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Top 10 Worst Scenes In Movies

I have wanted to do this list for a LONG time and I have finally gotten around to putting it all together. This is a selection of the absolute worst scenes in movies. Prepare to cringe!


Nightmare on Elm Street 2


If horror movies terrify you, don’t worry about this scene – it is about as scary as an episode of Sesame Street. How they managed to get funding to make more movies after this mess I do not know. In this scene, the family parakeet kills its mate and then attacks the family.




Here we see Linda Blair of Exorcist fame wearing extremely large shoulder pads, followed by a scene of some guy doing a lot of yelling for no apparent reason. Fortunately, when the yelling guy harasses Linda, she remains completely calm… in fact, she remains about as calm as the piece of wood that taught her how to act.




In this clip we have the Worst. Fight. Scene. Ever. You just have to watch it to believe it – there is really nothing I can say about it.


The Best of Yucca Flats


In this scene we see the beast (a Russian scientist transformed in to a monster by radiation) strangling Jim. The problem is – it kinda looks like he is trying to get it on with him! Eventually Jim’s friend shoots the monster – though you wouldn’t know it except for the sound effects. Best line: “Jim… are you alright?”


Superman IV


Superman IV has to be the worst of the Superman franchise of movies. In this one we see bad acting from otherwise good actors, as well as special effects that can only be called special in the sense of a “special” school. When the girl (or should I say doll) flies out the window it is hysterical.


Shark Attack 3


In this clip we see the big bad shark eating people – lots of people, people on rafts, people on jetskis, people diving off boats. Basically, that is it. Om nom nom nom.




In this scene we see what I would consider to be the worst car chase in movies. The production team obviously couldn’t afford bullets or damage to the cars so the cops just wave the bad guy over. The best part, of course, is the gravity defying driving – you need to see it to believe it. Best line? “Don’t tell me you stole this car!” “I won’t then.”


Teen Witch


In this scene, the geeky friend of the teen witch is magically transformed in to a “hip chick” so she can impress the school badass. This scene features what I would consider to be the worst rap in history (yes – even worse than Madonna’s rap in American Life). Check out the hip moves and awesome lyrics. Best line? “Look how funky he is!”




Warning: This clip contains tacky scenes of b-grade violence. Watching this clip it is hard to believe that Nicholas Cage is an Oscar winning actor! This is absolutely the pits. After a ridiculously lame fight involving the tearing off of a fake beard, Cage simply loses control and basically screams a lot for no reason. Nice. Best line? “Come on bitch! Alright! Alright! Okay baby girl! Who sent ya?! Who sent ya?!”




Here we have a combination of bad acting, bad script writing, insanity, and perhaps the most evil mother in film history. Mama’s behavior in this scene later caused the poor little girl (Sybil) to get multiple personalities. Best line? “Now don’t worry, I’m not going to hit you this time. This time I’m only gonna kick ya!”

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  • Dianne

    So many bad movies, so little time…

  • warrrreagl

    Lots of cringe-worthy moments here. Probably won’t be able to watch all the clips in one sitting, though. And all subsequent commenters behave yourself. I mean it. This is me, setting a good example.


  • Redmushroom

    11. Ocean’s 12…..I refuse to watch that movie just because of the Julia Roberts lookalike scene. This was written by actors for actors and is complete crap. I understand that this is not in this list because also the rest of the movie sucks too but that scene for me makes a sub-par movie become a bad one.

  • islanderbst

    thats a clip from superman iv at #6, I assume they meant that one and not Superman 2, cause 2 was pretty good

    and also #7 should be beast

  • Adia

    Oh….I like Ocean’s 12 :(

  • DiscHuker

    jayfray: that isn’t superman 2, i think it is 4

  • Csimmons

    Ahhhhh! So many bad movies! My eyes are killing me!

  • DiscHuker: you are right – thanks. I have fixed it :)

  • SlickWilly

    …I think my eyes are bleeding.

  • Quiana

    Undefeatable was hilarious!!

  • bucslim

    Jeez, I could think of about 50 others

    Hayden Christenson and Natalie Portman trying to work through their feelings in Attack of the Clones was excruciating to watch.

    In Ichi the Killer when that chick got her nipples cut off, YIKES!!!

    John Travolta’s “I’m so crazy I’m cool” schtick in Broken Arrow, come to think of it, any scene with John Travolta after Pulp Fiction.

