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Top 10 Tips for Beating a Lie Detector

There are a variety of instances in which you may be subjected to a polygraph, or lie detector examination. These tests can be a source of tremendous anxiety, especially since it is all too common for innocent people to fail them for no reason, resulting in the denial of employment or false criminal accusations. Why? Because polygraphs are far from perfect. In fact, many experts consider them a farce, and almost all scientists who have studied them (and even some polygraph administrators) understand that polygraphs are seriously limited. Fortunately, for this very reason they are easy to trick. So, here are the top 10 tips for beating the lie detector test.

10. Refuse


Refuse a polygraph test if you can. For pre-employment screenings this will almost certainly ensure that you don’t get hired, but it probably will not get you fired in most circumstances. In the U.S., private sector employers may not terminate employment or take other such adverse actions based solely on a polygraph refusal (this protection usually does not cover government employees). If your polygraph is part of a criminal investigation, you have a right to refuse (in the U.S., at least), and you should refuse, even if you are innocent, because of the possibilities of a “false positive.” Refusal to submit to a polygraph is generally not admissible in court, and polygraphs themselves are always inadmissible.

9. Study!

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Learn about polygraphs. Since you’re reading this article, you’re on the right track, but if your career or court case depends on it, wouldn’t you do as much research as you can? Answer truthfully, now. The most important thing to know is that polygraphy is not an exact science. In fact, to the extent that it is a science at all, it is one in its infancy and one which frequently produces incorrect results.

8. Think Ahead


Find out what the tester is looking for. A polygraph examination is administered to help find out specific information, such as whether you’re a spy or whether you’ve used drugs. Prepare yourself in advance by thinking about what confessions they are looking for, what things you cannot admit. The polygrapher will ask you many uncomfortable questions, but only certain ones are important. If your test is prompted by a specific incident, you probably know what the examiner is looking for, but for pre-employment screening tests and the like, research the company or agency’s policies to determine what you can and cannot admit.

7. Think of it as a job interview


Approach your whole “polygraph day” as a test. Treat the polygraph examination as an extreme job interview. Dress conservatively and appropriately, and try to make a good impression before the test, and be sure to arrive on time—and, except in the direst of circumstances, do not reschedule or attempt to postpone the exam. You wouldn’t fidget, do anything suspicious, or pick your nose during a job interview, would you? Well, the polygraph is an extreme interview because your every move is very likely being observed the moment you arrive at the testing location. There may be hidden cameras in the waiting room and the restrooms, and there is almost certainly a camera or two-way mirror in the polygraph room. Your polygraph examination begins long before you are hooked up to the machine, and ends only when you’ve left the testing location.

6. Identify the Questions


Identify the types of questions you are being asked. There are three basic types of questions you will be asked: relevant, irrelevant, and control. Irrelevant questions are those that are obvious, such as “What is your name” or “Have you ever eaten pasta?” Relevant questions are the important ones, such as “Did you leak that memo to the media,” “Have you ever stolen money from an employer,” or “Have you ever sold drugs?” Control questions are those against which your reactions to relevant questions will be compared. These are usually questions to which (just about) everybody can answer “yes” but which everybody is uncomfortable honestly answering, such as “Have you ever cheated in a game,” “Have you ever told a lie, even a tiny white lie, to your spouse,” or “Have you ever stolen anything?” Before the test the polygrapher will typically read you all the questions you are going to be asked. This is a good time to mentally sort out the types of questions.

5. Stick to the Topic


Don’t admit anything relevant. The job of polygraphers is to extract confessions, and in one way, the whole examination is a complex ruse to trick you into confessing something. Never confess relevant information. No matter what the lines on the chart look like, nothing is more certain or damaging than your confession. The polygrapher will most likely try to convince you that he or she can “see” a lie in your polygraph, even if there’s nothing abnormal there. Don’t fall for it. Obviously, however, you want to appear to be an honest person in general, so don’t be afraid to make minor admissions to control questions (see below)—just make sure you don’t admit anything in these that can invite further questioning or that may be construed as relevant.

