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Top 10 Greatest Rockers

qwerty_man . . . Comments

We have had some very controversial lists relating to rock and pop music over the past year and a bit – and today we have one that I think might take the cake. This is a submitted list of the ten greatest rockers (bands or individuals). Almost all of the bands or people here have been featured on other lists but in differing orders or for different reasons. Hopefully there is at least one group here for everyone’s taste!


The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are an American rock and roll band. Formed in 1961, the group gained popularity for its close vocal harmonies and lyrics reflecting a California youth culture of surfing, girls, and cars. Brian Wilson’s growing creative ambitions later transformed them into a more artistically innovative group that earned critical praise and influenced many later musicians. The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988



Metallica is an American heavy metal band that formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Founded when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, Metallica’s original line-up consisted of Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and bassist Ron McGovney.

Metallica has released eight studio albums, two live albums, two EPs, nine videos, and has finished recording their upcoming ninth studio album, Death Magnetic. The band has become one of the most commercially successful and influential heavy metal acts. With over 95 million records sold worldwide, including 57 million in the United States, the band has won seven Grammy Awards, and has had four albums peak at number one on the Billboard 200



Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970 in London by guitarist Brian May, lead vocalist Freddie Mercury, and drummer Roger Taylor, with bass guitarist John Deacon joining the following year. Queen rose to prominence during the 1970s and are arguably Britain’s most successful band of the past thirty years.

The band is noted for their musical diversity, multi-layered arrangements, vocal harmonies, and incorporation of audience participation into their live performances. Since 1975, eighteen of the band’s albums have reached number one on numerous charts around the world. Since 1973, they have released fifteen studio albums and five live albums.


Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd are an English rock band who initially earned recognition for their psychedelic or space rock music, and, as they evolved, for their progressive rock music. They are known for philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, innovative cover art, and elaborate live shows. One of rock music’s most successful acts, the group have sold over 200 million albums worldwide including 74.5 million albums in the United States alone.

They have released fourteen studio albums, four live albums, seven compilations, twenty-six singles, twenty-six B-sides, fifteen music videos, and six video albums.


The Who

The Who are an English rock band that formed in 1964. The primary lineup consisted of guitarist Pete Townshend, vocalist Roger Daltrey, bassist John Entwistle and drummer Keith Moon. The band reached international success, became known for their energetic live performances, are regarded as one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s and ’70s, and recognized as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time.The Who have sold more than 100 million albums worldwide.

The Who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005 and won the first annual Freddie Mercury Lifetime Achievement in Live Music Award in 2006. They received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the British Phonographic Industry in 1988, and from the Grammy Foundation in 2001, for creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording. Tommy was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998, “My Generation” in 1999 and Who’s Next in 2007.


The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are an English band whose music was initially based on rhythm and blues and rock & roll. Formed in London and having their first success in the UK, they subsequently became popular in the US during the “British Invasion” in the early 1960s.

The band formed in 1962 when original leader Brian Jones and pianist Ian Stewart were joined by singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards, whose songwriting partnership later contributed to their taking the leadership role in the group.

The Rolling Stones have released 22 studio albums in the UK (24 in the US), eight concert albums (nine in the US) and numerous compilations; they have had 32 UK & US top-10 singles, 43 UK & US top-10 albums between 1964 and 2008 and have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide. 1971’s Sticky Fingers began a string of eight consecutive studio albums at number one in the United States. In 1989 the Rolling Stones were inducted into the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’ were an English/American rock band famous for the guitar work, original songs, outrageous style and performance of its eponymous frontman Jimi Hendrix on songs such as ‘Hey Joe’, ‘Purple Haze’, ‘Foxy Lady’, ‘Fire’, ‘Little Wing’, ‘Spanish Castle Magic’, ‘All Along the Watchtower’ and ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)’. They are also known for their performance at Woodstock. The Experience was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.


Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin were an English rock band that formed in 1968. Led Zeppelin consisted of Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals), John Paul Jones (bass guitar, keyboards) and John Bonham (drums). With their heavy, guitar-driven sound, Led Zeppelin are regarded as one of the first heavy metal bands. However, the band’s individualistic style draws from many sources and transcends any one genre. Their rock-infused interpretation of the blues and folk genres also incorporated rockabilly, reggae, soul, funk,classical, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, pop, Latin and country.

Close to 30 years after disbanding following Bonham’s death in 1980, Led Zeppelin continues to be held in high regard for their artistic achievements, commercial success and broad influence. The band has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide including 111.5 million sales in the United States and they have had all of their original studio albums reach the U.S. Billboard Top 10.[16] Led Zeppelin are ranked No. 1 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Rolling Stone magazine has described Led Zeppelin as “the heaviest band of all time” and “the biggest band of the 70s”.


Elvis Presley

Elvis was an American singer, musician and actor. He is considered a cultural icon, sometimes referred to as “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, or simply “The King”.

Presley began his career as one of the first performers of rockabilly, an uptempo fusion of country and rhythm and blues with a strong back beat. His novel versions of existing songs, mixing “black” and “white” sounds, made him popular—and controversial—as did his uninhibited stage and television performances. He recorded songs in the rock and roll genre, with tracks like “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock” . Presley had a versatile voice and had unusually wide success encompassing other genres, including gospel, blues, ballads and pop. To date, he has been inducted into four music halls of fame. The King has had 215 top singles worldwide.


The Beatles

The Beatles were a pop and rock group from Liverpool, England formed in 1960. Primarily consisting of John Lennon (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul McCartney (bass guitar, vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar, vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, vocals) throughout their career, The Beatles are recognised for leading the mid-1960s musical “British Invasion” into the United States. Although their initial musical style was rooted in 1950s rock and roll and homegrown skiffle, the group explored genres ranging from Tin Pan Alley to psychedelic rock. Their clothes, styles, and statements made them trend-setters, while their growing social awareness saw their influence extend into the social and cultural revolutions of the 1960s. After the band broke up in 1970, all four members embarked upon solo careers.

The Beatles are one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed bands in the history of popular music. The Beatles are the best-selling musical group in history. In the United Kingdom, The Beatles released more than 40 different singles, albums, and EPs that reached number one, earning more number one albums (15) than any other group in UK chart history. This commercial success was repeated in many other countries; their record company, EMI, estimated that by 1985 they had sold over one billion records worldwide. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, The Beatles have sold more albums in the United States than any other band. According to Rolling Stone Magazine, The Beatles’ innovative music and cultural impact helped define the 1960s, and their influence on pop culture is still evident today.

This article is licensed under the GFDL because it contains extracts from Wikipedia.

Contributor: qwerty_man

  • Randall

    WHAT *IS* THIS freakin' obsession with classic rock?

    Haven't you people ever heard of PUNK?

    AND WHY ALL THE GODDAMN WHITE PEOPLE? Jimi Hendrix is only here because he's the darling of suburban whites, the token black guy… and only because he played guitar the way white heavy metal kids *want* to play. Kee-ripes.

    Where the hell is Chuck Berry? Otis Redding? Jackie Wilson? JAMES BROWN? For that matter, what about Jerry Lee Lewis? Quite a bit more a "rocker" throughout most of his career (except for his descent into country) than Elvis was in reality.

    QUEEN? The godawful, drekky QUEEN are included? And The Clash are left off? The Sex Pistols? Where the hell are *they?*

    And what IS THIS obsession people have with Pink Floyd? They're on a list of top 10 ROCKERS? Their music puts me to sleep, and it's pretentious to boot. Good lord.

    And the Beach Boys… oh for the love of christ. I love the Beach Boys, but I would never have put them on a list of this nature.

    I don't know how old qwerty_man is, but I'm willing to bet he's younger than me. Born perhaps in the 70s, maybe even the 80s.

    Explain to me, someone… PLEASE… how it is that these kids/twenty-somethings, etc., have developed this bizarre amnesia where they utterly forget most of the music of the last THREE GODDAMN DECADES (except for execrable metal nonsense like Metallic–don't even get me started on the irrational worship of Metallica… it's so freakin' suburban/rural white it makes me sick) and are hyper-focused on stale music from long before they were born? What IS THIS?

    I love the 60s music, myself. I was born in the 60s. I still love the soul, R&B, the pop, and the rock & roll of that era (and the 50s as well). But I grew out of this adoration for has-been styles of hippie music AGES ago. Yes, the Who were an important band and made some great music. But in looking back, they are no more important than the Sex Pistols or the Clash or Nirvana. And in fact, a lot of the Who's music is far more forgettable and lousy than any of these bands… they had a lot of clunkers, as did the Stones. No one today remembers this. It's conveniently forgotten.

    So okay, I can understand the hero worship for these ancient monuments of rock… but why is hero worship for more recent monuments of rock UTTERLY NEGLECTED? Why are the Clash forgotten? The Ramones? The Sex Pistols?

    It's like these bands are taken less seriously because they didn't go for making pretentious "concept albums" and ridiculous "rock operas."

    And the omission of anyone of color here, except for Hendrix… it just screams white middle-class rural/suburban ignorance and faint racism.

    • Tfo

      The God awful Queen …Freddie Mercury was the most rockin front man ever…jesus you sit on your fat ass and judge the almighty Queen like you know anything.. despicable! Your opinions are thrown out the wind after that one.

    • Don’t Bring Me Down

      I think Chuck Berry should at least recieve a notable mention. Also, I think that The Who should be slightly higher seeing as how their energetic performances basically created the whole scene upon the stage.

      • Wool Hat

        The Who should be higher on the list :s, higher than The Rolling Stones and Led Zep.

    • youre dumb

      Sex pistols are garbage, therefore your opinion is garbage.
      Thank you

    • matt

      Lol. In a list of the greatest rockers EVER you better expect the little fairy fa-gg-ot frontrunners of the punk genre (a sub-genre of “bored-talentless-rock”) be left out!

  • Royce

    The Beatles never rocked they were terrible live performers barely performing 20 minute shows. Zeppelin should be number 1 everyone knows it.

    • yno

      are you kidding me look up Beatlemania they played around the world and played not 20 minuets douche but a normal show and Zeppelin looks like hobos too

      • Gogo

        Justin beber also has a ton of fans. That has nothing to do with the quality of their music though.

  • Adam

    Randall, you are stupid….stop talking cuz you dont know anything. Other then the Beach Boys, this list is great the way it is. Stop pushing for the Sex Pistols- cuz theyre just not good

    • Other than the Beach Boys??? Fuck you! How do the Beach Boys not rock asshole??!!!! You don’t know shit bout music. Do some research before you spout out garbage.

  • TimB35

    The Doors?
    Black Sabbath?
    Chuck Berry?
    Bo Diddley?
    Little Richard?
    The Sex Pistols?
    The Clash?
    The MC5?
    The Stooges?

    The Beach Boys shouldn't even be in the top 100 becuase all they did was recycle old chuck berry and bo diddley riffs.
    This could've been a top 50 list and it still wouldn't have covered enough great rock bands. There are too many subgenres in rock music to have such a generalized top 10 list. Also, why are there never any blues lists? We all know that rock music is just sped up rhythm and blues. The Who never classified themselves as a "rock" band, but rather as a "maximum R&B" band. Why don't you have a list that goes to the source and inspiration for rock music and countdown the best blues players like John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson. Almost every band on this list either has played blues in their careers or has lists blues artists among their influences. Why not break the mold for your music lists for once? Every music list is the same. It always counts down the same 10 or 15 bands and everyone complains about the order of those same bands over and over. Yes, Zeppelin, the Stones, and the Beatles are great, but how bout giving some recognition to bands like the MC5, the Stooges, AC/DC, John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, or the Paul Butterfield Blues Band? There are too many great bands in the world to just showcase the same ten every single time you publish a list.

    • FUCK YOU MAN! God I can’t believe what morons post their idiot perspective on here. Fucking moron.

  • jhm

    The beatles and the beach boys should not be on here.

    • F-U-C-K YOU!

    • youno

      what do you know about music? Beatles are the best if it wasn’t for them there would not be any of these bands!Every band on this list is inspired by them

  • bucslim

    I think this list is a little misplaced. I certainly wouldn't categorize the Beach Boys as 'rockers.' I think if you're going to have this list there certainly should be a tip of the hat to the Mississippi bluesmen – that's where most of the people on this list got their chops, Lennon, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and Pete Townshend would all say the same thing. You can't have a rock list without some sort of acknowledgement.

    Once again I think the contributer misses because it's too goddamned broad. No punk, no grunge – you're missing a shitload of rocking. And I'll throw my considerable weight behind Tenacious D. After all, they defeated a demon with their rocking.

    Somebody explain to me exactly how hard the Beach Boys 'rocked?'

    • The Beach Boys rocked harder than any hippie horseshit or heavy metal crap that followed the original era of what rock n roll really was. Surfin USA (even tho naysayers like to say they ripped off Chuck Berry; who gives a f-uck?), Shut Down, Little Deuce Coupe, Fun Fun Fun, Drive-In, Dont Back Down, Dance Dance Dance, California Girls, Girl from NY City, Salt Lake City, Barbara Ann, Good Vibrations, Heroes & Villains, Wild Honey, Do It Again, Slip On Through, Its About Time,,,, I could go on an on, the Beach Boys f-ucking rocked ass-hole!!!

  • Well, after reading the mini-novel that was the comments…I can only shake my head and sigh.
    I don't really think the Beach Boys should be on here, I've always considered them pop. I thought the Beatles were more of a pop band too, but I guess they rock harder than the Beach Boys. (All due respect to the Beach Boys! I do enjoy their tunes.)
    There is little variety on this list. Rock has so many different sub-genres and blends of genres that you could make a much larger list and still not scratch the surface. Still, there could be a better representation in this smaller batch of bands.
    All that being said, kudos for putting Elvis on the list. He does indeed rock!

    • How did the Beatles rock harder than the Beach Boys? How many Beach Boys albums have you listened too? moron.

  • Sedulous

    To clarify I meant that Rolling Stone Magazine lists and VH1 lists don't include the Beach Boys…..they always include the beatles somehow.

    • Yeah cuz Rolling Stone f-ucking sucks! the Beach Boys rocked way harder than the Beatles, the Beatles get way too much credit that they dont deserve!

  • Jackie

    I’d replace the Beach Boys with Aerosmith…

  • Val

    Nice! haha ^_^

  • codman

    What the hell? Black Sabbath should be number 2 Led Zeppelin should be number 1 and the Beatles shouldn’t be on there! The Beatles are good but they’re not that good. Metallica should be higher and Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith should be on there instead of Pink Floyd and The Beatles.

    • Rowdy

      You know nothing about music , kid.
      Beatles number 1 of course, the best band in history.
      Pink Floyd should not be there? Ignorant. And there's a good reason why Guns n'Roses is not on the list: because they suck.

      • Jimmy


      • James

        Beatles aren’t rockers

        • yno

          and you are not smart

  • Judit

    sorry codman, I love it the way it is… :)

  • mregan

    The Boss is conspicuous by his absence.

    • afwfaf

      Tony Danza?

  • Frank

    Is this really a necessary list? Besides, this subject is probably different for everybody, so I see little sense in posting a list here, other than to indulge personal opinion.

  • Cate

    Jimi Hendrix always :)

  • f

    The Who?


  • RConrad

    How about a list of top 10 (pairs of) Knockers.
    This would be a GREAT LIST.
    Hope to see it soon.

  • warrrreagl

    Of course The Beatles are number 1. Of course. But besides that, I think the bulk of the debate on this list will revolve around using the word “rocker.” Is this list supposed to represent Guitar Hero types or Pop stars or valuable slices of 20th century musicology?

    I’d like to challenge all those who suggest an alternative entry on this list give us an A side and a B side – who should your suggestion replace?

  • Crispin

    BLACK SABBATH???????????

  • rockon

    WHERE THE HELL IS MORRISON!!! WTF!!!…..cmon ppl…..he was the best rocker ever……..

  • Christian

    I agree with Aerosmith – I was surprised when they weren’t on the list. The Beach Boys????? I don’t get it.

  • henry o

    Sorry, qwerty_man, but this is about the most random list on the whole site. Your rationale doesn’t really mean anything.

  • RConrad

    Why is it that you get,Jim Morrison freaks,Elvis freaks and Pink Floyd freaks but you don’t get beatles or Rolling Stones freaks etc?.

    You must know what I mean!!!!

  • kowzilla

    I foresee the comments section taking a certain route in the near future…This route to be specific

    Good work, all of these choices are very valid.

  • Kreachure

    Well, this list is as subjective and generic as it gets. The comments will obviously be flooded with:

    -agreement and disagreement and complete disagreement

    -complaints about how some bands are too pop to be considered ‘great’ rock bands

    -complaints about the lack of classic metal bands

    -complaints about the lack of more modern bands

    -mentions of many other rock bands which could be considered ‘great’ as well

    -other complaints that I myself can’t think of but will surely pop up in commenters’ heads.

    I certainly don’t see the “Twist” of this list (if you don’t get what I’m saying, please refer to this site’s motto). It’s just a generic list you can easily find anywhere else on the net, and done by people considered to be experts on the subject too.

  • RConrad

    Spot on Randall,although I am not a great punk fan,you are CORRECT.

  • Cyn

    now, now children. do let us behave. no name calling. its only a list.
    and one regarding a truly trivial topic. ;)

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Cant disagree with the Beatles. Not if you have half a brain.

    I think I’m gonna enjoy the comments on this list far more than the list itself.

  • Trigun472

    Randall, who are some black guys that rocked? I love blues, I wouldn’t say any of them rocked except like Chuck Berry. To call it racist when there’s only a hand full of black bands who play rock music out of a million white bands is ignorant. Rock is pretty much aimed at white middle-class anyway.
    I do agree though that the entire punk generation is way overlooked, the Ramones totally deserve a spot on here. Yeah a lot of the Who’s and the Stone’s music is pretty forgettable, but they also had a lot of hits. As did bands like the Ramones and the Clash who put out 8 CD’s and came out with 5 songs that people actually know.
    The list has a few problems, but any list based on opinion will. High-five to the writer.

  • WarningDontReadThis


    That is so true to this site Kowzilla.

  • SlickWilly

    I’ll agree with just about everything Randall said, except his comments about Queen and Pink Floyd. This list was not very well thought out. It’s almost as if the author got the idea – a bland and generic one, if you ask me – and typed the list up with about five minutes of actual work, considering most of the description sections are copied and pasted directly from Wikipedia. I’m sorry, but I just wish some people would put a little more thought into their lists.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Now that I can agree with. Not one of LVs finest lists.

    Nothing special about it. I didnt learn anything I didnt know before.

  • mr_evilmonkey

    Punk Sucks.
    What no Tool?

  • Cyn

    for those of you who don’t like this list, i’d suggest submitting your own for consideration.

    given that there are 100’s and 100’s of lists in archives…i’m sure not every single one would be considered stellar material by every single LVer. ;)

    viva la difference! each to their own opinions!

  • James

    What about Santana? I have not seen this name on any of the music/rocker/performer lists. He is still making hits to this very day and he as covered every stype of rock there is out there and still had room or Latin, Afro Cuban and R&B.

    What up wit DAT????

  • Randall



    Are you freakin’ SERIOUS with that shit? And you’re calling ME ignorant?

    Black folks INVENTED rock & roll! And no, pinhead, it is NOT “aimed at white middle class”—you just THINK it is, because like ALL white middle class lunkheads, you think the world revolves around you.

    I already NAMED some black guys that rocked! Can’t you read? Have you never heard of James Brown? Wilson Pickett? Bobby Womack? Otis Redding? I could tick off a dozen others! Lloyd Price! Jackie Wilson! Aretha Franklin! Etta James! The Temptations! The Isley Brothers!

    My god! Don’t give me this crap, that these guys didn’t rock. It IS racist to term them “black music” as though they have no right to lay a claim to rock & roll… as though that’s strictly “white music.” It’s ridiculous, AND disgusting.

    • Jack

      Aretha Franklin…isn't that the same woman who did the stuff about respect? If it is then show me one other Rock & Roll song about respecting each other. I don't mean a song from a band that played other songs that were rock, I mean a rock song with all the trimmings that actually told everyone to love each other. I'm mostly certain that you won't be able to give me an example. By the way I have been reading most of your posts (I started from the bottom of page 1 and worked my way up to here) and I have noticed that you ask people what their definition of Rock is. What is yours? Mine is… well I'm a fourteen year old white kid that only sort of likes music so I guess I don't really have a definition. But I will come up with an answer for you and I hope you don't deem me racist like you have these other poor men and women.

      "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt" – Abraham Lincoln

  • amoondoo

    Kreachure: well said.

    this is great! :-D thanks!!

  • scarlettangel

    Randall- perhaps the reason that the kids of today look back to “stale” music from before they were born is because almost everything that comes out now is cookie cutter. There are a few exceptions but the kids who want real music are required to harken back to days gone by to hear true music.

  • Dani

    RE: Randall

    Thank god the Sex pistols were left off because they are terrible. There are much better representatives of punk out there.

    Anyway, this sounds like a typical 15 year old kid’s list who is just getting out of their nu-metal phase. Somebody who hasn’t really gotten a taste of what’s out there music-wise.

  • Mom424

    What the hell is going on? I actually agree with Randall on a music list. I too would have glossed over the punk/nw scene, much as I did in real life, but there is no mention of the true pioneers that Randall mentioned. No Chuck Berry, No Jerry Lee, No Janis, and way too much commercialized pap. I didn’t learn anything today. How did these folks influence rock music and those who came after? It doesn’t say anything much, now does it? Commercial success should not be the only yardstick when creating a list like this. Boo!

  • romerozombie

    Was this list posted just to cause arguments? The order isn’t factual, just personal opinion, so it can’t be. Did Rolling Stone submit this list? They did, didn’t they?

  • Randall


    Look, to each his own about the Sex Pistols. Personally I think you’re nuts. I don’t know how you can say they were “terrible”… do you not understand the whole IDEA behind punk?

    But anyway, as I say, I’ll let that go. But the reason I brought them up in particular is also because of their HISTORICAL importance. The Pistols and the Clash set the scene for punk in many ways, along with the New York bands like Television, Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads, and so on. But as we know, it’s that *sound* of the Clash and Pistols that more or less “became” punk in time… it turned into a style based on that sound, rather than the idea it originally was (to just be able to get up on stage and play, regardless of ability).

    At any rate, I agree with your assessment of the list otherwise.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    What about woman rockers, guys?

  • scarlettangel

    Dani- Love the comment about nu-metal. I personally like metal but the nu-metal is part of the cookie cutter music I was referring to in my former post. It all sounds the same. Also, Black Sabbath should have the Metallica spot. While I like Metallica they are not the best metal rockers.

  • Kristin

    All I have to say is Skynyrd!!!!

  • Hobolad

    Hehe, this list is gonna cause some entertaining arguments.

    Personally- I’d have got rid of Zeppelin (Maybe I’m alone in this, but serial-song-stealing perverts aren’t my cup of tea). And- Bowie. We needed some Bowie! And Dylan! Stone Roses if just for the first album… The Clash- of course!

    That’s just me though! We all differ, that’s what’s cool about music! It just wouldn’t be the same if there was a rock solid formula for what we like that could be churned out mechanically and please everyone.

  • deedee0323

    Good list but I feel like it’s been done before so many times. I knew the rankings before I even read it.

  • Cash Pash

    No Nirvana, no Pearl Jam, no Red Hot fucking Chili peppers? No love for anyone post 70s except for Metallica, who blow major cock anyway. I’m sorry, is this the greatest rockers or the best 70s fags? What about Slash or Guns n Roses? Slash is the best fuckin rocker ever. How about STP? How about ACDC? Honestly, get some fucking brains, this is pitiful. Why so much disrespect for the 90s? It disgusts me.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Shut up about the beatles. They were great.

  • youmademerealize

    Thin Lizzy would of been nice…

  • Hobolad

    “The Beatles never rocked they were terrible live performers barely performing 20 minute shows.”

    The Beatles played pretty much all day in the Cavern…

  • Trigun472

    Sorry Randall apparently I did miss the paragraph of you pointing them out. Most of the names you pointed out are R&B/Soul/Blues though, which to me is a different category as “rockers”. That’s not to say they weren’t good, or I don’t like the, or they weren’t influential, but on what is basically a popularity scale style list for Rock they really don’t have a place up there. BTW unless I made a typo somewhere, I never called their style black music, nor did I say rock n roll was a white only genre. I’d agree that’s retarded. I’m also not saying this is a well thought out list, or everyone on it deserves to be there.

  • Wow this list caused a lot of arguing…. Music lists will never please everyone obviously. Everybody has different taste. I personally like most of the list, Queen is my favorite band, so…

  • Callie

    Randall…come down off that soapbox and join us please. This list was not the top ten greatest Punk Bands, this list was not the top ten greatest R & B or soul singers, it was top ten best ROCKERS. You’re in the wrong genre and I don’t know where you pulled that race card from. I usually agree with you, but you’re barking up the wrong tree..wrong whole FOREST with this one, bud.

    In keeping with the toip ten best ROCKERS, I agree Aerosmith, GNR and maybe NIN should be included. The Beatles and the Beach Boys are more pop and should be saved for a different list. Same with Pink Floyd- but them on a jam bands list…oooo jam bands. Someone do that.

  • SaturnIon

    I agree with Cash Pash….

    I’m very disappointed that Guns N’ Roses aren’t on the list. Whether or not you like them, there is no denying that they rock, and Slash is one of the best guitar players ever.

  • GuyIncognito

    Queen you got right, but they should be higher on the list.

    And I agree with Cash Pash, where the hell is Nirvana or Pearl Jam? They always but on great, exciting, high energy shows. Pearl Jam still does, I saw them about a month ago. Those two bands were/are the definition of rockers.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Eh? Last I checked punk was rock, so why if the Beach Boys are here can’t The Ramones or The Clash be? And sure The Sex Pistols didn’t play that well, but they made a huge impact and they rocked 8)

  • scarlettangel

    CashPash- Totally agree. This list seems to be more musicians not”ROCKERS”. The best bands for that genre have almost all been left off. Elvis Presley was not a “rocker”. He helped to create but he was not a rocker. Just listen to the you tube clip-not rock!Sorry, I know I have angered impersonators all over the world with that one! :)

  • Phender_Bender

    Where are Dragon Force??

    Relax, it was a joke.

  • scarlettangel

    RConrad- do you think a list about tits would be safer? that is a subject that will certainly be disagreed on. Some like melons and some like mosquito bites. Some like pear shaped and some like oranges. See my point? Anyway if you want to see tits that bad- you are on the internet!

  • Callie

    hahaha dragon force. Why not Deathklok?

  • Cyn

    RConrad and scarlettangel
    that comment was moderated as spam. thought it was a pornbot.
    this is not a porn site. i suggest you Google ‘porn’ if you want that kinda thing.

  • Crispin


    I love Metallica and I guess they represent Heavy Metal on this list, but really this list should have The band that started Heavy Metal: BLACK SDABBATH!!!!

    I wouldn’t classify Elvis, Beatles, Chuck Berry, or Beach Boys as “ROCKERS” they are pop. Talented but not rockers

  • warrrreagl

    “The Beatles never rocked they were terrible live performers barely performing 20 minute shows.”

    “The Beatles played pretty much all day in the Cavern…”

    And the strip clubs of the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, as well. There, they played daily 9-hour shows. They are well-documented in England as being the most vicious, savage, tenacious, and hardest rocking tight band anyhwere. By the time they got to the 30 minute fluff shows in America, their reputation was sealed.

    And although I can see where Randall’s fury is coming from, I have to semantically disagree with Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, et al, as being “rockers.” They were soul artists. Rock and roll is an equal blend of rhythm & blues and country. When yoou toss in some gospel to that mix, then you have authentic southern soul. So although I wouldn’t have put The Beach Boys on this list, I also wouldn’t have included all the soul artists mentioned above.

  • Carol

    Kreachure, your comment was the best one! It’s so much fun watching people get really angry over this kind of list. As someone up there said: it’s better than the list itself!

  • Trigun472


    How can you not count Chuck Berry as rock? Not only is he the “Godfather of Rock”, he is also the one who Angus Young copies everything he does from (soloing style, and performance wise). If you can consider AC/DC Rock, you have to say Chuck is rock too.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    I remember a time when Jamie published a list about cooking and everyone rejoiced. And we all shared tips and all was well.

    Oh how the times change.

  • scarlettangel

    Cyn- I don’t want that kind of thing. What’s pornbot? Delete comment 55 please!

  • Randall


    Uh, no thanks Callie.. I don’t WANT to join this white suburban ignorance fest. I’ll stay on my soapbox, thanks.

    And let me clarify… the list is TOP 10 Greatest Rockers. Punk, Callie IS rock. So is R&B and soul. No, I am NOT in the wrong genre… rather, YOU, Callie, don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    You people don’t get to define rock&roll as strictly white, metal-ish, hard-rock band music. And sorry, yes, the race thing DOES come into it, because what YOU are calling “rock” IS largely a white thing—note the bands cited in this list, for instance. But as I say, YOU and people like the creator of this list do not get to define rock & roll as you like to exclude certain “genres.” For that matter, if you want to talk like that, then EVERYTHING is genre-based. And then ask yourself–how would the Rolling Stones THEMSELVES feel about a list like this that excluded THEIR chief influences–who were almost ALL black?

    No, the bottom line is, we don’t get to say “rock” is only defined by the kind of music on this list. It isn’t. Rock is at least as black as it is white, if not more so. THAT is the problem with your way of thinking Callie, and the way of thinking of a LOT of white kids, who think it can’t be rock if it doesn’t sound a way that is narrowly defined by THEM… and often times–VERY often–that cuts across not only rigid stylistic lines, but across race lines.

  • Crispin


    Crazy Comment

    Dylan is the most overated talent in the world and the topic is “ROCKERS”. DYLAN DOES NOT ROCK

  • chris

    This is the same list as every other “greatest rock band” list that has ever been published.

  • Crispin


    What about Living Color

    Glamour Boys was such a great tune. Boy did they stand the test of time

  • Randall


    (how many “r’s” in that, by the way? Is that Ukrainian?)

    Read what I just wrote to Callie, warrrr. I don’t agree. Don’t tell me (or anyone else who knows anything about music—don’t tell Mick Jagger this shit, for instance) that Otis and Wilson were NOT rock, because they were soul/r&b. R&B IS rock & roll, warrrr… as is much of what was called “soul.” Yes, there are variations on soul today that move away from “rock” in the way that “disco” moved away from rock… but that’s not what we’re talking about.

