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Top 10 Scientific Mnemonics

Science is full of long lists of important information that can be very difficult to remember. A mnemonic is a small phrase or word that helps us to remember these things. This is a list of 10 mnemonics to help you learn some important scientific terms. This is to be the first in a series of lists of mnemonics.

10. The Speed of Light

957395 6613718944

Remember this phrase and when you want to know the speed of light, count the letters in each word of the sentence.

We guarantee certainty, clearly referring to this light mnemonic

299,792,458 m/sec

9. First Eighteen Elements


Memorize these phrases to learn the first eighteen elements – when you are done, make up your own phrases for some of the others.

Happy Henry Likes Beer But Could Not Obtain Four Nuts

That gives us the first 10: Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine, Neon.

Naughty Magpies Always Sing Perfect Songs Clawing Ants

That gives us the next 8: Sodium (NA), Magnesium, Aluminum, Silicon, Phosphorous, Sulfur, Chlorine, Argon

8. The Earth’s Atmospheres

350Px-Atmosphere Composition Diagram

Here is a phrase to help you remember the order of the earth’s atmospheres:

The Strong Man’s Triceps Explode

This stands for: Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere.

7. The Colors of the Rainbow


This is one I learnt in school and it is an excellent way to remember the colors of the rainbow.

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain

Which, of course, stands for: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. It is interesting to note that many modern scientists no longer consider Indigo to be a part of the rainbow.

6. The Brightest Stars in the Sky


The brightest stars in the sky (excluding the Sun) can be remembered with this simple mnemonic:

Sir Can Rig A VCR, Pa!

The stand for: Sirius in Canis Major, Canopus in Carina, Rigil Kent in Centaurus, Acrturus in Bootes, Vega in Lyra, Capella in Auriga, Rigel in Orion, Procyon in Canic Minor, Achernar in Eridanus

5. The 9 Principal Moons of Saturn

Saturn And Moons

Saturn has a large number of moons (35 of which have names). If you wish to remember the 9 principle moons, remember your last doctors visit:

Met Dr Thip

The letters stand for: Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea, Titan, Hyperion, Iapetus, Phoebe

4. The Order of the Planets

Dn9824-1 831

Here is a mnemonic to remember the order of the planets – starting from closest to the sun to furthest. Pluto is included.

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

Giving us: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (my favorite).

3. Cranial Bones


Here is a mnemonic to help you remember the bones of the skull:

Old People From Texas Eat spiders

This stands for: Occipital, Parietal, Frontal, Temporal, Ethnoid, Sphenoid

2. Biological Classifications

150Px-Biological Classification L Pengo.Svg

Here is an easy way to remember the biological classifications:

[Limping Dreadfully,] King Phillip Came Over From Great Spain

Standing for: [Life, Domain,] Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

1. Geological Ages

775Px-Geologica Time Usgs

Here is a great mnemonic to teach you the geological ages:

Camels Often Sit Down Carefully. Perhaps Their Joints Creak. Possibly Early Oiling Might Prevent Premature Rheumatism

Which stands for: Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Carboniferous, Permian, Triassic, Jurrasic, Cretaceous, Pliocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Myocene, Pileocene, Pleistocene, Recent.

Bonus: Can you guess?


Here is another scientific mnemonic – can you guess what it represents?

Sergeant Major Hates Eating Onions

I will give you two clues: it comes from the category of Geography, and it has nothing to do with the image above.

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  • Levi

    The Bonus is the Great Lakes ordered from west to east. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. Learned that in early grade school.

    • hk

      I love the sentence. Although HOMES may be easier for some people to remember.

  • Wow – I didn’t expect it to be answered that quickly!

  • Levi

    Sorry… I don’t get out much. :-) Love the site. Though there isn’t much for ancient histories or science fiction. I may have to rectify that one day.

  • Nice list, though I can’t see me ever using them all! :P

    Another planets one I know is ‘My Very Easy Method Just Say ‘Ur’ Nine Planets’

    Well, I cant remember what the one for Uranus is, but it’s something along the lines of that…

    SMHEO – Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario. The great lakes.

  • Damn. Pipped to the post as they say! haha

  • Levi: I love Sci Fi and ancient history – I just haven’t thought of any good topics recently – there are a few on each at least – if you get ideas – or better yet, write a list, let me know :)

    dangorironhide: heh – he who hesitates is lost!

  • jfrater: or, he who looks up google for the answer is lost :P

    Ancient history list idea: 10 greatest far east emporers. I would guess not many people (me included) know much about them, it would be pretty interesting.

  • Elizabeth

    I was always taught the word “HOMES” for the great lakes.

    Also, we used the name ROY G. BIV for the colors of the rainbow

  • Elizabeth

    By the way… I think I look at this site and the comments WAY too much. I had a dream with the names Ravyn and dangorironhide in it!!

