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Top 10 Unfortunate Placenames

Satori . . . Comments

[WARNING: This list contains language that may offend some readers] Following on from our lists of unfortunately named products, we have our unfortunate placenames! Here are 10 rather awful placenames from around the world.


180Px-Twatt Road Sign



727Px-Intercourse Pennsylvania Welcome Sign 2000Px


10514 Mwnnlsxwdztva5.



22360542 4F33376A197.




The World 1185118380 001-Muff-Sign10.

TitlisContributor: Satori

  • Angelina

    Those are fucking hilarious!!!! :-)

    • notfunnyjoke

      “Welcome to Muff” – Thats not the first time i’ve been! :P

  • Nelia

    I didn’t think the simply but effective “Dildo” could be topped. then we get to “Cocking Fuckborough.” that is just… amazing. Is that seriously real?

  • joes

    i think most were faked.

    • julie

      no not faked at all. I have been to Intercourse at least.

    • Will

      Not Intercourse. I've been there. Nice town, actually, and in the heart of Amish country.

    • amandapicons

      Dildo is very real, but more funny than that there is a small cabin area called Spread Eagle in Dildo! Located in Newfoundland. I grew up in the area!

  • Nelia

    ah, sadly, it looks like it isn’t real (according to random stuff that came up on google). But I’d love to be proved wrong!

  • This list screams ‘PHOTOSHOPPED’ at me. 4 & 6 especially. No village in England is going to have a sign saying ‘Please don’t laugh at our village’s funny name’. Plus, the text on the sign is wonky.

  • Mianus Connecticut didn’t make it in?

  • Mousykins

    I live near Pity Me. :) Real place. Not sure about the others though!

  • Susana

    Real or not,LMAO at no.6

  • What was going through the village founders heads?

  • fishing4monkeys

    Woah I’ve been to the last one! It’s near freiberg germany, it’s a ski resort. Anyway; this is a cool list even though i’ve seen half of those before :)

  • skipps

    I wonder if people will who go to Hell, after accessing Anus and going around Fucking.

  • skipps

    Oh by the way, Fucking is really the name of an Austrian village.

  • dvhann

    here in saskatchewan we have a town called Semens, just a few kilometers from Climax.

    oh..and we have a random town called Elbow

  • Megan

    In Yellowknife, Nwt, Canada there is a road named Ragged Ass road, its pretty famous in canada.

  • BBandC

    Hey there is also Graball and Smut Eye, Ala; Tightwad, Mo.;Monkeys Eyebrow, Ky.;Smackover, Ark.;Rough and Ready, Calif., etc.

  • xdarkhorsex

    I was raised near a village called flatbush in alberta, canada. always got a chuckle outta that name for some reason

  • colin

    i think a few are def photoshopped, and does HELL count? it seems they meant to call it that, cos the real name is at the bottom.

    BUT seriously, fantastic list. YAY!

  • rrharley

    Dildo is real. There’s also Conception Bay, which is also in Newfoundland. Don’t forget: Come-by-Chance and Blow-me-down!

    I sooooo want to move to Climax, Sask.

  • Grumpus

    I know Dildo and Fucking are real (Newfoundland & Austria respectively). Dildo is the birthplace of Playboy playmate and b-movie actress Shannon Tweed. I live near Bumpass, VA (pronounced Bumpiss or Bumpus).

  • Natalie Rose

    There is a country town in New South Wales, Australia called Bogan Gate. And I know it isn’t as unfortunate as the other names on this list, but it still makes me laugh.
    Great list.

  • mklong

    I agree, lots of these images seem photoshopped and I can remember seeing most of them on sites like ebaums and cracked……which dosent say alot about my personal life but i still thank this was a weak list.

  • nirabhs2

    Muff is a real place too – it’s in Co. Donegal, Ireland. To top it all off they have a diving club too! Seriously!

  • Denashi

    Hehe, good list … here in Denmark there is a place called Pikhede, or in English: Dickmoor ;)

  • Canacan

    In South Africa we have a town called Hotazel (hot as hell)

  • Andrea Carlena

    Aha. Ahahaha. Ahahahahaaa!! That’s great.

    -Andrea Carlena Beauman

  • Ruairi

    yep, i attest for Muff…

    and the diving school

  • Columbo

    I watched a news story about the town of Dildo. It was about a small group of townsfolk who were trying to get the name changed, and an even smaller group who were trying to keep the name.

  • JwJwBean

    There are many towns with the name Hell. Even if that one were photopshopped, there are many real ones. I think this lise was funny. :D Thank you Satori. Always nice to have some humor when you wake up.

