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Top 10 Memorable Swimming Pool Scenes

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There are many movie scene lists out there that use different subject matter or situations to define the list. I was surprised that no one had ever put one together involving swimming pools so I thought I would give it a try. It should be noted that I tried to stay away from films where swimming pools were the main focus of the movie. So without further ado here are 10 movies with memorable swimming pool scenes. I’m sure you will not be shy to share your favorite pool scenes in the movies in the comments section.


Harold and Maude
1971, Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon

This is a terrific movie about a 19 year old young man named Harold (played by Bud Cort) who develops a relationship with a woman named Maude in her late 70s (played by Ruth Gordon.) Harold fakes his suicide numerous times throughout the movie in a desperate attempt for his mother’s attention. In this scene we see Harold’s mom swim right past him during another one of his fake suicides.

Interesting Fact: Harold and Maude is number 45 on the American Film Institute’s list of 100 Funniest Movies of all time and was also a play on Broadway.


Mommy Dearest
1981, Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford

Faye Dunaway’s over the top performance as Joan Crawford is evident in this pool scene as she easily beats her daughter in a swimming-pool race and then brags about her victory by proclaiming “You lost again”. She then becomes enraged at her daughter when she reacts with childish disappointment.

Interesting Fact: Joan Crawford once said in an interview in the early 1970s that of the current young actresses only Faye Dunaway had “what it takes” to be a true star. The movie Mommy Dearest ended up damaging Dunaway’s career, and Dunaway later stated that she wished she had never appeared in it.


National Lampoon’s Vacation
1983, Chevy Chase and Christie Brinkley

Who can forget this famous pool scene as Chevy Chase and the sexy Christie Brinkley whom he sees throughout the entire vacation in different spots along the way end up skinny dipping together? The pool scene starts about 2/3s into this clip.

Interesting Fact: Brinkley was never actually nude in the film, though it was reported the producers hoped she would be. Christie Brinkley recently recreated this famous swimming pool scene with Chevy Chase for a DirecTV commercial.


Fast Times at Ridgemont High
1982, Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold

This film has made it into the listverse lists 3 times. Top 15 Movies about High School, Top 10 Badass Druggies in Movies, and Top 15 Iconic Teen Movies. I had no choice but to include it in this list as well. This famous pool scene starts after Reinhold’s character Brad arrives back home and hits the bathroom after a long hard day at Captain Hook’s Fish and Chips. Phoebe Cates then catches his eye through the bathroom window.

Interesting Fact: Phoebe Cates was initially reluctant to go through with her character’s pool side topless scene because she thought the neighbors might be spying on the set from the surrounding rooftops. Not that it’s like the birth place of William Shakespeare or anything but according to the address given in Wikipedia and thanks to Google street maps you can see the front of the house that was used for the pool scene here.


Meet The Parents
2000, Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro

This is a very funny pool scene where Gaylord Focker played by Ben Stiller is having a bad game at a pool volleyball game. Desperately trying to impress his girl friends parents and their friends he overcompensates and ends up spiking the ball into the face of the bride to be.

Interesting Fact: At one time Jim Carrey was slated to star as the lead and even contributed to the screenplay, such as the main character being named ‘Focker’. The MPAA would not allow the name ‘Focker’ unless the film makers could find an actual person with that surname.


Back to School
1986, Rodney Dangerfield

This is a very funny film but you have to be a Dangerfield fan to enjoy it. Rodney has some classic one-liners throughout the movie. In this pool scene Dangerfield’s character Thornton Melon performs his famous “Triple Lindy.”

Interesting Fact: The movie was filmed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison which was called Grand Lakes University in the movie. However the swim stadium scenes were filmed at a Country Club in the City of Industry, about 25 miles southeast of Hollywood, California.


Bathing Beauty
1944, Esther Williams

You can’t have a top 10 memorable swimming pool movie list and not include Esther Williams. This grand water ballet became famous and is the scene most people associate with her. This was also her first staring role.

Interesting Fact: The movie was initially to be titled “The Co-Ed” with Red Skelton having top billing. However, once MGM executives watched the first cut of the film, they realized that Esther Williams’ role should be showcased more and was then changed to “Bathing Beauty”,


It’s a wonderful Life
1946, James Stewart and Donna Reed

“Did you know there’s a swimming pool under this floor? And did you know that button behind you causes this floor to open up? And did you further know that George Bailey is dancing right over that crack?”

