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Top 10 Badass Living Creatures

We have covered many animal topics on Listverse before, but this is our first list of badass animals. These are not necessarily dangerous or scary creatures – but they do all have one thing in common: they are very unique. The criteria for this list: the animal must be alive (ie, no dinosaurs), and it must be awesome. Without further ado, the ten most badass living creatures.


Komodo Dragon


The komodo dragon is the largest living species of lizard, growing to an average length of 2 to 3 metres (6.6 to 9.8 ft) and weighing around 70 kilograms (150 lb). Their unusual size is attributed to island gigantism, since there are no other carnivorous animals to fill the niche on the islands where they live. Although attacks are very rare, Komodo dragons have been known to attack humans; five people have been killed since 1974. One of the most recent attacks in 2007 was blamed on environmentalists who have protested to have goat sacrifices stopped. Komodo dragons are quite smart and can recognize different humans. They also play with toys like humans and (for the most part) behave tamely when in captivity. The most amazing (and badass) characteristic of the komodo dragon is that the female can lay eggs that hatch without being fertilized by a male (this is called parthenogenesis).


Giant African Land Snail


The Giant African snail is so badass and huge that in order to eradicate it, people employ the use of flame throwers. In recent times, the land snails have been kept as pets; however, they are illegal to possess in some countries including the United States. The snails are easy to keep and, when bred in captivity, are unlikely to carry parasites. They are hermaphrodites who produce both eggs and sperm but while they are able to reproduce asexually, they do usually mate with other giant snails. Oh – and these snails love to drink beer because the yeast stimulates their growth.


Flying Snake


Flying snakes are mildly venomous, though they are considered harmless because their toxicity is not dangerous to humans. But, while it may be harmless, this snake has an amazing ability which makes it both badass and horrifying. It is able to throw itself from one place to another while slithering in the sky. Upon reaching the end of a tree’s branch, the snake continues moving until its tail dangles from the branch’s end. It then makes a J shape bend, leans forward to select the level of inclination it wishes to travel to control its flight path as well as selecting a desired landing area. It then propels itself by thrusting its body up and away from the tree, sucking in its stomach, flaring out its ribs to turn its body in a “pseudo concave wing”. Flying snakes are able to glide better than flying squirrels and other gliding animals, despite lack of limbs, wings, or any other wing-like projections, gliding through the forest and jungle it inhabits with the length being as great as 100 m.


Frilled Shark


The frilled shark is a living fossil shark species which looks like a hideous giant eel but is actually a shark. On January 21, 2007, staff at Awashima Marine Park in Shizuoka, southwest of Tokyo, were alerted by fishermen to a ‘strange eel-like fish with razor sharp teeth’. The fish was identified as a pregnant female 1.6 m frilled shark and was captured by park staff who were concerned that the shark appeared to be unhealthy. They took it out of the water and put it into a salt water tank where they filmed it and took pictures of it. The shark died a few hours after capture. The frilled shark is sometimes referred to as a living fossil partially because the species has changed little since pre-historic times.


Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede

Picture 1-115

Millipedes can be quite dangerous creatures, but the shocking pink dragon millipede takes the cake for its nastiness. This millipede shoots cyanide from its mouth. It is a spiny and toxic millipede aptly named for its bright pink color. These adult millipedes are approximately 3 cm long and live in the open on leaf litter. Because of their ability to create cyanide, the millipede smells like almonds (the common odor of cyanide).


Mantis Shrimp


Despite their name, the mantis shrimps are neither shrimp nor mantises, but receive their name purely from the physical resemblance to both the praying mantis and the shrimp. These creatures are sometimes referred to as “thumb splitters” because their claws are strong enough to split human appendages. These highly intelligent creatures are often monogamous and they get to know and regularly interact with their neighbors. The mantis shrimp also has the best eyesight in the animal world with 16 different photoreceptor types (compared to four in humans). But – what really makes these creatures badass is their ability to break out of aquariums by smashing the glass with their claws. It has a punch stronger than a .22 calibre pistol.


Giant Amazonian Centipede


The Giant Amazonian Centipede can grow to over a foot in length. It is carnivorous, feeding on lizards, frogs, birds, mice, and even bats which it can catch in mid flight! It is also known to prey on tarantulas. The centipede has modified claws called forcipules which curve around its head and can deliver venom into its prey. The extremely potent venom, containing acetylcholine, histamine and serotonin (pain mediators), proteases and a cardiodepressant factor, is toxic to humans and causes severe swelling, chills, fever, and weakness. However, although bites are painful, they are unlikely to be fatal – nevertheless, this is a creature I don’t want to come into contact with. In the clip above you can see the centipede catching a bat in midair.