  • Mark

    What about Wyre Piddle in Worcestershire, UK and all the various Hamptons around?

  • Ravyn

    Hell is real. I live about an hour from it. Intercourse Pa is not far from Blue Ball Pa.

  • james

    We’ve a place called Wetwang up here in North Yorkshire :D

  • evan

    I dunno about the other ones but Hell, Michigan is real.

  • NoPunyNerd

    There’s a town in North Carolina, USA, called Morehead. I know this to be a fact. :D

  • Mark

    NoPunyNerd: Sounds like a place Hugh Grant would be at home, then!

  • Gina

    I used to live near Intercourse, PA. Amish country is FULL of crazy town names! When we were growing up, we used to say – You can head through Blue Ball, Bird in Hand, and Intercourse all on the way to Paradise!

    But no matter what, you always have to go through Intercourse to get to Paradise :)

  • stormy617

    I can tell you that there really is a Hell Michigan, so that one is deff real!!!

  • NoPunyNerd

    Mark: If only Morehead had been situated in nearby Craven County, imagine the money they could have made selling souvenirs marked CRAVEN County, MOREHEAD City. Ah, well … maybe they can hire Hugh Grant for an ad campaign.

  • Mel

    this is a street sign in hong kong:

  • cparker

    I live right near intercourse, PA

  • SocialButterfly

    Awesome list!! Dildo is a real town in Newfoundland… they have alot of messed up town names. There is a parody band named The Arrogant Worms and they have a song all about the town names in Newfoundland. I recommend downloading it.

    Here is a link to the lyrics of the song:

  • Marcelo

    Number 8 it is also a fake

    • ing=from a place or family (bavarian)

      number 8 is not a fake, we’ve got 2 (two) here in upper austria, both near braunau (yes!), check in wikipedia or on any decent map – and in german it’s just a place name like “petting” or “wank” (both in bavaria) and before the rule of anglo-american linguistic imperialism no one cared.

  • angryray

    Hell Michigan is real, I live outside of it, one of the local mountain bike trails goes through it. It’s real small there is nothing there. There is also a Paradise Michigan in the U.P.

  • manashiori

    here in the Phils, there’s a place where they used to call sexmoan. I’m not sure if they changed it but unfortunate nonetheless.

    my fave is number 8. Hands down.

  • Amanda

    Colin: I am assuming you are not from America. Michigan is the name of the state that the town of Hell is in.

  • danielle

    Anyone seen the town of mianus?

  • Bob

    Wow, this list has about as much truth in it as the evolutionism one. Sweet.

  • SocialButterfly

    Shut up Bob.

  • Hannah

    What I love about the town of Dildo is that the two neighbouring towns are “Heart’s Desire” and “Heart’s Delight”. How much more perfect can you get?

    I got my picture taken next to the sign, of course.

    • amandapicons

      and Heart’s Content

  • stevenh

    The famous ski and hunting are now know as “Jackson Hole” was first named “Jackson’s Hole” (a hole being old mountin talk for a valley). There used to be a sign at the entrance to the valley explaining that the name was changed “for reasons of brevity” – as if the extra [‘s] made a difference.

    No longer “an unfortunate placename”, ah well …

  • SlickWilly

    Hell, Michigan
    Fucking, Australia
    Intercourse, Pennsylvania
    Dildo, Newfoundland
    Clousta/Twatt, Shetland

    All real places :)

  • Emeraldi

    I have an Intercourse, Pennsylvania hat! I get weird looks everytime I wear it.

  • krycek

    I’ve been to Hell, MI…not a whole lot going on there. Also, there is a Big Beaver road in Troy…Exit 69, of course.

  • yeasure

    theres a place in co.meath(i think) ,ireland called nobber!

  • Jen
  • Csimmons

    I laughed so hard i nearly pissed myself!

  • blaze fielding

    theres a road near me called ‘butt hole road’. its a just off a main road, so whenever you go to the next town your sure to drive past it :D

  • SoCalJeff

    I used to live near Intercourse, PA. Jokingly I used to put that as my address on certain Internet related profiles until I realized that adult screening software on the server side would not allow me to add it or tell me my profile needed to be included in with other adult profiles.

    Must be a huge problem for people that live there now when dealing with outsider especially since automated software has gotten even more advanced.

  • Csimmons

    I’ve actually been to Hell, michigan, now when people say “Go to hell!’ I just say “I’ve already been there, its pretty nice!”

