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15 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Egypt

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated with all things relating to Ancient Egypt. I have tried for a long time to come up with a good idea for a list relating to it and this is the first (of what I hope will be many!) These facts should serve as a good introduction to Ancient Egyptian culture and society – and hopefully many will be things you did not know.


Facts 1 – 5


1. A Pharaoh never let his hair be seen – he would always wear a crown or a headdress called a nemes (the striped cloth headdress made famous by Tutankhamen’s golden mask (pictured above).

2. In order to deter flies from landing on him, Pepi II of Egypt always kept several naked slaves nearby whose bodies were smeared with honey.

3. Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup – eyepaint was usually green (made from copper) or black (made from lead). The Egyptians believed that the makeup had healing power. Originally the makeup was used as a protection from the sun – rather than for adornment.

4. While the use of antibiotics did not begin in the 20th century, early folk medicine included the use of mouldy foods or soil for infections. In ancient Egypt, for example, infections were treated with mouldy bread.

5. Egyptian children wore no clothing at all until they were in their teens. The temperature in Egypt made it unnecessary. Adult men wore skirts while women wore dresses.


Facts 6 – 10


6. Rich Egyptians wore wigs while the other classes would wear their hair long or in pig tails. Until 12, Egyptian boys had their heads shaved except for one plaited lock – this was as a protection against lice and fleas.

7. It is not known who destroyed the nose of the Sphinx (pictured above). There are sketches of the Sphinx without a nose in 1737, over 60 years before Napoleon reached Egypt and hundreds of years before the British and German armies of the two World Wars. The only person known to have damaged it was an Islamic cleric, Sa’im al-dahr, who was lynched in 1378 for vandalism.

8. Egyptian’s believed that the earth was flat and round (like a pancake) and that the Nile flowed through the center of it.

9. Egyptian soldiers were used as an internal police force. Additionally, they collected taxes for the Pharaoh.

10. In every temple in ancient Egypt the pharaoh was supposed to carry out the duties of the high priests, but his place was usually taken by the chief priest.


Facts 11 – 15


11. The first pyramid (The Step Pyramid of Djoser built around 2600 BC – seen above) was originally surrounded by a 34 ft tall wall which had 15 doors in it. Only one of the doors opened.

12. The women in ancient Egypt enjoyed legal and economical equality with men. Nevertheless, they never enjoyed social equality with men.

13. Contrary to popular belief, excavated skeletons show that the pyramid builders were actually Egyptians who were most likely in the permanent employ of the pharaoh. Graffiti indicates that at least some of these workers took pride in their work, calling their teams “Friends of Khufu,” “Drunkards of Menkaure,” and so on—names indicating allegiances to pharaohs.

14. When a body was mummified, its brain was removed through one of its nostrils and its intestines were also removed and placed in jars called canopic jars. Each organ was placed in its own jar. The only internal organ that was not removed was the heart, because Egyptians considered it to be the seat of the soul.

15. Ramses the Great had 8 official wives and nearly 100 concubines. He was over 90 years old when he died in 1212 BC.

Sources: National Geographic, James’ Interesting Facts

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • heatherrr.

    what a neat list! it's fascinating to know little true details about a culture we see a lot in the media.

    • Nur humairah

      I like the true fact too……it’s always interesting to know something new……:) I like to learn more about Egypt……….

      • Diana

        Actually the Sphixes nose was removed so nobody knew who built it. Its wierd but true.

        • Chanelle

          now now. Are you gonna go on and trust other sources or are you gonna trust a person who studied egypt all her life. It was that Israel dude. And if it where the egyptians, why would they ruin a very important statue just to never find out who build it? the pharaoh needed to know anyway what was going on in building. read again where you found it. and if uyou thought of it, think again. Using a more LOGICAl and SMART side of your brain (if you have one) btw, GREAT LIST!

  • Scarr

    Referring to 15..
    Isn't 90 years old really really really old for there time?
    Didn't peoples lives usually go to about 30?

    • notary

      *for THEIR time
      *PEOPLE’S lives

      Sheesh…it’s called English.

