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11 Artists Working In Unusual Media

by Clantargh
fact checked by dickensgirl

Art can be found in anything depending how you perceive it. Artists have explored their creative sides to share their visions since prehistoric men painted on cave walls with berries. Many modern artists have produced some incredible pieces using atypical and unusual media and presented here is just a small sampling of some of their works. I encourage everyone to explore further as there are more to be found. Perhaps nothing is more subjective than art so the list is in no particular order. Should you know of other interesting works please post them as I am sure many would be interested in checking them out.


Chakaia Booker

Industrial-Perpetuosity 03

Artist’s Medium: tires.

This woman from New York makes some amazing sculptures out of rubber tires and also makes some tire sculptures that are wearable and she is known for wearing them to art shows.


Choi Jung Hyun


Artist’s Medium: computer pieces.

A Korean artist residing in New Zealand, he has made an interesting sculpture out of computer keyboards and mice.


Dr. Margaret Benyon


Artist’s Medium: holography.

A British woman living in Australia, she has spent several years making numerous incredible holographic images.


Kittiwat Unarrom


Artist’s Medium: bread.

This Thai baker specializes in making gruesome body part sculptures out of bread. Warning although they are bread these images look like props from the latest slasher movie.


David Mach


Artist’s Medium: coat hangers.

This British artist makes sculptures out of a variety of common objects such as car tires, bricks and coat hangers.


Jennifer Maestre

Picture 1-53

Artist’s Medium: colored pencils.

This American artist uses the more traditional medium in a new way as she makes sculptures out of colored pencils.


Julian Beever


Artist’s Medium: chalk.

This British artist is known as the Pavement Picasso and makes amazing works of art on sidewalks with chalk.


Guido Daniele

Hand Painting 14

Artist’s Medium: human hands.

This Italian artist takes bodypainting to a new level with the paintings he does on human hands.


Nathan Sawaya


Artist’s Medium: Lego.

This American artist has been featured on The Colbert Report. He is known for some amazing sculptures done with Lego blocks.


George Vlosich III
Chicago Cubs Etch A Sketch. The FALL Classic

Artist’s Medium: Etch-A-Sketch.

This American artist specializes in lifelike portraits of top athletes and celebrities, the skill he displays working in such a fragile media is remarkable.


Maurizio Savini


Artist’s Medium: bubble gum.

Ever wondered what an artist can create out of bubblegum? Check out some of the works created by this Italian artist.

fact checked by dickensgirl