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Top 10 Poisonous Foods We Love To Eat

Jamie Frater . . . Comments

Everyday we chow down on food produced from plants that carry deadly poisons. Most of the time we don’t need to be concerned with this as the mass production of fruit and vegetables ensures that we are usually safe, but from time to time people accidentally kill themselves by unwittingly eating the wrong part of a plant. In order to ensure that this never happens to you, I have put together a list of the most commonly seen poisons that we come in to contact with in our kitchens.




We have all heard of toadstools – and know that they are poisonous, but what many people don’t know is that a toadstool is actually a mushroom, not a separate type of plant. Toadstool is slang for “poisonous mushroom”. While there are some useful signs that a mushroom is poisonous, they are not consistent and all mushrooms of unknown origin should be considered dangerous to eat. Some of the things you can look for to try to determine whether a mushroom is poisonous are: it should have a flat cap with no bumps, it should have pink or black gills (poisonous mushrooms often have white gills), and the gills should stay attached to the cap (not the stalk) if you pull it off. But remember, while this is generally true of many types of mushroom, it is not always true.

Not all mushrooms are dangerous; some are actually delicious. Grow your own with a Back To The Roots Mushroom Kit at!




A few days ago we had a list of embarrassing deaths, one of which included death by eating the liver of a fugu (pufferfish). The fugu is so poisonous that in Japan, fugu chefs are trained specially for the job and are tested before being a given certificates of practice. The training takes two or three years. In order to pass, the chef must answer a written test then give a demonstration of his cutting abilities. The final part of the test involves the chef eating the pieces of fugu that he has cut. Only 30% of apprentices pass the test – which is not to say that the rest die by eating their fugu – they can fail in earlier parts of the test. Only the flesh of the fugu is consumed as it is less likely to have high amounts of poison (which causes a slight tingling sensation in the mouth). Fugu is the only food officially illegal for the Emperor of Japan to eat – for his safety. Rather than including a photograph of a pufferfish, I have used a youtube clip showing a chef preparing the fugu – it is quite extraordinary.



Elderberry 3Stages

Elderberry trees are very attractive and quite large. They are covered with thousands of tiny flowers which have a delicate scent. The flowers are used mainly for making elderflower liqueur and soda. Sometimes the flowers are eaten after being battered and deep fried. But beneath the pretty surface lurks danger! The roots and some other parts of the elderberry tree are highly poisonous and will cause severe stomach problems. So next time you decide to pick some elderberry flowers for eating, be sure to eat just the flowers.


Castor Oil

Castor Beans

Castor oil, the bane of many of our childhoods, is regularly added to candies, chocolate, and other foods. Furthermore, many people still consume a small amount daily or force it on their unwilling children. Fortunately the castor oil we buy is carefully prepared, because the castor bean is so deadly, that it takes just one bean to kill a human, and four to kill a horse. The poison is ricin, which is so toxic that workers who collect the seeds have strict safety guidelines to prevent accidental death. Despite this, many people working in the fields gathering the seeds suffer terrible side-effects.

Grow your own castor plant! Buy Giant Zanzibar Castor Seeds at!




Almonds are one of the most useful and wonderful of seeds (it is not a nut as many people would have you believe). It has a unique taste and its excellent suitability for use in cooking have made it one of the most popular ingredients in pastry kitchens for centuries. The most flavorsome almonds are bitter almonds (as opposed to “sweet” almonds). They have the strongest scent and are the most popular in many countries. But there is one problem: they are full of cyanide. Before consumption, bitter almonds must be processed to remove the poison. Despite this requirement, some countries make the sale of bitter almonds illegal (New Zealand regretfully is one of them). As an alternative, you can use the pip from an apricot stone which has a similar flavor and poison content. Heating destroys the poison. In fact, you may not know that it is now illegal in the USA to sell raw almonds – all almonds sold are now heat-treated to remove traces of poison and bacteria.




Cherries are a very popular fruit – used in cooking, liqueur production, or eaten raw. They are from the same family as plums, apricots, and peaches. All of the previously mentioned fruits contain highly poisonous compounds in their leaves and seeds. Almonds are also a member of this family but they are the only fruit which is harvested especially for its seeds. When the seeds of cherries are crushed, chewed, or even slightly injured, they produce prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide). Next time you are eating cherries, remember not to suck on or chew the pip.



Picture 1-61

Like the previous two items, apple seeds also contain cyanide – but obviously in much smaller doses. Apple seeds are very often eaten accidentally but you would need to chew and consume a fairly high number to get sick. There are not enough seeds in one apple to kill, but it is absolutely possible to eat enough to die. I recommend avoiding apple eating competitions! Incidentally, if you want to eat an apple and find a worm in it (and hopefully not half a worm), you can drop it in a bowl of salt water which will kill the worm.




Rhubarb is a very underrated plant – it produces some of the nicest tasting puddings and is incredibly easy to grow at home. Rhubarb is something of a wonder plant – in addition to an unknown poison in its leaves, they also contain a corrosive acid. If you mix the leaves with water and soda, it becomes even more potent. The stems are edible (and incredibly tasty) and the roots have been used for over 5,000 years as a laxitive and poop-softener.



Heirloom Tomatoes

First off, a little interesting trivia: in the US, thanks to a US Supreme Court decision in 1893, tomatoes are vegetables. In the rest of the world they are considered to be fruit (or more accurately, a berry). The reason for this decision was a tax on vegetables but not fruit. You may also be interested to know that technically, a tomato is an ovary. The leaves and stems of the tomato plant contain a chemical called “Glycoalkaloid” which causes extreme nervousness and stomach upsets. Despite this, they can be used in cooking to enhance flavor, but they must be removed before eating. Cooking in this way does not allow enough poison to seep out but can make a huge difference in taste. Finally, to enhance the flavor of tomatoes, sprinkle a little sugar on them. Now we just need to work out whether they are “toe-mah-toes” or “toe-may-toes”.



Fresh Potatoes

Potatoes have appeared in our history books since their introduction to Europe in the 16th century. Unfortunately they appear largely due to crop failure and severe famine, but they will be forever the central vegetable of most western families daily diet. Potatoes (like tomatoes) contain poison in the stems and leaves – and even in the potato itself if left to turn green (the green is due to a high concentration of the glycoalkaloid poison). Potato poisoning is rare, but it does happen from time to time. Death normally comes after a period of weakness and confusion, followed by a coma. The majority of cases of death by potato in the last fifty years in the USA have been the result of eating green potatoes or drinking potato leaf tea.

Notable Omissions: Nutmeg

Contributor: JFrater

Jamie Frater

Jamie is the owner and chief-editor of Listverse. He spends his time working on the site, doing research for new lists, and collecting oddities. He is fascinated with all things historic, creepy, and bizarre.

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  • joanne

    the fugu in the video was still moving even after it was skinned and cut between the eyes! poor fish

    • bow

      theres a trillion fish in the sea.. who cares

      • Greta

        There are millions of people in the world – let’s start killing them, too! Who cares! :/

  • disgruntled goat

    See all you vegetarians… plants kill!!!

    Note how there was no meat on the list. No wonder its so tasty.

    • Joevielyn

      Love these! They are really adolbare. That bon voyage one is so cute! I think i’ve found the perfect card to give my cousin leaving for italy next month

    • damian

      Fugu is meat. Meat gives us cancer. This article is misinformed. Seeds are good for you. Yes they contain cyanide, but it actually prevents cancer.

      • bob

        you, out your ass, are talking

      • JC

        Totally true..

  • spik5005

    good list

  • spik5005

    wow. cherries..
    now that i think about, about 3 years ago i was eating cherries in class and for the last one, i kept the seed in my mouth to chew on lightly (I have a chewing problem lol) until the end of the night when it crushed in my mouth.


    Note to self: Don’t chew on seeds.