  • dangorironhide: haha you cheat! Thanks for the list idea – I have noted it down.

    Elizabeth: I have heard Roy G Biv too. And how hilarious that you dreamt about the site! I have had list dreams, but nothing too specific yet :)

  • Elizabeth: I’m in a lot of gals dreams ;)

    hahahahaha :P

    Whats up with the post counter at the side? It’s going all over the place…

  • Levi

    Professor J. I looked at contributing… and the format explination is confusing. If I submit a list that isn’t in the right format, will points will be deducted from my final grade?

  • Jamie you should include more trivia in the lists.

  • Anne

    Nice list, would be helpful in memorizing stuffs especially to those highschool students… would love to see more of tipics like this, natural wonders, both inside and outside the planet…

    and Jfrater: in geological ages that one coming after ordovician, isnt that caalled silurian instead of sirillian? but its been a while since i opened a good book, just checkin if i still got the correct knowledge. nevertheless it is a cool and well educating list…

  • dangorironhide: the post counter? I am not seeing anything weird.

    Levi: no – I will just reformat it :)

    Juggz: More trivia lists or trivia in some of the lists? Do you think this one is lacking?

  • jfrater: Is it counting total number of comments? Or over a time scale? A couple of days ago I had over 120, then this morning it was 117, now its 110, and Rayvn & Kelsi’s are going down as well. I think its only Juggz’s thats staying constant…

  • twud b me!

    reactivity of metals: i learnd it last yr nd still only got a b in science…stupid junior cert!

    myt mix a few up…

    pretty potasium
    sally sodium
    could calcium
    marry magnesium
    a aluminium
    zulu zinc
    in iron
    lovely lithium
    honolulu helium/hydrogen
    causing copper
    strange silver
    gazes gold

    may have mixed up sum…..but thats a gud rememberary i got goin there!

  • Haha, didn’t know any of these. Number 10 is really cleverly done

  • dangorironhide: oh! It shows the last 30 days only :)

    twud b me: a ‘b’ is hardly something to complain about :)

    ImplosiveFire: these should be on the “ways to make yourself seem more intelligent” list as you certainly would seem smart if you could rattle off all the geological epoch etc.

  • Becky

    Haven’t you heard HOMES for the great lakes? Same idea, different order.

  • Scott

    Why didn’t you used the ever famous Roy G. Biv for the rainbow colors?

  • Scott: i thought the version here was easier to remember :)

    Becky: the item above will give you the lakes in their order from West to East.

  • Becky

    Ah, yes, that makes sense…

  • Philmont237

    Here’s a better one for the biological classifications:
    Living Dreadfully, King Philip Cried Out For Goodness Sake.
    It makes more sense than the one posted.

  • Levi

    Professor J. I just sent a list. Please consider it for your future class lessons. d[-_-]b

  • What’s this about “Life” and “Domain” being part of the Biological Classifications??? I always knew it as:

    Kings Play Chess On Fancy Gold Stools

    Our teacher also taught us one for the metric prefixes, i.e. Kilo, Hecta, Deca, Deci, Centi, Milli … but I forgot the device since I didn’t need it (learned Metric before English system).

  • Sorry for the double post but it didn’t let me edit for some reason …

    Wasn’t there also a mnemonic device for the guitar strings? All I remember is it involved goats >_>

  • dofnup: life and domain are just extending the concept upwards – they are not strictly part of the classification. And I don’t know about the guitar strings, but I know music notation on the treble clef is taught as “Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit” for the notes on the line, and “FACE” for the spaces.

  • evan

    standard tuning for guitar is
    eddie ate dynomite, Good Bye Eddie


  • Jamie: just more lists with trivia in them :)

  • Juggz: oh okay – that can be arranged :) I like trivia.

  • Adam

    I remember from grade ten math that the mnemonic Old Hippies Are High On Acid was used to help remember the primary trig ratios.

  • Kevin

    Hey Jamie, love the site, I’ve been coming here and looking around for awhile now. Get this: in college as an engineering pre-med major, and I found myself using #2, #3, and #10 on the finals for those respective classes :)

  • Kevin: that is great! Your testimony proves to others that these are all worth learning!

  • Adam: we used ‘SOH CAH TOA’ for the trig ratios. Sin=O/H, Cos=A/H, Tan=O/A. It worked pretty well.

  • twud b me!

    distance= speed x time
    dads silly triangle
    speed x time

  • I learnt SOH CAH TOA too.

  • SocialButterfly

    dofnup: I remember the Kings Play Chess On Fancy Gold Stools from Grade 10 Biology.

    The one I learned for the planets was Mother Visits Every Morning Just Stays Until Noon Period.

