jim
  • Drogo

    OH, You poor people who think zombies are a joke! You won’t be laughing when you look out your window and see them eating your neighbors!

    (I was going to say “eating your sister” but some people might take that the wrong way :) )

  • luckyaz

    worse comes to worse, your city has to be nuked.

  • jim

    have we reaches the end of the blog? i havent seen anybody on here in a while.

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  • avi

    kunleski: the list is for LOL not FYI

  • Zack

    I would drive to coast, take a boat and go to an island. Island should be relatively small to be able to clean it from zombies, and have fresh water source. Do not forget plant seeds and fishing equipment. The reason to go to island is that I never heard of zombies swimming or being able to use any vehicle (although in Zombie Wedding film there was a zombie walking on sea floor).

  • avi

    Drogo:what are u talking about. there is not even a possibility of zombies existing

  • flv

    avi: thats what they want you to think lol but dont worry Bush already foresaw the threat

  • Chuck

    Has anyone ever read World War Z by Max Brooks? I just finished it’s an awesome book it shows a realistic side of what would happen during a Z invasion. Basically we get our asses kicked but come back using civil war era tactics. “Whats the use of a stealth bomb against an enemy who has no radar?”

  • avi

    this list is in the humour section because zombies aren’t real.

  • avi

    most vids where u c zombies are not real

  • avi

    flv:don’t believe everything u c on youtube or metacafe or metatube or nutube (whatever nutube is)

  • Drogo

    avi, aaaavi, BEWARE of the things that go BUMP in the night!!!

    They’re coming to get you, a-avi!

  • delioglan

    “i am legend” for how to survive zombie attacks. if you have it in your blood killing or running away from them is not the problem; problem is to keep yourself up. notice how will smith tries to keep his mind up by talking to models like they are real.

    (couldn’t have time to read all of the comments, just wishing that noone has mentioned this before.. pls pls, dont want to get embrassed :)

  • Polly Odyssey

    Wear a suit made of aluminum foil. No one likes biting that stuff.

  • Polly Odyssey

    P.S-Ness fought two types of Zombie in EarthBound. he defeated them using a trap called Zombie Paper.

  • jim

    i was just thinking the other day. if you had a good defensive perimeter set up with a good wall or taller structure, you could use that chainsaw on a stick thing. the same one they use for pruning trees. they sell them at any home depot or lowes. just make sure you get the gas one. i know gas would be in short supply but i would hate to have to run the human powered generator to use an electrical one.

  • avi

    drogo:it isn’t as easy to make me believe inzombies as you think. OH yeah… zombies r 1 of the things that will only come to you if you think they will (which i don’t & i’m pretty sure my neighbours don’t either)

  • avi

    drogo:oooh…perhaps they are coming to get you…but non-beleivers are a totally different matter

  • avi

    and i am not american flv

  • avi

    flv:the zombie it shows is fake. bush’s stupidity is true.

  • avi

    flv:OK, slight possibility, but not likely

  • avi

    who said everyone would get in a car?

  • demoleculer

    #8 If you see zombie’s everywhere, it’s time to go to narcotics anonymous.

  • avi

    how many times have you thought, “if i just close my eyes and imagine this never happened, the zombies will vanish.” it is the real #1 zombie survival tip.

  • Drogo

    avi,, That reminds me of something. Years ago I had the same ridiculous reoccuring dream happen to me several times. I was getting chased by zombie-like space aliens.

    Then one day there was a dream expert on a radio show. He said that you can tell yourself at bedtime, “If I have that dream, I’m going to realize it’s just a dream, while I’m dreaming.” It worked! The next time I had that stupid dream I also dreamt saying, “Wait a second, this is only a dream!” The zombie-like space alien stopped chasing me, stood looking at me for a second, then I woke up. (Haha) I never had the dream again.

    I think I had that dream because my friends and I had recently stopped watching rented horror movies. I think it was withdrawal symptoms. (haha)

  • andrew

    got a 70%survival rate and dont go to walmart ……. there will be undead in there….. go to the local gun enthusiast shooting range you’ll be safe……. they make ammo …. best guns ever ….(they have 5 freakin m134s) and theres a quikemart next door (ps. only take canned goods and never use anyone elses cutlary)….. im a skilled sniper and im gould with pistols and assault rifles

  • avi

    drogo:yup, there are some things that only continue (or even start) when you worry about them.

  • DK

    Delio: “I am Legend” is about Vamps, read the book! Although you are right, keeping your sanity once you are the only one left is probably the most important part!

    I only got a 45% survival rate, mostly cuz I don’t have guns & only have limited experience shooting them.

  • doz

    reads really sensible to me. thanks for the tips.

  • zombie slayer

    Most of these tips you don’t even need.First of all before any of this happens, build a brick/stone wall all around your house.Make sure the gate is very thick metal. Walking zombies wont have anything on you if you do that. Install solar panels on your roof top so you can have electricity in your home. Get food that is nonperishable and stash it upstairs. Install window bars on all of your first story window, that way if any zombies get through they wont be able to get in that way. When the zombies start coming if they manage to get past your brick/stone wall which is very unlikely for slow zombies, stack furniture at your door and board up all of the windows(which are already protected)for even more protection, then with what ever you have on hand (preferably a sledgehammer) destroy your staircase !DO NOT USE FIRE!
    Following all of these steps you can ride out the apocalypse in style, playing xbox 360.

  • Wow…….if Zombies were attacking, that would mean that the dead were rising, because Zombies are, of course, the dead ressurected.
    Hmmmmm, so, I would actually have the opportunity to date certain guys who have passed on?
    Hell, the first thing I would do is my make-up and hair, then go out looking for the Marquis De Sade….. I always wanted to go out with him! LOL.

  • jim

    a good idea, but not for most that own a house. with most zoning laws, you cant just build a wall like that. you have to apply for all the proper permits, etc. if you live in a area that has a homeowners association, good freakin luck. you cant even change the color of your gutters without their permission. the areas where you can get away with just building a wall like that have a very low population density anyway. as for the rest of the plan, it is fine until the power grid goes down. then you wont have any water or electricity. i understand you talked about solar panels. even the best panels out there are only 30% efficient and you would have to severely limit your appliance use to conserve batteries (if you remembered to add them to your system). once the water stops, you will have to worry about sewage and the subsequent disease it brings. no place in the city or suburbs will let you put up an outhouse. and good luck digging one after the zombies come.
    personally, i would only remain in an urban/suburban area for a short amount of time. enough to figure out exactly what is happening (i.e. zombies, asteroid strike, riots or whatever). that would dictate where i would go from there. first things first though, i would get out into the countryside via a non-likely avenue of approach. that is i would not take the highways or other major throughways because they would be clogged with traffic and pannickers. i have already figured my route out of this area. from there i would either link up with friends and family at the predetermined location, or head out to my remote location.
    dont get me wrong, you have a good start to the plan, but you need to think further out.

  • matthew

    wow uve really thought about that….. but i believe his plan of baring up the windows and abondining the stairs is a desent plan but definatly only short term… you would have 2 get som sort of abondend castle with assalt teams leaveing to collect food but nothing is 100% safe if you seen land of the dead you can see they set up an amazing perimiter electric fences the lot but they still loosse controll in the end,,,, so if thatr happens chances are where all DEAD ………….wb

  • ZombieCreed

    Ok I feel like Im pretty prepared for a zombie attack but im open for suggestions…so here me out, The first thing you need to realize in a zombie outbreak is that you know nothing, no information gathered from any list,movie,game,book,or whatever can be presumed accurate. Even though I loved dawn of the dead and the zombie survival guide, they are still not worth risking my life over beings that they suggest facts about zombies, and since a zombie attack has never actually occurred let alone been recorded theres no way to came any information on such a thing to be true. If you wanna know where to go from there just ask

  • jim

    matthew, that is pretty much what i said. unfortunately, there are no castles (occupied or abandoned) where i live. you would have to go to europe to find castles. there is an old civil war era fort near here though. you run into 2 problems with those. no running water or electricity. you dont necessarilly need electricity, but you definitely need water.
    the assault teams you mention would depend on the area. if you are being horded by zombies, then not probably a good idea. it would be easier to pick them off in a horde until it thinned out. remember that might take a lot of ammo. which i dont mind wasting, but you will need to conserve it at this point. molotovs would be my best bet. cheap, simple and easy. you dont have to use gas either. you can use grain alcohol, lighter fluid, kerosene, etc..
    after thinking about it, if i had to be stuck in a urban/suburban area, i thought that a fire department would be a good idea. they are mostly brick and are small enough to defend with a squad sized element or less. they have a small amount of medical supplies and oxygen masks if need be. not to mention, they have 1 cool get away vehicle and a pretty big water supply. they should also have enough hand held radios and scanners to figure out what is going on before the general public does. i figured the police stations would overrun with displaced persons and possibly zombies. a wal-mart or similar business would only be well suited for at least a platoon to defend. with all the doors and exits and all the people to have zombie watch 24/7, it just seems more trouble than it is worth. i wouldnt even attempt a hospital. remember this is only if i am stuck in the city.

  • Kenab

    I think the list is very helpful i scored a 100% on the survial qiuz

  • EXE

    In the event of a Zombie invasion, you might as well take an overdose of sleeping pills because here’s the thing: ZOMBIES DON’T DIE UNLESS YOU KILL THEM. There’s no ‘waiting it out.’ They’ll be going forever. And they’ll eventually find you. Zombies can’t die of starvation, so either you kill them or they kill you. It’s that simple.

    You could steal a submarine or a cruise ship. A ship will protect you from all zombies except Zombie Jesus. Then you’re fucked.

  • thecloakedscemer

    the hing you forget, exe, is that zomies have no regenerative abilities. as the human body moves (or for that matter any body with muscles) it rips the muscles. Since zombies cannot regenerate, eventually they will effectively rip ther limbs off. In time the zombies are little more than moaing piles of flesh on the ground, easy targets for even the weakest shots.

  • The Boom King

    ‘9. Juggz – October 26th, 2007 at 3:45 pm
    Neo said it best: “Guns, lots of guns!”‘

    -No, guns are okay, but they aren’t exactly ideal. It’s the whole *running out of bullets* thing. Nothing better than some blades. Pick up an s-word and save yo ass.

    Zombiecreed knows whats up. Listen, the source of the zombie outbreak governs the best course of action. Also, depending on the source, the response time will vary. However, any kind of fictionalized zombie scenario is helpful. Not only do the movies desensitize you to the situation at hand, but, they give a basic understanding of what a zombie would really be like. So many different theories on zombies. Some of my faves are going to be from The Walking Dead comic series by Kirkman. Amazing. That’s all that can be said.

  • jim

    so you would give up a “gun” for a sword?

