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Top 15 Led Zeppelin Songs

Led Zeppelin is the most mystifying band in all of rock and roll. Unlike the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, Dylan, U2, or any of the other great mega acts, they kept mostly to themselves and away from the media. They usually did not release singles, and they only really spoke out about themselves during performances. Despite this, they are also the most popular hard rock band ever. Like any other great artist, they have more than 15 great songs. Many hard cuts had to be made (I still don’t know how I was able to cut “Going To California,” “Immigrant Song,” “Heartbreaker” and several others). However, here are my top 15.

15. No Quarter

15. No Quarter

“No Quarter” is a gloomy foray into prog rock. The vocals are very low for Plant, possibly due to slowing down the tape. The lyrics tend to lean slightly towards the strange, referring to the god Thor and, by the title, to pirates. Live, this song was a spotlight for the keyboard playing of John Paul Jones.

14. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

14. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

The earliest example of the famed Zeppelin “light and shade” dynamic, this song is actually a cover. “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” was originally written by Anne Bredon, although the band initially thought they were covering a Joan Baez song. A great performance of this song can be seen on the 2003 self-titled DVD in the extra features.

13. Dazed And Confused

13. Dazed And Confused

“Dazed And Confused” is the famed centerpiece of Led Zeppelin’s debut album. The bass line is one of the most recognizable in all of rock. The original is by a songwriter named Jake Holmes, who upon hearing Zeppelin’s version is said to have declared, “let them have it.” The song was a guitar workout live, stretching the song to near 30 minutes.

12. Communication Breakdown

12. Communication Breakdown

One of the only Zeppelin songs that could ever be deemed punk, the song is structured to go from riff to blues progression back to riff and repeat, thus creating the formula for the riff rock of the seventies. The song is one of the first that the band made a video for, and also one of the last.

11. Over The Hills And Far Away

11. Over The Hills And Far Away

After the success of their first four albums, Zeppelin was trying to experiment with their sound so that it wouldn’t become a routine. No where is that more evident than on “Over The Hills And Far Away,” which is one of the songs on Houses Of The Holy that is intended as a “riff” song, but is different than any of their previous riffs. The riff is more elaborate and is changed slightly from time to time during the song to keep it fresh.

10. How Many More Times

10. How Many More Times

One of the best jam songs ever recorded. “How Many More Times” has another great bass line from John Paul Jones and goes places most bands would not have dared to go on record in 1969. The song is actually a combination of several blues bits, including Albert King’s “The Hunter” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “How Many More Years.”

9. Achilles Last Stand

9. Achilles Last Stand

One of the most metal moments the band ever committed to tape (although the band would never admit to being a part of metal), the song is a great showcase for all members of the band. The machine gun drums, the driving bass, the sharp guitar and the powerful vocals all come together to create one of the last truly great songs of Zeppelin’s career. This is rumored to be Jimmy Page’s favorite Zeppelin song.

8. Whole Lotta Love

8. Whole Lotta Love

Technically, “Whole Lotta Love” is the biggest hit of Zeppelin’s career (although now that the band has gone digital it could be overtaken by downloads, but this has yet to happen). The song is certainly one of the band’s best songs, and is arguably the greatest/most memorable riffs of all time.

7. Since I’ve Been Loving You

7. Since I've Been Loving You

Probably the best showcase of Robert Plant’s early vocals, “Since I’ve Been Loving You” is the epic composition the band recorded for its third album. The guitar solo is the real gem here, which according to rock lore was improvised in the studio. The song is even better live, and I would recommend those interested have a listen to the version on “How The West Was Won.”

6. That’s The Way

6. That's The Way

The song sticks out in the Zeppelin catalog despite the fact John Bonham doesn’t play on it. The lyrics are some of Plant’s best, and they delve into such issues as racism and childhood friendship. This was one of the most beautiful acoustic pieces the band ever recorded, and was always great live.

5. Black Dog

5. Black Dog

This is the riff that was once called “the dirtiest, sexiest riff around.” Who was this commentator? None other than Slash of Guns N’ Roses fame, who might just know a thing or two about great riffs. The song is one of the more complicated riffs in the band’s catalog, and surprisingly is not written by Jimmy Page (although he still had a hand in writing the song as a whole). The riffs author was actually John Paul Jones, who wrote the riff after listening to Muddy Waters’ Electric Mud LP.

4. Kashmir

4. Kashmir

Often championed as the band’s greatest epic song by both fans and Robert Plant himself, “Kashmir” is truly, literally epic. The riff is carried not only by guitar, but by an orchestra and the song feels both like an eastern piece and something a super villain would have as his theme. The lyrics are great and refer to a trip Robert and Jimmy made to Kashmir (a trip that ended before they reached their destination).

3. Stairway To Heaven

3. Stairway To Heaven

The most lauded piece in all of rock music. “Stairway To Heaven” is both the most beloved and hated song ever written. For some the song is the most beautiful and moving piece of music they’ve ever heard, while others cringe at the thought of hearing it. The fact is, while it is not necessarily the best song ever written, it’s up there. The lyrics are brilliant, referring both to the greed of people while taking an optimistic perspective. Oh, and that guitar solo is pretty good too.

2. Ten Years Gone

2. Ten Years Gone

A song about a love gone bad which seemingly has no business being on a Zeppelin record, as it’s so melodic and mellow that it contrasts with what most people associate with the band. The fact is that Zeppelin always had many great melodic pieces, and none are more moving than this one. Another case of great guitar, great rhythm section, and great lyrics and vocals.

1. When The Levee Breaks

1. When The Levee Breaks

“When The Levee Breaks” is a big slice of apocalyptic blues. The song is often mis-credited as a cover of a song by Memphis Minnie. While the song does borrow some lines from that song, those lines are rearranged and combined with new lyrical verses and the music is entirely different. The song contains the definitive drum sample of John Bonham, a sample that was used throughout the following decades, most notably by the Beastie Boys.

