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Top 10 Bizarre TV Shows For Kids

Some children’s shows on TV teach the children about colors, numbers and the alphabet. Some will just leave them scarred for life. Many of these shows have been broadcast in several countries – I’ve only listed the country of origin.


Max And Ruby


This animated show is fairly innocent. It’s about two bunnies, Max and his big sister Ruby. What makes the show slightly bizarre is that their parents are never there. Ruby takes care of Max as if she was his mother, despite the fact that she’s supposed to be seven years old… Surely, social services would have something to say here?




The main character Stephanie is human and arrives in LazyTown to live with her uncle who’s a puppet. She then urges all of her new friends who are all puppets to play outside. Robbie Rotten who’s human tries to make them eat junk food instead. The mix of human and puppets is pretty weird to me. And the whole show is just so keyed up that my head aches.


United Kingdom


Maybe I’m just too old, but I’m still puzzled by Teletubbies. I mean, what are they supposed to be? Why do they have screens on their stomachs? Who is the voice? Why is there a baby in the sun? Also, Teletubbies has been rumored to be gay propaganda because of Tinky Winky’s color, the triangle on his head and the fact that he carries a handbag. At one point the Polish Ombudsman for Children planned to do an investigation of this, but she later dropped it.




OK, so apparently children love this show but it’s hands with eyeballs! The developers could at least have used hand puppets… Also, the hands don’t speak in proper sentences but just utter a few words. After watching this, I am now sure to get nightmares about talking hands.


USA and South Korea


So, what’s more bizarre than anthropomorphic vegetables playing instruments (even though they have no arms)? Anthropomorphic vegetables playing instruments and teaching Biblical values!


Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou


I must admit that I’ve only watched one episode of this, but that was bizarre enough. The boy Shimajirou is taught how to use the toilet – including the parents singing about what he’s doing on the toilet, the toilet itself inviting him to sit on it and the “wee wee” saying “yahoo” as it goes down the drain.


United Kingdom


This is a crystal playing the violin. I don’t have anything to add – just watch the clip…


United Kingdom and USA


This is best described as five splotches of color, dancing, seemingly high on speed. They have names like Zing Zing Zingbah and Jingbah. They live in the Boohball, a big white ball that appears out of thin air. They don’t talk, they squeak. To sum it up: bizarre!


The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson


This show includes aspects such as the very scary puppet Chip the Black Boy, a man who can neither play the guitar nor sing but does it anyway, Teddy Eddie – a singing panda, and constantly telling the kids “not to do drugs”. Frankly, I’ve never wanted to do drugs as much as after watching this.


Tomorrow’s Pioneers


With episode titles such as “Farfour and the AK-47”, this show definitely goes a bit further than teaching children about the alphabet. Antisemitism, anti-Americanism, and Islamism are common themes on the show. Three of the characters on the show have been Farfour, a Mickey Mouse look-a-like, Nahoul, a bumble bee, and Assoud, a rabbit. In the show, they have all been killed in the war against the Israelis, making them martyrs.

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  • Darth Vader wannabe

    Grew up on Veggie tales!

    • Zaida

      Love it!

  • jhoyce07

    kiddie stuff! yey!

  • NoE

    all these shows are in one way or another influenced by drugs especially the panda

  • jhoyce07

    i definitely love listverse.. it’s so cool..and full of fun stuff.. :D i’m an avid fan.. heehee

  • jhoyce07

    teletubbies are lame.. *toinks*

  • jhoyce07

    how do i put my picture here?? anyone?? pls??

  • corinthian0430

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! Teletubbies!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! evil!!!

    btw… where’s Peewee’s playhouse?… that’s scary too!

  • Samzilla

    Oh the poor children……

  • corinthian0430

    #1 definitely takes the cake…. no wonder some Palestinians are a few grams short of a kilo :P given this kind of programming and brainwashing at an early age.

  • Rising Falls

    The description of Lazy Town immediately made me think of Salad Fingers. The only thing disturbing in #1 is martyrdom. That shouldn’t be taught to children, or anyone. The anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism and Islam teachings seem pretty normal given what America and Israel do to them, plus it is an Islamic state after all.

    • fae

      Pretty normal to teach children to “annihilate the Jews”? What the hell is wrong with you?f

  • Vez

    Man, the first one is sick. I can’t believe they have a little girl presenting the show and have little kids phoning in. Makes me sick. The other shows are just surreal but at least they’re not promoting stuff like that.

  • gubermiester

    You all should know that Israel has a very similar program to number 1, basically vice versa everything, including songs about biting ppls tongues out, and number 10 you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between an israeli and palestinian, so keep that stuff to yourself … lately i’ve been noticing a bias on this site, it talks about the negative aspects of almost all the major religions/cultures/societies in world, except for Judaism/Israel/etc, please correct me if I am wrong, i want to be wrong. But until then i don’t think i’ll be coming to this site again, which sucks because i really enjoy this site, because i thought the information was presented with the least amount of bias possible.

  • jhoyce07

    weird.. i’ll friggin burn their houses once i know where they are.. harrr..

  • Mr. J

    Tinky Winky is a gay midget!

  • chop chop grate cut cut chopcut grate chop chop cut

    obviosly you have neer seen ” a town called panic”
    makes all these others pale in comparison with its level of absurdity

  • chop chop grate cut cut chopcut grate chop chop cut

    look it up on you tube or something

    you will understand

  • rain

    cool. teletubbies. they aired here in the philippines. they aired only in 2 months coz nobody watches them. hahaha

  • joliver

    @ 18 your bad ha!

    ok some of them are not familiar to me, i was raised with dragonball, heidi, cedie, some old japanese cartoons! sesame street,

    but until now, i’m still watching spongebob,

  • Princess

    My youngest daughter watches a programme called ‘In the Night Garden’ the creators were definitely on drugs…..the characters have names like ‘Makka Pakka’ ‘Iggle Piggle’ and the ‘The Ninky Nonk’ WIERD

  • k

    Happy Tree Friends is my number one!

  • Matt1234

    Bizarre indeed.

  • WiseMenSay

    great list! thought i’d see stuff like the clangers and the moomins on here, but this stuff is much weirder. i remember seeing clips from #2 on charlie brooker’s screenwipe: fecking scary stuff! that puppet would have given me nightmares as a kid!

  • Suomynona

    rain (18) : I used to watch teletubbies as a kid. Am I the only one? I actually remember playing a computer game of teletubbies and Dipsy hates to wear skirts.

    • Iris

      Me too!
      I loved the teletubbies when I was a kid for some strange reason ;s

  • kreosote

    Try Dutch TV… in the late 80’s, early 90’s, they had a kids show called “Purno the Purno”. It was made by Hoochie Coo Productions…

    In the early 80’s there was a show called “De Film Van Ome Willem”, which loosely translates to “Uncle Williams Picture Show”. He started every episode by asking 4th graders:
    “Lusten jullie ook een broodje poep.” The translation: (Y’all better sit down for this.)

    “Would all of you like to eat a shit sandwich?”

  • Jordan

    I really enjoyed the veggie tales, Barbara Manatee, you are the one for me!

  • Egis Nu


  • nuriko

    another interesting list…

  • avi

    Lazytown are excellent. It moves my kid around and – to some extent – moves him away from junk food.

  • The Other Darren

    It’s funny how much bashing loomney tunes got back in the day…..all that violence and such…now the good word(whatever that may be) is spread through subliminal messages. makes you wonder….

  • frushka

    I’m pretty sure that the reason I never got my Nobel Prize was because of the damage I suffered as a child from watching “Lunch with Soupy Sales” everyday.