  • Foxy

    To Scarr: Ramses the Great is indeed a mystery of ancient history. He not only lived longer than ordinary Egyptians in those days, but looked entirely different: he is said to have been almost 2m tall and had reddish hair, while his countrymen were around 1,5 m at the time and had dark skin and hair.

    • George H

      he was an Anunaki

  • rushfan

    Excellent list. I never get tired of hearing about ancient
    Egypt. I've enjoyed many a trip to the local museum for Egyptian exhibitions.

    • rachel


  • Captain Supremo III

    Egyptians also ate their own poo. They believed that it gave them the power of the great god Bunghola who would enter their soul and banish the evils of Assi Dindi Jestchon..
    Another little known fact is that egyptian women had 37 vaginas.

    • EgpytLover

      That is just bullshit, i have read about egypt and talked to egyptologists what you are saying is bullshit and i mean it

    • mia

      disgusting i tell you

  • MT

    I get to be the first one to post here. Cool.

  • Are there two lists for the 29th of August or am I just terribly confused? :lol:

    I like this list, it’s cool.

  • But it’s the 30th today… I think I’m going insane.

    Item 13 – who are ‘they’?

  • Monty

    That must be one of the best excuses in history,
    “Oh Hi, er… the naked slaves covered in honey??? they’re er… keep the flies away.”

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    ever since i came across this site it really helps to kill time and it is very awesome….great list plz keep up the great work

  • All those ladies finally wore out Ramses the Great.

  • Val

    AWESOME! I LOVE Ancient Egypt. XD

    4. Scarr-
    Yeah it is really old. That’s why it’s amazing that he did live that long. ^_^
    (Not to mention the pharaohs mostly married in their family, so the incest most likely didn’t help with the longevity haha)

  • Moose

    Ramses was a PIMP.

  • Captain Supremo III

    36 of them where invisible.

  • elnrith

    supremo makes me wonder

    #5 monty

    HA HA HA!my thoughts exactly!

  • Angharad

    In number 13, does “they” mean something along the lines of “the people who worked on the pyramids”? It’s unclear, but I’d guess it’s that, because of the myths surrounding the construction of the pyramids.

  • i knew some of these. others i didnt.

  • Mom424

    Good list Jamie. A very nice introduction to Ancient Egypt.

    Monty: Great comment. Had us chuckling.

  • Cedestra

    Fascinating fact about Captain Supremo II: his mother is a whore and he was born without testicles. He also has no pubic hair and the kids in gym class laugh at him, which his mother warned him about.

  • billyrules!

    i thought i would know most of these facts already since i’ve studied about ancient egypt for a long time, but i’m always glad to learn something new.

  • WTF is going on with the commenting on this list?

  • wow

    you spelled moldy wrong

  • wow: It’s not ‘wrong’, it’s just not the standard American spelling.

  • DoppHopper

    Ramses also had anywhere between 100 and 200 sons, its not exactly known

  • Now people are really going to think I’m nuts – talking about comments that aren’t there. Comments? What comments?

    Treating infections with mouldy bread sounds kinda cool. Dunno about soil though – couldn’t you catch tetanus like that?

  • DoppHopper

    The heart was also necessary after death as Anubis, the god of the underworld (jackal head), would weigh it against a particular feather as means of justice (sins made the heart heavier).

    The sphinx when rediscovered by the outside world was burried up to its neck in sand.

    The thing that brought the Egyptian civilisation into this world was the same thing that destroyed it. As far back as 8000bc the Sahara was covered in forest and supported many hunter-gatherers. But the Atlantic heat conveyor stopped transporting heat from the region, fried the forest to desert and the people retreated to the Nile. Agriculture was soon invented which dawned Egyptian civilisation. Much later due to the failure of the same Atlantic heat conveyor, the annual rains in Niger that flooded the Nile ceased. Egypt was thrown into turmoil to the point that people succumbed to canabalizm.

  • Egypt is definitely fascinating, I want to visit there someday. Nice list :)

  • Jj

    For no.13, I’m guessing the ‘they’ is a bit of a typo – replace the ‘they’ with ‘there’ and it’ll read a bit easier.