    I suppose now though there is no period…

  • twud b me!


    sin:oh hell
    cos:another hour
    tan:of algerbra


    jfrater:supps i cant b complainin!

  • Kevin

    Haha, Adam, I’ll never forget the way I learned those trig ratios back in my junior year of high school: “Oscar Had (Sin) A Hangover (Cos) On Alcohol (Tan).” I thought that was the funniest thing ever, so it worked pretty well for me. To each his own, right?

  • twud b me!

    oh yea for the planets i learned
    My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets

    though now poor pluto is gone *weeps*
    i miss pluto!

  • twud be me (#36): a way I learned at school for any equation with 3 parts is the ‘magic triangle’, which is actually really useful if you can visualise it.


    just cover up the one you want to find and you can see what you need to do to the others! It works with loads of them.

  • ack it doesnt look right. should be:


  • twud b me!

    oh yea!i keep rememberin more!
    for the 13 irreg french past verbs that take etre!

    or d 1 i made up!

    phew!had to dig out my study copy for that!thank god im in 4th yr where we get no homework or tests…actually we just kinda sit down!

  • twud b me!

    dangorironhide:oh yea i see it now!cool

  • Black Lutefisk

    JFrater, This Mnemonic Recalls Most Memorable American Cable Co-Defendants.

    John, Tim, & Michael Rigas; Michael Mulcahey; Adelphia Communications Company

  • My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nothing.

    Pluto is not a planet since last year, but the largest member of the Kuiper belt.

  • Black Lutefisk

    (Forgetting this is a science list…I need better mnemonics.)

  • Pluto will always be a planet in my heart! So there!

  • SocialButterfly

    jfrater: here here!!

  • Mikerodz


  • Oh my I think I am honored. My name came up in someones dream. That is crazy.

    I knew both of the ones for the great lakes (seeing as I live on one). I also only heard of ROY G BIV for the colors of the rainbow. I think the droping of indigo is due to the fact that it is not primary nor secondary.

    I am sorry I am still flabergasted by being in someones dreams… HA

  • The Great Lakes! Living near two of them (Erie and Ontario) I had BETTER know that one! :)

  • Miss Destiny: I live at the other end of Erie…lol…I know the feeling.

    Jamie: BTW the trivia thing is an awesome addition, I hope you plan to do more list with trivia.

    Mikerodz: I don’t remember either of those 2…what are they for?

  • In fourth grade or so we used a mnemonic for the five nations of the Iroquois Native Americans. SCOOM = Seneca Cayuga Oneida Onondaga Mohawk.

    It’s a nonsense word, but it worked because I still remembered them all today. :)

  • Ravyn: in 3… 2… 1…

  • Mikerodz

    Me neither lol. We forget about it, could we?

  • BrotherMan

    When I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade we learned the 4 cardinal directions starting from North by saying Never Eat Soggy Waffles (North, East, South, West). It sure helped me out a lot back then!

  • SocialButterfly

    BrotherMan: I was taught Never Eat Shredded Wheat!

  • SocialButterfly

    Sorry for the double post…editing

    Mikerodz: My Dear Aunt Sally was apart of the order of operations mnemonic for mathematical problems…

    Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally = Parentheses, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add & Subtract.

    Amazing that I remember these but I always forget my keys!

  • I never heard that one My Dear Aunt Sally.interesting enough

    Don’t worry about the keys…I always forget something everytime I walk out the door. Never fails that i have to make a trip around the block just to get something

  • petey mcgee

    for the 13 cranial nerves (at least in a cat)


    don’t remember the nerves, i got a D in that class!

  • fivestring63

    One we used in the Marines was for the controls of a helicopter
    Young Cun** Are Pink

    Yaw Collective Attitude Pitch

  • Mikerodz

    Brotherman: that’s NEWS to me

  • chillipacker

    for biology we are taught ….King Phillip Came Over For Great Sex, far more memorable!

  • Mom424

    we used Mrs VanderTamp for irregular french verbs
    also ipmat for cell division
    telophase,,lord i still remember grade 8 biology
    and i’m old

  • long time lurker – I’ll just pop my head out of the woodwork.



    how electrons are lost/gained in chemistry – I didnt get it either but it has stuck with me al lthe same.

  • joconne6

    The old electrical engineering mnemonic for remembering the numerical values of the color bands on resistors (the old leaded type that would have three color bands) was “Bad boys rape our young girls, but Violet gives willingly.”

    I’m ashamed to say that’s one of the few things I remember from EE undergrad…

  • Harsha

    Umm… ours was much more dignified it went like this B.B. ROY go bring very good wife.:)

  • Kat

    In high school we learned the organic elements:

    C HOPKINS CaFe, Mg F, CoCl Be MnNa CuZn ZiBr

    Pronounced “See Hopkins’ cafe, mighty good food, cook’ll be mine-uh cousin Zieber.” Hey, it worked… 12 years later and I still remember it.