  • Sugen

    i was waiting for nutmeg. another deadly crop in my part of the world is cassava. it contains cyanide in the fruit and the peels. in some varieties the cyanide content is high in the fruit (the edible part) and this varieties have caused the death of whole families on several occasions in Ghana

  • Leah

    great list,

    love a lot of items on list though, and am a bit freaked out that im eating overies. . . i think ive been a bit put off tomatoes, i might just cut down the amount i eat, before i get poisened or turn red :)

  • lo

    ok, jamie who ever commented on one of the last lists that you seem to be on list-creating-steroids had a point, you’re churning them out (with no help from other contributors) and they’re all pretty good. ok, lately they’ve been pretty damn good.

    but this one feels a bit slip-shoddy. nothing in it is wrong, it just lacks so much explaining on each plant listed (and they’re all plants, except fugu -which chefs in japan must now have a preparation license even to offer..) maybe i’ll write in with some details tomorrow. but it’s my bed time, and after posting so much on the “modern man evolution” thread i’m feeling like a bit of a know-it-all asshole, though i stand firmly by everything i wrote.

    as i stated towards the end over there, i fully intend to send you an “amazing plants” list soon. i’m a botanist and plant nerd till the end, so i couldn’t help noticing how much cool stuff about the afore mentioned toxic (but not that always are) plants got left out.

    anyway, jamie you’ve made an awesome thing with listverse, i’m so happy it’s here for everyone to enjoy :D

  • sharlu

    wow i had no idea about apple seeds! eek i should avoid munching on them as much as i usually do haha

  • Jono

    Nutmeg is hilarious.

    My exact words were “The music is bonding with my head!”

  • MPW

    I learned a great deal from this list. Well done.

  • xKaylax

    Does that mean I have to stop eating green potato chips? :(

  • shaymm

    Wow, I guess it pays to pay attention…

  • warningdontreadthis

    Whats a pip?

  • muzli

    Why would anyone drink potato leaves tea? Uuurrrrghh ! !

  • joanne

    the fugu in the video was still moving even after it was skinned and cut between the eyes! it reminded me of one traditional chinese(i think) dish where another type of fish has its guts drawn out then deep fried and served and eaten – all with its heart beating visibly. poor fish…

  • joanne

    sorry for the multiple post

  • Hello

    Hectic, but I have eaten the pips insides of an apricot plenty of times, they look like little almonds, but you say they have similar poison content?

  • jajdude

    Seeded guns on the list,g. Pip = Real English.

    I am overweight because of potatoes, but damn I love spuds. Ever tried pizza with potatoes on it?

    Actually, how about a list of weird pizzas? Korea, Japan, China all make weird pizzas – take a look at Dominoes and Pizza Hut menus for those countries – insane! Sweet potato pizza with avocado sauce? Fried guns, man

    • spoonsy

      theres a takeaway near us that does a "new york" pizza which has chips and cheese on ut hahaa

  • joanne: yeah – I guess we must presume that once the head is off, the physical movements are just automatic – the fish is surely unaware.

  • warningdontreadthis: a “pip” is a small seed – such as those found in apples. I didn’t realize that it was chiefly a British term – normally I try to avoid them but I am so used to referring to them as pips that I didn’t think it might not be obvious to some :)

  • Hello: you are probably fine with one or two of the pips in an apricot – but you probably shouldn’t eat too many unless they are cooked first.

  • Tricia

    xKaylax brings up a good point. When you get a green potato chip, does that mean they let it go bad? I’ve eaten many a green potato chip in my time.

  • Hemza3000

    Good thing most of these items are disgusting ;)

  • warningdontreadthis

    But I always suck on the pip. Also I’ve heard that if you eat too many cherries it upsets your tummy. Is that true?

    • xxgyal

      yes it is true, i have gotten diarreha

  • Bopanna

    is it true?

  • joanne

    OMG!!! jfrater responded to me! (^o^)

  • notherguitar

    Yea I knew cherry foliage were toxic but not the seeds. Bad thing is my grandfather has cherry trees and while cutting his grass I’ll often stop and eat them. Glad I never chewed on the seeds but I do eat them.

  • Sumit Sharma

    I had a slight idea about most of them, but now al my doubts stand confirmed. We better be cautious.

  • downhighway61

    What’s up with castor oil? If it’s so deadly, why do we still harvest it? There’s got to be a substitution out there for whatever it does in food.

    Oh and why do people force it on kids? I thought that was something that was done only in Mary Poppins time.

  • joanne

    i surely hope that the fugu is unaware after the chef chops its head off. but then in the chinese dish i forgot to include that the fish has its gut drawn out, its body deep fried, served and then eaten with its heart still beating AND its head still attached AND with the mouth opening and closing periodically. ouch!

  • Bombkitten

    Was it just me? Or was that pufferfish breathing?

  • joanne

    jfrater: i couldn’t find a good quality video, but here’s something from youtube:

  • waseemaadil

    good knowledge

  • ReVeNg3

    Why would anyone need a poop softener? :)

  • Becca

    Very interesting… but what gets me is how did they discover the ‘edible’ bits of the puffer fish? I mean, did someone go.. “Hey, I think I’ll try this fish and see what it tastes like.” [eats fish] “Oh no, it was poisonous, I’m dead.” Next person comes along and thinks to themselves… “Oh wow, that poor soul died eating that fish… I wonder if it’s ALL poisonous? I think I’ll try THIS part…”

  • dk

    Casava also caused numerous deaths here in the Philippines.

  • vinnu


  • ann

    some true more is false .. by the way is this article authorized by health department????
    going by the article I MUST BE A ZOMBIEEE!!!!!

  • joanne

    Becca: a fine point you have there indeed…

    but i believe it is more likely that the first ones to eat pufferfish learned which parts are poisonous by splitting the parts among a dozen or so people then correlating those who died with the parts they ate, since if in the situation you presented the first one ate fugu then died, everyone else would probably think its all poisonous. alternatively, maybe this daring soul was lucky enough to have eaten a harmless part, but some who would follow this person would have been unlucky to find that certain other parts are poisonous, and everyone else would then see that fugu is not all harmless.

  • Ernmas

    Great list…As always a wonderful start to my day. Thank goodness apple seeds are that poisonous. I usually only leave the stem when I eat an apple!

  • ankit

    sum looks so adult things

  • jhoyce07


  • Peter

    The most bizzare meal I have ever heard of is a tofu soup prepared in japan wher a large block of tofu is placed in a large bowl and then lots of baby eels are added , then boiling broth is added and the eels burrow into the tofu to escape the heat and are cooked inside the tofu. Yum Yum

  • Tricia

    Peter: Oh my gosh I just threw up in my mouth a little. But to each his own right? I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • cannabiscallan

    I like eating a certain type of mushroom…

  • copperdragon

    Eucalyptus leaves and bark are poisonous to humans. It is a large woody shrub plant originating in Australia, but found in the US, a lot of times on golf courses.

    Thankfully, most of our exposure to this plant is in the form of creams and oils.

  • butterfly

    In Denmark tomatoes are also considered a vegetable

  • SuperHero3

    Hey Guys! Come on over, I am making a Mushroom, Pufferfish, Elderberry, Castor Oil, Almond, Cherry, Apple, Rhubarb, Tomatoe, Potato Pie! Or as I like to call it “The Widow Maker” mmmm yummy!!!

  • Ottsworth

    …or if you come to mine you can just have a steak pie. I prefere that!

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  • Ravyn

    Rhubarb is a pain. We got rhubarb growing in our back yard. We didn’t want it there and one year it just started growing… over a 1/3 or the back yard. We have been trying to get rid of it but it is damn near impossible. You have to get it out by the crown of the root, every last bit of the plant. If even a little bit is left in the ground it comes back.

  • Blitzen

    I used to swallow cherry pits all the time as a kid (and not just one or two, either) and never had a bad experience. I didn’t chew them, though.

    Raw kidney beans are poisonous and can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Both the tubers and leaves of taro (elephant ears), a staple crop in much of Oceania and Southeast Asia, are very poisonous when eaten raw.

    Honey can be toxic to babies under 2 years old.

    Raw salmon, especially farmed salmon, contains a large number of parasites. It must be flash frozen before being used in sushi.

  • flgh

    #37 disgruntled goat: pufferfish is not a plant

  • Benmark

    Don’t forget cashews. The uncooked seeds are a blister agent and toxic to consume.

  • Callie

    This might be the most tidbits of info I’ve ever picked up form one list. Almonds aren’t nuts? My beloved cherries could kill me? I’m justified when I say apples make me feel sick but strangely applesauce doesn’t? Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries?