  • I have always been deeply fascinated by the ancient Egyptian culture. In Uni I took every opportunity to take classes (as they would fit into my schedule) on the topic, and I’d watch any documentary and read any book.
    In the late 1970’s, when I lived in San Francisco with my first husband, the Tutankamen exhibit was due to come to S.F. and, as we were members of the museum, we had tickets to a private showing before the general public was allowed in.
    Well, this was going to be too good an opportunity to waste. I immediately signed up for 12 week classes which were being taught in reading Egyptian hieroglyphics. Believe me, it took every moment of those 12 weeks, plus every minute of studying I could do at home (with 3 children under 3), to learn enough to be confident that I’d be able to read the cartouches and hieroglyphics when we got there. Luckily, I could, and I ended up attracting something of a following.
    One of the docents came over to see what the crowd was about, and found me reading the hieroglyphics, I asked, rather hopefully, if he’d like to take over, and he said “No. You’re doing just great.”
    Of course, it’s not a skill that comes in handy much, living on the central coast of California, but I got to use it *once*! In this case, once was enough!

    • gladysdelapena33

      hi….segue.Can you explain the contribution to modern education in ancient Egypt?

  • billyrules!

    segue: i wish i could do what you did. i really love ancient egypt and always strive to learn something new. unfortunately though, i will probably never be able to experience anything close to what you have.

  • 31. billyrules!, one thing I have found throughout my life is that anything you really want to learn, you can learn. You might not be able to see the Tutankamen exhibit, but you can certainly learn everything you possibly can through classes at your local Collage or Uni extension and visit the Egyptian displays at the Museum in your city. Most good museums have excellent Egyptian sections.
    Books are great tools, too. I have gotten some fabulous ones through online services like Abebooks, which deal mostly with used books, and pays very small prices for very good books.
    Just be creative with your education and experiences billyrules!, and, believe me, you can change everything.

  • Vivii

    Excellent list! I’ve always been interested in the ancient Egyptian civilization but I only knew about 1 item on the list :)

  • MPW

    Very interesting! I enjoy these types of lists.

  • Denzell

    5.) Monty-That must be one of the best excuses in history,
    “Oh Hi, er… the naked slaves covered in honey??? they’re er… keep the flies away.”

    good one. I’ll do that if I was also a pharaoh.

  • sarahenity

    Regarding #13 – Isn’t “they” referring to the excavated skeletons? That sentence makes perfect sense to me.

    Anyway, fantastic list of facts, I’ve always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt.

  • Deziner

    Denzell(35)good one. I’ll do that if I was also a pharaoh.

    You know you have true power when you do this WITHOUT being pharaoh. he he heee

  • Drogo

    I was thinking that maybe Ramses’ age had been exaggerated to make him seem more noble or wiser. (but) If he had red hair and was much taller than average, he must have emigrated from somewhere else, and was from a culture where people had longer lifespans.

    …and I too, wonder about those naked, honey covered, slaves. :)

  • CJ

    I love Ancient Egypt! I want to learn to read hieroglyphics one day…

  • #39. CJ
    I love Ancient Egypt! I want to learn to read hieroglyphics one day…
    CJ, I looked around the internet this a.m. and found a bunch of sites devoted to learning to read hieroglyphics. Some are more advanced and intricate than others, but any of them would be a decent jumping off point.
    I was going through one of my texts last night, and I was ashamed at how little I could still read…of course, I learned in a cram class 30 years ago, but still, I’d have thought I’d remember more than I do.
    Which is why I am going to relearn using one of the online sources. I just haven’t decided which one yet.

  • warningdontreadthis

    Ramses was a playa!

  • dahnz

    Yay an Egyptian list!! I have a facinatin with Egytpology and have two egyptian tattoos (eye of Horus and the Ahnk)… more to come too :o)

  • jazjsmom

    I love these kinds of lists. I am fascinated by all ancient cultures. I order books from the History book club all the time to learn more. Thanks.

  • Updated with correct sources (I did not have time to update yesterday) and a correction in #13.

  • Davo

    nice list. wasn’t there a list about people posting idiotic “first” comments?

  • CJ

    segue, thanks for that! I just found quite a few decent sites devoted to teaching hieroglyphics. You have no idea how excited I am now, lol.