  • King of the Horizon

    theres a Hackballsslash in ireland.ill try and find a picture.apperntly it was a place of torture in the middle ages

  • King of the Horizon

    oops.turns out its hackballscross.and no signpost picture of it as far as i know.but search the name on will get b&b listings in the area and whatnot

  • Elana

    Fishing4Monkeys: You must have something confused.. The last one, Titlis. I have been there. It is located in Switzerland. I took that actual rotair up the the mountain called which is called Titlis (hence the ski resorts name) The mountain is located in the Swiss Alps.

  • Brandon5am

    What about the town Mianus… they did somethign about it on Jackass

  • Tony

    We have Beaver Lick deep south KY

  • I drive through Hell a lot. I live very close to it.

    In retrospect, that doesn’t sound so nice “Oh! I drive through Hell ALL of the time!”

  • smashpro1

    Don’t forget Bong Recreation Area in Wisconsin

  • We also have Big Bone Lick State Park in KY…

  • QDV

    There’s also a Climax, MI[chigan]. I visited there once and asked if they had any souvenir t-shirts, like the ones I have for Hell and Paradise. They couldn’t imagine why someone would want a shirt from Climax, MI. It’s off of I-94.

    I used to go hiking near Hell all the time when I was going to school at UM. Don’t know if it’s still the case, but back in the early 90s, you’d get on the Ann Arbor-Dexter Road, and once you reached Dexter, you’d get on the Dexter-Pinckney Rd. A few miles south of Pinckney, you’d turn left on Darwin Rd, and … Darwin would lead you straight to Hell.

    Also a heads-up for Purgatory, CO, and Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky.

  • stevenh

    Your comment about Darwin leading straight to Hell is posted on the wrong list…

    (but, of course, you know that ;)

  • stevenh
  • dan231

    there is a Bald Knob marina up north in IL.

  • cat

    I’ve also passed through Muff and seen the signs for it’s diving club. Also, at one point a garage chain called Top used to have a branch there and you could buy keyrings with “Top Muff” on them there as you filled up your car – I still have 3.

  • goof_ball

    What about Mianus, Connecticut? It’s a real place, just Google it if you don’t believe me. For those Jackass (show) fans out there, you should know exactly what I’m talking about.

  • AlyshiaH

    Hell is a real place.. thats where im retireing too! Looks like some of these are photoshopped.. but some are real places

  • VonGoetz


    I am a resident of Jackson’s Hole and there are plenty of people that still refer to it as that. The real fun is trying to explain to the tourists the difference between Jackson & Jackson’s Hole.

  • Bananas

    Ive been to a place called deathonastik(pronounced dev on a stck) haha death on a stick. i was crackin up.

  • BadassBookworm

    I work at a hotel here in WI so I see a lot of place names. My favorite is French Lick, IN. lol

  • Marcelo

    Nunber 3 is obvously a fake computer-edited

  • connikim

    I used to live in Pleasant Grove, Ca. which used to be named Gouge Eye.

  • connikim: wow – how do people come up with those names?!

    • My folks visited Intercourse last year and sent me a postcard. Very odd to explain to my kid, lol.

  • Ldominix

    Dildo is a small town on the East Cost of Newfounland, Canada. There are many tales of how the town got it’s name. But the most accepted one is that it comes from the name of a sailing/whaleing tool. Since all coastal towns in Newfoundland we’re founded because of fishing, whaleing, sealing etc the name makes sence. Dildo is about a 20 minute drive from my nome, and I work there in the wouldn’t believe how many signs get stolen each year.

  • Nopunynerd you missed the two best in NC… Stumpy point and Lizard lick. Maybe if she licks the lizard first the stump may be less of a shock.

  • Apparently Hell, Michigan is REAL!….. like we didn’t get it after the firt 6 people said they’ve been there.
    I still like that there’s a Boring, Oregon, and Vader, Washington. Oh and gotta love Beaverton,Wyoming! did I forget Weed, California… gotta love it When I was a kid, I thought Waco, Texas was prounounced wacko

  • Ash

    Muff is definitely real because it’s in Ireland, and I live there.

  • slarkees

    hey jfrater: You could do a list just of Canadian places. Some of my favourites: Deathdealer Island; Drinking Hole Barren; Push and Be Damned Rapids; Grosse Coques; Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo Jump; Hump Island…I think you get the point

  • riley

    DVHANN: I also live in Saskatchewan, and you forgot Eyebrow, oh and we have a beach called Bare Ass Beach (your supposed to go nude)

  • davo

    “Excuse me sir, could you please tell where you’ve been recently.”

    “Fucking, Hell, Cocking Fuckborough”

  • Crimanon: lol at licking lizards! Lots of peculiar names in NC … Dead Cow Road comes to mind. ;P

  • Pyrratus

    I’ve driven through Fucking Cockborough before! It was hilarious!