Contributor: Jason Hirschhorn

  • Jefferson

    D'yer maker should be on that list.

    • James

      Totally Agree!

  • Samsung

    It must have been so hard to limit this to only 15 but you did a good job.
    I wonder if its going to have the same comment drawing ability as beatles songs.

    • guitareeper

      Am I the only person who doesn’t like Led Zeppelin?

      • Djman


      • JamesD


      • peter

        yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what u like justin bieber? lol

      • Spartan094


      • cristian

        too much beiber my friend

      • penny

        go suck on an infected toe!

  • Butterfish

    Thanks for not putting ‘Stairway’ at No 1. I’d leave it out altogether, making room for ‘Immigrant Song’, but it’s not my website.

  • Dawn Bearer

    WHAT ! Stairway to Heaven not at no. 1 !!

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  • Joe

    Custard Pie!

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  • Where is “Thank You”? Where is “Going to California”?

    • guysmileyy

      My thoughts exactly!

  • scott

    great list but it should have been a top 50 or something.

  • smac

    You put all my favorites on there – “When the Levee Breaks,” “Over the Hills and Far Away,” “Kashmir,” “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” “Black Dog.” Well done.

  • JT

    Good list. But you could have made it top 16 Led Zeppelin songs and had Rock and Roll as no 1, then it would be perfect…

  • Dave

    Good songs, but wheres Gallows Pole?

  • Why in the world would anyone try to pick the to 15? It’s like pick the best 15 red m&ms or the best fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie! Don’t torture yourself! :)

  • JMurf

    I know you had to leave out a few, but for me, their best song is Bron Yyr Stomp [not sure on spelling] its a foot stomper

  • WearShades

    I do love “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” JMurf. There are many songs on Led Zeppelin III that are vastly underrated.

  • I will just sit back and enjoy this list. Led Zepplin RAWX. (sorry)

    Not going to go and listen to my albums now… I have the XM playing christmas music throughout the entire house (for the kids, they love it) and at night I will switch it to the adult xmas station (some of those song are really not for little ears)

  • Awesome list!! I love Zep! Eee! Although honestly, I don’t really like No Quarter all that much compared to their other songs. =/ I would have included Misty Mountain Hop instead! I love that one. =) Anyway, any Led Zeppelin > most other music.

  • Arkz_Archduke_of_Geeks

    leave out stairway and put in immigrant, or as kelsi said misty mountain hop, or or ramble on… my personal zep favorite , i personally place stairway into a category of music that also includes queen’s bohemian rhapsody, rob zombie’s dragula, metallica’s enter sandman, and you know more like it, that one song from them almost everybody knows and immediately say hey i like this band but don’t listen to anything more then that one

  • james

    immigrant song?

  • EJF

    The Lemon Song

  • LordCalvert

    Good list, but I sure missed Tangerine.

  • Mary

    It is interesting you say Kashmir would be a super villain’s theme song; Kevin Nash used it as his theme song when he was a villain in TNA wrestling.

  • The KinkMistress

    I agree with the top 50 idea… I think I’m one of the few of my generation to appreciate Zeppelin, most others are infatuated with a stupid white-boy rapper who shall remain nameless. I have my dad to thank for introducing me to Zeppelin through the Houses of the Holy, and I thank him every time I hear a Led Zeppelin song! Over the hills and far away is my personal fav.

  • Kashmir would have been number one for me. I also liked Boogie with Stu.

  • 20Fan20

    Wheres Hats off to Roy Harper!!!!!

    hehehe I could not resit.
    Stairway has to be in. I agree Gallows Pole should be in. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp from How the West Was Won should also make it.

    Oh heck just list them all, it is Zepplin after all.

  • Gr8flDdFn

    i however, do not agree with this list lol.

  • Gigaknight

    This list is good, but where is the rain song??? even Plant considers it his best vocal performance. Vastly underrated i think.

  • Dave

    I know one thing, this led zep list had made me dive into my old vinal collection, methinks I need to rebuy these on cd, and, howabout… a Pink Floyd list ;)

  • Teresa

    Three words: Traveling Riverside Blues
    other then that (and leaving out going to california…) awesome list. very hard to narrow down, im sure…

  • jbjr

    Fool in the Rain and Rock and Roll should be in too.

  • Punjar

    I definately agree with Levee at #1, but D’yer Mak’er and What Is And What Should Never Be should be on here.

  • Bobby

    Led Zeppelin, the single greatest rock band in history, has produced so many masterpieces that it's silly (yet still fun) to narrow down to just 15. It's an interesting list. A very persuasive case can be made for Zeppelin being the most popular rock band of all time (not just hard rock). The most recent compelling evidence would be the more than one BILLION hits that the website for reunion tickets received in less than one week, with 80,000 inquiries per minute coming in for 9 straight days. Also considering the fact that Zeppelin have outsold every band in history worldwide, including The Beatles. To give perspective to Zep's impact relative to other major artists: They have outsold The Who 6 to 1, The Stones 2 to 1, U2 2 to 1, Hendrix 6 to 1, Sabbath 6 to 1, Springstien 2 to 1, Madonna 2 to 1, Metallica 2 to 1, Van Halen 2 to 1, Micheal Jackson 2 to 1, Queen 3 to 1, and the list goes on. The only band in the U.S. to outsell Zeppelin are The Beatles, but remember that their total includes dozens of multi-million selling singles. As most people know, Zeppelin was not a singles band, all their astonishing numbers were generated soley on the strength of their monumental landmark albums, with virtuall no help from the mainstream music press. The people knew. They still do.