    So don’t tell me that soul/r&b artists aren’t “rock,” warrrr… you need to re-think that and realize (once again) that you’re coming at that opinion from a white vantage point which is *dead wrong.*

  • Cubone

    AC DC!!! Anyone?!

  • Dan

    This list is still just one person’s opinion, and written to spark this debate.

    Randall, I would have to agree with warrrreagl concerning rock’s origins, and therefore, Soul and R & B should be off the list. Rock evolved from these styles.

  • Callie

    I’m sorry Randall, I didn’t realize you were stalking me. Where’s your proof I’m a young white kid? That as I write this I’m staring out at my picket fence petting my golden retriever eating a sandwich made of Miracle Whip and Wonder Bread? Maybe I’m an old bitter black man like you seem to be. Don’t start playing the stereotype game with me.

    Punk, Soul, and R & B are OFFSHOOTS of the rock genre. Think of it as a library. In the suspense section ,there may be murder mysteries, there may be whodunits, there may be ghost stories and tales of the supernatural. These are classified as suspense until there’s enough to make their own classification. It’s like a family tree.

    There are more than enough punk artist and R & B artists to make up their own lists.

    No one is attacking these artists or saying they don’t deserve a place in music history or even on this site- you’re just too steeped in your own bitterness to see it.

  • Randall


    Where’s my proof that you’re a young white kid? Well Callie, I have no proof—I didn’t say I did. But you TALK like one. You’re stereotyping YOURSELF, Callie… I don’t need to provide that service *for* you.

    AND NO, AGAIN–if you are going to maintain this LUDICROUS idea that punk, r&b etc. are NOT rock, then YOU tell me, Callie, what IS rock. DEFINE it.

    You’re defining it by exclusion, in fact. You’re writing off certain genres because it SUITS you, and for no other reason. Certainly not historic, because R&B is NOT an “offshoot” of rock. And what you’re writing off is largely BLACK.

    So you tell me, Callie.. what is YOUR definition of “rock & roll?” Go ahead. I’d love to hear this one.

  • jack

    i disagree with everyone saying Guns n Roses should be on here. I think they suck. As for all the punk bands, they didn’t really do anything to change rock and roll. I think these bands did.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Ok? Lets have different opinions, but don’t use the term fag as a bad thing. Unless with fag you mean cigarettes.

  • Alicia

    With the exception of the Beach Boys, Queen, and the Beatles, I agree almost wholeheartedly with this list.
    Although I would, admittedly, change the order a bit.

  • Mr.Graves

    Plato once said only a fool argues taste. Now back to your diversions. Children are still starving.

    Keep on rockin in the free world. :)

  • SocialButterfly

    You know Randall it’s not very often that I will call you out, in fact I very much enjoy the way you make all others cower in fear (myself included occasionally), but why does it matter what colour the presons skin is?

    Honestly, why in the hell would you bring skin colour into a perfectly reasonable music list?!

    I am a fan of all sorts of music, it is rare that you find a genre where I don’t know of at least one artist that I enjoy. This list should have been specified as classic rock to be true, but to point out a reasoning such as the colour of someone’s skin, That’s just ignorant.

  • Mom424

    Heya Randall: I do agree with SB on this point. The list is lame because it is not well researched or poignant. Racism would imply intentionally omitting folks because of race not of ignorance. I’m going for the “Don’t know any better, neglected to find out” over racism any day.

  • Trigun472


    Punk has had a huge influence. Most of the music now, and a lot of the glam metal from the 80s is based off Punk. So is most of the music we hear today. A lot of the heavy speedy type bands like Motorhead also took the speed element from Punk.

  • Randall


    READ what I’m saying here, SocialB. I am saying that in excluding black artists, this list is white-centered and, in that sense, more than slightly racist.

    I don’t think you got what I was saying or getting at. Read again, please. Carefully this time.

  • Kreachure

    Heheheh… all my predictions (#18) have come true already.

    You’re all cigarettes :P JK!

  • Trigun472

    Randall aren’t you white? What makes your white point of view so much better than everyone elses?

  • G Note

    No Doors? That is an outrage of monumental proportions.

    Anyhow i agree with RConrad, let’s see a list of great knockers.

  • ninjajim

    Randall: “because like ALL white middle class lunkheads, you think the world revolves around you.” Now that IS racist and uncalled for. I was going to agree with you about some of the greatest rockers of all time including The Temptations, Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Marvin Gaye. Though I’m not a huge fan of punk. All of them deserved to be on this list, however I find your comments very angering. Please think before you go into such a tirade. Anyways I believe Buddy Holly should have been on this list seeing as how he contributed most to the creation of the whole modern rock ‘n roll genre after all, influencing artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis etc.

  • Carol

    Oh Gee, you guys have to chill out!
    Randall, you’re being incredibly rude. It’s not because you make use of polite words that make yourself polite or not offensive. I am usually a polite person, but I have to say that if you don’t agree with the list, just go find another one that suits you better or make one yourself, isn’t that more productive than trying to convince everybody else to have the same opinion as you?
    And before you start pointing every little mistake from this comment, let me warn you that I am not a native speaker of English and live in a third world country, and anything you say i can and will consider racism.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Kreachure: You are wise :)

  • Callie

    I’m done talking about this. No doubt you’ll spin this as I never knew what I was talking about in the first place and make it fit your own “I am right all the time” needs. You were born in the sixties, you’ve lived through some stuff. You’ve got to know more than a silly young white girl, man. You’ve just got to. And to prove it, you’ll use lots of CAPITAL LETTERS and CURSE words to convey your UTTER DISGUST at those of us in our GODDAMN SAFE MIDDLE CLASS WORKING FOR THE GODDAMN MAN JOBS. Why that term white collar? SOOOOO racist, right? You’re so full of hate, Randall. That’s sad. It’s a music list. I’m sure this debate will go on just fine without me, so I’m dipping out of it on top cause I’m pretty sure most people reading this think you’re off your rocker today.

  • SocialButterfly

    Randall I can read perfectly well, and the fact of the matter is that you immediately pulled out the race card instead of theorizing that perhaps the list writer just didn’t have many on for a completely other reason.

    You are the one who pointed out race, you talk about wanting equality, but every time you point out another race, you push it back again. Equality is not looking at a person’s colour it’s not seeing a colour at all.

  • Randall


    Sorry honey, but to me that IS a form of racism. No, not the active kind where someone says, “I’m going to exclude blacks because I hate them, etc.,” but what I’m saying is, the focus on what is almost strictly white (with a black thrown in) out of ignorance, is a form of *exclusionary racism.* And in addition to that, note that I was also going after the comments made by various people here to the effect that r&b and other forms of black music are “not rock”—and if that kind of thing isn’t a form of racism—exclusionary, perhaps, but racism nonetheless–then I don’t know what it is.

    I know, I know—we white folks (and yes, I am white, at least on the outside) are very sensitive about being called racist, and we react to it nastily. But the truth hurts an awful lot. And racism isn’t just guys in white hoods burning crosses–we should damn well know that by now. Nor is it just manifested when people use derogative names or say derogative things. It’s also manifested when we drop black culture and black people (or other races for that matter) out of our consideration and out of our worldview. How dare anyone here say, for instance, that r&b is NOT rock? Ask Mick Jagger or John Lennon or Jimmy Page or any of your other beloved white artists if this is so. They’d laugh in your face, or be disgusted with you. (well okay, not Lennon ’cause he’s dead–but you know what I mean). How dare anyone lay claim to rock and say it is only certain bands–99% of whom “just happen” to be WHITE?

    No, it’s all part of this broad ignorance and EXCUSED ignorance of our white world, which discounts what black people have done, *particularly* when we have co-opted it for ourselves, we white folks. Nope, that’s not as in-your-face a kind of racism as burning a cross or excluding a man from a job–but it’s still a subtle form of racism that makes us think that we can exclude with impunity that which we consider to “not fit” our view of reality–which, as I say, “just happens” to often be white-centered.

    As always, of course, people will get pissed about this and say I’m wrong. But in your hearts some of you know it to be so.

  • scarlettangel

    Randall- why are you trying to bring race in? It’s not a black and white thing, it’s a MUSIC thing. If R&B and soul were rock, they wouldn’t be classified as R&B and soul would they?

    • Jack

      damn straight

  • Randall


    Uh, all well and good, Social, but read what I just wrote to Mom.

    We don’t live in a world where everyone “doesn’t see color at all.” The attitude is there–that people feel they can exclude black artists because what THEY make isn’t “rock”—it isn’t “our” music.

    And THAT is what I’m saying is wrong.

    Get it?

  • Randall


    Why is heavy metal rock then? Why is “psychedelic” considered rock? Why is garage band considered rock? I could go on and on. Why is surf music rock?

    These are all sub-genres and genres. The mistake you’re making is thinking that there is some central core that is “rock,” that is genre free–and that all other “different” forms are merely genres that can then be excluded.

    If that’s the case, then you tell me what “rock” actually is. Define it.

  • warrrreagl

    Randall, I’d be glad to tell Mick Jagger that Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett were not rock, because I regularly show to my classes the filmed interviews with them and Jerry Wexler where they clearly differentiate between soul, R&B, and rock. I’ve watched them from within my classroom for over 15 years tell us over and over again that they were not rock.

    But more importantly, I’ve worked in the recording studios in Muscle Shoals where they (Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Percy Sledge, and many others) recorded soul – not rock. I’ve met, talked to, and worked with The Swampers, and my comments are substantiated up by the ones who created the music in the first place – not some goofy internet source.

    And it is four rrrr’s, by the way.

  • scarlettangel

    Randall with your reasoning, any American could claim that this list isn’t patriotic. They are almost all English bands. The American bands are being excluded except for a couple of token ones. Do you see how ridiculous your reasoning is? No one ever made the comment that people were excluded because they were black, they were not involved as “ROCKERS”. Elvis does not belong on the list either, in my opinion. Just listen to the clip- that’s not rock!

  • Csimmons

    Should have had Aerosmith, BLACK FUCKING SABBATH, and maybe The Who, I otherwise agree with the choices.

  • Trigun472

    Haha so you’re saying, because black people invented ‘rock’, anything that a black person makes they can decide is rock? So in your way of thinking, since white people invented cars, black people can’t decide what makes a car look good? They can’t decide if a vehicle is an SUV or a Truck? White people invented movies, so a black person can’t decide if a movie is a horror flick or a suspense film?

  • scarlettangel

    You are right because those are sub-genres.
    R&B is it’s own genre. It is never listed as a sub-genre, because it can stand on it’s own as R&B.

  • B_Rad

    Holy racism! Why does someone gotta bring that card to this? You don’t need to get all riled up just because your opinion isn’t being accepted by everyone here.

    Here we go, here’s a definition from

    “a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western; “rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved out of rock’n’roll.”

    When I saw this list, I figured it would be about modern music with bands who had crazy shows or who would get wasted on stage, get arrested, etc. I mean, that’s the connotation that “Rocker” has. Everyone’s opinion is different, my #1 would be Tool, and I would include other bands like van halen, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, etc.

    Come on dude, the general modern view of “rockers” is gonna be of white bands. Don’t forget about Living Colour or Lenny Kravitz, they rocked and they were black. But when people think of “rockers”, they aren’t gonna think of Chuck Berry, Little Richard or James Brown just to name a few. They would have 20 years ago, but not now.

    I do have to agree though that this list was misleading. It wasn’t about the “greatest rockers”, it was about what bands sold the most albums. A greatest rocker list is going to be very subjective, it’s kinda pointless.

  • Callie

    warrrr with four R’s I think I just fell a little bit in love with you.

    Now then, getting back to what this list is actually about, I miss Freddie Mercury. I love glam rock. Those who are fans should give Semi Precious Weapons or Mika a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Randall


    So… is that Scottish? A long, rolled “rrrrr?”

    Listen, you make a point about the appeal to authority thing, but *I* was also trying to make a point, and I still say that if you were to poll the great musicians of our age and say to them, is black music NOT rock? They would almost all answer that it IS rock. But leave that aside. The point is that this whole thing of white people co-opting the form to say it is THEIR music is the offense here.

    Rock is all-inclusive. If you do want to talk authority on this, then ask the critics and historians of the form, the big names. No less an authority than the Rolling Stone History of Rock & Roll includes ALL of the artists I’ve mentioned. Are they within genres? Sure. But rock is chock full of genres. EVERYTHING in rock is basically in a genre. Who is anyone here or anywhere to say which genres belong and which don’t?

    Even the people making the music themselves can’t agree. What IS rock? I ask–and in fact defy–anyone here to define it. I know I can’t. Not comprehensively, certainly. You either get down to being very exclusionary–which clearly doesn’t work–or you face that everything has to be counted in.

    CLASSIC rock we generally consider to be the kind of stuff on this list–but don’t tell me that classic rock is the definition of rock. I don’t care where you’ve worked, I don’t care if you were at Sam Philips’ side in Sun Studios, (in which case you’d know better anyway) classic rock is not the limiting definition of what rock is. If that were so, then we’re saying that it IS limited to a bunch of largely white guys (and few if any women) making music mostly in the post-Beatles period (few if any classic rock radio stations play music from the 50s–even Elvis).

    But then what IS rock, warrrr? Tell me. Because I can’t tell *you.* I only know it’s wrong to exclude the people I’ve mentioned. Just as it would be wrong to exclude the Monkees because they were pre-fab or Anthrax because they were too cheesy-metal.

  • SocialButterfly

    Randall: Yes I “get it.” I am fully aware that the world still sees colour, what I am getting at, is that if you wish to see things differently do something about it. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    All I was saying is that bringing up the race card to prove that a list without alot of Black people on it completely and totally alienates the point that you were trying to make.

    What fascinates me most Randall is that you have already decided in your mind that I am wrong for whatever reason. So I could argue anything I wanted and you would be justified in your own reasonings. You need to open your mind to the idea that others may have a good point every once in a while. :)

  • WarningDontReadThis

    *Wants popcorn, slick doesn’t notice her.*
    *Gives up.*

  • SlickWilly

    *Sits back and watches, eats a little popcorn*

    *Drinks some pop*

    *Belches, continues eating popcorn and watching*

  • Rachel


  • Csimmons

    *joins slick*

    *pulls out the huge never ending bottle of moutain dew*

    *gets all his snacks from the magic fridge*

  • Randall

    You know, I don’t want to become the S_R of this list and have it turn into a “is gay marriage wrong” situation where I stand here pointing out the subtle racism inherent here, and one commenter after another disagrees with me and we get into an endless, pointless argument about it.

    I note for the last time here–people are getting very angry about this, saying *I* have played some kind of race card. It’s laughable, or rather it would be if it weren’t so sick and sad. We sit here, largely a bunch of white middle-class or slightly higher people (I grant all this is guessing, but I bet I’m right) and we’re arguing over this. *I* find it absurd that people can say with straight faces that black folks don’t belong on a rock list. Lots of you see no problem with this.

    Fuck it, leave it at that. I won’t be the one here to try to fill *that* giant hole with a spoon. Go back to arguing over whether the Beatles were “rockers” kids… and ignore the elephant in the room. Much easier. As always, easier to play the safe game than look at yourself with honesty. Oh so safe, oh so easy, oh so simple.

    So let’s make this the last thing I’ll contribute to this list, and you folks can go back to your back-patting and dream-state existence.

  • B_Rad


  • SlickWilly

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of allllllll ages! Welcome to today’s main event! In the red corner, wearing the black and red trunks, the reigning champ of pop culture knowledge and pretty much knowledge in general, the master of disaster, the Dane of pain, the King of sting, the bruiser cruiser, the chief thief, robbin’ ya chance of life, the pound-for-pound baddest man around….RANDALL! And in the blue corner, wearing the white and green trunks….EVERYONE ELSE!!! To the thousands of fans in attendence and the millions watching around the world…ladies and gentlemen…we are…reeeeaaady toooo RRRRRUUUUUUUUMMMBBBBLLLLEEE!

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Go back to arguing over whether the Beatles were “rockers” kids… and ignore the elephant in the room.

    Beacause they were :)

  • Csimmons

    I have 40 on everyone else!

  • scruffy

    Great list ! perfect

  • John

    Randall: I have been reading what you have to say and you make some very valid points that I very much agree with. I am a 56 year old black man that has seen things that would make you cringe, racism has been something that I have never been able to run away from. The one thing that I have been able to enjoy with people of all races has been music, all types of music. That is the beauty of music it brings people together not tear them apart. Yes there is racism in everything in this world including music, but the pioneers of rock, R&B, Soul,etc.. know what they have done for music and so do ALOT of others, and no one can take that away from them or us for that fact. It is up to the older ones to pass on knowledge just as musch as it is for the young ones to search out knowledge. If you have some knowledge then make a list of your own and pass it on, there is an audience for what you have to say. Now……what gives you the right to take up the “BLACK PERSONS CAUSE” because you feel it inside and the world has done such an injustice that you must speak up? If you feel this way then SPEAK with Dignity, Pride, Integerty not an angry tirade. Teach these young ones by example not by yelling!

    At the end of the day, who cars what is on this list? Will it stop you from getting in your car or going home or hanging out with friends and turning on the radio, playing a record or playing a cd and listening to the music that you love?

    I can bet you a whole lot of money that the answer is



    Dude, big risk in posting this list. There are simply too many great rockers out there to list. While I approve of those you put on the list, you left out a good deal of them. The Doors, AC/DC, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Louis, The Clash, Cream, Nirvana?

    Just too broad of a subject I believe.

    But also, to the rest of you; it’s just a list. No need to get so worked up. Obviously it was one person’s opinion….I think we can all agree that this list does not make what it says true. So deal with it, and forget about it.

  • John

    Randall: I have been reading what you have to say and you make some very valid points that I very much agree with. I am a 56 year old black man that has seen things that would make you cringe; racism has been something that I have never been able to run away from. The one thing that I have been able to enjoy with people of all races has been music, all types of music. That is the beauty of music it brings people together not tear them apart. Yes there is racism in everything in this world including music, but the pioneers of rock, R&B, Soul, etc… know what they have done for music and so do ALOT of others, and no one can take that away from them or us for that fact. It is up to the older ones to pass on knowledge just as much as it is for the young ones to search out knowledge. If you have some knowledge then make a list of your own and pass it on, there is an audience for what you have to say. Now……what gives you the right to take up the “BLACK PERSONS CAUSE” because you feel it inside and the world has done such an injustice that you must speak up? If you feel this way then SPEAK with Dignity, Pride, Integrity not an angry tirade. Teach these young ones by example not by yelling!

    At the end of the day, who cars what is on this list? Will it stop you from getting in your car or going home or hanging out with friends and turning on the radio, playing a record or playing a cd and listening to the music that you love?

    I can bet you a whole lot of money that the answer is


  • ChuChu353

    I guess women don’t rock >:-(

  • codman

    10. Iron Maiden
    9. The Who
    8. Aerosmith
    7. AC/DC
    6. Guns n’ Roses
    5. Metallica
    4. Nirvana
    3. Pearl Jam
    2. Black Sabbath
    1. Led Zeppelin

    I know some people are gonna think I’m nuts for puttin’ Pearl Jam and Nirvana but they’re still rock and they’re two of the best bands ever.

  • Patrona

    I think most of the people are missing the point that this list is based on the artists’ sales throughout history.
    If you notice that as you go from 10 to 1 the number of hits and sales is increasing.
    Apart from that, we are noticing some comments that are shameful to rock’n’roll! Cmon! I mean whether you like the Beatles or not, You can’t insult all their fans by saying they were shitty. It is obvious that music taste differs among people. But there are certain taste that outcome others by observing the number of holders. You dare to compare the sex pistols to The Beatles. Did you even listen to them?
    Another thing, why mix racism with music? Jimi Hendrix is included in this list. Is he white? Why is it our problem if black people were involved more in other types of music. Of course there are a lot of Black rockers, but were they the greatest?
    It is the list of the greatest Rockers! When you say Rock and Roll, what’s the first thing that comes on your mind? Don’t you picture some sixties or seventies band on stage like Zeppelin or the Beatles?
    Nevertheless, I don’t totally agree with this list. I preferred seeing Chuck Berry, since for my opinion he’s one of the most influential artist in Rock’n’roll, because like John Lennon once said:”If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it ‘Chuck Berry'”

  • warrrreagl

    Randall, why would I ask a critic or an historian what is or isn’t rock when I’ve already asked the musicians themselves who created it? I’m damn satisfied with their answers.

    Maybe that explains why the apparent great sage Mick Jagger came to Muscle Shoals Sound in 1971 to work with Jerry Wexler and The Swampers to give the rock sound of the Stones more of an authentic soul edge. They didn’t come to Alabama looking for rock influnces, that’s for sure.

  • WarningDontReadThis

    Patrona: Wouldn’t it be more logical to call it top ten best selling rockers?

  • Callie


    you’re right. Guess the listmaker hates non-whites AND women :)

    I KID, I kid…On an unrelated note, I went to pay for lunch and my wallet wasn;t in my purse. What a yuck feeling.


    Good list. Iron Maiden is underrated.

  • MiSaNtHrOpE

    Ayreon, led by Arjen Anthony Lucassen, should make one of these lists. His albums feature 9 to 11 vocalists and many, many instrumentalists. His most acclaimed album, The Human Equation, about a man in a coma after a car crash, is the best $20 I’ve ever spent.

  • Randall


    I honestly don’t want to keep coming back to this. But I had to say that frankly I think you’re trying to trump me with these claims of yours (that you got this stuff straight from the horse’s mouth) but it won’t work pal. I’m not intimidated, and think it even possible that you’re exaggerating what you’ve heard.

    But screw it, I don’t want to argue this, as I said. I’m done. You aren’t going to tell me or convince me that r&b, etc. are not “rock.” It’s just nonsense, and I think in your heart of hearts you know that.

    And as I’ve repeatedly maintained, it’s a form of junior-league, subtle racism to *exclude* black artists from rock, as though “their” music doesn’t count as “rock.” Implying that rock, therefore, is “white” music.

    If you can’t see this, warrrr (it’s pretty simple logic) then I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Randall


    Thanks for agreeing with me. But as we can see, white people don’t like to be reminded of, or called out on, their exclusionary ways any more than being called out on their more overt forms of racism.

    Anyway, thanks for what you said.

    Now… you also said:

    “…what gives you the right to take up the “BLACK PERSONS CAUSE” because you feel it inside and the world has done such an injustice that you must speak up?”

    Who do I *have* to be, John?

    This is a website frequented, in large part (I guess this, again, but I feel it’s a correct guess) by roughly middle class whites of varying ages (largely in their 20s – 30s though with a few youngsters tossed in and a few people my age-40s-and older). I don’t see what it matters WHO speaks up about this shit, me, you, or whatever–but I was here and I took it upon myself to do so.

  • Carol

    Oo Randall gave up!
    Now let’s go back to our lives and make something useful out of them ^^

  • SocialButterfly

    If you ever use that disgusting word again I will find you IP address and strangle you with my bare hands!

  • YogiBarrister

    The title itself is the main problem with this list, that and the banality of it. Either create a list of the greatest rock artists or one about the greatest rock performers. I wouldn’t exclude great Black talents like Otis Redding or James Brown, the probable finalists if we could hold an all-time battle of the bands, but if the author wishes to do so, that’s his prerogative. In fact, to keep in the spirit of this comment thread, I’ve got two separate but equal lists of acts I have or would most enjoy seeing live:
    Chuck Berry – Elvis Presley
    The Ronettes – Sleater-Kinney
    The Temptations – The Kinks
    James Brown – The Rolling Stones
    The Four Tops – Ten Years After
    Otis Redding – Bruce Springsteen
    Jimi Hendrix – Led Zeppelin
    The Supremes – Elvis Costello
    Aretha Franklin – Janis Joplin
    Sam and Dave – The Hives

  • caboose

    I’m gonna go ahead and say it, this list is incredibly mediocre and looks like someone who doesn’t know the first lick about rock. Its neglected many of the great RNB artists and put in a few that I would disagree with, Metallica for one, They lost there credibility and title of being a rocker as soon as I saw Lars Urlich in court with his little suit on complaning that he isn’t getting his sixty nine cents of royalties. I would also like to mention artists like Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart are the most under appreciated muscians around producing brilliant music but still very obscure to most people.

    I did not enjoy reading this list but I did very well appreciate Randalls comments, after the first three or so I was printing out “Randall FOR President” signs on my computer, I do agree with Randall. Punk, RnB, Blues and ect have been severly overlooked because people fail to tha yes this is rock and who are you to define it not to be.

    I would concider renaming this list “Top 10 Rock Artists (As viewed by A white person)”

  • John

    Randell answering your question “Who do I have to be” is a question only you can answer. The only thing that I would suggest is when expressing for yourself and bringing others into your opinion is to do it with dignity, unfortunatly you passion was drowned out due to your anger and your opinion and point was missed by quite a few. Being that I am a black man I would hope that anyone who choose to fight for a cause/opinion who do so in a way that would honor me and anyone else that shares my color or beliefs

  • JayArr

    WOOHOO! I can feel the love! The rants and raves just fly off the screen into my bloodshot eyes… I’m stunningly surprised that this list got more than 30 posts for comments.

    looking forward to new lists on pairs, pears, pares, live chickens and peach preserves!

  • Sedulous

    This is definitely a cliche list but it’s for the most part true. I would have just narrowed it down to rock “BANDS” because there is only one single performer on there. I don’t like the beach boys on a rock list. It’s called the Top 10 Greatest Rockers and I don’t the beach boys were great “rockers”. They were great in their own way. I think a more specific criteria would have been better. Like based on album sales or based on influence or number ones or something. Generally the only difference in this list and every other list you see on VH1 or read about in Rolling Stone magazine is they don’t include the Beatles. So I would say it doesn’t really work since it’s BARELY original which I thought was part of what this site is about.

    So to me a great “Rocker” would be a true rock band or individual rocker that had the greatest impact on people. You can define that as whatever. Great rockers rock people, and when someone is rocked they are affected, they are influenced. Great rockers also change things and shift paradigms and accomplish things no other rockers have accomplished. I think choosing your top ten with that in mind and then add good explanations of how that band rocked would have been much better.

  • warrrreagl


    The comments about racism came from someone else – not me. I didn’t refer to anyone’s race, so I’m not sure why that part of your response was addressed to me.

    “Have you never heard of James Brown? Wilson Pickett? Bobby Womack? Otis Redding? I could tick off a dozen others! Lloyd Price! Jackie Wilson! Aretha Franklin! Etta James! The Temptations! The Isley Brothers!”

    You stated that certain specific artists were rockers, and I countered that in their own words those artists vehemently deny being rockers and classify themselves as authentic southern soul. This is not a fallacious appeal to authority, as you suggested earlier, for these are their words, not mine.

    I’ve never met James Brown, Otis Redding, Lloyd Price, Jackie Wilson, The Temptations, or the Isley Brothers. But I have met Wilson Pickett, Bobby Womack, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James – all of whom recorded in Alabama. But if I see them again, I’ll be sure to tell them that Randall says they’ve been recording rock music all these years, and they must know that in their heart of hearts.

  • Randall

    caboose & tron:

    Thanks for the support.

  • Sedulous

    I think warrrreagl has a good point. If those guys really say they aren’t rock….why should everyone else? I will agree though if they are going to put individual performers on that list. Chuck Berry BELONGS! That dude very nearly invented rock n roll.

  • Randall


    Tell you what, warrrr.. if you’re for real, yes… tell them that… but you tell them in the context it was MEANT, not the one you choose. Don’t tell me Bobby Womack wouldn’t understand what I mean–I just heard an interview with him on the radio a few days ago (possibly an old interview, I don’t know) where he essentially says what I’ve been saying.

    And if you REALLY do know such people… I honest to god mean this, I would give damn near anything to be in your shoes, and if there’s anything I can do to schmooze up to you so *I* too can meet these people–for god’s sake! Etta James! Wilson Pickett! Aretha! Then just tell me what it is.

  • Carol

    You have to be really disturbed to bring racism to a rocker’s list…let’s face it: prejudice exists and i’m pretty sure it’ll always exist, but should we really go that far over a simple list? Tsc tsc tsc….

  • Randall


    Okay, that fucking does it. I said I was dropping this, but I won’t stand for being called “disturbed” by some idiot on the internet who doesn’t even know me.

    “DISTURBED,” Carol? Why?

    Because I pointed out things that you don’t want to hear?

    Things you don’t want to acknowledge?

    You don’t wish to hear, perhaps, that excluding black artists from a style of music WHICH THEY INVENTED is a form of backhanded racism? Why? If you don’t agree, then argue it with me. Prove me wrong. But if you just don’t want to hear it–if you feel it’s “disturbed,” then you tell me HOW it is “disturbed” and WHY you don’t wish to hear it.

    Yes, Carol, I *know* this is just a “simple list.” But this kind of thing is INDICATIVE of what’s wrong with people–drawing these white/black lines and claiming THIS thing for white culture and relegating THAT thing to black culture… and it is *particularly* odious when it’s done so white people can co-opt a cultural form that *black* people not only invented but practiced with great talent and ability—but noooooo…. they’re not part of it because the music of “those people” isn’t ROCK, it’s BLACK.

    Don’t ever “tsk tsk” me, lady. It’s because of people like YOU that other people acquiesce in this shit and it continues to happen, unchallenged. LOOK at the response that’s gone on here… people like you have got on my ass for pointing out the injustice in closing black people out of this form that they have contributed HUGELY to… and yet, why? Why? Why does it bother people so, to admit black music into this tent of rock and roll? Why the demarcation between what’s rock and “not rock,” and then it just happens to turn out that the “not rock” is mostly *black* music?

    Do these questions not bug you, just a little? Just a tiny bit? Never mind the triviality of a stupid list on a web site… doesn’t this LARGER issue mean anything to you?

    Or do you just not *think,* period? …as your comments seem to sadly indicate?

  • Seven

    Are you just arguing because you’re bored??

    Perhaps you could go try and solve some LEGITAMATE cases of racism…

  • i love everyone on this list! ive even seen the stones live. but i think theres a lot of others that should be included. it would be a great top 25 list instead of top 10

  • Callie

    I kinda called it with using capital letters to prove a point no one is listening to anymore. Vindication…got me some of that. Feels good. I like the asterik-ed *I*s though. I have a mental picture of a four years olds tear streaked tantrum throwing face on Randall’s body. “I dont WANT to be wrong!!!! *I* am right!!!!! LOUD NOISES!!!!”