  • What a colorful vacation you had Davo.

  • evilk8

    There’s a Shooting Butts Road in Martinborough, NZ.

  • stormy617

    Krycek #51 i have always thought it was ironic that the exit number for Big beaver road was 69 too. I there is an intersection pretty near me that is: Dix and Champange.

    I kid you not.

  • satori

    #3-JOES- I researched all of them to authenticate them-they are, unfortunately all real places.

  • Punjar

    I’ve been through Intercourse Pa, there’s actually a town near it called Blue Ball

  • satori

    Also, by “research” I don’t mean Ebaums World, or any other sites like it…I mean I looked at maps-I assure you guys, they’re all real places. Most of them have websites for the towns-What’s great is that most of them find the names good tourist draws, and I think they’re right. Google the towns-you’ll find their home pages. Glad you guys enjoyed them!

  • Deus

    My dad was born in Hell, Mi actually

  • satori

    Also, under “fucking”, the sign says “don’t go to fast” (and under that it says children crossing…not as funny) but COME ON- FUCKING- DON’T GO TOO FAST!

  • rulexs

    lol so damn funny lol

  • courtney

    What about GLASSCOCK, TEXAS?

  • Allie

    He he, funny list. In Queensland Australia there is a place called MT. Mee (mount me!)

  • JLatore

    My uncle had a t-shirt from Intercourse Pennsylvania, saying “INTERCOURSE WAS EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE.”

  • Nzbyrd

    In New Zealand we have a beach called ‘Urutiti’ pronounced You-ra-titty, this beach is a common nudist beach.

  • Tjgrs

    Condom, France
    Tit, Algeria
    Half Hell, North Carolina
    Deep Hole, Virginia
    Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania
    Big Beaver, Pennsylvania
    Blue ball, Pennsylvania and Ohio and Delaware
    New Erection, Virginia
    Climax, Georgia and Colorado and Michigan and Minnesota and New York and North Carolina and Ohio
    Conception, Missouri
    Fidelity, Missouri
    Horneytown, North Carolina
    Come By Chance, New Foundland
    Jackhead, Monitoba
    Intercourse, Alabama
    Mianus, CT
    Gay, Michigan
    Gay Head, Massachusetts
    Gayhead, New York
    Cumming, Georgia
    Beaver Lick, Kentucky
    Virginville, PA
    Gayville, South Dakota
    Oral, South Dakota
    Threeway, Virginia
    Fourway, Virginia
    Humptulips, Washington
    Spread Eagle, Wisconsin

    and Satans Kingdom, Vermont is funny and you can also be dropped off at the corner of Seaman Avenue & Cumming Street in New York.

  • Nzbyrd

    Wow Tjgrs you are awesome. USA sure has had some fun when dealing out place names, They would definately win first prize.

  • Cambrex101

    Oh, yes! Somewhere I’ve been!
    I used to go to Hell, Michigan like…three times a year,
    they have the best ice cream!

    And for those who are interested, I’m pretty sure that Hell is fairly close to Paradise,

  • Grumpus

    Speaking of odd street names, we have the intersection of Cox and Knuckols (Richmond, VA. I used to work near there and it was always fun to tell people we were located where Cox meets Knuckols. Most of them never got the masturbation reference.

  • Someone was telling me that they once met someone from Intercourse, and he (being British), laughed quite loudly upon hearing where they where from.

    They didn’t get it. xDD

  • Daithi

    They’re all legit with the possibility of 6 being the falsified one.

  • brody

    I’m acutally from Dildo…it’s an aweosome place. There mascot is a wooden fisherman named Captain dildo. No joke.

  • Sarah

    Saskatchewan’s got quite a few…Bangor, Big Beaver, Bush, Climax, Cummings, Duff, Forget, Little Woody, Old Wives, Peerless, Semans, Uren, to name a few…there’s lots of other funny ones, too- Love, Romance, Success, Tadmore, Ebeneezer…here’s the link:

  • vellvoot

    Check out “Grosse Coques” In Nova Scotia… another funny one.

  • badlist

    to leave the famous Mianus off this list is a travesty….A TRAVESTY I SAY

  • kate

    Cocking Fuckborough is not real. Just type it into

  • stormy617

    Of course down in Detroit on Dix Ave. is a strip bar named of course: Chicks on Dix

  • sarah at the disco

    haha those rock…another good one would have been Mianus
    It was on jackass.

