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Your View: What is the best movie ever made?

by Listverse Writers
fact checked by Alex Hanton

I have decided to try out a new type of list on the site – one where you (the readers) pick the content. This isn’t a top ten however. The aim here is for you to discuss the question at hand and share your views with the rest of the site. If the idea takes off, I will consider making these a regular part of the site.

The format will be: I ask the question, I give my answer and reason, and then I open the floor to everyone here to give their answers and reasons. So – onward, to our first installment of Your View.

MontageWhat is the best movie ever made, and why?

I think the best movie ever made is The Godfather.

I think it is the best movie because every time I watch it (and I have watched it many times) it really manages to draw me in – I become totally absorbed and feel like I am part of a real scene playing out around me. Also, the film has amazing cinematography and direction, and the acting is top-notch!

NOTE: Because this is our first try at “Your View” – let me know whether you think this is a good idea or whether we should forget about it. This will not replace any lists and we will continue to write lists as usual.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Writers

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