    • Frank

      Your exactly right. Led Zeppelin’s music sold itself. Led Zeppelin never hired “PR” personnel like The Beatles did (always looking to be on television and being interviewed.) There is no doubt that Led Zeppelin (was/is) the best group to ever surface in this universe. Easily, man for man, the greatest musical creation ever formed…

  • jimyan

    I love Page’s work on Presence. What about “For Your Life” and “Tea for One” Top fifteen are fun but too subjective. Hope they tour next year.

  • WearShades

    I like your enthusiasm Bobby, but Zep have not outsold everyone in the world. The Beatles have more sales worldwide, as do Elvis. In the US Garth Brooks has also outsold them.

  • Bobby

    Actually, I stated that the only ‘band’, not artist, to outsell Zep in the U.S., are The Beatles. And that is primarily due to The Beatles singles success. But speaking of Elvis, the same holds true, he had dozens of million selling singles added to his total album sales. Not to take away anything from Elvis or The Beatles, because I happen to be a major fan of both. As for Garth, his album sales have been phenomenal, but remember that roughly the last 40 million albums he has sold, have been moved at Wal-Mart for $4.99 each. In worldwide sales, I have several sources that claim Led Zep album sales are unsurpassed. I have read others that state The Beatles have sold more ‘records’ than anyone worldwide, but they are including many millions of singles. Worldwide sales have always been somewhat of a grey area because of the antiquated accounting practices of many countries, primarily in the past, around the world. I guess we are splitting hairs here, but my primary point is that Led Zeppelin’s accomplishments are really unique, when you consider the fact that their rise was fueled almost exclusively by word of mouth based on the sheer quality of their recorded music and their volcanic live shows, with practically zero coverage or help from the mainstream press, let alone a cheering section ie The Beatles and Stones. In this regard, there is a carry over to this day. I mean, what if The Stones, or Bob Dylan, or The Beatles, or The Who, or several other more media friendly bands, had received a BILLION hits on a site for reunion tickets, with 80,000 hits a minute for days. I maintain that there would be an orgy of unbridled worship coverage (particularly from RS magazine), but what kind of coverage have we actually seen in the mainstream music media for the unprecedented demonstration of drawing power of Led Zeppelin. Considering the magnitude of the numbers, I maintain, not much.

  • Mark

    Um, where’s Rock and Roll and whether you like it or not, Stairway was their best song so live with it. Also, Whole Lotta Love should definately be higher than No. 8. I think Stairway should be 1, Whole Lotta Love 2 and then Rock and Roll 3, apart from that though it’s a great list.

  • bucslim

    Always liked Over the Hills and Far Away. Trampled Under Foot and the Immigrant Song should be here too. But I can’t really argue with what’s been chosen.

  • Mark

    I just read my last comment, holy crap it was pitiful. Stairway was definitely their best song, Rock and Roll should be on this list and 10 Years Gone, WTF??? Why 10 Years Gone, The Rain Song is much better and Going to California is a better acoustic piece than That’s The Way. And lastly Whole Lotta Love should definitely be at least number 3 if not 2. This is a pretty biased list and I’m sorry if I offend anyone’s views in this comment it’s just that this list is pretty poor.

  • Sherry

    The rain Song is definitely their best song in my opinion and I was surprised it wasn’t even on the list… Gigaknight is right. It is very underrated.
    D’yer Ma’ker and All My Love should also be on there…

  • Gary

    It’s hard for me to sit through “Achilles Last Stand” — yeah, the drumming, bass, guitar is good blah blah blah…. but it’s unmelodic and boring! And too long.
    But I don’t really dig “Presence” that much.
    How about “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do?”
    “Travellin’ Riverside Blues”
    And there’s not a weak song on LZ1, LZ2, LZ4.

  • Arkz_Archduke_of_Geeks

    you know if you think about it the guys from led zeppelin were geeks alot of there songs were about fantasy norse and lord of the rings in particular.. speaking of lord of the rings im listening to misty mountain hop as i type this

  • caboose

    I agree Butterfish.Trampled Underfoot has to be my favorite.

  • Spocker

    Nitpick: You show “Stairway to Heaven” as a single. If memory serves me, it was never released as a single.

    Also, you forgot “Ramble On”, “Houses of the Holy”, and “Your Time is Gonna Come”.

  • muzz

    d’yer make’r should definitely be on there. but fool in the rain should be number 1, and it’s not even on the list. come on!

  • Ty B

    Good list. Stairway to Heaven should be #1 and when the levees brake number 3! FOOLS!

    The Doors Rule!

  • Hercules

    Decent list, but not one of us here could actually ‘rank’ them, as we all tend to our own opinions.

    That being said, there is no doubt in my mind that the number one ever Zeppelin song on technicality, epicness, and artistic presence would be Achilles Last Stand, THE definitive Zeppelin song. The emotion Robert put into this during his struggles at home and with the loss of his son, Bonham and Jimmy with their drug battles, and Jones with his need to continuously delve deeper into his art, truly elevated the band into a host of new genres, and is why they are adored by so many different styles of music fanbois to this day.

    Trampled Underfoot? Baby Come on Home? The Song remains the same, find me a more badass riff than at 1:00 into that song. I dont wanna say it, but you gotta take this list offa here man.

  • Arubaboy

    As far as I am concerned, you can take any 15 Led Zep songs at random and you will have a good list.

    As to how many albums they sold compared to other acts, I care not. They are the best ever.

    People listen to such crap these days.

  • Fred

    Although almost impossible to create a list with only 15, good job. I would, however, take Achilles Last Stand and That’s The Way out and put in Trampled Under Foot along with Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp. Fav song though is definately No Quater.

  • chris

    good list, glad to see stairway not at the top. Where’s tangerine, gallows pole, or thank you. Get the led out!

  • kfinn

    I thought for sure stairway would be number 1…

  • gcta3

    where is the rain song??

  • codman

    no quarter definitely shouldnt be on this list. It is the only led zeppelin song that i dont like. stairway to heaven should definitely be number 1.