  • ringtailroxy

    I’m actually allergic to tomatoes… like some people are allergic to nuts or strawberries… I get a full anaphalactic reaction. Had so many reactions over the years (from homemade salsa, tomato paste on pizza, V8) that the last reaction I had (3 years ago), I was told quite directly by the ER physician that unless I wanted to asphyxiate because of airway constriction, to stay the hell away from tomatoes or tomato products!

    but I still eat salsa… kinda like the fugu thing… in small amounts, it makes my lips swell a little, and I get a slight tingly sensation on my face & in my hands that’s mildly pleasurable..

    guess I’m showing how much I like to dance with danger!


  • ringtailroxy

    also, Castor Beans have been used to make jewelry-the bean itself can be used as a bead or accept to natural jewelry. I used to have a castor bean necklace back in my Grateful Dead days.

    unfortunately, I had a case where a poor dog ate some castor beans from a necklace, chewed them up, and died a horrific death the likes of i’ve never seen before or since. nobody at the clinic could figure out what was wrong, we just did lots of diagnostics and pain management, but the poor pit bull succumbed withing an hour. so we shipped him out to the university for a full necropsy & toxicology. craziest (and saddest) thing. the owners had no idea the necklace with he pretty shiny beads was actually a poison!


  • girish

    good one!!!!!!!!!!!!! man no one can even imagine about it ..

    Please bring this awareness among all .

    i will also spread this awareness to all of my friends

  • Jordan

    does this mean no cherry spitting contests anymore?

  • thewebpromoter

    Thanks for the List, JFrater, I didn’t knew about most of my favorite foods are poisonous not after I have read this list. Next time, I should have to be extra careful before eating them. Although I have known poison on mushroom a little.

  • himadri

    wow…… what an article man….its really informative. and the video of cutting that fish was really cruel… i mean how can you go on cutting a living fish???its mouth and chest was still pumping…it was horrible scene…how one can kill and eat poor and helpless animals………??!!!

  • thewebpromoter

    Now, I am confused whether I should buy french fries later, lol

  • smithstar4

    You forgot McDonald Hamburgers

  • LeeJH

    The green part of a potato isn’t poisonous at all – it’s the result of being exposed to light, and is the same photosynthesising chlorophyll you’d expect in most plants. However, exposure to sunlight also causes the potato to produce solanine and chaconine, etc. THROUGHOUT the potato but just underneath the skin. The fact that a potato has green patches is merely indicates this poison will be present.

  • robneiderman

    I remember the apple seed thing from an episode of GI JOE back when I was little. There was some kind of blob-like thing destroying everything in its path, until the JOE team led it to an apple orchard, where it ate all of the apples and died. Ever since then I’ve known, and knowing is half the battle.

  • Jubyduk

    Shouldn’t chocolate be on the list?

  • bucslim

    The Colonel puts an addictive chemical in his chicken to make you crave it fortnightly, smartass!

  • STL Mo

    This list makes me feel much better about eating such stables of a healthy diet as McDonald’s hamburgers, Snickers bars and chips. Bring on the additives and preservatives!! ;)

  • STL Mo

    er, “staples.” (Nothing like a misspelling to ruin a mildly humerous post.)

  • NestorV

    Intersting list.
    I didn’t know that the almond is a seed and not a nut.
    I’ll never look at them the same way, and I love almonds.

  • ZedroZ

    Great list today,
    I always enjoy the lists though and the various debates that follow. With regard to the inclusion of the tomato, when we buy them, the small green part at the top of it, where it has been separated from the stalk, is that poisonous? My girlfriend always cuts it out when making a salad and when I asked why she said it was poisonous, I assumed a position of blissful ignorance :-). But after reading the list, alas, I concede!
    Is this more dangerous to children in a body mass vs quantity way. I.e. they can eat a lot less but feel worse side affects? Just curious.

  • EAL

    Whenever I eat apples, I usually chew on the seeds and bit them open. The insides of the seeds have a very unique taste that actually is a little like almonds. I should probably stop doing this if I want to continue living. Thanks for the warning, JFrater!

  • ZedroZ

    Sorry for the double post but something just caught my eye. As ridiculous as this sounds, that Pufferfish looked like it was still breathing despite having just been decapitated. Was I dreaming?

  • Yana

    my favorite things are on the list!!!

  • psychosurfer

    #73. Todd – Killing live fish is exactly why people shouldn’t eat meat
    I have yet to see someone kill a dead fish.

  • Callie

    “Killing live fish is exactly why people shouldn’t eat meat”

    Most of my vegetarian friends eat fish. And eggs.

  • ZedroZ

    @ Todd: I do see what your trying to say but nobody can kill fish when they are dead can they?..
    Meat (Red, White) etc. Is still a valuable source of nutriance for humans and animals alike. I know tofu and vegetarian alternatives are available as my partner is a vegetarian. but it is a process that people follow. I despise cruelty to animals as I am sure most people do and I completely support biological & humane culling of animals. Can you say to a shark, do not eat that seal because it is inhumane? The same to a Lion with regards to a Zebras welfare, no. I doubt anyone here enjoys the suffering of any animal and I am sure nobody does it wilfully (with the exception of farmers to earn their living). It is an unfortunate thing within how we live. You could argue that we could all use tofu / vegetarian alternatives as opposed to meat. But we are nature the same as the Lion and the Shark. We have primal instinct the same as other natural predators. We don’t choose where we are in the food chain. But to be blatantly honest I would much rather eat an animal than my fellow human…
    Hope to hear your response
    Best Regards

  • ZedroZ

    You could argue my point :-P

  • kofeelite

    the red mulberry tree, found in the eastern us, has delicious berries. they ripen in july. however, the unripe berries and raw shoots contain a hallucinogen. i haven’t tried them, so i can’t say if you’ll trip or just puke. best location i’ve found is the old graveyard in salem, mass. the tree is in the back, away from the witch memorial. there are no witches buried there, no one really knows what became of the bodies. not encouraging anyone, just FYI…

  • Callie

    zedroz, the last three “todd”s (and, stupidly, the last jfrater) are surely trolls. The first one was probably real.

    At any rate, your first comment was well put, zed.

  • ZedroZ

    I would like to point out that comment 84 was not me if JFrater could delete that I would be very grateful

  • JayArr

    Okay, Mr. Jamie Frater! I’m not happy with this list at all. The list includes several instances of things that are poisonous which we DON’T EAT!
    1. We don’t eat the elderberry plant’s roots and limbs.
    2. We don’t eat cherry pits (seeds)
    3. We don’t eat apple seeds (I have a co-worker who swallows them whole as he eats the apple, core and all – ewww).
    4. We don’t eat the rhubarb leaves
    5. We don’t eat tomato plant roots and stems
    6. We don’t eat potato plant stems and leaves

    Something needs to be changed here. Either the entire list, or maybe add tapioca in place of the pufferfish and change the name to make more sense as relates to the true content of the list… something like: “10 edible foods from otherwise poisonous plants”

    Okay, I’m done venting…

  • ZedroZ

    Thanks Callie, Trolls?
    Is this the user that I saw on the last list “Signs Of Evolution In Modern Man”
    Under various user names with the word “troll” includedvin the name?

  • ZedroZ

    JFrater I dont want to be a stick in the mud but is there any chance of a way to block IP addresses from the site? As is quite obvious, some are ruining what is an excellent site…

  • Callie

    probably. Trust in jfrater. or cyn or mom. They’ll take care of it right nice. Oh look…I got one too. We should all start a club.

  • ZedroZ

    “The haters of people with valid points club”
    has a nice ring to it ;-)

  • DK

    I knew about a few of these, but wow! Cherry seeds? potatoes?
    Also, I just love the bit about the tomatoes being a veggie according to a US Supreme Court decision! It bothers me when people get into the tomato argument, totally ignoring the fact that technically zucchini, cucumber, peppers, etc are all fruits as well in scientific terms, but are generally lumped in with veggies in culinary terms.

