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Top 20 Worst Tattoos

teacherman . . . Comments

[WARNING: This article contains graphic images, some of a sexual nature] To ensure that these adult lists are not accessible on your computer, please follow the instructions found here.

Tattoos (whilst removable with extensive laser surgery) are permanent scars. They can occasionally be tasteful, but for the most part are not. Sometimes they are downright ridiculous. This is a list of the top 20 worst tattoos. (As usual, click each image for the full size view).

1. When getting an “In Memoriam” tattoo, it is best not to completely disrespect that person for the remainder of your life.

Bad Tattoo

2. There has got to be an equally bad inside joke regarding this tattoo.

Img 2845-735519

3. What? No Princess Leia!


4. The scariest sex you’ll ever have.


5. Ok, getting your hands done has pushed the limits of good taste.


6. “Yeah, I Am looking to get a buck-toothed naked Indian straddling a corndog….Yeah, a corndog.”


7. “Hi, I am here for the daycare assistant position.”


8. “My tattoo could beat up your tattoo!”

Hulk Hogan-720868

9. Ladies, see Number 4 above. Now multiply by 10.


10. I will not sleep until I know the story behind this tattoo.


11. “Me a stalker? I am highly offended you make such an accusation. Oh, the tattoo….its uhh my nephew.”


12. The mugshot was funny for 1 day. Now make it two.


13. This guy’s last name better be Maytag.


14. The Japanese symbol stands for “intense therapy needed”.

Us Bad Back Tat-775188

15. I think he wanted Elvis or Celine, not Elvis and Celine.


16. “Your honor, I’d like to admit the following as evidence. We rest our case.”


17. I am speechless.


18. I bet his momma’s proud!

Pic Bellybutton Tattoo

19. Ok, this bellybutton, anus thing is officially out of hand.

Strange Tattoo

20. You didn’t need the tattoo to let us know you were a nerd.


Contributor: teacherman

  • sdggrant

    Oh god, number 9 made me laugh…There is a picture on the net floating around of a guy who has an elephant tattood down there and his penis is the trunk, that made me laugh

    • The Wu

      OMG!!! I’ve been looking for that elephant trunk penis. I saw it once, but didn’t save it, & now I’ve been trying to find it ever since. I don’t think it is a tatoo, though. I saw it on a nudist site in the context of body painting, which is common in the nudist community. If you know where it is, would you mind posting a link to it, please?

      • Kim

        My tattoo guy has the elephant tattoo on his penis. Yes I actually saw it lol. He was out of NJ but now is in LA… it actually looks pretty awesome. He has done a lot of my tats and one day we were talking about his work cause he had most of his work on the walls in his shop instead of in a book so there were a ton of “strange” tats like one girl had an outlet tatted on her Vag. so then he was like I have an elephant and of course me being the curious person I am I just had to see it. It looked awesome. But one key point is someone with a small penis can not pull off a tat like this and his tat looked amazing hahahahaha

  • Shabab

    #1 the worst tattoo ive ever seen. really.

    #4 OH MY GOD….the only dude who would do this chick is #9. *puke*

    #6 looks nice enough to not be on the list….really…its not as bad the other ones….

    #7 retard

    #9 wouldnt let a needle come anywhere near my privates let alone do THAT !!!!! no seriously, how is it that a man who thinks that is "okay" to do is either not in prison, or in a mental institution.

    #14 HAHAHA only the people who brought us bukkake and hentai are twisted enough to let this be on their skin

    #16 how very very very stupid….these kind of people should be shot so they dont reproduce….

    #17. he looks like he thought for approximately 30 seconds before he decided he wanted this on his face. forever.

    #18 i think this is kind of a good idea…no really…very creative….

    # 19…not the same as above…..just makes u remember how the inside of ur belly button smells….yuck

    #20 loooooooooosseeerrrrrrrr

    • Anthony

      Number 1 and number ten do not belong on this list at all 1 st off how the fuck is a tattoo made to memorialize someone stupid? That tattoo should be under worst tattoo artists not worst tattoos. And number 10 is in no way stupid theyre fucking stupid for putting it on this list, lighthouses can stand for guidance and a sense of direction or it could be a lighthouse that he went to as a child with his family or it could be for someone who helped him through life and pointed him in the right direction like an older brother or a father figure

  • Shabab

    wooooooooohoooooooooo first comment babyyyyyyyy!!!!!!….too excited to say nething else !!!!!