  • cocololo

    okay, normally i’m down with the lists and have a few changes i don’t agree with but this list is something else…

    for rockers? top 10 ROCKERS??? the beatles??? granted i hate the beatles (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) but all prejudice aside, i’m a death/thrash metal chick. but i understand that you sometimes have to understand the words that are being sung(thank you metallica), but for people who truly shook the foundations of the rock world?

    the BEATLES??? pop, maybe. not rock. but i guess everyone’s definition of rock is different.

    my #1 would be pantera. not the greatest ever but will always have my heart, haha!

    all in all, not a bad list. got some great names up there who really provided the foundations for some of our bands we’d rather see up on the list instead. so all in all can’t bitch too much.

  • Callie

    the cursing too..god it’s like I have ESP. Someone stick me on the end of yesterday’s miracle list

  • the_jake

    Where the hell is VAN HALEN?????

  • Randall


    Honest to god, eff you. And grow up while you’re at it.

    I’m far from the only one on the internet who used CAPITALS and ASTERISKS to EMPHASIZE their goddamn points. NOTE, smartass, that words on a screen do NOT have the effect of direct, face-to-face speech, nor recorded speech. The screen is, quite simply, flat–as are the words on it. A means of emphasis, therefore, must be employed. You can do it with caps, asterisks, bold fonts, or italics or god knows what else. But that is how it is done.

    But see, any idiot knows this, and the use of it to throw some mud around is, on your part, not only childish but a shallow, transparent, and pathetic effort.

  • cocololo

    someone give randall a prozac and a bitch slap, please

  • cocololo

    oh and one more thing, randall. how bout you google sevendust (one out of many bands i’m sure would fit to your self righteous cruisade) before obliterating us all with your winded and unwelcome diatribe?

  • BOB134


    o come on, we all know that black people don’t rock, they just play sports, rap, or make a failed attempt at the presidency!! haha


    I agree whole heartedly on your point, HIS keyboard must whimper EVERY time he sits down at it due to his overwhelming superiority on THE internet

  • mike

    I think Pink Floyd should be number 1. The Beatles are way too overused for number one spots.

  • thirtytwo

    Ugh, The Beatles. Next list please.

  • BOB134

    o, and Rage Against The Machine. that would be my addition to the list if i ABSOLUTELY HAD to make one.

    and see Randall, the Zach De La Rocha isn’t white!!! ooooo that must count for something right??

  • Callie

    I need to grow up? I’ve handled my arguments today without resorting to “yelling” and getting all bent out of shape. I’ve made my points clearly and because of that I’m fairly certain more people here agree with me than you. Now you were right about one thing. I’m a 22 year old white chick. Yeah. You’re old enough to be my dad and you’re running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off cursing and yelling at anyone who dares to disagree with you.

    I was raised with decorum and conduct myself accordingly. I have yet to resort “raise my voice”, tell anyone to “eff off” or call anyone a smartass or other name except for calling you bitter. I’d like to see an actual debate in which someone gets frustrated and just tells the other person to eff off. That doesn’t win anyone any points, lets hope you never have to argue anything important one day. And let me end with a quote from you

    “I don’t WANT to join this white suburban ignorance fest”

    Now to me that sounds whiny and pathetic, but what do I know? I’m a stupid, yound, transparent, pathetic kid. Oh and an idiot too. I’ll be sure to tell my boss, he’ll want to fire me straight away and hire someone who makes his EFFING POINTS VERY VERY CONVINCINGLY!

  • CARD

    Why always The Beatles, it is a common place in to lists related to music. Led Zeppelin should be number one, they where more complex and advanced for their time.

    You missed Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath who were real rockers, not The Beatles or The Beach Boys…. And what about present day bands, they are never mentioned in top ten lists and they are as good as the old ones.

  • Matt

    Great list. The only things I would do differently is bump up Metallica, and replace the beach boys with Black Sabbath.

  • sdggrant

    I lol’d after seeing the Beach Boys at number 10. And the beatles, MY GOD!!! ROFL Laughing this hard can’t be good for my high blood pressure, so if I die or have a heart attack it’s all on you Listverse!

  • Kjb

    Actually a very good list. Everyone can quibble but I think organizing such a list can be nerve-wracking and no one is going to be totally happy. Such is the terminal beauty of the list. Personally I’d shoehorn in either the byrds, the band or the velvet underground, but c’est la vie. At the those egg-sucking dogs the Eagles didn’t end up on the list.

  • Callie


    Once they make the list of top 10 rappers and Vanilla Ice doesn’t make it on there we should start a comment war. Stop..Collaborate and listen. That’ll be the motto. All caps.

  • BOB134


    for sure haha, and we have to put ALOT of asterisks in there to help make our point right? isn’t that how it works?

    and if eminem isn’t in the top five… oooo all hell will break loose haha

  • mofleminator

    there all old, except metallica which isnt quite as ancient as the rest

  • rocknopera

    This list probably should not have been made…

    Even though I agree with the top 5

  • Top 8 even

  • B_Rad

    Don’t forget about the Beastie Boys!

  • Alok

    I guess this is rockers list and not a metalheads list. Make a list just for Heavy Metal.

  • Callie

    B_Rad (love that by the way..I wish my name was neat)

    No one could. The music world would be a sad sad thing without such hits as “girls” and the “fight for your right to party” song.

    I think you mean *Em-in-EFFING-em!!!!!* I mean..that’s how I speak. I don’t know about you.

  • kittym

    I’m a punk girl myself (says as I hide my Queen greatest hits CD’s behind my “Backstreet’s Back” album …), so I admit I would have liked to see Ramones or The Clash on this list (who am I kidding? Kinks! Kinks!), but overall I think it was an all right job. I enjoyed the clips, at any rate.

    In terms of the few who have posted that R&B is not rock’n’roll … have to disagree with you there. The very roots of rock were formed by blending in all the different sounds of America at that time … rhythm and blues included. Not only that, but there was also the Afro-Caribbean sounds, the Chicano bands, and even big band from the Forties. It wouldn’t be right to exclude the founding fathers of rock’n’roll from their own genre (and yes, sadly it’s fathers — rock’n’roll decimated women vocals when it first showed up).

    That’s my two cents, and I suppose that means I agree with Randall **cowers away in fear**.

  • copperdragon


    glad to see Randall finally getting a little of his own for once.

    Hey, Randall – how do you like being attacked from all angles for your point-of-view. Feels like the FGM discussion, huh? Male suffering anyone? At least I wasn’t full of angry tirades and telling everyone off.


    Now. About the list. Sad to see the omission of women rockers (Blondie, Joplin, Tina Turner). I’m normally the one to play the gender card but someone beat me to it.
    Also sad to see the same tired names in a music list.

    If “rockers” means a group/person that performs especially raucously and their songs are original, energetic and memorable, then I agree with the Stones, but not Floyd or the Beatles. GNR and Van Halen come to mind.

  • qwerty_man

    PEOPLE!!! PEOPLE, PLEASE!!! There are many bands that i left out such as Aerosmith, The Doors, Black Sabbath. I Apologize. Most of the bands are oldies because they are the geniouses that set the foundation for many new rock bands to come in the future, such as the Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Clash, Deep Purple. I mean think about it. Would music be the same if The Beatles weren’t around? no.

    PS-when i submitted the list i put the title “Top 10 greatest ‘Rock Bands’,” not ‘Rockers’.

  • cocololo

    aren’t rock bands rockers?

  • B_Rad


    Where’s your buddy at? Getting the rest of his keyboard army together to battle you to the death? Man, what a douchebag. I can’t stand know-it-alls who think they’re right all the time and stand on top of their pedastal and shower us all with their garbage. I better be careful though, I don’t wanna suffer his wrath of righteousness.

  • Maggot

    Clapton is God…

  • Sedulous

    Ya I don’t get it. I generally don’t think anyone is really trying to push black people out of rock n roll. Whites really caught onto it and went crazy. But there are still plenty of black rock bands out there. But seriously I’m guessing that the person who put together this list went with the MOST popular and didn’t even think about the fact that there was only one black guy one there. I think coming across so harshly doesn’t do anything for your point, Randall, it just turns everyone off. And Jimi is on the list, he IS black so there is some representation. I do think that Chuck Berry should be in there but it’s just one list.

    If you start naming off top 10 basketball players you’d probably get mostly black players. Hip hop = black. Soul music mostly black if not all. Even football would probably be mostly black if not at least an even split. But that’s good, whites dominated basketball at first and blacks took it somewhere amazing. Blacks started rock n roll ala chuck berry and whites made it HUGE. Chuck Berry should have been acknowledged on that list. If you are that mad about it you’ll save your rants that I think are just upsetting people more than helping them see your point of view and make your own list. Top Soul, Top R&B, or even Top Rock n Roll influences and put all the people that you felt influence Rock N Roll. One list I think would be awesome is top inventions made by blacks. Some of the greatest inventions were made by black people. Seriously, blacks have done much greater things that you should call to our attention than rock n roll.

    I don’t know I’m just a white 24 year old guy.

  • Riya B.

    I have to agree with everything on this list…except…
    Hey, what the hell, where are The Doors? AC/DC? For the love of God, what about Santana!!!!! This should at least be elevated to the Top 20 Greatest Rockers, cuz you are missing a LOT of the greatest! And where the hell are we getting rap and r&b? this is a rock list! If you want eminem and beastie boys, then wait for a top ten rappers list!!! And do not get me started on this whole ‘elvis and the beatles shouldn’t be here!!!’ Granted, they are the stereotype of classic rock, but they helped to create it so maybe we should cut them some slack!!! If anything I am glad the sex pistols aren’t on this list, they sucked!!!!No offense to anyone, though.

  • Callie

    Riya no one is arguing that Eminem and The Beastie Boys should be on this list lol. We’re all just having a little silly fun now that the elephant seems to have left the room.

  • copperdragon

    qwerty – by your own definition Elvis should be excluded, as he was not a “band”. He played one instrument and sang, just the same as many of the replacements listed in the comments.

  • Randall


    Getting a little of my own? Hardly, pal. YOU maintained that male “suffering” is at least equal to, and in some cases worse than, the suffering women are subjected to, outlined in the atrocities committed against women list. People came at you with *arguments* that refuted what you said. The only thing I have encountered here is pure anger and/or dismissiveness from people who have no argument to offer me, but merely insults (Carol) and childish attempts to belittle me, from admitted white kids who haven’t a clue (Callie)–thus making the very point I was on about here. The only one who offered anything close to an argument was warrrreagl… and his was little better than an appeal to authority, and as noted, I have reservations anyway in regards to what he said.

    Moreover, there’s been quite a few people here who agreed with me, or haven’t you noticed? People who understood what I was getting at and didn’t simply dismiss it or react to it kneejerk-fashion. I’ve been criticized for my STYLE–but I always am.

    You, on the other hand, had very few people–over a course of days–who agreed with you… in fact, I don’t recall any at all, though I’m sure there were one or two.

    Despite the accusations of bitterness leveled at me, I have nothing to be “bitter” about–I’m white, 40-ish, and have no stake in this discussion beyond my passionate feelings about the subtle racism that’s endemic in our society. You, on the other hand, *admitted* your bitterness and copped to it as a source, at least partly, for your argument.

    But again, I keep getting dragged back into this, and I’m frankly sick of it. As I said, the people here who’ve railed against me haven’t offered any opposing *argument*—they’ve just balked at me.

    Says to me that I struck a nerve, and I feel this is so.

  • B_Rad


    Uhh, I was referring to putting the beastie boys in a top 10 rappers list as Callie suggested, but thanks for clarifying that. I forgot about the Doors, they’re up there too. And Def Leppard, Scorpians, Whitesnake…the great music I grew up to in the 80’s!

  • Callie


    I think top Rock Influences is a wonderful idea. That would be an interesting list to read.


    At least you’re in my corner. I’ve got a bit of fire in me- I’ll take all the hate and bitter filled wrath he chooses to give out. In the end clarity always wins out anyway.

  • Island_boggs

    no sabbath? weird. santana was awesome…but when it comes to great rocking, he doesnt hold a candle to zeppelin or hendrix. although this is controversial…you cant argue with who’s up there. everyone deserves it, though i would put elvis as number 1, just because he came first.

  • Island_boggs

    copperdragon: and it does say greatest rockers

  • Carol


    Sorry for the delay in answering, unlike some people (yes Randall, it is you) I have things to do and places to go.
    I was trying not to bring this up, but I don’t share the same cultural background as you do, because I am not a north american. I don’t know many of these bands and singers you were talking about Randall, I really don’t. I’m from South America, and I didn’t say once that I agreed or not with the list. I am not familiar with the Rock history, so I don’t even try to get in arguments of that subject, that’s why I’m talking about you getting all frisky about it. Maybe these people are in the list because of the success they made, the number of albums they sold, I don’t know, who am I to judge what is rock or not (even worse, what’s good and bad rock). My point is that if you’re really going to make a big deal out of it because they left aside black people (sorry if I’m being prejudiced, but in my language the word “black” is the best one to use in these cases not to offend anyone, what about the rock music from other countries? They aren’t mentioned and I’m not going crazy about it, am I? I’m just saying that there’s prejudice everywhere, and it doesn’t matter the rock history, if these bands are good, were really famous and made a difference in the music business maybe they deserve being on this list (and again, I’m not very familiar with them, so I can’t say for sure). Of course it’s good for a web page to bring up some important questions people keep forgetting, but I think it was just too much.
    Sorry if the word “disturbed” was too strong for the occasion, so go ahead and call me names all you want, you’re the one with the most childish attitude and norrow mind here anyway.
    I won’t even bring up the whole personalk offensive subject, but I live in a country with prejudice of all kinds, and I know what prejudice is.
    Given my opinion, I’m going to get on with my life and hope you’ll do the same ^^

  • Toxic

    Randall… what black people were rockers other than Jimmy? WHat do you want colour me badd or something? You wanna see milli vanilli finally get the props they deserve? Let me guess… are you from california ? Do you want some affirmative action on your rockers list? Otis redding did not rock, nor did chuck berry. And the clash suckkkkked hard. Metallica rocks so fucking hard I want to shit my pants. Why do you hate suburban white people so much? Sorry to tell you , but they are the main audience for rock. Are you a member of the black panthers or something? James Brown was one of the baddest motherfuckers ever to live….. but he wasnt a rocker… he was a soul/funk musician. And soundgarden rocked wayyy harder than nirvana ever could hope too. And did you actually call Pink Floyd pretentious? And if you dont think that queen rocked I dont know what to tell you… ecxept that you are gayer than Freddy Mercury sitting in Prince’s lap at a DL club.

  • Callie

    Excuse me. I did “admit” I was a white kid (though it’s not like I was attempting to hide it) but I never admitted I was stupid or didn’t have a clue. The end of that post was me making fun of you Randall…maybe you couldn’t sense the sarcasm as it wasn’t capslocked.

    Additionally, people have agreed with the general point you’re attempting to make by reading between the lines of your type-vomit. I don’t think anyone is agreeing with the way you’re going about making it.

  • rushfan

    *PS-when i submitted the list i put the title “Top 10 greatest ‘Rock Bands’,” not ‘Rockers’.*

    No offense, but you might as well have just called it “9 Bands I Like Plus Elvis”

  • Callie

    Thank you Crispin! Honestly, that should stop this whole debate right there. It won’t, because Randall needs to be right about things, but it should.

  • BOB134


    what is your argument? the fact that the list is racist? i fail to see so if u could clarify please

    and try to make it short, sweet, and to the point please. im tired of reading 5 paragraph posts when really the last paragraph is the only one that matters.

  • Crispin


    you are foolish to even try to understand anything about blacks… not being a black, you never could understand

    thats why I dont


  • Sedulous

    Toxic….Chuck Berry did rock…just an FYI. The rest is of could be legit depending on taste but…..Chuck Berry definitely rocked.

  • Tony

    I’d like to see one music list in which the beatles are not # 1 for once. They great, but not the best.

  • copperdragon


    You encountered hatred because your first post on this list was full of hatred and was demeaning, not just to the list-creator, but to everyone in general who might disagree with you.

    My posts on the other list were not hateful in any way, just a different opinion which nobody shared. Yes, I got my share of venom from those people, same as you are now. I’m just not as good as you at justifying my position. Not sure I want to be.

    The bands/musicians you mentioned are/were important in their own ways, it just wasn’t what the list-creator was trying to highlight. Most commentors didn’t think much of his list either, but they didn’t bring hatred to the table like you did.

  • Toxic

    Randall….. “the subtle racism that is endemic in our society” … and you call Pink floyd pretentious? Hahaha You sir are a pussy among pussies. Why don’t you take a walk down through the ghetto and see how much they appreciate your progressive and liberal viewpoints …. while they are robbing you because you exude lameness and being a pussy is something that is only valued in liberal white society. I would like to thank you for contributing to the pussification… not only of the white race.. but of America as a whole. Maybe you should do a movie where a hip black guy teaches you to be cool.

    P.S. Calling one of the greatest guitarists of all time (Jimmy) a “token black guy” thereby undermining all of his accomplishments is about a thousand times more racist than this list could ever hope to be.

  • copperdragon

    (wonder why my last comment waited so long for moderation…)

  • cocololo


    did it take your tiny little mind that long to type that out? must be burning… hit a nerve? no, merely gave us something tiny and insignificant to chide. and for that, thank you. my daily laugh quota has been filled.

    damn callie, you’ve been branded! “admitted little white kids”! oh dear, now our pigmentation is singling us out (as well as age and gender… my my my, did susan b. anthony and MLK strive for such blalant hatred towards fellow man? there goes hundreds of years of overcoming oppression, right there. good job, ass wipe).

    callie, granted your diction, grammar, and overall sentence structure and point of view is far more superior to the GENUIS RANDALL OVER THERE (whoo, sorry… i think i channelled him… GEEZE ASTERISK ASTERISK).

    coming from a fellow 22 year old white chick… fuck em. he makes me giggle. in that parents-telling-their-kids-not-to-stare kind of way as he gets off the short bus.

    all this over music. and as for him “getting dragged into this”… yeah, he was the first one to go ape shit over this list. while others disagree, the oppressed songsmen of the world have RANDALL-MAN to look up to!!!

  • kris

    I have heard almost all the albums… BEATELS being my favorite…


  • Sedulous

    I think this list is useless anyway. It feels like no thought was put into to it. Like I said before it’s just VH1/Rolling Stone Mag/MTV regurgitation. Seriously, “rock” has a million different derivatives or a million definitions depending on who you ask. I’d like to see some lists according to decade or some metal lists. Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Nu Metal, Alternative. Last 5 years. Greatest lead singers. Female rock bands. Or even my instruments would be cool, best drummers, guitarists etc. Or even performances! But I’d appreciate some creativity instead of anymore cliche garbage. I really thought listverse was suppose to have original lists.

  • cocololo


    just re-read. the ass wipe comment is directed at randall, not you!!!

  • nerdlette

    Tony, the Beatles spanned so many genres of music and were so ahead of their time that they can undoubtedly be considered on of the most influential bands in the history of music, which is why they are always number one. Regardless of whether or not you like the Beatles, I can guarantee they had some influence, whether direct or indirect on a large portion of the bands you DO like.

    Also, Aerosmith and G&R are not featured because the list clearly depicts ‘greatest rockers’ as those who have had the most impact on rock. Not to say that G&R, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, etc. didn’t make an important contribution, they simply did not have the musical innovation of Queen or the depth of Pink Floyd.

  • nerdlette

    Very constructive Bob. lol.

  • BOB134

    hey that one other rock band that cam out like between the years 1950 and 2008 should be on here. i just cant seem to remember their name but they should be on here. along with some other rock band that came out, them too…

  • Callie

    I have to leave the office now (how a stupid pathetic kid like me landed a good job right after college..or even got into college is beyond me.) and go walk my dog (so much responsibility! I hope I can figure out how to clip the leash to her collar) That leaves Randall a good 20 minutes to come up with a super duper arguement.

    See, it takes 20 minutes because I’m leaving my job in the city and driving back to my apartment in the suburbs. Oooo, extra fodder Randy!

    Any advice on what I should listen to on my drive home Randall?

  • fishing4monkeys

    Great list! These usually disappoint but this list is pretty good! I’d change up the order a little but all my main favorates are there :D

  • Robert

    Here is a punk list

    Top 10 CBGB’s punk artists

    10. Mink DeVille
    9. Blondie
    8. Talking Heads
    7. Patti Smith
    6. Television
    5. Richard Hell & The Voidoids
    4. Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
    3. The Dead Boys
    2. The Dictators
    1. The Ramones

  • logar

    Hey everybody- just read comment 99 from B_Rad- it’s the only one worth reading. Took the words right out of my mouth.

    This list isn’t worth a damn- it’s subject matter is too… subjective, and it could have used a clear definition of why the choices were what they were.

    I agree wholeheartedly with B_RAD- I thought this was going to be a list of the greatest rockers, in terms of the “rock and roll lifestyle”, not album sales/popularity.

  • Carol


    Oh I forgot to ask in my previous post:

    Since you’re so worried about racism (and I think it’s a great thing to worry about. Seriously, I really admire your eager to defend that, and you’re absoluely right in that point), what are you doing to change that? Besides posting comments on Rock lists, of course. Here, I’m not saying you don’t do anything. I’m sure a passionate person like you is actually doing something to change that, and I’m interested in what you’re doing, maybe I can get some examples and ideas from you.
    I’m a teacher, I teach English for low class kids here in my country, and guess what I like to teach the most? The differences between cultures. Yes, I think it’s a great way to start making a difference: showing future adults that differences exist, but they don’t make anybody a better or worse person just because of them. And hey, thanks by the way, you gave me a lot of ideas for my next class, my students love music and singing in English, I’ll bring them some songs of the bands you’ve mentioned. Any suggestion of a good song? Remember they’re 6-9 children, keep the lyrics light ok? Thanks ^^

  • B_Rad

    Well said logar, well said.

  • James

    I don’t think there’s a band with more songs that I listen to than The Beatles. Their awesomeness is unsurpassed.

    I think it’s a superb list full of some of the best bands of all time, although I’d take out the Beach Boys for ACDC.

  • MadMonkey

    And yet another sucky list…

  • Cedestra

    Sorry, but the comments to lists like this make me laugh.

  • Mike Hammer

    Wow, I thought rockers would be more about individuals as opposed to bands. Must be my poor command of the English language evincing itself.
    Excellent internecine warfare in the commentary, though. I would suggest that the voices of experience cut the youths a bit of slack as their world view is still developing. And you youngsters might want to exercise a bit of politesse and open your minds up to learning a thing or two about where, who, why and how your favorites got their licks/sound.

  • Cedestra

    …I mean, it’s a subjective list. Of course it won’t match your ideas! Why get all angry about it? Why point fingers and call each other names? I just don’t get it.

  • Joshua


    I am personally sick of you always thinking you are the only one who is right, and yours is the only opinion that matters. Sure, this list may inadvertently ‘marginalize’ the contribution of some very great musicians. It not only avoids ‘blacks’ but it also avoids women. I don’t see you taking a stand for them. Does this make you a sexist? I doubt it. As for you continually being drawn in, you are choosing to continue to read the comments on this list. You have a choice to just stop reading! We all know your stance on the racism of this list. Get over the fact that other people have valid opinions.

    As far as the list goes, I’m surprised that only one other person mentioned Buddy Holly. He was truly a pioneer in rock music. As was Chuck Berry.

  • bluesharpie

    I agree with most of the list but come on. No Aerosmith,No Van Halen, What are you thinking. Also Metallica should be much higher and Beatles stay #1. Other than that good list.

  • astraya

    *wanders in rubbing eyes, yawning and stretching*
    I’ve been asleep. Have I missed anything?

  • bwnorx

    after months of visiting the site i finally created an account, b/c who wouldnt want to get involved in this thread!? just a few thoughts on this (very typical, standard and generic) list. I dont consider the Beatles to “rock” very hard. i’m sure they deserve to be at the top of some list somewhere, but not a rock list. so i would say toss them, the Beach Boys (who are also very talented and deserving in other categories), and lets say throw in Sabbath and…..TooL. seriously, 50 years from now any list regarding anything rock-ish will include tool. in fact, i think i’ll jam it right now

  • MPW

    I agree with these choices, they all rock, but it should be a longer list. Maybe 20 or 25, and where is AC/DC, Aerosmith, Nirvana, too many to name.

    Maybe change the title to Ten groups that rock.

    I definitely think Chuck Berry deserves some recognition, He is a rock n’ roll pioneer

  • Callie

    you know who rocks?

    B__Rad rocks. Let’s all listen to him.

  • Cedestra

    Callie, you’re back! How was the doggy-walk?

  • ohrmets

    This topic is WAAAAY too broad. You could split it into 10 sub-lists. For its sheer ambiguity this list fails. :(

  • my2sense

    This is a part of an introduction from a list submitted by Randall called “ Top 25 Beautiful Celebrity Brunettes”

    “I also apologize for the lack of Asian and African women. I had some in mind, but none really could make it high enough on the list for me. Tyra Banks would be my #26, we’ll say. I do feel guilty about this. But PC be damned, I gotta be me”

    This is a comment by Randall from the same list:

    Okay, I’m not going to sit here and allow myself to be called a racist anymore without speaking up about it.
    You don’t even KNOW me, and you’re going to just fling out this hint that I’m a racist?
    You know, Veronica, it’s just possible that black women just don’t do it for me all that much. Can that not be possible without me being racist?
    In point of fact it’s not even true that black women don’t do it for me–I find many black women attractive. But no, I chose not to include any on this list. I wouldn’t consider the reason to be racist. Clearly you do, which is something I’m unlikely to change your mind about. I’ve already said I was sorry about this–it wasn’t an oversight, it was a conscious decision–I’m not going to pretend about it–but you will call it “racist” in knee-jerk fashion, whereas I would say, “you know what, Veronica? I’m free to make a list of my own liking, and I could populate it with any women I choose. And you could just as easily say it’s biased against various ethnicities and body types and so on, regardless of what tack I took with it—it could be a list composed of 90% black women–from Halle Berry to Oprah Winfrey. And then what? Is that list then biased against white women?
    It’s just silly. Somebody writes a list of women he finds hot, and because you’re bored and have nothing better to do, you holler racism.

  • The trooper

    Seriously, how could you even make a list like this without even mentioning Iron Maiden!?!?

  • astraya

    Even for a list so clearly subjective as this one, I would like to know what sort of criteria qwerty_man was applying.

  • warrrreagl

    “Warrrr … if you REALLY do know such people… I honest to god mean this, I would give damn near anything to be in your shoes, and if there’s anything I can do to schmooze up to you so *I* too can meet these people–for god’s sake! Etta James! Wilson Pickett! Aretha! Then just tell me what it is.”

    Randall, you make my whole day. I love you, man.

    And there was no schmoozing involved – just the luck of being born at the right place in the right time. Tuskegee, Alabama, 1960. Growing up around Ronald LaPread, Tommy McClary, Kim Venable, and Marvin Taylor helped introduce me to a lot of people who opened a lot of doors later in life. Through those doors walked some of the most amazing musicians you’ve ever heard of (and a ton you’ve never heard of), and it was all during a time when I was too young and too stupid to appreciate it.

    I mean it’s not like I hang with Etta James on the weekends, but when LaPread introduced me to her in 1980, she talked to me like I was a fellow musician and not a fan.

  • bwmyers18

    Sixteen words bring this debate to a close :

    “You wanted the best and you got the best. The hottest band in the world …. KISS !!!!!!!!!!! “

  • The Bufflilax

    227 comments and no mention of the Dead Kennedys? They rocked out pretty good, i mean Nazi Punks, Nazi Punks, Nazi Punks FUCK OFF!!!

  • Callie

    Ohhhhh MY2Sense you 100% absolutely made my day. Thank you many times over. I wonder what he’ll say to that?

    Cedestra, it was great. I’d make a pithy comment but I love talking about my dog. She’s the most wonderful dog ever born :)

  • MPW

    my2sense:a bit uncalled for I think.

  • infallibleangel

    If you ask me… I think Buddy Holly deserves a place on this list.

  • Tempyra

    Some days I come to Listverse and actually don’t want to comment because I haven’t got anything constructive to say. Today is one of those days but I’m commenting anyway.

    I didn’t learn anything from this list – it’s just someone else’s opinion of the relative greatness of a bunch of rock bands I already listen to and (mostly) admire. Normally on an uninspiring list (for me) I can take something away from the comments and that makes it worth the visit to Listverse. There isn’t much here though, aside from ranting, name-calling, and accusations. And I’m not interested in those.

  • my2sense

    MPW, You’re right Sorry I guess it did come across as kind of a blind side attack. I actually enjoy Randall’s comments 95 % of the time. I just happened to remember that Brunettes list after he made that comment (#15).
    My comment wasn’t to gang up on him but now as I look at how it was done it does look that way.
    I should have addressed the comment to Randall so he could respond to me instead of just putting it out there as to say hey look what Randall said. “My apologies Randall” but I have a feeling you are not fazed too much and can take it. You strike me as a guy with pretty thick skin.

  • MPW

    my2sense: right on, but you don’t have to apologize to me :)

  • rushfan

    I think my2sense posting of Randall’s comment was pertinent and appropriate. I also enjoy Randall, maybe not 95% of the time, but often. Another example would be he rode my ass about making SNL references but then on the list with Chris Farley he made shittons of them. He says whatever he feels and does at times contradict himself. There’s no denying he’s a smart guy, but I think he enjoys stirring the pot. He’s a trouble-starter. ;)

  • diogenes

    what is this called?

  • Davo

    HAHA I knew everyone was going to complain about this list. (but it’s a good thing KISS isn’t on here)

  • JimmySchaps


    This list is Bull, it should be taken off the site and in its place a Your View: Greatest Rock bands of All Time

    This list is shit.mabye you should of called it “My top 10 favorite bands” The beach boys???? Really?!?!?!