  • Mr. Chainsaw

    ZedroZ: you rock
    Eric:your post would be funnier but also creepier if the title wasn’t capitalzed. Either way, I laughed

  • Cedestra

    I think everyone with a strong opinion and some time spent here has had a troll. Sometimes they’re smart enough to sneak the comments in under the radar; most of the time, no.
    33. ReVeNg3: Get constipated THEN come back to that.
    That pufferfish was still “breathing”! That was crazy. I was just impressed at how efficient and safe that fugu chef was.
    Callie: If you’re friends eat fish, they aren’t vegetarian, no matter how hard they argue that point. Tell them I said “sorry, you can’t join the club”. Anything with a face- last I checked fish had flesh and blood. I don’t belong to that club anymore. I love the taste of fish too much. I just tell people I don’t eat meat/pork/foul/game or I’m pescetarian. Either way I tend to confuse them.

  • allie80

    Huh…and they want us to eat healthy…

  • I’ve had nice experiences with everything on the list except puffer fish. I’ve never tried puffer fish, and never intend to.
    Someone, I can’t find the post again(!), mentioned that they have a large patch of unwanted and seemingly un-get-ridable patch of Rhubarb. I assume you have tried digging it out, and using all of the commercial weed killers by this time, right?
    If so, the next option is guerrilla warfare: Muriatic Acid.
    Cut each plant (one by one) level with the ground. Bore a hole a couple of inches deep in the stump. Pour some Muriatic Acid into the hole. Repeat until all the plants have been treated.
    I used this method to kill a rubber tree that was lifting the driveway at my mum’s house, and seemed poised to tip over. The root system was enormous, so there was no way to cut it out. I came up with the Muriatic Acid idea one day, and it worked beautifully.
    Good luck!

  • Okay – I gave him plenty of chances – the IP is banned.

  • Jade

    I remember the puffer fish from an episode of the Simpsons when I was in 5th grade, haha.

  • fred

    The green in potatoes is due to chlorophyll and if any part of a potato is green then it likely contains the poison solanine throughout. So don’t think that you can just cut the green bits off and be ok.

  • Christy

    I agree with Callie…I think this is the “most new info learned on a listverse list” for me to date! Nice work!

  • ericdraven26

    Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.

    now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

  • ericdraven26

    how many cherry seeds would you need to consume in order to die?
    same question with apple seeds?

  • ericdraven26: according to everything2:

    It takes about 100 grams of crushed (crushing causes the “prunasin” or “Amygdalin” to produce the cyanide) apple seed to make a person of about 150 pounds rather ill. This is around half a cup of seeds. To commit suicide using apple seeds you need to crush and eat these seeds fairly quickly, both to avoid evaporation of cyanide from the crushed seeds, and so as not to lose consciousness before ingesting a lethal dose. [Source]

  • Obviously it would require fewer cherry seeds :)

  • Mom424

    Segue: Excellent tip. I’m going to try it this spring with the trumpet vine that I have growing all over my lawn. I allow it to grow on the side of the house; I enjoy the hummingbirds it attracts; but ever since we stopped spraying the lawn for broad leaf weeds the vine is coming up everywhere.

    BTW I eat apple seeds, peel ’em and pop ’em with my teeth. My mom told me they were poisonous, but not to worry, I’d have to eat a truck load of apples a day to cause any ill effect. I think I’ll continue to believe her.

  • BooRadley

    Does anyone know if this is true? My mother always cut out the “eyes” (sprouting buds) on potatoes because she said they were poisonous. Also, when eating watermelon, I always chew and eat the seeds along with the fruit. Are watermelon seeds poisonous?

    Oh, no, now I’m becoming paranoid!

  • Jake

    Sorry if this was said before, but the title is misleading for 2 reasons. First, it is not that mushrooms ARE poisonous, but that they CAN BE poisonous, which is inconsistent with the theme. Also the majority of the foods are poisonous if consumed in quantities so large that the consumer’s stomach would burst anyway. Anything is poisonous if you consume too much of it; there is even such a thing as water intoxication.

  • big guy

    Me too!!

  • ZedroZ

    @ (apparently) the actual Todd.
    I do apologise, due to a busy lifestyle I don’t get to comment much on LV much less keep up with the goings on of said “Trolls”. I did not mean to offend or upset anyone. I actually thought that the person posting under your name in that particular post was just voicing an opinion, didn’t realise it was a “troll”. Sorry :-)
    By the way, what on earth is a Troll anyway?

  • JayArr

    BooRadley(103) Nope, the ‘eyes’ are not poisonous per se. They are simply locations from which the potatoes can eventually (if given time to grow) sprout new roots to begin growing new plants. Simply break any new sprouts off the tater before you cook and eat it… no worries.

  • Dragonrider617

    i learn so much from this website everyday! :D

  • Precision

    Wow this list was a real eye-opener! Very interesting read too :D

    Regarding the fugu preparation, I’m sure that once the head is gone that’s it for the fish…any further movement as shown in the video would likely be the result of nerve spasms. I watched the vid that joanne (31) posted though and THAT was definitely cruel.

    Reading this list has made me a little bit hungry!

  • ben

    @ ericdraven-i thought the same thing with the elderberries! speaking of that, do they actually produce nice smelling flowers? cause the berries themselves obviously have a very objectionable odor. and at mushrooms on the list..”many people don’t know is that a toadstool is actually a mushroom, not a separate type of plant.” mushrooms/toadstools are not plants. i couldn’t stand not sayin it, sorry. finally, an interesting tidbit about the tomato-when tomatos were brought to europe from south america, it was originally believed that the whole fruit/plant was extremely poisonous and was considered an evil plant. as a result early “ketchups” were made out of things like apples, various vegetables, and even herring.

  • imAdork

    So what about green potato chips or french fries?

  • Dlyryo

    in my country cassava is widely known as yuca among its people. In the Colombian northern coast region, it is used mainly in the preparation of Sancocho (a kind of rich soup) and other soups. In the Valle del Cauca State it is famous, the Pandebono bread made of the yuca dough.

    In the coastal region, is known especially in the form of “Bollo de yuca” (a kind of bread) or “enyucados”. “Bollo de yuca” is a dough made of ground yuca that is wrapped in aluminum foil and then boiled, and is served with butter and cheese. “Enyucado” is a dessert made of ground boiled yuca, anise, sugar, and sometimes guava jam. In the caribbean region of Colombia it is also eaten roasted, fried or boiled with soft homemade cheese or cream cheese and mainly as guarnition of fish dishes is ver common to eat cassava everyday

  • timmy the dying boy

    Thanks, ben, I was just about to complain that fungi are generally not classed as plants anymore, but form their own kingdom. It’s interesting, I recently read somewhere that fungi are actually more closely related to animals than to plants.

  • ericdraven26

    jfrater, by less cherry seeds, an amount being est.?

  • DaniBee

    WOW, I love sucking on cherry seeds… that’s a little nervewracking…

    lol, I thought the only poison in a potato was a green potato chip… yuk yuk yuk!

  • sheltiesan

    Another great informative list. I’m thinking I probably should have been dead or deathly ill quite a few times! :) I’m thinking that the green on potato chips and fries are probably just unripened portions. That’s what I’ve always thought anyway. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • evilk8

    There’s also juniper berries which are used to produce gin – mother’s ruin.

    Oh yay for gin! ;)

  • Vera Lynn

    Reagan decided that ketchup was a “vegetable” for school lunches. No kidding. So the schools’ hot lunch programs didn’t need to include a “real” vegetable.

  • Lindsey

    Can I just say that the chef who prepared the puffer fish went awfully fast considering it’s a poisonous fish?

  • Vera Lynn

    Also Morning Glory seeds are a hallucinagenic. I didn’t know that before, but I do now. They can also mess with your heartbeat. They cause arrythmia (sp?).

  • Luxid

    I think this article is highly misleading. The cyanid in the seeds is, unlike what is written here, contained in such little quantity that might be even useful for our organism (see vitamin B17 – and other sources).

  • Katiebug

    Oh no, I was paranoid enough as it is without knowing that cherries, apples, and french fries could kill me!

  • itsmejld

    Oh my god. I need a life. I’ve been out with friends since yesterday and I’m sitting here at 2:00 am looking for a new list. Holy crap will it never end? (I hope not). Love the site, I just wish I didn’t love it so much.

  • Flying Circus


  • astraya

    Re item no 2: My understanding is that that Supreme Court decision only applies to that one particular tax decision, and makes no definitive statement about to-mah-toes per se. (I could be wrong about that. I’ve been wrong once before in my life.)