    The entire Lady in the Water movie.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

  • mezzalyrica1184

    Sofia Coppola in the Godfather 3. good lord.

  • Lucy

    I have never heard of most of these movies, but that may be a good thing.

  • otay

    Great list, i can imagine this wasn’t easy to put together, considering there are sooooo many horrible acting scenes to choose from.

  • courtney

    Shark Attack has the worst line of all time in it…for those of you who know what I’m talking about, it’s too horrendous to repeat. Check it out on YouTube.

    Hey Jfrater: YOu should do “Worst Movie Lines Ever” list!

  • courtney

    I mean “Shark Attack 3”

  • Cthulhu

    #8 doesn’t belong on this list. It’s more of a “It’s so bad it’s good” scenes and not mind-numbingly awful like the rest of the selections on the list.

  • islanderbst

    this is a list that would merit a sequel at some point.

    #4 RPM looks like a movie I gotta check out, I love a certain kind of bad

    as for Unbeatable, I think that would make Ed Wood squirm

  • otay: believe it or not, with all the video editing, this one took me around 6 hours!

  • Cyn

    warrrreagl – like that comment about setting an example and behaving yourself. :)

  • courtney

    I’m surprised you don’t have a scene from “Planet 9 from Outer Space” That movie is a mess!!

  • Chris

    4 might be my new favorite movie, but the dialogue during the fight in number 8 makes 8 a close second.

  • Just had a chance to watch # 8 so far. Too funny!!!
    Pretty sure they did the ole reverse the film trick on the slow mo close ups of the punches. Another words start with the fist pressing against the face and pull back quickly. Then reverse the film.
    Best line is at the end when the guy has a hook through his eye. The girl says “keep an eye out for me”

  • Phillies

    LMAO at number 10!

  • Eric Gmeinder

    Besides BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS, no cheesy movies? For that matter, no musicals? Boy. Some people.

  • OK just watched # 4. OK on this one they obviously reversed the film image because the steering wheel is on the wrong side.
    (Just kidding everybody)

  • everlast

    OMG Unbeatable, lol i think me, a couple of friends and a half gallon of vodka could film a better fighting scene than that one.

  • Alextenn

    Regarding #3: You have to admit, he WAS pretty funky.

    • Valecynos

      *Falls over laughing*

  • Alextenn: okay – yeah. I didn’t want to admit it but I am kinda jealous of his skills.

  • AlyshiaH

    ohh so many bad movies… cant watch them all or my eyes might bleed… great list. I have seen most of them and they are realy bad scences your talking about here… most of the movies were really bad…

  • What!?! Nothing from Highlander II!

  • dave4248

    Another Good list. I love #3. Robin Lively, who plays the title character, must have had a spell cast on her career by a real witch. Ms. Lively was very beautiful and a pretty decent actress, but everything she made was CRAP!!

  • OK I just watched #9. Check out the store keeper in the beginning when he mentions deep se fishing.It looks like he almost forgot to make that reeling in motion with his hands because he was too concentrated on remembering his lines. Also was that the most over the top acting in the world from the screaming dude or what? One more thing, what happen to the rear view mirror in the car Linda Blair was driving? Maybe it was knocked off with one of her shoulder pads when she got into the car

  • Kreachure

    First of all, if you can’t take a hint (from a couple of others who already said it), it’s “The BeAst of Yucca Flats”. BOY, I’M SO HELPFUL!

    Second, WOOHOO for Jfrater Youtube channel!

    Wow, so you did all the videos yourself, thanks for that big effort! Good stuff all around.

  • Columbo

    Top That!

    That was by far the best thing I have ever seen in my life….it is not humanly possible to top that.

  • jesse

    dude that teen witch shit is unreal hahah

  • Yogi Barrister

    This is the worst scene ever. DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP! I’m serious, you will regret it if you do.

  • OK just watched # 5 The first guy that dove off the boat right into the sharks mouth looks like he might have a chance. I mean he wasn’t even chewed up. It looks he went right into the gullet of the shark without a scratch. I’m thinking he could wiggle around and feel around for the shark’s heart and crush it with his hands and then wait for the shark to die and the crawl out . (Just a thought)

  • Kreachure

    Um, what happened with the profile links on everyone’s names? They appeared a few hours ago…


  • Phillies

    haha, nice try Yogi Barrister. You’re not rick rollin me! I’m too savvy!