4. Essential information only

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Say only what you need to. “Yes” or “No” answers should be all you need for most of the test. Resist the temptation to explain your answers or to go into details, although the polygrapher may try to get you to do so. Be courteous and cooperative, but do not offer any more information than is absolutely necessary. Answer questions firmly, seriously, and without hesitation. This is no time to joke around or try to be crafty. You want to appear earnest, cooperative, and resolute.


Podcast Image 110

Conceal your knowledge of polygraphy. The polygrapher may ask you, often before or after the test, if you’ve done any research on polygraph tests or what you know about them. Do not disclose that you’ve done extensive research, and act as though you don’t know much about polygraph examinations but that you do believe polygraphy to be a science and polygraphs to be reliable (or at least do not exhibit any doubt as to their reliability). The polygrapher may try to trick you by mentioning certain technical terms and acronyms, such as, “Your test came back NDI.” While you know (or will now know) that “NDI” means “no deception indicated,” you need to act as though you have no idea what it means. Too much knowledge of the process may make the polygrapher think you’ve got something to hide, even if you don’t.

2. Manage your blood pressure


Throw off the machine’s reading of the control questions by changing your blood pressure and heart rate. It’s difficult to do, but with practice, the next few methods and countermeasures will prompt your body to do so. Do some of the following when replying to control questions:

Develop a breathing strategy. Throughout the test (except during control questions) maintain a normal breathing rate of 15-30 breaths per minute. Do not breathe too deeply. Then alter breathing rate with control questions. You can make it faster or slower, you can hold your breath for a couple of seconds after an exhalation, or you can breathe more shallowly, for example. Do this for 5-15 seconds, and return to your normal breathing pattern before the next question. As explained above, the polygrapher will compare your physiological responses to control questions to your responses to relevant questions. If the deviation from normal during control questions exceeds the deviation from normal during relevant questions, you will pass. If, however, you react more to a relevant question than to control questions, the polygrapher will perceive (rightly or wrongly) that you are lying in response to something relevant—you will fail the polygraph.

Do math in your head. During control questions do something mentally complex. For example, count backwards in your head as quickly as possible or do some quick long division, as you are answering the question.

Think about something exciting or frightening; think of things that make you ecstatic, fearful, or frustrated.

Bite your tongue. Bite the side of your tongue hard enough to cause pain, but not so hard as to draw blood. Practice this in a mirror to be sure the polygrapher cannot detect it. This is highly effective, but may be detectable if you have to speak for an extended period, because you can’t bite while you’re speaking. Only use this method if you can give a quick “yes” or “no” response, which, luckily, will be most of the time.

Insert a small nail or tack in the toe area of your shoe and press down on this during the control questions to elicit a pain response. This is a sound method, but it is easily defeated if the polygrapher asks you to remove your shoes.

Contract your anal sphincter muscle when a control question is asked. While also highly effective, this method may (or may not) be discovered with the use of pressure-sensitive seat pads that are now commonly used.

1. Handle the after-event


Handle the post-test interview. After you’re disconnected from the machine, the polygrapher may leave you in the room for a while and come back. The polygrapher may then claim to “know” that you are lying about something. This is a trick. Remain calm, firmly, but politely repeat your denial, and don’t change or argue your answers, even in the slightest way. Decline extended post-test interviewing if possible.

This article is licensed under the GFDL. It uses material from the WikiHow articles: How to cheat a lie detector

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  • Brian Moo

    You’ve prepared us to get away with many crimes. Much appreciated.

  • Brian Moo – you’re welcome – make me proud! :)

  • petey mcgee

    the BEST way is the George Costanza way…..

    it’s not a lie if you believe it to be true.

    warp your reality so that the lie becomes your truth.

    works for me!!!

  • George

    This kind of situation would only tempt me to screw around as much as possible. I don’t want to do this with my life.
    A polygraph test? Bleh! When did it ever come to the point where a polygraph test was going to determine the rest of my life?

    “Do you know anything about polygraph tests?” “Yes, I have studied them extensively and I’ve gathered a few ideas that I’ll now be more than happy to test out. Fire away, sparky!”, and say that with a big smile. Why should it be only your day that’s ruined?