    • xochilt

      its interesting to notice usually the people that dont understand the melodic complexity, thought and emotions put into the music miss the greatest parts or just undermind it… not saying that is the case with your opinion that would be ignorant… but i don't like how people are saying so and so shouldnt be on the list when nothing can be wrong if there is no right.. its just the guys opinion and i think he did a great job of it. I don't think stairway should have been first… even the fucking solo of No Quarter beats stairway! hahah well.. almost. And when you say its the only song you dont like i find that weird.. but thats my opinion bro.

  • Marcy


  • J

    Where the hell is ROCK N ROLL or THE OCEAN or THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME??????????

  • Theodore

    There needs to be a list for the 7 Worst Led Zeppelin songs. Namely, the 7 songs on In Through the Out Door.

  • J

    That dude is right. In through the out Door (along with the original ‘let it be’ album)is the album tht should not have been

  • callan

    What is and what should never be!

  • Lwheeler4

    I am very happy with this list!
    Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands and you defiantly got most of my favorites on this list.
    I would of liked to see Heartbreaker.
    But still, overall, this list is spot-on.

    Random Comment: Does anyone else find a resemblance in the guitar riff at 2:25 on Babe I’m Gonna Leave You and the main guitar riff in 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago?

  • bird

    light light light…”In the Light!”

  • Jono

    Kasmir Stairway Or Levee At The Top!

  • An Old Fart

    I saw them a few times, love them still. A good list, but I am saddened that you left one key one off. In the oild days, it was siad that the liker of Zep liked Stairway the best, but the for the true cognescenti In My Time of Dying has it all ……….. and to prove it find a copy of the O2 gig, and listen .. Cheers all – AOF

  • Bud

    “Black Dog” was the first song that I was exposed to by Led Zep. I was in 5th grade at the time, when I first heard it I thought; “Wow!, this COOL!”. I was never really into rock until my grandmother bought me “KISS-The Originals”, a collective reprint of their first 3 albums. It wasn’t much later after that when I rediscovered Led Zep! For my money, they are GODS! They are second only to the Beatles! LONG LIVE ZEP!!!

  • pageisgod13

    Led Zep is undoubtably the most influential rock band of all time. JIMMY PAGE IS GOD!

  • [BB]B10S

    Relationships and Sex is what many of the lyrics orbit around but disguised in tasteful and rather unobstructed riffs and soulful synergistic drums.

  • [BB]B10S


  • joel 1962

    this list is shit.Led Zeppelins “Stairway To Heaven” ranked #1 on rolling stones all time greatest songs by any musican or band and you have on this list as number three you do not know the quality of that song.

  • albert0

    WHAT????? Where is “The Ocean!” Although I must agree with the rest. Mabe a top 20 list would have been better, becayse there are simply too many good songs to split down to a top 10.

  • Rob

    great job making it a top 15 list. I think “The Immigrant Song” shouldve been in over “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” though.


    Impossible to have a top 15, btw.. Heartbreaker/Living Lovin’ Maid? ..

  • Mr. Mike

    Thank you Sherry, gcta3, and Mark b/c I was surprised that more people didn’t mention The Rain Song….w/o question my favorite song of all time followed by Ten Years Gone which I was happy to see at Number 2. All and all this is a really good list…happy to see they went out on a limb and didn’t make Stairway number one. It’s not their best song as unbelievably talented as the song is.

  • rushfan

    Going to California

  • shane

    Great list. People need to understand that no m,atter what is on the list, it is still going to be great because it’s Zeppelin!!!!!Enjoy this music while you can people….Not much more of it is coming anytime soon

  • nelson

    stairway to heaven wowowow

  • Jim

    A very good list. Have to agree with others about The Rain Song, The Ocean – would like to mention Wearing and Tearing as well though. Maybe not Top 15, but worth a shout out.

  • big J

    There are two problems here…. picking number 1 and deciding what to leave out. To solve the first problem I would prefer a constantly rotating 15 favs on any very loud sound system. As far as what to leave out I would say to each his own….for what its worth here are my fav 15: In my time of dyin, Levee, Achilles, In The Evening, Moby Dick into Bonzo’s (can I count that as one, please???), Travelling Riverside, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, Trampled Under Foot, Out On the Tiles, Misty mountain, Bron Yr Aur, Over the Hills, Thats the Way, Hats off to Roy, Poor Tom

  • Royce

    Ten years gone is great however stairway to heaven is still better, oh and where is imigrant song?

  • liveloveandrock

    wow man..
    u r truly amazing
    i am happy with all ur choices, esp. number two and number one.
    where i come from, im a hardcore zep fan and not many people know those songs. You have my utmost respect.

  • Johnny B. Goode

    What about the Song Remains the Same? Great list I love When the Levee Breaks! Led Zeppelin the only band which is better live!

    • Xochilt

      NO WAY! lol not the ONLY band hahaha

  • Higgs

    Immigrant Song????? Houses of the Holy??????

  • DEG

    I can’t believe nobody has mentioned “The Battle of Evermore”, a great song based on parts from the book lord of the rings. Definitely agree with “Ten Years Gone” and “Over the Hills and Far Away”(should be higher though)

  • Higgs

    In the darkest depths of mordor I met a woman so fair. But golum and the Evil One crept up and slipped away with her.

  • thelizardkingcc

    nice list… when the levee breaks is my fav zep song too and the reason why i started playing drums

  • evildoer

    ten years gone, one of my favourite ever songs, nice to see it so high up!

  • Johnny B. Goode

    The Battle of Evermore is great. Heart does a great cover of it.