    • bob


      • bob

        Worst Comment Ever!!!

  • Cyn

    #4 and #9 .. make for better abstinence propaganda than anything i’ve ever seen.

  • Cat Skyfire

    Good job on getting real tattoos. I was actually surfing for bad tats last night, and a couple that made the list were clearly paint jobs. (Beautiful, artistic, different, but also washable and not painful.)

    I think the dragon weener would be the most painful…

  • sdggrant: I guess if you can’t afford penile surgery it is the next best thing :)

  • teacherman

    There are literally thousands of bad tattoos floatingaround the net, I could have done a top 100. The corndog one, although not artistically bad, is just so bizarre, I had to include it.

  • conni

    It takes all kinda people! My man and I have matching koi tats on our thighs, but that stuff is too much! Thank you so much for that list! I’ll be laughing for quite some time!

  • Patrask

    Great list!

    I’ve been thinking about making a list like this for some time, but teacherman apparently beat me to it. Damn you! :)

    That said, my friend has a very crappy tribal tattoo on his arm. It’s not crappy in itself, it just doesn’t match his other tattoo (the placement isn’t very good either). I’ll see if I can find a picture of it.

  • Cat Skyfire

    sdggrant: The elephant one is just body paint.

  • angelina

    Those were great! I was thinking about getting another tattoo . . . can’t decide between #4 and the corndog . . . JK! Love the captions also! :)

  • Emily

    wow…. whats with all the nudity lately????

  • Angelina: hahaha! That comment could win best listverse comment!

  • emily: warming up a new category. Regular lists to follow – we must cater to all tastes :)

  • Cat Skyfire

    Do a search for Mr. Cool Ice and you’ll see the hideousness of his tattoos in FULL glory. Front, back, and head…

  • Tlmabp

    whoa the #4 creeped me out, I can only imagine the face of the dude when she take off her pants.

    #9 how can that dude withstand that kind of pain omg.

    #17 ………

    well j good list(as always) keep up the good work.

  • Kati

    video of mr cool ice.

    it’s not in english, but wow.

  • Jevanzz

    What on earth happened to “Zune Guy”? Surely he has to be on this list somewhere.

  • Columbo

    Here are some more you can add to the list…

    There are a surprising amount of belly button vaginas/buttholes. (Or unsurprising, considering…)

  • angelina

    jfrater: I think you just found your next list! :-)

  • Daniel

    jfrater: Definitely do a “Top Ten Best Listverse Comments”


  • angelina

    Columbo: Hilarious! The Homer Simpson is my fave by far! Ouch!

  • You know you have hit it big when people are excited that they get the first comment. And i wouldnt call these the “worst” tattoos, maybe some of the worst places but to be honest some of the tattoos are really well done, no matter then intentions behind them.

    Keep in mind i said SOME, not all!

  • SubliminalDeath666

    Number 1 looks like a zombie…

  • Anna

    maybe i’m just missing something completely,
    but can someone explain to me why #10 is so bad?

  • Good list, thanks. We’ve got a few others you might enjoy:

    There’s one on TV show tattoos:

    One on cinematic tattoos:

    And one on band tattoos:

    They’re not all bad tattoos of course, but then again not everyone is cool enough to rock a Chachi tattoo anyway.

  • torn and frayed

    I believe that the girl on the corndog is from a painting by Robert Williams.
    I am a tattoo artist and even I wonder why the hell people do these kinds of things to themselves.
    Mr. Cool Ice just cracks me up though.

  • Wow, some of those are quite terrible.


  • I have several tattoos on my arms/shoulder areas and I have always been cognizant of exactly what and where they are. How these people, be it drunk or otherwise (and I have NEVER been that drunk) decide that they desperately need asshole bellybuttons and snake dicks is so beyond my comprehension as a human it’s just staggering. Art work as beauty aside, think before you ink, friends!