    Greatest Rock Bands of All Time our:

    Rolling Stones
    The Beatles (bigger than Jesus)
    Chuck Berry (created rock as we know it)
    Nirvana (created Grunge)
    The Who
    The Clash
    Jimi Hendrix (greatest guitar player ever)
    Elvis Presley (popularized rock and roll)
    Black Sabbath ( created heavy metal)
    Sex Pistols (created Punk)
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd

  • diogenes

    You know. we love ,we care. as if our friend is in the room and it’s not that we want him to leave, but what?
    dare I say-
    face one’s self
    from the many calls bouncing about?

    what is this call?

    now, to expound apon the whole rockers of greatness, where shall we begin?
    punk? Badbrains?
    rock? The Sonics?
    jazz: Mingus
    blues rock? The Gun Club?
    blues: Howlin Wolf?
    Death metal: Cock and Ball Torture? (ok , maybe I’m stretching it a it((funny pun intended))
    In some ways the real shit lies under the surface and on the outskirts.But what does “rockers” mean? longevity and keeping up the beat attack? not stopping, …shoot, ect ect!
    i gotta go! Damn.
    not what is all- ofcoarse- for whatever……..

  • CanadianGuy

    Haha I love all the people saying how there should be 90s music on this list. 90’s were an embaressment to music. Nirvana is soooo over-rated. Stone Temple Pilots? Are you kidding me?

  • CRSN

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record (stomped on in a mosh pit)WHY is ACDC not on the list, i mean seriously, Bon Scott was one of the heaviest rockers of all time, put Elvis and Bon in a drinking contest and see wins.

    also, if Elvis is on there, Johnny Cash should be too, his music was alot better than Elvis'(sorry Elvis fans)

  • Ironman

    i think its a good list
    For the people that think Queen shouldnt be on there,most notably Randall at 15, their performance at Live Aid was probably the best live performance in rock and roll history

  • flamiejamie

    The BEACH BOYS!?!?!?!?
    omg this list sucks balllllllllllllllls. the beach boys may make a list of the top ten rockers of the 60’s.. MAYBE
    ….damnit.. THE BEACH BOYS!?!??!?!?!?!?

  • Blindedbythelights

    “it just screams white middle-class rural/suburban ignorance and faint racism.”

    “because like ALL white middle class lunkheads, you think the world revolves around you.”

    Oh the sweet, sweet irony. :D
    Crying racism, whilst coming out with racist comments :D

    If you don’t like it make your own list, and leave out anything you find too “white middle-class”, then we can cry racism whilst making generalisations about the ‘Black Middle classes’.

  • I’m a HUGE Pink Floyd fan, but the Floyd don’t really belong there. Ever watch ’em live? None of them really rock out (except perhaps for Syd), and that’s how I interpret “rocker”. Either Jimmy Page (rocking with a violin bow) or Ozzy Osbourne (biting the head off a dove) should be number one. The Beatles really shouldn’t be here either. Get the Who and the White Stripes on this list, yo!

  • My bad, the Who are there :)

  • AC/DC would also be good.

  • Mr. Plow

    “here’s no denying he’s a smart guy”

    I disagree. I am a daily reader and seldom comment, but what I have read out of Randall today was anything but smart. All I read was someone take a semantical argument, and use it to accuse all of us for being racists for not agreeing with him.

    And it’s the height of hypocrisy to in one post insult those who had a different opinion, “because like ALL white middle class lunkheads, you think the world revolves around you” and then bemoan the fact that someone directed that tactic back at him “but I won’t stand for being called “disturbed” by some idiot on the internet who doesn’t even know me.”

    In addition to trying to profile the entire reading audience,
    “Where’s my proof that you’re a young white kid? Well Callie, I have no proof—I didn’t say I did. But you TALK like one.”

    She talks (types?) like one? What if we used the word ‘black’ instead of ‘white?’

    Look, i am not going to question his passion for equality, in fact, i would tell him to keep fighting the good fight…but all i read today was a bunch of semantical arguments, not too unlike anything you’d see in a high school ‘argument’ paper.

    It’s very easy to sit and cry racist when you’ve anointed yourself the authority on what is and is not racism.

    The bitch of this is, i grew up listening to nothing but punk, and agree that leaving all punk bands (Sex Pistols, Clash, Ramones… Minor Threat? Bad Brains?) off the list is wrong.

    And i don’t disagree about the his gripes about trying to define rock and roll.

    I just cannot take some guy accusing everyone who disagrees as some kind of middle class white racist. It’s intellectually lazy, intentionally insulting, and in the end, none of it furthers the conversation.

  • Harsha

    The list is kind of random and ambiguous. It really doesn’t make sense.Mainly because the title “Rockers” can mean anything.
    This is like making a top 10 great musicians which includes everyone from rockstars to composers to opera singers. I’m disappointed.

  • tommy

    The BEST will always be between Led Zep and the Beatles

  • dustrunner

    joy division, the clash, zeppelin, the who, pink floyd, alice in chains, CCR, RHCP, Sabbath, janis joplin, bowie, hendrix, judas priest, slayer – lucky 13, beat that and i’ll kick you a nickel

    PS Tool’s music bores me, but they are technically one of the most talented bands ever, kinda like Rush

  • Harsha

    This used a very unique site, but now has pretty much become generic.Can’t blame you though, lousy “controversial” lists like these generate massive amounts of hits from fanboys fighting in the comments.And as the site got bigger, quality started to suffer. Where are well written lists like the ‘dreams list’ or really interesting ones like the recordings or pretty much most of the lists from early last year or so. Nowadays all I see is wikipedia copy-pasted in all the lists. Wikipedia is meant to be for information only. It’s NOT creative writing.And using wiki ststiff without any rewriting literally kills the spirit of the lists.

  • Michael Ellis

    Randall nailed it at # 15: no offense, but this list is utterly worthless. The entire concept is flawed, though, even without horrific garbage like Metallica on there. There’s no room for rock & roll in a mere list of ten.

  • JimmySchaps

    I agree with Michael Ellis, Metalica? Really? There mujsic sucks and they shut down napster. This list is not factual and is to broad of a topic to be covered. It is highly opinionated and should not deserve to be on this site. It shows no evidence of why these are the best bands at all. The judge here isnt record sales, popularity or hit singles it is mearly the opinion of one person. Even the title pisses me off. Greatest Rockers and you name bands? Wouldnt it be greatest rock bands. I belive that list like this should not be put onto this site. This is to broad of a topic to be answerd by one persons opinion. I belive that we can solve this by creating a poll. Or a ‘ your view’ this way all the fans of this site will be able to give their opinion.

  • Rosa

    I love all these guys, and I do believe they were all awesome; I have at least a few songs from each of these in my ipod (with The Beatles, Elvis, and Pink Floyd having considerably more than “a few”), but where is CHUCK BERRY!?!?!

  • ringtailroxy

    I’m of the school of music aficionadoes taht believe there are only three kinds of people in the world…
    there are Elvis people (who generally enjoy Pop music, Country, and Blues), Beatles people (who enjoy Rock, Punk, Grunge, and other forms of Blues) and those who are Bob Marley people (who enjoy Raggae, Ska, & the Blues).

    You may notice that I include the Blues in ALL of my genre of modern music genre listeners.. that is because without the early Blues singers and Motown, there would be no foundation for modern music.

    (I have not included Techno, Industrial, or Instrumental music here, because these all rely on a heavy foundation in Classical music. Yes, Classical. A strong ‘ear’ for chords, tone, and rhytym are necessary for good music in these genres, and since the Blues play little role in the influence of them, i have excluded it.)

    Needless too say, nestled amongst my jack Johnson, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Indigo Girls, Pearl Jam, Bush, and other c.d.’s, you will find such great as muddy Waters, B.b. King, and Coltrane (although he’s more Jazz than Blues), among others.

    ringtail roxy

    p.s. I used to ask all potential romantic liaisons if they where Elvis or Beatles men. when my boyfriend first said “Joey Ramone” I was hooked!

  • Mr Scumbag

    Once again, I am both amused and unsurprised about how seriously everyone takes their music.

    Get over it. All of you.

    Randall, you were born in the 60’s? Act like it. I would have thought someone your age would have better things to do than to argue for hours online about a list someone made.

    As fun as it is to watch everyone get their backs up whenever music is mentioned on the internet, it’s really beginning to get old.

    All of you, ALL of you. Face the facts. Music is a personal thing, a personal preference. Don’t take it so goddamn seriously all the time.

    I don’t completely agree with the list, but that’s the thing about opinions, they vary from person to person.

    Stop declaring a bloody jihad on anyone who doesn’t share your views and realise that not everyone has to see things your way.

    Grow up.

  • sdggrant

    Yes sir, MR. Scumbag.

  • Tomo

    I am so over music and movie related lists at the moment. All these lists get the same type of comments from the same people nonetheless. It’s always “how dare you include/omit such and such singer/movie/band/actor in the list”.

    Jamie, maybe there should be a topic related time limit. For instance, you could have categories in which you could classify all lists before posting, e.g., music, movie, religion, etc.

    Then if you had, let’s say, ten lists from the same category in a span of one month (or less), then no one would be allowed to post another list in the same category for another three months or more… u c what I’m saying. So that interest in the topic remains fresh and we don’t have an overkill of the same thing.

    Just a suggestion.

  • Nicanadian

    I can’t get over the fact that in Clerks II Randall is the name of the most racist and insensitive character I’ve possibly ever seen. And now coming full spectrum, a Randall in this thread is the complete opposite…

    har har har

  • flgh

    Why is Beach Boys in & Deep Purple not?

  • scaramouche

    I think the topic is so subjective, it is bound to have massive angry critics. Each band on this list have found substantial success in music, and have every right to be included, but the topic of ‘best rocker’ seems strange to me, does it detonate the performance, or the music, or what? Is it album sales?

  • io

    what, no whitesnake, iron maiden, black sabbath, acdc…? this list sucks

  • Phil

    Randall: “white middle class lunkheads”? Dude how can you voice abhorrence at percieved racism and make a comment like this at the same time? What is a lunkhead anywho?

  • Phil

    oh and ACDC!!!

  • Hobolad


    Crazy Comment

    Dylan is the most overated talent in the world and the topic is “ROCKERS”. DYLAN DOES NOT ROCK”

    You’re welcome to think so, but he’s as rock as anyone as far as I’m concerned :) His big three are pure rock, and his most recent stuff is kinda Americana-rock.

    It’s debatable what counts as “rock” I guess. It’s a subjective thing anyway.

  • chris

    I like the lists on this site when they are interesting and informative. This one was very run of the mill. and obvious. and kinda stupid.

  • ct305


    The problem you bring up is not one of race, but rather ethnocentrism. Race has everything to do with the biological aspects of a human. The writer of this list and many of the commenters feel that R&B, Soul, and other forms of traditionally “black” music are not rock because it does not fit into what “white” culture would consider rock. Classifying types of music based on what your culture is and disregarding what another’s is not racism. I urge all of the readers of this site to take a course in sociology or anthropology to better understand the cultural divides that get misunderstood as racism.

  • Randall


    I skimmed through some of these comments, but as I said before, I have no intention of becoming the S_R of this list (or any other for that matter) and picking a new fight every day with every single commenter who disagrees with me.

    Just a couple quick things:

    A) ct305: Sorry, but it IS racism. Insidious, subtle, hidden and indirect, yes, but racism nevertheless. The point is that blacks (those living in the US, I mean) are Americans, and they are knit into American culture.

    B) my2sense: yes, I am thickskinned (very) so need for an apology. The fact is that there’s a big difference between some guy shooting his mouth off about women he thinks are hot, and a broad, generally-agreed upon phenomenon like this list–which clearly represents the thinking of a LOT of people (white people) out there in this country… not in the precise details, of course–people will disagree here and there whether the list should include the Beach Boys or not, or should include Black Sabbath or whatever… but the point is that it’s mainly *white* artists that people would place here.

    Nevertheless, you make a good point about that prior list of mine. I put that list together as a lark, and it’s been an embarrassment to me ever since. If it compromises my stance on this subject… well… so be it.

    But again, I sincerely do feel there’s a difference here. My personal opinion about women I find attractive is confined to me (admittedly, though, I tried hard to make that at least mainly a list of women who are *generally* agreed to have been beautiful, through cinema history and whatnot). Now, yes, this “Rockers” list was also, in some sense, the personal opinion of qwerty_man, who wrote it… but in a clear way it isn’t *just* that. It’s quite clear it represents the sentiment of a LOT of people out there in the ether, in that it rejects black artists (except for Hendrix) from rock… because “their” music isn’t “rock.” This is obviously a widely-held belief by whites (and this is backed up, certainly, by the commentary that’s gone on here-witness, even, how many morons have actually said that no other black “rocked” except Hendrix). The two lists then–my pinheaded, adolescent-drooling, tongue-in-cheek list of hot women vs. this one of “rockers”–are really not equivalent, therefore. This list, the rocker list, says something about a deeply-embedded attitude in our society on the part of an awful lot of whites.

    And this is my point. Note the rabid hostility here, that’s been directed towards me. Sure, some of this is sparked by my online persona–I’m sometimes deliberately grating and arrogant, because it’s fun to play that role and it entertains (to some extent, and some people… entertains me, anyway). But a lot of this hostility, I feel, comes out of people not liking to be called on a racial attitude.

    But how else to explain this constant, endemic exclusion of black artists from the consideration of white kids (and adults) when it comes time to say what “rock” is? Now, don’t get me wrong–it irks me too to see punk excluded. A lot of this isn’t just about race, it’s about class and education. But one offense to the sensibilities of people at a time.

    I continue to say–and no amount of attempts to shout me down is going to change this NOR is it going to shut me up–that this exclusion of blacks from the ranks of what is “rock” is racist. Nope, not the KKK kind of racism–but a more widespread form of racism in our society, which says that that is “black stuff,” and that only whites can lay claim to what is “rock,” and that only whites *can* rock.

    And the more people who get pissed about this and throw accusations my way that I’m “disturbed” for saying this, or that I’m an asshole, or whatever–the more it tells me that I’m right, and that I’m hitting a nasty nerve just under the skin that people are desperate not to face.

  • bucslim

    I’m getting tired of people in this comment section using substitute words for the word ‘fuck.’ ‘effin’ is not good english, it’s a french word for something you’d find on a fish. Capitolizing it doesn’t make it more effective or clear.

    This is the internet, we all expect some vulgarity. If you think you’re being modest or avoiding locker talk by friggen hiding your freakin language, then frack off you fug! I don’t give a flip about your fricken attempt at a fuggen fake cursing. The word is fuck, use it accordingly. Ya FRIGGEN FREAKS!

  • trojan_man

    bucslim: You forgot to tell everyone to “Fah Cough”.

  • Hobolad

    It’s racist that people’s list are dominated by white people? So are people supposed to just shoehorn in a few ethnic minorities that they wouldn’t choose otherwise? It’s not like people making these lists are deliberately excluding ethnicities, there’s no “I think Chuck Berry is more rock than Metallica- but I’m gonna put Metallica in anyway because they’re white! *evil laugh*”

    You may as well say people are sexist because there are no women in that list. I just reckon ethnicity and gender are things people don’t care to account for when rating the music they like.

    Anyway, it’s not like “rock” is the holy grail of music. Saying something isn’t “rock” isn’t an insult.

  • SlickWilly

    Harsha (#252): Are you blind? THIS list sucks because it is generic and lazy, but over the past couple of weeks there have been a big handful of extremely creative and well-written lists. In particular, check out the 10 Astonishing Miracles list. Just because certain lists may be over your head or you you find the content boring, or maybe because you simply arn’t paying attention, doesn’t mean the site is getting boring and stale. I’m sure Jamie, who spends a HUGE amount of his time dealing with this site, would not appreciate your comments on that. If you find the site boring and stale, move on to another website. However, those of us who bother to look around a little more know that, while the occasional stinker gets through, the majority of the recent lists have been gems.

  • Phil

    Exactly. Nobody mentioned race till Randall kicked off, so who is the racist?

  • Phil

    and The Beach Boys??

  • Hobolad

    Actually, the media and such does seem quite racist in this respect. Y’know, rich white kids Led Zep getting critical acclaim for robbing songs from unmarketed and unknown black people (and a few whites… hell, they’ll steal from everyone) etc etc.

    But I don’t think the people on this site can really be accused of racism when it’s the media that has traditionally segregated music into “race music” and such.

  • bucslim

    Trojan – Where’s the Fox Hat?

  • kiwiboi

    Where’s the Fox Hat?

    bucslim – it’s in the queue, dude…the far queue !

  • SlickWilly

    OH GOD, NOT LED ZEPPELIN!! Please. Please, please, please, please. After reading the comments, I now feel uncomfortably and uncontrollably racist about liking Jimi Hendrix, Queen, the Beach Boys, and Pink Floyd. Please, I beg of you…leave me Led Zeppelin. I don’t like feeling racist. I don’t mistrust or hate black people. I just want to listen to some good music that appeals to my white, middle-class sensibilities. That doesn’t mean I’m racist…it just means I can’t escape who am I, how I was raised, and the environment I was raised in. It sucks that racism still exists in the social consciousness by demarcating the line between what is considered “black culture” and “white culture,” but isn’t it at least nice to know that if we can’t agree on anything else, we can at least agree that all races and ethnicities are equally responsible for this rift?

  • dave4248

    You’ve gotten more than a few complaints, but I gotta admit it. This list is actually pretty good. Not all my favorites are on here, but hey I’m not the only person in the world. Just one question, couldn’t you have gotten a better sample for The Beatles? Maybe there’s some copywright law that I’m not aware of.

  • B_Rad

    I guess I’m the voice of reason on this list, eh Callie? You rock too!

    And I’m just a 26 year old, white male, college bachelor but I do have an appreciation of all kinds of music from classical to death metal and everything in between. Speaking of classical, if you’ve seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, you would know that Beethoven rocked too! I mean, dude was deaf and still tore it up on the piano.

    From Wikipedia:
    Sources show Beethoven’s disdain for authority, and for social rank. He stopped performing at the piano if the audience chatted among themselves, or afforded him less than their full attention. At soirées, he refused to perform if suddenly called upon to do so. Eventually, after many confrontations, the Archduke Rudolph decreed that the usual rules of court etiquette did not apply to Beethoven.

    Sounds like the Axl Rose of his time.

  • bucslim

    Tomo – are you kidding me? Find some way to limit the comments from the assorted bung heads amongst us? I waiting on the edge of my seat for another Bible related list so I can giggle while reading the crazy shit people say – and I’m talking to you S_R and Bible Dude. One of the reasons I got hooked on this site was the whole Beatles v Led Zep debates from the good ole days of the infancy of the List Universe.

    To you it might be the equivalent to the kids fighting in the back seat on your way to Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving. To me it’s a never ending source of material for me to poke fun at how truly stupid some people are. Or give me another opportunity to take a run at Kiwiboi’s mom. Or another opportunity to make Randall look stupid (not that hard.) Or have Social Butterfly call me a ham sandwich. Or ‘get some’ with ringtailroxy. Or trade barbs and witty anecdotes with Slick or Mom. Or name drop Listverse celebrities.

    In short, the comment section is what makes the Verse. It’s the fresh citrus slurp of the lime wedge after downing the bitter shot of tequila that is otherwise my dreary workday. It’s your right to say anything you want and my right to ridicule it.

  • Callie

    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure..RIP George Carlin.

    That movie taught me Napolean was misunderstood. And that banana splits are a delicious snack.

  • Carol


    Oh come on Randall, why didn’t you answer my question? Don’t leave me hanging, I have a class tomorrow and I need the songs! In case you’ve missed it, I’ll post my question again:

    Since you’re so worried about racism (and I think it’s a great thing to worry about. Seriously, I really admire your eager to defend that, and you’re absoluely right in that point), what are you doing to change that? Besides posting comments on Rock lists, of course. Here, I’m not saying you don’t do anything. I’m sure a passionate person like you is actually doing something to change that, and I’m interested in what you’re doing, maybe I can get some examples and ideas from you.
    I’m a teacher, I teach English for low class kids here in my country, and guess what I like to teach the most? The differences between cultures. Yes, I think it’s a great way to start making a difference: showing future adults that differences exist, but they don’t make anybody a better or worse person just because of them. And hey, thanks by the way, you gave me a lot of ideas for my next class, my students love music and singing in English, I’ll bring them some songs of the bands you’ve mentioned. Any suggestion of a good song? Remember they’re 6-9 children, keep the lyrics light ok? Thanks ^^

  • revolver0410

    Hmmm… maybe not the best list. Missing yet equally important rock musicians: David Bowie, the Ramones and Chuck Berry. That is all.

  • B_Rad


    Uh oh, hold on. Now we’re only talking about famous dead white guys. I can’t believe how racist we are by omitting dead black people in our discussion. Bill and Ted was racist too cause they didn’t go back and get any black people, just a bunch of white dudes and a white chick…oh and Genghis Khan too.

    Wyld Stallyns should have been on the list of greatest fictional bands. I mean come on, they even had Death as their bass player.

  • Randall


    Sorry, but you insult me repeatedly (yes, I did read your subsequent posts to me) calling me “childish,” and inferring that I have nothing to do with my life, etc.–and now you want to kiss up to me and have me answer your questions, and provide you with more fodder?

    And you know, Carol, I’m fine with the fact that you’re not from the US, but I wonder why you therefore felt you had some useful thing to say in response to what *I’ve* been saying about racism in THIS country? And even then, your opinion would have been accepted–but to belittle ME on a topic about which you clearly have no knowledge (not being from this country)… to me that’s pretty nasty presumption on your part.

    I AM thickskinned usually, but I dislike being openly insulted and then patronized on top of it. I can take the former. The latter added to it is somehow worse.

    So you want songs for your kids to listen to, then look them up on the internet.

    As for what I do to change racism, I feel no need to defend myself on that point or try to trump someone else on credentials or qualifications, in order to offer my opinions. You asked, though, so fine… I educate–my children and others–I write (I have an identity *outside* this web site as a professional writer which I keep to myself) I vote, I contribute to various organizations, and I speak out.

    Sorry Carol, but if all your posts had been like this latest one, then I’d be happy to help you. But insulting me again and again, and then without apology or explanation, to then turn around and seek out some info or guidance from me–no. You can go get your questions answered elsewhere.

  • amyy

    yay! beach boys :)

  • WarningDontReadThis

    bucslim: haha.
    I love the idea of listverse celebrities.

  • Callie

    You know…that coffin didn’t include any urns. Hey Randall is there such a thing as being cremation-ist? I mean, all types and methods of burial should be included, doncha think?


    A Grim Reaper bassist really blows anyone out of the water. Only he couldn’t throw anything in the the crowd..otherwise the show (wait for it) would be a little dead!!


  • B_Rad

    Wow. That joke was a knee slapper.

    You’ve got a point though. You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the Reaper.

  • Carol


    When did I offend you with my question? Really can’t see it. I actaully praised you in some parts, I believe.
    And in my defense, I wasn’t arguing about who should be on the list or not, as I said before, I really don’t know the rock history and didn’t adventure myself on that because I know I don’t know much about it.
    And something bothered me a little. What do you mean racism in this country? Do you think in my country there isn’t racism? Or that racism is different there? Why? I can only assume that you’re thnking that your country is in some way better than mine… well, I actually don’t think this was what you meant, but let’s pretend I do, and that I put in my mind that you have some kind of prejudice against where I live…how would that be like? If I stuck with this opinion and insult you for thinking like that? It’s the same thing you’re doing. You don’t accept other people’s opinion because you think you’re the only one right and see things the way you want to see.
    Somebody set a good point there: there aren’t women on the list, and you’re not saying anything about it. I am a womam and I am not freaking out about it, either. I’m pretty sure that the person that made the list didn’t wake up one morning and said: Hum today I’m gonna make a list but I’ll exclude black people from it.(is that how you say when you’re trying to offend anyone? I really don’t know, so sorry if I am being rude) We don’t know the criteria used to make it, and maybe they were left out because of some other aspect, and not because they were black. I could say that this list has a prejudice against bands whose names start with the letter C and would work the same way, because it was left out. See my point?
    I am going to stop writing comments on this list (one minute for you to say “yay”), so feel free to offend me anyway you want, I won’t talk back at you. I just hope you open your mind a little bit and stop being racist ok? Stop calling people white or black, you’re just pointing out a difference that exists but should be ignored, we are all people the same way.
    And for last, I am really glad you’re doing your part to make it a better world, keep doing that (and no, I am not being ironic or anything, I really thought you did well when you talked about your kids and the organizations you help)

  • Callie

    Did my joke…kill you?

    Yeah. I’m on fire today.

  • bucslim

    Is it just me or is there a smidgen of pride in Carol’s post that her country has racism?

  • Carol


    I hope it was just you, because it was not what I meant at all, sorry if it looked like it.

  • Randall


    I was extremely clear in regards to what irked me about your comments, so please, enough with the “what, me? What did *I* do to offend you?” routine.

    And I was also clear in what I said in regards to your comments, given that you’re not from this country. I think you know very well it was not some insult directed at YOUR country of origin.

    I have also explained VERY clearly my stance in regards to this racism issue, as it relates to this list. So your weak attempt at trying to argue against that stance, with even weaker logic, isn’t worth any further response on my part. I suggest you re-read what I wrote–particularly my last post. All the answer you require is there, as to why I’ve said what I said about racism.

    MY mind is very wide open, Carol… the worst gambit of all, with people like you, is to turn around and call the *messenger* racist when he is delivering a point about racism on a particular point. Frankly, the “logic” of this escapes me mightily, and I consider it nothing more than a hugely disingenuous attempt to discredit a message that people just don’t want to hear. YOU are advocating ignoring the situation. THAT, I am saying, is the problem here. People taking an attitude of exclusion which is in fact racist in derivation… and then ignoring it and belittling it as an issue–and belittling those who point it out.

    I have no doubt that you’re sincere about trying to be nice and complimentary–but clearly you are incapable of seeing how jarring this is, in juxtaposition to the other snide and most UNcomplimentary things you have said about me. If you can’t understand this, then no, we have nothing more to discuss, and I quite appreciate you not addressing me any further, thanks.

  • bucslim

    Stay frosty Carol, I’m joking.

  • rushfan

    Fuck you, bucslim. ;)

    Oh, and Randall, it’s not racism *just* because *you* say it is. Sorry, you don’t have that power here.

  • B_Rad

    Everyone should ignore Randall. Your comments toward him do nothing more than feed his ego by allowing him to stand on his pedastal and bless us with his words of wisdom in defense of his opinion.

    Say, anyone catch that game last night, what a doozy!

  • Randall


    I have given an *argument* as to why it IS racism. Refute that argument with actual points–but don’t tell me I don’t have the right to say so. That’s dictatorial.

    You know, I get the feeling (this isn’t particularly directed at you, rushfan, though I frankly wonder) from reading some of the moronic comments directed my way (or those that are *about* me) that some people aren’t bothering to really *read* what I’ve written or aren’t making the effort to grasp what I’ve said. As I’ve said, the hostility being aimed my way over this pretty clear issue tells me that I’ve struck a nerve. I’m being accused of soapboxing and getting on a pedestal (the correct spelling, B_Rad) and whatnot… but thus far almost no one has made the slightest effort to refute my argument with any actual points; they’ve simply sent blind hostility my way.

    It’s as simple as this. Wherever you go, whomever you talk to, 90% of the time when some white person talks about what is “rock,” they *exclude* black artists. And it’s accepted like it’s utterly harmless, and no one even thinks twice about it. Only a few people here, once I pointed out what’s wrong about it, have acknowledged that there’s something wrong in this. At most, people are calling me names and so forth, in an effort to invalidate what I’ve said by painting me as reactionary or whatever. Or calling ME racist–the logic of which I find to be frankly bizarre.

    Really, you’d think some of you would instead have the mind and the wit to step up to the plate and challenge me with an argument instead of just lashing out or belittling me. I could give a shit if you belittle me–it doesn’t address what I’ve said in the least. When other people on this site have made outrageous claims, myself and others have gone after them–NOT on the basis of insults (or not insults *alone*) but by offering up *refutations* of what they have said. Arguments in opposition. A debate.

    But there’s been no debate here, or refutation of what I’ve said. Just people laughing it off and treating me like a gigantic asshole.

    Says to me, again, that the message hits home. I just wish somebody out there would take two seconds and *think* about it instead of just dismissing it.

    This isn’t for my freakin’ ego, people. I could give a rat’s ass about that. I’m trying to make a point that I feel is important and vital.

  • trojan_man

    bucslim: that damn kiwi beat me to it but I was going to say that my weekend rap persona has a different name…Fah Q!

  • bucslim

    Everyone should ignore B_Rad for ignoring Randall.

  • Shadow

    Qwerty, while I disagree with the majority of your list; I will admit that it’s because of personal preference. Judging from some of the facts mentioned here, I can see that most of the criteria here were impartial and based mostly on critical acclaim and sales numbers.

    So, given the fact that this list is impartial to the greatest degree possible in a subject such as this – Great job!

  • Randall


    What I love best about you is that when I feel–however irrational that feeling may be–that you just *might* be on my side… I still get the sense, and a very powerful one, that I should be mindful of the knife you’re holding at the ready to shove into my back.

    I find that utter lack of trustworthiness and despicable nastiness to be hugely refreshing. This is why you are and always will be one of my favorite List Universe people.

  • trojan_man

    Randall: Ok, here I go. I think that you are correct to a point. Yes, we white people have embraced “rock” as our own. However, the contributor gave us the Top 10 Greatest Rockers. In his/her mind it may not include the huge ommissions that you and others have listed who are black. When I read the title, I did not expect to see Chuck Berry, James Brown, etc. because “I” considered their music in a different way. I do like their music but the title suggested to me that I would see the likes of Ratt, Pantera, Cindrella, Motley Crue, AC/DC, etc. The reason I thought this (and it was probably premature) is that I was thinking of the huge concerts and drinking/drug binges, etc.
    You may say that this is overtly racist but I really did not see it that way. You may say that since I didn’t see it that way then THAT is the problem in this country. I do agree that there is a lurking racism problem that is behind the scenes as well as up front. However, I have never (and I mean never) intentionally excluded someone because of skin color or difference in culture.
    I do respect your view on this subject but I also cannot agree with it unless I knew the intentions of the contributor. You could be right. But you also could be wrong. A list of the Top Ten Country Acts of All Time without a woman might be considered sexist…that is, unless the contributor doesn’t have a woman in his/her top 10.
    My overall point – the contributor may not have known the influence early music had on today’s (the last 25 to 30 years) rock. Until you know that, the race card may be unfounded.
    By the way, the Beach Boys could be replaced with just about any rock band since the beginning of time and it would be a better list.