    Of course I could have missed the abbreviations for some of those.

  • jocsboss

    Ok, so I registered and everything just to tell you this so you better appreciate!

    Pi can be remembered with this couplet:

    Sir, I send a rhyme excelling
    In sacred truth and rigid spelling.


    Truth be told, this is just the opening of a poem that is dozens of lines long. Of course I didn’t remember the whole thing. This is already longer than I need.

    For the plant/animal thing we learned

    Keep playing checkers on father’s gold stool

  • Nelia

    I always thought Indigo was sort of a weird color to include myself. Why not include all the colors that occur when they blend together then? like lime? :) is there a particular reason why Indigo was different and got included? I thought it was just blue and purple mixed. And we learned it as ROY G BIV when i was a kid, I was trying to remember what it was so I had to scan the comments, knowing someone would mention it :) Also… why violet? not purple?

  • nellerbear

    I learned the biological classification as
    King Kingdom
    Phillip Phylum
    Came Class
    Over Order
    For Family
    Great Genus
    Sex Species

  • Nelia:

    In color theory a Purple is defined as any non-spectral color between violet and red.

    Basically Purple is a shade of the combine blue and red where there product is more towards the red than the blue. Violet is the equal portions of red and blue. On a color wheel it is between magenta and violet.


    Hope that helps

  • DiscHuker

    does anyone know what this is made to help you remember?

    2 S’s, 2 D’s and 3 emotions

    10 bonus points for the first person who gets it. no using google dangor :)

  • DiskHuker: When I see 2 S’s, 2 D’s i think of Same Shit, Different Day.

  • Sorry for the double post…

    2 s’s 2 d’d and 3 emotions is not exactly scientific… I know what it stands for though…

  • DiscHuker

    ur right ravyn, i realized that after i posted. oh well, think of it as random pneumonic trivia.

  • Amanda

    I Victorious x- men Lover Can’t Date Much

    This is the roman numerals Its not science but its the stickiest mnemonic I have ever learned.

  • WhiteRabbit

    Hello everybody, my first post here. A mnemonic I learned for biological classification was


    kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species

    I also know the ROY G. BIV one for colors and HOMES for the Great Lakes.

    Whew, commenting wasn’t so bad, expect more . . . maybe.

  • shawn

    I think it was on Robert Smigle’s “TV Funhouse” they had a mock educational film that used for biological classification: “Karl, please come over for gay sex.” Weird thing is it worked. I laughed so hard I have never forgotten it.

  • Ed

    For the Biological Classifications, i always used:


  • Ed: that is a good one – easy to remember.

  • mooster

    Those damned astronomers will never take my pizza!!!

  • SocialButterfly (#60): we used BODMAS for that, Brackets, Divide, Multiply, Add, Subtract.

    Worked pretty well.

  • I should have checked listverse BEFORE going to my chem exam this morning!! Gah! I have heard of some of these. I’ll give you all one that I can 80% garuntee that no one will know…

    All Fat Bay Mares Can Hardly Ever Kick

    or, for those of you who may be more advanced,

    All King Victor Emmanuel’s Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

    And what about popme?
    Power of a power–multiply exponents! Okay, not really a mnemonic, but still really helpful.
    And dangor: We learned it as Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Brackets? Nah. Parentheses.

  • Trig ratios!! That takes me back … I came up with a mnemonic device for myself (and my friends), but it only works if you’re doing trig in spanish! ;)

    It was: “Co-Ca-Coca”. It corresponds to:

    Sine = Co/H
    Cosine = Ca/H
    Tangent = Co/Ca

    Since the “h” is silent in spanish, it reads as “Co-Ca-Coca!” ^_^

  • Nelia

    Thanks Ravyn, good to know. Science was never my thing (i’m an english grad student who will run screaming from equations of any kind), but it is interesting stuff. Probably more so when you understand it.

  • Martin L

    Hey, Jamie, I believe Anne had a correction for you @ #14: I believe it is Silurian, not Sirillian. Also, in List Item #7, you forgot to enumerate Yellow while explaining the mnemonic. That’s okay. Remember Tom Ridge, America’s illustrious first Secretary of Homeland Security? When he came up with the color code system for National Threat Alerts, he switched purple and blue — and apparently no one had the brains or the balls to tell him until a writer from the New Yorker spoke up while interviewing him!

  • Martin L

    And as long as I’m nitpicking, it’s not pileocene among the geological ages either.
    From our old friends at Wikipedia:
    “The Pliocene epoch (spelled Pleiocene in some older texts) is the period in the geologic timescale that extends from 5.332 million to 1.806 million years before present.”
    Just trying to help make a great list even better in my own small but obnoxious way.