  • Phillies

    oh, nevermind, i actually watched the clip. I think I’d prefer to be rickrolled. Ugh

    Sorry for the unfounded accusation :(

  • Kman

    Superman IV was ridiculous… Christopher Reeves, you deserved your fate…

  • Egg

    I always heard Sybil was such a good film?
    Maybe they mistook memorable with quality.

  • NeoLudd

    Nobody deserves to die because they made a shitty movie
    Kman, you insensitive prick.
    I hope you have a son
    A beautiful articulate son
    And i hope he gets paralyzed

  • Kman

    lol ^^^ i love that movie.. but anyway, in that situation he would simply cease to be my son…

  • jd

    MOMMIE FREAKIN DEAREST over acting at its best (or worst) I can never look at wire hangers the same again

  • NeoLudd

    Check and Mate!
    Your’e pretty good

  • Yogi Barrister

    Jamie, maybe you should delete my link to PINK FLAMINGOS #37. Anybody who has seen the ending of that movie knows what I’m talking about. It’s lunch time here in California and now I’ve lost my appetite.

  • Yogi Barrister: ARGH! Was that for real?!?!?!!?!? It has NEARLY put me off my wine – and that is REALLY saying a lot. I feel sick!

  • karpy

    Oh. my. That…was the highlight of my day. I think I should find Undefeatable, because the rest of that movie has to be just as funny as that fight scene.

  • SlickWilly

    KMan/NeoLudd: I seem to recall hearing that in a movie just the other day, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it is.

  • Gina

    Oh, come on – Teen Witch is amazing. According to Wikipedia, it’s a cult classic…. :|

  • SlickWilly

    Courtney (#15): Oh my god, I remember the line you’re talking about. It *did* actually make #1 on the last “worst movie lines” list I saw on some other website. Freaking hilarious, especially with how the girl reacts. You could type it here, but it doesn’t have the same impact without the shitty acting and completely nonchalant way the guy says it. I suggest everyone YouTube it, classic.

  • Yogi Barrister

    Jamie, yeah that was for real. I apologize for putting that up there. If you make a list of the most revolting scenes, you’ve got your #1.

  • Melody Kitn

    Don’t forget the cheesy first-person mode in Doom. And all of Ultraviolet.

  • Why are there so many bad movies? WHY?! lol

  • SocialButterfly

    Have you watched Spice World Jamie? Honestly… Because my sister who is 10 years younger than me made me watch that movie over and over again. I believe that this list deserves an honourable mention for that piece of crap.

    Oh and Gina (#52): As several people on this site will tell you (specifically Randall) Wikipedia is not the all knowing Yahweh as far as knowledge goes. You need to follow up your comments with something better than that. :lol:

    Ok, I’m going back to forums… everybody listen to warrrreagl and behave.

  • Mark

    Atleast one of these should be included if the”see ya!” fight scene is on the list
    from bollywood with love:

    and this video is relevant lol :

  • islanderbst

    I found this movie on netflix a few weeks ago called redboy 13 and it is such a goofy, badly acted, way way low budget film,I love it. Youtube only has this 1 clip.

  • Kevin

    Okay, I hadn’t seen most of these. 10, 9, 8, 7. Nothing so bad.
    Then #6. I swear by the Flying Spaghetti Monster that that clip from Superman #4 is absolutely excruciating to watch. Even at 9 minutes or so, I had to stop halfway through. I’d sooner watch 2 girls, 1 cup all day long than ever see any part of Superman 4 again. If these are ordered by badness, I dread seeing #5-#1….

  • Gina

    SocialButterfly – So wait, are you trying to tell me that Wikipedia does NOT provide well researched information?!?

    Man, I think I have to sit down…


  • Harsha

    I had never heard of Undefeatable before! But LMAO, that fight scene should have been in the top five!…..I hope I can still get that movie.

  • andrew

    the last scene of star wars christmas special should get an honorable mention

  • Chesty-Puller

    i think that this is the worst fight scene ever, although the others are pretty bad too.

  • corinthian0430

    ROTFLMAO at the Undefeatable clip… it’s so lame! :D

  • aemckeon

    Teen Witch is probably my favorite terrible movie. We constantly watch it just to laugh at it’s unintentional humor. The “I Like Boys” cheerleader song is pretty hilarious as well.