  • Latta

    There is a little town just northeast of Memphis TN, where I live, named “NutBush”

  • mackyle12

    Cool i’ve been to the last one! I go snowboarding there alot :D

  • fishing4monkeys


    I didn’t get it wrong, Switzerland borders Germany and it IS near Freiburg germany…

  • R Brown

    I live about 10 minutes from Intercourse PA. Nearby there is also Blue Ball and south you have Paradise. PA pretty much has you covered.

  • Hotcut3

    There is also a small town north of Trondheim,Norway that`s named Hell,luck in Norwegian,and the former pope john paul II
    actually drove trough when he was in Norway.

  • Found a new sign: , neighsayers be warned!

  • kandi

    im from michigan and hell is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jrjb

    Blunt, South Dakota

  • AJ

    funny…………its damn funny and hilarious…………stupid……..people are out of their minds nowadays!!!!!!!

  • Derick

    An obvious american website.Why don’t you all move to hell.Where is it you ask? Any fucking place in the USA.
    My birthplace is Dildo and for your information at the time of it’s birth in 1622 it was so named for the cork that one would keep in the bottom of a boat or dory.Newfoundland does have some pretty unique names as the first inhabitants so named the places as they saw them.Newfoundland was built by the hard work and perseverance of its people and America was built by the free labour and back breaking work of African/American slaves.

  • Derick: I am not American and I don’t live in America. So, no – it is not an American website :)

  • SlickWilly

    Haha…and people think Americans are bigoted. Derick, I’ve got news for you…the only one coming off ignorant here is you. I’m sure Newfoundland is a lovely country, and hopefully populated by people brighter than yourself.

  • SocialButterfly

    Derick: As a fellow Canadian I am embarrassed that you are acting like that. Perhaps you should move to America if that is how you want to act.

    F*cking Newfies… no wonder the rest of the country thinks you are all handicapped!

  • kiwiboi

    Derick – don’t listen to them! jfrater is from Texas, and he owns 3 guns, a pickup, and chews ‘bacca :)

  • kiwiboi

    SocialButterfly – “F*cking Newfies… no wonder the rest of the country thinks you are all handicapped!”

    They do ?? Hahaha :)

  • SlickWilly

    edit: lovely part of the country… damn fast comments

  • SocialButterfly

    kiwiboi: Unfortunately it is another generalization such as Americans are ignorant rednecks. ;) But yes it is said quite frequently… You know the prototypical blonde jokes that you hear.. well substitute the word blonde for Newfie.

    I do have quite a few close friends that are from Newfoundland but he just completely ruins it for the rest of them!

  • kiwiboi

    Social – heh..I guess every nation has its own variation of your “Newfies”

  • SocialButterfly

    kiwiboi: Yeah I am beginning to see that… What are the New Zealand version called?

  • kiwiboi

    Well, I’ve been away for some years now, but I would guess it’s “Westies” (West Aucklanders)

  • Sheep Chasers!!! :P

  • kiwiboi

    Heh…just remember that “baaaa” means “No!!”

  • SocialButterfly

    :shock: hahaha that’s awesome kiwiboi!

  • Spinks
  • QDV
  • baobao

    #6 is the funniest!

  • joekerr

    And those Frenchies gave us the “Grand Tetons” or Big Tits mountains in wyoming!!!!

  • Taran

    the Pennsylvania one is great, I need to look for that one. Number6 was pretty good too. At least they know and accept the fact they have a weird name.

  • Polly Odyssey

    I want #8.

    Also, Please don’t make fun of our village’s silly name.

  • beff

    there is also a
    Blue Ball,
    Big Beaver
    and Bird-in-Hand Pennsylvania
    I used to stare at the back of a classmates shirt that had the towns of Pa on the back on a map and of course there was a cartoon sign in the middle with Intercourse and Blue Ball in the middle (lancaster county) and i would always think she would get in trouble for wearing it….

  • mmbk33

    I’m from Michigan and HELL, Michigan is a real!

  • MPW

    there is a city in California called Oxnard. nard is a slang term for a testicle. definitely an unfortunate name, although the city may have existed before the term

  • John

    In Co. Cork, Ireland, there is a place called Effin.
    So it’s like lets all go to the effin church.

  • Matt

    I live in Penistone in England.

    It’s funny for the first few months, then you get used to it.

  • Caillourose

    My parents live near Anus (as*s*hole, in French), a tiny hamlet in Burgundy.


    I live near a village called “Fingringhoe” in England

  • let_up

    fucking exists. i’m from austria and you should see the masses (well, really tiny masses, as it were) flocking towards the town (clear case of exaggeration there, again). the name can be traced back to the tenth century as there was a guy called “focko”, and it means “Focko’s familys place”.

    I understand the fascination, though.