  • Martin L: thank you – I have made the corrections that both you and Anne have suggested!

  • JC

    Roy G. Biv, colors of the rainbow, haven’t heard of it? Maybe your method is British, considering no one in America knows of any Richard of York, let alone a battle he gave in vain.

  • JC

    oh yeah, HOMES is also my method of memorizing the great lakes.

    P.S. sorry for commenting about Roy G. Biv, somebody already did.

  • james2434523

    for number 2 instead of that one remeber Kim Please Come Omar Fixing Get Shot

  • catherder

    Here are a few more:

    * The Planets

    Mother Very Thoughtfully Made A Jelly Sandwich Under No Protest (Mercury, Venus, Terra, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter..etc)

    also my favourite: Many Very Educated Men Are Justly Satisfied Using Novelty Paperclips!

    * Network Protocol Stack layers

    Princess Diana Never Took Sex from Prince Andrew
    (Physical, Datalink, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application)

    And yes, JC, number 7 about Richard of York is indeed British, and very likely refers to Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York (1411-1460) who was killed by Lancastrian forces. The phrase is much more memorable (I think) than an invented name, and has the benefit of teaching you a little about history!

  • catherder

    Oh yes JC, the “Princess Diana” one is also British, and teaches a snippet of history as well..! ;-)

  • catherder

    Actually it’s in use in Australia, but I don’t know if originated here or in the UK.

  • corinthian0430

    actually… my mneomonic for the colors of the rainbow is the shorter “Roy G. Biv”

  • nellerbear

    For directions I was taught

  • kirstin

    Silly anatomy mnemonic…

    On Occasion Our Trusty Truck Acts Funny. Very Good Vehicle Any How.

    For the 12 cranial nerves: olfactory, optic, oculomotor, trochlear, trigeminal, abducens, facial, vestibulocochlear, glossopharyngeal, vagus, (spinal) accessory, hypoglossal

  • rneiderman

    While going to school to be an optician, I came up with one to remember the 5 layers of the cornea.
    Every Boy Strokes During Erections
    Epithelium, Bowman’s layer, Stroma, Descemet’s membrane, Endothelium
    Nobody in my class ever forgot that one!

  • Luke

    Back in middle school for Biological Classifications, we came up with, Kinky People Can Often Find Great Sex.

  • Dave

    My niece was on here looking at this with me and wanted to know why nobody said the lucky charms marshmellow as a way of remembering the colors of the rainbow… just wanted to throw that out there. Also, i remember that epeisode with the Karl, please come over for gay sex mnemonic. very catchy.

  • Lu

    Oh, I know one we use a lot in our English class. Order of adjectives: OASCOMP.
    Opinion, Size, Age, Shape, Colour, Origin, Material, Purpose.

  • Lu

    I mean OSASCOMP, sorry.

  • fishing4monkeys

    For the planets:

    Many Very Elderly Men Just sit Under Nodding Palms…that’s how I learned them when I was little :D

  • momoe

    In recent years, I have used a South Park reference as a mnemonic suggestion for my students to remember biological classification:

    Omit LIFE

    Dammit Domain
    Kitty, Kingdom
    Please Phylum
    Come Class
    Out Order
    For Family
    Goodness Genus
    Sakes! Species

    In the voice of Eric Cartman. Enjoy

  • Elli

    My favorite for biological classification is

    King Pancho Came Over For Great Salsa.

  • Aoden

    Stars have a surface temperature classification system. The main classifications in order of decreasing surface temperature are O, B, A, F, G, K, and M.

    And here’s the easy mnemonic:

    Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me.

  • rob

    i thought for sure noone would still be commenting but they are! this is a sweet site and a great list.

    i dont have a catchy device but just wanted to say that i just remember the speed of light as about 186,000 miles/second. i know it is in miles but some of us stubborn people still use miles/feet etc. even though the metric system makes much better sense :) (it is also more of an approximation)

  • hemmes

    Is the bonuspicture by any chance The Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains Australia? The legend is that these three where turned into stone-pillars by an evil sorcorer because they did not want to get involved with him or marry him.

    I saw this one when we where there. It is very familiar picture to me.

  • antlyon

    Don’t know about anyone else but it always has been easier for me to memorize the actual facts than a mnemonic that relates to a fact.

  • Yim

    ethmoid bone

  • Me

    Pluto is no longer in the solar system, but here is another way to remember the nine planets.

    Method –

  • g3

    My favorite on isn’t on here! (Yes, I have a favorite and yes, I am a geek) For Mohs hardness scale: Tall girls can flirt and feel queasy towards cool dudes. Which is the minerals from softest to hardest: talc, gypsum, calcite, fluorite, apatite, (orthoclase) feldspar, quartz, topaz, corundum, and diamond.