Interesting Fact: The swimming pool used during this famous scene is located at Beverly Hills High School and is still in operation. Director Frank Capra agreed to pay a bonus of $25 to any teen willing to jump into the pool on cue during the scene’s memorable climax.


Caddy Shack
1980, Bill Murray

If you hear the words Baby Ruth candy bar and swimming pool in the same sentence and you don’t smile a little you probably did not see this movie or have no sense of humor. This scene contains around 2 seconds of nudity.

Interesting Fact: The famous pool scene was filmed at Plantation Country Club in Plantation, Florida and was based on a real-life incident at Brian Doyle-Murray’s (one of the movies writers) high school.


The Graduate
1967, Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft

Not only is this a great pool scene but it’s also a great movie. This memorable pool scene starts with the song “Sound of Silence” (not quite half way through this clip) Make sure you watch this scene through the end of the second Simon & Garfunkel song (“April Come She Will”) where Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman) re-enters the pool and is looking up from his raft at the Robinsons.

Interesting Fact: The “Taft Hotel” scenes in this movie were filmed at the famed Ambassador Hotel, the same hotel in which U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy was assassinated less than six months after the film’s release.


Something’s Got to Give
1962, Marilyn Monroe

A previous list called “Top 10 Great Movies That Were Never Finished” showed the fist 10 minutes of this unfinished film. This clip shows the now famous swimming pool scene that was shot just before Monroe was fired from the movie which caused the film to be cancelled. Monroe died just a few months after this raw studio footage was taken.

Notable Omissions: The Thrill of It All, The Last Picture Show, Cocoon, Drowning By Numbers

Contributor: Blogball

  • wainboy

    Harold and Maude was really one of the funniest films i have ever watched, its one of the few where ive laughed so hard ive had to crawl to the toilet because i almost threw up.

    I remember seeing the Marylin Monroe scene on a television special about her life and was amazed at how good looking she really was. Congratz for another good list.

  • chandramouli

    Nice one…

  • HellcatHoney

    Makes me antsy for summer already…

    i watched harold and maude because of this site and loved it…

    looks like i’ll have to look into some of these films too…

  • HellcatHoney

    btw did they actually recreate the scene for directv or was it just special effects??

  • Jorgeuhs

    Hurry and see the videos before the remove them from youtube…. :(

  • astraya

    Interesting idea. Interesting list.

    Well known: Cruel intentions.

    Not well known: Y tu mama tambien. (I don’t know how to make the Spanish-type accent marks.)

    And I’m sure the commenters will name many more.

  • Redcaboose

    A really good list. I sure would like to have seen the Grace Kelly pool scene from High Society.

    I forgot how funny Harold and Maude was. And I grew up on Easter Williams films. And Marilyn, wow!!!!

  • wainboy

    I know that this would probably not make a list of even top 25, but the pool scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is a nice one. It finally realises the sense of humour in Ferris’ best friend, Cameron. Who until the pool scene was almost catatonic.

    And Ferris Bueller is an all time favourite of mine so forgive me for perhaps over-exxagerating it a tiny weeny inharmful bit….

  • sharlu

    hmm interesteding list! something i havnt really thought about haha

  • cb

    I think its wild things or wild things 2 that also has a “memorable pool scene”

  • holmes

    awwwww i wana be first one day. nice list :(

  • jhoyce07

    cool list..

  • Carlos

    Dont forget about Tommy Boy. David Spade- “Dont use the weight room line” Chris Farley- “Ummm, you know where the weight room is?” David Spade- “Dummy, now just move along so the pretty lady can get nakie.” lol, Classic

  • swampsnake

    fast times phoebe cates not #1 what are you thinking . loved all these movies but have a favorite can ya tell.

  • emmstein

    death becomes her

  • swampsnake

    Oh and in” Meet the Parents” his name is Gaylord not Greg. One of the best jokes in the movie.

  • Bebe


  • Bebe

    That’s nice!

  • ChickyBee

    What, no Wild Things?

  • ChickyBee: I love Wild Things, but I am not sure it is worthy of even a top 15 place – maybe top 20 :)

  • wainboy: today’s clip of Harold and Maude really appealed to me – so much so that I am downloading it as we speak. I hope I have the same reaction you did :)

  • astraya: cruel intentions shouldn’t be mentioned except to mention how appalling a remake it was! As for Y tu mama tambien, which I love: I don’t remember the pool scene – what was it? Maybe it is my love of booze, but the scene that most stands out of that film for me is the one where everyone is incredibly drunk.