  • Mark

    Intercourse, PA is where the movie Witness with Harrison Ford was filmed. It’s an Amish community this also includes the town’s of Blueball and Virginville.

    Hell, Mi. is a popular place for weathermen to talk about in the winter when it “freezes over”.

    My favorite name not on the list is a town in Ohio named
    Big Bone Lick.

  • Mark

    Make that Big Bone Lick, KY. not Ohio.

  • RickyB

    I can vouch for the Twatt sign – I have the same photo myself…

  • ligeia

    Cocking Fuckborough??? No way is that real. In Dublin you can go to the Furry Glen in the Phoenix Park. Or what about Bushy Park in Rathfarnham (Dublin too) And if you’re in Co. Clare, why not visit the lovely village of Feakle? When I realised we were going to be passing through Feakle I almost shat myself laughing!! (Now that would have been ironic!!)

  • Jrodickens

    I live somewhat near Dildo in Newfoundland, that IS a real place, however i do believe they recently changed the name. Nova Scotia has a place called Lower Sackville too. That should definetly be here. But props to finding out about Dildo.

  • tilladakilla

    How does No one mention the ever popular Phuket, Thailand?

  • Bedev

    In the Netherlands is a village named “Doodstil”, meaning “Deadsilent”.

  • beelzebubbles

    There’s a Hackballscross not far from me in Co.Louth, Ireland. That always cracks me up. Especially becaue the accent of the locals is a bit gutteral – makes it all that more violent-sounding…

  • theraven

    what about Idiotville, Oregon?

  • Tom

    I live a half hour outside of dildo!

  • Charlie

    sorry #6 I totally laughed at your funny name.

  • Ouroboros

    I have totally been to mount Titlis-‘so named because of it’s resemblance to a female breast’.

  • Kathleen

    No more than 1 hour from my home in North Carolina is Hornytown :)

    nice list hahaha

  • Linz

    Aha i so live near ‘Pity Me’
    and even nearer to ‘No Place’ ;p

  • lantana

    In Belgium you can find the lovely city of Reet (Arse, in translation)

  • zigra

    There is a state park in Kentucky called Big Bone Lick.

  • Mark

    168. zigra

    already said back in comment #154

  • Blue bunny

    My mum lives near Penistone in Yorkshire,uk I thought that was funny when we saw it..

    where do all these name originate from?

  • lilstvsmom

    I was reading about intercourse pennsylvania and there is a lot of strange town names near there….blue ball…bird in hand…virginville…and what even stranger is its all amish country

  • Annie

    HAhahha, Im glad to see that Dildo made the list, as i thought it would. I love there :)
    On a sign comming into the town, it says “Dildo 12″, the 12 meaning kilometers, but some clever person put a ‘ ” ‘ there, so now the sign reads, ‘Dildo 12″‘

  • rna266

    I can’t believe no one from MO has brought up Knob Lick. It’s a tiny little town but it gets huge laughs.

  • BooRadley

    In Colorado there is a ski town called Beaver Creek. There is a store there that sells alcoholic beverages named “Beaver Liquors.” My friend bought a t-shirt there.

    Also, on Highway 101 in Humboldt County (northern Cali) is a highway exit called “Bear Buttes Road.” I always mean to stop and take a picture, but the camera is never handy.

  • The Guy

    I went to Intercourse two summers ago, they sell shirts that say “I heart Intercourse”

  • Pandora16

    Cocking Fuckborough…..what were they thinking?

    i dont think people living there would have liked to be called FROM that place

    WTF! ewww

  • Nipper

    There is a place in South Australia called ‘Grong Grong’, then there is ‘Humpty-do’ in the Northern Territory, Queensland is the name of a whole state in Australia and then there are a myriad of wierd names some of which are Indigenous words and some are not;

    Wagga Wagga
    Broken Hill
    Indented Head
    Koo Wee Rup
    Nar Nar Goon
    Mount Toolebewong
    And there are hundreds more

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  • hayeder

    those are all hilarious but a few are probably untrue and it seems cocking fuckborough almost certainly is

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  • phil

    i lived near pity me and there is another place in durham england called “NO PLACE” LOL

  • whoopee

    Someone once pointed out a place on a Manchester A-Z map called Nob End. Nearby was a place called Little Lever, which was less funny.

  • mdoorkeeper

    Does “Peculiar”, MO count as “unfortunate”? Also, I have often thought that Morehead, KY ought to be on the Licking River. Unfortunately…

  • Gooch

    thers a place in Mayo, ireland, called pussy creek, and i live like 20 mins away from muff, its fulla freaks tho.