  • Becca

    Wow, I saw Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and I don’t even remember that scene0_o
    I guess the trauma blocked me from remembering it=D
    Wow…Undefeatable. GREATEST FIGHT SCENE EVER. It was certainly entertaining…and such a joyous end.
    That car chase killed me on the inside…no, I lied, Teen Witch drugged, raped, and killed me on the inside.
    Sybil wasn’t too bad, the part in the past I guess was kinda cool, and done badly in a good way that only added. I dunno, Teen Witch was the worst thing I’ve ever seen ever, so that shoulda been first-_-

  • Frank

    Wow, I remember superman having super cool breath, super heated laser vision, x-ray vision, and all this on top of being really fast and strong… But when did the entire brick-laying vision happen? Shouldn’t someone alert the union?

  • skipps

    Oh my, these are all so ENTERTAINING! #1 is my favourite, absolutely hilarious.

  • 10: Love birds not parakeets.

    Melody Kitn: Damn skippy on the UltraViolet. Creepy little kid.

  • CK

    This list is too funny! Thanks for the good laugh JFrater!

  • skipps

    If you thought Superman IV was terrible, check out Bollywood’s 1980s version of Superman and Spiderwoman! Mind-blowing effects there.

    Also worth checking out, Bollywood’s remake of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

  • melfuK

    i thought #10 was scary…

  • filipinoknight Heres a montage of horrible scenes

  • D Holmes


    You just got +1 cool points for using “Om nom nom nom” in one of your lists.

  • jbjr

    Not to be mean to Pat Swayaze, a good actor with some fine films but the nobody puts Baby in the corner scene was downright bad (from Dirty Dancing).

    Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery.

  • D Holmes


    By the way, you forgot this little “gem”.
    Its so horrible, its hilarious:

    Its where the line, “Its garbage day!” came from.

  • Cubone

    YEAH! Highlander II! ny scene would make the list!

  • DiscHuker

    holy freakin crap!!! that teen witch scene is amazingly bad. somebody, at the time, thought that was a good idea. would i have liked it then?

    makes you wonder what we are currently doing that we will look back on with this amount of unbelief and laughter.

  • GTA

    Killer Parakeets……

  • #3: I’m completely jealous of the dance moves and the rapping.
    I wish I was that good.

  • What about the Entirety of The Guyver…Ugh!

    LadyHawk. Fantasy movie 80′ pop soundtrack.

    This should have been worst movies or Box Office bombs 2. So many that should never be mentioned again like Cruel Intentions 3, Starship Troopers 2, and Dragon Wars(D-Wars).

  • thefatbasturd

    Wow! That Undefeatable fight scene IS horrible. I’ve seen better orchestrated monkey poo-fights.

  • fava bean

    that’s not a parakeet in the Nightmare scene – that’s a peachface lovebird!

  • Late O’Day

    The worst Christopher Reeves “Superman” is still better than the best Brandon Routh “Superman” by orders of magnitudes.

  • Csimmons

    Anything out out of the B movie “Hobgoblins” could be on here, I had the displeasure of watching it, perhaps the worst movie of all-time. I actually like watching B-movies just to laugh at how bad they are(mostly due to Mystery Science Theater 3000)but this is the worst film ever, it’s so bad that you can’t laugh at it.

  • astraya

    Two clip-based lists in a row!! I’m going to be here all day watching these!!!! Jamie, something short and text-based for the next list, please.

  • MotherFunker

    This list has the potential to be hundreds of thousands of scenes long!! But honestly, number eight is so horrible it’s genius!

  • jimmyschaps

    Heey guys

    I knw this seems wierd but I made a movie for school and I was wonderig if some of you guys could give me some criticism on it. The quality is bad bcuase i had to convert it so please excuse that.

    Part 2:

  • jimmyschaps

    Hey I made two movies for school and I was wondering if you guys could give me some critismism

  • Did people have problems commenting over night?

  • KrazyK

    I was Trying to get on here a few hours ago it said page loaded but everything remained blank so i figured it was just being maintenance. don’t know if that helps any.

  • Mark

    D holmes

    lol that scene is awesome ‘muhahaha’

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  • Bass

    I came on at about two in the morning and nothing ever showed up when I clicked a list.

  • astraya

    Jamie #91 – I tried to log on to the site to watch the clips about 11am-12 noon Korean time (?early morning GMT/middle of night USA) and kept getting a message about not being able to connect to the server. It’s now mid-evening here and I’m on.