    Here’s a golden one, it takes some discipline but it will annoy the hell out of everyone whose interviewing you if you do it right: answer every question with a question. Corollary: before you answer -any- question, slowly count to 15, to relax and calm down. “The interviewer won’t like that”. Screw the interviewer. Additionally: you can count to 15 in a loud voice, so that the interviewer is aware that you’re screwing with him :).

    You can be late at the interview, and run the last 100 meters to the place where you need to be interviewed. You know, just to get your heart rate going.

    Act afraid [by the process]. Don’t relax, drink 5 canteens of extra special strong joe, as black as the night. Go in with an edge :). Ask: why do they want to know this, and variations on the theme throughout the interview.

    More: misunderstand the question, by repeating it wrong. And then give the answer :).

    Why am I saying all this: because these people want to control you. I have an almost pathological aversion towards people who want to control me. I don’t want to control anybody. Nobody has to answer to me. I do not want power, I do not need to dominate my fellow human. I do not need the fear, pain or misery of anybody. And I certainly don’t need anybody to do any of these things to me. I -will- defend myself against it [this is not self-contradictory. I would not seek out a situation where it had to be done to me. -They- came to me. I don’t go to them].

    Be good at using language. Spar with the interviewer. If you can’t be bothered with the higher intricacies of trying to turn your interviewer’s brain into mental pulp, there is a very useful, unbeatable way to deal with this situation: be angry, be very -very- angry. The angry mind exists for itself and needs nothing and nobody else. That should screw around with your bio-signs plenty :).

    Technology doesn’t stand still of course. Research is underway to develop new techniques that scan the brain directly for neurological responses to stimuli. Unless you’re a zen bouddhist monk in a state of enlightenment, you -cannot- act against it. Your brain responds before you are aware it has responded. This is on the neuro transmitter level. If the technique can be made to work reliably, you can do nothing against it [except be a buddhist monk in a state of enlightenment, or smoke something illegal… [this is not a recommendation to use narcotics!]].

    Polygraph me? Bah, leave me alone.

    Great article, thanks!

  • my favorite is just refuse to take it, obviously the tests are not fool proof but neither are the ways at beating it. There not admissable in court as you stated the entire process is just a scare tactic to get you to confess to something.

  • wear mittens

  • conni

    So these freaks can tell if you’re clenching your buttocks?? Pressure sensitive seat pads? I’m madder than I was before about these tests! I also have great disdain for controlling people. If the flippin’ test is inadmissable, it should be banned. No? Besides, the psycho serial killer types that this might be advisable for, can probably beat them 9 out of 10 times. The poor innocent person who is scared out of thier skull by these gestapo tactics will probably fail. Grr. Oh, and have a nice day!

  • “Contract your anal sphincter muscle” then
    “Insert a small nail or tack in the toe area of your shoe and press down” then
    “Bite the side of your tongue hard enough to cause pain, but not so hard as to draw blood” then Jab a pen into your chest but try not to pierce the aorta then take a needle and stick it in your eyeball about a quarter of an inch but try to avoid the pupil.

    I made up that last two but good grief I think I would rather just go to jail and get it over with.

  • Ah, in Massachuetts (my state of residence) it is illegal for an employer to administer a lie detector test to an employee, so I’m all set.

    However, I agree with petey mcgee: the best way to get away with lying is to convince yourself that it really IS the truth. This takes extraordinary mental dicipline and some playing with reality though. (Drugs, anyone?)

  • Hee hee. I should drink slug down cans of Red Bull. Just to screw with them.
    But I’d be so paranoid about getting a flase positive that I’d seem like I waas lying about all of them.

    @ Kelsi- this was always how I thought criminals beat polygraph tests.

    I had no idea anyone would use a polygraph test before employment.

  • 20Fan20

    My wife took a poly test during a background investigation for a job with the state police. (she passed)


    A few things to try and clear up. The dective does a long prescreen interview that can be more important than the test itself. So running to raising heart rate won’t work on this part. The goal they have is to help you pass, ie tell the truth. An extensive prescreen interview prevents things like “have you ever broke the law?” Answer: no. The poly says yes becuase you just thought about the underage drinking you did.