    You bitch!I dont like your list!Here is mine:
    1.Stairway to heaven(must be number 1 this song is epic)
    3.Whole lotta love
    4.Black dog
    5.Immigrant song
    6.Over the hills and far away
    7.Communication breakdown
    8.Dazed and confused
    9.The ocean
    11.Rambble on the hobbit
    12.Since i`ve been lovin you
    13.Achilles last stand
    14.When the levee breaks
    15.Good times bad times/Thank you
    My list is way better than yours faggot!!!
    Led Zeppelin is the best band in whole universe!!!
    There are probably 15 more great songs from led zepppelin like No quarter,Ten years gone,Travelling riverside blues,I cant quit you baby,The lemon song,Rock n roll,Houses of the holy,In my time of dying,For your life,tea for one,Fool in the rain…Top 3 guitarists:1.Jimi Hendrix 2.Jimmy Page 3.Eric Clapton


    I forgot Battle of Evermore,Going to California,Misty mountain hop,The song remains the same,Hey hey what can i do,The rain song,Tangerine,All my love…i forgot 10 more songs probably.All Led Zeppelin songs are great and some greatest.

  • guy

    PETER_THE_GREAT: you didnt need to call him a bitch. thats not cool. i will agree with you though about zeppelin being the best in the universe.

  • Msa India

    My N0.1 pick is ??????????????……comfortablynumb!!!…

  • Msa Ixol India

    can any1 plezz tel me wat ‘stairway to heaven’ song exactly mean????????…………….

  • Kashmirian

    My Fav Zep Song hav to be Kashmir ……im from Kashmir…..

  • PennyLane

    india – he was high.

  • Ding Dong Mizo


  • Ding Dong Mizo

    Best Top 5 Led Zep Songs to listen to “If Ur High on PoT”……..
    1.No Quater
    2.In the light
    3.Battle of evermore
    4.Stairway to heaven
    4.Dazed and Confused
    5.Whole lotta love……………

  • Msa India Mizo

    Dat 8mins long so called greatest zep song was just based on getting High…..

  • jimmy page

    i love your song stairway o heaven

  • Stedzo

    Going to Cali???? I also am a big fan of Babe, Im gonna leave you, ten years gone and thats the way, but you gotta acknowledge Going to Cali and also Ramble On. Either way good list.

  • hope

    ouch….yeah….I kept waiting for d,yer maker as I scrolled down but nope…it didn’t even get honorable mention in the prologue…

  • joe

    led zeppelin are better then the beatles.

  • matt

    Nice list. Love to see When The Levee Breaks at no. 1, i love the southern blusey tone mixed in with plants awesome vocals and page’s god like guitar.

  • Millini

    My personal top five (in no order):
    – Over The Hills And Far Away
    – The Rain Song
    – Ten Years Gone
    – Achilles Last Stand
    – When The Levee Breaks

  • ozzy

    Great List! I became aware of some great songs such as ‘When the levee breaks’ and ‘over the hills and far away’ thanks to this list. Thank you after months most of which I spent listening these great songs:)

  • paul

    Good job for an impossible list. Stairway was the most popular but certainly not the best. Would have liked to the The Ocean. But can’t complain. good job

  • Darren

    i only have 1 favorite led zepplin song and its whatever one i have playing at the time…lol

  • Mark

    Zeppelin didn’t even write When The Levee Breaks, great cover though, great blues. But I think this list should be taken off because you really can’t pick the 15 “best” Zep songs. You know why? Because they don’t exist. Even if you try and be impartial – which is hard enough in itself – what’s more important, popularity or impact and influence? Maybe make a “Top 10 Most Important Led Zeppelin Songs” in place of this, just an idea.

    I read one of the comments up a lot more (posted in 2007 I think) that said something about Stairway never being a single. It was actually released on an EP here in Australia with The Battle of Evermore and maybe something else off IV. Just a bit of trivia.

  • Bob

    The Lemon Song should make the list…great attempt at a very difficult task!

  • boohowdoi

    I don’t know why no one adds “all of my love” by them, it’s a damn good song and I’ve been looking through these top 10 stuff by Zeppelin and I’ve never even seen it.

  • boohowdoi

    and “hey hey what can i do”.

  • Musicman

    I have a hard time believing any “Hardcore” Zeppelin fan would be whining about Stairway not being #1. It’s an alright song, but there are so many better ones. They are obviously Zeppelin “radio” fans. Also for those who said all seven songs on “In Through The Out Door” should be put on a “worst Zeppelin song” list, I disagree. In The Evening is very tolerable, but “I’m Gonna Crawl” is a classic.

  • Musicman

    My top 10 Favorite Zeppelin Tunes (Kind of in Order but not really)

    10: The Rover
    9: In My Time of Dying
    8: No Quarter
    7: In the Light
    6: Four Sticks
    5: Houses of the Holy
    4: Ten Years Gone (Chills everytime…When Plants vocals come in after solo..Do You ever really need somebody?)
    3: The Rain Song
    2: Ramble On
    1: Going To California (simply beautiful song)

    honorable mention: every other zeppelin song

  • the sea captain

    Heartbreaker should’ve been number 1, by far Jimmy Page’s best solo

  • namba

    Am I one of the only people that remembers the greatness of Four Sticks?? dear lord!

  • Mark

    109. namba : Yes, and for good reason. Just look at what it was surrounded by, Stairway, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Misty Mountain Hop etc. It’s no wonder that it’s been lost deep in the annals of Zeppelin history.

  • DGAT

    This = Joke
    Achilles Last Stand 9th, Stairway to Heaven 3rd, almost embarrassing to have this list up.

  • Mark

    111. DGAT : You = Tool!

    What’s so embarrassing about this list hey? I don’t mind it. And that’s me, I’ve managed to find something to pick at in almost all of the music lists on this site. For such a subjective topic I congratulate the author for writing a relatively unbiased and accurate list.

  • Bert

    Impossible to narrow down to 15. Though I LOVE When the Levee Breaks at Number 1, the drum intro and Plant’s harmonica are simply incredible. I did note though that no one has mentioned Bring it on Home. Sure, they didn’t write it, but it kicks major ass.