  • pee-yaj

    Where’s Spongebob? A talking sponge, a singing tuna, a sea under the ocean with surfing sport , an octupos-cum-squid and a squirell in a bowl? Weird…

  • Jack Deth

    Good list,

    But you’ve missed out ‘Wizbit’…. seriously, youtube it!

  • archangel

    Hahaha… i’ve watched some of these (as a teenager), and I must say… they are bizzare!

  • Mind in the Gutter

    I was flipping through channels a few years back and watched about 10 minutes of the Boobah show. When I saw the clip again today I can’t help but wonder why those “splotches of color” head parts resemble so closely penises….

  • oouchan

    Very interesting list, egernunge. Some of these I have seen before…it’s amazing what they will show on TV nowadays.
    Veggie tales are banned from my house. They are just too disturbing. Teletubbies makes me drool and glassy eyed. Worst show ever. Lazy Town isn’t really bad but boring even for kids.
    But they are beat by the mindless drivel of The Adventures of Captain Flapjack (I think I got that right) My kid watches this horrible show and thinks it’s funny. It’s not funny…it’s gross.

  • Micca

    Haha! lazy town. *sigh* I miss the Wax-guy, Robby.

  • Amy

    My oldest daughter watches Max and Ruby…and I always say “WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?!?!” Sure, they have a Grandma that stops by now and again, but they’re always baking her cakes and hosting Tea Parties for her. WTF? LOL!

    Ruby has the patience of an angel too! The show cracks me up!

  • Nicosia

    Ugh.. Max and Ruby is the most irritating cartoon ever! I never let my daughter watch it. Every time she does, her vocabulary goes down to one-word sentences like Max.

    What’s really weird in Lazy Town is the guy who is half-human and half-prosthetic! Totally bizarre!

    David Leibe Hart, who is the puppeteer featured on #2, is also a regular on “Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show” He is hilarious! Apparently, as a child, he met Jim Henson, who inspired him :)

  • Ducky23

    Veggie Tales is hilarious and teaches biblical values at the same time. If biblical values aren’t your thing, it’s still worth the watch because it is just plain funny. Especially the older episodes and specials.

  • robneiderman

    I’ve seen Max & Ruby, and I think it’s really cute. Max is probably the best depiction of a really little kid I’ve seen in a kids show. Weird about the parents, though.
    Oh, and Boobah! I saw the intro to that show one time and it was HORRIFYING!!! Those eyes!!!

  • deadlycynnamon

    Max & Ruby is cute – but I too wondered where the parents were all the time. I watched LazyTown a few times and it’s fun to watch, but I couldn’t watch every episode. :O

  • JK the Fifth

    I didn’t read the whole list but just dropped in to express my sheer hatred of teletubies. It is the worst and most bizarre show that I’ve ever watched. I never even liked it as a kid. But still, all the nonsense-ness makes it funny now (but still, I am too scared to watch that show) :D

  • mcamp

    Yo Gabba Gabba is another one I don’t get. A bunch of dolls that come to life. Then they sing about a party in there tummy when they eat something. That show is bizarre.

  • Xantra

    The Wiggles creep me out something fierce. I was surprised that it wasn’t on the list.

  • FigN

    I strongly object to you putting the Shimajiro stuff together with the Palestinian Mickey Mouse. To begin with, Shimajiro is NOT a TV cartoon, it is an educational series of books and a DVD with stories related to the contents on the books comes along every two months together with the books. The books and other materials such as edu-toys (as they are called in Japan) are a monthly feature that people subscribe to. You are judging a whole educational program by admittedly watching just one spot posted in YouTube. The Shimajiro series start when the kid is one year old and “grows” along until the kid goes to school teaching how to read and write (of course kanjis) and also teaches English to the children.
    There couldn’t be absolutely any doubt about the high quality of the series and placing it along with definitely weird TV programs is absolutely unfair and mostly wrong. BTW, I don’t work or am related to the creators or distributors of the series in any way, I am just being fair; something that you have denied to the character by not investigating properly your content!

  • Beauty&Brains

    I think Max & Ruby iw cute even though it is weird they have no parents. I agree w/ Xantra, The Wiggles are creepy as hell. The fact that they are so popular always astounds me.

    Another weird cartoon is “Oswald”, this show about an octopus. Even though he has an amazingly soothing voice, he has adog that resembles a hot dog for a pet.

  • Beauty&Brains

    Got cut off-I think #5 should have been higher. That is just disgusting!

  • bwmyers18

    Anyone of us who grew up watching Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, H.R. Puffinstuf, or any of the other Sid & Marty Kroft shows know that SERIOUSLY drug induced kid’s shows are nothing new. :)

  • shar

    Think of the Children. Please, won’t somebody think of the children…

  • Jodom

    If you are bored (which you probably are, being on listverse and all :-) a catchy part of LazyTown is a video my friend sent to me a couple months ago.

    Youtube LazyTown – Lil Jon Remix.

    The original song is so catchy and lil jon just brings the humor factor.

  • postman1

    I’ve seen the no.2 before and as an adult I was totally creeped out (religon and TV should never mix) and Lazy Town…………the only time I saw it I thought I was dreaming because it was so surreal.

  • Cannons11

    I have a 3 yeard old and Yo Gabba Gabba is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Emz

    My niece has made me watch Max & Ruby tons of times and I’ve never noticed the lack of parents… maybe because I’m not one.

  • joanne

    “mommy, when i grow up, i want to be a suicide bomber!”
    #1 is sick – it has got to be the worst

  • Becca

    Um…wow. Pioneers of Tomorrow has a really creepy cult vibe to it. Not saying Muslim is a cult, but man, that is a creepy show.
    And the Boohbahs. Their website is awesome, however.

  • belfman

    Yup, these are all pretty bizarre shows.
    As an Israeli, i strongly disagree with gubermiester (comment #12) – there isn’t a single show that calls for killing Palestinians on Israeli TV, now or ever. If you claim there is one – show us proof (Ex. a youtube clip). Plus, if you think the website is biased, no one is stopping you from writing a list yourself.

  • gabi319

    @mcamp (43):
    @Cannons11 (52):
    I was wondering if anyone would mention that! I’ve only seen little bits but its dolls creep me out. For everyone else’s viewing “pleasure”:

    couldn’t find better vid quality without it being remixed. but those spoofs are pretty funny too

  • gabi319
  • psychosurfer

    This is my contribution from Mexico, “Odisea Burbujas” features a giant lizard, mouse, toad, bumblebee and nutty profesor who travel through space and time in a UFO made out from a cup of coffee, an LP, and a pair of straws.
    The atmosphere was just surreal:


    THANK YOU!!!!..Oobi is very disturbing, I take it off when I see my kids watching it (i’m only 24 by the way). And Lazytown,… GOD, DAMN, LAZYTOWN. My only real problem with it is that the charater Sportacus is way too fuckin’ hyper ALL THE TIME. like he just finished doing speed or juicing up or some shit.He gets my kids all jumpy and they wanna jump off the couches and all kinds of crap all thanks to this cornball in blue underarmor. Oh, and there’s no way Sportacus isnt Jean-claude Van Damme with a moustache, IT’S GOTTA BE.

  • Diogenes

    We all know that the Disney Corp cracks down swift and direct at even the tiniest infringement of their royal copyrighted rat. So why does this exist? I have seen this clip before on the internet and thought nothing of it initially, believing it was fake subtitles added after the fact, but it is a real show. I hate to be a WIKI quoter here, so I wont, but the WIKI page info on Tomorrow’s Pioneers is worth the read.

  • Diogenes

    Boobah is sorta what I imagine heaven to be like

  • Marie

    how has no one commented on the rape van in the intro to max and ruby? Encouraging kids to be excited about a big van without windows driven by strangers? that was teh part that disturbed me most.

  • skipps

    How about doing a Top 10 Best TV Shows for Kids? :D I nominate my favourites, Art Attack and Popular Mechanics for Kids!