    An inconclusive result because you stepped on a tack will register different than your lie but still be viewed as something to hide hence a lie. Inconclusive is not a good thing.

    Oh yeah, they don’t really try to trick you into a confession. That gets the whole test tossed right away. Don’t forget if you are taking a poly you have your lawyer there (criminal).

    And of course you could avoid this by just reading the list on how not to get caught!

  • Ben

    George Costanza was right. it’s not a lie if you believe it. Works every time.

  • 20Fan20: you are right about the not getting caught list – an essential item for all wannabe criminals :)

  • Shabab

    the squirrel picture made me laugh out loud :)

  • Shabab: me too when I stumbled on it :)

  • rp

    A buddy of mine beat one on a job interview using a variation of the Costanza method.

    Question: Have you taken illegal drugs?
    *In his head he changed the question to, “have you taken illegal drugs today?”*
    Answer: No.

    He got the job. Maybe the guy giving the test wasn’t a pro, or maybe my friend was a good liar. I don’t know.

  • Mean

    well i have to admit im a pretty good liar myself… the thing is i can make people believe the opposite of what really happened; making the truth sound like a lie by acting nervous when asked and making a lie sound like its the truth by putting my serious face on and staying calm. and i agree with mcgee, one of the best ways to do it is to make not only other people but also yourself believe what you are saying.

    for now no one’s figured me out yet, all i need is a lie detector test to see how well or how bad im doing… lol but great list jamie, nice tips…

  • YLie?

    OK why do you have to go through all this if you haven’t done anything wrong? Your all idiots to be coming up with ways to beat it or your all criminals. No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket. With liars like everyone here no wonder it hard to get good help. Here is how to beat it, DON’T BE A FUCKING THIEF, LIAR, OR CHEAT. Fuck how hard is it to just be honest?

  • evan

    Ylie? do you actually read the list or just look at the pictures? i believe it spells it out pretty damn clearly in the intro…

    “Why? Because polygraphs are far from perfect. In fact, many experts consider them a farce, and almost all scientists who have studied them (and even some polygraph administrators) understand that polygraphs are seriously limited.”

    so before you go calling everyone here an idiot take a look in the mirror.

    besides this list is just for fun and reference, man too much coffee this morning or something???

  • George

    rp’s method is very laudable: change the question in your head and answer it truthfully out loud. You never lie because you answer your own question.

    Trick is: you’re going to be responding to some stimuli and you have to be able to think -very- quickly.

    A George Constanza type would not have a problem with that of course.

    I’ve known a guy who had an answer to everything :). It was pertinently impossible to phase him with any question. It was a joy to see a real master at work. Ah, good times, good times.

    I still don’t want people to control me. I still don’t need/want to control anybody. Power is for scared people. And it’s totally useless: -everybody- dies.

  • dvhann

    first the tips to commit the perfect crime, and now tips in defeating a lie detector.. jfrater, you are like the crazy uncle i never had.

  • The Dum Guy

    What about taking a bunch of muscle relaxers or drinking a little? Wouldn’t that affect your heart rate.

  • number three photo reminded me of benny hill. wish it was him.
    great post.

  • Joe Blackk

    I guess I don’t have to worry if my girlfriend decides to take me on Maury to take a lie detector test to find out if i’m cheating..LOL..good looking out Jfrater

  • enxchanted

    my mother has been giving polygraphs for the government for almost thirty years and i would like to clarify a few things:

    your response to pain will be physiologically different than your response to a question that makes you nervous and the examiner will be trained to catch this…

    control questions ARE NOT questions you should be uncomfortable answering. control questions will be questions like: “Is your name…” “Is today’s date…” you answer yes to these questions so the examiner knows what an unpurturbed answer should look like. thats why its CONTROLLED

    if you try to control your breathing, the machine will show it… the evenness of it is not normal and will alert the polygrapher

    andy: you can’t wear mittens because the perspiration detectors go on your fingers and they would never allow you to skew their data that way

    if you refuse a polygraph because you are being investigated for whatever reason, they(whether or not they should) will think that you are guilty of something. if you truly have nothing to hide, take it.