  • sam

    Never eat shredded wheat
    Naughty Elephants squirt water

    Richard Of york Gave Battle In vain
    Rich Old Yanks Get babies In Vests

    Guitar Strings
    Edward And Daryl Go Blasting Englishmen

    French irregular Verbs (takes etre in p.t):

    LAKES: Sam’s Horse must eat oats

    Life Processes




  • Beth

    I hate hate hate hate hate this particular mnemonic, but it has succeeded, where one of my own making would not suffice, more than likely. And as an added ‘bonus’, my boyfriend remembers it as well – and he hasn’t studied biology for 3 years, certainly not at A-level – [it’s for the biological classification] – my biology lecturer made it up; KP Crisps Only For Good Students *sigh* my boyfriend says it every time he sees KP crisps.

    It’s strange how some things work, really. I remember my GCSE maths teacher giving us ‘Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owners Approach’ for the Trigonometric identities, but I never remembered it that way (odd as I’m an enthusiastic horseperson) – I remembered it simply as ‘Soh Cah Toa!’

    OILRIG has worked for me :D hehe, last ever A-level chemistry lesson on Thursday! Wow.

    The irregular french verbs will ALWAYS be ‘The DRAPER’S VAN’ verbs to me, heh, and for the letters around an equestrian ménage (basic ménage) – All King Edward’s Horses Can Manage Big Fences.

    Interesting (IMO) thing about the life processes – I was taught MRS NERG (pronounced ‘nurg’ by the teacher) but my father took one look at my work back in primary school and said ‘Oh, Mrs N ER G’ [Mrs Energy, if I hadn’t made that clear] and I thought that was a much better way of teaching it.

  • emily

    another way to remember the seven levels of classification (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species) is:
    Kids Playing Chicken On Freeways Get Smushed.

  • Askalon

    My teacher taught the biological classifications as “King Phillip Came Over For Great Sex.” Especially considering we were 13-year-olds, she said anything with sex in it we would remember. She was right.

  • Gecko

    Hmm, I was taught that it was ‘Kings Play Chess on Fine Grained Sand’ or ‘King Philip Came Over For Good Spaghetti’

  • Saint Cad

    my favorite is Moh’s hardness scale:
    Toronto girls can flirt and other quirky things Canadians do.
    talc, gypsum, calcite, flourite, apatite, orthoclase feldspar, quartz, topaz, corundum, diamond

  • Julie-Anne

    There are a lot of posts regarding the french irregular verbs that are missing quite a few. The full mnemonic that contains all, if not most of the is:
    Dr Mrs P Vandertramp





    Also, there is a (slightly) longer mnemonic that has the first 20 elements of the periodic table, and matches their atomic symbols:

    Harry He Likes Beer Bottled Cold Not Over Frothy. Nelly Nanny Might Although Silly Person She Climb Around Kinky Caves.

  • MJ

    I went to the planetarium last week and they so kindly informed me that Pluto is no longer a planet. I was none too happy…. how do I go 38 years thinking we have 9 planets in our solar system and then one day they decide….no, there’s only 8…..

  • Kristie

    Rainbow colours……

    “virgins in bed give you odd reactions”
    violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

  • MT

    In Michigan we always remembered the Great Lakes by saying HOMES.

  • RJ

    For the first 10 elements I use….

    Happy Henry Likes Berries But Could Not Often Find Ne.

    It works and the kids love it!!

  • Hayley

    For the now 8 planets: Mary’s violet eyes make John stay up nights.

  • Corey

    I was disappointed that a mnemonic for the 12 cranial nerves was not on here, as it is really the only one that is used by genuine scientists. (Seriously, what kind of idiot scientist would actually need a mnemonic to remember the planets?)

    I’ve seen a couple others, but in med school, we learned: On Old Olympus’ Towering Tops, A Fat Venutian Grows Very Sweet Hops. This one is the classic mnemonic – my dad learned it in medical school 50 years ago! I guess they have more updated versions now, too.

    As for HOMES – I grew up in Michigan, and I’ll always know the names, location, and size of all the Great Lakes. :)

  • JH

    rainbow colours: ROY Gave Birth In Vietnam. Sounds odd but easy to remember….=)

  • Ashley R

    oh i got another one for the rainbow!

    Roy G Biv (we were taught this was the supernatural being that painted the rainbow 1398749323829 years ago haha)

    and as for HOMES…ive actually never heard that…and ive lived in michigan my whole life…very intresting =]

  • Bella

    Ashley R: I also learned the colours of the rainbow using Roy G Biv :D

    As for the rest of them, I learned most of these in school.
    By the way, Pluto is my favourite planet too, although it’s not really considered a planet anymore.:(

  • orange peel

    For the 12 cranial nerves, I was taught “on old olympus’ towering top, a finn and german viewed some hops”.