  • t_man

    Black Sabbath should have been included. They practically INVENTED metal. And Metallica should be higher up on the list. Beatles, Gone. Pink Floyd, Gone. I guess if I had made the list, this is how it would go.
    1. Black Sabbath
    2. Metallica
    3. AC/DC
    4. The Who
    5. Lynyrd Skynyrd
    6. Led Zeppelin
    7. Hendrix
    8. Stevie Ray Vaughan
    9. Twisted Sister
    10. ZZ Top

  • Callie

    um.. *Randall* I DON’T think YOU’RE in *any* position to CORRECT someone ELSES typos!!!!!!!!

    Again, you’re just displaying your childish ways. Getting on someone for spelling mistakes really doesn’t help prove that everyone should listren to you. Tell you what. Lets play a game.

    1) B_Rad a) born “sometime in the 60’s)
    2 Callie b) 26
    3) Randall

  • Callie

    my computer went kooky

    c) 22

    Try to match them up,. listversers. Poster to age. I bet you end up wrong.

  • Randall


    Finally, a thoughtful response. Thanks.

    First of all, let me make this clearer… what I was saying was not directed at this list contributor, qwerty_man, specifically. Yeah, he wrote the list, but as I was saying, I think a LOT of white people, of various ages, would have written the same or a very similar list. It’s that shared attitude I was speaking of, and not anything directed specifically at qwerty_man.

    Further, my point all along has not been that any of this is an example of OVERT racism–I’ve said repeatedly, it’s a far more subtle, indirect kind of racism. I ask you again to think about the distinction (sounds like you already get what I’m talking about from some of what you said).

    I get that “rocker” is a term with certain connotations. Like others, I would have expected a list of individuals, party-ers like Keith Moon, maybe… and that would have been a different kind of list entirely (and presumably the writer of the list would have defined the term for us, then). But that connotation for the term was rendered irrelevant from the get-go because of the KIND of list that was given us here–a simple list of the greatest acts in rock history. It can’t be taken as anything else, given the entries on the list.

    GIVEN that, I felt it was every bit as wrong to exclude various punk and post-punk artists as it was black artists–but the latter is more…. odious, I felt, and what I simply did was to start opining on why it is people tend to exclude black artists from this kind of thing. The conclusion I came to is that it IS due to a species of racism–not overt, no–but racism of a kind, nonetheless.

  • bucslim


    Of course I’m on your side (on this issue people, let’s not get carried away) My feelings aren’t that far apart from what you’ve written. My point is the title of the list itself. Defining who the ‘top rockers’ are isn’t exactly a theme that is central to my life. And there’s not argument that Elvis et. al. ad nauseattta stole it from black people. That’s a goddamn fact. Motherfucking James Brown gave every last ounce of his volcanic energy on stage, Chuck Berry pretty much invented guitar slingin, Bo Diddley has a beat named after him for cripes sake, all of those white douchebags who have big hair and stupid lyrics would be asking you if you want fries with that if it wasn’t for Jimi. It’s inescapable, but some choose to ignore it. (Howlin Wolf, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters etc etc, would get a big, “huh?” in here I suspect)

    Some of these people are just kids rooting for their own band too, so I’m a little more giving I guess.

    My problem with you is that my stock here in the Verse is going down faster than Linda Lovelace. Everyone takes your opinion as a firing point, whilst my observations are considered less than bird shit on a windshield. My self esteem and outlook are so damaged that I want to figuratively run naked through the postings with an automatic weapon.

    I’m the Jan Brady to your Marsha. Marsha gets all the attention because of that innocent wink and smile on top of a world class ass. Sure Jan will go along with Marsha when Carol and Mike are present, but underneath her bed is a pentagram and a blonde voodoo doll.

  • Randall


    I actually did laugh. Pictured you disgustedly going, “Randall Randall Randall.” And that last paragraph was worth more than a chuckle, I’ll tell you.

    But there, there, buc… one would point out to you, I think, that it’s in the nature of the observations you’re making, if you’re feeling neglected—not in the nature of *mine.* Personally, I feel you’re as pithy as ever, and you’ve said many intelligent, observant and thoughtful things on this site–but you have tended, lately, towards a more…. flippant sort of commentary. I took this to be that you were busy in your home/work life or just feeling particularly dark of late.

    But don’t go postal–figuratively–what we need to find you is some subject which you can get your teeth into. Surely someone around here will soon say something incredibly stupid, and you can rip them a new one with the zest and intelligence that we all know you possess in spades, pal.

  • B_Rad

    “Everyone should ignore B_Rad for ignoring Randall.”

    Sorry. I know it’s the cool thing to do; entering into a battle of wits against Randall the Almighty. But ignoring me directly goes against what was said earlier:

    “you know who rocks?

    B__Rad rocks. Let’s all listen to him.”

    Ah, F it. I’m bored.

    Randall, you’ve got to be kidding me. Not only are you
    Mr. Righteousness but you are the grammar police as well. And way to make it a point to me as well, you got me! Everyone agrees that there is racism and it’s wrong, BUT IT HAS NO FUCKING PLACE BEING IN BLOWN OUT OF PROPORTION IN THIS LIST!!!!!!!!!! It’s like you found some little loophole in it for you to exploit your beliefs about racism. Good for you but leave it out of this discussion. The fact is, you are coming out of left field with this nonsense, as agreed by mostly everyone here, so there is no need to try and make any valid, cogent, argument against you. It’s like arguing with a 2 year old who wants to stay up past bed time. It’s just so ridiculous that race has been made the focal point of the list and everyone is just confused and dumbfounded as to why you are so adamant about it. We all get the basis of it but it should have been left alone about 250 comments ago.

    You’ve already been proven a hypocrite by my2sense, omitting black women from your list and saying you aren’t racist but when someone else only has 1 black person in a different list?…oh, then that’s racism.

    I’m sorry, but you failed. Go read comment #207, that pretty much sums it up. No need to go on a racial tirade, no need to bash anyone, no need for this senseless arguing. I’ve gone off on my little diatribe and I’m sure I’ll hear back from you since you love arguing with everyone. It’s what make you feel good about yourself.

  • bucslim

    ringtailroxy # 256

    “p.s. I used to ask all potential romantic liaisons if they where Elvis or Beatles men. when my boyfriend first said “Joey Ramone” I was hooked!”

    Ringtail – be careful with that kind of thinking. When I was dating my then soon to wife, now ex wife – I found out she liked Rush, so I was immediately attracted. Then got married. Then I got divorced. Guess the Rush thing wasn’t all that important.

    Like if I said, ‘Fee Waybill’ what would your response be? Maurice White? David Gilmour? What if I said ‘Joan Jett?’

  • Callie


    The point is you never went in making your point clearly. the third line of your first comment is “AND WHY ALL THE GODDAMN WHITE PEOPLE?”

    Very high profile,very in your face. Had you even attempted to make you point in a concillitory way, I doubt as many people would have pounced the way they did. The fact is, no one says something like that without knowing they’re about to stir the pot. You came at us and we came back at you.

    Again, I was brought up in a household that valued class and decorm. Because of this, in adulthood (yes, I know you think I’m a dumb kid, but I can assure you I conduct myself in an adult manner) I rarely raise my voice and generally like to argue my points, not fight over them. Since you seem so content to look at the big picture, I honestly hope you don’t raise your children (if you have any) with the attitude you have.

    Quite frankly, I think you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m embarassed for you and I’m 20 years your junior.

  • Randall


    Had you said *anything* intelligent or worthwhile, I *would* respond to you in kind. And I frankly don’t give a shit about your off-the-wall attempts to analyze my motives. Usually when people pull that character-assassination shit out of their ass (“it’s what makes you feel good about yourself”) it means they have no coherent argument to make, and are offended with the other person for some reason they’re not offering up. Could be you’re just pissed that you can’t think of a way to refute what I’m saying, I don’t know. I frankly don’t care.

    I already commented on the seeming-contradiction and hypocrisy of my own earlier list. I gave what I feel is a reasoned and cogent answer. As I said, if you or anyone else doesn’t want to accept it, that’s up to you.

    You say there’s “no need” to make a valid, cogent argument against me. But then I would ask you, B_Rad, why you’re so freakin’ BOTHERED by all this, and why you feel such a need to get your back up about it and post all this shit about me–attacking me here, there, and then this long tirade at my expense. What is YOUR problem in regards to all this? You want it left alone, then LEAVE IT ALONE. Shut up and don’t bother to address what I’ve said.

    But something about it *bothers* you… and maybe you should ask yourself, with some honesty, just what the hell that is.

    As I said–I did all this because I feel there’s a *very* valid point to be made. The big problem with this kind of shit is that there never *is* a dialogue about it–people would much rather ignore it, or laugh it off, and pretend it doesn’t exist. If you think that’s a better way of dealing the issue, great. We can keep with the status quo forever.

  • B_Rad


    Had you said *anything* intelligent or worthwhile, I *would* respond to you in kind. And I frankly don’t give a shit about your off-the-wall attempts to analyze my motives. Usually when people pull that character-assassination shit out of their ass (”it’s what makes you feel good about yourself”) it means they have no coherent argument to make, and are offended with the other person for some reason they’re not offering up. Could be you’re just pissed that you can’t think of a way to refute what I’m saying, I don’t know. I frankly don’t care.

    I already commented on the seeming-contradiction and hypocrisy of my own earlier list. I gave what I feel is a reasoned and cogent answer. As I said, if you or anyone else doesn’t want to accept it, that’s up to you.

    You say there’s “no need” to make a valid, cogent argument against me. But then I would ask you, B_Rad, why you’re so freakin’ BOTHERED by all this, and why you feel such a need to get your back up about it and post all this shit about me–attacking me here, there, and then this long tirade at my expense. What is YOUR problem in regards to all this? You want it left alone, then LEAVE IT ALONE. Shut up and don’t bother to address what I’ve said.

    But something about it *bothers* you… and maybe you should ask yourself, with some honesty, just what the hell that is.

    As I said–I did all this because I feel there’s a *very* valid point to be made. The big problem with this kind of shit is that there never *is* a dialogue about it–people would much rather ignore it, or laugh it off, and pretend it doesn’t exist. If you think that’s a better way of dealing the issue, great. We can keep with the status quo forever.”

    Oh yeah?….and?

  • Callie


    AL all the way. A beautiful moment. Who’s your team?

  • B_Rad

    I just felt like messing with you. Good times.

    Seriously though, look at what this list is really about. It’s about # of records sold. That’s it. Really, go look. See how the # of records sold increases as it gets closer to #1? Yeah. That’s it.

    We should do a poll:

    Who here agrees with me that the title of the list is misleading therefore making it pointless and Randall has gone overboard in trying to prove he’s right

    And who here agrees with everything Randall has said?

    Show of hands….now!

  • Callie

    Randall you never attempted a dialouge! You came out horns blaring daring anyone to defy you!

    Imagine this as a court case. One lawyer runs up the the jury, screaming and cursing his case, using subjects he knows are controversial.

    The other lawyer calmly states her case, talking to the jury, encouraging them to listen, to think.

    Who do you think they’ll listen to?

    This was never a pleasant discussion. This was a vehicle for your twisted viewpoints.

  • rushfan

    Randall ~ I didn’t say you didn’t have the right to spout whatever you want. Did you *read* my comment. Go back and read it. ;)
    You can literally find racism in anything if you’re looking for it. You cannot know a person’s intent, but you can assume an absence of minorities is intentional. Basically your whole argument is that black people could and should have been on a list of rockers. Granted. Go write such a list. You’re good at it. And that will be “Randall’s Racially Appropriate List of Rockers” and you can feel smugly superior. Go for it. I don’t live in your world tainted by white guilt. I live in South Texas and a military town to boot, so I live in a true melting pot and don’t feel obligated to monitor other people’s lives for faint hints of possible racism I can call them out on.

  • bucslim

    B_Rad – I’d vote, but my hands are in my pants right now.

  • B_Rad

    must be hard to type

  • kiwiboi

    I’d vote, but my hands are in my pants right now.

    bucslim – you kill me. Tell me that you get paid for this stuff!!?? Because you have to be one of the funniest guys I “know”! Seriously, dude… :)

  • Callie

    Did I finally make Randall understand my logic? Has good prevailed? He hasn’t answered to my last few comments. Someone bring me a cookie please.

    This house…is clear.

  • Randall


    Sorry, but don’t give me *Texas* as some great state of equality and colorblindness. Nor as some “true melting plot.” Please. This is another in a list of things you’ve said that has more than a faint air of absurdity to it.

    This has nothing to do with “white guilt,” rush–the convenient dismissal line of right-wingers. Yet again, an easy way to make fun of the messenger, so the message can go scoffed at and ignored.

    NOR is this about me “calling people out” on their racism, as though it’s some freakin’ game I’m loving playing here. As I’ve said, I think there’s a real issue here… and pretending it isn’t there is a convenient way to cope with it… but it ain’t really coping.

  • rushfan

    *Sorry, but don’t give me *Texas* as some great state of equality and colorblindness* Sorry, but you *missed* my point, smartypants. I live in a town where I’m actually living with different races, working, going to school, that’s all I’m saying. I listen to people that racism actually affects. That would not be you.

  • Cyn

    how darest thou sayeth something disparaging about TEXAS!!!! ya’ll can say whatever drivel you like about the devil’s music ROCK AND ROLL. ya’ll will all burn in hell for it anyway. but leave TEXAS ALONE!

    *where the fuck are the sarcasm smilies?*

    okay…ya’ll can resume your grade school shennigans now…btw…really hate to meet up w/ any of ya’ll in a cafeteria food fight. *shudder* i betcha all fight nasty.

    *insert big goofy grin smilie*

    *note to self …we need real smilies*

  • B_Rad

    Callie, you were my girl up until you said AL…It’s all about the NL, that is the pure baseball league. None of this DH nonsense. I’m a Braves fan, been so since I started playing, even participated in tryouts for them about a year after high school. Although I do like the bay area teams, I use to go to A’s and Giants games as a kid.

  • Callie

    B_Rad we’ll always have Bill and Ted.

    But AL has my hometeam…Gotta go with the O’s, baby.

  • Randall


    I would have thought it was obvious that I wasn’t responding to your comments because they’re beneath being responded to. You have said nothing *worth* responding to in any way, shape or form.

    Except, on a slim basis, in this one regard: you accuse me of having come out swinging, yelling and cursing and so forth. A) I explained to you earlier… caps and asterisks are means of emphasis–or are you new to the internet? When someone writes in all caps, yes… it can be safely taken that they’re “yelling” in a figurative sense. Maybe some of my text has appeared that way, but then B) you clearly haven’t been around here long to “get” how I write on this site. Or, maybe you have, and just don’t understand it–or don’t like it–if you don’t like it, then I suggest you leave off directing comments my way, because again, I could say the same thing to you that I said to B_Rad–why does what I say *bother* you so goddamned much? Because frankly, you, like others here, haven’t offered one single refutation of *anything* I’ve said–you’ve simply attacked me and childishly (yes, childishly) tried to needle me and mock me, and what I’ve said. Either argue my points, or leave them alone. Those are the two options that really should be open to you. Any others, such as the tack you’ve taken, serve no useful purpose. I frankly don’t care if you find me grating and acerbic or impossible to take. If so, then ignore what I’ve said, if you feel you have no argument to present against me.

    Frankly, I’d rather you listen and THINK about what I’ve said. Just stop, shut up, and take some time to think about it, instead of playing silly games trying to analyze me or mock me. It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t agree in the end–not so much, anyway. I don’t expect to change the freakin’ world here. But yes, this IS an attempt at a dialogue. You don’t like the way I conduct it, then sorry–go elsewhere for it, or just ignore me. That’s all I ask. And all you should have to do.

  • rushfan

    I think Randall had some sort of Thelma and Louise type bad experience in Texas once. (You wanna go to Mexico and not go thru TEXAS??)

  • Randall


    See, pal… I’m detecting some confused motivations here. In one moment you say you feel a certain lack of gravitas directed your way on the site, while maintaining that you most definitely deserve to be treated with said respect and gravity–and you express what I think is some righteous indignation about this.

    And then, in nearly the same breath, you pass up the chance to chime in with some thoughtful, thought-provoking, eloquent bit of rhetoric… and instead choose to take the opportunity to share with us that, *once again*, you are surfing the net with your hand lodged firmly in your pants.

    I have no problem with your personal habits, and completely understand your… needs, shall we say. I even sympathize. But I sense that you don’t *really* take your own complaints all that seriously.

    Perhaps your addiction is getting in the way again. I’ll bet that’s it. We can do another intervention, how about that? That was fun, last time.

  • B_Rad

    You just don’t get it do you Randall. There is nothing to argue against you! How many times do I have to say that? We *get* what you are saying…wait a sec, I bet that’s what’s wrong. I haven’t been using asterisks and caps to get my points across. Anyways, what you’re saying is right in the general sense of the racism argument, all we’re saying is it doesn’t belong here. I don’t know why you keep egging us on about arguing against you. And I told you already, I’m only fucking with you. It’s cause you’re so goddamn hilarious with your responses. You just *want* it to bother us so you can use that as your argument against us.

  • rushfan

    What? A hugely holier-than-thou attitude? From you? Sacré bleu!

  • Randall


    Nope, just hate Texas and 90% of the Texans I’ve *met in person.* This doesn’t mean you and other Lone Star State dwellers on this site. I only know a smidgeon of your personality here, just as you know only a smidgeon of mine.

    It’s just that, to me, Texas, Florida, and a few other states represent most everything that’s sick, twisted, and wrong with Americans. I’m not the only New Yorker who feels that way.

    But please–don’t take that to heart. I confess it’s an utterly irrational “thing” I have, and probably just some hugely holier-than-thou attitude on my part. I don’t pretend to always be clear-headed on every issue. Sometimes we just dislike people (or states) on sight, for no logical reason… then we backtrack and rationalize it best we can.

    Why else do so many people say they hate the French?

  • Cyn

    Randall –
    why hate? chill dude.
    *hands over a plate of nachos and a ice filled bucket of long neck beers*


  • rushfan

    wow. how did my comment end up before randall’s?

  • Randall


    Yeah, I get that you’re fucking with me, Rad. As I recall, I’m a lot older than you. And I’m not by any means stupid. So I’m fully aware of what you’ve been doing.

    Nevertheless, you persist in missing the point. You say it “doesn’t belong here.” WHY doesn’t it belong here? I ask you that.

    For the last time, this isn’t about this stupid goddamn list. There is a larger point here, and I’ve said that again and again and again. The larger point is what I’m speaking to, and if you want to address that larger point, then do so. Otherwise, do me and yourself a favor and go pester someone else. Because all you do is divert from a serious issue that could be talked about here–but clearly some people don’t *want* to talk about it.

  • rushfan

    I’ll take some of those nachos and beer, please. :) :)

  • Randall


    I hate because it’s me, and I’m me because I hate. It makes me feel all warm inside.

  • bucslim

    Yeah, stick one of those beers under one of my arms please.

    (notice I didn’t say ‘hand’ me one of those beers)

  • Cyn

    well, Texas has so much to offer in terms of variety of food, incredible variety of food, music…like real music like Janis Joplin was born and raised not too far from where i sit. Johnny and Edgar Winter. The Big Bopper. all from my neck of the woods. i can get barbque, TexMex, country cooking worth killing for ..’sides seafood and all the Asian influx foods.
    so for some real music and some damn fine food…ain’t no place like Texas.



    and life is too goddamned short to waste on hate Randall ;)

    seriously, ya’ll get all het up over nothing. ya need to chill out.

  • Callie

    You aren’t attacking people on here because you care about the inherent racist society. If you wanted to change people’s opinions, or even have a better outlet for your own you’d funnel your views into something that would..say, a march or a letter writing campaign. Or maybe because you say this racism isn’t as important as KKK racism you’re just on here ranting.

    B_Rad is right. Everyone knows there’s a race problem in the country and ever other country. No one thinks it should be duked out on a music list. No one has said “Excuse me Randall, racism has been fixed for years.”

    The issues you’re talking about don’t bother me. Your line of pretentious bile bothers me.


    Maybe some of my text has appeared that way, but then B) you clearly haven’t been around here long to “get” how I write on this site.

    …Are you kidding me with that? You sound like a sullen teenager. At least you’ve grown up from yesterdays toddler rants, but seriously? Wahhh…no one “gets” me. Please. Are you under the impression that you capitalizing for emphasis is a new cool way to write things? Do you sit at home laughing to yourself because you’re the only one in the world who figured out that hitting THIS key makes the letters look like THIS?


    I “get” it. I just don’t agree with it. That’s not the way I argue.

  • rushfan

    **Sometimes we just dislike people (or states) on sight, for no logical reason… then we backtrack and rationalize it best we can.**

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but does that not sound exactly like racism? Some people just don’t like some other people. People are allowed to not like each other. I dislike everyone equally, regardless of race. The only thing anyone has any control over is systemic, institutionalized racism, and even then only so much can be done. The only cure for racism is to overcome it, and for society to refuse to accept it. You can’t force people to *not* pre-judge each other or stereotype each other or feel different because they are a minority.
    I disagree with your judgement that racism had *anything* to do with this list or people’s ideas of what “rock” is and which “rockers” the word “rock” brings to mind. It’s more about musical preference, what music you’ve been exposed to, etc. That does not necessarily have anything to do with race.
    *cowers* Don’t hurt me.

  • Randall


    A) You can stop with the ridiculous attempts to analyze my motives. What’s your hope in doing this? To get me to stop and think, “oh yeah! I have issues! I’ll go away now.” Won’t work, Callie, so knock it off, you’re just wasting your own time.

    B) Again you persist with the attacks and SAY absolutely nothing. They only grow more childish and pointless with each successive comment you post. You’re trying awfully hard to humiliate me, Callie. Awfully hard. It isn’t working, and if I were you, I’d ask yourself WHY it’s so goddamned important to you.

    C) None of this is about no one “getting me,” you sanctimonious little brat. (which is how you’ve been acting). You’ve repeatedly balked about my textual styles here, and I’ve answered you, that’s all.

    D) Shut up now, and leave this alone, and cease with your comments directed at me. I have no further intentions of carrying on any further discussion with you, as it’s clear you have zero actual interest in any *real* discussion on the topic. My point is made with people like you. This is a subject that you and people like you are afraid to talk about, or ashamed to talk about, or something–and so you react with this irrational anger and make it about ME. It isn’t and never was about me, no matter how hard you try to make it so.

    No more. If you want to prove you’re the “bigger” and more “mature” person here, then shut the fuck up and drop this. It’s wasting both our time.

  • Callie

    rush don’t cower. come to my corner. I’ve got some true grit to me, just in a ladylike way. :)

  • Toxic

    Randall… you are a white version of an uncle tom. A self-hating hyper-apologetic pussy. Why are the personal viewpoints that people hold so threatening to you, could it be because you are barren of redeeming qualities so you have to lash out at the shortcomings of others? Can I just ask you one race-related question? As a libertarian to a liberal…. is it my fault, as a white person, that black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime? And if so (as I’m sure that you will find some way to blame it on me) what have I done to cause all of this, and how much of my money do I have to give away to the welfare state in order to fix it? And please , feel free to insult me for bringing up the fact that 12% of the population causes over 60% of the crime in this country, as anyone who brings up any fact that you don’t want to hear must be a horrible racist nazi. Please fly down from your perch in heaven and give all of us horribly ignorant bigots your magical answer to saving society from the oppression of the evil white man.

  • B_Rad

    Here you go. Point by point…don’t miss it!

    “Yeah, I get that you’re fucking with me, Rad. As I recall, I’m a lot older than you. And I’m not by any means stupid. So I’m fully aware of what you’ve been doing.”

    Yeah, that is rad isn’t it? You wish you could be rad like me but at your advanced age, you’re just out of luck (sorry, I had to go down to your 5th grade level banter). When did I call you stupid? Go find it please.

    “Nevertheless, you persist in missing the point. You say it “doesn’t belong here.” WHY doesn’t it belong here? I ask you that.”

    It doesn’t belong here cause it’s a list. A list about bands who sold the most records. Not about who invented rock, who influenced rock, who coined the term rock, etc. Most importantly, it’s not about the color of people’s skin. Why is it racist for white people to name white bands when you ask them about rock music? So, that makes black people racist when you ask them about rap and they say nothing but black artists?

    “For the last time, this isn’t about this stupid goddamn list. There is a larger point here, and I’ve said that again and again and again. The larger point is what I’m speaking to, and if you want to address that larger point, then do so. Otherwise, do me and yourself a favor and go pester someone else. Because all you do is divert from a serious issue that could be talked about here–but clearly some people don’t *want* to talk about it.”

    There are forums on the internet specifically dedicated to “that larger point”, I suggest you go find them and spread your word over there. This is meant for discussing the music on this list. Bill and Ted is the more appropriate discussion in this place. Why can’t you accept that?

  • Randall


    I’m sorry, but you haven’t thought this through. I’m not talking about people who’ve never *heard* of James Brown or Otis Redding or what have you. If that’s all we were dealing with–sheer lack of knowledge–then your point would be well-taken. But that’s not what I’m talking about.

    Read through some of the commentary here, going back a couple days. There were plenty of people who were fully aware of the existence of black artists, and no doubt many had been exposed to them. But they discounted them as “not being rock,” and a couple people even maintained that “no blacks rocked except for Hendrix.”

    Do you honestly find nothing wrong with that? To my thinking, it ought to give you some major pause. It does me. And I’ve been around enough to have heard this kind of attitude from an *awful* lot of people–of all sorts of ages. It’s clearly a wide-spread attitude. Now the question is—is there something wrong with it? And I honestly think there IS something wrong with it. It’s indicative of, I think, a much larger issue.

    I’ve explained this at length and I’m getting *very* tired of the topic. Frankly, I expected hostility but never this amount of pointless attacks upon me as though I’m just some off-the-wall kook. I’ve got people half my age here telling me off–all of them *white* kids–and acting as though I’m driven by all sort of bizarre motives, like reverse racism or ego, or god knows what.

    Ask yourself why it is that what I’ve said *irks* people so goddamn much. I have to wonder myself.

  • Callie

    That’s a complete lie. You said several times yesterday you’d walk away and never did because you have a pathetic need to be right, you overzealous douchebag (that’s how you’ve been acting)

    I’ve said many things, you just aren’t hearing them. I don’t need to prove anything, as you’ve done all the proving I need. Eveyone on here seems to be either jokingly or genuinely afriad of you. even for the joking ones, hwere theres smoke there’s fire, so I’m going to assume you’ve been terrorizing this site with your crap for way to long. No more. I’m not afraid of you and I refuse to back down. Sorry, King Randall’s reign has ended.

    One more thing. You never answered my comment inquiring if this is how you treat those around you. Either it is and your kids are headed down an awful road, or you enjoy the anonymity sitting behind a computer screen provides.

  • Maggot

    Bucslim: “Like if I said, ‘Fee Waybill’ what would your response be?”

    Quay Lewd, man. Now *there’s* a rocker…

  • Mr. Plow

    Holy crap…I can’t believe this thread is still going!

    Randall, you have proven that you don’t want to have a conversation.

    You make infammitory accusations and act surprised when people react to it.

    You admit that “I’m sometimes deliberately grating and arrogant, because it’s fun to play that role” and then try to play martyr when there is “hostility being aimed my way.”

    You accuse people of being racist, and then find it think you’ve made some great observation by “I’m hitting a nasty nerve.” You’re schocked that people might respond when you call them racist? Are you really so socially unaware that you found it surprising that people would maybe be slightly offended when you suggest they are racist?

    And then the fact that you use the fact they take are a little put off by being called racist as eveidence of thier racism?

    You had a point about the list neglecting contributions of black musicians and you had a point about the omission of punk. But you went way overboard trying to argue that because some users had a different view of the list, that they were in fact racist as well.

    I’ve seen nothing but evasions and intellectual dishonesty.

  • bucslim

    Maggot – The Tubes friggen ruled.

  • Toxic

    I think that if black people survived four hundred years of oppression and slavery, they might be able to make it a little bit longer without your asinine commentary on racism in America. The black people who have become succesful in this country are the ones who have worked past all of this, becoms succesful in spite of it, and are now changing the system from within, and dismantling the hurtful stereotypes with their actions. The only ones who still bitch about racism are the ones who are still on the corner and in the ghetto , and the ones who want to make a name for themself and get themselves publicity by exploiting the plight of poor black people (sharpton,jackson), and of course stupid ass liberal white people who would rather spew rhetorical crap than actually go out and do something about all of the things that are actually wrong in the world. In actuality, a smart black person who is willing to work the system can benefit because of his skin color by way of affirmative action, and race based scholarships. Hell, where I am from they pay black people to go to college, while I have to pay my own way, which is no big deal, because I don’t need a handout and I’m willing to work as hard as I need to to succeed, just like everyone else in this world who makes it. I am determined to succeed regardless of bigotry , injustice or any other excuse you can think of, and truthfully, i could give a flying fuck how others perceive me or anyone else, because they have no effect on my abilities.

    If you can’t make it in America in the year 2008 then you can’t make it anywhere ,anytime in history. This is the land of opportunity and noone can hold you back but yourself.

    No bigoted redneck cracker can hold any black person down regardless of what you may believe , the same way that no liberal faggot will ever be able to keep me from achieving what I set forth to do.

  • Callie

    B_Rad…I think you’re SUPER DUPER AWESOME rad.

  • Barabas

    Lol wheres Lemmy?
    He istn just a rocker or the King of Rock HE IS ROCK!

  • B_Rad

    Don’t overlook my butt. I work out *all* the time.

  • Randall


    Unless I’m mistaken, I’ve been on this site a lot longer than you have. Not that that means anything in itself, but my point is, I therefore know that THIS is the sort of discussion that goes on here. People post lists and the discussion about them occasionally develops as this one has. That’s just a statement of fact, though, I don’t present it as a point of argument. I’m simply taking it that you don’t know this, as I’ve never seen you here before.

    But regardless of all that, basically what you’re saying is that *you* get to police where discussions should be held, and if *you* say it’s not the place for it, then I’m wrong for bringing it up or persisting in talking about it. I take it you don’t hear this note of censure and despotic self-righteousness in your voice. All I can do is point it out to you.