  • swampsnake: thanks for pointing out the naming error – I am surprised I missed it as I definitely remember he was Gaylord. Anyway – it is fixed now :)

  • astraya

    The pool scene in Cruel Intentions is memorable, therefore it should be on this list, whatever the other merits of the movie.
    Y tu mama tambien. Early in the movie the boys are at the country club at which the father of one of them works. They are lying on the diving boards and masturbate into the pool. It would take a lot of alcohol to forget that one. I remember thinking “Ew, they’re showing this in a general release movie”. They rarely show (male) masturbation in porn movies. (Or so a friend once told me.)

    Just thought of another one – Children of a Lesser God.

  • astraya

    PS There’s also a swimming pool in the motel where the climatic scene takes place, but I can’t remember whether anyone goes in it.

  • astraya: Oh – after racking my brain for the last five minutes I remembered the pool scene in cruel intentions. It took a lot of effort. As for Y tu mama tambien – the scene you describe sounds familiar – but I don’t remember it in the overall context of the film. It is a fantastic film anyway – even if I don’t remember it all :) I own a copy so I will watch it tomorrow.

  • astraya: if you are talking about the “uncomfortable” moment in the film near the end – I don’t remember a pool then either. Maybe my disliking of water (strengthened by my recent accidental dip in Wellington Harbor followed by broken ribs) is making me blind to certain scenes in my favorite films.

  • stevek

    What about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. That is one pool scene I will never forget.

  • stevek: that is another one I don’t remember – or are you referring to the scene where “rocky” is brought to life?

  • astraya

    Cruel Intentions: You know, the scene with Ryan Philippe naked. (And dimly lit.) Oh, that scene.
    Y tu mama tambien: I haven’t watched it again after its first release, so my memory might be hazy, but I’m 99% sure.
    How did that accident happen? I hope you recover soon. Fortunately, I’ve never broken any bones, and I don’t ever want to.

  • Nicosia

    Broken ribs? Yikes!

  • spence425

    i’d vote yes for the ferris bueler bit.

    to make room, i’d remove meet the parents. the pool scene isn’t even a top ten scene in that movie.

    i’ve always been partial to the pool scene in national lampoons christmas vacation. i admit though, that the original is better, and that two from the national lampoons franchise might be a bit much.

  • stevek


    It’s the end of the movie where they all do the stageshow, end up swimming around Frankenfurter before he is zapped by Riffraff and Rocky carries him to the top of the radio tower, which collapses into the pool.

  • aslonej

    what, no “showgirls”?

  • danmoo


  • Spocker

    How could you forget Sunset Boulevard?

    *Spoiler Alert*

    That image of William Holden tits down in the pool set the stage for the whole movie.

  • shann

    Poltergeist–that scene traumatized me as a child…. eewwww I can still see the skulls!!!

  • jake ryder

    If Phoebe Cates wasn’t on this list I was going raise hell. This scene on videodisk (remember them) got me through my awkward youth.

    Good job adding Marilyn as a bonus.

  • Andrew

    Cat People

  • Andrew
  • SoCalJeff

    Great list. Harold and Maude…everyone should see this film. What a classic.

    And the National Lampoons swim scene, I have a confession to make – more than once after jumping into a cold pool I’ll say, “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy.”

    The scene from the graduate is classic. I think I’ll pull this out and watch it again tonight!

  • SiR10

    How about the pool scene from The History of the World? The Inquisition musical number had a funny pool scene.

  • copperdragon

    glad to see Caddyshack rated highly on this list.
    the whole 15 minutes of the caddies overtaking the country club pool is hilarious, including the water ballet.

  • Hannah

    Should #4 read “fist staring roll” or “first starring role”?

  • jiminut

    Not necessarily top 10 but definitely memorable if you liked Superman the Movie with Chris Reave, toward the end when Luthor puts a Kryptonite necklace on Supes and pushes him into his (Lex’s) lavish swimming pool. It’s not even very deep yet Superman is drowning.

  • montechaz

    I agree with danmoo, when i saw the title to this list the first thing that came to mind was Sandlot. ahhh Wendy Peffercorn.. ha, anyways i recommend checking it out if you havent seen it, search “sandlot pool” on youtube, should be the first video that comes up.