  • tulsa

    random but when i was learning to play guitar, to remember the strings i did:

    Even After Diner Giant Boys Eat

  • dwarfi

    I actually learned my first twenty elements with this mnemonic

    Ha Hey little Beryl, brown choose nutts on friday Ned naughty magpies always sing part songs clearly

    Argon kills cats

  • grungefreak10

    Since Pluto is no longer considered a planet, now we say;

    My Very Energetic Mother Just Said ”Uh, oh! No Pluto!”

  • rmd

    My first visit to your site – it was fun.

    The mnemonic I learned more than 50 years ago for the biological classifications was:

    Kids Play Catch Over Farmer Green’s Shed

  • Beth

    What about carpal bones?

    Some Lovers Tries Position That They Can’t Handle

    Scaphoid Lunate Triquetrum Pisiform Trapezium Trapezoid Capitate Hamate.

    Unoriginal, but thought it might help hehe great site by the way!

  • Audrey

    Has anyone mentioned music yet?

    Ernie Gives Bert Dog Food
    or Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge.


    and FACE is easy. its Face.

    also, for Sine, Consine, Tangent,
    we use Soak Your Toe to remember it.
    Soh Cah Toa.
    Soak Your Toe-A.
    :P haha

  • kristi

    i know #4 differently, my very efficient memory just stores up nine planets, also #7 Roy G. Biv (each letter the start of the colour)
    Mrs Gren is the classifaction of a living thing
    M movement
    R reproduction
    S s
    G growth
    R resperation
    E excretion
    N nutrition
    damn cant remember s, i usually do… i might cum back in a couple of hours (or days) and end up writing it, its gonna nag me, i hate when i do this

  • kristi

    got it sensitivity

  • Doobie

    In Canada, we [well, I] learned the time zones by…

    Prime Minister Chretien Eats All Newfies

    Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, Newfoundland

    Which…looking at it now, the zones are probably easier to remember than the damn saying!

  • Lk

    There is a Taglish (Tagalog plus English) mnemonic for Electronic Configuration.

    Si Sammy Pumasok Sa Pinto. Si Daddy Pumasok Sa Door […]

    1s1 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 5s2 4d10

    Honestly, I don’t have a PTE or Chemistry notebook or book in front of me. And I won’t add the other words because you can’t understand it fully. :D

  • Lk

    Oops! Additional.

    1s1 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 ‘4p6’ 5s2 4d10

  • XeroKewl

    wow Lk that mnemonic is almost as hard as what it helps to remember

  • Fish

    I remember learning Roy G. Biv as the mnemonic for the colors of the rainbow. We had this book on it and everything–Roy was the little boy who painted the rainbow. I also still remember SohCahToa and Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally from my early math days. And thanks to my mom, SOAP, which has to do with pre-surgery procedures (she’s a doctor) although I have no idea what it stands for.

  • James

    @hemmes (111):
    Yes you are correct the bonus picture is the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales AUSTRALIA, great your visit had a positive impact and you are right as you remember the legend (Though Aboriginals don’t have sorcerer in their language, more like witch doctor).

    An Aussie!

  • Elle

    For the active energy in physics we did:-

    Radiant (Light)

    This is an awsome list :]

  • tdogg

    For the classifications of animals i use: Kings Play Cards On Fat Green Stools

  • aminoor

    an easier way to remember the planets are my very easy method just somes up nine planets

  • jacob

    wow!! this really helps!!:D

  • anon

    the bonus, instead of that were just taught HOMES in michigan schools. since we all show where we live by holding up our hand its basically taken for granted that we know where all the lakes are. I can say ive swam in all 5 lakes in a 24 hour span

  • Kasi

    (Some old hippy) sin = opp/hyp
    (Caught another Hippy) Cos=adj/hyp
    (Trippin on acid) Tan=opp/adj

  • fiik

    An indian girl would soak her toe in the water every morning. SOH CAH TOA. thats how i remember it.

  • eric

    Chemistry: BrInClHOF :D read >>Brinkl’hof<<

  • ted

    density: Mass over Volume. If you will write it on paper M over V looks like a heart.

    volume))) <|3 (((mass

  • camocspro

    For Rainbow you can use the opposite of one word VIBGYOR ( Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red).

  • josh

    This is how our teacher taught it to us. Read down the left column and then down the right. It takes the place of SOHCAHTOA.
    Old Shit

    Arse Comes

    Opens Through

  • Patrick

    HOMES – Huron Ontario Michigan Erie Superior

  • Stone2065

    At the risk of sounding racist as hell… here it goes. This was taught to us new electronics techs a couple of decades ago, relating to the colors on resistors, all in order to keep in mind each color’s value.