  • jcavanagh

    All of the above, weird? yes. But no one has mentioned “The Magic Roundabout”. Check it out, pure stoner gold!

  • Gaara

    A light-hearted list is nice once in a while… especially after something like lobotomy.

    I second a list on the best TV shows for kids :)

    Weirdest show for me would have to be Tarepanda though I’m not sure if it’s aimed at kids.

  • tripsyman

    My favourite has to be “The Singing Kettle” from Scotland.
    A kettle is a teapot in Scotland and the program is like karaoke for kids.

  • Baxter

    Tomorrow’s Pioneers is pure bottled insanity. Seeing Mickey Mouse sobbing over the corpse of his grandfather, being beaten and interrogated by Israelis and finally hearing of his martyrdom – ah, to be a child in Palestine!

  • undaunted warrior

    Mmmmm – Bizarre weird some of them Im sure a few kids have gone to bed and had a sleepless night.

    I just feel that the onus is on the parents as to what kids are, or not allowed to watch. ( Only my pennies worth )

    Thanks egernunge.

  • WatAbout

    It’s been mentioned but yo gabba gabba is definitely up there along with peewees playhouse. What has not been mentioned is this really fucked up cartoon that comes on ctoon network these days.

  • Ráichéal

    #1 is just sick.

  • Beki710

    I had a Drama teacher who was obsessed with Lazy town… so much so it influenced our production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour dreamcoat… Imagine what you will!

  • luismenort

    Interesting list, I liked it very much. My daughter used to watch Lazy Town (boring as hell!!) Now she finds it boring too. I’m not familiar with the rest of the list, except for Teletubbies, and I must say I have no idea how they come up with such characters.

  • Jay Poe

    Hate Lazy Town, its disturbing!! My son used to like Oobi, It’s almost hypnotic. For some reason I have to watch it. Don’t know how that helps kids though. They talk like cavemen.

    What about the Dooble Bops and Yo Gabba Gabba?

  • Bunbunbunbun`

    I LOVE Lazy Town. I don’t know why, it’s just so entertaining! And then there’s always this:

    Another edition to this list could be In the Night Garden. That show just… terrifies me.

  • Jay Poe

    Teletubbies are aliens and were captured by the British government. They live in that alien ship (the one with all the lights and wierd stuff) that crashed and now they are being held against their will.

    The alarm sounds in the beginning and the end of the show which is their signal by the British government for the start and end time of their 30 min of free-time outside for exercise and relaxation.

    Then they go back for more testing. They always cry at the end and say No, NO, NO!! But they know they have to go back into the hole or they will have to be punished for it. I almost feel bad for them.

  • Chineapplepunk

    I could never understand the point of Boobah, all that dancing around and eye wiggling. I think maybe it was created to ‘stimulate’ the eyes of babies… Probably brainwashes them too… Creeps…

  • Chineapplepunk

    @jcavanagh (65): oh yeah!!! Dougal the stoner!

  • Looser

    I love veggie tales!

    But does anyone remember when Steve left Blues-Clues to go to “college?” Sure steve sure… you drug addict.

  • Looser

    Oh and what about courage the cowardly dog!??? That show freaked me out!

  • samfishers

    nice list, but what about Marc twain’s adventure.. check it on youtube…

  • Kyla

    Never before have I commented, but today is the day! I have been inspired to admit my deep dark secret… I LOVE the Boobahs. I don’t know why, but I think every bit of it is great. Even the creep-tastic way they say BOooOOObaaaah!! GREAT!!!!

    So there, I’ve done it. I, a twenty year old woman, have admitted to the great people of listverse my deep dark secret. BooBahs are awesome.

  • oouchan

    @ Looser: I remember Blues Clues. I actually liked that show. Too bad about Steve. ~sigh~

    Also, how can you say that about Courage, The Cowardly Dog? I love that show. I always like it when Eustace gets in trouble and Courage has to save him. It always makes me laugh.

  • Shakespeare’s Girl

    I have to agree that most of these are insane, but I have always liked Veggie Tales, despite it’s really weird physics. I was just the right age when Veggie Tales came out that I loved them. I grew out of the phase, though, before the creators sold the copyrights to a corporation. The old VHS tapes I have are wittier and more fun than the “TV Show” version that airs today.

  • Safira

    I remember the days when I used to sit there in front of the TV and then clapped when the Teletubbies came.I still don’t know what the show is about but I love it.

  • Jay Poe

    Teletubbies are Aliens!! See post 76. It’s a government conspiracy.

  • SnowKid32

    It was mistranslated. Both my parents are full arabic and in the show it didn’t say “We will annihilate the Jews.”, rather, “The Jews will kill us.”

  • JK the Fifth

    Yeah I was always afraid of that, Teletubbies will one day enslave all of humanity and conquer the planet earth.

    PS: No. 1 is seriously disturbing (yet funny :D )

  • iLLmaticist

    Thing is,this site sucks just for the fact that it’s owner is a 3d degree-jew-sucking-hypocrite… many words of Arabic do you know to accuse an Arabic speaking kids show of antisemitism and all that b.s basing your opinion on one single episode.I think whomever came up with the list whether it’s “J” or someone else is antisemitic himself,is ego-centric cant see his head up his butt.
    Before you write anymore lists in the future you should do your homework if ya-mean and at least i mean AT LEAST try not to be so full of hatred to Islam or any other religion,of what i’ve seen on this site so far when Islam is involved in any of the lists is either hatred,mockeries and stereo typing.I want you to look at societies in the west and their so-called freedom…how many times have you heard of a muslim kid killing all his classmates during lunch break? get it…This site lacks credibility with all that bias and hypocrisy.In the end..i’d like to say “Salam” which means peace…

  • zuh.

    @WatAbout (70):
    hahaha, i agree ‘chowder’ and ‘flapjack’ and a lot of the other crap an the cartoon network is too bizarre, even for me…makes me miss their early days when it was nothing but the flintstones and looney toons and popeye and such.

    my favorite was ‘ren & stimpy’…i thought nothing of it other than pure grossness and awesomeness, and i still love it to this day but when i saw it for the first time in awhile recently i was almost perplexed at how it was on nickelodeon and rated that it was okay for kids age 7+. which brings me back to the point that when i was seven, i thought nothing of it other than awesomeness.

    when you see something like that 20 years later, you interpret it differently and see things in it you didn’t really notice when you were seven, which is why i feel many parents overreact about some of the cartoons they’re ‘letting’ their kids watch. (however, most of the crap on nowadays is garbage anyway that i wouldn’t want my kids watching just because it’s too STUPID…things like chowder or flapjack, for example.)

    i didn’t let my son watch teletubbies or boobah, but not for that reason. i think the ONLY audience for those shows should be small babies, no more than a year old. babies can’t talk so there’s no point in the characters actually speaking and that way they can concentrate on the colors. the sounds, movements and colors stimulate their mind or something. that’s why when my son was a baby he prefered those comcast commercials with the colored bubbles over anything else.

    and dat’s my beat-uh-duh-day (YO GABBA GABBA SHOULD BEEN ON HERE!)

  • undaunted warrior

    # 89 iLLmaticist let your medication wear off, and get a clearer picture – this is a fun site were people contribute to the topic – dont get harsh and bring religion into it.

  • joe rosson

    The one odd show I watched as a child in the 70’s was Electric Company.

  • oouchan

    @WatAbout (70): Forgot about Chowder. AWFUL show. Of course, my kid likes that one, too.

    @iLLmaticist (89): Wow. Just spew some hate there. If the show doesn’t portray what is written on this list, then please inform us of what it does say. A few other people have pointed it out but you choose to throw around hate. Was that what you were trying for? To show hate and make the stereotype real? Good job, then. If now, then please enlighten us. Thanks.

