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15 Great Short Films

by carpe_noctem
fact checked by dickensgirl

Over the last century, cinema has played an increasingly important role in popular culture, combining visual media, soundtrack, and dialogue to mix together three of the biggest components of art: visual art, music and prose. However, with all the attention given to feature length films, short film is often overlooked. These tiny little gems tell marvelous stories in a distinctly short time, making them the visual equivalent of a good short story, a small morsel that can really be viewed and appreciated without devoting hours of your time. This is by no means the best in short film, because it is possibly even more subjective than feature-length film appreciation, but these 15 shorts are all worth a look. WARNING: Some offensive language, adult themes and mild nudity follow



A very eerie, surreal film along the lines of David Lynch. This is a challenging insight into a bleak, unstable world that exists within the realm of imagination, but aside from its absolute insanity, it’s very well done.


Black Button

This is a short moral-based film that was made in Australia, and won the Melbourne Film Award. It carries some religious overtones, but is still thought-provoking.



This is a beautiful little film that touches on concepts of mortality. It is very well made, and quite moving, although somewhat sad.



Although based upon fairly adult concepts, this is not a particularly visual film, but rather uses dialogue and implied visuals to tell a passionate story.



A fairly light-heartened, fast-paced film. It is remarkably well put together, and is very unique. The camera-work is particularly stunning.


Geri’s Game

A short, but heart-warming animation from Pixar. Although this one is quite well-known, and over ten years old, it does not fade with age, and is brilliant in each retelling. A remarkable piece of work.


Ratrix Hero

Winner of a French short film festival, this is a very light-hearted comedy/action animation, which retells part of the Matrix story, with a slight difference. Full of humour, but never breaking its film-noir backdrop, this is a great little film.


For The Birds

Almost certainly the most celebrated Pixar short, this is widely-received as one of the best animated shorts ever. Very well made, and very humorous, this can be enjoyed by all ages.


The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

Another unique and bizarre film, this follows a Halloween story… from the perspective of the pumpkin. It is quite funny in its utter bizarreness, and has won numerous awards in its time.



The story of the little bird that could (not entirely unlike the little country that could it originates from) this follows the plight of a kiwi, and shows that even the biggest of dreams can be realized. This is my favorite animated short by far.


The Heart Of The World

A fairly recent (2000) film, despite the cinematography, it averages 2 frames per second, and pays homage to the old silent movies with their black and white cinematography, lack of dialogue and grainy quality. Quite simply, one of the best and most unique short films ever made.


The Story Of A Sign

A simple, heart-warming Spanish short film. This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how bad a day you’ve had. It’s simplicity is its hook, it has no fancy techniques, just a tale to tell.



Before 300, Gerard Butler was the star of this award-winning short film, starring as a the protagonist in this emotional film. It is an amazing film, and it is in no way difficult to see why it has won awards.


Another award winner, this quaint little film follows the antics of the staff at a supermarket during the night shift. It is unequalled for originality, artistic quality and execution.


Ten Minutes

One of my personal favorite short films, this was ranked as Europe’s best short film. It is a very moving, brilliantly filmed film, the majority of which is filmed in one, long take. You will think about this film long after its conclusion.


The Piano

This was included in a piano-related list a month or two ago, but this time it merits entry for the video used. A lovely creation.

fact checked by dickensgirl