  • Brianne

    No Troll 2?

    “They’re eating her! And they’re going to eat me! Oh my Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddd!”

  • Kreachure

    THE BEAST OF YUCCA FLATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Well, can’t say I didn’t try.

  • Jamie: Outage times on the east coast; 11pm – 4am, maybe more. I don’t know about anymore than that, Kinda got tired of waiting.

  • green15

    Omg I LOVE Teen Witch! It successfully manages to be the campiest and most dated representation of 80s teen movies! I LOVE IT!

  • astraya

    If I had stumbled on the clip for “Undefeatable”, I would have assumed that it was a parody. Someone please tell me that that isn’t an attempt at drama.
    Shark Attack *3*???? They were allowed back into the water? Had anyone connected to the film researched about how big great whites actually are?
    I have never seen any of these films, and after seeing these clips now don’t ever want to.
    FWIW, the ratings for these films from IMBD are:
    Elm St 4.7 – Grotesque 3.6 – Undefeatable 3.2 – Yucca Flats 2.5 (worst) – Superman 3.3 – Shark Attack 2.7 – RPM 3.5 – Teen Witch 5.7 – Deadfall 3.6 – Sybil 7.6 (best)

  • Shane

    lol @ “i hope you have a son, a beautiful articulate son!!



    awesome bad list !!!

  • Amber

    That mother on Sybil is so f**king nasty! Who ever did her to even create poor little Sybil in the first place?!

  • NN

    I stopped watching after I saw the Undefeatable fighting scene…it was so pathetic.

  • Good Wolf

    Poor litle girl

  • chershey

    Shark Attack 3 is the BEST MOVIE EVER! I love it! It’s so terribly wrong!

  • chershey

    astraya: In the movie, the main characters discover that an extinct megalodon (zoomed-in great white) is swimming around in the water while a big corporation covers it up so they can open their new underwater fiber optics system (that the shark has taken a liking to).

    So no one in the water had any idea that there was a shark purposefully hanging around waiting to eat them.

  • Flagg

    I’m surprised that the “No Wire Hangers” scene from Mommy Dearest was omitted. child abuse was never so funny.

  • Jake

    That scene in “Teen Witch” was used by Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone (now the brains behind SNL’s Digital Shorts) in a TRL type spoof about the rise and fall of a group of white rappers called Dude-atude (the lame whiteboys in the clip)that they did for

    Here’s the link:

    ps – Also check out “The ‘Bu” also on Channel101. They did that too

  • islanderbst

    saw on, they’re remaking teen witch. looks like you’ll soon have some material for a followup list!

  • chowmeowsomehow

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH! The whole dialogue for Undefeatable: ‘errrrrnnnnmmm’ ‘ mmmmryaaaaaa’ ‘yarrrr’ ‘harr’ ‘ yrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaarrrr’ ‘yarrrr’
    ‘hhhhhrrrrrnnnnnaaa’ ‘aaaarrr’ ‘yaaaa’
    HAHAHAHA! At one point there is a punch sound and no-ones even throwing any fucking punches! ahahaahahah. And at the start when the dude licks the knife…ahahahaahaahahh!

  • JB

    #8- Longest three minutes and nineteen seconds of my life.

    #5- I haven’t laughed that hard since watching Austin Powers five years ago.

    #1- I was waiting for that lady to unzip her skin and crawl out in some kind of reptillion-like alien form.

  • RB77

    To #5, Adia (who commented on April 11):
    I dunno if you’ll get to read this but if you do then look, don’t be bummed just ’cause someone says a movie you like is crap. Like what you like. It’s fine. It happens. I personally don’t even watch movies in the style of “Ocean’s Twelve”. It’s just not a genre that appeals to me (mind you I rarely watch any kind of movies anyway). But if you can see something good or interesting in it, great. Good for you. The film industry (and the tv industry, and the music industry) needs different people with different tastes — if everyone only liked what’s “cool”, 99% of the stuff that’s out there would never be released. It’s people like you who kind of go along with your own thing that help make it happen. And that’s great in its own way. :)
    As for me, 99% of what I’m into is probably sh*t to most
    other people since most of it’s relatively obscure martial arts flicks, Chinese and Japanese “art house” stuff and semi-obscure cartoons, musicals and the like, and it’s by no means all stuff that’s highly-acclaimed either (*cough* “2DLK” *cough*)…. :p
    On a different note…
    …”Om nom nom nom” is THE funniest thing EVER written in a review of anything. Ever.