    And now you can turn around and go at me some more and call ME self-righteous and we can go round and round…

    This site has, from the very beginning, gone off on controversial topics. Sometimes it’s right there in the list, sometimes the list simply sparks it. It’s happened many times. Where do YOU get the right to tell me or anyone else that this isn’t the place for it? This list was only a catalyst–as I said, it isn’t about *this particular list,* it’s about the manner of thinking where white people will lay claim to rock as though it’s only theirs, and then over there is “black music,” and that doesn’t count. Nowhere did the writer of the list say, until WELL AFTER THE FACT, that this was a list based on record sales or anything else that mitigated it. The list was presented as someone’s opinion on the top rock artists… and to my way of thinking, it therefore omitted a huge segment of the population of artists who should have been here–as lists of this type often do. And I personally was sick of it, and I feel the answer is where I’ve placed it. I felt the need to address this, and did so. And then I get people like you trying to shut me up for this or that reason–never any rational one–as with you, “because it doesn’t belong here.” And yet, as I pointed out—the reasons you presented for this were NOT presented in the list as written. So your point isn’t valid in any case.

    And you can actually ask, “why is it racist for white people to name white bands when asked about rock music?” If you can’t figure this out for yourself, then there’s nowhere to go with this. Yup, people have their own preferences and likes. But I’m not talking about individual people here, with individual tastes. I’m addressing an issue of people as a *group,* ignoring and dismissing a vast number of artists who have contributed to, and indeed invented, the form they’re talking about. But there’s this segment of the white population who discount that and dismiss it. YES, I feel there’s something wrong with that.

    And nice try about the rap thing–but recall, Rad, that there are very few white rap artists. Very, very few. It isn’t surprising that, in a sea of black rap artists, most blacks will name *them* as their faves, not Eminem.

    In any case, that’s always the gambit played by people in this instance–or hadn’t you noticed? To accuse blacks of reverse racism, or, as an alternative, to point out that blacks exclude whites–so it must be okay for whites to exclude blacks. Do you really want to be on that side of that argument? Is that really the tack you want to take? If I were you, I’d feel slimy for doing so. It’s tantamount to saying affirmative action is wrong and racist–reverse racist, that is. But of course I realize you were trying to make the *other* point–that blacks exclude whites, so whites can exclude blacks. And you see nothing wrong with this point?

    As I say… there are few white rap artists. But more to the point–whites didn’t invent rap. Whites haven’t practiced it for years, making huge and important rap records.

    But blacks HAVE done so, in rock.

    And I HAVE been discussing the music on this list. That’s the whole point. That lists like this one ignore and therefore demean the actual truth about rock, which is that it’s as much a black form as it is white.

  • Callie

    *all* the time or ALL the time?

    I’m sure your butt is rad too.

  • Randall

    Mr. Plow:

    Please provide examples of this “intellectual dishonesty” and my “evasions.”

  • B_Rad

    I couldn’t figure out what caps or asterisks or symbols I could use to make you read that in the accent that Death uses in B&T. Maybe Randall knows how to “type” accents.

    Randall, you astound me. Nothing you just said made any sense. You try to sound smart but you’re just an ass. Putting words in my mouth now, claiming that I think I can tell people what to say, where to say it? All I said is that you’re the only one bringing this topic up. If you were gone, this would have ended at comment #35. This is all about you. You are driving all the discussion about race. YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!!!! That’s why I say to take your bullshit and dump it in a forum where it’s wanted cause it isn’t wanted here. Of course, that just my observation from all the comments that did not come from you or are in response to you.

    I couldn’t care less about what you have to say about me cause you’ve never met me or have any idea the type of person I am. Take your keyboard machine gun and shove it up your ass already. I can see you pull this stunt in other lists so you must not have anything else to do with your life. Pretty sad.

    You are the biggest douche in the universe. Even moreso than the guy that pretends he talks to dead people. You can write all the paragraphs you want twisting everything I say around but everyone here knows you are full of shit.

    Ah, I love it. I’ve been so bored at work the last couple of days but this has kept me entertained. If you want to keep it going (and if I know you, you will) then go ahead and type your next round of nonsense.

  • Cyn

    selected quotes:

    ‘At the List Universe we pride ourselves on polite and friendly comments’

    ‘We don’t have a limit on the size of comments, but we do ask that you condense what you want to say in to as few lines as possible. If you have to explain something very detailed, you should find a website with your explanation and post a link to that instead ..’

    ‘6. Can I carry on personal chats in the comments?

    No – this becomes very tedious for other readers – please take it to the forums.’

    ‘8. How do I write a good comment?

    You write a good comment by not insulting others, by not using CAPS LOCK, by not using repetitive punctuation, and by sticking to the argument if you don’t agree with someone. Remember, the minute you insult a person in a debate, you lose.’

    okay, i tried diffusing tensions w/ humor so now i’ll quote the rules. remember, this is just a list not a bar room brawl.

  • B_Rad


    No, you’re wrong. Listverse is wrong. Randall has been here forever. He pretty much said he can do whatever he wants on these lists. He’s always right you know.

  • Carol

    Thank God I’m not participating in all this fight anymore….but anyway, here’s something I’ve always wanted to know about the United States: here in my country there are a lot of bands who imitate and sing songs of notorious bands and perform pretending to be the original band(mostly Beatles and Guns and Roses ), does that happen a lot there too?

  • bnutz999

    What’s going on in here?

  • Cyn

    B-Rad –
    shush! nobody likes a smart ass. now go over there and sit quietly in the corner for your time out. if you’re real good you might just get a cookie!
    what was that?
    it had better been…’yes, Ms. Cyn.’

    now go on…
    you’ll have company soon enough.


  • Callie

    Brad (I’ve decided we’re on a non-underscore name basis)

    See I think that’s the point. You and I are entertained. Oh we’re making valid points, but we both know this isn’t the biggest thing in our lives. I’ll go home tonight, play with my dog, go to the gym, you’ll what you do and tomorrow at work we’ll check this again. It’s a nice little routine. However…I think for Randall this is all he has.

    Have you ever read Rumplestiltskin (sp?) In most of the illustrations in most of the versions, after the princess guesses his name, Rumpy (sounds curiously like Randy) throws an absolute fit and jumps around hollering so much he just poof! Goes away.

    Who ever said life couldn’t be a fairytale?

  • B_Rad

    yes, Ms. Cyn =)

    Just sayin. All I wanted to do was talk about my favorite bands and maybe a little Bill and Ted but that guy ruined it. This is supposed to be fun and when someone goes around berating everybody it makes it not fun anymore.

    Well, Brad isn’t my name but it does start with a B and I am Rad, hence the name B_Rad. Yeah, I’ll go home, play in my softball league, have some pizza and beer, play some pool, and maybe watch a little “How To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen”. Maybe I’ll see Randall on the show =)

    Come on, who’s with me and Tool being #1? If you haven’t experienced a show let alone their music, you are missing out.

  • Cyn

    you liked to poke hornet’s nests w/ sticks as a kid, huh?
    that Predator comment was uncalled for.
    cool it.

  • Mr. Plow


    How about never addressing John’s second comment? Or how about the re-posted question you never answered?

    Intellectual dishonesty:
    When you were addressing the influence of black musicians in rock you say “But there’s this segment of the white population who discount that and dismiss it.”

    And you know this how? You demand examples of your intellectual dishonesty…well…I am demanding how you ‘know’ about this segment of the population.

    If you wanna play the ‘gimme examples’ and ‘tell me where i’m wrong’ game to deflect actually having to answer any serious criticisms we can do that. I know I am not the only one who has used your previous posts to show how you are inconsistent.

    And you constantly set up these BS straw man arguments. For example:
    “To accuse blacks of reverse racism, or, as an alternative, to point out that blacks exclude whites–so it must be okay for whites to exclude blacks. Do you really want to be on that side of that argument? Is that really the tack you want to take?”

    I don’t ever remember B_rad ever advocating that it’s okay for whites to exclude blacks. Quit putting words his mouth (or post as it were.)

    If you can’t see the logical pretzel you’ve been twisting throughout this thread you are either a) a liar, or b) not intelligent enough to see it.

    You’ve done nothing but take a lighthearted (albeit not great) list and use it to make a mockery of a serious issue so you can wax pretentious and attempt to shout down all who disagree as closet racists. I hope after all this you can pat yourself on the back and know that you’ve told off all those racist LVers…you’ve earned your ‘damn the man’ points for the week!!!

    Oh, if we all had your moral clarity and worldly experience Randall.

    By any academic standard (even internet standard fer chissakes,) I think most users in this thread have MORE than shown you to be the self-righteous charlatan that you really are.

  • Tec

    I think Queen should be higher up.

  • SlickWilly

    Wow, this is like watching a hardened veteran samurai take on a clan of pissed off ninjas. It’s anyone’s game, now.

  • girllll

    Christ Randall.

    I know what you’re saying about omitting people like Chuck Berry et al. But you’ve blown everything so rediculously out of proportion its untrue.

    Consider this. The forefathers of ‘rock’ music as many of us know it were making their music in the 40’s and 50’s. Thats half a century ago or more. All the artists in the list, with the exception of elvis who, for better or for worse, will ALWAYS be in a list of this type,the bands are much more recent. They were part of the MASSIVE pop music boom in the 60’s. People had just got their tellies and bands like The Beatles were broadcast to MILLIONS. They’ve had massive audiences and massive sales due to this fact, and music from the 60’s and onwards, benefitting from new entertainment technology, will always be less obscure than the earlier, more testing-the water type stuff that ‘your’ black acts would fit into. Hence bands like The Shadows, early Joe Meek stuff etc never really getting the recognition it deserves. And they are WHITE ACTS that I would include, but I’m not getting offended. The Beatles just soak it all up like a giant, not-intentionally-racist sponge. :)

  • I can’t post because there is a big grey box covering everything above the post box, plus many of the posts are covered as well, or scrunched together.

  • Cyn

    segue –
    okay. i’d thought it was just my sluggish system i’ll check w/ sysadmin meanwhile…try clearing cache and reloading the page.

    anyone else having page loads issues…i do apologize and i am checking it out.

  • Cyn

    think this is something like as soon as you call the plumber the clog clears ;)
    cuz it all seems fine now.

  • sdggrant

    How can this list be racist when it is just based off of someones opinion. If I were to remake this list how I think it should be the only black person on it would be Hendrix. Why? Because he is the only black rock-musician who I enojy listening to. Is this list also sexist because there are no women on it? Could it also be considered homophobic?

    I think maybe Randall should change his nickname to “Rev. Jesse Jackson”

  • Brian Moo


    This is why I don’t take a fancy to subjective lists.

  • AlyshiaH

    QUEEN BEAT METALLICA!?!?!?! I stopped reading after that. The rest of the list must have been just as bad… there is only ONE good Queen song… ONLY ONE… Thats my final word on this insane list. Can we STOP doing “best rockers ever” lists?? please?? Face it, everyone has thier own opinions.. why not just do a “your view” on it, lets argue it out on there.. and make way for some really nice and random lists… PLEASE!!!!!

  • Mike

    The Beach Boys are a great band, but I’m not sure if I would call them rockers. Other than that, great list.

  • astraya

    Many creative forms began in minority groups, and only hit the big time after the majority catches on. This is due to numbers, money and technology (and perhaps time). (As largely explained by girllll above.)
    What is a “rocker”? I can’t provide a definition, but compare Paul McCartney and Keith Richards. Either one is a rocker and the other one isn’t, or one is (far) more of a rocker and the other one is (far) less of one.

  • tommy


    A list is a list, if you don’t like it then don’t read it and take it at heart. For people who comment saying this list is worthless… you probably have a lot of time and a very “annoyed” attitude. Feel sorry for you :)

  • big ski

    Pretty accurate list.Why only 2 viedos to watch ? What,s up with that ?

  • Cthulhu

    Part of the debate appears to stem from differing interpretations of the list’s title. It’s “Greatest Rockers”, not “Greatest Rock Artists”. If this was a ranking of greatest rock artists, then Chuck Berry or Aretha Franklin would have an excellent case for inclusion. But the list isn’t about rock artists. It’s about rockers. The connotations are quite different.

    A list of rock artists would consider the artistic merit of the music and its influence on the genre. However, the word “rocker” conjures up a different image; one associates rockers with stages and cheering crowds, with living a “rock and roll lifestyle” (yes, I know, what this constitutes is debatable). With rockers, one looks at the public perception of a rock and roll artist. It’s not solely about artistic merit or influence. It’s a mix of popularity, lifestyle, and performance. So while R&B may be classified as rock, and while many R&B artists are talented, I don’t think that they constitute “rockers”–rock artists yes, rockers no.

  • Ironman

    whats with saying Queen has only one good song?

  • factcheck


    “It’s tantamount to saying affirmative action is wrong and racist–reverse racist, that is.”

    I’m not attempting to be sarcastic or mean. just going to say, Randall, are you actually saying Affirmative Action is not racist? The fact is that it is based on the color of one’s skin. By definition, that is racist. Yes AA is racist. It’s not reverse-racist, it IS racist. Of course it is. I’m not saying its wrong or right, but it is racist. so if you had a point there with that, it was lost.

    I get your overall point, though, Randall. Don’t fret. I believe we all do. I also know a lot about you due to your “right winger” comment. This whole thing isn’t about people not putting a certain race on their top 10 list.

    This is your way of expressing your worldview. It’s obvious. You believe the hype of the media and the likes of sharpton and jackson who have been crying “wolf” for years. So when you come in here and cry “wolf” of course people laugh, mock, ignore. It’s as recycled as an argument on abortion or as tiresome as a war mongering republican scaring people into voting against democrats.

    Tool #1? No way man. And yes I’ve seen them live. It rocked. I mean really rocked. But not as much as the first concert I ever went to… Huey Lewis & The News. =) At the Fair!! LOL

    Speaking of that my top 10 based on concerts I been too would have to have Tool at #3. Sorry B_Rad. The top two would be due to a concert I went to in Oxford: Radiohead & Beck. Summer of 2001 They ROCKED!!
    Oh wait would Beck be considered Rock or Rap? =P
    But then theres Van Halen They f-ing ROCKED like nobody else too…hmmm.

  • Whew…

    Huh… I like the list, but I only read a few of the coments. I don’t quite understand the anti-Queen or the Anti-Beatles people OR the anti-Pink Floyd people, and I’m not gonna read nearly 400 comments for an explanation. I wouldn’t really include The Beach Boys, though I adore the band. (So freakin’ catchy) I think a couple of notable mentions should be added, though that would just increase the number of angry comments…

  • Reverse racist? You’re either racist or you’re not, aren’t you?

  • Teapixie

    Thanks everyone, Randall, Carol, Callie, B_Rad etc. I’ve just spent a fabulously entertaining hour or so reading through this stuff. God, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. I really need those nachos and beers. Just wondering if I should be offended or something because there are no Australians on this list. Shame, shame, shame. And being part of Australasia, how about any Asians, or South Americans, or non-English Europeans. Oh, the humanity. How about we write a list that has anyone who picked up an instrument or sang a vocal. Then we can all get some sleep.

  • Mr Scumbag


    I’ve only posted once in this list (and once on the entire site, I believe), and I may have been a little harsh to everyone in my comment, and for that I apologise. I was most certainly not too harsh on you.

    I decided to stick around and read almost all the comments, just because of you. I’ve encountered so many like you in all my years on the internet. Intelligent to be sure, however also bored, arrogent, holier-than-thou, elitist, self-entitled. The list could go on. I find your type utterly entertaining, because you are “always right”. Endless fun.

    I was thinking of compiling a giant list, arguing every absurd point you had (which is most of them, nearly all of us agree), but I knew that would accomplish nothing.

    Interestingly, I found this post of yours, right in this very discussion;

    “Nope, just hate Texas and 90% of the Texans I’ve *met in person.* This doesn’t mean you and other Lone Star State dwellers on this site. I only know a smidgeon of your personality here, just as you know only a smidgeon of mine.

    It’s just that, to me, Texas, Florida, and a few other states represent most everything that’s sick, twisted, and wrong with Americans. I’m not the only New Yorker who feels that way.

    But please–don’t take that to heart. I confess it’s an utterly irrational “thing” I have, and probably just some hugely holier-than-thou attitude on my part. I don’t pretend to always be clear-headed on every issue. Sometimes we just dislike people (or states) on sight, for no logical reason… then we backtrack and rationalize it best we can.

    Why else do so many people say they hate the French?”

    Hmmm. It’s okay for you generalise so much as to hate an entire state and the people who live in it?

    By that reasoning, how is it any different someone hating an entire country or the ethnicity of the people living in it?

    I am in no way racist, and I’m definitely not accusing you of being racist either, but try to excercise some consistency in your arguments. Using your comment as an example, there is more than enough evidence that your own views do not coincide in a broader sense at all with the views you are attempting to FORCE ON OTHERS. You have been and now, clearly without doubt, trying to stir the pot.

    And please don’t point out the little disclaimer you put at the bottom of that post. The fact is that you have admitted to having an irrational dislike/distaste for a specific “demographic” if you will. That is not far removed from racism.

    It’s clear you are in no position whatsoever to be lecturing any of us in racism or irrational hate.

  • girllll

    Also, Randall, someone called you out earlier on your ’25 most attractive brunette women’ list. Your reputation as Listverse’s race warrior was fairly muddied then, and then you made some REALLY tenuous reason why something that would incriminate you means nothing but this exclusion of black acts (BAR JIMI HENDRIX which would immediately suggest the writer was not racist, also I didnt see anyone saying he should have been taken out)from the sales based music list is something far more important. I’m sorry, but they have similarities, despite the different content- subjective opinion of one guy doing some self-indulgent list on the internet that nobody’s really bothered about other than just to have an excuse to click around and vent his opinion.

    Tomorrow, the world probably won be any different.

    Peoples opinion of what ‘great rock acts’ are is going to vary. Personally I hate the sort of metal genre (minus Sabbath, which i find quite fun). None of he acts on this list would go in for me. And thats just because I’ve been brought up with different music. This is ll about what people have been EXPOSED to. Velvet Underground would be there for me, and the singers jewish plus there’s two women as well. But im not gonna go out and SEARCH for black acts to like. Thats just weird.

  • downhighway61

    Just so everyone is clear on New Yorkers:

    In my experiences, many New Yorkers who feel that Texas, Florida, and whatever other states represent the crap side of America haven’t really been to those states, and know very little about them. We are generally very nice people. We do have our rude residents, but honestly, I think most of them are transplants :)
    Personally, I love traveling around the country and have met people from those states mentioned whom I adore. Can’t say I hate anyone I’ve met from anywhere but New York though.

    Randall made it seem a bit like we were arrogant, whether that was the intention or not.

  • thedude

    “The Beatles are good but they’re not that good. ” – codman

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what

  • Hobolad

    People are listing all these black artists, the Muddy Waterses, the Robert Johnsons, etc. Both of those artists I’d class as better than 90 percent of this list- but I wouldn’t put them in a “rock” list.

    Genres don’t mean much, who cares? It’s just a tag to identify a musical stereotype.

  • Hobolad

    Also- I would have put Chuck Berry on this list if it was me. But it wasn’t me, and he isn’t on the list. Tthe maker of this list happens to like at least ten artists more than they like Chuck Berry, that’s all it is.

  • Randall

    So….. I suppose I needed to come in here this morning and clean up the mess I made.

    To begin with, I’m naturally not going to respond to the VERY personal insults that have been directed my way; on the one hand I feel people are hanging themselves with their own ropes with that shit–on the other hand, maybe a few people feel I’m getting my own back. All I can say is, I use simple name calling (pinhead, butthead, asshole, etc.) for effect and I give my blessing to it when it’s done with style and panache, but I don’t believe there’s ever been an instance where I’ve said really insulting things to someone or about someone that were unrelated to the topic at hand. i.e., I’m seeing here attacks on my person, that, for instance, this kind of online arguing must be “all that I have,” and whatnot. Yeah, okay, kids. Sure.

    About this Texas thing: it’s a freaking joke. For chrissakes.

    About this entire topic that I got started on: I had what I felt was a very valid and important point to make. I’ve made it, and see no further use in continuing with it. As I said, I didn’t want this to become a “gay marriage” thing, where I’m put in the position of looking like S_R… the last sort of thing I wanted to be associated with. I can only note one last time–look at the anger that got engendered here, directed at me. Is it all about my persona here? Or is it something else? Somebody said people don’t like being called racist and I shouldn’t be surprised that they get angry about that. No, that’s true. But I also didn’t see this as *calling* anyone racist–I certainly didn’t single anyone out that way–I was simply trying to call attention to something that I feel no one ever takes notice of—that white people have co-opted “rock” to be their very own, and have segregated black artists to “genres” and such that whites say are NOT “rock.” This, I feel, is wrong, and a small sign of the racism that still exists out there.

    The evidence is that whites *always* hate having racism pointed out to them. They get wildly defensive or at best dismissive. A poll just recently taken says that 55% of white Americans believe race relations in the US are pretty good–and getting better. Whereas some 69% of black Americans (I believe that was the figure) feel just the opposite–that race relations are pretty bad. Who’s right? One might suspect with the likelihood coming that we will soon elect our first black president, that race relations are pretty good. But if you scratch the surface, what’s underneath? New Orleans is underneath, for one thing. And a lot more.

    So whites may react, getting all indignant, when they hear “racism” brought up again. I’ve seen it many times. But I’ve also seen the racism going on. It’s clear enough when people make only the barest effort to hide it… and yes, I’ve seen it right out in the open–but what’s there that’s more deeply hidden?

    Anyway, enough’s enough. I’m concluding my commentary on this thread with this posting.

    A couple quick answers:

    Mr. Plow:

    I don’t have time to read, let alone answer, every single thing directed my way. I honestly don’t even what “John’s” question was. This isn’t “evasion.” You try following a thread that runs hundreds of comments long–and contrary to what some people have said, no, this isn’t my life and I have many other things to do with my time–so missing something here and there I don’t call evasion. You want to, that’s up to you.

    As for how I “know” that whites continually dismiss blacks from consideration in regards to what is rock–I’ve SEEN it and HEARD it countless times, Mr. Plow, throughout my life. That’s not “intellectual dishonesty,” that’s clear experience. You tell me how many times you’ve heard whites give credit to black artists in this regard. This isn’t the only list on this site that’s failed to do so, if memory serves. Look how many people *here* on this thread denied the rightful presence of black artists. Come off it.

    As to the rest of your comment, it all adds up to more mud-slinging on your part, and I’m done answering that kind of shit. Think whatever you like, to me this nonsense is concluded.

  • rushfan

    Randall, why not come to the forums and start a thread with your thoughts on stuff like this? The response here in the comments is not going to be what you seem to hope for. Unless, this kind of back and forth is what you’re wanting. It’s hard to tell with you.

  • Phil

    Ive got new socks on.

  • miki

    where are the ramones, clash and sex pistols? :(

  • Polly Odyssey

    Thank you for including Pink Floyd.

  • Mike S.

    Man I was just thinking, if the album sales are correct for The Beatles, that means one out of every 6-7 people have a Beatles CD…Wow

  • Mom424

    Randall: No worries, I still love you. I even agree that racism is still pervasive in our respective societies. I hear it all the time. And it is subtle. Why can’t my cab driver speak decent english? The paki’s have taken over Brampton. They are stealing jobs from hard working Canadians (sometimes an oxymoron, let me tell you). They smell funny. (So would you if your favorite food was garlic and curry, My sister reeks after a good Caesar Salad). And this is in Ontario, I’ve lived on the East Coast and it is even worse. Your outrage about the fiasco in New Orleans is justified. If that had happened in LA or New York City does anyone actually think the tragedy would be treated in the same shameful way?

    It is just that in this particular instance I believe your anger to be misplaced. This list is lazy, ill-prepared, and very narrow in its criteria. The young (I’m assuming this by the cut/paste factor and the lack of depth in the descriptions) fellow picked from the music he listened to and did no further research. And then put them in order of record sales and money made. The kid is not necessarily racist, just woefully lacking in musical experience and exposure.

    Your argument would have been better made if you directed it at Jamie, asked him why he published such a lame, narrow, and woefully inadequate list. A list that ignored all the classic Black rockers.

  • Randall

    Mom: (and this comment is directed AT Mom424, not anyone else)

    Hey… thanks.

    But listen… again, this whole thing, to me, wasn’t about *this* list. I agree with everything you said about it. *My* point, though, was that I think this list isn’t unique. I think there’s this widely-held attitude, out there, amongst white kids *and* adults that “rock” belongs to them, and that blacks make “another” kind of music. That’s what I was getting at.

    There’s lots of lame, narrow, and woefully inadequate lists on this site. I know we’ll never get the majority of people out there to recognize the importance, let alone the quality, of punk and post-punk music, for instance. I’m firmly convinced that requires a certain openness of mind, and/or a certain level of taste, and/or a certain educational background. We can call *that* what we like… but to me, the exclusion of *black* artists, whenever some white person thinks about “what is rock,” is simply unforgivable.

    Anyway, I never meant that *the kid* who wrote this list was racist.. and I feel bad if I made the kid feel that way, of course. But then, you know, I feel like, here I am, older than most of these people, as you are… and someone’s gotta tell ’em this shit. Because clearly they’re not learning it anywhere. No one’s telling them, “hey you know, you’re missing an entire generation of music, or an entire genre, or an entire group of people who in fact invented this music and made it better than most white people *ever* did.” I mean, look at how many people here chimed in and felt that blacks *didn’t* belong on a list like this.

    A lot of these idiots thought I was on some kind of soapbox. I admit it makes me angry, but more than anything else it makes me honestly sad.

    For her 14th birthday, my daughter asked for, amongst modern stuff like Panic in the Disco and whatnot, an “Otis Redding CD” and an “Aretha Franklin CD.” I can’t describe how proud I am of that kid. Now she wants Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. And my 10 year old daughter sits there and listens to this stuff right along with her sister. My pride is boundless. The first time I played Jackie Wilson’s “Your Love is Lifting Me Higher,” my 10 year old bopped through the whole thing and then exclaimed to me forcefully, “THAT is the *king of ALL songs.*” If only she could have seen Jackie Wilson perform it on stage–if only any of these kids could. They’d know he alone was 10 times the “rocker” some clown like Axl Rose was, or Freddie Mercury.

    Anyway, thanks Mom…

  • Randall


    And by the way…. maybe this is vindication, for my decision, many years ago, to abandon the teaching career. But I’m always looking for vindication of that one.

  • Dani Lynn

    Although your ability to spark controversy is rather amusing, I have to say that after all the comments, laughs, and arguments, you are still full of shit. At first, it was your argument about the music that ticked me off. I’ve yet to understand how Aretha Franklin is considered rock and roll. Or, for that matter, how R&B is Rock. I do hear that Boys2Men rock out all the time, so you must be correct. As usual. I forgot that black people invented all music. We white folks are far too ignorant to do so.

    Secondly, “white middle-class lunkheads”. And we are the racists? “The exclusionary ways of the white people and overt forms of racism”? Let me give you an example of an overt form of racism, Randall. All black colleges. All black churches. Black Entertainment Television. The fucking movie “White Chicks”. Let me say before I continue, I know that you are white. I did read that, thanks. If you would open your eyes, or take them away from the computer for a while, you may realize what backhanded racism really is. I don’t understand how you can say you didn’t play the race card. YOU started all of this. I hope caps was enough to *emphasize* that word for you. Did anyone on this post ever say that blacks “don’t belong” on this list? If so, I must have missed it. You are nothing but a middle aged, bitter man, with nothing better to do than fighting on the internet all day. Not only that, but you start things that you know will get these sorts of responses. Does it make you feel better, Sweetie? Pop a vallium, look in the mirror, and then take a stroll through the ghetto. I’m sure they’ll love the white, 40 something man preaching to them about racism.

    Kudos to Callie, B_rad, and Toxic. You guys are the only reason this post was worth reading.

  • B_Rad

    I try. But you can’t reason with madness.

  • Callie


    Was it ever stated by any of us youngin’s that we don’t know/like/appreciate these artists?

    Quick list of artists from my recently played playlist: (including but not limited to)
    Legally Blonde the Musical
    Otis Redding
    Fall Out Boy
    Marvin Gaye
    The Allman Brothers
    Nine Inch Nails
    Alice In Chains

    Let me see if I can put this in such a way that you’ll “get” it

    I have EQUAL APPRECIATION for ALL music. People who answer “what kind of music do you like?” with “everything” bug the heck out of me because it’s usually followed with “except for…” If you looked at all the music I own you’d find opera to glam rock, oldies to country, death metal to broadway.

    and by the way Randall, you would have made a god-AWFUL teacher. I’m sorry you hate these so call personal attacks, but if this is the way you conduct yourself out in the real world, I would never let my future children near your classroom.

  • Mr. Plow


    I don’t think I ever said your premise was not valid. Fer crissakes I agreed with you. You were the one who made a mountain out of a mole hill, and started race-baiting everyone in here.

    The last thing the world needs is another self righteous blow hard know-it-all…we have more than enough of that.

    And there was no mud-slinging…and in your own mind, I think you know that. As I said, you are an arrogant charlatan. And your performance in this thread is a nothing but a joke, you’ve answered for nothing, and advanced no noble cause.

    “Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone. “

  • henry o

    My only post here so far was #14. Coming back to have another look at the comments I could barely believe what had happened here since #15, Randall’s first of many, many posts.

    “And the omission of anyone of colour here, except for Hendrix… it just screams white middle-class rural/suburban ignorance and faint racism.”

    No, Randall, it doesn’t. It’s just a bland list. Any screaming round here is being done by you.

    For the record, I’m a black Englishman aged 27. I know my age counts against me in your eyes, and maybe my nationality does too, but at least my skin is the right colour, bruv, isn’t it? I thought Chuck Berry might make the list. he wasn’t included, but this didn’t seem like evidence of “exclusionary racism” to me, just a matter of taste. Would you argue that I’m fooling myself? Am I colluding in the subtler forms of racism society imposes? Or maybe concealed racism is not so “endemic” in Britain. What do you think? Obviously you’d know.

    You, Randall, are not merely “grating and arrogant” as you admit (as though they are virtues), you’re sanctimonious and hypocritical. Above all you’re a bully. You argue like an infant throwing a tantrum. Maybe you were an only child with an over-indulgent mother before you became a middle-aged child. You continually contradict your own points and you, and only you, have indulged in racial stereotyping from the start. Your opponents haven’t. You are a rude, boorish, egotistical bigot. We know how clever you are because you keep telling us, but have you ever wondered whether your little cronies on the site who egg you on are laughing at you, not with you?

    Racism exists in many places, but by finding it in places it doesn’t exist and creating a pointless controversy you trivialise it.

    I don’t understand why the moderators of this site allow you to get away with your behaviour. Maybe some people are entertained by you but surely a lot more people are deterred from revisiting the site.