  • DiscHuker

    great list blogball.

    my notable ommission, as has already been mentioned twice, the sandlot. fantastic movie about childhood friendships, fitting in, getting into trouble and baseball.

    and of course, wendy peffercorn and squints palladoras.

  • DiscHuker

    here’s the link to the famous pool scene.

  • Freshies

    I also agree, the first thing that came to my mind was ‘The Sandlot’.

  • Randy

    Ditto on “The Sandlot”. For those not familiar, the scene is where a 12 year old kid fakes drowning in the public pool so he can kiss the lifeguard when she gives him mouth-to-mouth. Hilarious! The rest of the movie is good, too. One of those “feel good” summer movies. Check it out if you can.

  • meetoo731

    No Wild Things that has the greatest pool scence ever!!!
    that was the first thing that came to mind when i seen the list very disapointing that it wasn’t there!
    but i have to agree sandlot was a great one too!
    what about colour of night where you see bruce willis wickey for like a half second haha not

  • ringtailroxy

    as I read this, I was surprised, like many others, to not see the “Sandlot” pool scene. I knew that NLFV scene would be one here (but I never understood why a token hottie such as Christie would even glance at a schmuck like Chevy in a station wagon), and had forgotten the pool scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life”

    I was pleasantly surprised on the Bonus… Marilyn really was the quintessential beauty, was she not?

    Scary how much Anna Nicole resembled her…forget all the crazy diets and whenever she opened her mouth… just remember her in the black & white Guess ads and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I think those ads are where I got my obsession with large breasts…


  • Cedestra

    Another great list, from submissions and from blogball. I knew Fast Times… would be on it and you didn’t disappoint.

  • ABrutalKind

    I totally called The Graduate being #1, the pool is such a big part of that movie. Also I would have thrown in Rushmore simply because I love that movie. But the pool scene is quite good. Also I just watched The Sandlot last night so I would have to put that in contention as well. Overall good list though, I enjoyed it.

  • Tom

    This list might be about pool scenes, but the best swimming scene has to be Jenny Agutter in Walkabout

  • docskeezer

    I thought the short pool scene in “Unbreakable” was cool, how the hero is rescued by those he rescued. Interesting twist, I thought.
    Also, the special effects in the pool scene in “Hollow Man” were pretty cool, too.

  • guy

    sandlot!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha wendy peffercorn or whatever her name is as the life guard.

  • ItsJustJake

    “Top 10 Memorable Swimming Pool Scenes”? Really? Really?? What’s next, “Top 10 Scenes shot in a Grain Elevator” or “Top 10 Scenes using a Forklift”? :-)

    And Good call docskeezer – no mention of Unbreakable?

  • Vespoidea

    what about ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’?

  • bwmyers18

    Can’t believe The Last Picture Show didn’t make it in !! That’s when I saw just how stunning Cybill Shepherd used to be ….

  • Dre

    Kinda surprised the end of the Great Gatsby isn’t on here.

  • john

    You might consider Sunset Boulevard. William Holden opens the movie narrating over the scene of his dead body floating in the pool.

  • smurff

    The Cruel Intentions pool scene was pretty good, but it escaped the list.

    I enjoyed Harold and Maude very much – everybody to their own I suppose.

    Well done Blogball.

  • dustin

    what about the scene from sandlot?!?!

  • Higgs

    The pool scene in Showgirls. Where the girl from Saved By the Bell has sexual relations in the pool. Yeah thats a good one.

  • smithstar4

    I pretty much agree with this list.The swimming pool scene in “The Graduate” is hilarious. But I also believe 1968’s “The Swimmer” with Burt Lancaster should have landed somewhere on the list.

  • Lisa

    I have to add the swimming pool scene from the movie RECKLESS with Adian Quinn and Daryl Hannah

  • ericdraven26

    I wasnt expecting to see it, but a good addition to at least honerable mentions would be the hilarious scene from “history of the world part 1”- mel brooks film, with the nuns sincronized(sp?) swimming, cracks me up every time

  • 36. Spocker: You beat me to it! Sunset Boulevard’s opening swimming pool scene is *the* most memorable and most effective swimming pool scene of any ever made. It frames the entire film; setting up the plot and carrying the story through to the end. No other swimming pool scene has ever pulled that off.

