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January 2008 Update

by Listverse Writers
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As you all know, I am currently on holiday in New Zealand. I have another week left and will then be heading home. You will have noticed that the number of new lists has been considerably fewer than usual which is because I am trying to squeeze in as many visits to friends and family as I can before leaving. In a week things will return to normal. If you have a list idea or a list, be sure to send them in now as it will help me a lot in the upcoming week (which is now fully booked with events).

The logo competition is coming along well with a reasonable number of submissions so far, but please be sure to send in your ideas for consideration.

Thanks to Cyn and all our regulars who are taking the time to comment and respond to comments in my absence. I am looking forward to being able to chatter in the comments again when I return home.

I hope you are all having a great New Year!

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