  • I have one tattoo. It is on my right shoulder blade. It is of a blue fairy. It took me 10 years of debating before I got it. I wanted to make sure I really wanted it, I really wanted it there, if it was the exact picture i wanted. I am now thinking of my second tattoo. I want an armband that is made of my kids names. But it will be a while before I get it because I want to find the exact font type.

  • thaifighter91

    what’s wrong with # 10, it’s just a lighthouse scene. it’s not the best tatto but it’s not the worst, or am I missing something?

  • I would say that many of these people were wayyyy too bored, or had extremely bad taste.

    Are we SURE 17 is a tattoo?

  • Anna

    glad to see i’m not the only one missing something on #10

  • As re #9: Someone took the term “trouser snake” too literally.

    When #4 and #9 are 50+, I don’t envy them the laser tattoo removal, either.

  • 9 is just righteous, Great detail, good colors. 16, is funny but if you hate him so much why tattoo his name on yourself.

    Had a Friend Jim, went out and got his first tattoo, He shows up at the hangout and flashes everyone. He opted for a thought bubble about his junk with an arrow pointing down that said “The Other White Meat”. Most of the time I’ll congratulate youfor getting poked for the first time. I think he hit the “this was a bad idea” stage of life about an hour after he showed up.

  • Dandelion

    What were they thinking? Oh my god…

  • teacherman

    #10 just struck me as so blahand unoriginal. It’s a huge tattoo of a lighthouse, not even a specific lighthouse. It doesn’t seem to be copied from a photograph. The grass is brown and the sky is purple and the shoreline doesn’t match when it goes behind the lighthouse. It’s just a really bad tattoo. I just can’t imagine what was soooo inspiring about thislighthouse to have someone devote an entire leg to it.

    • FYI

      It’s Cape Hatteras lighthouse on North Carolina’s outer banks… Quite famous actually

    • WENDY


  • bootlicker

    #17 — this guy has guaranteed that his entire life will consist of the words – “You want fries with that?”

  • petey mcgee

    check this one out, this HAS to be up there

  • Jorgegrl

    I am thoroughly surprised this one isnt on here AND that no one has mentioned it yet.

    It IS a little graphic though. BUT its not on there and should be. LOL.

    And as for the rest, I do definately agree. WORST TATTOOS EVER

  • rp

    Awesome. Mr Cool Ice still has me laughing.

  • Butterfish

    You missed out spider webs around the elbows.

  • Diogenes

    OK, I’m just going to have to let it be known….I am actually The One that has all of these tats! The fuckers above in the pictures are all posers! Go to any tattoo convention and you’ll see me there. I am Steve-O’s hero. These dudes that try and strut their stuff, knowing that I am “The One” have got another thing comming to them. …ok…I cant keep this up again. I’ll puke, I confess, my flesh is squeaky clean. To the guy with the cow anus: You rule!
    Your my virtual buddy. ahem…dont get the wrong ideas if you happen to read this.

  • sdggrant

    butterfish, I watched a documentary and read a few books on the Aryan brotherhood, and spiderwebs are supposed to represent that that person had committed a murder. Fun stuff, eh?

  • ChuChu353

    Interesting list. Tattoos are fascinating to me, but I am in full agreement with StewWrither “Think Before You Ink.” I have two tats myself and both of them carry significant personal meaning to me. My first is a claddaugh over my heart to always remind me of where my family came from and the second is a labrys on my shoulder marking my coming out.

  • EAL

    #16- I saw Ray Romano at the Knicks game Saturday, so i’m guessing she didn’t get to him yet(I’m also assuming it’s a she)

  • Amazing Pictures. I agree, really some of them are the worst.

  • Butterfish

    sdggrant – that’s not the explanation I got from a former co-worker with that tattoo. His explanation? ‘well, it fills the gap, see.’ A less racist blood-thirsty idiot you couldn’t hope to meet, but he did get drunk and get tattoos.

  • Grumpus

    It’s not a corndog – it’s a waterplant called a cat-tail. I believe it is also called will-o-wisp, marsh mallow, and (perhaps the inside joke of the tat) pussywillow.

  • Wow, these are um, interesting. And I actually sort of like number 9…not that, if I were a man, I would ever do such a thing. =p Definately makes me feel better about my decision to not get any tattoos.