  • Krist

    Awww, I actually enjoyed the veggie tales clip! I found that hilarious ;3
    The last one thought was damn scary ._.

  • oouchan

    Sorry for the double post, but joe rosson @ 92 reminded me of a show called Pinwheel. I still remember the jingle. That show was beyond weird.

    I would like to point out that a cute show is Bear in the Big Blue House. At least not all children shows are disturbing. :D

  • Moonbeam

    @FigN (45): “I strongly object to you putting the Shimajiro stuff together with the Palestinian Mickey Mouse.” It’s interesting to me that this list would inspire controversy, I never would have guessed. Possibly from people of the cultures or religions groups represented. But even if I belonged to one of those groups, the videos shown here are so awful as to not be a true representation.

    I have to ask, did you watch the example of Shimajiro shown here? The toilet the child is using is a sentient being who smiles at him. The poo and pee have faces and also smile as they’re flushed away. That doesn’t strike you as weird? You may be right the DVD’s from Shimajiro my be good otherwise, but this clip sure isn’t. It’s so bad it’s “good.”

  • zuh.

    @oouchan (95): haha, i remember pinwheel too! i don’t remember what it was about as i was only 2 or 3 at the time, but for some reason i too remember the song. ‘pinwheel, pinwheel, spinning around…look at my pinwheel, see what i found…’ uh, lame.

    weird i remember things like that from when i was three but forget what i’m saying mid-sentence.

  • Wiggin

    Veggie Tales kicks ass! The TV show isn’t that amazing, but the videos are awesome.

    #1 is truly scary. The Teletubbies and Boobah REALLY creep me out. Like, I have to leave the lights on.

  • oouchan

    @zuh. (97): weird i remember things like that from when i was three but forget what i’m saying mid-sentence.

    I can so relate to that! Like ADD or something.
    Oooo…look, a bunny!

    By the way, I now have that song running through my head. :)

  • zuh.

    @oouchan (99):

    oh. my. god…i FOUND it!


  • hillerious

    My daughter regularly watches Max & Ruby, Lazytown and Oobi. The only one that really bugs me is Max & Ruby, and it’s not because of the parents thing- I just plain hate the kids’ personalities. Ruby is bossy and self absorbed, Max is whiny and far too old to have such a small vocabulary. Every episode is Max trying to tell Ruby something with only one word and Ruby ignoring him the whole episode. So annoying!

    I do think Yo Gabba Gabba is missing. I love love love the show, but it is wiiieeerrrd. Another one I dig is the Hoobs. They’re not too strange on the surface (for a children’s show), but if you actually sit down and watch it, there are some very strong innuendos in there for the adults. Or maybe I’m reading so much into the gravelly voiced, motorcycle riding female alien and her dear friend “Dorothy”.

  • oouchan

    @zuh. (100): bwahahaha! That was truly disturbing! I remember all the characters from seeing the clip. Especially the mime chick.
    Wow…I feel old now. :)

  • Ryan G

    Are these only recent shows because I think you may have forgotten HR Puffnstuff!!!! Psychadelic!!!

  • B3to

    I want to go to the party on his tummy!!!!! Heyyy B3toooooo yeaaaaaaaahhhh B3toooo in his tummy!! Yeaah Yeahhh Yeaah!!! jajajaja that´s just messed up… I´m from Mexico too… and the “Odisea Burbujas”… well what can I say… Cool list, and thanks to gaby319, you just made my day!!! Who want´s to party in my tummy!!!!????

  • I4gotmyMANTRA

    Woah. Number One: that is one [email protected] show. brrr.

  • Jael

    I remember watching Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou while I was in Japan a few years ago. My family were staying with a friend of my mother’s and her family. The host family had these two little girls who were about preschool age. One morning, I sleeping in (I had a room to myself), the two little girls came in, turned on the television that was in my room, and started watching that show. It’s rather irritating to watch for me, being a teenager and not knowing the langague, though it was rather cute.

  • Jacynta

    Boobah, is just too weird they’re like the druggie cousins of the Teletubbies.
    My one year old LOVES the Teletubbies, he will run to the tv and laugh his ass off at that baby sun.
    Lazy town isn’t so much as weird, just friggin annoying.
    Yo Gabba Gabba is great, who wouldnt love a show created by a bunch of punk rocker dads?

  • lee

    Teletubbies isn’t for kids.. It’s for babies n toddlers.. who speak mostly 1 or 2 words in a sentence. And somehow it kinda works for them, in a way we may never understand. I heard the show gained some awards from some British Kids Awards thingy or something. I don’t know.
    My kids used to love em and i used to buy the DVDs even. That was before my kids learnt how to use YouTube.

  • Lifeschool’s Vacation Nic.

    Yo. I think some kids TV has always had an acid edge to it, I’m always reminded of The Clangers – even in the 70’s, nobody knew what the hell that was all about. They recently showed it again on late night TV. There was also something called Moomins. Strange… but not as strange as this list!

  • Wooly

    Hamas’ “Mickey Mouse” is martyred because he wouldn’t sell his land to the Jews. Anti-sematic, racist, good-loving times: whatever you want to call it, that *stuff* should not be shown to any child of any race/country/religion. And if there is another one on the Israel side shown to Jewish children saying the same things towards the Muslims, that is just as sick and wrong.

  • Bill

    What no Barbapappa?

  • GoCanucks!

    Lazy town is from Canada on YTV,also there is a show my nephew watches called yo gabba gabba that is pretty bizarre but funny as hell to watch.

  • illbegood

    “a man who can neither play the guitar nor sing but does it anyway”

    That right there made me love this list lmao

  • Mabel

    What about Bananas in Pajamas? That was pretty freaking weird. I think it’s Australian, but it was on some channel in the US for a bit. I remember seeing it and thinking “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?”

  • Mabel

    90 zuh.
    Ren & Stimpy were originally on Nickelodeon and they weren’t that bad, but then John Kricfalusi was getting edgier, more violent and more bizarre than Nick cared to have so they dumped it.

    Frankly, I’ve seen the newer version and it sucks. The old ones were the best, especially “Fire Dogs.”

  • Gabriel

    Sesame Street.

  • Siberia

    I nominate… Bananas in Pajamas.


    The mind boggles.

    And are really, really sure this Boobah thing is NOT someone’s LSD trip caught on tape? Really? WTF IS THAT?!

  • nocluestu

    Ludwig is awesome! #1 may have just swayed my opinion in favor of war in the middle east, thats crazy!

  • rufus

    I had a brief affair with the actor who played B2 in Bananas in Pyjamas!

  • mo

    im muslim and tomorrows pioneers is completely against islam the religion of peace and understanding

  • mom424

    @bwmyers18 (48): HR Pufinstuff was awesome. Witchipoo was hilarious. Interesting tidbit for some of you – Sid and Marty Kroft’s HR Pufinstuff and his supporting characters were ripped off by MacDonalds; a deal was in the works when MacDonald’s said they were kaiboshing the deal. But of course they weren’t, they just tweaked it a bit and called it their own. HR Pufinstuff is Mayor McCheese and there are many other parallels. Have a look-see.


    They won the lawsuit by the way.

  • trfan

    This is why I don’t like many modern kid’s shows. Many of them are annoying and insipid, and an opportunity to breeze past it on the remote. Muppet Babies was a far more enjoyable show when I was a kid. Heck, Maya the Bee was more entertaining, and had a better theme song. (Anyone remember Maya the Bee? Anyone? Anyone?)