    One last thing. I’m surprised there is a market for ranting but you say that you are a professional writer. Why then do you not know the difference between a dash and a hyphen?

  • B_Rad

    Hey what about Johnny Cash, haven’t seen his name mentioned yet. No country music either?…Hank Williams?

  • Toxic

    Opinion Poll :

    Is it safe to say that basically everyone here thinks that randall is a culturally confused over-sensitive hyper-pc middle class white hating reverse racist douche?

    My vote is YES on proposition Randall is a turd.

    What does everyone else think?

    Let’s come back in a week and tally up the votes.

  • kittym

    I think taking a poll on the suject “is Randall a turd?” rather childish and unnecessary, actually.

  • sdggrant

    I see where you are coming from Randall, but I think came came accross as way too strong. Personally, I know that Rock has all of its roots in the blues. I also know that the Blues, in its early days, was pretty much ALL black artists. I’m only 21, but I have taken a few Rock history classes in college so thats probably why I know all that. In current times though rock n’ roll, heavy metal, country, etc… Are almost ALL white, and has been that way for almost the entire lives of people my age. The opposite is true for pretty much all black people my age. Rap is there choice of music, and they DOMINATE that genre. Because of that reason I do not think it is wrong to call rap “Black music.” It might not be 100% PC, but it isn’t wrong.

    Also, I can appreciate what the Punk music scene did for the music world, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy to listen to punk music. I think it is offensive for you to say that only people of a certain education level would like punk. I like whatever sounds good in my ears, no amount of education will change the way my inner ear interprets music.

  • bucslim

    zzz ZZZ zzz ZZZ zzz ZZZ.

    Anybody going to get around to talking about the actual list?

  • B_Rad

    I’m tryin bro. How about Bob Dylan? Stevie Ray Vaughn was pretty bad ass too.

  • Dani Lynn

    I’m with ya B_Rad. Stevie Ray Vaughn, Cash, Ol’ Hank…

    In all, the list is not THAT bad. Maybe we should just make it longer. ;)

  • Callie

    I like both Hanks, honestly. Like father, like son.

  • B_Rad

    This list just needs to be more specific, it’s way too general. Like say, top 10 80’s butt rock bands or top 10 out of control rock stars.

  • Carter

    anyone else notice how 7 of those ten bands are British? (well, half british in the case of the Jimi Hendrix Experience) I’ve always maintained that they have always been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to actual music, and there are many more british bands that could have been on that list such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple or The Sex Pistols. This list just proves that

  • Hobolad

    You wouldn’t find many British artists on a Country list though, damn racist Country fans.

    While I’m here, my list (for rock) would have probably been-

    Bob Dylan (and the Band- haha, two for one suckas!)
    David Bowie
    The Beatles
    Van Morrison
    Grateful Dead
    Alice Cooper
    Big Brother & the Holding Company/Janis Joplin
    The Clash
    Jimi Hendrix Experience
    The Who

    Not in that order, though. Not really too much of a rock music fan to tell you the truth. Elvis narrowly missed the cut.

  • Hobolad

    Damn, as soon as you post lists you regret not including some… So that is just the Top Ten Rock Music Artists of 19:27

  • Except for Metallica, I’ve seen all of these artists/bands live, as well as heard them on records, tapes, and cds, so my exposure has run the gamut.
    I was introduced to The Who in early 1965, when the older brother of my brothers best friend brought back a 45 from a trip to England. It was love at first listen. They remained my favorite band all through my teens and 20’s.
    In 1967 I was at the Monterey Rock Festival, 3 days of non-stop rock ‘n’ roll, including such greats as Jimi Hendrix and, come to think of it, most of the list! And many, many others.
    Try to imagine 3 days with no sleep and 24/7 rock…two years *before* Woodstock. Summer of Love.
    Over the years of the mid 60s to early 70s, I attended every Rock show within driving distance of L.A., and knew how to get in whether I had the $ to buy the ticket or not…having surveilled the various venues where the artists might be appearing ahead of time.
    The whole point, really, is that appreciation of what constitutes “Greatest” when we’re talking about something as fleeting as what is essentially “popular music”, is generational.
    If you were to have a List of “Greatest” Jazz guitarists, that would be a different story.
    Just MHO

  • Maggot

    A (very) delayed response to CRSN (#241): “i mean seriously, Bon Scott was one of the heaviest rockers of all time, put Elvis and Bon in a drinking contest and see wins.”

    I guess since Bon drank himself *to death*, he wins by default?

  • girllll

    this would be my list (in no order, cant be bothered)

    The Cramps
    Patti Smith
    John Cooper Clarke
    The Sex Pistols
    The Shadows
    Velvet Underground
    The Slits
    David Bowie
    The Birthday Party
    Iggy Pop

    Does ayone agree with me on any level or maybe like some of these acts?! LETS CHAT ABOUT MOOSIC NOT RACISM!

  • girllll

    Oh also.. in the UK theres a pretty big charity-type institiution that runs high-profile gigs with big acts. Bloc Party (black singer), The Enemy etc. Gets mentioned all the time in the NME


    Just thought that was pretty ironic :D

  • Callie

    ooo velvet underground. Good call there.

  • girllll

    I thinkso, Callie! They have great songs, a intriguing story, and are definetely underestimated in my eyes. Theres nothing less ‘rock and roll’ than big stadium corporate rock to me, but i guess not everyone holds that opinion.

  • Callie

    They are underrated! I hadn’t ever heard them before college, but I love them now. A lot of people have asked me who they are if it comes on the Ipod in the car. I love introducing my friends to new music :)

  • Mr Scumbag


    What happened to arguing points?

    For someone who has their heart so set on arguing every point with such finesse and dignity, all you did to argue mine was to dismiss it as a joke.

    Could it be that you just can’t come up with a credible, believable response without looking like a hypocrite?

    Read my comment again, #390.

  • girllll

    Mr Scumbag- agreed! I made some very valid points, no insults, TWICE, and no replies. Its because if he did answer them, he’d be exposed as a massively wrong man.

  • B_Rad

    We don’t need Randall in here or anyone else calling him out now that we are back to a music discussion.

    I’ve heard about how great velvet underground is for a long time but I’ve never listened to their music. I think I’ll have to check them out. Someone mentioned Radiohead earlier. I never really listened to them back in the 90’s but when I did start listening to them I thought they were pretty good. Now they’re getting too experimental with their music.

  • Mr. Plow

    So music yeah…now that the thread is no longer derailed…

    When I see rocker, I am not even really thinking of bands, but more artists or possibly even personalities.

    People like Keith Richards, Sid Vicious\Johnny Rotten, Keith Moon, GG Allin, Wendy O. Williams, Jello Biafra, Ike turner, Jim Morrison, …when I think of rockers, I think of people like that.

    I guess ‘rockers’ is a little to vague. C’est la vie

  • Carol

    Hey guys, have you ever heard the expression “To look for horns on a horse’s head?”
    I rest my case

  • Carol

    Oh sorry, I didn’t know we were back to music.
    Anyway, Elvis is the king! Even though he doesn’t sound like rock to me, I’m happy whenever he’s on a list hehe.

  • Mom424

    Randall: The only further point I would make is that your daughters have you for a dad. :) Not every kid is going to get that kind of exposure. I can sing along with Patsy Cline, Porgy and Bess, Shirley Jones in Oklahoma, Simon and Garfunkel, The 4 seasons. And I have an overwhelming fondness for Mahalia Jackson. It has to do with what your parents liked. ooo and most hymns and every christmas carol ever written.

    Time for you to write a list for us on the true pioneers of Rock’n’Roll don’t you think?

  • girllll

    B-rad- listen to Venus in furs. its i guess their most popular song, and its brilliant. As is heroin, and a million others.

  • ftworth


  • rushfan

    Any Pixies fans? Or Kim Deal’s other band, the Breeders? Or Black Frances?

    To me, the generic term “rock” always brings to mind arena rock, like Boston or Foreigner or the Scorpians, bands I’m not crazy about, but you hear on the older rock stations.

  • SlickWilly


    Please note item 8 on the comment faq.

    “8. How do I write a good comment?

    You write a good comment by not insulting others, [i]by not using CAPS LOCK[/i], by not using repetitive punctuation, and by sticking to the argument if you don’t agree with someone. Remember, the minute you insult a person in a debate, you lose.

  • Cyn

    YOU DON’T HAVE TO SCREAM AT US. caps lock = screaming. got it?

  • Cyn

    slick –
    great minds think alike.

  • Mike D

    One more for Chuck Berry. I happen to be a Classic Rock-phile and have mad respect for all the bands listed. I’ve never paid for anything from Chuck, but he belongs at the top (#1) of any list of “Greatest Rockers”.

  • Metallica and Elvis suck, but good list otherwise. The Beatles should always be number one on every list, music-related or otherwise :P

  • bluesharpie

    Why are people complaining about Metallica? Metallica is Metal as we know it. I mean sure they sold out but Metallica are the god fathers of heavy metal.

    Also The Beatles made rock n’ roll famous pretty much.

    I mean yes I dont agree with the list.I would take of Elvis,Queen, and The beach boys. Put in Van Halen, Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. Also I would switch rolling stones place with Led Zepplin and switch The Who with that spot.

  • Cedestra

    I thought I would share with you all the classifications, as proposed by Rhapsody, of the mentioned rockers, on the list and in the comments. It may or may not sway your argument, but, hey, they are paid to do this:
    Beach Boys: ’60s Oldies
    Metallica: Thrash/Speed Metal
    Queen: Hard Rock
    Pink Floyd: Art & Progressive Rock
    The Who: Classic Rock
    Rolling Stones: Classic Rock
    Jimi Hendrix Experience: Classic Rock (Jimi Hendrix listed under “Acid Rock”)
    Led Zeppelin: Hard Rock
    Elvis: ’50s Rock & Roll
    The Beatles: British Invasion
    Aerosmith: Hard Rock
    Black Sabbath: Metal
    Guns n’ Roses: Hard Rock
    The Doors: Classic Rock
    Bruce Springsteen: Classic Rock
    Chuck Berry: ’50s Rock & Ross
    Otis Redding: Soul
    Jackie Wilson: Classic R & B
    James Brown: Funk
    Jerry Lee Lewis: ’50s Rock & Roll
    The Clash: Old-School Punk
    Sex Pistols: Punk
    The Ramones: Pre-punk
    Lynard Skynard: (not listed, tribute band is “country”)
    David Bowie: New Wave (what, really?)
    Bob Dylan: Singer-Songwriter
    Nirvana: Grunge
    Pearl Jame: Grunge
    Red Hot Chili Peppers: Funk Rock
    Wilson Pickett: Soul
    Aretha Franklin: Soul
    Sevendust: Alt Metal
    Pantera: Thrash/Speed Metal
    Van Halen: Hard Rock
    Dead Kennedys: Punk
    Iron Maiden: New Wave of British Heavy Metal (nice…)
    KISS: Hard Rock
    AC/DC: Hard Rock
    Tool: Alt Metal
    Deep Purple: Hard Rock
    Stevie Ray Vaughn: Texas Blues
    ZZ Top: Boogie Rock
    Twisted Sister: Pop Metal
    What I think we all need to do is sit back and think of the definition of “rocker”.

  • CelestialAngel

    The Beatles isn’t rock?
    Listen to Helter Skelter.

  • Mom424

    CelestialAngel: I consider Helter Skelter to be one of the first punk tunes. It fits the category and was way ahead of its time.

  • The Beatles don’t fit into one genre.

    And my dislike of Metallica has nothing to do with them “selling out”, I never liked them in the first place.

  • CBQ

    I can’t believe 449 people (including me) have commented on this monumentaly lame list.

    Top ten rockers starts with The Beach Boys??


  • Sarah At The Disco

    Oh my god.
    This list couldn’t get any better.
    The only thing I would change is take off Metallica,
    but hey that’s just me.
    Thank god The Beatles are first.
    I would put Bob Dylan on here too.
    Queen is awesome.
    This list is super :]

  • jake

    THE DOORS need be on there over the beack boys and led zeppelin is wayyyyyyy better than the beatles ever were

  • Dan

    I’m sorry, but I have to complain. If your going to include metal here (since you have metallica here) Tool have to be mentioned. According to the Queens of the stone age biography, Tool have ‘secretly ruled the metal world for years’. ‘Nuff said?

    Perhaps a separate list for the greatest metalheads?

    PS. I’m also looking forward to death magnetic

  • tonepoet

    No Van Halen? These guys are responsible for bringing rock music back from the dead after disco. Eddie Van Halen is the next guitarist after Hendrix that completely revolutionalized guitar playing in a very permanent manner? Metallica? Well, some turds float to the top. They did their thing, which was make very heavy music mainstream, but they are not trend setters by an stretch. They wallow in their own ‘stock’ regurgitation (watch the DVD ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ and be prepared to hear the ultimate self pity and whining).

    The others I have to agree with. As much as I hate them and never liked their movement, Nirvana did a lot for the direction of music during the grunge period, which was vital for setting the stage for the next phase of music, fashion and culture in the US (post butt rock flannel and ugly chicks dating bitter dirtballs).

  • jake

    tool sucks

  • Steve

    I agree with Sarah.. awesome list.. definitely take metallica off, Beatles definitely number one, fit bobby dylan in somwhere

  • ****
    #455. Steve
    I agree with Sarah.. awesome list.. definitely take metallica off, Beatles definitely number one, fit bobby dylan in somwhere
    Though Dylan was not a rocker, in any sense of the term, I have deep and abiding affection for him.
    Back in the mid 60’s, when Dylan was a bi-coastal trying-to-be-somebody named Bobby Zimmerman, I hung out at a small club, Pandora’s Box, where he also hung out.
    He’d sit at a table for one, his guitar and a pad of paper for company, and spend the evening softly picking out new songs, usually while another act was on stage.
    Strange days, indeed.

  • Paddy-O

    The title of this list is pretty misleading. When I looked up ‘Rockers’ and this list came up, I was expecting to see a list of 1960s British rockabilly bands.

    Instead, this is simply a list of greatest ‘selling’ ‘pop-rock musicians’ of all time. Pretty predictable list. Based on sales figures, and media-popularity, I’d say it’s accurate. As for wanting ‘Aerosmith’ on the list? Sorry, I’m from the ’70s, and Aerosmith were considered just another mediocre band back then. Hardly anything special. The video era, gave them new life in their middle age, but didn’t make their music any more distinctive

  • big ski

    There sure is a lot of rock fans out there from all genres.Is there any other list that has this many responses ?

  • Crumpet

    Metallica isn’t all bad, just look at their pre black album stuff.

  • ****
    458. big ski
    There sure is a lot of rock fans out there from all genres.Is there any other list that has this many responses ?
    big ski, this is actually one of the shorter list of responses. There have been several that have broken the 1000 mark!
    But yes, the entire listverse world encompasses a great variety of opinions from all around the globe. So it keeps everyone on their mental toes.

  • B_Rad

    Finally someone else says Tool. Maynard is the man, that guy rocks out like no one else I’ve seen before.

  • iamaneviltaco

    they should rename this the top 10 greatest *classic* rockers. there isn’t a single band on here that isn’t currently played on classic rock radio.

    I think tool is glaring in it’s omission. so’s bad religion. Both draw crowds that would dwarf a few of these acts, and both pioneered entirely new styles of music. most of the bands in this list are carbon copies of one another with a slightly different aspect to their music.

    as far as the classic rock list, screw the beach boys. stevie ray vaughn for the win.

  • emmstein

    Black Sabbath owns half of these guys

  • ZedroZ

    No Nirvana? Of course the style of music is grunge but even so, they were definately rockers & deserve to make the list!
    Also surprised (as many have mentioned before me) Black Sabbath?
    Bob Dylan?
    Maybe this should have been a top 15 / 20…
    Having said all that i am happy to see that oasis are not on the list, I regularly argue with my friends / co-workers about their social persona!
    Great list

  • Rote

    First of all, the Beatles shouldn’t be included on this list. They plaeyd music but I don’t think they rocked even once during they’re existance. You forgot Aerosmith. And Nirvana and Pearl Jam probably rocked harder or just as hard as any band ever. I’m sure Elvis never destroyed the stage after he was finished playing and I don’t think video exists of Jimmy Hendrix ever crowd surfing like Eddie Vedder. This list is a nice attempt but far from the truth.

  • ****
    465. Rote…I don’t think video exists of Jimmy Hendrix ever crowd surfing…
    Obviously, you have never experienced Jimi Hendrix live. He took you places no one else ever had before him, or ever has since.
    Crowd surfing does not a rocker make. Music does.
    And although destroying a stage is not a requirement for a rocker, my favorite band ever, The Who, invented the concept…but they only destroyed instruments they owned, not other peoples property.
    Your comment was a nice attempt, but far from the truth.

  • Dionysus

    Where are The Doors??!

  • ****
    #467. Dionysus
    Where are The Doors??!
    Père Lachaise Cemetery.
    Well, at least Jim Morrison is, and he *was* The Doors* for all intents and purposes.

  • nick b

    wow i would’ve expected metallica to be higher up on the list. and maybe im too used to more, well “hardcore” bands. cept for metallica, pretty much all these bands are too mellow for my taste.

  • Higgs

    Wow I dont know if anyone bothered to read all of Randalls rant, about there not being any punk or anyone not catering to white people on here. But some of the bands named by randall where some crappy punk bands who didnt even play rock music they played repetitive crap that got old after one song.

  • Randall


    A) If you’re going to bother to post something online for the public to read, make an effort to use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

    B) I have no doubt you’re some kid, probably under 20 years old, who has no idea what he’s talking about. What amazes me is how little things change. When I was a teenager, back when punk was *new* and original, it consisted of bands like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Television, Richard Hell and the Voidoids, the Adverts, Patti Smith, Buzzcocks, Eater, X-Ray Spex, Slaughter and the Dogs….and hundreds of others. Repetitive crap my ass. These bands had *energy* and they were about doing a *new thing,* not just reliving the 60s over and over and bowing and scraping to the memory of Led Zeppelin and other passe classic rock.

    But the amazing thing is that BACK THEN there were kids my age who didn’t get it, and older people of course who *obviously* didn’t get it–and this continued on even when I was in college–suburban or rural idiots who had frozen their musical taste around stale dinosaur rock without a thought that *maybe* they should be looking for some identity that was unique to *their* generation. But nope, they hated punk and post-punk and new wave and whatever else was new and different. And what’s amazing is how it hasn’t changed in the slightest.

    Look at this list, and how most of the artists on it hail from the 60s or 70s. That’s THIRTY to FORTY years ago! Now there’s nothing wrong with these bands, of course. They were great. But there’s kids and 20 something’s all over this list who worship these goddamn bands like nothing else has come since–or at best they only acknowledge follow-up modern acts that work in *exactly* the same vein as some of the ones listed, like Tool, who are nothing but neo-metal.

    The lack of imagination or sense of daring or sense of what rock and roll is REALLY all about just staggers me. It’s like kids have only gotten dumber and dumber about music over the years.

    As I say, most of the bands on this list are from thirty to forty years ago. Think about it. That would be like if the kids in the 1960s, instead of worshiping The Beatles and the Stones and the Who, worshiped Bing Crosby and Rudy Vallee and 20s Jazz, or at best the then-modern equivalent like Bobby Darin or Frankie Avalon—all while ignoring the great music that was all around them, let alone the great rock from the 50s. Does it make any sense? NO. Yet that’s what you kids are doing, only instead of ancient Jazz and old crooners or their modern imitators, it’s classic dinosaur rock and done-to-death heavy metal… or modern imitators.

    This is what the punk revolution in the 70s was all about, you little idiots. We already had this problem back then, and we already had a generation–MY generation and kids a little older–who were sick of it and wanted their OWN thing. So they fought to build it. And then the kids in the 90s had to take up the same strain and do it all over again to get us past the miasma of 80s top forty.

    But all along there’s been close-minded, ever more and more conformist people who ignored what was going on or was hostile to it, because they were *afraid* to be different and give a chance to something new. And from what I’ve observed over the last 20 years or so, it’s only gotten worse. To you, a “rocker” is still some phony asshole with big hair who bangs his head, not Nirvana finally smashing down the barriers to allow a new sound in, or the Sex Pistols who did the same thing 20 years earlier. Or for that black guys who created powerful, hard-rocking music from the very beginning.

    It’s this white, middle class, suburban/rural mindset—closeminded, conformist, and yes, racist—that I was railing against on here. And I know very well about it because I grew up steeped in it. I, however, and a lot of people my age, made the effort to stand out from that back when we were kids. We had the balls to be different and demand something newer and fresher than just recycled dinosaur rock.

    And now all of you can come out of the woodwork again to attack me. But all of the name-calling and shouting-down in the world won’t change the truth, kids.

  • Mr Scumbag

    “And now all of you can come out of the woodwork again to attack me. But all of the name-calling and shouting-down in the world won’t change the truth, kids.”

    With pleasure. You have dodged me twice now.

    Read #429.

  • B_Rad

    Randall: “But there’s kids and 20 something’s all over this list who worship these goddamn bands like nothing else has come since–or at best they only acknowledge follow-up modern acts that work in *exactly* the same vein as some of the ones listed, like Tool, who are nothing but neo-metal.”

    Funny how you totally dismiss Tool as a recycled rock band. Neo-metal?! Have you ever listened to Tool? The style of music they play is completely different from the music you seemed to have lumped it into. Name me another band that sounds even remotely close to Tool.

    I’ve listened to all different sorts of music. Growing up to oldies, buttrock, pop, classical, but punk doesn’t really take much talent, sorry. Nothing but the same chords, same beats, same sound, etc. I will admit that I do like some songs but for the most part it just doesn’t do it for me but that’s just my opinion. I won’t go ballistic trying to get everyone to agree with me. But I hope you’re proud of helping to “revolutionize” the music industry with punk.

    But to say us 20 year old white kids are racist when it comes to music is just ignorant. In fact, most of my friends listen mostly to hip hop, rap, etc.

  • rushfan

    Is it just me or can you hear WE BUILT THIS CITY playing annoyingly behind Randall’s last speech?

  • Randall


    You should know better.

  • rushfan

    Hey Randall. I couldn’t resist. That song is so funny to me, I thought you might get a laugh out of it. Hope so. :)

  • Mr Scumbag

    Still waiting for graceful weavings of English retort…

  • Randall


    I “dodged” nothing. I believe I pointed out a long time ago that A) I didn’t have time to follow up on every single idiot who attacked me here, nor was I so inclined. In fact I didn’t even have time to read them all. I certainly didn’t read yours until you pestered me about it later. But despite the fact that you obviously think so, you made no special points in your assault on me that I felt were worthy or in need of any particular reply. B) I also indicated later on that I was abandoning the thread due to my loyalty to this site and my unwillingness to turn it into another “Gay Marriage” thread in which one person was dominating the discussion with constant responses to every single comment directed his way.

    But since you seem so keen to attract my attention that you keep needling and nudging about it, fine.. I’ll indulge you. I don’t know why you feel such a strong need to do this—what do you think you’re going to do, “win” this argument in some way? Hardly. You won’t find me a willing contestant. I’ve said what I had to say here and remain firm in my convictions, including in regards to not turning this thread into one long series of calls and responses.

    Anyway, I assume this is the post you wanted me to respond to, the one you feel I “dodged”: (If not, then direct me to the correct one)

    “I decided to stick around and read almost all the comments, just because of you. I’ve encountered so many like you in all my years on the internet. Intelligent to be sure, however also bored, arrogent, holier-than-thou, elitist, self-entitled. The list could go on. I find your type utterly entertaining, because you are “always right”. Endless fun.”

    How do you “know” ANY of this about me? I’m an anonymous person typing words on a screen–you know nothing of me, my life, my real-world persona, my background… nothing. Yet you feel safe to make these presumptions based on… what? Some statements of mine that you don’t like and disagree with.

    Bored? Hardly, Scumbag. (And by the way, thank you for allowing me to type that particular name for you, it saves me coming up with insults of my own) You have only my word for it, of course, but I can assure you I have a nice, full life. You, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about… you seem to feel the need to come back here repeatedly to push me to respond to you. Arrogant? I’ll cop to that. Holier-than-thou? Nope, sorry, try again. Just because I have an opinion, and it happens to be one that pisses some people off, that isn’t sufficient cause to accuse me of some sort of self-righteousness. Elitist and self-entitled? What do you base these on?

    “I was thinking of compiling a giant list, arguing every absurd point you had (which is most of them, nearly all of us agree), but I knew that would accomplish nothing.”

    Then I must again ask why, given this decision, you didn’t simply go all the way and skip bothering me at all. Would have saved us both some wasted time.

    You then quoted my largely tongue-in-cheek statements about Texas and Texans, and asked:

    “Hmmm. It’s okay for you generalise so much as to hate an entire state and the people who live in it?”

    And this kind of childish probing based on desperation is the best you can come up with?

    As I said earlier in this thread, my statements regarding Texas weren’t meant seriously, Scumbag. Anybody with a brain would realize this. And this isn’t a high school debate where you score points with something like this. Texas is a fine place, great food, at least a couple nice cities, some cool culture. It’s also known as a relatively conspicuous red state, and I also happen to have met a lot of assholes who came from there, and it produced our current asshole president.

    There’s a big difference between making a not-at-all-serious remark of the sort I made and the kind of embedded attitude I was talking about during this thread. Anyone would know this without giving it much thought, and I have little doubt this goes for you too. You’re stabbing at it, then, simply because it’s something convenient to stab at without addressing the real issue, without addressing what I was saying originally.

    “I am in no way racist, and I’m definitely not accusing you of being racist either, but try to excercise some consistency in your arguments. Using your comment as an example, there is more than enough evidence that your own views do not coincide in a broader sense at all with the views you are attempting to FORCE ON OTHERS. You have been and now, clearly without doubt, trying to stir the pot.”

    WRONG. A) I wasn’t trying to “force” anything on anybody. I was trying to raise an issue which it’s my opinion people don’t THINK about enough. In retrospect I somewhat regret my use of the term “racism” but I could think of none better and frankly still can’t. But the reason I partly regret it is because it seemed to only serve to divert some people away from thinking about this. Not everyone though–there were a few who agreed with me, and my hope is I got somebody to think about it, because I think it’s a very real issue. B) You’re also wrong in this assertion that it’s “clear” that I was “trying to stir the pot.” Dead wrong. I’m no “pot stirrer” Scumbag. I don’t come to this site or any other to whip up arguments for the fun of it. If you’ve read my commentary on this site on other threads, this should be obvious. At any rate, I wasn’t simply trying to stir up an argument. My sole purpose was in raising a point which I think is very valid. Yes, it issued from annoyance on my part originally–but this also isn’t the first time this issue has come up on this site.

    “It’s clear you are in no position whatsoever to be lecturing any of us in racism or irrational hate.”

    Hardly. You grabbed at a straw and have failed because it was ONLY a straw, and a flimsy one at that. I think you’re proud of yourself because you think you found some deflation point in what I was saying–but you ought to guard against premature and false pride, Scumbag. As usual, in this case it’s off the mark.

    And this is it, huh? This is the great big thing you felt I just HAD to respond to? That my remarks about Texas somehow negated what I was saying about racism? Or somehow negated the other stuff I’ve said here about musical tastes? Am I missing something? Because I’m sorry to say, you made a pathetic attempt and it crumbled.

    You don’t see the absurdity, I take it… you didn’t address what I was saying, you simply tried to stick something in the imagined chink you thought you saw in my armor. O-kay. And I just had to waste my time responding to something as petty as that?

  • Randall


    Oh god, I HATE that song. I remember when it came out and I felt physically sick everytime I heard it. Even Grace Slick said she hated it.

    And the guys over at Retrocrush agree… they called it the worst rock song of all time, I think.

  • Mr Scumbag

    Joke or not, if someone had of said, “Well I don’t like all native Africans, no big deal though, I know it’s stupid and illogical”, based on what I’ve seen here you would have gone batshit crazy. That is no different in my eyes. In your eyes, it seems it is. That is your opinion. I have mine, and so do others here, but you convert your opinion to the truth and others who don’t agree with you to ignorance. They’re ignorant or not smart, and you have your eyes wide open and see everything.

    As for what I was saying; I merely tried to point out that you say one thing and do another. For someone so content about pointing out every error and flaw in another person I just think you should excercise some of that in yourself, or just stop being so picky.

    Anyone who had read all the comments here would know that you don’t come close to “practising what you preach” in that regard, and some of us have stated it.

    Want another example?

    From you most recent comment:

    “How do you “know” ANY of this about me? I’m an anonymous person typing words on a screen–you know nothing of me, my life, my real-world persona, my background… nothing. Yet you feel safe to make these presumptions based on… what? Some statements of mine that you don’t like and disagree with.”

    Yet earlier you make repeated statements such as these:

    “Black folks INVENTED rock & roll! And no, pinhead, it is NOT “aimed at white middle class”—you just THINK it is, because like ALL white middle class lunkheads, you think the world revolves around you.”

    One of many comments where you assume to know the exact demographic of certain users here based on their opinions, which happen to differ from yours. White middle class lunkheads. Why? You want to base that on statistics? That’s what I’m basing my opinion of you on. You still haven’t proved me wrong.

    Then we come to the name calling. The “professional writer” resorts to calling people names and behaving in a petty manner once again. I certainly hope your “professional articles” aren’t constructed in the way your statements here are. I find it hard to believe that any major publication would take you seriously. I’m not trying to be a prick by saying that. I just don’t see you appearing in a regular publication of anything, to tell you the truth. But that’s just my opinion. Which, you know, we’re all entitled to. (Ya know?)

    Honestly, any point you were making at all was instantly rendered null the second you made those poorly thought out and impulsive angry comments. It’s not needed.

    Theres a difference between passion and agression. If you can’t make your points in a civil way, even when everyone else is acting in an irrational way, how are you any better than a 14 year old screaming on the internet? You can’t be too much above all the lowly people here if you are “stooping to their level” huh? There’s plenty of other places you could go.

    All I’m saying is that when you act the way you did, how the hell do you expect everyone to act? I have nothing more to call to the table in the issue of racism. Many very good points have been made already. (Some of which you have yet to respond to)

    Like I said: You are intelligent, there’s no doubt about that. It’s just that somewhere along the way, I think you’ve gotten a little bit too involved in your own press and have difficulty looking at anything at an alternative angle.