  • Steeeev

    yOu You BreaThErs canT rUn FoRever,,,,, wE wIll eveNtUualLy gEt YoU,,,, annd EAt yoUrr BRAINS!!!!…

  • Steeeev


    Yours truly,
    Steve the zombie

  • jim

    if you need a third eye, stop by my place.

  • Zombie Survivalist Extroardinar

    Decent list but you can gather supplies before the outbreak its not like the credit card company is going to come after you if everyones running for there lives. Also I wouldn’t search for survivors but would help them if i happened upon them. But be forewarned you get caught harboring a zombie or a bite victim on someone else or yourself no waiting for the last second as they turn no you get a bullet immediately and if your just harboring them better hope you can run faster than I shoot. wall marts and the like are not a good place to hold up maybe to loot but not to stay. wall marts are generally near heavily populated areas. Personally i recommend your nearest state forestry with several bales of chicken wire and an industrial staple gun you can secure what ever amount of ares you need to. from there you can forage for food or even plant a garden and with work start to build a shelter seeing as you will have plenty of wood. also 22 cal rounds are recommended. They are plentiful you can fit way more 22s in your pocket than shotgun shells. Also any round bigger than a 40 cal is discouraged because once you reach 45 cal of bigger the chance of a ricochet of of a skull is a lot bigger than you think and over 50% at .50 cal. And last quiet is better because when you think about it the sense that will last the longest is hearing eyesight will be a blur most likely touch is irrelevant and taste isn’t something i want to find out. also great tactic for clearing an area for looting is to have 2 or 3 lie down prone in the bed a pickup truck with rifles while you drive through town slowly honking periodically to draw out the zeds while they fire and if things get to hot pull up the tailgate and hit it.
    Current weapons in my zombie survival kit
    1) Walther p22 – 22 cal pistol
    2) marlin model 60 – 22 cal rifle
    3) S&W sigma series – 9 mil
    4) Hi-point 995 carbine – 9 mil
    5) machete – old style and durable as hell
    6) Gerber Hatchet – durable and fits other applications

    Hope someone sees this cause ill need good people when Z-day arrives

  • jim

    you put way too much stock into mr brooks’ book. unless youre hunting squirrels and rabbits or conducting a mob hit, a .22lr is pretty much useless. sure ammo is cheap as hell, but they just dont match up ballistically. with a .22lr @ 50 meters you have on average 1125 fps with 85 ftlbs. if you just step up to the .223, the ballistics @ 100 meters (62 gr) are 3150 fps and just over 900 ftlbs. if it is cheap ammo you are seeking, the 7.62x39mm (std AK) @ 100 meters is 2062 fps with 1180 ftlbs. the .22 cal is popular with the mob because the projectiles are lead and are generally untraceable after hitting your target and most of the .22lr is subsonic for use with suppressors. in personal experience, i have seen both .223 and 7.62×39 go through skulls at around 50 meters. the 7.62×39 went straight through, but the .223 took off exit wound side of the head. i am not trying to belittle you in any way, i just hope you didnt read the zombie guide as gospel.

  • kiana

    u don’t have 2 be fast 2 outrun a zombie…just faster than the rest of uy party

  • silentassasin

    ummmm if there are zombie the truth is, someone may still be hiding or barracaded.dont immedietyly assume there are no survivors, or no zombies.

  • ZombieCreed

    Five Most likely Causes of a Zombie OutBreak

    Brain Parasites

    As seen in …
    Resident Evil IV

    What are they?
    Parasites that turn victims into mindless, zombie-like slaves are fairly common in nature. There’s one called toxoplasmosa gondii that seems to devote its entire existence to being terrifying.

    This bug infects rats, but can only breed inside the intestines of a cat. The parasite knows it needs to get the rat inside the cat, so the parasite takes over the rat’s brain, and intentionally makes it scurry toward where the cats hang out. The rat is being programmed to get itself eaten, and it doesn’t even know.

    Of course, those are just rats, right?

    How it can result in zombies:
    Hey, did we mention that half the human population on Earth is infected with toxoplasmosa, and don’t know it? Hey, maybe you’re one of them. Flip a coin.

    Oh, also, they’ve done studies and shown that the infected see a change in their personality and have a higher chance of going batshit insane.

    Chances this could cause a zombie apocalypse:
    Humans and rats aren’t all that different; thats why they use them to test our drugs. All it takes is a more evolved version of toxoplasmosa, one that could to do us what it does to the rats. So, imagine if half the world suddenly had no instinct for self-preservation or rational thought. Even less than they do now, we mean.

    If you’re comforting yourself with the thought that it may take forever for such a parasite to evolve, you’re forgetting about all the biological weapons programs around the world, intentionally weaponizing such bugs. You’ve got to wonder if the lab workers don’t carry out their work under the unwitting command of the toxoplasmosa gondii already in their brains. If you don’t want to sleep at night, that is.

    You may be protesting that technically these people have never been dead and thus don’t fit the dictionary definition of “zombies,” but we can assure you that the distinction won’t matter a whole lot once these groaning hordes are clawing their way through your windows.


    As seen in …
    The movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, the upcoming Resident Evil 5 video game.

    What are they?
    There are certain kinds of poisons that slow your bodily functions to the point that you’ll be considered dead, even to a doctor (okay, maybe not to a good doctor). The poison from fugu (Japanese blowfish) can do this.

    The victims can then be brought back under the effects of a drug like datura stramonium (or other chemicals called alkaloids) that leave them in a trance-like state with no memory, but still able to perform simple tasks like eating, sleeping, moaning and shambling around with their arms outstretched.

    How it can result in zombies:
    “Can?” How about “does.”

    This stuff has happened in Haiti; that’s where the word “zombie” comes from. There are books about it, the most famous ones by Dr. Wade Davis (Passage of Darkness and The Serpent and the Rainbow). Yes, the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow was based on this guy’s actual science stuff. How much of it was fact? Well, there was that one scene where they strapped the guy naked to a chair and drove a huge spike through his balls. We’re hoping that part wasn’t true.

    What is definitely true is the story of Clairvius Narcisse. He was a Haitian guy who was declared dead by two doctors and buried in 1962. They found him wandering around the village 18 years later. It turned out the local voodoo priests had been using naturally occurring chemicals to basically zombify people and putting them to work on the sugar plantations (no, really).

    So, the next time you’re pouring a little packet of sugar into your coffee, remember that it may have been handled by a zombie at some point.

    Chances this could cause a zombie apocalypse:
    On the one hand, it’s already fucking happened! So that earns it some street cred right off the bat. But, even if some evil genius intentionally distributed alkaloid toxins to a population to turn them into a shambling, mindless horde, there is no way to make these zombies aggressive or cannabalistic.


    The Real Rage Virus

    As seen in …
    28 Days Later

    What is it?
    In the movie, it was a virus that turned human beings into mindless killing machines. In real life, we have a series of brain disorders that do the same thing. They were never contagious, of course. Then, Mad Cow Disease came along. It attacks the cow’s spinal cord and brain, turning it into a stumbling, mindless attack cow.

    And, when humans eat the meat …

    How it can result in zombies:
    When Mad Cow gets in humans, they call it Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Check out the symptoms:

    * Changes in gait (walking)
    * Hallucinations
    * Lack of coordination (for example, stumbling and falling)
    * Muscle twitching
    * Myoclonic jerks or seizures
    * Rapidly developing delirium or dementia

    Sure, the disease is rare (though maybe not as rare as we think) and the afflicted aren’t known to chase after people in murderous mobs. Yet.

    But, it proves widespread brain infections of the Rage variety are just a matter of waiting for the right disease to come along.

    Chances this could cause a zombie apocalypse:
    If the whole sudden, mindless violence idea seems far-fetched, remember that you are just one brain chemical (serotonin) away from turning into a mindless killing machine (they’ve tested it by putting rats in Deathmatch-style cages and watching them turn on each other). All it would take is a disease that destroys the brain’s ability to absorb that one chemical and suddenly it’s a real-world 28 Days Later.

    So, imagine such an evolved disease, which we’ll call Super Mad Cow (or, Madder Cow) getting a foothold through the food supply. Say this disease spreads through blood-on-blood contact, or saliva-on-blood contact. Now you have a Rage-type virus that can be transmitted with a bite.


    As seen in …
    Laboratories around the world.

    What is it?
    You know all that conversy out there about stem cell research? Well, the whole thing with stem cells is that they can basically be used to re-generate dead cells. Particularly of interest to zombologists like ourselves is neurogenesis, the method by which they can re-grow dead brain tissue.

    You can see where this is going.

    How it can result in zombies:
    You wanted the undead to make an appearance in this article? Well, here you go, you creepy bastards.

    Science can pretty much save you from anything but brain death; they can swap out organs but when the brain turns to mush, you’re gone. Right?

    Well, not for long. They’re already able to re-grow the brains of comatose head trauma patients until they wake up and walk around again.

    Couple that with the new ability to keep a dead body in a state of suspended animation so that it can be brought back to life later, and soon we’ll be able to bring back the dead, as long as we get to them quickly enough.
    That sounds great, right? Well, this lab dedicated to “reanimation research” (yes, that’s what they call it) explains how the process of “reanimating” a person creates a problem. It causes the brain to die off from the outside in. The outside being the cortex, the nice part of you that makes humans human. That just leaves the part that controls basic motor function and primitive instincts behind.

    Reanimation research (artist’s rendering)

    You don’t need the cortex to survive; all you need is the stem and you’ll still be able to mindlessly walk and eat and enjoy Grey’s Anatomy. This is how chickens can keep walking around after they’ve been beheaded (including one case where the chicken lived for 18 months without a head).

    So, you take a brain dead patient, use these techniques to re-grow the brain stem, and you now have a mindless body shambling around, no thoughts and no personality, nothing but a cloud of base instincts and impulses.

    That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we like to call a real, live, undead zombie. So there.

    Chances this could cause a zombie apocalypse:
    Think about it. Under every legal system in the world, all rights and responsibilities are terminated at death. All it takes is someone with resources and a need for a mindless workforce of totally obedient slave labor.

    How long until somebody tries this? We’re betting somebody in the world, maybe North Korea, will have a working zombie by Christmas.


    As seen in…
    Michael Crichton’s novel Prey, The PS2 game Nano Breaker

    What are they?
    Nanobots are a technology that science apparently engineered to make you terrified of the future. We’re talking about microscopic, self-replicating robots that can invisbily build–or destroy–anything. Vast sums of money are being poured into nanotechnology. Sure, at some level scientists know nanobots will destroy mankind. They just can’t resist seeing how it happens.

    How it can result in zombies:
    Scientists have already created a nano-cyborg, by fusing a tiny silicone chip to a virus. The first thing they found out is these cyborgs can still operate for up to a month after the death of the host. Notice how nano scientists went right for zombification, even at this early stage. They know where the horror is.

    According to studies, within a decade they’ll have nanobots that can crawl inside your brain and set up neural connections to replace damaged ones. That’s right; the nanobots will be able to rewire your thoughts. What could possibly go wrong?