  • Serg

    Yo Gabba Gabba is my favorite out of all the shows my son watches. It is a bit odd compared to a show like Sesame Street, but considering that the latest generation of kids are the same ones that listened to punk and ska in the late 90s and early 2000s. The focus of the show is primarily appreciation of music and dancing, and it teaches basic lessons to toddlers like apologizing and playing nice while using offbeat characters and settings that hold their attention.

  • Mo

    Oh, I used to LOVE Ludwig! :)

  • Reggie

    Has anybody ever seen the Jellabies (aka the Jellikins)?

  • thickness76

    The Boobahs seriously look like nutsacks with little baby penis heads. I was amazed everytime I saw that show how penile those little things were. It was so funny to see a kids show with rainbow colored sacks and dick heads. LOL!!!

  • Jordan G.

    #12 gubermeister: I keep on hearing about this Israeli TV show that advocates killing all Arabs. I’ve never heard the name or seen a clip, but people constantly assure me that it exists (probably). I’m really curious about it, but alas, I still can’t find it. You seem to know for sure that it exists.

  • Jordan G.

    #89 iLLmaticist: Yeah, why is this list so anti-Islam?! Look at how it keeps on insulting Islam! OMG: it totally slandered Islam! It said awful things about Islam!

    Technically it didn’t say anything one way or another about Islam, but still, it’s clearly offensive to Islam!

  • corinthian0430

    @iLLmaticist (89):

    iLLmaticist = Tomorrow’s Pioneers fanboy :P probably watched the show 24/7

  • hillerious

    An HR Puffnstuff parody for anyone interested- Drug references only *slightly* more obvious than the original…


  • astraya

    Do Teletubbies have males and females, such that there can be a “homosexual” one? They all look kinda asexual to me.

  • Emmelia

    Max and Ruby is off a childrens book, the episode shown is the story in the book. I’ve never see the cartoon but i grew up on the book, i recognised the cartoons and the name but not as a TV show.

  • Nyssa

    trfan, I remember. It was one of my favorites.

  • Paramnesia

    Oh I hate LazyTown, I really miss all the old 90’s cartoons. Yes I’m a 21 year old who still watches cartoons regularly.

    I really think Yo Gabba Gabba is bizarre, the first time I watched it the characters were singing about keeping one’s hands to themselves…. hmmm…

  • Kayls

    How is ‘In the night garden’ not on this list?

    lazytown isn’t as bad as that… at least they’re human puppets!!

  • Kayls


  • Fyrzon

    i always thought blues clues was kind of strange, with their talking salt shakers

  • radiofuckingstar


  • Abs

    My little brother was obsessed with Teletubbies as a baby. Dont ask me why ,it has to be the most pointless programme ever. But anyway he didn’t start speaking until he was 5 years old, and the speech therapist he went to said a big oart of it was because of the Teletubbies because children’s tv shows are supposed to encourage and stimulate kids to sing songs, learn new words, how to count etc and all Teletubbies said were thier names and “tubby-toast”. And my little brother wasn’t the first kid to come to her with the same problem she said. Moral of the story? …don’t let ur kids watch Teletubbies!

  • atheists eat fish

    Just wanted to throw in my two cents about #1. My husband is from the middle east and he is always getting upset that Arabic translations of what people say are wrong- often meaning exactly the opposite of what they have actually said. I do not speak arabic myself, but when the clip of the Mickey Mouse in #1 aired on the news in the US he was very pissed off that they had mistranslated it completely.

    There is also a professor at cal State Stanislaus and a visiting professor at Berkley that speaks arabic fluently and has also been very frustrated with the many mistranslations of what is being said in Arabic- especially in the buildup to the war in Iraq. His website is called Angry Arab if you want to check it out. Don’t worry- he is not what you might assume. He is an atheists, communist, feminist professor who makes fun of every government.

  • Cynthia

    Boohbahs are actually protons… that’s why they float around and run into eachother.

  • The_Patient

    Creepy kids show = “In the night garden”
    One character goes around sucking and cleaning everything, some others’ trousers drop off all the time etc and the creepiest is Ooppsy Daisy….her hair moves on its own, with expressions etc. Thats damn weird. Freaks me out I tell you!!

  • zuh.

    @Mabel (114):
    i dunno, i thought ren & stimpy pretty weird from the beginning, at least for kids. i thought it made a bit more sense when it ran syndicated on MTV years later (then again, you’ve got your nickelodean kids growing up and ready to watch MTV, haha). i do admit it was less weird in the very beginning…from what i remember, john k. did the first season or so (as well as ren’s voice) and nickelodeon took over sometime after that (that’s why billy west ended up doing the voices of both ren AND stimpy). john k. then went on to make those ‘lost episodes’ years after nickelodeon finally cancelled it, and yeah…those certainly wouldn’t have been suitable for kids, haha. i have all the seasons on DVD including the ‘lost’ episodes and i still haven’t brought myself to finish those…i’m about as perverted as they come but growing up with ren & stimpy, it’s kinda hard to take those episodes seriously.

  • SnowKid32

    @iLLmaticist (89)

    An Islamic martyr – a shahid – is a follower of the prophet who dies fighting for Allah during jihad, and his goal is to enter Paradise while killing as many of the enemy as possible. In recent years martyrdom has increasingly been associated with the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent infidel (or apostate) civilians, even children.But Christian martyrs are somewhat different.

    In the Christian tradition, a martyr faces death rather than renounce his faith, and dies without violent resistance, with his eyes turned towards God. To target anyone else during martyrdom, especially the innocent, would be specifically un-Christian.

    Maybe that’s why.

  • Ashley

    Can’t believe that Yo Gabba Gabba didn’t make the list.

  • Nicosia

    I LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba! DJ Lance Rocks!

  • Maggot

    @oouchan (95): I would like to point out that a cute show is Bear in the Big Blue House. At least not all children shows are disturbing.

    You want to know something disturbing about that show? The Bear has a dead arm (because the puppeteer inside the suit uses one hand to operate the face). Watch closely. Now I have probably ruined the show for you. I cannot watch that show without focusing on the Bear’s dead arm, waiting for it to do something. Anything. It just hangs there and flops about in a haphazard manner while the other arm tries to distract you. It freaks me out. I have nightmares about the dead Bear arm.

  • JAB

    I concur on the point of it being strange, but seriously: Don’t dis Veggie Tales.

  • saraheleanor17

    Haha The Soup made fun of Ooobi a couple of times

  • oouchan

    @Maggot (147): You just had to go there didn’t you? :)
    Actually, I did see that before and it did bother me, but not so much as veggie tales does. They don’t have hands or feet!

  • gabi319

    @Maggot (147):
    @oouchan (150):

    Finally! Someone else has noticed the rogue arm! I’ve pointed it out to people (not the kiddies, obviously) but they look at me like I’m out of my mind. I wish they’d stuff the arm or add some weights or something because I can’t stop staring at it. The crazy arms are why Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba creeps me out. His are really long so the last two feet of each arm just flop back and forth, side to side, around and around…the thing probably has 30 elbows in each arm.

    Just watched another episode of yo gabba five minutes ago (strictly research purposes, of course, haha). I had to cover my eyes when Brobee pretended to swim. Too creepy. Too. creepy.

  • brenda

    This is a great list, my daughter especially liked Oobi (talk about low production values!). You should also check out for some moor interesting lists from around the web. Keep up he great work.

  • Shauna

    The wierdest show I can remember watching is Mr. Goodbody – does anyone else remember watching that? A guy in a skin-tight body suit and an afro pointing to his anatomy . . . yikes!

    My kids watch the Veggie Tale movies (not the TV shows) and they are really great! The only problem now is sitting in Church, all I picture when the Minister mentions the Philistines are french peas and Esther as a green onion.

  • Fred

    Lidsville was another bizarro one.

  • Josh Duron

    #1 Is not justified at all, it promotes hate and is engineering children’s sponge like brains to develop a prejudice against jews and americans.