    Someone once said “Knowledge is knowing that to-mah-toes are fruit. Wisdom is not putting them in the fruit salad.”

  • Luxid

    Oh please, what are you talking about? All those fruits and vegetables are totally harmless if consumed in the quantity that all of us consume them in everyday life. Obviously, if you eat a kilo of apple seeds a day you’ll get sick, but come on, where is your reason at that point?! This site is not bad, but this article uses partial information about these foods, so you’d rather check for other sources. Be curious! ;-)

  • Paro

    I was expecting to see chocolate as number one…22 pounds can kill a human. Awesome list though, I didn’t know about potatoes

  • JK

    Wow. Who would have thought ! Everyday, I at least eat one of those things, especially potatoes.

    And boy, one Castor seed is all you need! Now thats a scary fact. I bet my mother had no idea about that. BTW, doesn’t Castor oil come from Castor seeds ?

    Unbelievable and a scary list. Keep it up ! :D

    @ 127, Paro : Really, chocolate ? why dont you give us more insight into this.

  • prateek

    GREAT one man !!!!!!! castor one was my fav. one seed in … and u are done ! but there is a confustion .. why the hell will anyone drink POTATO LEAVES TEA???????

    and AMERICA !! HATS-OFF … tomatoes !!!!! vegetables ??????

    WOW !!!!!!!!

  • Bahar

    What about spinach. It is toxic when you cook it for the second time. (Heat the leftovers up for example).

    grz Belgium.

  • Clantargh

    Good list. I only knew about half of these. I recall hearing once that a suicidal man cooked a plant known to be poisonous to kill himself and inadvertantly discovered tapioca pudding, but can not be sure of he veracity of that.

  • Callie


    is that true about spinach? That’s so strange. do you know why?

    I know when you heat breast milk in a microwave the nutrients go away, but its probably not the same situation :)

  • Bahar

    I don’t know why. It came on television. A program of a topchef who prepared a dish with spinach. Since then everybody speaks about it. So it is not deathly poisening I supose, of course :).

  • Brickhouse

    Wow, I’ve been eating a LOT of poisonous food! Great list. :)

  • JJ Walker

    My moms cooking should be up here.

  • Vera Lynn

    JJ (135)Damn! That’s cold, man! ;)

  • Seanithanegan

    This is some crazy shit.

    I knew almost none of this.

  • jasontimmer

    Interesting about the tomatoes- when my grandmother was captured by the Japanese in WWII, she told me how they were usually given “tomato leaf soup” to eat. I wonder if the Japanese knew about the anxiety it produces and used it to keep morale low…

  • myst75

    Bitter almond trees are a hybrid between a peach tree and a sweet almond tree. Plantations are usually kept seperate.Fruit of all three look extremely similar, be very sure you have a peach or sweet almond tree.

    When collecting mushrooms, if, when you cut the stalk, it stains red it will be toxic. If yellow when cut, it will probably make you throw up or give you an allergic reaction.

    Another bit of food foraging info:- all river or fresh water fish are edible, but not all salt water fish are.

    Love this list xxx

  • jasontimmer

    myst75- no offense, but the mushroom thing sounds like some chinese medicine BS. I’ve found some very deadly species that don’t bleed at all, and the psychedelic mushroom, p. cubensis, bleeds black. Also, allergic reactions vary by individual so it’s pretty hard to make a blanket statement like that.

    I think the best policy is not to eat any wild plant or fungus unless you are absolutely sure it is edible.

  • zzz

    While you’re making these claims, please post some sources otherwise I’ll file it in disinformation. Re: Tomatos, a signifigant amount of leaf would have to be consumed, I researched this recently.

  • dusha

    Callie: Anytime you heat anything up (especially in the wretched microwave) it will devoid itself of nutrients.

    I enjoyed the list, but thought that it could have used some more info.

  • Shadow

    To those worrying about the little fishy – It’s a fish, AKA FOOD. On top of this, the dish is being prepared in another country, by a member of another culture. Your complaints about the preparation of this dish are as nonsensical as PITA’s assertion that Red Lobster restaurant cannot simply toss the lobsters in a pot of boiling water. Instead, they must kill the lobster first. PITA then took Red Lobster to court again claiming that the poor lobster could both see the knife coming (as it was about to be stabbed behind the eyes, so that the brain was destroyed so it would feel no more pain as it cooked)AND understand that it was about to die, and thus would feel fear. Not one, but TWO idiot judges bought this cock and bull story, and now Red Lobster employees must turn the lobster over, then try to locate the brain and stab the lobster there, without being able to see the eyes and use them as a guide.

    Food animals are just that – FOOD. I happen to be a firm believer that people are just animals too, and hence are potential food if things get bad enough. If things ever got that bad, you wouldn’t see me worrying about how they must feel, I’d make it as quick as possible, to reduce the chances of both injury to myself, and their chance of getting away. That’s the law of the jungle, ‘Eat or be eaten’.

    Also, who cares if you’re a vegan or vegetarian? We’re all different, and some of us have nutritional and metabolic needs that those two diets cannot meet. Stop trying to shove your brainwashing down other people’s throats. We’re all different. Try respecting everyone’s differences for once, instead of just assuming that you’re the only person out there who’s right.

    To the person with a Rhubarb problem – Two things: first, have you considered just harvesting them and selling them on weekends at a local farmer’s market, or something along those lines? Second, if you don’t want to go to that much trouble, I suggest salting the area they grow in with rock salt. Granted, nothing will grow there for a long time, but you’ll never have to worry about the Rhubarb either.

    As for the contents of this list, a notable omission is eggplant, another member of the Deadly Nightshade family along with tomatoes and potatoes. Tomatoes also contain a small amount of nicotine. Cinnamon is another plant that can be potentially deadly. Some of you have seen the videos around the internet about the “Cinnamon Challenge”. Basically, some foolish person tries to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon dry, with no water to help them swallow it. Of course, the person ends up coughing and retching very quickly – fortunately for them! Chemicals contained in cinnamon act on several adrenal glands, primarily the pancreas. Ingesting more than about a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon in one day can lead to dangerously low bloodsugar levels, and even death. On top of this, ground cinnamon suspended in water and injected directly into a vein is alleged to produce hallucinogenic effects similar to nutmeg and LSD. Another potentially lethal plant is the Vanilla bean. It isn’t as lethal as the Castor bean, but if you go to most grocery stores you’ll note that real vanilla bean extract is almost prohibitively expensive. This is because so many people (hobos mostly) were drinking it for a cheap high, and overdosing. (My old man was a cop in Boston back in the sixties, and he told me a few stories about this.)

    As for apple seeds and such, if you eat it in small quantities often enough, you eventually build up a resistance to the toxin in question. I never leave anything but the stem behind when I eat apples, same for almost any other fruit, berry, or melon. You only get one life, live it to the absolute fullest limit you possibly can, and have no regrets at the end.

  • jasontimmer

    Shadow- I had to laugh. So you get the MAXIMUM out of life by eating the WHOLE DAMN APPLE. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

  • Bex

    I’ve definitely had cherry pips in my mouth for hours!! Even swallowed some!!

  • Shadow

    Jasontimmer- You know, when I wrote that, and reread it, it never hit me that I came off like I was saying that. Oh well, like I said, no regrets. I’m glad you got a laugh out of it! :D

  • Lizzy

    All chiles contain a chemical called capsaicin, which is what makes them spicy. In large amounts (and we’re talking huge) capsaicin is a very deadly poison. The effects of capsaicin can be observed by eating Dave’s Insanity Sauce or similar horribly spicy sauces containing the pure chemical. Dave’s Insanity has actually sent people to the hospital before. It is also an effective paint stripper. Capsaicin is used in the production of pepper spray. The LAPD uses modified paintballs full of powdered capsaicin for crowd control. Also, when cutting chiles, especially habaneros, wear gloves or wash your hands immediately afterward. It can burn your hands or, if you don’t wash your hands thoroughly with your strongest soap and happen to touch them, your eyes.

  • Lizzy

    I’m shocked that no one else put anything about chiles.