  • jbjr

    A washing machine? What about a fridge, or stove? We have number 8 with a tat of hulkster and number 7 that looks like a pro wrestler.

    17 I too am speechless.

  • Ben Tyrrell

    I’ve seen a goatse tattoo before, I’m suprised it’s not here.

  • Columbo

    Here are a few more ones to check from the same site I posted earlier. Say goodbye to your faith in humanity…and also your lunch.

  • the indian woman riding the corndog needs psychiatric help, it’s wrong of us to laugh. a speech bubble with ‘duhhh’ would have fit nicely. i think it might be margot kidder. great line, i was howling.

  • In one of the many tattoo mags I have collected through the years, there was a guy with a full sleeve of ears of corn. Just ears of corn covering his entire arm, ending in a sort of spiral into an infinite universe of golden corn on his shoulder. The quality of the tattoo was superb, and the colors were incredible … but to this day I still want to know the story behind it. Honestly, a full sleeve? Of corn? Ah, well, I may never know the answer …

    That, and the guy with the new-skool flaming salt shaker. WTF? o_O

  • miss_ali1984

    If you are willing to go through the pain of tattooing your entire penis or vagina, hopefully you’ll be able to endure everyone you ever try to have sex with never wanting to see you again after they see your genitals.

  • CitizenFly

    Yeah, you should try get 9 and 4 together, what a couple they would make. I have 1 tattoo and had no problem with it, didn’t think it was painful at all but I reckon 9 was.


    #1 I would cram the “so called artist”tattoo gun up his ass and a real gun in his mouth and put him on the “ROAD TO GLORY”.Looks like he used an autopsy photo instead of the one he was provided! People like this have ruined the industry. That is why I don’t tattoo for a living anymore!
    #2 NO COMMENT The tattoo speaks for itself
    #3Just another idiot thatshould move out of his mothers basement and GET A FRIGGIN’ LIFE !!!!!
    #4 Talk about BAD BREATH !!!
    #9This guy has got balls,I can see um!
    OUTTA ROOM! E-mail me savagesounds @

  • Chandy16

    #14 is actually fine, at first glance, then u look at it again and see how crazy vagina crazy it is. Then number 18 is just hilarious, I think my fav. one.

  • Slammerworm

    #1 would make sense if the recipient utterly detested the woman in the photo, though he would have to hold the picture up for the (vague) similarities to become obvious. The chap in #5 better hope that a child-raping homicidal cannibal doesn’t decide to name himself ‘Mr Cool Ice’. #12 That IS James Brown (though rendered as James Green) as he was captured in his infamous dust-drivin’ bust back in the ’90s, isn’t it? Jeeze, I hope that’s painted on. #13 is actually kind of cool…

  • opensaysamy

    I LOLed at number 5.

  • Polly Odyssey


  • doz


  • bucslim

    This list is contributing to my losing the will to live. You hear me jfrater – THE WILL TO LIVE!!!

    Good Lord almighty! What kind of inbred, Springer rejected ass clowns are we becoming when we have to tatoo our naughty bits?

    # 9 makes me cry for the downfall of all humanity. On top of the tatoo, he’s got a piece of steel shot through the head?!?!?

    # 4 has completely shattered any hope of ever having sex again.


  • Den

    The lighthouse is Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks, NC…I’ve been to it..
    the rest..are hideous

  • dlyrica

    #10 is Cape Hatteras..I’ve been there..its an actual place I dont see anything wrong with that tattoo..

    The rest however are just sad

  • Mors

    I LOVE this website. Seriously it’s one of about 3 I check everyday.
    One thing I must say though that I seriously disagree with is your comment: “Tattoos (whilst removable with extensive laser surgery) are permanent scars. They can occasionally be tasteful, but for the most part are not. Sometimes they are downright ridiculous.”
    True, some tattoos are flat out stupid, but ‘occasionally tasteful’? It sounds like you mean 1 in 1000 is alright. In my experience (My hubbie is tattoo artist), at least 90% of the ones I saw are either nicely done, or at the very least have a great meaning behind them, and can easily be ‘fixed and cleaned up’ if need be. Personally, I have 7 including a chest piece that covers the entire top part of my chest. My father HATES tattoos, and he even likes my tattoos, because of the meaning behind them.

