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Videocast: Top 10 Most Evil Men

by Listverse Staff
fact checked by Alex Hanton

I have, for some time, toyed with the idea of doing a videocast of some of the lists on the site – to expand visually on some of the lists we have already presented. Today I was emailed by a reader named Paul who has put his own time and effort in to creating a video version of our Top 10 Most Evil Men.

So, first things first, many thanks and kudos to Paul for this fantastic video. It is more than I could have done with my limited knowledge of video and audio production. Paul has taken each item on the list and, combined with excellent choices of audio, expanded on them visually. Be sure to visit youtube and comment – hopefully we can convince Paul to make this a regular thing! If so, I will definitely feature the videos on the front page. So, no doubt you are all keen to enjoy the artistry and history, so here it is:

Top 10 Evil Men of All Time – Listverse Lists

If you want to read the original list whilst enjoying the great videocast, you can do so here.

fact checked by Alex Hanton
Listverse Staff

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