  • Ty

    A second note that should be added to the “tomatoes” section:

    tomatoes evolved from Nightshade, which is also poisonous.

  • uhmmm….

  • Naomi

    JFrater, I think you’re wrong on raw almonds being illegal to sell in the US. I work in a health food store, and we sell them. I checked Wiki, and it says that only wild almonds are poisonous; domesticated trees have had that gene bred out. ( I did find an article on ( from April 10, 2007,about the sale of raw almonds maybe becoming illegal in response to the Salmonella outbreaks in 2001 and 2004 that were traced to raw almonds, though I haven’t been able to find out if that came through or not, or if it’s only in California. Like I said, we sell them at the store I work at in Utah.

  • Shadow

    Naomi – It is indeed illegal to sell raw almonds in the US, the government just can’t enforce it universally at the moment, so some stuff still gets through.

    Also, they’re irradiating them now(dosing our foods with radiation – [sarcasm]BRILLIANT IDEA[/sarcasm]) allegedly to kill both bacteria and mold that can cause people harm.

    [tinfoilhat]People are realizing the medicinal power of certain foods, and this is beginning to take a sizable chunk out of BigPharma’s wallet. Being the jackasses they are, and wanting all that money for themselves, they are using their lobbying arm to get congress to make many wholesome foods illegal, and are trying to find ways to copyright whole species and other such items so that they maintain sole control of them. Oh, I’ve said too much… they’re coming to take me away….[/tinfoilhat]. Seriously though, it really is going down pretty much the way I’ve laid out. If anyone wants to read up on it, go to and have a look around at all of the articles there. The site is owned and operated by an actual Doctor in the USA, and I don’t mean an herbalist or other type of pseudo-doctor either.

  • Freshies

    I have seen mushrooms that look like the picture in #10. Trust me those aren’t posinous but they sure will rock your world and you may think your life is over, that is until you realize that the mushroom are ‘Magical’.

  • Naomi

    Thanks for the info shadow. Is the info on it being illegal to sell on I’m sure my manager would want to know this, and he’ll want something to back it up.

  • almond lover

    Shadow – I think it would be helpful for your argument to point out to those of us who have been buying raw almonds in American grocery stores for years that A) the law against them is NEW and was put into place only just last year to stop SALMONELLA, not poison, which has indeed been bred out of domesticated almonds, and B) almonds can still be labeled as raw after having been processed by salmonella-killing chemicals or having been steam-heated long enough to kill bacteria, so that’s why there are still “raw” almonds for sale even after the law was passed, not because of shoddy law enforcement. Sheesh, five seconds of Googling …

  • almond lover

    er sorry forgot it’s 2009 now; that should be “only since 2007” instead of “only just last year”

  • Naomi

    Thank you almond lover. I was wondering if I was the only person to bother looking this up after seeing raw almonds for sale.

  • Natural

    I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too…

  • Shadow

    My apologies then, I had skimmed the article, and apparently missed some key elements to the story. In either case, I DO recall an article saying that the Feds were going to move to using radiation to kill molds and bacteria in nuts, berries, and meat starting last year – and that WAS on Personally, I’d rather get some very fresh almond seeds and plant my own, along with dates and other things. I just prefer the freshest produce possible, with absolutely no tampering.

  • Dogface.

    Wow, great list, init mayte. ;D

  • Dogface.

    I am at school right now, found this site for a sicence lession. Haaah, as if someone doesn’t know what a ‘pip’ is. Duuude, you’re pathetic. :)

  • akusma

    Fantastic list mate. Tomatoes? Vegtable? THat’s a stupid idea -_- They have seeds, seeds in them = fruits ya morons.

    Been using this for school and it helped!

  • Shadow

    akusma – If that’s the case… the what are cucumbers, squash, and watermelon? How about peanuts?

  • 160. Shadow: akusma – If that’s the case… the what are cucumbers, squash, and watermelon? How about peanuts?
    1 – cucumbers – fruit
    2 – squash – fruit
    3 – watermelon – fruit
    4 – peanuts – legume

    you’re welcome

  • kfarschman

    The term “vegetable” isn’t a scientific term anyways so arguing about what scientifically is a fruit or a vegetable is as arbitrary as categorizing what is a fruit or a vegetable. Pretty much all vegetable means is “edible part of a plant”. Therefore the only thing that isn’t a vegetable by that definition is members of the fungi kingdom. Many “vegetables” are fruits because most parts of plants that are edible are the fruits of them. When the subject of plants is the eating of them I think the culinary categorization takes precedent over the scientific anyways unless you want to eat cucumbers, squash and potatoes in your fruit salad.

  • kfarschman

    I meant tomato not potato in the last sentence.

  • kfarschman

    akusma, it’s great that you use your ignorant knowledge about the definition of fruits and vegetables to call people morons. Maybe you should do some real research on the subject (like the basic definition of vegetable).

    ? ?/?v?d?t?b?l, ?v?d??t?-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [vej-tuh-buhl, vej-i-tuh-] Show IPA Pronunciation
    1. any plant whose fruit, seeds, roots, tubers, bulbs, stems, leaves, or flower parts are used as food, as the tomato, bean, beet, potato, onion, asparagus, spinach, or cauliflower.
    2. the edible part of such a plant, as the tuber of the potato.
    3. any member of the vegetable kingdom; plant.

  • akusma, you might want to look up the difference between culinary fruit/vegetable and botanical fruit/vegetable.
    There is a difference.

  • kfarschman

    It pretty much comes down to all fruits (flower ovaries)are vegetables (which isn’t a science or botany term) but not all vegetables are fruits (leafs, stems, tubers, seeds, false fruits..etc)

    The more you know..

  • Halfasixpack

    “Almonds are also a member of this family but they are the only fruit which is harvested especially for its seeds.”

    What about coffee-bush fruits?
    And white pepper, which is the seed inside piper nigrum berries after the black skins are removed from the dried fruit?
    Or the seeds inside the cacao tree fruit, from which we get chocolate?

  • Fury2.0

    Great list? A lot of these, I did not know. Who knew cyanide was that common in nature?

  • Fury2.0

    Correction. Great list! Not Great list?. sorry.

  • Mrs Polidori

    I knew cyanide was in various fruits, etc. Hydrogen cyanide is another name for prussic acid, but where as cyanide on its own is extremely dangerous, prussic acid is corrosive, although, people never associate it with that, even though it is called acid!

  • sari

    I am not sure I can agree with all of these statements. As someone who has owned a produce market in California, I can tell you we have to know our stuff! Potatoes turn green when exposed to light. This is why you see them in dark bags. Green potatoes can give you stomach pains, but kill you?? I don’t think so!

  • zz

    i did not know that almonds, tomatoes, cheries, etc… where poisonious

  • zz

    i love these food how are they poisonous

  • Kikki K

    OMG my 2 fave foods r potato and tomato and apple…

  • 174. Kikki K: OMG my 2 fave foods r potato and tomato and apple…
    My psychic powers tell me you are a maths teacher…

  • oouchan

    175. segue: Hilarious! Better than the cake one!

  • oouchan, sometimes I let my weirdness come out to play.

  • timefillmyeyes

    Interesting list, but I’d like to point out that anything that can be considered a fruit is the equivalent of a plant ovary, not just tomatoes.

    Definitely informative however. I didn’t know that almonds are a seed or why potatoes are sometimes green.

  • Alexis

    My potatoes! ekkk

    I surely need to remember that, thanks listverse

  • Nancy


    Sorry to swear, but that freaked me out. I tend to leave the pit in my mouth sometimes…uck.

  • freddy

    where can I find some castor beans for my wifes diet! and inlaws!
    OJ Simps…

  • CaptainBoggles

    The one thing that separates us from the animals is that animals instinctively know what is good for them to eat, we have long since lost touch.
    Apricot kernels have long since been recognised as a powerful cancer killing agent. the chemical is Laetryl/Amygdalin , synthesised as Vitamin B17. animals tend to eat the whole fruit, apples bananas etc, but we throw away the bit that does us any good. hence we get sick.
    sure they contain cyanide, but in a component form that only shapes up in the presence of cancer cells
    Google for B17… read up

  • CaptainBoggles

    you’re right ….. look at bill C51 in canadian legislation….
    Big Brother or WHAT….