    Just a thought man, no offense meant at all :) I love your website!

  • Mike

    #19- Goatse!

  • greenpogo

    as someone else has said already, i dont see anything wrong with #10. the rest – lol – outragious. there was a woman who had her internal reproductive organs tattooed on on both sides of where they would actually be… i wish i had that pic to post.

    great list – great site ;)

  • Taija

    #1 I feel so sorry for the guy who tok this tattoo.

    #9 Ouch. Doesn’t getting a tattoo like that hurt?

    #20 This is the best one, without a doubt. :D

  • Iron Chin

    From the OP’s intro: “They can occasionally be tasteful, but for the most part are not.”

    Wow. Close minded much? Tattooing, whether you like it or not, whether you agree or not, is a legitimate art form. That being said, there’s absolutely no accounting for taste, or personal preference. If someone wants to make their belly button look like a snatch, or a cow’s asshole, then more power to them.

    As a heavily tattooed person, as well as a member of Mensa and all around good guy, I can say that the MAJORITY of work I see these days (including my own) is very high quality, and for the most part tasteful. Taste is relative to each individual. Would I ever, in a million years, get any work done that even remotely resembled numbers 18 or 19? No. I won’t comment on whether I would (or do) have my junk tattooed, but I can assure you, that if I did (or do), it would be (or is) in very good taste.

    I sincerely hope you aren’t really a teacher, and if you are, I hope it’s at a higher level than grade or middle school, so your pupils can (hopefully) see your glaring prejudices for what they are, and not take your every word as gospel.

  • Jazz ;)

    OMG ! whats with the washing machine??
    and #9 and #4..there just weird !
    and #1.. thats just plain evilness ! i dont know who i feel more sorry for..the bloke with the tattoo or his wife !

  • lucy jess n becky =)

    the tattoos r fuking awful lol but funny wot a freak show lol

  • Mark

    Dang, I bet getting your wiener or women parts tattooed would HURT :-O!

  • danni

    i must be the only one, but i thought that dragon penis tattoo was hot…
    its so original and different

  • Johnathan, the greatest.

    Okay, In regards to #4, If my girlfriend had a tattoo like that, I’d never have sex… period! And #9, Okay, first of all, my hand is longer than that dude’s penis. I’d NEVER get a tattoo like that, it just seems too painful! I wonder what that guy was thinking!?

  • lou x


  • philipa

    these images are completly out of sense. some of them are unthinkable.. for me, the number one of all above is the piccture number 13, a washing machine?????? speechless..

  • Alexis

    Hah, my Biology teacher has a tattoo of a strand of DNA of the back of his shoulder. It’s pretty cool, actually.

    And I feel very bad for #1

  • blukat

    that is just great.. thanks for making me laugh my heart out! I think it’s just what they really want, I fell bad for the guy on #2 it was a sick prank..

    still nice website!

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  • cindy

    #4 is hot!

  • Devo

    Fantastic tats to look at and to take the micky out of but who in their right mind would do that to themselves #4 and 9 yak, I’ve heard of pulling the python but that’s rediculous

    Keep up the good work

  • Shinigami Edo

    I think #9 is pretty hot. I wouldn’t mind doing it with him

  • Shinigami Edo

    #11 who gets a tattoo of somebody else’s kid, unless it’s llike a family member or something. I mean Maddox is uber-cute but I wouldn’t go and get a tattoo of him

  • all shall perish, thus is time.

    nr 4 was actually well done, but yet, horrific..

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  • jnc

    omg luvin the snakes nwat a pisser bet that hurt lol

  • kk

    omfg that tat on ur dick must of hurt lol

  • Parker

    #10 is not Cape Hatteras, it is the old Biloxi, Mississippi lighthouse.