The 2007 edition of the Guinness World Records lists the cassowary as the world’s most dangerous bird. Normally cassowaries are very shy but when disturbed can lash out dangerously with their powerful legs. During World War II American and Australian troops stationed in New Guinea were warned to steer clear of the birds. They are capable of inflicting fatal injuries to an adult human. Usually, attacks are the result of provocation. Wounded or cornered birds are particularly dangerous. Cassowaries, deftly using their surroundings to conceal their movements, have been known to out-flank organized groups of human predators. Cassowaries are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals to keep in zoos, based on the frequency and severity of injuries incurred by zookeepers. If you think the picture above is scary, check out this image of its feet.


Humboldt Squid


The Humboldt squid is a large, predatory squid found in the waters of the Humboldt Current in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. These squid hunt in packs of up to 1,200 and use their ability to rapidly change color to communicate with each other. Scientists believe that they are highly intelligent and use complex communication. Each tentacle is covered with suckers filled with razor sharp teeth which they use to drag their prey to their beaks. They often approach prey quickly with all ten appendages extended forward in a cone-like shape. Upon reaching striking distance, they will open their eight swimming and grasping arms, and extend two long tentacles covered in sharp ‘teeth,’ grabbing their prey and pulling it back towards a parrot-like beak, which can easily cause dramatic lacerations to human flesh. The whole process takes place in seconds. To make matters worse, these creatures love hunting humans – they do it very frequently and most fisherman in the area know of at least one or two friends who have been eaten by a pack of these monsters.


Immortal Jellyfish

Turritopsis Nutricula

The immortal jellyfish (turritopsis nutricula) has to be item one on this list because of the fact that it is immortal. That isn’t hyperbole – it really is immortal. After reaching sexual maturity, this jellyfish is able to reverse its aging process and become a polyp again. The ability to reverse the life cycle is probably unique in the animal kingdom, and allows the jellyfish to bypass death, rendering the Turritopsis nutricula biologically immortal. Lab tests showed that 100% of specimens reverted to the polyp stage.

This article is licensed under the GFDL because it contains quotations from Wikipedia.

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    Id like to mention the fact the it is thought that the saliva of the komodo dragon contains a bacteria that is extremely toxic. They usually bite birds or other animals and continue to follow them until that animal dies cuz of the toxcity of their saliva. The komodo dragon isnt affected by the bacteria cuz its blood contains some kind of antidote

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  • optimus_grime

    @Arsenal # 11

    i heard the thing about the komodo dragon not having any actual “venom” and that it is only the highly deadly bacteria that live in its saliva that kill its prey. however, it was recently proven to be false. the info is from NatGeo so im pretty sure its legit.

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    I think they’re pretty damn cute too :) Tesla, Archimedes and Aeschylus are my snail babies and they kick ASS!

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    Fred #58 you are correct the hydra is in fact immortal but entirely bypasses the aging process.

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  • Reverend Don

    Humboldt squid…. how dangerous they truly are to humans is up for debate. They are dangerous to fishermen certainly, but if you accept that they are intelligent enough to communicate terror to each other, then you take a look at exactly how those fishermen are catching them, you might understand why they’re prone to attack. There’s been a study or two on it. It’s not so much they like to hunt humans, it’s just that the fishermen piss them off.

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    wheteher those nautical tales are true or not the thought of getting eaten by one of those monsters is pretty horrific; it is possible, they are huge
    I think it’s bizarre to see bugs like the centipede eat things like mice and bats. The centipede reminds me of that scene in Peter Jackson’s King Kong when the crew get devoured by the giant bugs

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    Cuttlefish are sometimes referred to as the chameleon of the sea because of their remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color at will. Their skin flashes a fast-changing pattern as communication to other cuttlefish and to camouflage them from predators. This color-changing function is produced by groups of red, yellow, brown, and black pigmented chromatophores above a layer of reflective iridophores and leucophores, with up to 200 of these specialized pigment cells per square millimeter. The pigmented chromatophores have a sac of pigment and a large membrane that is folded when retracted. There are 6-20 small muscle cells on the sides which can contract to squash the elastic sac into a disc against the skin.

