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Top 20 Worst Tattoos

by teacherman
fact checked by dickensgirl

[WARNING: This article contains graphic images, some of a sexual nature] To ensure that these adult lists are not accessible on your computer, please follow the instructions found here.

Tattoos (whilst removable with extensive laser surgery) are permanent scars. They can occasionally be tasteful, but for the most part are not. Sometimes they are downright ridiculous. This is a list of the top 20 worst tattoos. (As usual, click each image for the full size view).

1. When getting an “In Memoriam” tattoo, it is best not to completely disrespect that person for the remainder of your life.

Bad Tattoo

2. There has got to be an equally bad inside joke regarding this tattoo.

Img 2845-735519

3. What? No Princess Leia!


4. The scariest sex you’ll ever have.


5. Ok, getting your hands done has pushed the limits of good taste.


6. “Yeah, I Am looking to get a buck-toothed naked Indian straddling a corndog….Yeah, a corndog.”


7. “Hi, I am here for the daycare assistant position.”


8. “My tattoo could beat up your tattoo!”

Hulk Hogan-720868

9. Ladies, see Number 4 above. Now multiply by 10.


10. I will not sleep until I know the story behind this tattoo.


11. “Me a stalker? I am highly offended you make such an accusation. Oh, the tattoo….its uhh my nephew.”


12. The mugshot was funny for 1 day. Now make it two.


13. This guy’s last name better be Maytag.


14. The Japanese symbol stands for “intense therapy needed”.

Us Bad Back Tat-775188

15. I think he wanted Elvis or Celine, not Elvis and Celine.


16. “Your honor, I’d like to admit the following as evidence. We rest our case.”


17. I am speechless.


18. I bet his momma’s proud!

Pic Bellybutton Tattoo

19. Ok, this bellybutton, anus thing is officially out of hand.

Strange Tattoo

20. You didn’t need the tattoo to let us know you were a nerd.


Contributor: teacherman

fact checked by dickensgirl