  • meetoo731

    that was good i actually did laugh out loud!

  • kofeelite

    Not exactly a pool, but in “Stand By Me” when the kids get leeches on their…bodies

  • Christine

    I like this line “fist staring roll,” so many errors all in a row, classic!

    Sandlot was a great movie, I remember watching it several times when it came out. I didn’t have a choice because people kept showing it at places I went to (sleepovers and such), but I remember enjoying it every time anyway.

    Great list Blogball, odd choice in topic but your choices are great!

  • Zac R C

    What? No Busby Berkeley’s “By A Waterfall”?
    That has a pool and is shot pretty damn awesome.

  • TEX

    Highly recommended – “The Swimmer” – a movie completely devoted to pool scenes.
    Excellent performance by Burt Lancaster but sadly I can’t go into any detail because there’s no discussing it without spoilage.
    Do find a copy and watch.

  • oouchan

    Man…Caddyshack should have been #1! That scene was the best! I also liked Back to School. Guess I am a Dangerfield fan!

    How about:
    Rocky Horror Picture Show (orgy in the pool)
    Witches of Eastwick (the witches floating over it)
    The History of the World (nuns in the pool)
    Poltergeist (skeletons in the water…scary as Jaws!)
    Unbreakable (did anyone else have trouble breathing during that part?)

  • Blogball

    For crying out loud where the heck is Sandlot!…….. Oh wait …..I’m the guy who put the list together.

    Seriously thanks for the comments everybody and adding to the list with all of the great suggestions.

    smithstar4 (66) I came close to including The Swimmer and found a great clip and even wrote up a description but decided not to use it because the whole movie was full of pool scenes and there wasn’t really one that stood out. Here is the clip I was going to use where Lancaster decides to swim home “pool by pool” using friend’s pools along the way. It’s great movie by the way.

    ItsJustJake (58) maybe not a Grain Elevator but what about memorable elevator scenes?
    Just off the top of my head Spider-Man 2, True Lies, The Departed. Just 7 more and that might be a pretty cool list.
    Spocker, John, & segue I’m still kicking myself about Sunset Boulevard :-(
    I will feel a little better if I include a link of the opening scene. (Better late than never)

  • TEX

    66. smithstar4
    sorry I didn’t see your entry – call it an agreement

    Suggestion – movies with EMPTY pool scenes, there’s dozens of them if you think about it!

  • Blogball

    Tex, just saw your comment. As you can see by the link for The Swimmer I just put in, the quality is pretty good so you could watch it on line. (It’s in 10 parts on youtube)

  • RandomPrecision

    how about Unbreakable?

    Caddyshack was amazing.

  • Ethan

    I guarantee none of you will ever feel the same way about an indoor pool once you see Let The Right One In. Absolutely haunting.

  • bishopwhitet

    Surprised no one has mentioned Lords of Dogtown. No pool, no movie.

    astraya – ÿóü ùsé thè cháräctër mãp(pc)/pállét(mác), thën:
    fínd thè âlt+### côdé ýòü wânt (pc)
    júst clîck thê lëttêr (mác)

  • I really am impressed at the number of comments mentioning film scenes that could be added. I had no idea there were that many movies with pool scenes!

  • Sled

    Poor Phoebe….no respect. She should be number 2 in my eyes. Also, I thought I’d see Raging Bull and Leaving Las Vegas. I guess you can only fit in so many. But Back to School? Really?

  • karan8624

    Such….boring…..lists. Cmon guys! What happened to all the GOOD lists you once came up with?

  • Ravyn

    I know that the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s pool scene is very memorable to me. I recreate that as part of the shadowcast in the area every couple months (our next show is this Saturday WOOT!!)

  • kofeelite

    The pool scene from Shallow Hal was hilarious when she jumps in and the little boy ends up in a tree lol…

  • DeadLast Johnny

    what.. no Ferris Bueller where Cameron sinks to the bottom?

    Seriously tho, I thought it was “Triple Linding” in Back to School?

  • TEX

    Anybody ever seen a movie called “Little Children”?
    Ronnie thr pedophile decides to go to the public pool.

  • diogenes

    Cant believe I’m the first to mention
    The Decline of Western Civilization Part II
    (Drunk in pool)

    aside from some already mentioned, others that come to mind:

    Nightmare on Elm St. Part II:
    (boiling pool)

    Yet another off the Iconic teen movie list: Ferris B’s Day off. (Cameron holding breath in pool)

    The Muppet Movie homage to Esther Williams with Miss Piggy

  • Bella

    YAY I’m in the top 100 comments!

