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Your View: What is the Best Bond Film

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

James Bond movies are extremely popular and have been since the very beginning. They are full of intrigue, sex, gadgets, and money – what more could you want in a film?! For todays “your view” I want to know what your favorite Bond movie is of all time. You can include films from the main franchise or any of the extra films that are not considered part of it by the true aficionados.

When answering this question, be sure to give us your reasons for your answer – it gives us a chance to debate!

Casino Royale01
What is the best James Bond film ever made and why?

My view on this question is easily the new Casino Royale. The reason is that we see a much more humanistic Bond – he is also more rutheless which I believe is more fitting to the style of films and his character. Now, tell me what you think!

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