    Chances this could cause a zombie apocalypse:
    Do the math, people.

    Some day there will be nanobots in your brain. Those nanobots will be programmed to keep functioning after you die. They can form their own neural pathways, meaning they can use your brain to keep operating your limbs after you’ve deceased and, presumably, right up until you rot to pieces in mid-stride.

    The nanobots will be programmed to self-replicate, and the death of the host will mean the end of the nanobots. To preserve themselves, they’d need to transfer to a new host. Therefore, the last act of the nanobot zombie would be to bite a hole in a healthy victim, letting the nanobots steam in and set up camp in the new host. Once in, they can shut down the part of the brain that resists (the cortex) and leave the brain stem intact. They will have added a new member to the unholy army of the undead.

    Now, it should be more than clear by this point that our goal is to be responsible researchers. We don’t want to create a panic here. All we’re saying is that on an actual day on the actual calendar in the future, runaway microscopic nanobots will end civilization by flooding the planet with the cannabalistic undead.

  • black berry

    dogs cont be turned into zombies also having a dog wont be a good idae cause they will just keep on barking and the zombie will know were u r so that answers the qeustoins on some peoples minds.

  • LegallyInsane

    Cars; A terrible idea. They run on fuel, most of which would have been siphoned by the time you find a zombie-ready car. Big-rigs=you are canned food. Armored trucks;Could be a good hideout if you have enough supplies, maybe. SUVs, mini-vans, any car = X( they need fuel, you need to carry the fuel, depending on what kind of car effects your speed because you aren’t gonna find gas or diesel or any fuel every time you see a station. Personally, I think bikes ARE the best, (unless you are being attacked) no fuel, maneuverable, you can just (if they can fold up like some do) fold up your bike climb the rocks and keep moving. Motorcycles=meh. I would rather have a gun as a secondary weapon and a blade or club as my primary. Groups are fifty fifty, if you live in a large apartment complex, make your way to the roof or top floor and make a zombie-proof exit to get down if you are ambushed, plus there are bound to be veterans in apartment complexes or neighborhoods. Also, stay away from any authority complexes, such as police departments, fire dept., and others of the sort. My best bet would be a school because they have fences gates, no way to the roof (so bring a ladder :P) flat roofs, they have food, though they are most likely perishable, medical supplies (nothing for serious injuries) and desks can be barricades if you want to be inside the school rather than the roof. GET AWAY FROM MALLS. People really DO think they’re safe because they saw it in a movie so don’t even be near a mall. I hope I helped. ;)

  • Patrick

    To the guy saying he would stay in a Wal-Mart and live off the supplies within, do you really think you would be the only one with that idea? Stores would be looted and cleaned out of their stock very quickly, and survivors would be killing each other for supplies.

    Besides that, the Wal-Mart stores that aren’t on the outskirts of heavily populated major cities are still located in or very close to busliting suburbs. The places where the most people were living would then be where the most zombies are.

  • neoerebus

    I’m sorry if anyone already covered this (too many comments lol) But The “zombies” in 28 days later are NOT zombies. They starved to death… starved to DEATH! They didn’t eat people, they attacked them and killed them or had them turn, then left them alone. Sorry, it’s a sore point with me…damn the purist in me hehe. And the thought of the zombies freezing in winter is pretty good…wonder why I never thought of that lol.

  • Patrick

    The zombies in 28 Days Later are a new kind of zombie, but the basic premise is still a “zombie” film.

  • Gilligan222

    wow, i’m ready now. This was very helpful

  • jim

    i am not particularly fond of the bicycle idea. here is the major flaw i see. energy. with any survival situation, you have to conserve energy at all costs. the more energy you exert, the more you need to consume (food). so riding a bike uses more energy than driving a car or truck. i understand the whole gasoline thing. yeah it will always need gas. but with a hunk of hose, you should be able to siphon from just about anything. and if the vehicle is diesel, you can use vegetable oil as well. besides you can always carry a bike as back-up.
    the second problem i see with riding a bike is the amount of “stuff” you can carry. now i believe in travelling light, believe me. i was in a ranger batallion for 5 years. i hate having to carry more than you have to. but a true combat load should never bee over 50 lbs. actually 48 by army standards. more than that and you become a walking target, instead of a highly maneuverable one. now i dont know about anybody else, but i would hate to have to carry even 50lbs on a bike much less walk with it. think of all the food you would have to consume to keep carrying that load. and when you combine that with the fact that the human body needs (give or take) 3 qts of water per day just to survive, you better be carrying only food and water on that bike.
    as far as weapons go, here is my belief. take them out as far away from you as you can. this sort of reverts back to the energy principle. if you have to waste energy beheading zombies with a whatever (even though it would be fun), you could just as easily pull a trigger and be done with it. saves a ton of trouble. as for the type of weapon, find something that you can handle. i.e. a smaller person shouldnt need a 12 ga shotgun with 3 1/2 ” magnum shells. it should also be a common caliber. you are going to have a tough time trying to find ammunition as it is (energy rule) why make it harder. other than that, it is up to the individual what they get. you could debate the whole lever action vs. semi auto stuff, but if you feel comfortable with a particular weapon, then knock yourself out.

  • Hahahaha

    first thing – number sevens in the list t the top is abwt using the car to find survivors and if i’m right (forgive me to goin bak to this) but someone was saying to use a bike. ye, a bike can get in places that cars can’t go and it doesn’t need petrol, but its not very gd for pikin up survivors is it. If it was up to me i’dgo for a large car/van/truck, a normal sized car may still be overrun. i mean think of it like this – if you keep hitting things 1 after another in the car it may start to slow you down or all of the bodies lying under the car may low u dwn bt if u use a larger vehicle theres more chance that u’ll ram straigh through them. also the best weaponsin my opinion are
    melee: a crowbar – good for avin in skulls and has other uses like opening doors or levring things.
    a) a shotgun – it may be heavy but it has quite a wide range.
    b) maybe a rifle – accurate and not as heavy as the shotgun
    and always save a bullet for urself – i aint gettin eaten alive… infact as far as i’m concerned i aint gettin eaten my zombies wether i’m dead or alive and if ur wonderin ow i’ll stop them from eatin meafter my deah i’ll get some explosives and blow myself to pieces

    • Benhamine

      Then why need the 1 bullet?

  • Person666

    If you really believe that zombies are real, put down the controller, stay off the computer, and go rot your brain with other narcotics

  • Pika

    I was more entertained with the comments rather that the list itself! Haha! :D Especially the car vs. bike debate!


    When the infection starts… people are going to wish they read this…

  • ajaxkid

    If you have no weapons, use records.

  • Patcannistan

    Nothing new here.
    Why not make a vampire survival list and throw garlic, crucifixes and sunlight on there.

  • Nick Palla

    # 173 Correct?

  • Elena Is Ready For The Attack.

    I am a 14 year old girl, not very old at all, but I definitely do believe that zombies will happen. I am actually excited more than anything for them to happen. I play zombie games, yes I know, nerdy, but I’m a hott nerd. lol. anyway, I’ve also been thinking about where i’ll be going and doing when they do attack. I live in Kansas City Missouri, and there is a gun store over by me in Claycomo so i’ll go there, and get me a few handguns, and when I get these guns I sure as hell won’t be payin for them, I’ll be stealin these mugs. lol. but my preferred gun is a machine gun, I forgot the name of it but I get it every time I play this one zombie game, and I’ll take a load of ammo, a load of food, plenty of weapons, and I’ve already made a plan of having a back up weapon like a mechetti and also we have a sword, so I’m pretty much set except for my little sister, I just couldn’t bare to see anything happen to her. I’d have me and my toughest friends gathered and hopefully my family will be in a safe spot, and we’ll go and kick some zombie ass. I know that this is what I was put on this earth for, I dream of it, and I have a wicked awesome plan and I would just love to act on it.
    Hopefully this happens before I have kids, I’d rather be young and not worrying about my kids, because then I’ll be able to really give those un-dead rotting fucks an ass kicking. I really don’t care if people don’t believe in zombies, I know they’ll happen and I’m highly ready for them to.
    Also, I got a 70% on the zombie survival thing. lol.
    I can’t exactly drive yet.. so I’ll probably be doing most of my traveling on foot, or with my friends while they drive.
    I’d preferrably be at my house because It’s pretty safe, my house is a douplex so the downstairs is pretty much underground, and I could easily barricade my house and stay upstairs. My only real worries are the water, electricity, entertainment, food and ammo because that gun store is about a mile away, not too bad though. the traveling part is what worries me.

  • luxxi

    This list is so wrong. Let’s see…

    1. You should cooeprate with aouthorities. Or is your plan to get on their bad side and end up locked in jail, leaving you in your cell when zombies come around looking for soemthing to eat? cooperate but stay out of their way. Don’t attract too much attention with obviously looted stuff or walking around with clearly illegal weapons (including improvised ones)

    2. Guns are not that effective. you need a head shot to kill a zombie and unless you know how to use gun well it’s not likely you’ll get a lot of those. Second they are loud attracting zombies from all over the place.

    3. Light armor is not effective against bites to arms and elgs, heavy armor will tire you down and restrict your mobility.

    4. OK, that makes sense jsut remeber everybody will be thinking that as well (=congestion on raods). Plan ahead. where are you going? How to get there? What are alternate routes? Once you get there what are you planning to do there? What supplies will I need on the road? If I’m travelling by motor vehicle where and if can I get gas? Just “heading out to the country” with no specifics will get you eaten pronto.

    5. No, no, no. don’t jsut barge into a shop and take everything you see. first, how will you carry it? If you have a car that’s fine but will you be able to get gas? If you travel on foot will you be able to carry it all so you don’t get tired after 1 hour? Take essentials, don’t overpack

    6. Baricading is good but advice on how to do it useless. Barb wire works agaisnt humans, not agaisnt zombies. Pressure of thier mass will break it down sooner rather than later. Gas filled cans are not specified. If we are talking poisenous gas it’s useless agaisnt zombies, if we are talking gasoline it’s useless as well and will start a fire you may not be able to contain and could easily spread to where you are. And if you set a zombie on fire he will continue to walk around spreading fire. Also when baricading yourself you have to think about supplies (food, ammo for weapons, medicine). Generators sound nice and give you some creature comforts but how long will gas last? And they are loud, attracting zombie attention.

    7. Yes and no. Groups are good, a group to large is liability. soemthing up to 10 people is good. And advice on how to search them will get you killed pronto. Drive to the city and honk? WTF? First of all it will attract zombies which means other people will stay away. Even if you have zombie proof car will you be able to drive away? They may not get in but if they surround you you woun’t be able to drive away. Will you be able to recognise humans from zombies? Will humans be OK or will they simply take from you what they want and leave you exposed? If you are alone then wait for a while for things to settle down a bit. If you have a small group don’t expand it.