    To state that “it is their culture” is complete bullshit, a culture bred and designed to be negative towards other cultures has no sense whatsoever.

    Once again, saying it is ok because that is their belief is “bullshit”. If Americans started to produce anti-palestinian propaganda designed for toddlers and young children because of attacks that occurred on 9-11, that would also be a crock of crap.

    How can you expect children of islam to not be racist againt Jews if their favorite television character has been killed by them?

    The fact that this even occurrs makes me sick, and hearing about users on listverse who believe it is justified does as well.

  • Tia

    Yo Gabba Gabba is creepy. But has anyone ever noticed the BooBahs look like uncircumcised genitalia? And thier heads pop out when they get excited or want to play!. Eww?

  • Maggot

    @oouchan (150): I did see that before and it did bother me, but not so much as veggie tales does. They don’t have hands or feet!

    I am too afraid to look at that clip. I would rather have Michael Jackson “read me a bedtime story” than subject myself to disembodied vegetables frolicking along to biblical value lessons.

    @gabi319 (151): Someone else has noticed the rogue arm! I wish they’d stuff the arm or add some weights or something because I can’t stop staring at it.

    Oh they tryyyy to make it look like a fully functioning arm, but I am too smart for them. They employ some rudimentary tricks to give the illusion of apparent movement, deceptively trying to mimic the motions of the functioning arm, while elaborate hand gestures from the good hand (in conjunction with “cute” facial expressions) try to draw your attention away from the mysterious paralysis of the other hand. But after careful analysis I am convinced that it is in fact dead. I have lots of notes and graphs to support this conclusion. Those bastards aren’t fooling me.

    Yo Gabba Gabba creeps me out…the thing probably has 30 elbows in each arm.

    Wait a minute. “Yo Gabba Gabba”? And your nic is “gabi”? Is there a connection here that you’re not telling us about? How many elbows do you have?

    @Tia (156): has anyone ever noticed the BooBahs look like uncircumcised genitalia? And thier heads pop out when they get excited or want to play!

    I think “gabi” has some explaining to do.

  • gabi319

    @Tia (156):
    Have you seen Yo Gabba Gabba’s red fellow? (forgot the name). It’s far more penile-looking than Boohbahs. But the Boohbah intro is scarier. Nothing like using the voices of ghost children to scare the living crap out of me.

    @Maggot (157): “Yo Gabba Gabba”? And your nic is “gabi”? Is there a connection here that you’re not telling us about?
    You found me out, Maggot. I am Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba. Every time I eat dairy, there’s a party in my tummy.

    so yummy, so yummy

  • Petie

    I love Veggietales!!!!

    BTW: I’ve wondered the same thing regarding Max and Ruby’s parent’s. I think the pit bull across the garden got ’em. NUM! NUM! NUM!

  • Erika

    I thought yo gaba gaba was going to be first. :(

  • Molly

    Does anyone remember the Itsy Bitsy Circus? It used to air in the late 90s early 00s on ABC Family on Saturday mornings. It would have a collection of different shows and add a new one every 2 weeks or so. The only thing I remember from it was 64 Zoo Lane and some show with puppets that were wicked creepy looking.

  • Pyro Mac

    Number two, the voice and the puppet are in a popular Adult Swim show called, “The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, great job!”

  • james

    pedobear is also a fan of LazyTown

  • Georgia

    ok that last one just creeped the shit out of me.

  • amandaggogo

    what about maisy? that creepy little mouse! tell me someone wasnt disturbed by that show? they didnt even speak a language, they just made random noises.

    And the wiggles! that show is satan!

  • Nicosia- another Kentucky Woman

    But, amandaaggogo- the Wiggles wrote “Big Red Car”- Pure musical genius :)

  • lrigD

    The comments are funny :D

    The shows are funny too. I used to watch the Teletubbies when I was a child, though I can’t really see the brilliance of it now. I mean, the kid is cute, but that’s it…
    Sesame Street, now that’s a good kids’ show :)

    And the last one is just scary – I mean, kids. I’m sure I’ve been subjected to propoganda as well as a child, but this really goes too far. I wonder how popular the show is…

  • A Person

    I have to say the last one is definitely the most disturbing! Anti-Israeli propaganda? wtf? That’s definitely one way to raise your children! Also, about Max and Ruby I have seen it several due to a younger sibling. I never found it to be THAT disturbing. I just like to think that the mother is there, but they just don’t show her because the show is supposed to focus on the children.

  • peach hat

    In the night garden is fricken creepy!
    So is Lazy town and…all of the ones on the list, except the Teletubbies and Veggie Tales!
    I loved them as a kid. granted Teletubbies is a bit strange, but not when you compare it to all the other creepy shows on this list.

  • spaceace

    #123…I agree 100% Yo Gabba Gabba is one of the most educational programs out there right now. And it hold my 2-year-olds attention like nothing else.

  • SoRefined

    You’ve left off Ika I Rutan, a major oversight.

    A small sample:

    Subtitles not even needed to convey the weirdness.

  • canuck2010

    how about pingu? you know the penguin, that was some messed up stuff, especially this one episode were he is eaten by a massive seal : o i had nightmares for years

  • pancake monkey

    In the night garden should be here. It was a total ripoff of teletubbies but far worse! (If that’s possible.)

  • samsaragx

    For number 10… Max and Ruby …I believe they live with their grandma right? i thnk so…plus their neighbours ofter shows up…

  • Shauna

    I’d say we have a bizarre winner…

  • bubblejumm

    great list made me laugh out loud =D

    what about WEE 3!!!
    it has 3 monster things that like jump out of the closet, under the bed, and out of the drawer. it’s supposed to take place at night, when a kid is sleeping..but there’s no kid there =/ and theyre ugly and they sing!!! OMG. thats so weird. they have tea parties! theres a purple monster who has a guy voice but wears dresses?! and theres an orange one and a blue one. wtf.

  • Person

    These are all really weird. I’ve seen a lot of these on tv before, but I think the weirdest one was number five. Its pretty much comedy for kids (I mean what show has dancing crap??)I think that number one is terribly horrible. If they haven’t stopped airing it, they should ASAP. Oh I heard that the makers of tomorrows pioneers got sued by disney so the show most likely isn’t showing. What about Toopy and Binoo???Theres a mouse thats bigger than a cat and they’re makebeleive games turn real. Kids love that show but its just plain weird, and the proud family was also weird, but thats just my opinion…however I know people that agree with me.

  • CannonJack

    @gubermiester (12): Ok Gubermiester, you are right. Here… All Judaic, Christian and Islamic religions are complete and utter bullocks filled with crap stolen and plagiarized from all the religions that came before them. Do you feel better now?

  • Squeazel

    I personally love Oobi. Maybe that’s because I like weird things like that. xDD
    But i agree that yo gabba gabba and peewee’s playhouse should be added to this list. xDD

  • rinne

    lol i loved teletubbies! i used to watch it all the time when i was young.
    but my friend told me they were gay propganda (as you said) and that the spikes on their heads are something to do with satan…lol.
    #1 was hilarious lol.
    most of them were like “er…” makes you wonder if kids would even watch them haha
    i personally love Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou! i used to watch it on youtube all the time since it was hilarious.
    great list :D:D:D

  • Amac

    and we wonder why kids have so many problems nowadays. Give back Looney Tunes!

  • Steve

    I have to add this one:

    A talking, magical Rubik’s Cube?

  • Josh5687

    I believe #2 is the show that has David Liebe Hart on it….he appears in a lot of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job skits with his puppets…very trippy stuff!