    Theres people here who definitely agree and I’m not trying to divide anyone (like I have any influence here anyway… No-one knows or cares who I am.)

    If you want people to show you more respect, stop being such an intellectual bully and cease with the name calling. Try to practice what you preach, and if not, stop being so critical of everyone.

    I don’t hate you or even dislike you, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think you weren’t worthy of some debate but you just strike me as someone who is so thouroughly into their own opinions that no-one else matters. It seems you’ve been gotten enough accolades in the past that you’ve begun to believe that you can’t be wrong.

    To tell you the truth, you sound like a bloke I could really have a lot of good conversations with. I’d even go as far as to say that I think you and myself would actually get on pretty well, I have no problem saying that. It just seems you go from being calm, collected and cool and making sense to childish and petty without notice. I find that hard to deal with, and especially in the written form there’s really no excuse for how you conduct yourself since you have all the time in the world to consider how to present your point without being immature and erratic.

  • Randall

    Mr Scumbag:

    Look, you seem more or less to be the reasonable sort, so let’s cut some of the crap here, okay?

    Firstly, one hears this thing about “not resorting to name calling and insults” now and then, and not only directed at me. At times I think it’s on the mark, but you know, I also take the stance that I’m here to entertain–in a sense, in playing a character. This doesn’t mean I’m not sincere–it just means that I don’t view this site as a forum for debate in the same way I’d view the forum of an academic online journal or something of that nature. It IS a forum for debate, List Universe, but given the open nature of the site, you really could find yourself talking to almost anybody here, and as such, I treat it with a certain amount of levity.

    At any rate, my feeling is this: if people are going to listen to me, they’ll listen to me. I present myself intelligently in any event, but I also refuse to mince words or play nice just for the sake of it. Under different circumstances, of course I would. But you’re asking for Marquis of Queensbury rules in a place that is more akin to a backalley or a rough pub. I mean, take a look at some of the stuff said by people–not just in this thread, but in several others. It’s usually gloves off stuff. In other circumstances, I’d insist on the gloves being on and I’d say it would be inappropriate otherwise. But in this environment, which is just an open, entertainment-based web site? Only to some extent.

    So I agree with you to a degree, but beyond that degree I find it kind of pointless, and even false and prissy.

    Now, as I said, perhaps in this instance I should have watched my mouth a bit more closely, but A) I doubt it would have made much difference really, and B) as I said, to some degree I don’t know how I would have “minced” words in this instance.

    At any rate, I’ve been doing this kind of thing for a long time (long before this site ever existed) and I’ve built the respect of some people over time. I find that’s more often built on what I say rather than how I say it.


    “Joke or not, if someone had of said, “Well I don’t like all native Africans, no big deal though, I know it’s stupid and illogical””

    A) there’s a big difference between saying “native Africans” and “Texans.” Are you American? Perhaps you don’t understand. But there *is* a difference. The former would be likely to be racially based, in some form, or ethnically, or whatever. Texas, however, like all states, is… just a state. In a sense it’s almost meaningless. and B) it does matter, to some extent, if something is only said jokingly. Now, no, the “native African” thing, no–that wouldn’t be acceptable. But the Texas thing is like saying “I don’t like people who live near the ocean. They’re too wet.” It’s meaningless, silly, and very nearly a non-sequitur. C) Lastly, you’re still reaching with this thing. I’ve told you–you’re going nowhere with it.

    And yes, I do feel I have my eyes more open than someone who is half my age or less than half my age. More often than not, that’s who I’m talking to here. I know it can be off-putting, and I could go into a lengthy explanation about why I feel this way… but there it is, okay?

    “As for what I was saying; I merely tried to point out that you say one thing and do another.”

    And I disagree. I feel you’ve made no point whatsoever with this Texas thing–as I say, it’s grasping at weak straws. Very weak.

    “Anyone who had read all the comments here would know that you don’t come close to “practising what you preach” in that regard, and some of us have stated it.”

    Some. Not all. I happen to disagree with you. You’re going nowhere with this. Again, it says absolutely NOTHING about my original “message.” You’re simply attacking the messenger. Address the point, or drop this, because I can just as easily argue the opposite on my behalf, about “practicing what I preach.”

    “One of many comments where you assume to know the exact demographic of certain users here based on their opinions, which happen to differ from yours. White middle class lunkheads. Why? You want to base that on statistics? That’s what I’m basing my opinion of you on. You still haven’t proved me wrong.”

    WRONG. Your statements *about* me were directed AT ME. Directly, individually, specifically. The statement I made, that you quoted, however, was NOT directed at ANY particular person. It was not specific or individual.

    YOUR statement about me was personal in nature. You were making specific “accusations,” as it were, about ME as an individual. MY statement was totally general and NOT directed at any one person.

    Moreover my statement *was* based, loosely, on a verifiable demographic. Studies have shown that the internet, at least on general sites such as this (different of course if you consider sites which are specifically directed at particular ethnicities, etc.) is populated largely (not exclusively of course, and not even necessarily in overwhelming numbers) by A) people of a particular economic class/background–i.e., middle class and B) a bit more than marginally more likely to be white than non-white. Naturally, though, if a respondent was black you would expect him or her to consider black music–at least older black music–to have a place in rock. Whites are less likely to think so. This is a fact, not something I just made up for the fun of it.

    Finally, you’re trying, again, to pin down a general statement to a parallel with a personal one. It won’t wash.

    “I certainly hope your “professional articles” aren’t constructed in the way your statements here are.”

    In fact, they’re not. Reassured?

    “I find it hard to believe that any major publication would take you seriously. I’m not trying to be a prick by saying that.”

    Regardless, prick or no, I can only find your statement amusing. Major publications DO take me seriously, as do, I hope very soon, major publishing houses. But then as I say, you’re mistaken in assuming that this “persona” I wear here is identical to the one I use in the professional milieu.

    “Honestly, any point you were making at all was instantly rendered null the second you made those poorly thought out and impulsive angry comments. It’s not needed.”

    Bullshit. Either you agree with what I said or you don’t. The way I said this was unlikely to change anyone’s feelings. Read through the comments. I could have said what I said nicely, gingerly, super-sweet-sensitively, and it’s my belief it wouldn’t have made an iota of difference.

    Do you agree with my original point, or disagree? Either way, it makes little difference HOW I said it in this instance.

    “Theres a difference between passion and agression.”

    There is. But sometimes it’s a fine difference.

    “If you can’t make your points in a civil way, even when everyone else is acting in an irrational way, how are you any better than a 14 year old screaming on the internet? ”

    If you can’t see how it’s different, then I’m not sure how to help you with it. Your point would seem to be sound, theoretically. But I don’t believe that posting a carefully-worded, ultra-polite essay on why I feel it’s inherently racist to exclude black performers from what is considered to be “rock” would have gained any more listeners or converts in this audience. And in fact, I believe that my way works better sometimes. Not always, of course, and not in certain circumstances naturally. But again, we disagree on whether this is one of those times and places.

    “I have nothing more to call to the table in the issue of racism.”

    Frankly, I haven’t heard one single thing you’ve YET said on the issue. You’ve only attacked and or scolded me on HOW I said what I had to say. Unless, again, I’m missing something.

    “Many very good points have been made already. (Some of which you have yet to respond to)”

    NAME THEM. I’m getting goddamn sick of this accusation of yours that I’ve been “dodging” points and questions. The implication is that I’m some sort of moral or intellectual coward. I won’t stand for that kind of shit. You want me to answer something, then show me where it is and what I didn’t answer. I already told you earlier WHY I didn’t address every comment made to me, and I don’t feel that needs further explanation. But if you feel there’s points that are that vital and important that I shouldn’t fail to address them, then summarize them or point them out to me. Or else knock that shit off.

    “I don’t hate you or even dislike you,”

    well, same here. I don’t tend to hate or dislike people I don’t even know.

    “…as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t think you weren’t worthy of some debate but you just strike me as someone who is so thouroughly into their own opinions that no-one else matters.”

    Well then, sincerely, I think you just haven’t investigated me well enough on this site. Look around and read some of my other stuff here and then tell me you really still think this way.

    “It seems you’ve been gotten enough accolades in the past that you’ve begun to believe that you can’t be wrong.”

    Absolutely dead wrong. But when I’m sure of something, and feel strongly, I’m confident in what I believe. And I base beliefs on evidence and experience and deep consideration. I have never been knee-jerk.

    “I’d even go as far as to say that I think you and myself would actually get on pretty well”

    Possibly, yes. I have *many* friends of all sorts, in my real life. I’ve said many times I am NOT the ogre I appear to be to some people on this site. Surprisingly, people even like me and seek out my company!

    “you have all the time in the world to consider how to present your point without being immature and erratic.”

    Not in this situation. Now you’re just not thinking. This is a slam-bang, get it out quick environment. Yup, if I was writing an op-ed or an article, I take the time. Here, it’s get it out quick.

  • Damn, this got nasty.

  • kathy

    I’m just a little disappointed I didn’t see The Doors. Hopefully I won’t get butchered for mentioning them. -.-; I also agree that this list was pure best-selling classic rock. Way disappointed about that.

  • Royce

    This list is dodgy, the beatles Rockers??? my ass they were Led Zeppelin deserves Number 1

  • BeatlesFTW

    I bet all of you half-wits (excluding all of the smart ones like Randall) don’t even know what rock and roll is. To tell the truth, I agree with this list and while reading all of the comments I laughed. I’m rocking out to The Beatles right nom. As I write this, I’m listening to Hey Jude. More than half of my friend like the Beatles and most other bands on my list. My parents LOVE the Beatles. I mean, seriously. Does your favorite band have a show dedicated to them on CIRQUE DU FRICKEN’ SOLEIL IN VEGAS? Does your favorite band have a movie based off of their songs recently made, long after they broke up? NO, MY GOOD SIR. THEY DON’T. Half of you haters have probably never given these bands a chance. I’m turning 12 on August 19th, and I feel much more mature than you losers.

  • BeatlesFTW

    I forgot to say, to all of you losers who started this comment fight: Listen to “Let it Be”. Maybe you will learn something.

  • An 11 year old has a correctly spelt opinion with punctuation? I nearly choked on my drink. Wow… :-D

  • Vera Lynn

    Tempyra:I thought “spelt” was feed for livestock, a wheat or something. But I agree with you. BTW what are you drinking? It’s 10:45 am here. What’s it by you?

  • B_Rad

    Wow…just, wow. Are you Randall’s son or something? Just when I didn’t think these comments could get any better, this kid comes along. Awesome.

  • Vera Lynn: Spelt is a wheat as well, you’re right. But spelled and spelt are interchangeable although I think spelled is much more common in the USA than spelt. Similar to learned/learnt. The ‘ed’ ending is regular past tense (or participle, I can’t remember) and the ‘t’ ending is irregular.

    I was drinking coffee – it’s 2.08a.m. here :-D

  • 2.08a.m. Thursday I should have said :-)

  • Doug Quent

    the beatles fucking suck and i know im like the only person who thinks so i dont give a shit how deep or poetic everyone thinks they are they were on acid they didnt know what the fuck they were doing lennons song writing consisted of putting random chords together untill he found something he thought sounded good which doesnt make you an amazing song writer or anything if anyone zeppelin should have been number one

  • DangermouseDavs

    Can you really consider The Beach Boys rockers? I’d rather see The Doors on this list.

  • IllitsiaDramay

    All I have to say is Def Leppard, Styx, Joan Jett, Janis Joplin, Melissa Etheridge, Mettalica, Ace Frehley (of KISS), Black Sabbath, Danzig, and David Bowie.

  • MJ

    Two words:

  • steve

    Hello!!!! Bruce Springsteen!!!

  • The Only Sane One

    Great list.

  • Anon E. Mouse

    Not an entirely bad list… But I personally would remove the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Elvis in favor of the likes of David Bowie, Aerosmith, the Ramones, Nirvana, and for the love of god, KISS… They are only one of the most heavily merchandised and instantly recognizable bands in recent rock history. And really, just look at Gene. If that’s not the picture of a rocker, I don’t know what is :)

  • DMY

    wot bout GNR’s appetite or GREEN DAY’s american idiot ?? These are the only 2 albums i can honestly say i love every song from start to finish !! comin in fast would also be MOTORHEADS no remorse !!

  • vinny

    most british groups were all heavily overrated by ignorant american fans..If it wasnt for the blind american overhype these groups in england wouldnt get the time of day..all british groups rode of the coatails and learned true rock from the early american rockers and then did the stupid thing and cheered this lesser form of plagiarized rockn roll when many excellent american groups lost their due because of the lesser kind of plagiarized rockn roll crap from jolly old england one of the biggest plagiarizer country in the world.

  • midnightrider379

    where’s AC/DC they should be # 1 and #2

  • Child_Abuser

    Id say this list is pretty accurate. commercially that is, not in my opinion.

  • Fairy

    #1 NIRVANA :)

  • The Endless Scarecrow

    No bob dylan? crazy.

  • blagaa


  • joe

    the list is perfect except i like metallica but they should be number 10 and the 9 spot should go to black sabbath

  • joe

    wats with all the people saying these are best selling bands if so then acdc should be on it and not hendrix pretty sure the band didnt sell more then the who or floyd or anyone before them. and the who doesnt sell more then floyd. and the more sales probably means there good anyway. maybe some commercial but you wont find your favorite band with like 5 million sales on any top 10. yes this is an opinion but this guy has a pretty damn good one.

  • Meagan

    Mr. Jimi Hendrix should be number one.

  • Julie

    This topic is all about opinion. Nobody will agree on anything. On that fact alone, I find this list insignificant, but I also don’t agree with most of the author’s opinions. I don’t know why the heck the Beach Boys are on here. I can’t argue with the Beatles as #1 for obvious reasons, though I personally didn’t and still don’t care for them. Call me a rebel. I kinda agree with Anon E. Mouse. Aerosmith, Nirvana, David Bowie, and the Ramones should be on the list. I do love Elvis though.

    To be honest, most of these British bands all mesh together in my mind. At some point I may have loved them but after hearing their songs so many freaking times over the past decade, I just want them to go away and make room for new talent.

  • Fuhrernick

    WHAT?!? Where is AC/DC? They are one of the greatest rock groups tog race earth, but I guess they aren’t “special” enough to grace your list….

  • nirvana1212

    here is what my list would have been.
    last but not least 1-nirvana thats just my opinion..

  • SciccorF***PaperDoll

    my finger hurts from scrolling to the bottom of this list…

  • Good Nads

    Cut the Beach Boys; they are the most overrated band of all time, and any band that mimics them is full of crap. Also cut Queen; This is just my opinion, but they are insanely annoying. I’d replace them with Nirvana and Radiohead.

  • kenny

    i think disturbed is better

  • 4565435

    AC/DC ??????????????? NIRVANA??????????????

  • Mark

    The Beach Boys and Metallica o.O, embracing the darker side of the rock and roll lifestyle when you put them in were you? WHERE THE HELL IS BLACK SABBATH? It’s obvious that you have “lighter” tendancies with your “rock” than I’m used to (except the Metallica bit, that was out of character). But why no Sabbath? They should replace Metallica VERY easily. And you probably could’ve picked a better group than The Beach Boys (I’m hearing AC/DC which given the name of the list seems like a good choice to kick if off).

    Great list from numbers 1-8 though, I’m a Zep fan so I’m dissapointed to not see them higher but 3’s ok. But this pro-Beatles sentiment I see from all sides on this otherewise great site is a bit scary. I don’t think they were that special, I mean sure they’ve sold a lot of albums to date. But you wait until some of these contemporary artists have been around for 40 odd years. The only reason the Beatles are “great” is the number of albums sold, one day that won’t compare. What will however is influence, that’s when bands like Sabbath and Zeppelin will come to the fore.

  • Chad

    Any ‘greatest rockers’ list that doesn’t include the words “AC/DC” or “Angus Young” needs revising. Respectfully ;)

  • Harley

    Nothing rocks harder than Pantera. Nothing.

  • Hannah

    where is clapton!?!??!

  • Good Nads

    I think you hit the mark when you said there would be something for everyone.

    Randall seriously needs to get off his period.

  • Ez3kiel

    I agree with the list, but I would have given a special mention to Radiohead. But hey, it’s all a matter of opinion right? Anybody who can’t accept that people can have diverging opinions and that what they think is not necessarily true for everybody should seriously consider developing a critical mind, and a sense of humor perhaps.

    P.S – Yes Randall, you are ignorant. Same for everybody. This is *teh internets*. Everybody’s on the same level.

  • oouchan

    I would replace the Beach Boys with anyone. Greatful Dead would have been nice or Black Sabbath. Also, Metallica is no longer worthy….they used to be, but not anymore.
    Queen should have been higher on the list along with Pink Floyd….IMHO.

  • Mark

    520. oouchan : Yeah, go with Sabbath. I mean, who embraced the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle more than Ozzy? You’ve gotta be taking a lot of something to nearly kill your wife…

  • oouchan

    521. Mark…btw…I practically live for Ozzy. I also heard he is coming out with a new album within the next 4 months.

  • Mark

    522. oouchan : Hah, only just got around to replying to this – so many exams, so little LV time (most of it invested in Death Metal discussions). I love Ozzy, at the moment I’m trying to piece together a band and it looks as if I’m going to be singing. This is when I must say that considering I’m a Baritone my efforts to emulate Ozzy are doomed to failure, but he’s probably my favourite singer – right next to Plant, Buckley and Freddy, pretty stiff competition :)

  • gunn

    why the fuck is metallica there. and why not nirvana,

  • Tall Girl

    Great list. I love all those bands.

  • nonono



    where;s my godess? my darling dearest miss JOAN JETT

    and THE CLASH ?

    BOO AND AGAIN BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OF course i ‘d like to see some NEW names

  • Kennoth

    And again the Beetles. They’re everywhere! Fuck

  • St3rch

    Wow…i have met retards but this group is the biggest group of clueless music morons on the face of the earth!!! Look all of you idiots…its rock and roll not snooze-wille central! Your supposed to put the top 10 awsome freakin rockers of all time!!!!:

    9.The beatles
    8.Pearl Jam
    7.Ozzy Osbourne
    3.The Who
    2.Rolling Stones
    1.Led Zepplin

    And the best freakin rockin band of all of history AND the future of rock,punk, grunge, and metal is of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
    They practically made grunge! Especially Smells Like Teen Spirit! Or All Apologies and maybe Heart Shaped Box.The reason of rock IS Nirvana! Ozzy Osbourne couldnt be lower then 5 is because he didnt change what rock was…Why wouldnt Rush be on here, though?! Thats insane! Rush has more Gold Records then Jesus!!! And Led Zepplin makes really meaningful, awsome, songs that shook the meaning of rock and roll forever!!! The Who had to be on here! They made so many hits it created a rock earthquake!!! And Staind makes songs with great passion at it…you would have to put them on here!!!! This list sucks and should be re-done! Its so wrong its pathedic!!!


    P.S R.I.P Kurt Cobain May God Rest You In Rock Heaven (1967 -1994)

  • oouchan

    St3rch…Sorry to inform you but those on this list are rockers as well. I agree that the Beach Boys shouldn’t be on this list, but your list doesn’t include Pink Floyd or Queen. How you can say that Rush or Pearl Jam is higher than those 2…that’s just not right. They aren’t even in the same league as Floyd or Queen.
    “The reason of rock IS Nirvana!” Wrong…Let’s try the Beatles for that one. Nirvana is grunge…they started a whole new genre, but rock goes to the Beatles.
    So with the exception of the Beach Boys (to be replaced by any number of better bands) this list is solid.

  • Mark

    528. St3rch : Staind? Wtf? I concur with oouchan, your list is pathetic.

  • matt65

    the sex pistols suck randall. they had 1 album. The Clash are good but were very inconsistent. The who were better
    heres my list. rock bands only
    The Beatles
    Rolling Stones
    The Who
    Velvet Underground
    The Clash
    Bruce Springsteen e street
    Hendrix experience
    Led Zeppelin
    The Smiths

  • 4565435

    AC/DC , Nirvana, Guns N Roses ?

    come on, make a new list.

    ps How come people think that AC/DC are overrated, just because malcolm and angus young can make a song out of three chords? i dont see any other bands doing that !

  • (sub)urban_mexican

    i almost agree with this list, other than it misses the past quarter century of new artists.
    ill admit that most of these artists have had new stuff but u gotta give some props to new stuff too.
    btw-i effing love stupid ramblings. and i laughed everytime people just guess that us people born in the past 20 years have absolutely no musical taste and listen to linkin park crap and that pizzazz.
    and also, only white suburban kids listen to rock…HA! i was raised in downtown detroit and am a MEXICAN…(gasp)…mexican listening to rock music?!?!?!?!? it happens.

    but personally my list would be…(all opinion, and also how good their music is and how much they changed their genre)

    10. Radiohead
    9. Nirvana
    8. Lenny Kravitz
    7. The Who
    6. Chuck Berry
    5. The Clash
    4. Black Sabbath
    3. The Rolling Stones
    2. Led Zepplin
    1. Buddy Holly

    I love the beatles but they are more pop than rock in the purest sense.

    Now…i have put in my part…so do ur best and make my music collection look stupid.

  • Mark

    @(sub)urban_mexican (533): I love you…

  • mattmon

    randall your not making sense surely the who had more good songs then the sex pistols considering they had 1 album. 1.. but yes this list does suck it should be divided best artists to debut in the 60s including that bands material after the 60s and best artists to debut in the 70s 80s 90s etc.

  • dime

    my greatest band ever was pantera till i die,,, so dont you say something good about your fave bands coz they aint gonna say anything to you but fucck you!!!! wahahahaha

  • St3rch

    Uh…if i am not mistaken… The greatest band ever would be Led Zepplin. They have many Gold records. Songs that tipped the Music scale. Everyone from the 90s (and even this generation) Knows who they are. They are very memorable for their generation of rock and roll and have changed what rock and roll is. So #1 Should be Led Zepplin For A Fact! And the Beatles should be #3. Besides that the list is finee….even tho some on this list isnt all that “Great” or “Music Changing”.

  • C

    Horrible list!

  • Norman

    Correct choice putting The Beatles on top, no one can close to them in terms of impact, critical acclaim and musicial inovation. To all you Led Zeppelin fans out there, I have to say I think Led Zeppelin are great, one of the best artists ever, but they haven’t come close to the wide reaching appeal, impact on popular music and musicial inovation, that The Beatles had. None of Led Zeppelin’s album match up to Sgt Peppers, Rubber Soul or Revolver. At best they can challenge Abbey Road and The White Album.

  • weeg

    im cant beleive u put the beattles ahead of the king

  • Lizard king

    Wtf….No morrison….dude the doors are a legend…..Jim morrison is the greatest…..Cmon….u kiddin me…no morrison….

  • zach

    I concur, Lizard king. There is no way Metallica can even compare to the Doors or Nirvana or Black Sabbath, regardless the fact that I own every albums of Metallica.

    No. Metallica definitely does not belong here.

  • bbba

    where is linkin park!!!???!?!?!?
    i love linkin park band and it is the best rock group

  • bbba

    Horrible list!

  • Ben

    1. Beatles There not my favorite but they are the most popular and have to be in top ten
    2.Led Zepplin
    3. Rolling Stones
    4. Jimi Hendrix
    5. Doors
    6. Nirvana
    7. The Who
    8. The Greatfull Dead
    9. AC Dc
    10. Mettalica
    First The beach boys didn’t even consider themselves rock.
    Second lets face it modern bands aren’t on the list becouse sadly the majority of people now a days listion to shitty music like hip hop, pop, rap , Fake country (accented pop). I don’t blame the people but the bad tasted modern radio D.Js who grew up listoned to Disco , and Rap and play these on the radio.The beach boys didn’t even consider themselves rock. They ignore the great talent out their like the Foo fighters , The White Stripes, Taking Back Sunday, Coheed and cambria , and the artic monkeys. And before you call me old Im 15. And yes I am a white suberban kid but I liston to the artists rock was inspired by .greats artist like blues Muddy Waters and folk LedBelly

  • michaela

    wheres green day? they are too underrated when it comes to these kinds of lists.

  • Miranda

    I agree with Codman.
    And AC/DC should be on there.

  • Krishtam

    they are all superb and a great rockers all the time but where is Jon Bon Jovi???????

  • krishtam

    hello where mr.Van Halen???

  • 21/12/12

    AC/DC ??????


  • metalribz

    The Beatles
    Chuck Berry
    Jimi Hendrix
    Elvis Presley
    Black Sabbath
    Sex Pistols
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd

    also Randall is a douche and a racist.

  • Trazzoli

    (451) yeah right on! EVH was the second coming of Jimi, and along with SRV they flipped the guitar playing world on its head. totally agree with your comment about changing the music, they werent just hit makers. nobody had seen a guitar played like Eddie ever before, he took hendrix and notched it up again – another interesting post i saw at another site, like this but not ranking, just showing some rare-ish covers (

  • gracelessness

    @ #3 ~ *gasp*

  • YoungAnabaptistRadical

    I’m kind of surprised that no one mentioned him, but Tom Petty anyone? Full Moon Fever was the album that turned me on to rock.

    And I agree, Mr. Mojo Risin’ needs a place on this list…

  • kokopelli1000

    Ummm… Yeah. It should be “Queen WAS,” not “Queen ARE.” Just sayin’.

  • Allie

    Where are The Doors? I agree with most of this but The Beach Boys and Metallica WTF?

  • Will Trame

    I knew this list was going to draw some controversy. Actually, everyone’s tastes vary, and inserting some performers here was just bound to bring out the venom. I, being a middle-aged baby boomer, agree with Elvis and the Beatles being on this list as they were definitely pioneers during the rock genre’s early years. I also love bands such as the Yardbirds, the Doors, Love, Frank Zappa & the Mothers, Cream, Traffic, and Hendrix. I question Metallica being on this list as I am not totally fond of their music, but again it comes down to taste and what generation one grew up in.

    As I age, I have developed an affinity for lesser known European artists who made little…or no…impact in the States, such as the Move, the Soft Machine, Camel, Caravan and Van der Graaf Generator. I also am developing a taste for jazz and blues. Perhaps Listverse should present a list on the greatest jazzers and blues musicians, if they haven’t already.

  • Hi Mom

    Elvis? Jimi Hendrix!

  • Yung Hollywood

    Okay I read the comments from the arguments that this list caused and it all lead back to race, somehow Randall thought that this list was racist and the only reason Jimi Hendrix is on this list is because as he put it Jimi Hendrix made music for white surburban kids, that is some funny ass shit to me, I also found out Randall is white, Im black and Im in a rock band and one of my Idols is Jimi Hendrix and I hang out with white and black people I dont discriminate and all of my black friends have respect for Jimi Hendrix so yea dude should have had his facts straight before making this list into something its not and causing arguments, that being said, where is Joplin and Jim Morrison?

  • Cigarman

    Why aren't the stones #1??? they rocked harder than the beatles ever did. I'm just sayin'.

  • Lindsey

    The Doors.

  • zak

    No love for Cream? Allman Bros maybe?

  • Jack

    Guns N' Roses should be on there instead of the Beach Boys. I mean Guns' N' Roses has songs like Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain while the only Beach Boys song i know is about surfing in the US.

  • Sega

    This article would never work,

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  • Bart

    You can replace metallica with basically any rock band, i’d say the doors should be here, guns n roses is good too

  • blyth

    This is a fcuikng retarded list that caused nothing but arguments. it was more opinionated than anything and seemed to have been put together within fifteen minutes. the only way to do a rock list is to divide it up into sub genres and maybe do a top twenty list. in other words i’m working on one currently.

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  • Milkman

    Wheres the Sex Pistols………

  • ben-floyd

    warrrreagl, what in gods name are you talking about? The beatles were the most succesful band of there era, fact. They are still the backbone to many of todays modern rockbands. I can gaurentee you are just another england hating american, too far up his own ass to appreciate real music.

    And I agree with randall, this list has overlooked many great artists, black men did invent rock and roll, and to think that its only aimed at middle class whites is ignorant.

  • ben-floyd

    blyth, you spell like that and you call this list retarded? :/

  • jermain

    No howlin’ wolf? The clash? The sex pistols? Little Richard? This list is complete and utter bollocks!

  • amar

    Metallica is the super hero……of the world….

  • Gerard

    No man, NO. There’s no way on earth to leave DAVID BOWIE outside of this list. What the hell happened? Do the list again please, and this time do it right.

  • Drac

    Since his career hadn’t started when this list was published, he was left off so let’s correct that right now by giving the Number One spot to Justin Bieber.

    Punk is by definition a rejection of the normal ways of protecting oneself in business transactions. Once a band signs with a label, it’s no longer punk. Go on and love your Sex Pistols albums, but don’t call them PUNK ’cause they ain’t! They sold out when they signed.

  • Hippie

    The Grateful Dead, sure they only had 1 hit, they loved what they did, and they satisfied fans for three decades, not a lot of other bands can say that.

  • Mokey

    Nothing The Beatles did could be remotely construed as “Rock”. The first part of their career was Boy-Band Pop, the second half was psychedelic ballads. Call it what you want (and I call them the most over-rated act of all time) but don’t call it rock. The Rolling Stones and The Who rocked, The Beatles were somewhere over with Herman’s Hermits.

  • wiseguy

    I would just replace The beach boys with Nirvana or AC DC.

  • Drolja

    I have been Rolling Stones fan for a long time. My Best Rockers are Rolling Stones

  • Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Richie Valens, Eddie Cochran, The Doors, Jerry Lee Lewis, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, The Kinks, The Everly Brothers………There is another Top 10 list for you.

  • Joe

    Where is Deep Purple?! They are far better then Metallica and the Beach Boys.

  • angie22

    I usually won’t comment on these controversial lists but one band will top them all- and if you heard them you would completely agree. HUMBLE PIE.

  • facebook fans

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I’m happy that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • Enky

    Oh, Puh-lease.
    The Beatles weren’t rock, they were pop.

  • Kooth

    Sabbath left off for the Beach Boys is a travesty.

  • indyblue31

    Honestly, I have never considered The Beatles a rock group.

    And I totally think that Queen should be higher on the list.

    As far as I am concerned, Freddie Mercury was the greatest rock star ever!

  • indyblue31

    And The Beach Boys? Rock? Please!

    I think Mr Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen should be on the list.

  • Richard

    i agree with most of these-but pink floyd?! Guns n roses definitely deserve a place on the list

  • Katakhom

    Yeah, who made this list? VH1 producers? Beatles are shit.

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