    polygraphers should always go through the list of questions before administering the test to give you the opportunity to explain something that might give a strange notation on the test. for example, if the question asks you if you’ve ever sexually assaulted a child and you are bothered by the question because you know your sibling was sexually assaulted when they were little, this would be your opportunity to explain a weird reaction

    george: polygraphs can impact the rest of your life, if you apply for the fbi and you fail or get an inconclusive on any of the polygraphs, you will automatically be eliminated as a candidate and that elimination plus its reason will show up every time you apply. also, you CANNOT talk during a polygraph because it will mess with your heart rate and breathing and automatically make your test inconclusive.

    you CAN beat a polygraph by either truly believing your lie or by not caring if you get caught. it measures your body’s nervous responses but if you aren’t nervous about getting caught, it wont catch you.

    also, please keep in mind that a lot of polygraphy has to do with the examiner who will evaluate your responses and make a judgment based on what he sees.

    finally, if you apply for the cia, a failed polygraph test will not hinder your admittance. the test results are mostly for study.

  • enxchanted: great comment – thanks for sharing that expert information with us – it is good to have all of the facts!

  • Jacob

    There’s a short video titled “What’s the secret to telling a lie” at:

  • John

    I’m a lying cheat and tried these tricks (plus others), still failed and lost my wife, home & family. Still I’ve always got the mistress ;-)

  • Gigi

    What about taking some drugs that can relax you?
    This is I believe one of the biggest tips! If you take some valium you will be very relaxed and you simply won’t care if you tell the truth or not….

  • thuss

    like this list

  • criss

    I seen where people made comments on using alcohol and drugs before atest. If a person was to use marijuana or a type of over the counter speed would that affect the test? And if so how long should you wait after using drugs or alcohol before you take a test?

  • Baracko

    This is a great list, the write truly captured some of the more important areas of the polygraph. I’m surprised however that he did not include “putting anti-perspirant on the tips of your finger” this method is used to greatly decrease the amount of sweat measured by the Galvanic skin response. Also role playing any question you suspect will be asked, with a friend or trusted love one. The more you rehearse the lie to yourself, the more your body will “believe” the lie is true.

  • Dong

    polygraphs are worthless… all it measures is heart-beat, persperation, etc… it has no capability of proving if someone is lying or not… think about it… if polygraphs were accurate wouldn’t every case use it?

  • enxchanted

    dong: not necessarily. not everyone is willing to take a polygraph and the results are not admissable in court. polygraph machines do not detect lies themselves. the machine simply records the changes and it’s up to the polygrapher to determine whether those changes indicate lie induced stress. a polygraph test is only as good as the examiner giving it.

  • timmy the dying boy

    They should just ban the damn things, but then what would Maury do?

  • enxchanted

    pias: basically, polygraphs measure your body’s pysical response to being nervous. even if you say in your mind “yes” while verbally saying “no”, if you’re nervous about being caught in the lie, it will show on the polygraph. when you get nervous, your breathing will increase, your heart rate will go up, and your body will start to sweat because of the exertion and that’s what the polygraph measures.

  • Fibber

    Polygraphs are just so easy to beat, when i was in the military we were trained how to beat them, basically it’s just about being calm and one of the good ways is like the earlier suggestion, switch the question in your own mind, i.e. Have you ever taken illegal drugs?………….change to….have you taken illegal drugs today?…………….if your a sociopath you’d pass one everytime, although you’d probably be a serial killer too………………..but hey, everything has a down side!