    As for Stairway – not even Plant knows what the hell it’s supposed to mean. I guess it’s just a spring clean for the May queen.

  • Mark

    113. Bert : Hey, if they put When the Levee Breaks at No.1, I think they could’ve put Bring It On Home there – being one of my personal faves as well. I just wish that my all time favourite could’ve been a bit higher than 15… :(

  • arw33zy

    you should have put lemon song on this list also my favorite (beacause im an immigrant) the immigrant song

  • Jtothamafkinroc

    cameltoe at no.12

  • Damon

    Dazed and Confused should be in like top 5 (at least the 1973 MSG performance anyways). Kashmir #1 always. I cannot believe it is not #1 on this or any other list for that matter. The Ocean should also be on here… my opinion.

  • afnyoaqis

    Carouselambra needs to be on that list

  • Em

    I do not think I could list my favorites, cause I like all the led zeplin songs. My favorite is constantly changing, but I do agree that dyer maker should have made the list.

  • Damon

    Yeah, Immigrant Song should also be on here too.

  • Lucas

    Lemon Song should be here

  • Cracker

    Agreed. The Lemon Song, Heartbreaker, Bring It On Home… Hell, just throw Led Zeppelin II in its entirety on the list.

  • sonybby.

    I CAN’T QUIT YOU BABE < that's my SONG hardly anyone listens to it though ]:

  • Mark

    @sonybby. (123): I finished learning it last week, Jimmy was amazing.

  • Damon

    Kashmir still needs to be Number 1. No song on ANY list is better than that.

    • corin

      the song is 8 mins of total repetition and no development
      not why zeppelin were great

  • a guy

    butterfish your dumb. really dumb. i’m so sick of it, every band always has “fans” and “FANS!!!!!” who pretend to love the “real” band so much they can’t admit they love their greatest hits cause everyone knows their greatest hits, and they wanna believe only they understand the band

  • kashmirj

    FANTASTIC list! I just love Zeppelin, and I was happy to see most of my faves up there. I have a few additions myself: Going to California, Living Loving Maid, The Song Remains the Same, Rain Song, oh hell I could go on forever.

    Great list anyway!!

  • jrod

    “kashmir” is about drivng through the sahara desert near morroco not the country kashmir.

    • Justin McAleece

      this is true. Robert just said he liked the word "Kashmir" not the actual place.

  • natapillar

    kashmir and stairway to heaven are bloody brilliant tunes!! my dad got me into Zep when i was younger :)

  • Tyrranny

    Wow, “ok” list because you only put around half of my fav’s on their, but hey, you did a good job subjectively.

    One song that NONE has mentioned, and I feel needs a little love has to be Dancing Days!

    True, almost every single last Zep song could be counted as one of their greatest, but as far as lyrics go you also have to mention Friends awesome, awesome lyrics.

  • johnnycu

    Lets face it!! The list should be the top 50! That would cover how great Led Zep is!!!

  • Damon


  • Alex

    immigrant song should’ve been in the top 5

  • brayden

    Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, should have been put as No. 1 it is defiantly my favorite Zep song of all time!

    • corin

      my number 2 after rain song

  • JKroeg

    MOBY DICK! MOBY DICK! Where is it?!?!

  • Abe

    Nobody every mentions The Gallows Pole. What a wicked story, with a wicked Crunch told by one of Greatest Rock bands every.

  • majid

    My favorite top10 songs of Led Zeppelin:
    1-stairway to heaven
    2-Achilles last stand
    3-Wholle lotta love
    4-Black dog
    5-Imigrant song
    6-Since I’ve been lovin you
    8-Rock and Roll
    9-Dazed and confused
    10-When the levee breaks

  • Jonathan

    So little love here for “The Battle of Evermore”.

  • 23trainwrecks

    Great list. I’m a huge Zeppelin. Props to the author for narrowing the list down to 15. I would never have been able to do that.

  • amt824

    Your top 15 is almost the same as mine. I think Stairway to Heaven should be number 1, but thats not my choise, just an opinion. :)

  • Will Trame

    Perhaps this list should have been the Top 50 Led Zeppelin Songs. They were such a phenomenal band, being adept at not only heavy metal, but blues, acoustic folk, reggae, funk, hell, the list of genres could go on. “Achilles Last Stand” should have come in higher as it is one motherf***** of an epic track with enough strength to keep it going for 20 minutes, let alone 10:26. “No Quarter” should have been higher as well, the vocal and music accurately capturing the despair of a Viking death squad as it continues on its grueling odyssey (fine keyboard work, as well). I have no problem with “Stairway To Heaven” being at #3 as its impact has been overblown, although I think it is a great song. As a matter of fact, it comes in at that same number on my “Top 1000 Songs Of All Time” list. Notable omissions include my personal favorites “Nobody’s Fault but Mine”..Zep’s “Hellhound on my Trail” featuring a mercurial harmonica break…, “The Rain Song”, “Ramble On”, “Good Times Bad Times”, “Houses Of the Holy” and “Gallows Pole”. Needless to say, Zep is one of this music aficionado’s favorite bands.

  • 23trainwrecks

    @Will Trame (141)

    I was not aware that Zep covered “Hellhound on my Trail.” Is only available as a Bootleg?

  • Woo Stairway to Heaven :)

  • no ramble on?

  • chasen

    he isnt talking about the god thor in no quarter hes talking about the mountain named ofter the god located in nunavute, cananda. goodjob

  • steve

    thank you great post. zeppelin rocks!

  • Zep are one of those bands I find much easier to find a least favourite – which is Trampled Underfoot, but even that still rocks the house.

    Since I've Been Lovin' You is way up there on my favourites, but you can find something truly awesome in every Zep song.