  • jim

    you are post #189. there are quite a few people that beat you to the punch.

  • az

    wow! 1 year old post!

    honestly –

    do you think you have done your homework?
    will you survive a zombie infestation?
    if a zombie outbreak occurs right now, how long would you survive?

    if a zombie infestation happens today, after all my research, i’d probably survive one or two weeks.

  • Brian

    I’m surprised after reading this entire post that no one even thought of the nuclear power plants across the world. When the zombie apocalypse happens there will be only a couple of days maybe weeks till those power plants start melt down. This would release so much nuclear fallout that no matter what you do to survive the zombies the radiation will kill you. Sucks, cuz i’d really like to kick some zombie ass :(

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  • Fran

    Id get 3 others like left for dead, shot guns, hummers, 1 spair bullet for suicide, supplies and do the winter thing like goasts idea. Second… whats the whole deal with getting hot chicks??? If zombies invade we probably wont be thinking about how our hair and nails look. also land of the dead is entertaining! You guys have bad taste in movies.

  • DuckyJem

    One of the safest places would be a prison, i think.

    I thought about this a while ago but has anyone seen on a movie about zombies living in the sea or even surviving it. cos i thought the safest place would b a medium sized boat cos ur out of reach of the zombies cos they probably dont know how to swim n u could travel to a place that maybe isnt affected to get supplys or if the place is affect just sail on by.

    That would be my plan anyway even tho i do live out in the country…..

  • jim

    there was an old zombie movie (cant remember the name) where the zombies walked on the bottom of the sea. they eventually made it to shore. the remake of dawn of the dead had the group fleeing to a sailboat on lake michigan. they eventually made it to an island only to find it was already under infestation.

  • Parker

    i think that is Land of the dead..

  • Parker

    oh sorry i missread your comment. never mind

  • Meagan

    I feel like fire should be somewhere on here. But I guess that falls into the “get armed” portion of the list.

  • alex_jk

    good list and all but this list and all zombie films have got the same things wrong…….Zombies will eat each other, zombies are left with the most basic survival instinct, eat, this means that it will not be fussed about what it’s eating and cannabilism will not be one of it’s DO NOT DO’S.

  • Charconian

    Hmmmm well to all those people saying that you can’t outlast the zombies you are wrong. With out the body to maintain it the body will rot. Within a month the zombies would be piles of moaning body parts. Of course this determines on when the infected gets infected. The initial zombies will die in a month but people just getting infected will still be wandering around. I would say that with in a year the zombie apocalypse would be over, we all died or the survivors start repopulating.

  • Grave

    Ahh the logistics of zombie survival. I have a friend who has actually zombie proofed her apartment. Putting in steel plated vault doors, and creating ziplines from her apartment to nearby buildings, and creating a large arsonal of weapons, food, and other supplies that will aid her in the unfortunate event of the inevitable Zombie uprising.

    Riding a bike would be one of the stupidists things you can do brah. What happens when you’re looking behind you to see how far ahead from the main zombie population you are when suddenly there’s one right in front of you, knocking you off your little tricycle?

    As for the whole body armor thing, I bet that will cause more damage than take care of. You want to be fast and versitile. The zombie aren’t going to have guns or other weapons (hopefully they’re Ramero zombies) so there really isn’t any need for that much equipment on your body.

    I think that people need to realize that there is going to be mass hysteria, so you are going to need to worry about other people with guns also.

    I say get a jeep, two other friends (for the love of God not strangers, strangers= not a fucking good thing)go out to the country, board up a house, make sure it’s zombieproofed, than go hit up your sporting goods store and get the shit you need. Guns, ammo, food, water, a radio (in case there’s any news on the whole situation), sleeping bags, maybe a crossbow and some bolts for it, a couple packs of smokes, and some warm clothes, than go back to your country house, stake out on top of the roof and have a little fun popping the zombies off as they come in.

    As for me, I look forward to the uprising, as I see it, it’s just a little fun.

  • airbornsniper86

    alright ladies and gents… as a airborn infantry man i think this list is pretty damn good.. think of the zombies as unarmed terroist they have one attack, biting.. their strategy is hording…

    Fist thing you need to do is deff get your shit togehter.. you need to get supplies and weapons.. dont grab a weapon that you dont know how to skillfully use youll just end up getting eaten and getting your tight group you have killed… pistols are the best of the best in close quarters or a shot gun ( not a pump shoty!!) and take a hack saw and cut that damn barrel off but be ready to handel the kick… you have to destroy the brain so its always a good idea to keep a pair of brass knuckles on hand as a last resort… get a radio period! it can give you vital information or find survivors that are barricaded in or vice versa…

    Find a building that has tons of floors and if so one on a hill.. make sure once your in and you barricade each floor as you go up you have a way to get down… now common sense says grab all the shit you need are your way to this building.. grab pleanty of ammo, food, rope, and what ever at this time seems fit. Lights lots and lots of lights flash lights spot lights hell even christmas light so when choppers fly over they deff see for the power get batteries and generators along the way…

    as far as taking survivors in just do it.. its the right thing to do. but at the same time let them know your running the show and if they dont like it they can keep moving… if they are bitin shot on site dont no time for talking about it.. and just wait it out.. the reason i say get as high as you can is so you can over look the town/city.. as well as it would take zombies a long time to get to you if you have the stairwell barcaided.. walkie talkies are a deff.. incase you have to split up for some reason.. cause at some point and time your group of people will have to venture out for supplies…

    a farm house is bad news.. you and every other shit head are gonna be doing the same thing what happens if you find one and theres crazy rednecks in there and they just shoot you because your invading their country ways lol…

    as far as cars go.. trust me there will be plenty of humvees left about from the retreating army.. bullet proff glass and body. pretty much unstopable against an enemy with no weapons.. run on desiel hard to get a flat and can go any where.. can hold 4 people securly and ammple ammount of supplies… this is where radios come in handy to comunicate back and forth to the other car… i can ramble on all day but this is good enough….

    They always DIE!!!

  • Good Nads

    When they come, I’m gettin’ some guns, alot of ammo, and some of my friends and headin’ to Siberia!

  • nolan

    THAT was awsome!

  • nolan

    sweet riminds me of 28 weeks later!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cruzda3

    nicely done…. you forgot to add that when the dust settles from the initial outbreaks, we need to get back to police stations and nat’l guard armories to look for more supplies and survivors.

  • airbornsniper86

    CRUZDA3…… i didnt feel i had to put that in my passage.. thats kind of common sense.. but the national guards supplies are limited.. look for an actual active duty post.. there you will find choppers,tanks,mortors,rifles,machine guns,humvess,javilen missel sysmtems,AT4 shoulder fire rockets, body armor, MREs, drinks, food, hell almost all post have a shopping mall. your best bet would be to head straight for Fort Benning Georgia.. its the home of the infanty,greenberets training, ranger training, airborn training, which means lots of firepower.. and since it is the home of the infantry they will have plenty of Armored Personel Carriers(APC) Bradlys and Strykers. and well its the active duty im sure there will be some of us still alive in there some where so dont go raging in there stealing everything check the surroundings buildings and what not.. if theres soldiers still alive in there trust they will let you know. if you just charge in and start looting there gonna shoot you!!! let me say this again. THEY WILL SHOOT YOU!!!!!! your best bet for a nice convoy of vehicals to grab would be a few humvees to carry all your supplies, enough strykers that incase you run into a hord of zombies everyone that is with you can pile into the stryker APC and be safe from attack..and well if you wanna stick around long enough to figure out how to drive a bradly APC be my guest..there will tanker trucks full of gas on the base read signs and find a map fort benning is huge it has its on interstate within… you can eaither stay on that base or leave.. i would stay for a week or so and get your crew under control have a few nice meals and get some good rest but i wouldnt stay there forever….

  • Pingback: Zombies - Page 3 - Game Podunk()

  • jim

    uhm, dont the green berets (SF) train at jfk special warfare school in bragg? and isnt all ammo locked up under guard at ASP’s? i know you can just stoll on ft benning because it doesnt have guarded gates (patrolled by mp’s and gs cops), but you cant just go taking stuff.

  • Bill

    We are going to pay for our sins Stop sining plese!!or the dead will return to us. The end of the world is… lol

  • airbornsniper86

    well no shit.. thats why if you read what i said Jim i said dont just run up in there and start taking shit because if theres still troops alive they will kill you…

  • jim

    i was correcting you on the location of the operators and the fact that you contradicted yourself on going onto the base in the first place, goofball.

  • airbornsniper86

    how did i contradict myself? by saying go on to the baase and dont start stealing shit right away look around for people?

  • jim

    uhm, here:
    look for an actual active duty post.. there you will find choppers,tanks,mortors,rifles,machine guns,humvess,javilen missel sysmtems,AT4 shoulder fire rockets, body armor, MREs, drinks, food, hell almost all post have a shopping mall. your best bet would be to head straight for Fort Benning Georgia
    contradicting this:
    there will be some of us still alive in there some where so dont go raging in there stealing everything check the surroundings buildings and what not.. if theres soldiers still alive in there trust they will let you know. if you just charge in and start looting there gonna shoot you!!! let me say this again. THEY WILL SHOOT YOU!!!!!!
    contradicting this:
    your best bet for a nice convoy of vehicals to grab would be a few humvees to carry all your supplies, enough strykers that incase you run into a hord of zombies everyone that is with you can pile into the stryker APC and be safe from attack..
    that is all i was saying

  • aaron climer

    Another thing is it tend to help if u have a dog around they can hear better than you can for one and to there less likly to becom infected or at least in modern beleaf they r less likley to….sec dont be stupid and chase the dog through a fucking pack of them like the old lady in dead rising fucking stupid b*&^H fed everything up stay calm slap some sense into hysterical comrades always travel in groups you should be fine as long as it isnt 28 weeks later wich might i add arent zombies zombies cant starve to death they r already dead. but if the super rabies stupified humans come every man for them self other wise plz travel in groups and let ppl know ur not a zombie

  • Budi

    Helmet , Knee Elbow pad , Safety shoes,
    Some food & water , Reverse_Osmosis(RO) water_filtration siphon_type.

    Survival knife,
    Samurai for last_act when get_cornered,
    Fireman Axe (key for in/out every building),
    Revolver & Auto handgun,
    Caltech/Steyr/etc ‘bullpup Rifle’ using shortest_barrel + 1 extra long_barrel for sniping.
    All gun using NATO caliber.

    2 type silencer:
    a. Moderate (projectile at full_power)
    b. Total silence (reduced projectile_power).