  • Icalasari

    I suck at lying, but I have my own way around it

    Half truths! :D (thoughts in brackets for this theoretical interview):

    “Did you kill Mr. Wilson?”
    “No, I did not kill Mr. Wilson” (of maple street)
    “Were you near Oak Street on June 22nd, 2010?”
    “No, I was not near Oak Street (of [insert town here]) on June 22nd, 2010”
    “Are you screwing with me?”
    “No, I am not screwing with you (accidentally :D)”

  • C.Jin

    Number two is the most important one. When they ask you really simple things like your birthday, raise your heart rate by thinking of complicated things. Itll throw them off and they wont be able to tell what a lie is anymore

  • nuala jennings

    ive heard that if you have a thumbtack in your shoe and press on it it will be\t the lie detector i do not verify if that is fact or fiction

  • LJ

    As my very good friend and top attorney has always told me:
    “Admit to nothing!”
    This includes when you are being or have been arrested.

    • vid

      which would include telling them where they can stick their polygraph since its not usable in court

  • Sam

    I don’t know about these things cause i haven’t done any research yet, but if they compare your control questions to the relevant questions to see if your lying and you have to lie on the relevant ones, would it be a good method to lie on the control ones as well so that when they compare them the control ones match the relevant ones for response? And if they keep trying to get you to answer the control questions the way the want you to, like the one ‘have you ever lied?’ couldn’t you just keep insisting that you hve never lied, even if you have?

  • rick

    All of the things you have suggested are easily detected or observed by most of today's polygraph examiners. Unfortunately for those trying these techniques, your own physiological data streams make it quite obvious whenever there is a deviation from natural physiological features. Drugs, meds- they act as a filter, or some distort the data streams in a way examiners easily recognize. Examiners attend advanced training seminars regularly and countermeasures is covered thoroughly at every seminar. In addition to this, examiner's have their own association journals, publications, blog wherein these issues, and chart excerpts are published regarding countermeasures.

    Polygraph is admissible in most courts throughout the country. It is, however, rarely needed in court. Think about it. Whether it be a law enforcement exam, or a private defense exam. If the subject fails, they usually always plead guilty and there is no trial. If they are cleared of the allegations, the prosecutor usually dismisses, so no trial. There are always exceptions that arise, and examiners wind up testifying about polygraph. I have testified numerous times as a polygraph expert. Yes, examiners read all of these blogs too, and we discuss them at seminars. I even have the Al Qaeda handbook for defeating polygraph in both english and arabic.

    Our purpose is to work with truthful subjects to verify their truthfulness so they may have resolution to something important. Deceptive subjects shouldn't be taking a polygraph, especially today. Countermeasures are obvious, and in my exams, I let them go ahead and do their "thing" and provide me with a permanent record of their deceptive and uncooperative behavior. Any countermeasure activity is an automatic failed exam and a finding of deception. When countermeasures are in evidence, there is no inconclusive result.

    The description given for control questions is in serious error. Unfortunately, there is so much bad information on the web, it is no surprise. It doesn't matter as question techniques have been changing and evolving and will continue to do so.

    Most people who admitted to countermeasures told me that they thought they could make themselves believe their lie is true. This is physiologically impossible and unfortunately, once you embed memory about any meaningful experience, there is an immediate evolution of neurons provides for neural conductance to that memory- you're stuck with it. Ever flash back to childhood when you smell food or hear a song? Trust me, Costanza's remarks are comedy, and not scientific or practical. Unless you have a head injury, you're stuck with what you know. And you know what you're stuck with.

    Nobody understands forensic psycho-physiology, and that includes most law enforcement. If you understood pre-med physiology and polygraph as a whole, you would never ever entertain the notion of taking one with the knowledge you are going to be deceptive. I hope this info helps.

    • Cuervo Jones

      try again officer. tests are not allowed in court. more of that lying cop deception? hook yourself up

  • rick

    I meant to say “immediate evolution of nerve cells”

  • rick

    If you exhibit strong responses to irrelevant questions about simple things, isn’t that just a tad obvious? It is to examiners.

    Blood is returned to the heart by muscle movement, to facilitate circulation and preclude pooling of blood in any tissue. Any movement, no matter where it is generated, upsets the smooth symmetrical cardio data stream on on a polygraph chart. It also creates spikes in that cardio data stream. Your circulatory system is extremely sensitive to the most minute movement. This is why these tricks are obvious.