  • pat madden

    havent checked the list yet– love "the rover"–ultimate song of adventure–lyrically one of their top songs in my opinion–also like "sick again"–"hots on for nowhere"–"tangerine"–"thank you"–give me time i'll think of more–incidentally who do you all think of "them crooked vultures"??? kinda different i suppose!!!!!

  • Sam

    Led Zeppelin is incredibly overrated

  • Zeno

    Ha ha. For once, Stairway to Heaven's opposite number is on top. Both Stairway and When the Levee Breaks are perfect foils for each other.

    Stairway's melody is like a gradual progression to heavenly bliss whereas Levee puts you right smack in the middle of a tumultuous storm of nightmarish quality.

    Stairway drove people to play guitar. Levee drove people to play drums.

  • francisco

    Ten years gone is unbelievable, their best to me

  • Siddharth

    Not a good list. Any Top LZ list with STH not no 1 is not genuine. Here’s mine.

    1. Stairway to heaven
    2. No Quarter
    3. The song remains the same
    4. Since ive been loving you
    5. Achilles last stand
    6. Ten years gone
    7. The Ocean
    8. Over the hills & far away
    9. kashmir
    10. Houses of the holy
    11. D’yer Ma’ker
    12. The Rain song
    13. Dazed & confused
    14. Whole lotta love
    15. Ramble on

    • corin

      first vaguely respectable reply
      but you totally underestimate rain song

  • S>S

    in my time of daying!!!!!!!

  • sligunner

    What an entirely routine and predictable list (apart from That's The Way). Can't believe you've ignored Tangerine (III), Nobody's Fault But Mine (Presence) and What Is And What Should Never Be (II).

  • What!? No Dy’er Maker? That’s my favorite Led Zeppelin song ever!

    • corin


  • Mike

    Top 5 Zeppelin Songs

    5. Four Sticks
    4. Stairway to Heaven
    3. Going to California
    2. The Ocean
    1. Tangerine

    • corin

      your an idiot

  • corin

    this is the worst fucking list ive ever seen

    you have no idea why led zeppelin were great

    where is rain song for starters, my favourite song of all time

    Stairway to heaven, babe im gonna leave you , dazed and confused, since ive been loving you, no quarter should be higher too

    WTF when the levvee breaks at no 1. the song is over after 20 seconds

    every single posistion is wrong and led zeppelin themselves would despise this list

  • jamarr

    best band evr nuff said.. but the best song is the Ocean

  • Amore94

    Personally the ocean is my favorite song however that’s only because my dad use to sing it to me when I was young:)

  • cheesit

    no quarter needs to be at number 1.

  • Love every song on this list with one exception: That’s the way should be replaced with immigrant song.



  • Firelog

    Top Song. “In My Time of Dying”. It’s their musical talent on full display. It’s all there.

  • Zimm

    Hard to have a list of top 15 Zeppelin songs without “Rock and Roll” on it, but I guess everyone has different tastes. Love Zeppelin.

  • R.O.B

    This all wrong theres no room for all of zepplins songs

  • peter

    actually they dont have a top 15 if u are a led zepp fan u have like all of them for me any song is at No. 1

  • I am really glad that “Achilles Last Stand” made it to this list as that is to me the quintessential Zeppelin song. Its lengthy but as a very true heavy metal song in the sense of its musical structure. Its been rumored that the rock song “Barracuda” by the rock band Heart “lifted” this song musically at the beginning. If you listen to “Barracuda” and then the part of “Achilles Last Stand” when drummer John Bonham breaks into the song with slap of his drums, it does have an incredibly uncanny likeness. But then again Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart worshipped the ground that Zeppelin walked on. So who knows for sure…….

    • Agrippa

      Don’t see it, and have never heard that “rumor.” But there’s no doubt both songs have great cutthroat baselines. I agree with other posters who’ve said that “Achilles” is in some ways the song that best represents Zep’s power.

  • Lindsay

    Battle of Evermore!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! Best song in my opinion, amazing lyrics and intro

  • shane

    Im so glad stairway is not number 1…DONT GET ME WRONG. i love the song, i just think its there best in my opinion

  • Led Zeppelin as the most mystifying Rock And Roll Bands of all time ? You just ain’t kidding on that way of describing them. Read up on what started happening to the band after lead guitarist Jimmy Page bought the mansion that was once owned by the historically famed occultist Aleister Crowley. Its darn right creepy.

  • Thee Mormegil

    I was 16 in’76 when I finally got to go to a public high school. I had been subjected to catholic schools before that and private school for grades 9 and 10. I had strict parents and no stereo; we listened to adult am radio. I met a friend named Mike Wilhelm and the past was swept away like a tsunami. He exposed me to Zep, Allmans,Zappa, etc. I owe him my life really, because it had been so mundane and insulated previously; I had no idea how cool music could really be. Anyway, the ‘list’ will always be subjective and dependant on one’s mood at the time. here’s my top 15 (I should really consider the matter for a few days, but…) 1.Stairway; still inconcievable that I hadn’t heard it until ’76; when the movie came out I was stunned.2. Achillies; that longing for lasting adventure, and great fade out.3. That’s the way;a seriously beautiful tune with a steel solo that just seems to cry out. 4. Tangerine; the girlfriend that was lost such a long time ago. 5. Tea for One; The last girlfriend lost. 6. No Quarter (live) fantastic organ and guitar solos that leave the last stanza almost isolated and alone.7.Nobody’s Fault; screaming harmonica and searing guitar.8. Ramble On; when I read Tolkien, I understood why Zep haunts me (in a nice way) to this day. 9. Whole lotta love; great to listen to high, and so completely unique. 10. Dazed and Confused(studio or live) frenetic energy that nearly never stops.11.In the light; a true song of hope that utilizes Page’s genius for sound,jones’ breaks sound similar to those in Carousalambra.12.Thank You; was going to be my wedding song, but never got there, yet.13. When the levee breaks; great slide that understates the drums perfectly.14. Over the hills; the sense of naivity and yearning for open vistas still calls out even as one has gotten much older.15. In the Evening; a song for those who’s lives are immeshed with a soul/life partner, maybe some day for me as well. Thank’s Mike, without your influence, I’d probably be dead by now, or wishing I was.