    But=Null, it’s for the phrase to make sense
    Gives=Light Green

    Sorry if it’s offensive, as this was taught to me in the mid 80’s, it’s stuck.

  • asd

    For biology I learned "Delighted kings play chess on fat girls' stomachs". and I still remember it. It helps if they're funny / absurd.

  • Henry Kahn, Ed.D.

    Another mnemonic for the visible spectrum of light is the name of ROY G. BIV which ofcourse stands for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (also the color of ducks when they go into water) aqnd violet.

  • DrewBlay

    and if you want Comparing Numbers elementary Games you can try it too, as one of the many subjects.

  • MANI


  • guest

    I know this isn't quite related to science, but I remember the mnemonic that my old English teacher told us about the order of adjectives before a noun (English isn't my first language).
    It goes SASCOM:

    Though I guess many of you native speakers learned to do that subconsciously.

  • Name prabin Timilsena

    Enter your comment here.

  • Jose Poblano Cerrano

    That’s how People remember the Great lakes, or just do HOMES like the Chicano’s do! Huron Ontario Michigan Eerie & Superior

  • Mr Fallout

    I remember the rainbow like this:

  • Andrei

    Nice list, but I think it’s more useful to try and make sense out of things, instead of learning such mnemonics. You need one for Distance = Speed x Time? Seems like Americans really try to rule out thinking. Mendeleev invented the chart not by learning mnemonics. And the Moon is more of a planet than Pluto, that’s just a large piece of ice.
    Try something like this: All, Earth (agriculture), Sky, Sea – Gods of All (Jupiter), Earth/agriculture (Saturn), Sky (Uranus -this is the Greek intruder), Seas (Neptune). You’ve got the order of the big planets and learnedother things as well. The small ones are Mercury (trade), Venus (love), Terra (earth – all of it not just USA), Mars (war). You can think that the last one – the war, can be fought for money, a woman or territory.

  • Rachel

    Campbell et al. (2011) list the geologic ages (starting with “possibly”):
    Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, Holocene

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  • fiiona

    Never heard “sergeant major hates eating onions.” I grew up in Michigan and was taught HOMES. (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior.)

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  • Katie

    I remember the Biological Classifications as

    Listen, Dear. Kindly Put Condoms On For Group Sex

  • David Riley

    How do you remember the order of the metric system. Someone mentioned them but did not say how they remember them? Thanks!

  • Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally for order of math operations – parentheses, exponentials, multiply, divide, addition, subtraction.

    Have No Fear of Ice Cold Bears for the 7 diatomic elements – hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, oxygen, iodine, chlorine, and bromine.

    The Gay Guy Wears a Pink Tutu – Gay-Lussac’s Law of Pressure/Temperature = k (a constant)

    Boyle was a PeRVerT for Boyle’s Law

    Mr T drives a GMW to work out mass and temperature with the constant r to equal something else… damn. I forgot.

  • fazal

    nice and important

  • Dave

    Great Lakes from west to east. Also: So Many Homes Eat Oreos

  • Adult Fish Dating

    of course like your web-site however you need to test the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to inform the truth however I will certainly come back again.

  • orville.alone

    I have one from my biology class, probably about cranial nerves of amniotes, here:
    On – Optic (eyes)
    Old – Olfactory (nose)
    Olympus – Occulomotor (eye balls)
    Towering – Trigeminal (snout/jaws)
    Top – Trochlear (eye balls)
    A – Abducens (movement of eye balls)
    Finn – Facial (face)
    And – Auditory (ears)
    German – Glossopharyngeal (tongue/pharynx)
    Viewed – Vagus (visceral organs)
    A – Accessory (neck)
    Hope – Hypoglossal (tongue)

    another one from biology, the essential amino-acids:
    Arginine, Valine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine and Tryptophan

  • gop21

    i was told Never Eat Sour Worms

  • tjc

    Being a historian, I like your sentence about Richard of York. I just learned that the colors of the spectrum are represented by a person. His name is Roy G. Biv. The other one for the planets includes the Sun: Sister Mary Visits Every Monday; Just Stays Until Noon, Period. With the de-planetization of (poor) Pluto, you can omit the period and it still makes sense. My all-time fave is a military one: the Army has a standard format for an operational order, which has five paragraphs: Situation; Mission; Execution; Administration and Logistics; Command and Signal. “She Met Elvis and Lovingly Committed Sin.”

  • nelly

    got a mnemonic for the Kingdoms? eubacteria, archaebacteria, protista, fungi plantae, animalia?

  • William St.Paul

    “Move like Michael Jackson”

    I found this pretty cool memory aid, its small and sexy.