  • savetheknot

    Can anyone tell me why I can only view 2 seconds of each clip? I really want to see the fight scene.

  • Timmy1212

    Here’s another good article with clips of terrible movie fights:

    It’s got walker texas ranger, american ninja, etc.

  • machete

    you forgot to put in that scene from spider man 3 with “staying alive.”

  • Felicity

    Why is Trolls 2 not included here? That is a disgrace.

  • Sheldon Roy

    Woh I didn’t know superman had brick vision!!

  • AJB


    Look for a movie called Snowbeast (1977). There is a scene where a bear (beast) is attacking a guy and you can see clearing on screen that the “paw” is attached to a pole and someone is lunging it at the actor.

  • spacechick

    Unfortunately for us all,this is no doubt just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of bad scenes from movies. Really funny, my favourites being the demented parakeets/peach-faced love birds/birds of some sort plus the rap from Teen Witch, so bad I don’t think I’ll be able to straighten my toes out. Oh yeah, the ‘gang of freaks’ from the Linda Blair film, I would get the crazy mama from Sybil to scare them away.

  • Pura

    What no ‘Silent Night Deadly Night 2’?
    Well, the whole movie is just one bad scene…

  • kingroyal

    OCEANS 12 ROCKS no matter what redmushroom says.

  • n28

    LOL at that fight scene from Undefeatable!

  • RACH5252

    Next list has to include “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” scene with the biker gang, “What are you gonna do, knock my block off?”

  • LubLub

    omg…i got as far as the 1 minute mark for number 8 and couldn’t handle anymore…lol

  • Jubbs

    Garbage day?

  • Parker

    number 3 was hard to watch… i loved his belly shirt by the way ;)

  • cowzrppl2

    Wicker man Remake, nuff said.

  • Sweet Marie

    You said the scene from Sybil was what caused her multiple personalities. Those were minor child abuses compared to what happened to her in the green kitchen, which I can’t even write about it is so horrific. It is one of the finest movies on child abuse by a schizophrenic mother and the impact of that illness thrust on an innocent child. All of us in social welfare think it is one of the best movies ever made and most complete in all its detail of the utter and complex nature torture has on the child stuck in such abusive surroundings.

  • leeman

    damn Sybil looks soooooo boring

  • Zippy

    The mother in Sybil was schitzophrenic, notice the clang associations? This is based off a real story, this conversation is verbatum from this girl’s life.

  • Grey

    I have to disagree. This is worst scene from Shark Attack 3:

  • deviantmiss

    what a load of shit!

  • Caroline

    It’s now debated whether the real Sybil had multiple personalities or not, but I agree the scenes of child abuse in the film “Sybil” were genuinely disturbing. If the mother comes across as wacky, that’s because she was. In her conversation she makes the bizarre associations that are characteristic of schizophrenia.

  • Kennoth

    Holy crap. The most impressive ones were the gay couple making out at number 7, people who love animals so much, that they will make it easy for shark to swallow them by jumping right into it’s mouth without any resistance whatsoever at number 5, and probably the ‘best’ scene of them all (which supposed to hold the hot spot) where the protagonist has an amazing power (or his car) to escape any inconvenience by forcing other people to wave with their hands frantically to him, and of couse, let us not forger his car which can tame gravity at will at number 4.

  • Evan

    Okay…. I think that I officially have internal bleeding in my ears, eyes, and left ass-cheeck…. because that just plain sucked balls…

  • Rab carr

    My GF Bringing herself off on film was 100 times worse than any of these.

  • Baxter In Action

    I agree with Rab about his girlfriend. The production values were awful, and the performance was really phoned in. I rate it 6/10.

  • imAdork

    I liked the movie Sybil……. : /

  • Nancy

    The Teen Witch one was soooo cheesy!

  • Nancy

    Oh, and the RPM one had the worst acting I’ve ever seen in feature film! And why is that shark so freakishly large? Wouldn’t that seriously affect the ocean’s food chain and stuff? And why do they just fall into the sharks mouth?

  • hurdy gurdy man

    i could always remember that song from Teen Witch but had no idea what it was from! when i watched that scene again i actually started sweating, not sure what that means, might be a precursor to vomitus…

  • kdawg

    number one is just painfull

  • dfhsfhfdhd

    I watch the whole 3 hours of Sybil when I was 12 :O

  • l;kkk

    Sybil was a kickass movie just that scene sucked.