  • David

    Going to California?

  • Jayadev

    werz heartbreaker????

  • Agrippa

    Great list, but “Bring It On Home” should be on here. Granted, it’s a cover, but Zep totally rewrote it and made it their own. Good job, though.

  • Stan

    That’s the way and Since I’ve been loving you should not be in the top 50 Immigrant Going to Cal should be top 15

  • peter8172

    How about the Concert Movie “The Song Remains The Same” and Jimmy Page’s Guitar Solo and using a violin bow during the 26 minute version of “Dazed And Confused”. It certainly inspired Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) to do the same thing, in an inordinate way, in the Rockumentary “This Is Spinal Tap”

  • Kev

    The Rain Song would definitely be in my top 10

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  • Null

    Pretty solid list but the glaring absence of the “The Rain Song” is inexcusable.

  • roxy

    “Thank You”??? #1 in my book.

  • Zephead1

    i’m gonna guess you’re in your 20’s, as it seems you know NOTHING of Zep! but think you do. Stairway has to be #1 and it’s about drugs. you would have to have a little insightfulness and not try to take thngs so literal. i’m sure it’s difficultfor most posers to understand as they probably never will, but at least you’re on the RIGHT track. good luck, man. oh yeah, all the other songs just plug in where everas they’re all good.

  • Mountabaton

    Very very good job! And yes thank you for not putting STH at no. 1. Hate the song, but do agree it should be in there.

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  • Anonymous

    D’yer Maker? The Battle of Evermore? Where are they? Black Dog and Kashmir are great. Overall, well done

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  • Faisal

    am i the only 90’s born boy who love led zeppelin?

    • petet2112

      @ Faisal. Well, I wouldn’t go that far with yourself and thumbs up to you for being a Led Zeppelin fan. I’m sure that there are others. But as the old saying goes, “It was Nirvana that killed Heavy Metal” ( and you will not find a Nirvana CD within a 10 mile radius of where I live) along with all of that stinking, rotting Rap and Hip-Hop Shit, that became an obstruction to Heavy Metal of the 70’s and 80’s. I was born at an extremely good time (1962) so when I was in high school, everyone loved Zeppelin, plus the “Hair” bands of the 80’s like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden Def Leppard, etc., when I was in my early to late 20’s. I am just 3 months from my 50th birthday and I still listen to it everyday. The group RUSH are certainly my heroes. I would say, just keep on listening to Zep or Aerosmith or any Heavy Metal Band from that era. You just happen to be younger then us, that’s all. Thumbs-Up to you, my friend.

  • Lists like this should be titled Top 15 ______ Songs by a Drooling Fanboy…

  • Ankit

    I respect your list but

    My top 10 Led Zeps

    Stairway To Heaven
    Since I have been loving you
    When Levee Breaks
    Baby I am gonna leave you
    Ten years gone by
    Rain Song
    Over the Hills and far away/ Going to California
    Achillies Last Stand
    Black Dog

  • The Stairway Angel

    I must say Led Zeppelin just have way too many awesome hits where they cant even have a top 10…they surpassed a level that many bands will never even come close to.these were the rock gods of rock n roll, they need more like a top 50 greatest songs list

  • Jack Mehoffer

    The Immigrant Song is the best by far! How can you not have it in the top 15 is crazy!

  • Phil McCracken

    Let me make more sense of this. This is the top list.

    1. Immigrant Song
    2. Communication Breakdown
    3. Trampled Under Foot
    4. Whole Lotta Love
    5. Black Dog
    6. The Ocean
    7. Stairway To Heavan
    8. Hot Dog
    9. Nobody’s Fault
    10. Ramble On
    11. Dazed and Confused
    12. Heartbreaker / Livin’ Loven’ Maid
    13. Dye’r Mak’er
    14. Over The Hills and Far Away
    15. Gallows Pole

  • LedZeppelin__RAS

    I Think that Since I’ve Been Loving You is the best, but all their songs are good so let’s just ENJOY!

  • LedZeppelin__RAS

    In my opinion:

    1 – Since I’ve Been Loving You
    2 – The Rain Song
    3 – Stairway to Heaven
    4 – All My Love
    5 – Rock and Roll
    6 – Ramble On
    7 – I’m Gonna Crawl
    8 – Dazed and Confused
    9 – Heartbreaker
    10 – Immigrant Song
    11 – Kashmir
    12 – Thank You
    13 – Fool in The Rain
    14 – Black Dog
    15 – The Battle of Evemore

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  • Felatio

    Any Zeppelin list that doesn’t even include D’yer Maker, Over the Hills and Far Away, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp or even Moby Dick (which is the best song for capturing the chemistry between Jimmy Page and John Bonham) isn’t even worth reading. Fail, epic fail..

  • toys

    You recognize thus significantly when it comes to this matter, produced me personally imagine it from numerous various angles. Its like women and men are not involved until it is something to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs nice. Always deal with it up!

  • Beverley Herbst

    I love histerica and when me maked love!

  • Mr. T

    I have a question? What happend to: In the Time of Dying! I mean, am I missing something, because…. this has to be one of the greatest songs ever recorded by Led Zeppelin!….Period!!!!! Ps. Just so you know, I’ve been a Led Zeppelin fan ever since I can remember! AND… I’m 39 NOW!!! Just saying, that’s all! LOL

  • bigsmooth

    so hard to limit the list to 15…everyones gonna have a different opinion, but i wouldve taken out communication breakdown and how many more times, and put in the ocean and goin to california. also its hard to call it a top zeppelin song since its only jimmy page, but bron yr aur is one of the most beautiful solo acoustic pieces ive ever heard

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