    Go to:
    That has landing_pad big_enough for Chinook/Osprey/Harrier.
    That has RO_unit & Solar_panel.
    That has energy_weapon, ex: Latest_prototype mounted Laser_canon (optional). :D

  • sk8rmike

    good ideas every one but seriosly if the zombies are 28 weeks later or left 4 dead style wer all fucked if u havnt played l4d i seriosly sugest it its supa fun and the tanks scare the shit outa me o.Olol and riding a bike might work but i dont think u can run a zombue over it and i doubt id use my sk8board unless i was bored and was in like a castle or some thing to keep my moral up =] and i want all those guns!!! all we got at my house is hunting rifles shotguns and pisttols -___- and lots of amo =D

  • Budi

    Hunting rifle is good rifle to snipe from long distance.
    Shotgun r great for short distance.
    But for zombie situation, U’r pistol is a life line if U have almost unlimited magazine & know how to fast loading without looking at U’r gun.
    I bet U will survive.

  • bart

    thankyou so much for the tips for the future. once this happens i will be more prepared and i will have great confidence in my survival. right now im just waiting for this thang to happen. peace

  • goreegal

    I don’t think it is a good idea to use fire… as it might get out of control and burn down ur safe haven… as well as smoke u out in to the hordes of zombies.

    Duct tape ur clothes.. even the jeans lol.. jeans can rip.. ask someone that has been attacked by a wild animal… leather is good.. but, I think it would be hard to move around in .. not too mention hot and uncomfortable.

    motor bikes are better than cars .. easier on gas and easier to manouver.

    I would break into a Costco.. and baracade .. I wont be telling many ppl to go there.. but, I would have my laptop for communication besides the info on net will be ,,, will be very useful.

    The best location to get to.. if u are near ocean and can get a boat.. oil rig setups in ocean… they would have electricity back ups and plenty of water and food… they will be the place that most governments around the world would go to eventually.

  • sk8rmike

    and yea motercycles are good for travaling in cus u can still run zombies over and its easy to manuver but yea whatever gun u use make shur you are good with that gun if you are used to shooting 9mm i definatly wouldnt pick upa desert egal but as with me i do realy good with the mini 14 and the 12 guage and 9mm wer as my dad he uses a 44mag and sks and prety much any gun we have haha but yea we gota lot if guns :P i wana get a colt 45 tho -__-

  • goreegal

    lol sk8r… I am not a gun person… so I will stick to someone like u… I will be the ninja of the bunch… carry lots of them stars and a sharp light sword :D as I will be carrying too much other essentials.. :D

  • sk8rmike

    hahaha as long as u carry the suplies im cool XD just make shhur u were some sortof a mask so the blood dosnt get in ur eyes haha ^_^ and i dont think thos ninja stars will work to well…… i have throwing nives tho :Dhaha

  • Rayden

    ok 2 things you should change is get armor and search for survivors. ok lemme explain why, armors are rather heavy and will drop your running speed and performance, if you want to go with armor then fine but try not to go too heavy because you’re gonna run out of stamina with those things still chasing you. For the survivor part you can change it to a limited party size of about 3-6 because if you have a large group of peoples following you the higher the chance of someone getting bite and infecting everyone else

  • Rayden

    my recommendation is to go and learn how to farm so when canned food is getting really low you can just farm your own food and farms will be a nice place as it is open field and allows you to spot zombies

  • Looser


  • sk8rmike

    raden have u played left 4 dead? u know blood harvest? yea you cant see shit in the feilds if you are gona farm have a small green house not corn or so forth but you can grow tomatoes peas and many other things in a green house and if you have enugh time u can even attatch it to your house so u dont have to venture outside honestly i think zombies + corn feild would be a very very bad thing lol also i agree with you armor is cumberson and almost poitless because they might be able to bite thrugh it any way the main point is mobility u need to be able to move if you lose mobility you end up dead X.X

  • goreegal

    sk8r lol… saw so many thrillers with corn fields .. I agree .. not a very good idea :D

  • jim

    the ZSG isnt the be all end all for zombies. it has some good ideas, some bad. it should NOT be gospel. remember Z day hasnt happened YET. we dont know if they will be fast or slow zombies, much less how they create more zombies. or if even a head shot is the cure. look at night of the living dead. even with the head removed, they were still able to attack. gotta leave the possibilities open.

  • Budi

    Exhauster. The principle for a gun-silencer is the same principle for car muffler. It’s possible to have a gas engine as silence as an elctric car.
    U just have to install a huge muffler & modify U’r engine room.

    Caliber. An M-16 rifle using 5.56 mm bullets.
    I don’t see a problem with these. Do U ?
    Why do U have to use a higher caliber to neutralize zombiez ?

    Armour. If U r rich , U can have very light-weight titanium plate-armour.
    Just 1 mm of this plate is enough.
    The main problem is . . . money.
    Zombie or no zombie, I’m planning to have this titanium plate armour. :)

  • sk8rmike

    goreegal thanks for agreeing with me im glad some one is smart ^_^ mite just take u with me haha and yea no one will know wat the zombies are like jim hell they could all be difrent from slow to fast 28 weeks later or left 4 dead style and they could also evolve such as in left 4 dead smokers tanks boomers so forth another thing we wont know is how they detect us…. they might not even be atracted to sound they might have thermal vision for all wen know soo its good to keep alot of plan B’s lol not bull shit B XD also a silencer on a gun reduces the speed and the damage of a bullet might wana think about that befor puting one on ur gun

  • Jayhawk

    Well I think If this happens we all should get up on roofs and start picking them off from there. If we have a good view of them all we can start knocking them off, but when we run out if ammunition,were definitely in trouble…

  • goreegal

    ahhh its fun to role play… but no matter how u think u might do.. u will always come against some problems.

    if u live in a small town..and in that town its the norm and/or legal to have an arsenol of weapons in ur home… that wouldn’t be such a bad idea… just to sit on roof and ping them off one by one.. but, the reality of it… most ppl do not own guns and if they do.. might be a couple hunting rifles and/or a crossbow… maybe a small hand gun for their personal saftey. I don’t know any place near by that sells gun accept for some outdoors sports stores.. and they are scattered in distance in my city. In canada ..we have stricter laws about weapons. Even if u got into one of them shops during an outbreak… the weapons of choice will all be locked and secure.. be wasting too much time and effort to even get one.

    Best to get to less populated areas… the oil rig in the ocean or very cold climates like canada in the winter :D

    If u are in home and surrounded… best to do is wait it out in an attic if u have one… bring plenty of food… fill up as many garbage bags with water and bring some extra for waste management…then all u can do is pray.

    I read on net somewhere that there will be 28 months later movie (release date this year.. who knows :D )… the zombie will reach up to Russia.

    Ever wonder what the cold temperatures would do to a zombie. What ever is running through their brains and/or veins would eventually freeze up.. immobilizing them.

    Best to get to less populated areas like the wildreness… the oil rig in the ocean or very cold climates like canada in the winter :D

  • sk8rmike

    goreegal nice thinking and yea i herd about 28 months laterto :D but yea first thing you need to do is get out of the city because they might bomb it to hell >.

  • sk8rmike

    and u live in canada? lol i live in colorado haha in a small ass town -_- but yea it wouldnt be the best idea to stay up ona roof because they might be able to jump up and climb and so forth such as the hunters from l4d lol :D hate those fucking basterds

  • Read The Zombie Survival Guide

    nr 4 is wrong, if u live in a big city, wait 1 week before leaving. Else the roads will be so crowded that 1 man bitten in the middle of that will kill LOTS of people, in the 1 week u wait it is easy to gather supplies in the meantime.
    Also dont use automatic, only way to kill zombies is killing the brain, its a waste of bullets, 100 bullets per zombie isnt worth it.
    Also only look for survivors if u are not more than 2 people, and no, its not safety in numbers, 50 people will attrack 1000 zombies. A group of 5 mayb 7 is good.
    Else it was good tips.

  • sk8rmike

    well if that is some what of a good idea staying for a week but the goverrnment might be nuking the city….. soooooooooo if there are back roads or so forth take thos instead of the high ways and if you have a m16 it has 3 round burst or semi auto in fact most auto guns have those 2 difrent actions but the zombie survival guide has some very good ideas i read half of it but u cant just assume zombies will be head shots they could be left 4 dead style or 28 weeks later or the normal slow zombies so keep your mind open on that and probly the bigest group u should have is about 10 or soo ny more might be a hastle

  • dontbiteme

    Ideally, you should get a few trucks full of construction material, canned food, weapons and what not, and head for some badass castle where you can seal yourself in. Vehicles and anything mechanics will eventually wear down, and so will the roads. You will at some point run out of fuel and gas. Medications will expire. Food will perish. You will have to create a sustainable environment, ie: growing vegetables and raising a few animals. Even more important, the place has to have access to drinking water! As for other humans, the golden rule is always valid: fear not the dead, do fear the alive ;) happy surviving

  • sk8rmike

    dude where are u gona find a castle >.

  • sk8rmike

    cus honestly i think thers maby one castl in colorado and some crazy guy and his fam live there and its pretty crappy it honestly looks like a pot head made it hahaha but idk there isnt realy many castle in the united states if you are in britan or eroup yes thats a very good idea other than that best idea is to keep moving and stay outa citys

  • dontbiteme

    doh my comment disappeared :) as I previously wrote (maybe a zombie ate that post), yes I live in Europe we have am amazing amount of castles here, the best ones are on top of rocky hills, with meters-thick walls. But a long term scenario would look pretty sad and doomed regardless. Without medicines, even catching a cold could be fatal etc…

  • sk8rmike

    yes well i live in a hick town in colorado hahahahaha lmao but yea thers lots of red necks and such im like maby the one sk8r out here but my fam has lots of guns and stuff and ive already made a plan i just need a auto gun =[ all we got is semi aoutos rifles so forth i think we got 2 sks one mini 14 a couple mosin nagaunts um few shotguns lots of pistols and so forth so yea im like the only crazy one in my famly that belives that zombies are gona happen XD but i will be the one to survive muahahaha welll along with janessa :P im bringing her with lol

  • sk8rmike

    but yea a castle would e a good idea for a while but after a while u would need to go out

  • Collin

    This list is awsome. Will work in any zombie survival

  • sk8rmike

    well u couldnt say any zombie survival it is a very good list i will say that but main thing u need to reli on is your brain allwayse use your brain

  • zack killer 99

    This is how it is done, I will talk slow so you retards can understand me. me take shotgun and shotgun ammo. me put food, gas, guns, water, and stuff in SUV. me drive to boondocks with SUV and when me see zombie, me take shotgun and no more zombie. me find farm, me make doors and windows no worky no more with metal, wood and screws. me eat food and play target practice with zombie until over. that is what me do, k?

  • dontbiteme

    LOL Zak Killer, would you mind elaborate on what you’re gonna do, after you drank the six bottles of water and the carton of tv-dinners that would fit in yor SUV? ahahahahahahah!

