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Another 20 Unfortunate Product Names

by Satori
fact checked by dickensgirl

The first list in this series (Top 10 Unfortunate Product Names) was very popular and it inspired one of our readers to send in an additional 20 unfortunate products. For your viewing pleasure, may I introduce another 20 unfortunate (to say the least) product names:

20. Barf!

Barf119. Cock

3301618. Asse

Asse17. Cemen

Cemen16. Cock Soup

Cocksoup15. Megapussi

Collegehumor D4C57Dcd2Cb15D5F3D0D7498Ef07Cbf014. Erektus

Erektus13. Erector

Erpix112. Fart Bar

Fartbar11. Finger Marie

Fingermarie10. Golden Gaytime

Gaytime9. Happy Crak

Happycrak8. Wack Off

Ir00017. Muffe


6. My Fannie

Myfannie5. Pee Cola


4. Schovit

Schovit3. Shito


2. Woodii

Woodii1. Vergina

VerginaContributor: Satori

fact checked by dickensgirl