  • @144

    Yer it was a pretty good film.

  • llllllll

    Watch the new Sybil taht it really good.

  • Jack

    the thing that really makes me cringe is that shark attack 3 is only 5 years old :|

  • demirah

    nice list,Undefeatable is epic it should be #1

  • GTT

    OK, so I watched a few of them and managed to avoid the bleeding-eyes syndrome…

    #10: I´m confused… Did that parakeet just explode?

    #5 is hilarious… One man jumps right into the shark´s mouth and another is eaten jetski and all. What else could you ask for?

  • troll 2

    no troll 2
    the list is invalid.

  • Debi

    The the Nightmare on Elm Street, that was a lovebird, not a parakeet. They bite REALLY hard!

  • Wacky-HO

    "Top That" From Teen Witch is incredibly memorable and really shouldn't be here. I mean come on, they referenced it on 30rock! And i understand that there is a remake in the works…

  • Ozymandas

    I never saw Shark Attack 3 (or 1 or 2, for that matter), but that scene is great! When the shark makes his 2nd attack in the clip, the victims scream as if they going over a crest on a rollercoaster! Watch & listen.

  • fight scene made me laugh uncontrollably! made my day :D

  • Hi Mom

    No lie, i thought Undefeatable was a joke! What?!?!?

  • nicoleredz3

    Oh my goodness… What horror…

  • It's good to see that someone else thought Madonna's American Life rap wasn't one of the weirdest, most strident outbursts they've heard. "Top THAT!"

    (loved this list!)

  • BastisWifey

    Sybil is a great movie!

  • Harmon

    TOP THAT! ARRRGH! My ears are bleeding!!! OMG!!

  • anonymous

    undefeatables best quote-"hwaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!"

  • Guest

    ehh cant say i like the list….at all….the movies u choose were older, low budget, cheap movies that they know they have bad actors. The real scenes you need to find are of overrated actors that dont deserve to be as famous as they are….like nicole kidman, nick cage, and scarlett johansen (but shes hot as hell!)

  • wrep

    the sybil scene was crazy!! i really really felt bad for that little girl… she was so used to it she didn't even cry or anything.

  • Samantha

    The teen witch and nicolas cage clips where the best! I didn’t know anything this stupid really existed or was actually made into movies. Funny list:)

  • I think a little bit of my husband died inside when I told him “Teen Witch” was on this list.

  • Louise

    Ah, Teen Witch…I loved this movie growing up, but watched it recently and cringed the whole way through! The rap scene is quite possibly the most painful thing in the entire movie!

  • Corwin

    Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is probably the worst of the series, and that really is saying something. I’m always repeating a quote from it, though: “Shut up, Grady!!”

  • Wow. Some really bad scenes. It’s amazing the crews didn’t just storm off the sets in disgust. Honorable mention candidate: Helicopter-as-circular-saw in Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies.

  • rio de janitor

    in #8, did they just repeat ‘aah, aggh, aar, aaah, argh’ about twenty times over the whole thing?

  • DECK :)

    i call bullshit that sybil is on there seeing as its not just a ‘scene” its the account of a persons real life, which that part may or may not have been her mothers actual words so how can it be ‘bad’ bad is that that actually happened, who cares how they acted it, its not like it was hyped to be awesome like those other movies e.e

    • Valecynos

      Okay let’s just say this about the movie Sybil: They really could have found a better actress to play the mother. Can you imagine Cathy Bates, Meryl Steep, or Glen Close in it? That would have changed the whole movie for the better. I agree it is mostly a good movie ( and of course a better book; lots got changed or left out).

  • Sylko

    I loves the movie Teen Witch, but that rap scene always made me embarrassed for the actors.

  • ultrasade

    My only complaint about this list is that has probably scarred me for life. I will never be able to listen to another rap song again after hearing number 3

  • Devon

    Just goes to show you how subjective movies are. I thought Sybil was a pretty powerful movie, and I actually got the impression that the woman who played the mother might actually be insane, or at least a little kooky in real life as well.

  • Ian

    Why Isnt Twilight on here…….the Abortion of the year

  • Clement

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  • Where is The Room?

  • Courtney

    I agree with every one of these except for Sybil. That was a decent movie. :/

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