  • robert akizuki

    I think the best way is just to go out to sea on a nice boat..maybe a yacht. Store up on food and meds but not much on guns since you don’t need to kill zombies anyway. If you can survive like kevin costner did in waterworld i think you’d be fine. Ofcourse you need to learn to fish just in case food supply goes low. With all that,just wait for the all the zombies to die out.

  • rob

    shotguns and revovers for weapons. alot of games just have you reload clips, but when caught in the action how many preloaded clips do you have laying around. shotguns and revolvers require only single bullets to be loaded, not clips which you will rarely find laying around. shotgun shells are much easier to find and reload

  • Really Tiny Tim

    Providing they are not smartypants I Am Legend zombies a medium or large ship would make a good hide out, alongside or at anchorage. Best if theres no crew left (Only maybe, as a sane and well adjusted engineer would make life much easier) and has large freeboard (Distance between the water and the lowest continuous deck level). Sexy zombies could be netted onboard as required.

  • sk8rmike

    hey haha i though this poll was dead haha but i am legend are not zombies
    they only go out at night # 1
    # 2 he sprays his apartment with garlic
    they are vampz

  • dontbiteme

    this poll is undead :) it’s here for good ahah

  • dontbiteme

    Btw I think the best kind of zombies are those of REC :) fast, smart, crazy, no fear of light/garlic/whatever and they would even use tools! when the shits hits the fan biiig time!

  • zack killer 99

    dontbiteme… have you ever seen an SUV. I could probably fit about 50 gallons of water, 3 weeks worth of food, 500 shotgun shells, a shotgun, all the barricade materials I wanted on top and probably arount 2 tanks worth of gas in my SUV… not to mention There is a trailer attacment in the back. so stop acting like a moron you stupid hippie, I probably have 100 times the needed experience than you do

  • dontbiteme

    zack killer, you are so stupid I bet you would never make to your suv, you will be amongst the first batch of idiots who would fall and get turned, chances are you’re not gonna go much far even as a zombie cause someone would take you down sooner than you know

  • zack killer 99

    Hey a******, you probably dont even know how to shoot a gun. I have shot literly over 1500 rounds of… all gauges of shotgun, 15 different types of rifles, 20 types of handgun, ak-47, M4AI, and even uzis, and have 10 guns in my house, yea i will be the first one to get run down.

  • Wilson

    You guys are arguing over who would survive in a zombie invasion…you’re cool…. and stop bragging about how many guns you’ve shot, I’ve probably shot twice as much as you ever will, my life is guns. SO just end the stupid nerd argument that will never be resolved and get on with your pathetic lives

  • Wilson

    Sk8termike, he sprays his apartment with vinegar to get rid of the smell moron… and zombies aren’t the ones scared of garlic anyway, vampires are… neither of which exist!

  • zack killer 99

    Wilson, the only reason you would be saying that is because you are a stupid hippie that has never shot a gun and cant tell the difference between your a** and a hole in the ground

  • Wilson

    So your saying that I said I have shot more guns than you because I haven’t shot more guns than you? And why should I believe YOU even know what a gun is? you’re probably a 13 year old child in his room with your mommy downstairs making you a grilled cheese sandwich while she shelters you from the world

  • zack killer 99

    A gun is a weapon consisting of a metal tube, with mechanical attachments, from which projectiles are shot by the force of gunpowder or a other type of ordanance. My job is that work for the NRA so you think I dontknow what a gun is?

  • Wilson

    My point is, you’re bragging to a bunch of nerds on their computers who believe in zombies and who believe they are able to survive, so what are you trying to prove?

  • zack killer 99

    Oh, sorry, I thought you were one of the morons on here that couldnt run a mile if their life depended on it

  • Wilson

    Actually, I’m on varsity cross country… no joke

  • zack killer 99

    really, oh well, sorry again

  • sk8rmike

    uhm wilson fucking serios? lol dude i said that the ones in i am legend arnt vamps didnt i jessus man u need to calm down and all of u! dont fight over the inter net its just like the special olympics no mater who wins u all end up freaking retarted

  • Brogan

    Haha, thanks for this list!
    This is ridiculous but zombies attacking is my biggest fear in the world, ever! Now I know what to do :)!

    argh, can you imagine if it actually happened?!

  • oouchan

    266. Brogan: My sister and I actually had a rational (as it can be) discussion on that very subject. We had just finished watching “Dawn of the Dead” (new one) and we went to lunch after. We sat in silence for most of the meal. Suddenly, she asked me “What would you do it that happened?”. That’s all it took to start a debate that lasted about 2 weeks. It was fun. We mapped out what we would do, what we would pack, take, food needed, places to go…everything. It was a like a big game.

  • Brogan

    Haha, I can’t even contemplate it in my head.
    I think I would have to kill myself before they got to me! :(
    I havn’t actually seen Dawn of the Dead but have you seen Shaun of the Dead?
    The part where they walk through the crowd of zombies pretending to be them freaks me out!

    Where did people get the idea of zombies from?
    Is it from voodoo or something?

  • MW3E

    can this represent any important thing inside this issue?
    better to be prepared for.

  • hello


  • Hollz

    Personally, I love how serious everyone gets over this type of list. Y’know where they go into immense detail about whats wrong with the survival tips and what you should do instead.. But yeah, screw looking for survivors, every man/woman for themselves!

    & the body armour looks like a slightly less gay version of Batman’s XD

    Great lists. Keeping me and my insomniac friend occupied :D

  • chocola

    great ideas!! i would recommend using a tank or monster truck as a vehicle. no better way to mow down zombies than with a tank or monster truck! :)

  • Lynyrd

    maybe you can use fresh meat as bait and get all zombies together in a huge stadium and then blow/burn/destroy the whole place

  • Kenab

    I always thought the military or the police would be your best bet but in every movie either they are killed first(resident evil 2) or there trying tp keep things under wraps ( also resident evil 2) i’m mean if the time comes will the law become are enemy as well as the zombies just wondering

  • i am liam

    get real as if there would evr be zombies but it would be cool

  • Missy

    Me and my friend were having a conversation about this today that is how I stumbled across this list. We have always been avid watchers of ALL zombie films as we feel one day this really will happen especially with all of the viruses that are mutating. The question is once you have your family, guns, supplies where is the safest place to go really??? You could go to the country but you are far from everything so incase of needing more supplies it could be impossile but on the other hand a big city will be infested. Should you go Resident Evil and stay on the move??? Petrol stations are usually equipped with at least 6 months worth of fuel so you could keep going.

  • Titanium Black

    A Human is like a hardy cockroach. they will survive. that’s what a viral organism does.

  • Trekkerette

    If my town is attacked by those guys? Easy-peasy. Lock up the house, grab a gun (knife, too), load up on the karate (and stuff) and start defending.

  • JokerDemon

    being a soldier in the US Infantry will give me the advantage to an array of skills on survival. i practice with melee weapons like sledgehammers, hatchets, and shovels, just so i know how to use one properly when the time comes to kill some zombies.

  • hellblade

    humm…. i mite be wrong but wouldnt it be smart to immidiatly go to “area 51”? i mean ikno its like so super secret. but if you manage to get into “area 51” alive an tell someone theres zombies im sure they have some super secret wepon (besides nuclear attacks, and massive guns) to take care of a issue like that. “area 51” is like invinsible. if you can get in there and the people in there dont kill you, then you should deffinatly be protected from zombies.

  • tomE

    area 51 will already know about the zombies… and their not just gonna let someone in from the surface into their secure area just to tell them zombies are attacking. they dont give a shit about anyone who isnt inside of their base. so you should just go find somewhere else to live.

  • SirGeek

    Would love to talk about zombies

    add me
    [email protected]

  • ajshrestha

    This is why i love Listverse. 282 comments about an article clearly meant to be humorous.
    BTW the best way to survive: get on an aircraft carrier.

  • ajshrestha

    Preferably one that doesnt have any zombies

  • jo

    One of the basic zombie survival tips: immediately shoot any person around u who gets beaten. I don’t CARE that its your mom ok? She’s as good as dead. So no need to let this person stay alive so they can become one more zombie that u have to get rid of.

  • jo

    I mean bitten. Not beaten. Sheesh. What’s wrong with me?

  • alberto

    I think the First weapon should be a good machete or a pair of swords (go to a Route 99 store at any mall). then Get 2 pistols and a backpack full of loading cartredges.

    Weapons are heavy, bullets go out fast!!! you might want to have sharp weapons as swords and machetes before any gun.

  • madchap

    leave town?
    every person within town will be trying to leave town. they are also the supply hubs of the country. unless you happen to live in an area where there is a very quick easy escape, the whole leaving thing should happen after the rest of the people die trying. unless you got super agro zombies, i would suggest gong to the heart of downtown, not the freeways or side roads. there will be very few people downtown.

    look for survivors?
    the biggest threat at that point will be the survivors. look at any mass disaster. do not trust too many people, perhaps 1 or 2 until you can eradicate the threat (which with 6.8 billion people will take untill you and a couple hundred other generations [should you be so lucky] are long gone if you are very good at killing.) trust no one, even those you are with, in the end and as proven they will choose them over you.

  • Adriennexoxo

    I think non-survivors pets would make good bait, such as a small dog or something. This might sound barbaric but in a zombie attack, you need everything you can to survive it. If you place a few pets in front of zombies, they could get distracted, and you can get the hell out of there!

  • Adriennexoxo

    Also, like some people have said, guns need bullets and guns need to be reloaded, who has time for that? I’d bring guns and blades/machetes, because they can be used anytime and do not need to be reloaded.

  • Lek

    You can find more survival tips at

  • patrick

    that list is cool and strang.if you think zombies arnt reel then scrue you loser

  • bobo

    I think I saw the book they riped off in books a million.It is a funny book and I loved it so much.

  • neon

    honestly you should only use guns when absolutly nessacary. Blades Are SOOOO much better and are some times light weight and portable. cars should only be used to get far away. bikes should be used if you are goin a really short distance and if you can move fast. allways have a back pack so you can have your blade and some water. dont hide in a grocerie store the meat and fresh produce will go bad and smell horrid. and dont hide in walmart. too many enterences. me and my friend decided we are goin to rob walmart get as many supplies as possible then go to bass pro shop get more supplies (A.K.A Blades, armour, Guns, Bullets). Dont Bring Pets, a dog or cat would eat something with the virus and bite you. other animals would just slow you down in the long run.

  • Andy

    dude i can not wait for z day good list man

  • AJH

    i think the best idea i to ignore zombies like pissed of hobos who yell at you for glancing at them in the street, its like last night i was walking past the morgue at my work and i could hear loud noises comming from inside eventhough no one was in there so it had to be zombies and i ignored them and im still alive but yeah i would probably mount a machine gun to the roof of my car

  • eduardo

    This list is the best one yet i would try to find a tank
    or a bus and use that and put a plow to front of it but thats just me. :}
    good job

  • Disciple

    Great list! If you watch the movie: ZombieLand, it has some scattered rules the main protagonist demonstrates. Funny and helpful! Rule #1 : Cardio. “The fat are the first to die” Sad, but true.