  • Lolersk8

    Top Tenz just stole this list!

  • ravi chandel

    Its a great list but i wanted to know that tomatoes and potatoes are very commonly used in indian dishes if it is posiones how can we avoid the posion in it is there any method that can remove poision complete at home pls tell

  • Avinash

    potatoes, tomatoes, apples and cherries… Don know how many times i have eaten apple seeds! don know how many times i had keep chewing cherry seeds..!! Nice article…

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  • the arkenstone

    i eat cherry pits all the time, still alive :)

  • tsunamicharly

    I can’t eat raw tomatoes, or potatoes. I’m very sensitive to the alkaloids. When I was 9, my mother made me eat half a tomato because I said they made me sick. She didn’t believe me until I had to be rushed to the emergency room and get a tracheotomy. My throat muscles had constricted. That’s when I learned tomatoes and potatoes were in the same family with nightshades and belladonna.

  • Kitkat

    i eat potatoes in every form. raw,mashed, hashed, cooked. u name it, i like it :)

  • Crizack

    i eat all these things and now i is DEAD AND WRITING ON THE COMPUTER AS A GHOST.

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  • koel

    I like your listings and this list too but isn’t the way you have explained a few things suggest like saying ‘ Hey! we Americans know everything’; beginning with no 7 and specifically no 2.
    There are many more things we consume which contain poison in one part or the other; specially vegetables but I want you to focus on the medicines we consume regularly. They contain more unwanted substances than desired hence the side effects and again a prescribed medicine for that.


    This is funny.Everyday people consume food with MSG Monosodium Glutamate,Aspartame and most of times GM food,and other garbage but tho we watch ourselfs from Apples, Cherries,Potatoes, Tomatoes?


    Inorganic garbage and GM food will kill us before the organic “posion” does.

  • daniel robinson

    hi you are all gay

  • Lia


    I suck/chew on cherry pits. especially if it’s the last one. wow.

  • jgal

    Just wanted to comment that I just recovered from food poisoning from eating green potato chips! I’ve never been so sick in my life. The chips were flavored cheddar cheese and I was eating them while watching a movie. I did not look at them until my son had some and commented how every one was green! In the morning and throughout the entire next day I cleared my entire digestive system (vomiting and diarhea) and nearly lost consciousness several times. It was awful! All from eating green potato chips–a name brand too!

  • Cj

    Man, I can’t believe it! I really love eating potatoes and it’s actually poisonous?! And so it’s not true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away….

  • breadatarian

    wow what a fascinating read and eye opening selection of everyday foods that can be potentially glad i have an eating the way i think its tomarto …onimatapiea

  • Conrad

    Very interresting list, a good read. Except, the almdond / apricot kernal information is not entirely correct. Despite cyanide being very toxic, the naturally occuring form of cyanide found in these seeds are very healthy. It has been shown to prevent and, in some cases, even cure cancer. In fact the Hunzas, (tribe in Pakistan), have the highest average age. These people live well into their 100s and are totally cancer free.


  • Alice

    i never knew potatoes could be so dangerous i can’t believe it it still amazes me. I’m so glad i don’t drink potato leaf tea or green potatoes

  • JD

    I’ll have to disagree with a couple people here on the cyanide in the apricot pits… When I was about 5 or 6, I ate an apricot and the pit inside was split open and I was apparently pretty excited to find what I thought was an almond inside. My mom asked what I was eating, and next thing I know, I’m at the Emergency Room at the hospital drinking *something* horrible that made me vomit for hours.

  • Masha

    Saying that mushrooms are poisonous is like saying that plants are. It’s such a wide category, you will get both both the extremely poisonous and the things you can eat raw all day long with no side effects. For an example, the white mushrooms sold in stores here are not going to harm you; neither is the white boletus mushroom (forget the exact name). Then there are mushrooms that are tasty and harmless cooked, fried, or pickled, but raw they will cause some upset. And then there are ones like the pale toadstools and many kinds of amanitas, which are better left well alone. There is a pretty wide spectrum.
    Second, I’m getting a kick out of the reactions. If you’ve eaten potatoes and tomatoes this long, why the hell would they have an adverse effect on you only now? I mean, maybe if you gobbled whole plant after plant after plant, chewing thoroughly on the stems, but otherwise it’s unlikely to affect you. You’re also not going to die of eating cherries, unless you decide to mash the pits into a paste and eat them on toast.

  • yellowjelly

    This is fuckin stupid. You people are crazy.

  • stanislavl13

    haha those mushrooms from the image happen to be psilocybe cubensis a very easy to identify hallucinogenic mushroom.

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  • gan

    interesting reading

  • BanjoP

    The cyanide in Almonds, Nutmeg, Apple Seeds and many more foods is in the Vitamin B17 and is important for your health. See the much misconstrued information below.

    Vitamin B17 As a Preventative by Philip Binzel, Jr., M.D.

    A doctor from the U.S. FDA once said that Laetrile contains “free” hydrogen cyanide and, thus, is toxic. I would like to correct that misconception:

    There is no “free” hydrogen cyanide in Laetrile. When Laetrile comes in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the Laetrile is broken down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Within the body, the cancer cell-and only the cancer cell-contains that enzyme. The key word here is that the HCN must be FORMED. It is not floating around freely in the Laetrile and then released. It must be manufactured. The enzyme beta glucosidase, and only that enzyme, is capable of manufacturing the HCN from Laetrile. If there are no cancer cells in the body, there is no beta-glucosidase. If there is no beta-glucosidase, no HCN will be formed from the Laetrile (1).

    Laetrile does contain the cyanide radical (CN). This same cyanide radical is contained in Vitamin B12, and in berries such as blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. You never hear of anyone getting cyanide poisoning from 12 or any of the above-mentioned berries, because they do not. The cyanide radical (CW) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) are two completely different compounds, just as pure sodium (Na+) – one of the most toxic substances known to mankind – and sodium chloride (NaCl), which is table salt, are two completely different compounds.

    The above is an extract from the below Webb address.


  • omg

    In germany tomatoes are considered als vegtables too.

  • sky

    Mushrooms are not plants, they are fungi.

  • Lithary

    I don't know about all the stuff on the list, but I think that thing about cherries, almonds, apples and tomatoes are nonsense…
    My grandparents have all those fruit (and many more) growing in their garden and I have been picking them up from garden my self and eating them raw together with seeds as long as I can remember and nothing never happened… actually, I can't remember when was the last time I was sick or anything…
    Btw… I don't consume any vitamin pills (or any kind of pills for that matter)…

  • Duncan Ang'u

    Wow! I am amazed that Castor Seed is this poisonous. All along I have always believed that it is a contraceptive when taken in single- seed dose for one continuos week and is effective for over two years. All this information was passed down to me by my late Grandma although I haven't tried it with my wife. So please advice me on this.

  • ed2510

    Mushrooms and toadstools are fungi, not plants. Completely different kingdom. I'm afraid that mistake is equivalent to calling an elephant a type of plant.

  • Strembop

    i think u can get addicted 2 apple pips, which are not good to eat. Some treat cassava, if im not mistaken, by dropping it in a puddle and spitting on it. Then they leave it till it moulders and its fine. Casava it was, i think. correct me if im wrong.


    The list is Bullshit…apple seeds,apricot seeds, peach seeds ALL contain B17 and the supposed "poison" isnt harmful at all because the cyanide is bound by the pectin in the fruit which makes it inert.
    B17 is a natural cure for cancer which is why they keep selling the poison aspect of any food source that contains it….Google the movie called "a world without cancer" to learn why they keep selling you these MYTHS.

  • Sky Clearwater

    ive always known tomatoes were no good *shudder* barf

  • Shawnee

    i ate a lot of cherrys and there were little white worms in them and does anything happen if you eat them on accident?

  • Olayiwola jamiu

    Thanks sir,we are very appreciative.thanks for your concern.we will try as much as possible to avoid these foods.

  • n0_boDy

    this information can become very handy. amd im not just talking about not sickening yourself

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  • choptop


  • Chimezie

    …looks like every bit of food is with some level of poison, some maybe at insignificant levels. Afterall, every pharmaceutical drug has some undesirable side effect. I think what matters is what we do with the poison in food – take them or extract them in a way. Good list!