  • jagularxx

    well..finally there is….. a good list!!

    but you should change no.#2 Humboldt Squid
    its not impressive as the cuttelfish you should see it
    its a MUST SEE
    Cuttlefish are sometimes referred to as the chameleon of the sea because of their remarkable ability to rapidly alter their skin color at will. Their skin flashes a fast-changing pattern as communication to other cuttlefish and to camouflage them from predators. This color-changing function is produced by groups of red, yellow, brown, and black pigmented chromatophores above a layer of reflective iridophores and leucophores, with up to 200 of these specialized pigment cells per square millimeter. The pigmented chromatophores have a sac of pigment and a large membrane that is folded when retracted. There are 6-20 small muscle cells on the sides which can contract to squash the elastic sac into a disc against the skin.

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    I am wondering what naturally keeps the immortal jellyfish population from overpopulating? If they can reverse aging to prevent death, are there millions of these lucky bastards out there?

  • Kitkat

    @fifthsonata (78): i wondered about that too, so i looked it up. i found this site. you may wanna check it out if your interested in the immortal jellyfish population:

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  • Harvey the Immortal Jellyfish

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    It’s a nice list, but I’m not a fan of the sensationalism used for the Humboldt Squid part. Everyone knows the reputation of “fishing stories” and the evidence definitely seems to point to the perceived threat of those squid to humans being false. They are wild animals, so anything can happen, but they do not make a habit of preying on humans. This article will probably clear that up for people.

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  • frushka

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    I really hate to be an asshole, but this list is identical to the one on covering the same topic. Down to the pictures and everything.

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    Not that Mr. Frater needs me to defend him, but out of curiosity, I checked out your claim on There were three on their blog that also appeared here on JF’s list. Hardly identical. The accompanying text is completely different,’s being fraught with profanity and “like, you know, like MTV Generation- speak.” As for the pictures, they’re the first ones that appear if you do a google images search.

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  • DenzeLL

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  • DenzeLL

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  • ianz09

    @bnjmn (107): it isnt immortal against injuries. biologically immortal simply means it cant age to death. its immortal, not invincible

  • archangel

    See, I wonder… if we did figure out how to extract that DNA from the immortal jelly… how painful must it be to revert to a pre-adult status? I mean, the jellyfish is perfectly fine with turning into a polyp again… but humans suddenly shortening, getting smaller, becoming children again?

    o_0 Interesting list… I seriously am always amazed by nature. Would never want to encounter that Squid!

  • oouchan

    @DenzeLL (125): Funny that it took to your comment for someone to get that joke. Thanks!

  • Christine

    Such a cool list!!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    My mother in law should be an honorable mention

  • Revital

    One of the best lists ever! Loved it!

  • Aaron

    The Boxer Crab should be on this list.

    It takes anemones in it’s claws to sting fish just for the fun of it and sometimes protection. It’s a totally badass cause it’s such a small crab and just hangs out and threatens everything with its anemones.

    That’s like a Panda making a bamboo spear and sticking humans just for the fun of it or waving it around in a threatening manner, and if that’s not badass i don’t know what is.

  • T.J.

    HONEY BADGER!!!!!!

    it fears nothing! NOTHING!!!

  • Angharad

    “Millipedes can be quite dangerous creatures”? I think you’re thinking of centipedes. Most millipedes are slow and eat decaying plant matter. People keep them as pets. Even the ones with chemical defenses are hardly “quite dangerous” to humans.

    And way to make the write-up about the Humboldt squid sound like a bad Syfy movie. Love hunting humans. Wow.

  • Zito

    the squid video was like a horror movie when it showed the way it attacked. I was starting to get freaked out haha.

  • Steve

    I’ll take two fossil sharks for the mote

  • Mortivore

    @Smeghead (50): Epic win.

    And was nobody else terrified by that freakin squid? It hunts humans in packs of up to 1,200 squids! THEY EAT PEOPLE. T.T That’s quite terrifying. As mentioned earlier, the clip looks like an alien first person shooter trailer. FACE HUGGERS!

  • VI6SIX

    One thing you neglected to mention (J). That komodo dragons hunt in packs. They surround their prey and start biting chunks out of them. It’s extremely brutal. They can pick a human skeleton clean in about 20 minutes. Their saliva contains and harvests bacteria from the carrion that they constantly snack on; making their bites particularly toxic, often causing mild parallasys. That’s why they’re ‘Badass’.