  • Omega616

    Hmm, i wonder if birds will be turned into zombies cause if they are then we’ll have to deal with zombie chickens!!! GASP!!!

  • duh_mann

    dam everybody talks like this is reall do you guys really believein this stuff???

  • neon

    actually a lot of people do believe it may happen

  • Ekern

    How would a actual full knight armor work out? Bet that zombies don’t have strong enough teeth to actually bite trough that? Not that I’m saying regular armor won’t work, but isn’t knight armor more hardened? u will be slow, but less chances of getting a rift in it? right? U could say that it’s perfect if you get pounced down by a zombie, and lying helpless on the ground. pretty horrifying though.

  • Trout

    ok so i didnt read all the post but guide sucks im ready for wwz. plans made friends and family know where to meet. we hold group discussions about it atleast once a month. and i also saw that you said dogs are a bad idea, animals could not get the virus. first off they would run and secondly how many human base virusis do animals get. so dogs would be better to have then pots and cans. i could shoot holes in this guide all night but i got to do some more reserch on the mayan calender for 2012. (i know i cant spell so dont say anything about that)

  • supermandy

    So here’s the one problem I see with this..Having a good car/SUV/Truck/Semi-whatever does no good when most gas stations around have to have someone inside the gas station pressing a button for them to work.
    Where I live you have to prepay for gas, so you have to have the cashier inside press some button or type in some passcode to activate the pumps.
    So you can’t just go around stealing gas when the zombies take over.

  • supermandy

    Other than that gas dilema, This is an amazing list.

  • motor-head

    im gona have an armerd up truck or rv they dont go as fast but i am going to put attachments on the top like a minigun or flame thrower z-day will never know what hit it i’ll search for survivers and when i find them we’ll start repopulating the human race when zombies take over you should inform your family the odds are some will stand and fight and conquer z-day on your side others are ought not to believe you i aint gona die by being eatin by mindless beasts

  • bloodhive

    how foolish the goats buy into this brainwashing hogwash. dont you know that hollywood is referring to you as zombies. imagine a biological outbreak, and you are the infected dummy that needs to be shot.

  • zombie toucher

    I molest zombies for pleasure, do you?

  • giglie goo

    You all would die, give it a rest.

  • Peter O’Brien!/group.php?gid=336409171822

    you guys seem kinda uninformed so i thought id send this
    you want to see a real zombie survival guide as opposed to the misinformation max brooks feeds some of you sheep? check out the link

    -the Real zombie master
    Peter O’Brien

  • Peter O’Brien

    and for all the retards posting
    “wow, you guys are arguing about something that doesnt exist”
    no fuckin duh genius
    but clearly you looked on this page for SOME reason so dont sit fuckin high and mighty and tell us how nerdy WE are for doing this

  • Diablo135

    Learn to drive a manual (stick) car. If it’s been any length of time, the batteries in most cars will be dead. You will have to “pop the clutch” to start a car.

  • brainblow

    Yeah, but those locations are horribly hard to defend, as the windows will keep on displaying food: you.
    Mall really is the location you raid and then leave permanently.

  • brainblow

    These tips really weren’t so good.
    It seems like it goes from the logic “you know about zombies, so only you are going to survive.”
    No, it won’t work that way.

    Also, “getting out of town” is stupid. Panic will cause EVERYONE to leave and then get traffic completely jammed. Then… zombies will slowly work their way along the long line of canned food.

    You shouldn’t wear armor. If you come in the situation where you need fullbody armor then you are already screwed pretty much. No, light, agile and higher dexterity is best. The zombies will also have less to grab.
    Also, you should cut your hair short, even women should(especially women).

    And barricading yourself won’t do any good. Keeping on the move is what is needed, and if you can’t escape a place with dense population then you should barricade, yes, but HIDE within the barricades.
    The zombies can wait forever, you can’t. So avoid being sieged.

    And WORK with the authorities!
    SOME will realize, “these are fucking zombies” and they will become invaluable allies.

  • ganstawitnogun

    Go to North of Canada or Russia. Zombies have no body heat, so they can’t stand the extreme cold up there. They’ll just freeze to death :). Anyways, if i can’t do that, im going to make a barrier at Costco, Walmart, etc.
    If 2012 is going to be the end, I’m hoping it’s going to be a zombie apocalypes. I’m going to be scared shitless, but the rush and adrenaline will let my last few moments be fun (unless i survive :))

  • Reena

    Whadda bout if you stay on a small island in the middle of a lake? Burn down the bridge, Destroy the zombies on the island, have a boat to escape in?

  • No name

    I say never trust the authorities trying to help you they only want you dead

  • Strembop

    how does zombieism spread? and i would probably just jump out and get infected (somehow) because if everybody in the world is a zombie its really a waste of time avoiding them.

  • Strembop

    o with scratches

  • Believer

    For all who are worried…here's the deal. The Zombie thing originates in Haiti- it is real, but not at all like Hollywood prescribes. There will likely be no zombie attack )like the kind in the movies.) The far greater danger is the invisible "zombie" or demon, a spiritual being, intelligent, powerful and real. A demon is a fallen angel and it seeks to destroy your soul, as it wants you in hell and answers to Lucifer, aka Starts with an "s" and ends with an "n". Again, be not afraid. Why? Because you have protection in the holy name of Jesus. He purchased your safety and your eternal life when he died on the cross. Return to love, truth and holiness. This is your best defence againstthe lies and deceptions of darkness.

  • Believergirl

    Zombies are not the problem…Hollywood is merely distracting you from the real enemy.

  • will

    why allt he alarms and gas? if we follow hollywood and comon myth both fire and sound attracts the horde. id rather deal with 1 then 100.

    also at risk of a post war who says god is the good guy? maybe satan is the saviour but weakened himself in creationg and looking after mankind. a weakness god used to imprison him in the earth and claim control. after all satan does nto ask for worship or offer false promises he can not keep. he jsut looks after your soul when you die. its only the “good” god that demands 24/7 prayers and worship to appearantly save our immortal souls apon death. sounds like alot of propoganda to me but i am naturally paranoid

  • will

    As for body armor, with the invention of a little thing called kevlar, and more recently, dragonscale, body armor, or even just a layer or two of leather, are all relatively lighweight and would protect you from the teeth of most people.

    are you nuts? kevlar is fuckign heavy in any decent useful amount

  • Jay

    I read your post but I'm still not sure who the "real" enemy is.

  • mmm

    ….or just get your best friend to shoot you in the head and send you to a better place (aka heaven) , saving endless weeks of terror and pain you and your many survivor buddies will be forced to endure if you DON'T take a bullet behind the ear. Remember … simple is sometimes best!!

  • Zombieexpertbabe

    Everyone says Walmart. Gotta be the worst idea i've heard.
    Head south. People think the north will stop them, and how north do you think you will get?
    Go deep south, Georgia, Alabama, etc.
    I love this guide, because it's so true.
    But all for all, it's a one person thing. Protect yourself. That's the key goal.

  • Cautionary note on the barricade: Know how to escape from your own barricade if necessary – and that's incredibly tricky because "a way out is a way in."

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  • jaime

    yep. yep. im definately surviving a zombie attack
    rule number one : fish are friends not food
    throw a fish at a zombie and you can guarantee they will stop in confusion
    rule number two: headshots dont just work in video games
    they are pretty useful in real life too
    rule number 3: tie your shoe laces and never look back
    rule number 4: dont take shortcuts
    rule number 5: get good windshield wipers
    zombies make a big mess when they get run over
    speaking of running things over
    rule number 6: get a truck
    preferably one that doesnt get 3 miles to the gallon
    gas station are surprisingly hard to use without the attendent
    and finally
    rule number 7: scientific studies have proven that zombies are incapable of climbing ladders

    build a tree house… or tree fort for that matter

    follow these simple rules and you might survive a zombie attack

  • xplyrgz

    wow, the comment section is still running. i will take this list seriously but it is hard to kill your close friends/family when they become a zombie. hopes it never happens.

    By the way, if it will happen, there will be a lot of number of visit page for this site.

  • id get a bus put a 50 cal on top, that stop sign thing that swings out itll be a chainsaw instead, put 2 flamethrowers where the flashing lights are near the topweld some iron bars on the windows and iff all goes wrong wrig the bus with all the c4 or dynamite i can get my hands on thats my pland of action

  • Barasuishou

    Remember your not the only person leaving the city. Highways and Interstates were created for the military to travel on ( look it up if you don't believe me); so they will most likely be closed of for the quarantine the city will be in. If you have that Invincible-Man syndrome, where you think nothing can stop you and your the most badass killer in the world, and try to get past an active military blockade; you are dead.
    Experience, if you have a group, figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the group. Example: I am a woman, 26 years of age and work at as Human Resources in a hospital; That is what can be said on the outside, ask about background experience; my background experience is I was a police marksman (or sniper as some people call it) for 4 years. Sun Zhu: "Know thyself, Know thy enemy, 1000 battles, 1000 victories".
    Weapons, what do you know about your weapon. If your weapon was to jam or misfire do you know how to fix the problem? Knowing your weapon is as easy as reading its instruction manual and taking it apart and reassembling it for an hour. Availability of ammunition is also a factor to think about, look up how much a single case of .44 mag or .45 ACP costs. If the zombie attack happened, it is already to late to go to the gun store, because no less than 10000 people are heading to the gun store you wanted to loot.
    Practice with you weapon at your convenience so you know how it fires. Also remember: Steady position, proper sight picture, proper breathing, and proper trigger squeeze (if you want me to explain those details email me at [email protected] or see if it is on the internet). Those fundamental will improve your accuracy, but I am not saying to sit close to the zombies and slowly shoot them, common sense is required.
    Trust no one outside your group at first. When you meet new survivors be cautious, they could have what ever caused the zombie plague or they could be looters. "Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet". Remember zombies will not be your only enemy, sooner or later you will run into people who want what you have.
    In conclusion, if you believe this will ever happen have a plan with Abc alternates. Use common sense like: weight of equipment, noise factor, and everything else. Know your needs and wants; such as, survival needs and wanting a new T.V. Understand sooner or later common services will go down, these are: Electricity, Water, and Fuel. Out smart the common survivor by using your common sense and knowledge. Good luck on surviving everyone, thats if something like this even happens.

  • Teri

    Number 7 is an extremely bad idea. If you really want to survive, it's important that you abandon your family, it'll be hard, but they simply can't work in a group with you. Make up a group of close friends and make sure to figure out who's capable of what and who's got which skills. Letting a stranger into your group will end up with conflict and you'll all end up dead.

  • Gage Lamar

    thanx for the tips. but another thing u might want to add is to make sure u boobytrap ur area and make sure u have some underground tunnels if u get overrun.

