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A Month In Review – December

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

As promised last month, here is the second of my monthly site updates – designed to keep you all in the know with the comings and goings of the site.

1. Server Migration


We are now fully operating on our new servers, and aside from a few problems with hotlinking images, we seem to be stable. We have had very little downtime since the move and what downtime we have had has been dealt with extremely quickly. Thank you all once again for your patience during the move!

2. Christmas

Mystical Nativity

As you know, I leave for New Zealand in just over one week and I will be gone for a month. I am taking my trusty Mac and will be monitoring the site and posting at least one article per day. You may find that I am commenting less because I will be spending time with family and friends and enjoying lots of good New Zealand wine. I will be back here on the 19th of January.

This leads me to remind you – you now have only a few days left in which to get your Christmas Competition entries in. I will not accept any entries after midnight UTC on the 15th of December.

3. RSS Feed


I have modified the RSS feed so that it now shows the first item and full description of the list. I am hoping that this will inspire more people to come to the site from the feed. One side-effect of this has been that you will have noticed all of the items from the previous week showing up in the feed as unread. This will only happen the once.

4. Facebook Application


I have been struggling for weeks in my spare time to create a List Universe Application for Facebook and I am happy to announce that I finally finished it! You can see it in the screenshot above. Be sure to install it so all your friends can hear about the List Universe and join in the fun!

Install the List Universe Facebook application

5. Logo Competition


Today we have launched our logo competition. When I have received all logos I will post them on the forums for all to admire. The prize is a $200 Amazon gift voucher so be sure to put your best foot forward!

6. Amazon


Some of you have noticed that I put amazon links on the photography list – this is not new but I am now using images with the links to try to brighten the site up a bit. Also, in case you didn’t know, I have put a link on the right side to Amazon – even if you don’t want to buy the item showing, if you click that link the site makes a small percentage of your total purchases – regardless of what you buy – so please don’t be afraid to click it.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Writers

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