    That tattoo is on the arm of a girl who goes by the nickname “Biloxi Bruise” in the Mobile Miss-fits roller derby team of Mobile, Alabama.


    tbh these tattoos are the stupid thing ive ever seen and trust me ive seen some stupid things, take baldy for example getting thhe old windows sign on he has a reciding hairline, why would u get a tattoo on your privates that disgusting eww u make me feel sick my mummy would send me to my room if i got a tattoo like that not that my mum would see my fanny but u know chow for now tadaluu cheerio u hunnie monster mmmmmmm corndogs x

  • That One Person



  • Sam

    Wow, that was funny xD I love the cow one.

  • jordan

    they must be crazy to do that

  • Jo

    I actually like number 9, a side from the peircing.

    “can occasionally be tasteful, but for the most part are not.”

    Who wrote this? And what tattoos have they actually see a side from these ones?
    Most are tasteful and I’m sorry if they cannot see past the steriotyping that dissappered long ago.
    Tattoos have a meaning to each person, weither is it to show your personality, passion or in memory of a loved one.

    If the dude like star wars what’s wrong with that? And there is nothing wrong with being a computer geek? How would you know if they guy help to make windows operating system and it’s a sign of his achievement? If it wasn’t for windows, we’d all be stuck with shitty macs.

    Also the mask in 4 is a sign of protection.

    Number 1 & 15 are not the peoples fault, it was badly done.

    Number 7, they are prison tattoos, I doubt he would be getting a job, unless those were forced upon him, or he has changed his ways.

    Whoever wrote this is a fool.

  • Jo

    76. Johnathan, the greatest. – July 2nd, 2008 at 9:09 pm
    Okay, In regards to #4, If my girlfriend had a tattoo like that, I’d never have sex… period! And #9, Okay, first of all, my hand is longer than that dude’s penis. I’d NEVER get a tattoo like that, it just seems too painful! I wonder what that guy was thinking!?

    He isn’t hard. Fool

    • Jimmy

      no, he is. and I don't find it small, either.

  • Jo

    And Number 9 is a dragon NOT a snake.
    When was the last time you saw a snake with wings?

  • considermecristian

    Stupidity has no limits.

  • animality

    I actually love #9. Best use for a penis I’ve seen so far.

  • Manchester Girl

    OMG Numbers 4 & 9 are just disgusting !! .. why on earth would you do that?!

  • wondering guest

    2 words!!!!

    idiocracy KILLS!

  • gabi319

    Poor Maddox. Someone tattooed his eyes all wonky. It’ll only get worse when this person gets cottage cheese legs. I assume that’s on his/her leg…

    Another Tattoo for consideration:

    Isn’t it awsome?!

  • Clo

    These Tatoos R Messed Up
    They Are The Most Random Tattoos I Have Ever Seen, What Was Going Through These Peoples Minds When They Had Them Done !!!!

  • joey

    i dont get the penis tat
    what happens when hes not hard

  • hjolly

    the lighthouse (#10) is a historic lighthouse in NC, if i’m not mistaken. i mean, its not a poorly done tattoo, and it probably is specific and significant to the person. the others are absolutely ridiculous… wonder what the story with the ray ramano tattoo is…

    • Wendy

      you are correct it is Cape Hattras. I took the picture myself of the light house. it is very special to me as i got it for myy mother that passed in 2003 it was her favorit

  • aleks

    what? ok, all of them are just crazy… why oh why?!

  • spike

    dang… and that stuff is permanent.

  • oouchan

    for the love of little apples…why? OMG I have been laughing for over 10 mintues. Mostly from bringing up the other pictures listed in the comments.

    I want to get one too. I want my daughters name. Just not sure where, but its a toss up between my arm or ankle.

    Would never consider getting one in an unmentionable place….scary people.

  • kelloggs

    some of those tattoos are crazy lol

  • Tattoo Fox

    man, they are not only crazy, they are sick, those people need help. I doubt they are all realt tattoo. I hope the worst ones are just temporary. Anyway, if you are feeling digusted from this pictures, have a look here at some gorgeous tattoo pics

  • xymenah

    …oh wow…i hope they know there gonna be stuck with those horrible takes for the rest of there life..unless they get them removed

  • Tattoo Ed

    Very cool your site !!!

    I added a permanent recip link to your site at my tatoos board to:

    Continue your great job !!!

  • brandiiii

    omg what kind of dude would make his dick a worm and yes i said worm.