    Sorry, I’m really bored.

  • Crimanon

    You people disgust me! No reference to Hackers! For Shame!

  • evilk8

    I love Mommy Dearest – love it! NO WIRE COATHANGERS!
    – used to taunt my mother with that phrase.

    Jamie – Fingers crossed I get to snort a Listverse tshirt this weekend ;) ahaha – kidding.

  • evilk8: if you comment on the novels list from this week you might win one :)

  • irish

    wheres the sandlot?

  • Bella

    I loved the scene in Ferris Bueler when Cameron sank to the bottom of the pool. It was hilarious!

    Oh and I love this list! :D

  • Marilyn Monroe was , and will be forever, one of the most perfect women to grace the silver screen anytime, anywhere. She wasn’t the “skinny” look that is in fashion today, nor was she the “rotund” woman that Titian painted. She was the perfect woman, curvy and voluptuous, with the voice of an angel.

  • BA88

    I immediately thought of Old School when Will Ferrell is at the birthday party. I know it doesn’t revolve around a pool, but the pool plays a role in the scene. Link if you want to watch it:

    slightly NSFW (language)

  • clarkekentyboy

    The Life and Times of Colonel Blimp has a great scene where he goes under the water as an old man in 1939 and comes out the other end as a young soldier in 1899.

  • diogenes

    i find the interesting facts more interesting than the descriptions of the movie selections.
    Interesting fact #7 is especially disturbing…or is that irony?

  • Anon

    I’ve been out all day, so I was beaten to the ‘The Swimmer’ as a Top 10 Memorable Swimming PoolS Scenes!

    astraya, (30),

    In ‘Y tu mamá también’ the pool is full of leaves. Remember? I could never forget that flick. The bog seat falls down. The same happens ‘in real life’ with so many loos here in South America. The problem: there isn’t room for them to push back beyond the vertical, so they hang in the balance for an uncertain period and … The film taught me the technique of how to hold the seat up with your foot while you piss, so it doesn’t crash down with disastrous effect halfway through your act!

  • cuppycake87

    at first i thought this list sounded like something VH1 would do…then i got a good laugh good job..:)

  • pilkington

    The swimming pool scene in ‘Let The Right One In’ is pretty damn cool, not to mention gruesome, definitely memorable.

  • yrwomn

    sunset blvd a great movie btw

  • sgvaibhav

    The scene from Mr. bean, thats soo much fun.
    Should have been included in the list

  • Kiroux

    List Universe has turned me onto some good books and good movies. Have not seen Harold and Maude, but will have to because of very first comment. If that happens, it must be good!

  • astraya

    Anon: I remember the leaves, so I thought maybe someone ended up in the pool accidentally. I’ve got so many movies on my list to re-rent when I get back to Australia. IF I get time to watch them.

  • astraya

    Re item 7: I read today that Phoebe Cates has been married to Kevin Kline for quite some time. I didn’t know that, despite being a reasonable Kevin Kline fan.

  • job

    Austin Powers?? cmon!

  • mitchell73

    I second Cat People. Woman alone in basement pool being stalked. VEry nice.

  • Crispin

    The Wall

  • evilk8

    Jamie I did I did!
    The icing sugar just ain’t cutting it. ;)

  • Lifeschool

    Here’s an off-the-wall thought! If it’s memorable pool scenes were talking about – remember Gremlins!

  • Bella

    sgvaibhav: I completely agree! I loved that scene! It’s my favourite. Mr. Bean is awesome. It should be included!

  • the Raven

    “let the right one in.” cannot remember the swedish title at the moment, but the pool scene in the end of that film was deliciously horrifying.

    also echoing many others by suggesting that the rocky horror picture show should have been on the list.

  • eroe777

    I will second, or third, or 94th the motion that Wild Things belongs high on the list.

    And what about a scene, any scene from the movie ‘Swimming Pool’? Seems like a movie with that title belongs somewhere on this list…

  • Andyb123

    The Swimmer, The Last Picture Show, Les Diaboliques, Sunset Boulevard – and yes, Hollow Man, because it was so well done.

  • Ebe

    I can’t believe nobody put “Philadelphia story” in there… come on guys!