  • juleigh

    Awww, I like VeggieTales-despite the fact they have no extremities. They’re kinda cute and their music is catchy.
    I laughed when I read #48 bwmyers18’s comment about the Sid and Marty Kroftt shows. Having grown up in the 70’s, I totally agree that drugs have likely influenced the creating of kids shows for years! Some are uh, good trips-others, not so much. LOL.
    When my husband’s niece was little, Barney was all the thing and she was a big fan. I have always found Barney incredibly annoying myself, but the Teletubbies wins the Stupid Prize. Thankfully, we’re past Barney and Teletubbies and now my kids think SpongeBob is the greatest thing…

  • rocketgrrrrrl

    the adventures of flapjack should be on this list.

  • countrychick95

    i was inda of offended by the veggie tales one! i loved that as a kid! and i always thought the same thing about max and ruby…all good though! i think there’s others that could be worse…i used to like lazytown too.

  • dazzlerdog

    There was an old British kids tv show on years ago called Pugwash I think. It was set on board a ship where the captain was call ‘Master Bates’ and an other character included ‘Seaman Stains’. Apparently few complaints about the show were ever made because parents knew their kids would not understand the real meaning behind the characters names

  • heyo

    The people in LazyTown aren’t even lazy (except for robby) and there are only 9 people there (or 3 humans and 6 puppets) lol.

  • kmurphy

    i think bannanas in pajamas is pretty disturbing so is that show called edgar and ellen.

  • Colby

    kmurphy- You beat me! I was just about to say something about “Bananas in Pajamas!” My sister and I (we grew up in the 90s) used to rent tapes of them in the video store. We even had 2 banana dolls that sang the theme song if you pressed their hands. Hell, I even remember the names of all the main characters. Why were the bananas called “B1” and “B2”, anyway?

  • yellowkirby

    I’m disappointed Yo Gabba Gabba isn’t on the list. I’ve seen it while babysitting and I can safely say that it’s the worst show ever.

    Flapjack and Chowder are pretty bizzare and stupid too. In fact, I nominate all of Cartoon Network and Nicktoons.

  • Elisa

    bahah i love veggietales! especially barbara manatee! haha

  • kennypo65

    I grew up on Sid & Marty Krofft, and enjoyed it very much. The first time I saw TeleTubbies, I thought I was having an acid flashback. Then, I watched it on mushrooms…WOW! Look, kids shows are all strange from an adult perspective. We have been jaded by the natural course of growing up. However, I must asy that a kids show I really enjoy(I watch it with my 9 year old) is “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”. The show is on Cartoon Network here in the US. Just plain funny, lots of fart jokes, makes me feel like a little boy again, well worth it.

  • Hoppip

    1… Is that even a real show? O_o

  • Shikimi

    I found this while surfing the net a while back. It was featured on a Belgian children’s show.

  • M

    The last one is way disturbing!

  • sciencegeek


  • Neocoyo

    #45 FigN, i completely agree with your point with shimajirou people have only judged the book by itts cover and not done enough research before jumping to conclusions, shimajirou as a series was very popular “Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirou” was the first of 2 series containing this young tiger which the first season spanned over a decade with 750+ episodes. the clip shown above as was explained by FigN was from one of the numerous videos designed with viewers of an age of 1 – 2 years. the clip below is of the first season (epp 150)


    if you also look at other shows such as “in the night garden” (which my niece drives me MAD with) and “Yo gabba gabba” both of which belong on here more than shimajirou or even max and ruby. and as Jael said shimajirou could even be graded as cute not wierd.

    just my $50 worth

  • jo

    I feel so sorry for children today. I’m only 27 but I look at the crap on tv and I’m like where the hell is the tom and jerry? Lazy town. Ahhhh wat to say? I wanted to stab myself in the throat n choke on my blood wen I saw lazy town. Yeahhhhh. Number one. Should be illegal. Now I know we should all respect people’s religion or wat the hell ever. But I’m sorry. This crap from ANY culture should not be tolerated and the ppl on here trying to explain it away should consider making themselves matyrs if u kno wat I mean.

  • Erika @MeSoupBlog

    I know I’m late responding, but I just found this posting. I am actually interning on a Family TV Addict website. I am focusing on Kids TV shows, and you spotlighted some I have seen and many new odd ones. Thanks for sharing the bizarre clips. I will probably link up to this post.

  • miranda

    In the Night Garden!!!!!!!!

  • Ashe

    Discovering Yo Gabba Gabba was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. It was the first show to capture my baby’s attention long enough for me to eat an uninterrupted meal.
    And I like Max and Ruby because Max actually behaves like a real little boy would. I love the evil grin he gets when he’s about to do something he knows he’s not supposed to be doing.

  • Audrey

    Lazy Town! Yes! hahaha
    I love that show! Its hilarious;
    The Lil Jon/Lazy Town mixup is pure genius. ;P

    Meanwhile, here in Canada, we get Veggie Tales (I grew up on it for a while, oddly enough, and I believe that God is not bigger than the Boogeyman, nor Godzilla, nor the monsters on tv), Teletubbies, Lazytown & Boobahs (which mind you are terrifying).

    Even shows like Toopy & Binoo are a bit off at times :P

  • kennypo65

    How about a list of best shows for kids? Mister Rogers Neighborhood comes to mind. I loved that show as a child. I went to college in Pittsburgh and Fred Rogers lived a block away from me. That guy you see on the show is who he really was; a sweet and kind human being. God rest his soul. When I heard of his death all I could say was that even though I hadn’t spoken to him for several years, I know I will miss him.

  • Young Money

    What about Yo-Gabba-Gabba?

  • GoldenTag

    No Yo Gabba Gabba? That show has scarred me for life

  • eeemaluf

    A TOWN CALLED PANIC . absurd, but much better than that islam thing.

  • I used to watch Max and Ruby when I was in kindergarten.

    When I was three, I loved the Teletubbies, but the Baby-Sun thing absolutely terrified me for some reason.

    And when I first saw Oobi… it scared me. I don’t know why. It was just plain creepy.

    Lazy Town was just straight-up STUPID.

  • Kelly Riley

    Bannanas In Pajamas… that’s a crazy show!

    I’ve seen Teletubbies and I’ll agree wiht that one, but Veggietales???

    C’MON GUYS!!!! I grew up on Veggietales. LOL, seeing that clip made me laugh so much… Veggietales is hilarious!!! I think a part of why it was (and still is thank you very much!) succesful is because kids find the talking food funny.

  • bassbait

    I have an explanation for all of these shows:



    8.Gay Rights Activist

    7.DEFINITELY pro gay


    5.Asian (because honestly, what ISN’T bizarre over there?)

    4.Some sort of Fantasia TV show?

    3.You can NOT say anything bad about this show until you play the online game. Here’s a link:


    1.Pro America…

  • blah

    i can’t believe the way no one is outraged by #1 – and even going so far as to say it’s normal. Not surprising, yes, but normal? appropriate for any child? no.

    I saw a clip of this show where the mouse stole something completely insignificant and there was this (supposed to actually be comical) scene where the little girl said he had to have his hand cut off for stealing, with the mouse getting all afraid and crying.

    Mid-Easterners being the basis for humanity – false.

    islam needing to trump all cultures – false.

    martyrdom glorified on children’s tv? – sick.

    arguments on western culture not being progressive or useful? – you’re the one wearing the disney suit. Oh, and are behind like 1,000 years. And no, not behind as in you live in sand and still commit stoning. Behind as in your region led the world in surgery, equality, education, science, astronomy, beauty, and riches while our ancestors were dying of the black plague and fearing the wrath of the catholic church – and when some dick came down a mountain claiming he saw god, within less than a millenia you metamorphose into a dirty, poor, oppressive, backward, subjugating, violent, ignorant, destructive disease that alienates what your book is supposed to uphold and are a dead weight on the heel of man’s progression… how strange how cultures can flip. Now shut off the cameras so you can get that 9 year old with the missing clit out to the fields to set off mines.