  • 8rustystaples

    You forgot the Honey Badger. They’re the very definition of badass.

    VI6SIX: Komodo Dragons don’t hunt in packs. They do often rush in to grab an opportunistic meal when one lizard catches a prey item, but they don’t coordinate hunts.
    Actually, they’re more often ambush hunters, lying in wait for unsuspecting prey to get close, then rushing in to attack.

  • 8rustystaples

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the most badass thing of all:

    A grizzly bear with a flamethrower riding a great white shark.

    There is no equal.

  • 4starmanny

    I think the honey badger should be on here. They definitely kick ass

  • 14gotmyMANTRA

    I agree that thekomodo dragon is a major badass of the natural world.

  • stunt Man Mike…

    Honey badger? What’s “badass” about a stupid animal that will raid a beehive for honey and eventually die of bee stings? Strikes me as one of the more moronic animals. I think crocs are “badass” in my opinion. Very little change in evolution over a vast distance of time. Why? Because they really haven’t needed to.
    For that matter, how about the water bear? It can survive freezing, contact with all sorts of acids, boiling water and nuclear radiation by reverting to an “instant coffee”-dry state. That’s “badass”.

    WATER BEARS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stunt Man Mike…

    WATER BEARS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wonders

    can you KILL the immortal jellyfish?

  • What

    No love for the Axopotl?

  • Ithryn

    Honey Badger FTW.

    A creature that can take a strike from cobras and sleep it off, can take on wild boars and crocodiles. And humans. Consider its size and weight, its amazing.

    It’s smart enough to use tools, and is very intelligent.

    Honey Badger ftw.

  • Harvey the Immortal Jellyfish

    I’ll put my slimy, immortal wiener in a honey badger’s butt and piss in it. That’s what they were made for.

  • lalalala

    african snails sound pretty awesome XD

    anyone heard of the goblin shark?? <–That thing freaks me out

    It looks like a normal shark…until its protruding jaw comes out and snaps at you!!!

  • wow w

    OMG that goblin shark is so scary

  • eXo

    @135 Angharad: Exactly – the entries for the millipede and squid are basically a bunch of bullshit. Millipedes aren’t dangerous and Humboldt Squids don’t “hunt” humans.

    Immortal jellyfish are not the only animal that is immortal, as Hydras are also considered immortal:

  • Tom Baxter

    Guinea Worms are the worst of the worst.



  • raiu9

    THe flying snake is the most awesome thing ever. The 13 inch centipede would seriously make me shat my pants.

  • Ariel

    Sorry, but can i just say, the number of deaths from Komodo dragons hard to estimate becuase the literally leave no remains behind.

  • Stacy

    the jellyfish is cool looking :)

  • Jeevess

    Immortal Benjamin Jelly Button Fish….

  • baklo

    what a wuss list. its like it was made by a girl

  • jdmimic

    Interesting list, but the info on the Humboldt squid is pure fantasy. There have been no verified fatalities due to Humboldt squid, they only attack humans if the human has done something to piss it off like catch it on a fishing line. Humboldt squid might cut your arm, but not any more than a pissed off large alley cat. Talk to the researchers that study them and you will find they all have scratch marks on their arms but that it the worst injury they have received and none of them consider the Humboldt to be at all dangerous.

  • Mistake in #5- humans have 3 photoreceptors (red one, green one, blue one)

  • kevinfellows

    “If anyone can isolate that age reversing substance in that jelly fish, thats the stuff for me!!!

  • Honey Badger

    This is awesome. I didn’t know that about the immortal jellyfish. If you want to really see a freaky animal check out the Honey Badger. He’s so nasty. He don’t care. He takes what he wants.

  • someone

    0. Humans

    can make a nuclear, use magic in past ages, and make a global warming.. other creatures can’t do this..

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  • jayson

    i’d go for the pistol shrimp rather than the mantis. i think its the inspiration for the bubble beam attack of the water Pokemons…

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  • Immortal Jellyfish? Never heard of it before, so F’ING COOL!!!!!!

  • kyle

    behold the creature that essentially won the biological game of survival is also among the most primitive animals if only it had a brain so it could know how awesome it is

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  • loren

    i thought the giant giant snail and the beer was funny.