  • Xeph

    As said in Zombieland; doubletap, check back seat and search for the last Twinkie on earth.

  • Vic

    Rule number 1: Cardio

  • ritche

    Does zombies really existed?

    urban survival

  • Chloe

    I hope the gas filled bottles are used for car fuel or lighting the undead on fire, not trying to kill them with intoxication. But otherwise great list!

  • Urban Survival Guide

    Watta! This post is so cool. If that would really happen I think I’m in a blockbuster movie. But then, great tips! I do like it!
    Get an access with this also, it will help you for more survival tips urban survival guide

  • Bobo

    Question on #6: Are you freaking insane? Barricading yourself in should be an action you take if there is not any other option available. Barricading yourself sounds good in theory, yes, but lets look at the facts: Fact 1) By the time you get to a place where you can lock yourself in, there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of zombies. Fact 2) fortification was a wonderful plan in olden days when you were facing a human army that would soon run low on supplies and/or give up the attack. Fact 3) zombies do not need supplies. Nor do they need sleep. They most definitely never give up an attack. Fact 4) after a while of barricading yourself in, you will start to run low on food, water and more importantly, bullets. When your supplies run low, where will you run to? Into the never ending crowd of flesh-eaters that has surrounded your fortress? I doubt it, so you would either have to commit suicide or try to fight your way through the crowd and then you would be back to point one on your survival trip. I say never settle anywhere for too long. Keep moving and you can keep alive for certain.

  • Name

    what you REALLY need is a blowtorch BIG one it will turn them to ash

  • Taymon

    The country is just as dangerous as the city, as many will attempt to flee to the country as well, I say get into a 2 story house (or higher) barricade the doors, and knock out the stairs. It would be preferable to be near a home depot, as i do not think it will be the place that gets raided by survivors right away, won’t be first on your mind. Get a few rolls of chain link fence, and wrap AROUND the first story of your hous a few times, and secure it with a chain. Try and make the roof flat, and a ladder from your chimney to the roof, and a rope ladder to let other survivors up. Th rest, guns and supplies, same. Though use 2×4’s to make a couple small gardens on your roof.

  • BreK


  • joe28simpson

    You need to check out the LARPneck Zombie Survival Guide. It’s funny as hell! –

  • Brianna

    Well actually Zombies in some cases are very very Sneaky! Dont trust a dog. Zombies cant feel pain any way so whats the ooint of a dog? Its one more thing to have to carry and Drag around when you need to be quick on your own, Buddy.

  • Sami

    this is a nice and intresting list, but however zomibies are not real and they are all movie fantasy, and sec how can you kill an already dead person “which if they were reall”? lol shooting the head? oh come on he is already F dead :D. i believe there is Satan and devils. but Zombie Zombie my Ass lol, with all do respect to everyone,

    i loved the article it’s very nice, just showing the veiw point of my self

    and thanks again for the great job

  • Noneya Business

    Well this list is good however you should have a pre plan get your friends together maybe when you board or something you can make a few survival plans for zombie infection first things first get a location together figure out what is your closest barren area rathe rnot a desert but a green field organise each person to brign the following 1 brings weapons 1 brings food 1 brings fuel ext.

    Then at the location 4 towers should be constructed first about 10 ft tall with a crude wall connecting each then get a couple of you to take turns digging and having an architect in the group will be a bonus then when you get that single room that you have dug underground expand the fence and towers then set up above ground defence as well as your below ground coverage, all this should take about 2-3 weeks as everyone will be working probably 18 hrs a day for survival then once your crude wall has been built upon for example it nbow has a walkway to walk across then go ahead and head out for survivors.

    Not the above ground should be Your farmland area when your below ground will be your living quarters and HQ.

    Of coarse if one doesnt survive before reaching the location and he/she might have food then it is best so best to have multiple people in charge of each thing if your group is large enough if not each person in charge of 2 things so another person is in charge of 1 of those things ext.

    Also building material is a must so get a few people for that

    Also if you live in an urban area have an escape plan

    Also if you have a farm not gonna hurt you to pre build a crude wall and towers just in case :p

    PS: Im not some crazy fanatic preparing but there should always be a game plan for every type of encounter and as studies show it may occur a game plan must be created

    PPS: Highly unlikely it may occur before you get old so when your kids hit a certain age just have a reasonable conversation with them about it not a hey look im a crazy guy convo but yeah you know the deal

    • Noneya Business

      Also the survivors that are still alive after 2-3 weeks should also have a bti of survival experience now

      Also all DONT FORGET ABOUT A GOVERNMENT host elections every motnh starting off then expand the time but be careful what type of governemnt as people may end up becoming mroe concerned about who is next elected than the task at hand so to start off maybe some form of a republic where everyone meets up at the end of teh day discusses what to do the next day then vote on the decisions

      1 final thign have a policer so someone probably the largest bulkiest guy in the group just to police the happenings so no fights take place ext. Temporary holding cells may need to be set up depending on teh typ eof people are in group

  • I don’t know if these will work against zombies, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment:

    Fireworks: If the zombies aren’t blind, they would just stand there, hypnotized, and suddenly it’s time for target practice. You can even fire it directly at them!

    Meat: Rotten or not, a zombie’s sense of smell(if they have one) would mistake it as human flesh, giving you ample time to shoot its brains(again, if the have one) out while it’s having its mid-day snack.

    Pitfalls: Cover it with big leaves, lure a zombie to it, then it becomes your zombie trash can! The deeper, the better, as the zombies starve to death while trying to climb or dig out of there.

    Gasoline: Turns the act of rubbing two sticks into the act of incinerating a town’s worth of zombies. Any other flammable chemicals work too.

    So many ways to kill a zombie, too bad there’s only 6.5 billion of them.

  • ashle

    those are awesome

  • gabe

    what is happening in that final picture!!!! Number 7 “search for survivors” Is that someone actually getting shot…west bank style

  • gabe

    what is happening in that final picture!!!! Number 7 “search for survivors” Is that someone actually getting shot…west bank style

  • but…safety in numbers is gaaaaaaaaaay.

  • 504KO

    i would also add raiding a hospital for first aid and medicine. i would also raid a library for medical books, maps of the sewer, Farming, hunting/cooking books, and any other useful intruction guides. also getting a hold of a ham and cb radio could prove very usuful. oh and lots and lots hand saniter lol!

  • 504KO

    i would also add raiding a hospital for first aid and medicine. i would also raid a library for medical books, maps of the sewer, Farming, hunting/cooking books, and any other useful intruction guides. also getting a hold of a ham and cb radio could prove very usuful. oh and lots and lots hand sanitizer lol!

  • Roberto

    Here’s a little advice on weapons: for starters; guns are noisy, heavy, and require great care you don’t have time for. Swords? Ok, Kill bill, put down that katana first of all. That is as stupid and asanine a choice as a bat’leth straight from the Klingon Empire. Great weapon, but you need years of training and again, upkeep. Other swords are for the same. You are not Conan. You might be in the SCA, but you have not been in that rodeo from childhood. Axes, ok. They are heavy, though. Clubs? Well, Oongala Boongala, that’s fine, but ditto. Baseball bats are par excellance. Metal bats are a fine choice for the discerning zombie hunter. Knives are good for the purpose of hunting and construction, but not killing except normal people. A duffel bag with a few spare articles of clothing, some food, and hunting materials as well as fire starters will do. Your bat,

  • rjaywooder8


  • Adam

    This is the first thing I have seen online that actually has been correct all the way through. Thank God someone knows what they’re doing.

  • JPotter

    This amuses me. They are undead not dead. Their brain still partially functions giving different zombies different attributes like running or climbing maybe even tactical thinking and communication if one is lucky. They are like cannibalistic handicaps. One could be smart but immobile. Besides, what is the point of even trying to survive. You are just delaying the inevitable. I would only help people survive because I know they are to stupid to realize they are going to die anyway and I would be to lazy to argue.

  • Dom
  • SmilingLisa

    Wait… That photo for #7 looks real!! Please tell me you didn’t use a real person being killed for this list!!

    Looks Middle Eastern, bullet dust is coming off at angle equal to the shooter, body position is called the agony position (arms to side, head back, legs in running position) and the shooter appears to be grinding jaw (typical face of someone firing a high powered rifle)… After years of being a photo examiner with the military, I’d say this photo is 90% – 95% real.

    If so, showing this without a “Warning – Graphic images” is not cool.

  • dude

    dude the picture under no.7 is actually an execution of an unarmed prisoner by hisbolla …. not cool

  • Katie

    People have always thought I was so weird when I ask, “What would you do in a zombie invasion?”. I think I am trying to be prepared, even though I don’t in a million years really see it happening! : ) But if it did happen, I would be alive and who would be laughing now??? Hahahaha

  • lived

    turn in to werewolf and asking help dracula or alien

  • Zara

    ahahahahaha those r so lame every one knows it if they they have shit for brains im a 13 year old girl whos wrting a zombie book and i was looking for help well guess what thats shit advise y dont u pull ur shit togather

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  • Cassidy

    – A ZOMBIE jus ate somebodys face off in Florida WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE if zombies take over !

  • crtynmkpgk

    The sanctioning of brain and crazy massage beijing phenomenon

  • Sparklz

    Okay, seriously, number four, leave town. That’s what the ENTIRE CITY is going to do. Think of the rush hour traffic in the middle of winter. Multiply that by mass panic and the population of your whole city. I hate to tell you, but going anywhere like stores and crap to stock up, or trying to leave is going to add one more body to the chaos. Let the chaos die down a bit before you try. Unless you’re on the edge of the city and can be one of the first 100 out, you’re screwed.

  • ZombieTipProvider

    When there is a zombie attack, all you need to do is get small crew together(4 or 5 people, and i would suggest a dog if you want) dogs can sence danger and zombies have no interest in animals. and you shouldnt carrie big suitcases of food and supplies. if your using a car you can carrie alot if you need but at some time your gonna need to abandon it. and learn how to use a weapon, train with it and work out alot. also it WWZ youll only need to survive for about 5 years because all a zombie is, is rotting flesh so there going to decompose. A safe place to be is on a lake, on a boat but not a island because zombies dont have to breath and can walk under water to the island, also if your on a boat dont use a anchor. I hope this helps you when the time comes

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  • adamblood

    has noone thought that the rabies virus could mutate into THE zombie virus?
    In its current form:
    1) make animal highly aggressive
    2) makes them want to bite another potential host
    3) foaming at mouth
    4) widespread infection (humans AND animals)
    5) source of infection=brain
    6) infected becomes unresponsive to familiar things, hence, killing things nearby to spread infection

    We already have the tools to MAKE the zombie virus! we only need a mad scientist bent on killing Americans- wait that sounds like something terrorist would do! We’re lucky Bin Ladin didn’t think of it. although I really want to prove that zombie quiz wrong that said I would only survive a month in a ZA.

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