    Motion sensor pads that examinees sit on provide a separate data stream to document movement only and provides outstanding evidence of whether or not it is systematic. Even speaking the answer “yes” or “no” causes a nice spike on the motion sensor data stream. It is amazing, but as much as motion sensors cost, it better be.

    It isn’t natural for someone to not perspire and provide electrodermal skin conductance, so when there isn’t any, again it is obvious that something is amiss. Examiners now use gel pads that stick on the skin any place, just like that used with medical testing equipment. So the finger plates are not the only tool in the examiners tool bag for EDA.

    I always clean the finger pad of examinees after I inspect them. I make them walk around. If I suspect pharmaceuticals or drug use, I note it in the file and report and also that I recommended blood testing right after polygraph testing. If they don’t get a blood test, it’s not my problem. Meds, drugs, are going to provide obvious changes to certain data streams, and in many cases, just makes it easier to see responses associated with deception. Some effect the data in a manner that we know what’s at play and we reschedule testing, and collect further fees for additional appointments set.

    I do not want to see anyone place themselves in jeopardy because they tried something foolish during an exam. If you know you’re not going to be honest, do not take the exam. If you’re a defendant, tell your attorney the truth. They’ll actually be better able to help you.

    • haha

      what does the blod test look for? Can’t herbs control vital signs?

  • seolace

    Nice post, thanks for writing!

  • I watch the show First 48 and the other day a fellow insisted on taking a polygraph, which of course he failed. I always wonder why people do this, and then I remember that many criminals think they are smarter than the police. Polygraph tests are bunk in my opinion and should be outlawed because of their lack of accuracy. But they would just be replaced by voice stress analysis or some other form of technology.

  • vid

    polygraphs are never required by the police. you just say no, simple as that. you beat it every time that way. with no admitting of guilt they are then forced to prove your guilt
    if you are looking @ working for the fbi (who won't hire you if you say no) they can find out the truth anyhow, so you might as well be honest & pay the price for your dumb stuff you did.

    I met an FBI agent in highschool for career day, he failed half his test, reason -he's a runner, thus trained to take deep breathes. everything he said was a lie according to the test.

  • megan

    my bf wants to take me for a lie detector test and i did cheat on him how can i pass it wit lying?

    • clit commander

      suck on his balls

      • seimin

        I see what you did there.

  • worthy

    Well I’m taking 1 on weds I’m gonna take 2 valium a shot of zambuca put a pin in my shoe bite my tongue and hold my breathe and believe I’m tellin the truth I’ll let yas know how I get on!! Cos I’m lying my arse off!!

    • mae

      how did it go???

    • purple monkey

      just following up with you…did the lie detector prove that you were lying? Did taking the vallum work?

  • shnana

    well that was eazy but i failed

  • Bud

    Your advice is idiotic.

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  • Randy

    Some of your tips are spot on like #10. However, these days it seems that most of the lie detector tests you would be subjected to fall into 2 categories – getting a government job or being accused of a sex crime. The job one has been covered everywhere, but there’s really nothing on the sex crime one. Polygrapher’s have found this to be a ludacris market, as they can literally force polygraph’s on their subjects. Imagine your life depending on you passing a polygraph!
    My best friend got accused of a sex crime and had to take a polygraph to pass. Even though he was innocent he was super scared cause he knew how polygraphs can ring positive even if you’re not lying. Luckily he found a site that had a straight up how to guide!

  • Trololololo

    Couldn’t one just lie for every answer, including the control?

  • dond

    We are a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site provided us with helpful info to work on. You’ve done a formidable job and our entire neighborhood might be grateful to you.

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  • Depressionen

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  • Mike

    Tell the truth your self lol. You say “beat the polygraph gaurunteed if you follow these steps exactly!” Then at the end you warn you still may not be able to beat it using these methods??????? You lie to get people here.

    Number 2# Versions of the test like Many state POlice use such as: MD State Police are VERY acurate. You act like they are not.

    This is turly nothing but information to get people in trouble. It is fraudulent at best to make money from advertisers at the cost of the one using it loosing a job over it! I think it’s about time for such sites to get the buts sued off for false information!