  • EsBravo32

    I love all of the pool scens listed here, however, I think the “Fast Times” should be first. I remember as a kid watching that movie, it was one of the first “rated R” movies I ever watched.

  • tripsyman

    Great List – Its a wonderful life has to be my fave

  • I’m surprised not to see Wild Things or Showgirls on there.

  • silvernano

    CARMEN ELECTRA in My Boss’s Daughter!

  • bizzoony

    What about that scene from The Sandlot where he kisses the lifeguard? Classic.

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  • blah

    Pink Floyd’s The Wall

  • weenie

    What about 1) wildthings and
    2) girl next door “can i come in i’m all wet”
    3) sandlot where squints gets wendy peppercorn to give him mouth to mouth

  • Emma

    how could you not use the romeo + juliet scene?!

  • marjory stewart baxter

    lol what about in “Sandlot”?? WENDY PEFFERCORN!!! haha

  • Technology Pools

    Great collection of movies

  • Bert

    This might be pushing it for the list, but I can’t believe the Big Lebowski hasn’t been mentioned. When The Dude meets Bunny outside of “Big” Lebowski’s house? One of the most memorable lines in cinema.

  • pliskin

    What two hotter that hot chicks make out in a pool and they can’t get on this list????? Wild Things check it out… Only a little better than the Graduate..

  • yong23

    zillow has the house (Phoebe Cates’ scene) at only $442k…it was only purchased for $255k back in 2000??
    But then again, I guess it’s only 1250 sq ft… =/

  • Dev

    No sad

  • cody

    where’s the scene from wild things?

  • Audrey

    What about the pool scene from The Wall, where Pink’s just destroyed his room and is floating there when he starts falling?
    That is an epic pool scene in my books.

  • how come nobody even mentioned the sandlot.
    i mean the dude gets to kiss his awesome super hot babe of a lifeguard.
    it just works.

  • connieD

    I hate to sound like such a 16 year old girl, but what about the romeo and juliet 1996 remake! I havent watched all of these films so i cant say if its better than any of these, but the scene definatly springs to my mind when i think “movie pool scene”. Anyway, great list!

  • tomastomas108

    “Sexy beast” INTRO?

  • Manda

    I would definetely vote ofr The Great Muppet Heist, with Miss Piggy doing the synchronised swimming rountine. Not only os it a hilarious scene, but the logistics involved in getting a puppet to swim, and show facial emotion at the same time, would have been a nightmare. Just one more reason Jim Henson is my greatest hero.

  • eggars

    i suddenly can't remember what movie was it where a guy jumped into a pool with a beer in hand … and when he was underwater he said something that looked like the F-word

    can anyone help me with this?


    • Stephanie

      Almost Famous?

  • mordechaimordechai

    shivers always up to the brim looking at Norma.

  • handlady

    What about Rocky Horror Picture Show’s surreal end scene with all jumping in the pool? Memorable, surreal, cool

  • Sam

    What about Showgirls? that was a memorable pool scene.

  • DiscoKnox

    The best swimming pool scene I’ve ever seen is the one in “Let the Right One In”.

  • Scarlet

    Let the Right One In. Greatest pool scene of all time, watch it.

  • Steve

    Im osrry, but Fast Times at Ridgemont High takes #1.
    Your are over ruled.

  • Ruth

    I’d like to give an honorable mention to the scene at the end of ‘let the right one in’ (original swedish version).

  • manny


  • kevin

    the sandlot man wendy peppercorn how is this not on the list…oil oil i cant take it anymore

  • RubyMoon

    I totally agree with the Meet the Parents pool scene!it was really hilarious especially when Ben Stiller comes out with a teeny weeny swimsuit in front of everyone!how mortifying!

  • Eban Ramirez

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  • C2S

    How is the pool scene from Boogie Nights not on this list? So immersive (no pun intended). One big long ensemble shot done to “Spill The Wine”.

    • jbjr

      Damn right. The whole party at the pool was excellant. Second best scene in the movie after the drug/attempted robbery scene at the end.

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  • Stephanie

    How could you leave out Romeo and Juliet? The Swimming Pool version of the balcony scene is timeless and perfect

  • Ewin

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  • babyboi2011

    Great list, but you should have included the pool scene from “Let The Right The Right One In” In my opinion, it’s one of the best scene ever filmed. It’s chilling and the bullies get what they deserve.

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