  • Emiljuul

    In Denmark we have the cities Middelfart and Jelling .. But here Middelfart doesn’t mean the same thing as in English :D .. It means “Medium speed” in Denmark though it doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  • InfeaNO

    Muff for the win. Muff’s in N. Ireland and it even has a diving school

  • oouchan

    There is a bar that I know of on the corner of 69th and Beaver Street in Licking, PA. Pennsylvania also Blueballs and the above mentioned Intercourse. Glad I lived there for 13 years!

  • DG

    “i think most were faked.”

    The only shaky one I think is Cocking Fuckborough, most of the others are pretty well known places where several people have been or which can easily be found on maps.

  • Just Me

    I live near a village called “Cockermouth” in Cumbria, near “STAINton”

  • joe

    LOL wow, i live just `10 minutes away from dildo. it’s in newfoundland.

  • doodlefish

    We’ve got Pratt’s Bottom, in Surrey, but the French have got Silly, Pissy and Prat.

  • Dash

    we always laugh at the city “Pula” from Croatia…it may be a fine place but in my language it means dick

  • shasha

    I think 4 and 6 might be shopped…
    Fucking, Austria always cracks me up, though
    it is made twice as funny by the sign below it with children saying “Bitte! Nacht so Schnell!”

  • shasha

    *^nicht so schnell

  • Elleoh

    My favorite place name story is about a street in Calgary AB Canada. The street is called Shaganappi Trail which I didn’t know was funny until my friend’s dad from the UK was driving me home on it and he said “SHAGANAPPI TRAIL?! in England it would be FUCK A DIAPER trail!”….awesome…

  • the dutch guy
  • AshleyR

    i live in michigan and i want to live in hell michigan so bad because it would be hilarious to tell people you live in hell haha. then again…it doesnt matter where in michigan you live, its still hell.

  • akos

    number 8 – wow! is that a real place? am suprised.

  • Cormac

    HA! i used to live in Muff It’s in Ireland.

  • ianz09

    my friend told me about fraser’s bottom in west virginia… he was especially thrilled by the “now entering fraser’s bottom” sign

  • ianz09

    oh and just south of chillicothe here in ohio we have knockemstiff. not terribly funny, but its the real name of the town, which by default makes it better than the photoshopped places

  • biggie

    Not to sure if it has been mentioned but the best place to be is Cockermouth. It is in Cumbria,UK

  • kennypo65

    What, no Bumfuck Egypt?

  • teapoison

    hahahaha.. funny names indeed, does anyone know which of the places mentioned above is a tourist destination? kinda want to see some of the places myself :D

  • the7thcrow

    Not far along the highway after getting off the ferry from Nfld. where Dildo is located (along with many many wonderful Newfoundland place names) you’ll find Balls Creek on Cape Breton Island .

  • Rumble

    Titlis is definitively a Ski Ressort in Switzerland. It is located in the central part of the country. See for yourself:

  • Jack

    Love cocking fuckborough, especially with the note they put underneath

  • natapillar

    sorry but cocking fuckborough and anus are not real places here in UK. there is a place called Slaughter though,i have been there. and im almost certain we have a village called upper dicker!

  • natapillar try some of these from uk and america. i honestly do not find many of the brits ones funny though

  • papahmariorulez

    Actually, they are all real… sadly ;)

  • Disco Bear

    Real funny guys!! Why make fun of those villages

  • tripsyman

    Not far from me in kent is

    “Pratts Bottom” and even closer is a village simply called


  • Ace

    I’ve been on Titlis !

  • Joanne

    How about Islamabad, in Pakistan? They give Islam a bad name :)

  • I like mint sauce….

    There’s a place a few kilometers from me called Poowong in Victoria, Australia!

  • I like mint sauce….
  • Spotty

    I want to move to MUFF! I hear the diving is excellent there! :-)

  • Twisted_Colour

    Boyland, Chinaman’s Knob, Cock Wash, Delicate Nobby, Mooball, Mount Buggery, The End of the World, Tittybong, Yorkeys Knob, Middle Intercourse Island, Iron Knob, Mount Little Dick.

    All Down Under.

  • dnm

    Yes, my father grew up in a town near dildo. It certainly exists.

    In it, is Dildo Run provincial park.

    I’ve never seen a dildo run, personally.

    Also, Shannon Tweed is NOT from Dildo. She’s from St John’s. Dildo is on new world island. St John’s is ~4 hours away by car.

  • tomcatp5b

    There’s a Bastard just outside of Rome, Italy.

  • Tracey

    In Ontario, Canada there is a small town called Dorking. Right by where my parents live (about a 20 min drive away).