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  • Germán

    Potatoes were introduced to Europe from Latin America. You should mention so.

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  • edrian froi

    thanks for the information… sana marami pa kayong gawing research about potatoes… SALAMAT!!!

  • UnwidoodorE


  • Toloimpem


  • seriously

    mushrooms are not plants.

  • Ivan

    cyanide is the best killer of all cancers. Look up vitamin B17. Way better and less damaging, targeting the cancer sells only. It’s illegal only because anybody can get a hold of it by simply planting apricot or almond seeds. You don’t need an expensive lab or a PHD in order to do that.

  • Max

    Tomatoes, Potatoes, Apple, b*tch humans are ruthless!

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  • David Hopkins

    When I was a toddler, I tried to eat some rhubarb leaves while my mother briefly had her back turned. The very instant she caught me, she yanked them out of my mouth!

  • sunildutt

    we eat death.the people do know nothing

  • Truth Seeker

    The Cyanide found in bitter almonds, apple seeds and the like is NOT as dangerous as some would lead you to believe. I eat LOTS of these types of seeds and I have NEVER been sick from it. The bottom line is that in its natural state, Cyanide kills cancer cells. These substances have been taken away from you because cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry and there is no money in the cure. Put that in your wheaties!

  • jason

    k well im about to die then i just ate like 30 cherries and swallowd like 5 seeds and chewed the rest a bit :(

  • bob

    wtf potato leaf tea

  • Neezi

    really?! never mind the fear of flying, cherries?! i was quite upset by that one. and no one ever tells u these things. its a wonder more people haven’t succumbed. i mean CLEARLY my little vegetable rack is in reality a well disguised arsenal. I will never let ANYONE cook me tomato soup again, well at least I want to be present to make sure said person removes the leaves and stems and whatnot ;)

  • abraham

    I think all. T
    the. Vegatebl healthy food but right. Now. I try to knowledge. What. Chimical the have or not. So information. Is. Good kee research

  • sweetie Pei

    where do you get your findings? there is no reference and raw almonds is sold in the USA

  • erracomesforpoisoners

    almonds part.. satans propaganda

  • nate


  • Sparkey

    Almonds really? I’ve eaten raw almonds not heated when overseas and it did not poison me.

    Who wrote this article?

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  • Thanks for this. I’m writing a murder mystery, and it’s hard to find a suitable poison these days. I was ready to give up on the story, but now I think I can get the victim to drink a tomato leaf tisane, and voila!

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  • vasudha

    i had never heard of this. it’s cooooooooooool………………. :)

  • mark

    That is definitely one of the worst inaccurate articles i have ever read. Shame on the writer and the website posting it.

  • Rajnish

    What about cashew nuts fruits? The fruit contains acid which can burst if not properly processed. Anyone has read about if?

  • mc mc

    then all go eat McDonalds hamburgers!!

  • joni

    The “poison” and “cyanide” in apple seeds and almonds is actually one of the healthiest things you could possibly eat.

    The reason why is that the poison is locked harmlessly onto another, bigger molecule… and the key to unlock the poison is found only in cancer cells.

    So, the “poison” remains harmless throughout your body, and only when it finds its way inside a cancer cell does it do any harm. But the “harm” it does, is actually keeping you cancer-free.

    My grandpa started eating these “poisons” after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and given less than 9 months to live. That was 16 years ago.

  • Pet dog license

    Should you be mystified by your doggie’s circling, whimpering as well as pacing, be assured that in all probability, it is possible to correct. Your pet will end up upset in the event that a thing is …free dog diet book

  • Jabir

    If possible can I get a magazine offer through my postal address?P.o box 30211 Kibaha Tanzania East Africa

  • Eric S

    In Malaysia where I live, people buy potatoes, and also the potato stem and leaves! So far, nothing seem to happen. So is potato stem and leaves really poisonous?

  • Denny

    I was more than happy to uncover this website. I wanted to thank you for your time for this particularly wonderful read!! I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and i also have you saved to fav to look at new information in your web site.

  • Macy

    I don’t know anyone who loves to eat castor oil.

  • lutzman11

    This is “report” is complete BS. There is zero scientific/medical research to suggest any might be endangering their health by eating apples, cherries and/or potatoes. In fact, the medical evidence is EXACTLY the opposite…people eating more fruits, including these products, are the healthiest.

  • healthy recipes for dinner

    Hello there, just become alert to your weblog via Google, and located that it is truly informative. I’m gonna be careful for brussels. I will be grateful when you continue this in future. Many other people will likely be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  • quick healthy meals

    I feel this is one of the so much significant info for me. And i am glad studying your article. However should remark on some common issues, The site taste is perfect, the articles is in reality great : D. Just right activity, cheers

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  • Heidi

    I knew about the apple seeds. I knew about the mushrooms. I even knew about the puffer fish. But most of this stuff looks unproven. I see raw almonds all the time. I agree that “roasted almonds” are more common, but I saw raw almonds being sold in a store not 2 months ago. So I am pretty sure that is out of the picture. If you can find proof that these foods are truly poisonous, please email me. I would highly appreciate any confirmation on poisonous food. Thank you, to anybody who took their time reading this.

  • Andrew

    I can buy raw almonds at my local Costco in Fresno California, which makes me wonder if “heat treated” and “roasted” are being confused by the author of this article

    • Andrew

      Commenting on my own comment. I’m with Heidi, if you can produce some evidence. Also rhubarb which isn’t on your list is a poison similar to cyanide. As is acorn meal which may not be commonly consumed any longer but was the staple of the Native American Diet. I’ll stop there but I know there are many more, especially when you look at food additives like brominated vegetable oil (which is in Gatorade Mt.. Dew and anything that looks like a natural citrus drink).

  • Dina

    I was wondered why apple seeds taste like almonds. Now I know it’s because of that cyanide component.

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  • I knew about the mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, cherries, almonds, apples, elderberry and pufferfish. But the rhubarb and castor oil are new ????

  • Brainwashed

    Ridiculous list. Human beings have the physiological make up of an herbivore, and this list would suggest otherwise. How about we have one group eat everything fruit or vegetable this list raw, then have another group eat red meats, pork and chicken raw and see who gets sicker.

  • Wolfgang (an alias)

    Many years of research has revealed that bacon, which should be listed as one of the top 10 poisonous foods, or at least as number 11, is now the meat most often suspected of causing stomach cancer. The page EDIBLE PORK, REALLY? on the website which was previously named, lists over 24 reasons why pork is very bad for your physical health, and even worse for your spiritual health.

  • Reky

    Fugu isn’t common , except in Japanese restaurant !

  • The cyanide in apple seeds and apricot kernels is a co-enzyme, meaning it needs another co-enzyme to unlock it. In the body, that is found in cancer! So, eating the seeds from apples and kernels is a cure for cancer. The cyanide is unlocked and in turn slays the cancer cells. Pharma doesn’t want anyone to know that and has been spewing the propaganda that they are poisonous for some time, they can’t allow any natural cures, it hurts their bottom line. Read the book “Cancer, Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger for any eye opener.

  • Rikki

    ….. I used to eat apple seeds when I was a kid. I’m sure I have eaten the seeds out of about 200 apples because I used to like the taste.. If all of these fruits and vegetables were so poisonous they would have to put a label on the saying so, or they wouldn’t be able to sell them to people to eat.

  • kuy

    Like the previous two items, apple seeds also contain cyanide – but obviously in much smaller doses. Apple seeds are very often eaten accidentally but you would need to chew and consume a fairly high number to get sick. There are not enough seeds in one apple to kill, but it is absolutely possible to eat enough to die. I recommend avoiding apple eating competitions! Incidentally, if you want to eat an apple and find a worm in it (and hopefully not half a worm), you can drop it in a bowl of salt water which will kill the worm.

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  • ewan1111

    that rhubarb section was vague enough to make me think that eating the whole plant is safe, good on you listverse (btw dont care bout people gettin sick or dyin but on your end shit is re comma tarded


    Thanks . I have been looking for something like this . Wonderful information I will be back for any info in regards to the ayurvedic diet.

  • rinnie

    agree! stupid way to look at killing something, just cos there is more. total ignorance at it’s worst!

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