  • fritobandito76

    Teletubbies were the creepiest

  • Daisy

    Uh, #1’s just a bit too out there… How are we to know if it’s even translated right. Could be distributed just to cause conflict.

  • someone

    my old compulsory religion class watched vegietales willingly. This was in year 10

  • JD

    I’m glad Max and Ruby was on this list….as soon as I saw the list title, that was the first show that popped into my head.

  • souljacker

    Thank you for including lazy town, I wasn’t sure anyone had noticed how absurd it was, including children, who are usually well quick to spot when they are being educated.

  • nicoleredz3

    Re: Lazy Town,

    I just don’t get what is so educational about this show, to be aired on Discovery Kids!

  • I know this is an older list, but I just had to comment. The lack of parents on “Max and Ruby” has bothered me ever since the first time I saw it with my daughter!! I mean, they have a Grandmother, but where are the parents? It’s just weird. And as for Lazy Town, that is one of the most annoying shows ever created! :) Have a wonderful day!!

  • Vicky

    Where is Yo Gabba Gabba?
    It’s funny as hell, but fucking creppy.
    Like, my T.V used to be inches near my bed when I had my queen size. One day I fell asleep around 3 am, watching that one Steve Erkile show on Nick @ Nite, and woke up roughly around 6 am to the scene of the black orange jump suit guy being all up in my face. I thought someone was attacking me.
    (I’m really stupid in the mornings)

  • Cyclonus

    what no Pee Wee’s Playhouse. What could be stranger than talking furniture and a floor.

  • yogabbagabba?? nick? haha all nick cartoons are wierd

  • Tribol

    dude, what the heck happened to "normal" kids shows like looney toones, ton & jerry, dexters lab, seasame street and the others???

    thats why the kids today are more bizarre, problematic and sick everiday

    more: whats happening to kids moral and stuff these days??? i remember that when i was a kid here in brazil i me and my friends we were good kids, we didnt say bad names and stuff and then 2 weeks ago me and a friend of mine we were on the school gym (im 17) watching some kids (i think they're 5-7 years old) play soccer and then wen one of then scored a kid from the other team screamed filho da puta, that is portuguese for "you mothefucker" and then some other kids started to scream bad names 2!!!
    what the heck is going on with the kids today???!
    ps: sorry for the bad english

  • Iris

    I'm Icelandic and grew up with "Lazytown" but then there were only two plays and a couple of books and no puppets (exept for one bird in the second play).
    I would really like to know how "Lazytown" changed from a fun Icelandic play with catchy tunes and all human cast (mostly celebrities but still awesome :D) to an American TV show with a weird mixture of puppets and people :S
    If you would ever find the original two plays you should really see them just to see the difference :')

  • shorty

    okay you think Veggie tales is dumb but you are an adult these shows are created for children. Really young kids love their show I even know some older kids that do. Kids learn good values from that show without stuffing the Bible in kids and them not learning anything(not talking about the Larry Boy cartton)

  • V123

    Number one must be one of the most disturbing and disgusting things I have ever seen. What a travesty. Teletubbies and Lazy Town come right after that. Max and Ruby are awesome.

  • shana

    if my toilet ever talked to me, i’d get the hell out of there

  • Name

    i remember the day they anounced boobah was coming and was going to be the american version of teletubbies and i had a nightmare that a boobah was trying to KILL ME!!! they still freak me out to this day

  • Nick

    Wgere the fuck is yo gabba gabba?

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  • 420days

    Where’s Yo Gabba Gabba ? :O

  • Melissa

    I always thought that the creators of Boobah must have come up with it during a bad acid trip. It’s just too plain weird for a normal brain to think up.

  • BreK


  • Sérgio

    You should consider Brazilian children’s programs, that in the 90’s used to be hosted by ex-porn actresses in shorty-shorts

  • Quem viu não virou

    Tomorrow’s Pioneers propaganda show is not bizarre, it is straightly fucked up.

    You forgot the most bizarre shows ever: Brazilian tv shows for kids:

    Xou da Xuxa: Her tv show was broadcast from Rio de Janeiro (for all Brazil, Angola, Portugal and Mozambique) and Buenos Aires (for all Spanish speaking countries), she started an English version for the US from Miami but a lobby of prudish old hags sue the tv station and finally they end the show claiming it was pornographic for kids, it’s weird that this show was a success all over it was shown except in the land of freedom where it was censored. There was a The Simpson episode making fun of this show:

    Panelada da Babalu: It is supposed to be a family oriented tv show, but for the hour it is broadcast the audience is mostly kids; it’s about a fat tranny, a midget woman dressed up like a whore and a group of weird superheroes performing several sketches. In this sketch they feature the burial of Michael Jackson:

  • Simone

    Wish I can be treated like number 5 anytime I gotta go number one and two… :-D

  • spike

    Yo Gabba Gabba came to mind first for me as well. I live with a family that only lets their kid watch Nick Jr, i couldn’t help but notice how the main puppet (for lack of a better word) looks like a big dildo, ridges and all. I think Max and Ruby plays on this station as well. Never paid enough attention to notice the lack of parents. All the shows seem a bit weird . Onder pets is funny.

  • spike

    I mean Wonder Pets. I second the motion that Sid and Marty Krofft were on something when they came up with H.R. Puffnstuf, Lidsville and The Bugaloos

  • LittleThunder

    I don’t know why everyone bags on Teletubbies. Now Boohbah, that’s creepy.

  • Dustin L

    What about H.R. Pufnstuf? Cant belive didn’t make the list.

  • Imme

    :) :( :D

  • Bigmista

    I can’t believe you left out Yo Gabba Gabba. It’s like and Acid trip.

  • Jhug74

    My kid is such a Max & Ruby fan I took her to a stage production and they do a song explaining the parents are there doing “parent things” but just aren’t shown onscreen.

  • ANL

    oh my gosh…i loved the teletubbies when i was little..especially that baby faced sun.

  • ANL

    yo gabba gabba should be on that list….i was watching cartoons with my 2yr old and that crap popped up…its like some cracker on acid make that s h i t up.

  • megan

    It’s children’s television. Everything is bizarre about that.

  • popsnorman

    I used to watch Boobah alot as a kid but rewatching it freaks me out! They’re evil!

  • pakeloDalge


  • Chloe

    Just want to say that I LazyTown is origionally produced in Iceland, but it’s viewing is mainly in the UK and the US, seeing as the producers of the show and the cast are all English speaking, the clip above is clearing dubbed into Icelandic. Just saying, technically it’s made in Iceland but it’s really like from the UK.

  • Yo Gabba Gabba is the scariest thing ever

  • Tilly

    I remember Boobah!! Unfortunately, i dont remember why i liked it… It only when you grow up when you realise how bizarre the shows you used to watch are! Also, #5 was just plain creepy.

  • disturbed child from boobahs

    ive been frightened of the boobahs since i was 3 i fremember i woke up from a nap to see obese balls of colours flying around in clouds. i was scarred for life

  • bigg3469

    I remembered Ludwig!! It was broadcasted on the Captian Kangaroo show on CBS in the mid 1970’s. BTW Ludwig was a type of crystal egg who loved to play the violin and made friends of the creatures in the forest and in each episode was watcher by a man who’s face was unseen but viewed the action from a distance with a pair of binoculars.

  • bigg3469

    Another bizzare animated from England was Crystal Tipps and Alistair that was also broadcasted on the Captain Kangaroo show in the 1970’s

  • Derp

    Don’t forget Dora. Dora the runaway kid who goes to dangerous places and whose parents don’t seem to care about it

  • banana06

    You forgot to put “the wiggles” which I find extremely creepy and odd.