  • I Know

    Louisiana has a town near Baton Rouge named Grosse Tete, which doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means Big… Head. Which itself is funny.

    In the same state, there’s Amite (ah, meat!) but keep heading south and you get Cut Off.

    But head up to Arkansas and you can find Weiner just northeast of Bald Knob.

    In northwest Arkansas, there’s Flippin, with a church that has a sign that reads “Welcome to the Flippin Church of God.”

  • Weasel

    Cocking Fuckborough ffom the name just has to be in the UK if it actually exists.
    I have a very detailed book of maps of the UK and there is no mention of it there. If it does exist, it’s almost certain that it would be in the book of maps.
    Interestingly, on one occasion when I was in the UK I noticed a village called “Cat’s Bottom” (Norfolk) in the index. I went there to get a photograph of the sign but regrettably there was actually no sign.

  • Sara

    Hilarious list. Know this has been on for a while, but there is a Hell in Norway, been through there (pretty place too!), and here in Minnesota there is a town called Nimrod. I’ve visited an aunt and cousin out in Oregon and they live in a suburb of Portland called Beaverton!

  • Lee

    Muff is in Ireland ! :-)

  • Angus

    In the UK, there is a town called Cockermouth, relatively unfortunate

  • FatBitch

    bless the germans
    theres probs gonna be a town in france called ‘wanking dick’

  • butterfingersbeck

    Not far from the French town of Annecy is a small village called “Chez les Gay” (“home of the gays”)…

  • Seán

    I have a hoodie for ‘Muff Diving Club’. Best €30 ever!

  • nicoyote

    @dvhann [13]:


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  • RSS

    I used to live a few miles from Toad Suck, Ark, and my grandpa was born in Blue Eye, Arkansas. Too weird.

  • Rebecca

    I live near somewhere called 'Nob End'.

  • Stan

    i've been to muff. It stinks of fish!!!

  • How could you miss Beaver Lick? I think it's in Kentucky or Arkansas.

  • rammsteinfollower

    I think it's been mentioned before, but Cockermouth should definately (<–sp?) be mentioned.
    Norfolk? It sounds like "No fuck". Well, it was more funny on this programme, this guy started an estate agents shop called "Norfolk 'N Homes". It was joke of course and he had to change the name, but it had me giggling somewhat.
    Acock’s Green (Worcestershire, UK)
    Ardfork (Aberdeenshire)
    Ardgay (Ross & Cromarty, UK)
    Arsoli (Lazio, Italy)
    That's all I can think of. ¬_¬
    Backside (Banffshire, Scotland)
    Bachelors Bump (Essex, UK)
    Assawoman (VA, USA)

  • blazerelf

    i really dounbt teh oen taht says fucking is real, other than that others seems pritty possible

  • "Pity Me" didn't make me laugh. Probably because it wasn't related to sex. But all of the others made me laugh out loud.

  • Ranelagh

    Hell. Nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

  • bansey

    I'm sure there is a place called bastard.

  • Jose Enrique Infante Cavazos

    I win to Titlis , EPIC WIN

  • Norb

    I know the spanish readers ain’t the main target of this webpage, but I think in any case, it should be fun to know that there’s a place called Vergas, Minnesotta, which “Vergas” is slang for penises in spanish, also, there’s a place in Russia called Putas, which is “whores” in my mother tounge. Its so hilarious that in Minessota they have a beauty peagent called “Miss Vergas”
    which sounds just like “my dicks” in spanish, hahaha.

  • Name

    once you read this you’ll never be mature again he he he :)

  • tony – woood

    cocking fuckborough is photoshopped. there is no such place… at least not in england. (the sign is typical english)

    there is a place called ‘cocking’ so maybe they just added fuckborough for a laugh.

    who can blame them.

  • Ben

    Haha these made me laugh! Only one thing i will point out though is that number 6 is fake. It does not exist!

  • ChrissyJ87

    Sorry to burst the bubble but whilst Cocking is a place in West Sussex, as far as I’m aware, Cocking Fuckborough does not exist.

  • lukass

    i live 5 miles away from pity me :’)

  • Butler

    A lot of these are fake, but there is a real place called “twatt” in Austria.

  • Amina

    Sorry but Cocking Fuckborough isn’t real. There’s definitely no such village called that in England.

  • Donohoe

    there is a place called Mianus in Connecticut

  • Dave

    While reading this list there was an ad for Sioux Falls between #’s 5 and 6. Couldn’t figure out why it was funny until I saw that there was no number there…

  • Angel

    too bad those are photoshopped and don’t actually exist! Do a Google and check them out if you don’t believe me.

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