  • deviantmiss

    haaaaa haaaaaaaa can`t stop laughing!!! what a load of crazy people although the bloke that has his belly button looking like a womans woo-hoo is sooooooooo funny! oh and brandiii a agree about the worm!

  • deviantmiss

    i mean what sort of bloke decides he wants his penis painted like a snake/worm? imagine if you will getting it on and he whips that out! OMFG i would run a god-damn mile!

  • oouchan

    113. deviantmiss: I was laughing at your comment! However if I was with a guy and he had that tattoo, I wouldn’t be able to run…How can you run when you are laughing so hard that you can’t breath?! How embarrassing that would be to the guy if you just point and laugh? Would it turn into a an inchworm then? :shock:

  • Mandyii
  • It

    111. brandiiii – April 2nd, 2009 at 10:28 am

    omg what kind of dude would make his dick a worm and yes i said worm.

    Its a dragon stupid

  • I4gotmyMantra

    18 and 19

    cant… stop… laughing…

  • skater?

    what the hell was tht corndog dude thinkin?
    how much ex was in his coke? i mean an indian WHOSE TEETH ARE BUCK AS HELL!on a corndog? wow.

  • TattooFreak

    The Zombie Bride Tattoo was done by Dennis at On the Edge Tattoo in Bowling Green Ohio. Apparently, he finds it to be some of his best work… The wife is still alive, and the RIP is written on to make a pun on the bad quality of the tattoo. It was a nice idea, but very poorly executed.

  • jaybee

    #9 is actually a good tat. The piercing is overkill, though – don’t you think. I admire this persons ability to get it “all” done; I am sure he wanted to quit somewhere during the process.
    It is a very artistic representation of a dragon, though the gonads seem to be just hanging on.
    Wouldn’t mind seeing this subject in person, although I guess the sentiment is probably universally felt, though not expressed.

  • jan

    just think #4 can grow a beard yuuuuck!

  • Jezebel

    Can you imagine being #4’s gyno? I wonder if she warns him/her beforehand….

  • vi6six

    Has ‘Mr tool ice’ become aware of the fact that he’s now an utterly hilarious internet meme in the english speaking world? Move over rodman you’re not the coolest joke anymore.

    Furthermore, romano is a gabbering unfunny spud-muppet hellbent on testing our sanity whilst we fumble franticly for the remote.

    I think it would be an epic party trick to get my jonson adorned with a novelty tattoo. I’ve seen another one where the groin was a spiky skull with the tongue hanging out.

  • RealTimeSatellite

    I heart heart genny tats.

  • sally ann

    1# terrible job lol, 9# wow dude lol, #7 well he sure as wanted his tatts to be noticed 16# helerious 12# you could of had an awsome tatt but that chaps face there totally wrecked it lol 17# are those actually tatts on his face

  • sally ann

    4# lol its awsome 5# we get it your cool 11# perfect tatt but perfect face? 8# the biggest wwe fan

  • Shnoogens

    Mr. Cool ice ?? took that a LIL tooo far and the wang tat dude…WTF MAN really…

    i think some ppl are just fu**in Stupid.

  • shredzz

    #4 nd #9:pur porno…da pipz r whores nd…da person wit da washing machine shuld get a lyf….

  • evershine

    hahaha this is crazy stuff!! how can people be soo dumb!!

  • dragonpenisfan

    if anyone is interested.. heres more info on # 9

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  • base

    #11 is a great, beautiful tattoo
    it takes a disgusting mind to think otherwise


    #17, truly speechless…

  • ugliesttats

    oh. ripping off ugliesttattoos(dot)com, are we?

  • Ashe

    The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse will eventually be washed out to sea due to erosion. Maybe they just wanted to preserve it a bit longer. And we have multicolored sunsets in the south.

  • drdaz187

    lol… #3 is my bro!!!!

  • Johnny

    Here are some more tattoos that are pretty bad and eligible to be addded to the list.

  • stephen drag

    Truth is, the Yakuza in Japan get tattoos like that all the time as seen in #14, mostly to shock and offend–because that is how the Yakuza is perceived, and what they aim to do.

    #12 made me laugh pretty fucking hard.