  • astraya

    Something we have to remember is that “Ancient Egypt” lasted for several thousand years, through several peaks and troughs. Some of these things may be true for all of that time, and some just for some of it.
    BTW in the iconic photo of the pyramids, the centre one looks the tallest. It’s an illusion due to sight lines. The right hand one is actually the tallest.

  • DoppHopper

    @ CJ, Link me plz.

  • CJ, your welcome!
    All of my life, I have had an insatiable appetite for learning. Any time I run across some one who shares a bit of that, I am only too glad to share what I can.

  • Christine

    I love Ancient Egyptian culture too! I always found it to be so fascinating (and bizarre at times). Great list, I think I only knew 1 fact on this whole page!

  • Jay Gabriel

    It was also great wow i almost can’t believe it

  • mysticmaidenj

    Egyptians did not believe that the earth was flat. All ancient civilizations including Babylon, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, had cunieforms and pictures of all the planets in the solar system and alluded to other planetary beings. It wasnt until the middle ages that they believed the earth was flat. The ancients knew more than even we know today, including the 12th planet (still undiscovered presently)

  • DoppHopper

    Well they did at first. Then one bright spark did an experiment (considered the first experiment of science according to Carl Sagan) with some megaliths over a great distance and the shadow sizes.

  • chrystal

    i needed some facts for school but it didnt really help but the pitures were cool

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    The three major Egytian Pyramids at Giza are aligned to the three stars in Orion’s belt… Did you know that one?

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  • There was a (relatively) brief span of time during which the Anasazi practiced cannibalism, the mid to late 1100’s to the early 1200’s.
    It would appear to be connected to famine, as the Anasazi were skilled at both farming grains and hunting. Since no evidence of cannibalism is present before the 1100’s and none after the very beginning of the 1200’s, it’s obvious that the Anasazi were not naturally cannibals.
    BTW, I have been to Canyon de Chelly, it’s an amazing and beautiful place. These people were artists in everything they did.

    • gladysdelapene33

      hi….how are you..Can you explain the contribution to modern education in ancient Egypt?

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    good thing i’m not egyptian even when i’m dead i dont want my organs pulled out!!!!!

  • AC

    In no. 8 above, you’ve used an apostrophe in an incorrect manner. Your statement is plural without ownership therefore the apostrophe is not needed.

    I am a history teacher. I like to refer my students to websites that may assist their learning. I want the students to read information that is grammatically correct.

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    The brain wasn’t put into a conopic jar like most of the other organs. Ancient Egyptian didn’t value the brain at all and thought it didn’t serve a purpose, because they thought the Heart was like the brain, and centre for the soul.

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    You can see Rameses the Great (Ramses II) in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. His hair is sort of blonde, and he is tall for an Egyptian. The tomb of many of his sons is currently being excavated near the Valley of the Kings. It will take decades.

  • mohammed

    . A Pharaoh never let his hair be seen – he would always wear a crown or a headdress called a nemes (the striped cloth headdress made famous by Tutankhamen’s golden mask (pictured above).

    2. In order to deter flies from landing on him, Pepi II of Egypt always kept several naked slaves nearby whose bodies were smeared with honey.

    3. Both Egyptian men and women wore makeup – eyepaint was usually green (made from copper) or black (made from lead). The Egyptians believed that the makeup had healing power. Originally the makeup was used as a protection from the sun – rather than for adornment.

    4. While the use of antibiotics did not begin in the 20th century, early folk medicine included the use of mouldy foods or soil for infections. In ancient Egypt, for example, infections were treated with mouldy bread.

    5. Egyptian children wore no clothing at all until they were in their teens. The temperature in Egypt made it unnecessary. Adult men wore skirts while women wore dresses.

    2 Facts 6 – 10

    6. Rich Egyptians wore wigs while the other classes would wear their hair long or in pig tails. Until 12, Egyptian boys had their heads shaved except for one plaited lock – this was as a protection against lice and fleas.

    7. It is not known who destroyed the nose of the Sphinx (pictured above). There are sketches of the Sphinx without a nose in 1737, over 60 years before Napoleon reached Egypt and hundreds of years before the British and German armies of the two World Wars. The only person known to have damaged it was an Islamic cleric, Sa’im al-dahr, who was lynched in 1378 for vandalism.

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