  • Ellie

    Worst tatto I’ve ever seen was the guy who got Goatse tattooed on his chest…

  • lindsey

    #10 is the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and despite that tattoos are stupid, it is definitely not worthy of being on this list..vie grown up in Cape Hatteras and believe its beautiful enough to get it tattooed on your body

  • lyly

    WTF is with #4 and #9 *shuders* UGH

  • nicoleredz3

    Some of these tattoos turn me on… Lol! Love the dragon d*ck one. ALOT. ;-)

  • Ashley

    Theres nothing wrong with 11. maybe its the persons son, we don't know. maybe it was his favorite picture of him. maybe the kid is dead now, and he wanted him to be remembered by his playfulness. its an artistically well tattoo. who cares if its a little different. its not like its some random kid, obviously its from a picture of a kid that is important to that person.

  • Mark In Irvine

    I'm pretty sure that # 11 is one of Brangelina's adopted kids … Maddox maybe? But I'm guessing somebody already said that?

  • Kate

    i'm getting #4 :)

  • Madison

    #10 – I think I read about one like that. A guy had burns all ove his back so he had a tatto artist cover them up. Its becoming more comman for people to turn their scars into art by getting a tattoo.

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  • fda

    whats with the picture of the chick who got beat up? or is that just a really bad tattoo



  • Patrick

    I really don’t know what tattoo artist would even think about doing these.

  • i fuck this man that he/she was mack this panting. Fuck. . . Fuck

  • el guapo

    the number 10 is simple, he got raped by a well endowed barber in a beach until he or she bled, and now the image if say person`s penis became the focus point of its life.

  • J

    You cant beat this tattoo….

  • Whitters

    Who’s curious to see the devil take on the dragon? That’s one hell of a double entendre….

  • Praster

    number 10 isn’t bad…

  • enamel

    this is bad

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  • QuiteRiQuite

    In all honesty, I find #9 to be erotic and cool. I might be the only one who does, though.

  • victoria

    wow the one with the devil vagina thing disgusting you need help omfg

  • Saxon

    The worst part about this list is the fact that I have been to the tattoo parlor where number 4 was done

  • I so seexxxx and I acute bitch two.

  • Phil N. DeBlanc
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  • torrey

    i was 6 and obsesed with elefants, i told everyone when i grow up im getting an elefant tatood on my blatter and my penis would be the trunk. glad i changed my mind when i developed a genital torcher fetish, now im geting cbt tated at a specific angel that runs along my go spot for pain. colored blood red. hey, atleast its not branded like i used to fanasise about all the time as a kid, i consulted and found tatooing to actually be more torcherous, less repelling, colorable and more fun for her. then i must go threw a longer more difficult and more painfull healing process. when i saw that his whole dick was tated different colors i knew that hurt as bad as tatooing could on a dick and was like “thats some hot shit, and the pearsing. maybe we can be friends in the cbt slave comunitys. i know i misspell,im in a hurry.



  • Erin

    Now Casting: Tattoo Nightmares
    Submitted by doron on March 2, 2012 – 3:16pm
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    High school sweetheart not so sweet anymore? Sick of your husband, Steve, asking you who “John” was? Flash art lost its flare? Wish it were still the days when tribal tattoos were cool? Did you find out what that Japanese symbol on your shoulder actually means? Tramp stamp tattoo not fit the prude you?

    You lived the memory, you loved the ink and now it has lost its luster.

    Do you or someone you know have a great story as to why you want to cover up your ink? Doron Ofir Casting is looking for people who made a mistake in ink and want the chance to re-do their tattoo.

    Tattoo Nightmares – Waking up from 1 terrible tattoo at a time!

    Apply now!

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  • Holy India

    I like the helpful info you provide to your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at once more right here frequently. I am rather certain I will be told lots of new stuff proper here! Good luck for the following!

  • ascexerce

    I against.

  • Me

    #9 is hot.

  • SB_Australia

    I heard that the facial wounds one was Halloween makeup…not sure if that is accurate but my sister is a theatrical makeup artist & she does stuff like that all the time.

  • rob

    great tattoo

  • tattoo training

    cool looking tattoos!

  • tattoo training

    sick tattoo work!

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